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The Grim Reapers Help
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Authors Note: I'm not sure if I want to continue this story or not so I decided that if I got a positive response to it here I may go on with it. It was just sort of something I wrote up yesterday and polished today. It's probably more polished then most of my other stuff since I read over it several times fixing and tweaking little things. I should really spend more time with what I write like this.

Chapter 1:What am I?

"Who does she think she is?"

She pulled the trigger.

"Ya I know right, what a freak"

"You would think she would learn or something."

She squeazed the trigger.

"She always acts so weird, she won't do drugs or drink or smoke"

"Does she think she's better then us or something?"

She tugged the trigger. Pulled the trigger, squezed the trigger. She was doing it. She was really going to do it. She couldn't take it anymore.

"Whatever, she should just die."


Sitting against the wall of a dark apartment was a girl, she had gray hair and wore a white t-shirt with the words "Seeing is not believeing" along with a green pocketd skirt and black headband with a bow. She had her knees up to her chest and was grabbing her head. It hurt, it hurt so bad she felt like she could stick a sword straight threw it just to relive her self of the massive migraine she had, she was holding it with all her might wishing for it to go away.
Modest wasn't even the way to describe her apartment. She had a small T.V. on the floor, several buckets collecting water leaking from the ceiling and several water stains from the places she couldn't afford the buckets to cover up. The only expensive things here were two swords hanging on the wall, one long katana and a smaller wakazashi. The window was coverd with a thin green curtain, not that it matterd since the giant brick building next door was blocking any potential sunlight that could come in.

"Ahhhhhhhhh! I can't take it anymore!" She stood up and yelled at no one swining her arm towards them. "Why are you doing this to me? What did I do to desearve this! The voices won't stop! Why why why!" She fell to her knees and put her hands back on her head. "I don't understand." Her eyes were wide open. She began speaking more calmy as if maybe she would recivie an answer if she was more polite. "Please. Just tell me what I have to do... to make it stop. I don't like this." She shook her head. "I don't like this at all."

Her eyes turned from blue to red as she looked up. It was cold. So very very cold. She stood up and began walkng slowly toward the window. She hated what she saw when she looked out of it. She slammed her fist against it cracking it. Her hand was bleeding.

"Haha...Ha...hahahahahaha! That's so funny!" She grabbed the katana off the wall, ripping the hinges off the wall and unsheathed it. She swung it at the window braking the rest of the glass. She stuck it into the floor board and fell to her knees with both her hands on her hilt and smiled. "I hate you. I hate all of you. I hate.. me. Look at me, I'm fucking pathetic. I can't even control the voices swirling around in my own head."

She looked up and standing before her was a very fabulously dressed, very concerned looking woman with pink hair. She was only there for a second. Hell Youmu wasn't even sure if she really saw her at all. It didn't matter. "You can't help me anyway can you! Fucking bitch."

She stood up and pulled her katana out of the floor board and looked at it. She ran out of the apartment and began running up the stairs. She slammed the door to the roof of the building open. She ran to the edge of the building and threw the blade onto the floor of the escape ladder of the apartment next to hers. She then made her own jump to the escape later landing roughly with her back against the wall. If it hurt she sure as hell couldn't feel it over everything else she felt right now. She picked up her katana beneath her and began walking up the escape ladder.

"You're mocking me. You've always mocked me. Is it your fault I have these voices in my head you pink haired bitch? Raaaaaaaaah!" She put her hand on head. The most pain she felt was still in her head despite the fact blood was dripping from just about every other part of her at this point. She reached the top of the escape ladder and threw her blade on the roof and ran up the short bit of wall, gripping the edge and pulling the rest of her self up and landing on her back.

Her hands and legs were spread out on top of the building with her sword next to her. She was breathing heavily. "Myabe I'm just crazy. I'll bet I'm crazy. I should of submitted my self to a mental instution weeks ago when all this shit started. I'm so sick of this." The sun was no where to be found, she gussed it was almost time for sunset.

She could barly feel anything anymore. She stumbled to get up and picked up sword up off the ground and dragged it to the edge of the building and looked at the city and road below her."Heeeeey Japan. What's uuuup." She stuck it out like she was some sort of godammned pirate captain and smiled and yelled one last time. "What do you want from me?!" She lowed her sword against the edge of the building and passed out. She fell foward off the building but never hit the ground.

