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Make your own Touhou characters (RELIVED?)
« on: September 16, 2015, 03:27:57 AM »
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I found this and thought that this was a good topic and decided to continue it. So much credits to Mima for making me laugh so hard.

Here are some information requirements for your original character in mind.


Age (say the unit like years since numbers could mean anything, even millennia)
Originally from (where he came from)


Special/sacred items (like Reimu's gohei or Marisa's broom)
Likes (can be anything either food, clothing, etc.
Hates (same as above)
Story about him/her (To explain your character further)

If you still don't understand the requirements, then I'll give you an example...

Name: Jinzaburo Satoh (I picked that name from  Men of War)
Gender: Male
Age: 25 years old
Species: Human
Ability: Spawn military stuffs
Location: In a cottage near SDM
Occupation: Second-lieutenant (before entering Gensokyo)
Originally from: Outside World
Personality: He always keeps his cool, but watch out if his temper is unleashed
Items: A Nambu Type 14 pistol and a Katana
Danmaku: Full Metal Jacket bullets
Spellcard: Imperial Navy Sign, Yamato's cannon
Relationships: Cirno is his target practice
Likes: Respect and giving respect to others
Hates: Someone that intentionally pissed him off

It was nearly the end of World War II and Satoh was being transported in a G4M1 "Betty" medium bomber while being escorted by five trusted A6M2 Zeroes. Then, the convoy had been spotted by six F6F "Hellcats". The Hellcats dove and attacked the convoy.

The Zeroes scrambled to defend the vulnerable Betty and fought off the attackers. Satoh's transport received bullet holes everywhere by the Hellcat's fifty-cal machine guns, The Betty flew into a thick cloud. When, Satoh's transport passed through the cloud, his plane was flying on the Misty Lake at medium altitudes, without the pilot, gunners or anyone but him.

The Betty's right engines were on fire and Satoh rushed to control the Betty before it crashed onto the Scarlet Devil Mansion's clock tower. He however survived the crash. (That's how he got into Gensokyo)

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Re: Make your own Touhou characters (RELIVED?)
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2015, 04:49:36 AM »
Your OC makes me cringe.

Nice effort, though.
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Re: Make your own Touhou characters (RELIVED?)
« Reply #2 on: September 16, 2015, 11:57:52 AM »
An interesting idea, allow me to try this:

Name: Hayashi no Ren
Gender: Female
Age: 16 years old
Species: Human
Main ability: Psychokinesis
Location: Forest of Magic
Occupation: Wanderer
Originally from: Outside World
Personality traits: Playful, mannerful, sadistic
Spellcards: Hell Sign ~ Soul Cutter, Illusion Sign ~ Mind Crush
Danmaku: Dark waves, energy blasts
Special item: Demon blade
Likes/values: Independence, formality, dominance
Dislikes: Mercy, dishonesty

The youngest blood descendant of the aristocratic Hayashi clan, Ren was left with many expectations and thus was pushed and pressured to be the very best.  Failure to live up to the high standards of her family lead to harsh punishment, but what they were unaware of was Ren's incredible psychic potential.  Throughout the years, she was honing her abilities in secret until she was finally able to run away at the age of 16.  Though an incredibly rich family, Ren was very unhappy living that life due to the family's high standards.

Ren had enough knowledge and training to live on her own as a wanderer, especially thanks to her well trained psychic mind.  Upon exploring, Ren came across an old, destroyed temple, where she found her magic blade, to which she learned of its ability to drain life energy with every cut after testing it.  It is at this point in which Ren had started to become more sadistic for she has never truly gotten to know the feeling of dominance, a feeling that she has yearned for years.

Her transportation to Gensokyo came from the old temple being the border.
Side note: Ren is a character that I made long before becoming a Touhou fan and I just changed/added a few things (spellcards, location, and danmaku) to make her fit in more with the setting.  I say this to avoid confusion to anyone who sees her in other works of mine.
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Re: Make your own Touhou characters (RELIVED?)
« Reply #3 on: September 23, 2015, 08:25:01 AM »
Well, here I go! Have one of my favourite OCs. :)

Name: Benedict Arnold

Gender: Female

Age: (I had to pull out my calculator for this) Currently 274 years old. Born on (DD/MM/YYYY) 14/1/1741, died on 14/6/1801.

Species: Ghost, escaped spirit from Hell to be more specific.

