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[Danmakufu ph3] Python's Pulchritudinous Project Presentation
« on: September 21, 2018, 04:55:13 pm »
OH MY LAIRD and welcome to a thread to promote my own silly creations in Touhou Danmakufu ph3. I'm just that much of an attention whore.  :V
This will certainly not list all of my scripts, merely the ones I feel are really worth playing. The jewels. The best of the best. For everything else, just visit my BulletForge profile. Images and such are provided on the script's BulletForge pages linked for the sake of conserving space. You'll always find the newest scripts near the top.

Critique is always welcome, though please keep in mind it may not necessarily be of much use to the older scripts. I may now already know what it is you were going to tell me, and I'm highly unlikely to update my older scripts any more.

東方天珂竈 ~ Hidden Spice in Four Seasonings [Stage]

Boss: Ryoumika Soukun (5 nons, 6 spells)
Difficulties: Easy / Normal / Hard / Lunatic / Overdrive

Based on an incident from Shrines and Youkai, a bootleg Touhou-flavored D&D spinoff, I bring to you a bootleg version of Hidden Star in Four Seasons' sixth stage! I would not hesitate to regard this as my best script thus far in terms of visuals, presentation, danmaku, etc. It features original parts mixed with shoddy recreations befitting a bootleg and I implore you to give it a try! I spent lots of time, effort, and even money on this project to deliver a very special experience to you. And if all of that isn't enough, the Extra Stage is currently in the works as well. ETA if all goes well: this Christmas! Please look forward to it!


Playthrough by Pikno
Playthrough by MegamanOmega

Poker With Xeno a! [Minigame]

Unlike all the other scripts you can see here, this is a standalone game that comes with its own executable. It's also not an STG whatsoever, but a fully fledged simulation of a classic Poker game! You bet coins and win/lose money depending on how much higher or lower your hand is compared to Xeno a's. I created this just to see if I could. Well, I could. Almost. I had someone help me out a bit here and there. Still, give it a try, even if you know nothing about Poker. Just look up the different winning hands online. And try not to lose all of your money!  ;)


Cirno's Unfounded Revenge [Boss]

Boss: Cirno (9 nons, 9 spells)
Difficulty: :}

I made the sound effects myself.


Playthrough by Pikno

Flesh and Stone [Boss]

Boss: Narumi Yatadera (3 nons, 4 spells)
Difficulties: Easy / Normal / Hard / Lunatic

A simple, joke-free gimmick-less script for any players to enjoy due to the variable difficulties. I'm proud of how the attacks turned out visually and also from a gameplay perspective. Why aren't you downloading it already?


Playthrough by Sparen
Playthrough by Ancient Meme

All the World's Misfortune [Boss]

Boss: Hina Kagiyama (3 nons, 5 spells)
Difficulty: Normal

We need to build a dark side of fate.


Playthrough by CreepyNinja_

Three Dee Utsuho [Boss]

Boss: Utsuho Reiuji (9 attacks)
Difficulty: Hard to Lunatic

Much like the Mitori script right below, this script is highly experimental. How? To my knowledge it's the first and only truly first-person danmaku shooter created in Danmakufu ph3. Ever. You saw it here first, lads. The bullets and boss are 3D objects moving in 3D space, the player moves in 3D space, collision detection is rather janky and the bullet patterns are outrageously hard sometimes. All in all this is a rather awkward recreation of Utsuho's fight in SA, but I think it's still worth checking out. Maybe I'll try making an actually good 3D script in the future!


Playthrough by TheMariomaster
Playthrough by me

A Fancy Package Thing (& Mitori) [Boss]

Boss: Ooama no Ake no Mitori (4 nons, 5 spells)
Difficulty: Hard to Lunatic

The boss battle is not nearly as interesting as the player system, which I probably spent thrice as much time on compared to the rest. It's also the only reason I'm promoting it here. To show off. It took ages to make and I never wound up using it again. That's sad, but hey, do give it a try.


Playthrough by Pikno

LOCAA 8: Purified Taiko Drum [Boss]

Boss: Raiko Horikawa (3 nons, 4 spells)
Difficulty: Hard

This is also a contest entry, this time for the Pure Gensokyo contest. Participants were restricted in that they could not use spawned bullets in any functions afterwards. You could not alter their properties, nor were you allowed to even access them. No prizes were won, but I still like how it turned out, though it's a bit on the hard side. And please disregard the janky package.


Playthrough by me

RaNGE 16: Little Mermaid [Stage]

Boss: Wakasagihime (4 nons, 6 spells)
Midboss: Seija Kijin (1 non, 1 spell)
Difficulties: Normal / Hard

My entry to the Unexpected Mastermind contest tasking participants with creating a final boss-length battle for a stage 1 boss. This is quite possibly the best out of my older set of scripts and I absolutely recommend it to you. I ranked in second place with this, even though the judges considered the nonspells to be better than the spells.


Playthrough by Sparen
Playthrough by Pruns

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