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Touhou Mouse Control
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Don't know if anyone have seen or used this, and I don't know how this would change anything but I'm just here to post my find...  :derp:

Right to the point:

Here's a video of proof this works:

Updated download link:
ThMouse v0.31 By HWei

THMouse is a third-party software that enables mouse control in Touhou danmaku game series, allowing player character to move towards wherever the cursor points (within the danmaku border).

TH10.exe ~ Mountain of Faith
TH11.exe ~ Subterranean Animism
TH12.exe ~ Undefined Fantastic Object
TH125.exe ~ Shoot the Bullet DS
TH128.exe ~ Fairy Wars
TH13.exe ~ Ten Desires (ver1.00c)

Installation and Usage
1.Extract all files to the same folder.
2.Run Thmouse.exe before entering the game.
3.Start a supported Touhou game.
-Enable the option to select resolutions when initiating the game or THmouse WILL NOT WORK.
-THmouse only operates correctly on 800x600 resolution (fullscreen and windowed), all other resolutions will cause displaced mouse cursors.
4.If the game is supported, a crosshair will show upon entering the game.
5.Please note that while playing, the character will not move immidiately with the cursor, but rather towards where the cursor points.
6.When done playing, exit the game first before shutting down THMouse.
7.To kill THMouse process, simply double-click the THMouse icon on the taskbar and quit.

Additional Functions
-Bomb can be initiated by clicking the left mouse button.
   -In order to bomb in TH11 (Subterranean Animism), you may need to modify ThMouse.ini:
      1.Run TH11.exe, go to OPTIONS, then KEY CONFIG.
      2.Find the number xx that corresponds to the button "SPECIAL".
      3.Exit the game and open up ThMouse.ini.
      4.change the number after "LeftButton = " to the number you find through step 1-2.
-The crosshair/cursor sprite may be changed:
   -Find your preferred crosshair in .png format and place it into the same folder as ThMouse.exe.
   -Open up ThMouse.ini.
   -Change the file name after "CursorTexture = " to the preferred crosshair file's name and don't forget the file extension name (.png).

1.THMouse moniters the name of the game process in order to override its input control, therefore, in order for it to work on english version or patches, simply change the file name of the english patched .exe to that of the original jananese version of the .exe.
2.THMouse will only work with 1.00c version of Ten Desires. A movable cursor will appear if running an earlier version of Ten Desires, but the player character will not follow the cursor's movement.
   -1.00c patch download:
   OR you can download an earlier version of THMouse that supports the unpatched TH13:
3.(This one is entirely opinionated) Due to the discrepencies between the speeds of cursor and character movement, it is best to reduce mouse dpi in order to match the two speed for optimal functionality of THMouse:
   -Reimu: 300dpi-400dpi
   -Marisa: 350dpi-450dpi
4.Sometimes it is best to combine both the mouse and keyboard: while mouse being very effective in dodging and avoiding random bullet patterns (e.g. TH10 Spellcard 36), keyboard controls are more suitable in cases of regular bullet patterns that requires only horizontal or vertical movements (e.g. TH10 Spellcard 32).

All credits going to Hwei who created this little helper and here's a link to the original download website :

Kary out~
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Re: Touhou Mouse Control
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Is this fake?

It actually looks harder to play with the mouse.


Re: Touhou Mouse Control
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This looks kinda fun. I'll try this with my tablet sometime!
Although that makes marisaspeed totally useless.
The download doesn't work for me. Or rather, doesn't work for me. If anyone can download it, could you put it on mediafire or something?
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Re: Touhou Mouse Control
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Sorry for the malfunctioning links, the problem was caused by google translation. Now I've updated the original link to the website and direct links to the download, so everything should work now.

BTW, Marisa's speed still would have an advantage over other characters because characters only move towards the location of the cursor, the mechanism is explained in the long sure to read it...

Playing with mouse does seem hard on that video since it was realtime recorded and I'm always nervous when playing and  recording at the same time.
I guess it also depends on your play style, since i play FPS a lot, I'm used to the precision aiming and thus it is easier for me to play TH with a mouse.
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Re: Touhou Mouse Control
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It does look harder with a mouse. I'll give it a try!
Once I get off my ass and fix my computer.


Re: Touhou Mouse Control
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Gave it a test run with some Mountain of Faith Normal.

Game over to midboss Nitori.

I wouldn't say this way is harder, it's just so different. It felt like I was playing a completely new game.


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Re: Touhou Mouse Control
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Can't seem to get this running in WINE; I get an "invalid parameters" error.

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Re: Touhou Mouse Control
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-THmouse only operates correctly on 800x600 resolution (fullscreen and windowed), all other resolutions will cause displaced mouse cursors.

I have already found touhou mouse, but it didn't function for me correctly due to being unable to understand the instructions. Now its all good though :)