Ability: The ability to the extent of manipulating betrayal. In-game, it is very vaguely defined, but she's shown to have caused a bunch of fellow hell-dwelling ghosts to rebel against their boss and escape to the surface. I presume she has the ability to only make people think of betraying their allies, although she does mention that she's afraid of her own powers to a certain extent because she (according to herself anyway) apparently can "make fate betray its course".

Location: Formerly staying in Hell, fled to the surface prior to the events of AA. It seems that she has been granted a reprieve, though - she comes back playable in a later instalment as the literal incarnation of despair. (Everyone in that particular fangame fanfic turns into the embodiments of the emotions associated with them, but that's another story. :'P)

Occupation: Ex-General of the Americen Continenal and British armies respectively. Long story short, someone committed treason.

Originally from: Norwich, Connecticut, United States. Or is it London, United Kingdom? Even Arnold herself is not sure. Her theme name further adds to the confusion (it's called Star-Spangled Union Jack. Oops).

Personality: Very shy and timid, greatly ashamed of her past, incredibly low self-confidence. Is traumatized by the events that happened to her during life. Cries very easily.

Spellcards: <WIP>


Danmaku: Comes in red and blue, often featuring the two colours overlapping, making purple. The spellcards tend to have references to the American Revolution.

Special/sacred items: The two characteristic flags on her back, as well as her walking stick.

Relationships: Doesn't really have any, but sides with the heroines. She is not fond of the despotic Toko Nikabane.

Likes: Being acknowledged for making positive contributions, feeling accepted.

Hates: Being called a traitor. That's your ticket to seeing her break down crying.

It's a fairly complicated one, but in short, she betrayed her nation, went to hell for treason, but one day this scary (human!) magician by the name of Toko Nikabane decides to take over Hell just to rule over its denizens with an iron fist. Now Arnold was an American Revolutionary and didn't approve of such tyranny, especially illegal tyranny like what Toko wants to establish, so she broke a hole in the barrier separating the surface world from Hell (the barriers were already weakened due to the previous story's incident and have not been fully repaired yet) and convinced some hell spirits to rebel against Toko (basically escape to the surface). At least, that's her story in AA.

This girl is probably my most depressing OC yet.


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Re: Make your own Touhou characters (RELIVED?)
« Reply #4 on: September 25, 2015, 07:19:31 AM »
An OC from long ago that I put in my Touhou game project. She doesn't do anything really but work as a cameo and pops up only once in Shizuha and Minoriko's plot.

Name: Pluvia
Gender: Female
Age: Unspecified
Species: Nekomata (original version is human)
Ability: Causes rain to fall
Location: Hangs around the human village and Myouren Temple but not a disciple. In fact she tends to hang around the place just to meet people for fun.
Occupation: Doing youkai stuff although she'll cause rain to fall if someone asks politely or gives her a gift (like a fish).
Originally from: Outside World
Personality: Outgoing and a little hyper. She likes to be helpful but she's often clumsy about it.
Spellcards: Nothing comes to mind. Rain related spell cards I guess.

Danmaku: Thin projectiles unleashed in rapid succession also in great number.
Items: N/A
Relationships: She's popular among a few farmers who sneakily requests her help. She also talks with a few fellow visitors at the temple and sometimes with the disciples too.
Likes/Values: Fish, Kindness, Sleeping, Yarn balls
Dislikes/Weaknesses: Water (which of course includes her own ability), rude people and people who likes to ruin other's fun.

Story: N/A she's inspired on a OC I made long, long ago who was the youngest daughter in her family. She was close to her sister Filia who was a shrine maiden who could use the power of fire and Pluvia's original power was to cause *anything* to rain at will but she was more of a comic relief so she'd usually cause silly things to fall. On the other hand, the primary antagonist wished to get her power and when that failed he managed to possess Filia. Pluvia defeated him using her ability and she later grew to be a shrine maiden too. She also had 3 other sisters and a brother with the latter rarely being mentioned in the story.
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Re: Make your own Touhou characters (RELIVED?)
« Reply #5 on: September 25, 2015, 02:28:10 PM »
Name: Furiko Tokihakashi
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Species: Tsukumogami (born from a pendulum clock)
Ability: Making time predictions (not very good at that), slowing/fast forwarding time
Location: Doesn't have a specifed location, but likes to hang around places with lots of humans
Occupation: Wants to serve as clock for humans, but she doesn't do it very well
Originally from: Outside World
Personality: Likes to act serious, especially when attemting time predicting. Usually cheerful, but she easily gets sad or angry when someone notes that her prediction are wrong.
Spellcards: "Midnight", Broken Clock "Fast forward ten minutes", Broken Clock "Hour late clock"
Danmaku: I haven't really thought about it
Special/sacred items: -
Relationships: None
Likes: Time predicting, being helpful, doing something right
Hates: Being called out on wrong predictions, losing in battles
She was once a pendulum clock from the Outside World, which eventually broke. Instead of being repaired, she was thrown away and ended forgotten in Gensokyo. There she became an youkai.

