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Hello and welcome to Maidens of the Kaleidoscope!  We welcome you to our community and hope you enjoy your stay.  We're a fairly relaxed and open place, and try to be as non-serious as possible, but there are still a few rules that need to be observed while here.

Posting rules and guidelines.

  • All posted materials need to be worksafe.  If you want to post not worksafe materials, then link to it and label it with our NSFW tag: [nsfw][/nsfw]. This is not just limited to images - it applies to text as well.
  • If it's not your site, do NOT hotlink images from it.  If you see an image from another site, save it then upload it to a image hosting service such as TinyPic or ImageShack
  • If you are posting images please limit your images to maximum 640x480px and 150k per image.  If it is bigger than that then thumbnail and/or link to it.

  • Please try to post threads and replies in proper English.  Maidens of the Kaleidoscope has members from across the world, and for many English is a second language, so slang and other things might be hard to understand.  You don't have to have perfect grammar, but good spelling and punctuation are helpful if we are trying to understand you.
  • The forums have a built-in spell checker, please use it before every post and preview before submitting.
  • One word or off-topic replies are frowned upon.  We don't display or track post counts, so there's little use trying to inflate it with low-content posts.  If you still want to be silly or spammy, you can chat it up in The Shrinemaiden Café.

  • Check sticky topics before posting a new thread.  Oftentimes your question has already been answered many times before.  If you can't find it there, try checking search to see if it hasn't already been discussed.
  • Try to post your topic in the appropriate forum.  For example, questions about Touhou gameplay would probably be better served in the Help Me, Eirin! forum rather than the general Touhou Discussion forum.
  • Reviving old/dead threads is disruptive and often serves little purpose.  It's far better off to start a new thread than to revive an older thread that has seen little or no activity in the past week or so.  If it's something dealing directly with the old thread, start a new one and link to the old one.

Stance on piracy.

This site has a zero tolerance rule on piracy.  We know you can download the games or the doujins or the music for free from any place on the web, but we will not facilitate it or enable it here.  We greatly encourage you to support ZUN and the other content creators if you really like their work and buy it.  We even have our own forum member who is willing to fill orders for you for items in Japan for importing.  Thread for ordering Touhou items is located here.

That being said here are the rules on piracy:
  • No links or torrents to pirated/copyrighted items.  This includes linking to sites that would give info or access to obtaining copyrighted works.  If it's not yours and you don't have permission to post it DON'T.
  • No threads asking for support for pirated games and software.  If you pirate it, you're on your own for fixing problems related to it.

Don't ask for pirate releases, and don't tell people how to get them.  Don't even discuss them or that you have a pirated/downloaded copy.  This rule is NOT negotiable.  Please read this post for clarifications on different things that may be discussed or linked to.

Guidelines for your avatar and signatures

  • Avatar sizes are limited to a filesize of 75kb and dimensions of 150x150px.  For signature images, you can have multiple images, but you are limited to a total filesize of 100kb and dimensions of 600x150px.  These limits are in place to provide an enjoyable experience for all of our visitors.
  • Due to security concerns you must have at least 10 posts before you can have an avatar.

Enjoy your stay and have fun!

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