I imagine her being a stage 1 boss.
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Re: Make your own Touhou characters (RELIVED?)
« Reply #6 on: September 26, 2015, 07:51:52 AM »
Name: Dingo Dorko
Gender: Genderless
Age: 28
Species: Koopa Troopa
Ability: Shooting multiples beams of light randomly from the inlets of her shell.
Location: Enslaved by Nitori
Occupation: Nitori's slave
Originally from: Mushroom Kingdom, got to Gensokyo after falling through a strange pit in world 8-1.
Personality: Aggressive, but likes to spend time with people that deal with it. Developed Stockholm Syndrome for Nitori, and considers her her friend.
Spellcards: Koopa Shell of Doom: Launches its old shells at the player, in the form of arcs from the left and right. Blaster Spark: Shoots beams of concentrated light from its shell inlets, guided towards the player, and the light will re-direction itself one more time, if it misses the player.
Danmaku: Shotgun - type. Shoots various forms of shotgun attacks from its shell. Occasionally, it will fire a spiraling bomb from its mouth that will explode in a shotgun towards the player.
Special/sacred items: Magical Shell of Impenetrable Defense.
Relationships: Slave of Nitori. Sometimes hangs out with Cirno and Daiyousei. Developed a rivalry with Letty.
Likes: Food, Nitori, and swimming.
Hates: Not being able to fall asleep, missing the Mushroom Kingdom.
Story: One day, while wandering into a pit in 8-1, instead of dying from the fall, Dingo saw a portal of eyes at the bottom of the pit, and fell through, to find that she'd landed in water. Later, Nitori picked her up, and after realizing that it had sentience and could speak, decided to enslave her. Nitori lets Dingo do what it wants on a few days of the week. Otherwise, it doesn't really mind being a slave. Dingo thinks it's not a big deal.


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Re: Make your own Touhou characters (RELIVED?)
« Reply #7 on: September 26, 2015, 02:46:03 PM »
Name: 土踏 叶永(Tsuchifumi Kanae)
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Species: 人形神(Hinnagami)
Ability: Grants Wishes to it's owner
Location: Gensokyo
Occupation: Wandering around Gensokyo
Originally from: Unknown
Personality: Overly Attach(towards to its owner only), Gentle, Friendly, Polite
Spellcards: Japanese: 呪符「ずっと一緒だよ」, 欲望「幼い少女の最期の願い」, 「約束」
                    English: Curse Sign「Together Forever」, Desire「A little maiden's last wish」, 「Promise」
Danmaku: Chains homing at the character
Special/sacred items: A Magical Wand
Relationships: Her previous owner, Alice Margatroid
Likes: Her owner, Granting Wishes, Desires
Hates: Not granting wishes, Boredom

Story about her:  She was created by a young girl from a very unfortunate family. Several years has passed and the doll has been able to be stepped for a 1000th time by  humans thus giving her life.

About her: She's a Hinnagami(人形神 can also be translated as "Doll God"). A doll made that is a shape of a god the owner(maker) believes in that is formed out of dirt from 7 different villages graves and human blood which is then given life by being stepped on by a thousand people. Once given life, she can now grant its owner his/her wishes. But, if she grants you your wishes, she will ask you another wish you want to be granted and will always be by your side. By always, it's literally always. Even in death. Which, comes the price you will pay: When you're death comes, you will experience a very painful death and she will still be by your side even in death. Which eventually, you be brought down to hell.

P.S: I'll be adding more details if I find enough time.

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Re: Make your own Touhou characters (RELIVED?)
« Reply #8 on: September 28, 2015, 09:09:39 AM »
Name: Elena Lincoln

Gender: Female

Age: 206 years old

Species: Ghost

Ability: Bypassing the borders between the Dream World and the material one. Through this, she can access the outside world, where she spends most of her time. To a certain extent she also seems to be able to change her outward apprearance, though this is not touched on during the events of AA.

Location: She's a wandering ghost and doesn't really have a fixed haunt, but can be seen hanging around the Hakurei Shrine a lot. When she pays visits to the outside world she's most often spotted in the White House. Elena for President '16?

As for her house, well, she quite literally lives under a rock.

Occupation: Ex-President of the United States of America. She occasionally jokes about running for President again, although I'm pretty sure ghosts aren't allowed to serve in office.

Originally from: Kentucky, USA. Famously born in a log cabin.

Personality: Generally pleasant and good-humoured, although she can get clueless and insensitive at times. She doesn't understand 21st century politics, either.

Spellcards: America "Fourth of July Fireworks", Light Sign "Crystal Laser", "The Gettysburg Address"


Danmaku: She has nonspells that look like this. <snip>
<Tengukami> No hotlinking, if you please. And do reconsider whether using the Confederate Battle Flag is really a good idea.

Special/sacred items: None really, besides her hat if you want to count it. However, she's seen holding a box of popcorn and also implied to have been eating from it (it's the reason why Tesla's electrically transmitted raijuu poison didn't affect her, according to WaHH, the cure for a raijuu's poison is corn).

Relationships: Acquainted with Reimu, and possibly also with Doremy due to her frequenting the dream dimension. Probably recognizes Benedict Arnold from history books, and befriends her after the events of AA.

Likes: America, her hat (she outright quotes a line from Koishi's Heart-Throbbing Adventure), wandering around observing things, and possibly popcorn.

Hates: Discussing politics. Also dislikes slavery and abuse (and at the same time, Toko). Strangely does not have any sort of aversion towards Confederate flags and even adapts them for use in her nonspells, which is odd considering the fact that she had been on the side of the North during the American Civil War.

Elena is a lingering ghost of a dead US President (I'm sure I don't need to name him) that failed to pass on to the afterlife due to a general sense of feeling that she still has unfinished work to do, although she can't exactly remember what. She also can't remember most of what happened to her during her life owing to her death from a serious head injury. During the events of AA, ghosts of the damned started appearing out of hole in the ground connecting to Hell. These spirits caused the residents of Gensokyo to feel depressed and moody with their presence, with the exception of Elena who was strangely unaffected (later revealed to be due to the popcorn she had been eating). She eventually decided to help the heroines out by exploiting her ghost-ness in order to blend in with the sinners' ghosts for the purpose of gathering information about them. It turns out that they were not on land to cause trouble, but rather, their appearance signified a call for help because Hell was currently in a state of major trouble.

Yep, totally not blatant self-insertion right there. I'm going to Hell for this (pun intended). :'P
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Re: Make your own Touhou characters (RELIVED?)
« Reply #9 on: October 30, 2015, 08:32:54 AM »
I wonder if Mima is still there to do funny stuffs.

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Re: Make your own Touhou characters (RELIVED?)
« Reply #10 on: October 30, 2015, 08:28:33 PM »
Here's an OC from an ongoing touhou comic series I'm doing on Deviantart.

Name: Kiyoko Ekibyou

Gender: Female

Age: Newborn, in terms of Youkai; Less than one year.

Species: Virus turned Youkai.

Ability: Lethal touch, Self-replication using those she touches as hosts. Her copies are merely drones, and will mindlessly follow her commands, as well as viciously defend her.

Location: Currently Unknown.

Occupation: Unknown.

Originally from: A phial, containing a genetically modified virus, that was stolen from Eirin by Clownpiece and then purified by Junko to use as a weapon against the Lunar Capital.

Personality: Innocent, and curious about the world. However, her ability causes her to become isolated from those around her. She is also morally opposed to killing people that shes as undeserving.

Spellcards: She possesses none, as of yet.

Danmaku: She has yet to use it, but it incorporates helix-like lasers reminiscent of DNA and RNA.

Special/sacred items: None

Relationships: Eirin Yagokoro - Created the base virus that she came from; Junko - Accidentally created her by purifying said virus, the one who gave her her name, and one of the few people she can't kill on contact with (Because Divine Spirits are immune to illness).

Likes: Having friends who are not afraid of her.

Hates: The pain and suffering caused by her powers.

Story: Ongoing here.
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