When she woke up she saw the pink haired lady but couldn't remember anything that happend. She didn't remember the voices, the headache, the rampage, nothing. She couldn't remember anything at all.

"Youmu...My name is Yuyuko. Let me help you Youmu." Yuyuko smiled warmly at Youmu.

Youmu looked around. She didn't really understand where she was but got out of the futon she was laying in and looked out the window. She could see nothing but forest. She noticed she had a strange white blob that reminded her of marshmellows following her but decided it was probably perfectly normal since she couldn't remember anything. Wait... how did she know what marshmellows were? She put her hands in her pockets and turned only her head at Yuyuko. "Help me do what?"

Yuyuko smiled. "Live."


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Re: The Grim Reapers Help
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*gasp* Youmu backstory! YES!

I love it already and am verrrrry intrigued.

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Re: The Grim Reapers Help
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Interesting setup.  I'd like to see this expanded.  I've always thought the half ghost could use a little more characterization.


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Re: The Grim Reapers Help
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Not much dialog in this one, it's taking place mostly from inside Youmu's head. Thanks to you two's comments I decided to write a second chapter, and probably a third. These are taking a totally different tone then MOS. 

Chapter 2: Where am I?

Youmu and Yuyuko sat down at a small table in the mansion and Yuyuko explained it all to her. Her memories were in the white blob, Myon, that was following her around. Indeed Youmu could remember everything now, they all returned to her rather quickly, who she was, what her life was like, everything was back now. The reason Yuyuko was able to save Youmu was because she reached the point of being exactly half-dead as she fell from the building she lost consciousness on. When Yuyuko separated the part of her that was dead from the part of her that was alive, Myon was born and Youmu was able to live once more.

When Yuyuko explained where she was, Gensokyo. This place had angels, demons, ghosts and various other creatures most humans had only ever seen in movies or fariy tales. It was almost to great for her to believe, at the same time, there she was standing next to what was clearly a ghost of her former self following her around.

Yuyuko explained her self as the keeper of souls. She decided who winds up in hell, heaven or otherwise. She was the person who had to keep the outside world in check and make sure there weren't to many deaths or to many births. This usually meant taking a life or on occasion, even saving a life of someone in danger. What this would make Yuyuko, in an average humans eyes, was the grim reaper.

She looked and acted nothing like the grim reaper humans had always pictured. She had short pink hair, wore a long, expensive looking blue dress with a blue wrap around the stomach area being tied by a much thinner red string, and had a similarly blue colored hat with a red jagged swirl. Down the middle of the dress and at the edge of the sleeves was frilly white fabric with thick blue stitching.  She had two small floating orbs floating on either side of her, they were much smaller then Youmu's own Myon, however. Her posture and demeanor were incredibly polite as she spoke and sipped her tea. The best way Youmu could describe it was she seemed...motherly.

When Yuyuko was done explaining to Yuyuko all about Gensokyo and what she did on the outside world she made Youmu an offer and made sure not to push it on her. She wanted this to be Youmu's own decision. She wanted Youmu to take her place in the outside world as the bringer of death and be her gardener here in Gensokyo, or she could even pick one or the other if she didn't want both. She didn't want Youmu to rush into anything and wouldn't accept an answer from her until a week had passed and showed Youmu to her room.

As Youmu and Yuyuko walked to her room she noticed two things. The first was that Yuyuko's mansion was positively huge and had what looked like very old furnishings. It was also lit very well and had a very warm feeling to it. The second thing was that it seemed very empty. Not in the furnishing sense, but Youmu hadn't seen or heard anyone else besides her self and Yuyuko since she woke up. Did Yuyuko really live her in this giant place all alone? Wasn't it lonely? She didn't really want to pry.

They reached Youmu's room and Yuyuko walked off and told Youmu to seriously think about her offer. The first thing Youmu noticed was that on a plaque outside the room  was her name, written in both cursive English and Hiragana. When she entered she saw a queen sized bed, a wooden desk with a chair and a blue note book with Youmu's name on it and several pens in a jar. She took a quick glance threw the book, it was empty and hand lines for writing. A dairy? Also on the desk was a small container, in it were two white spheres, on the inner portion of the lid read "bubblegum" in fancy cursive English. Youmu decided to take one and pop it in her mouth.

There was also a large horizontal hanging cabinet made of the same smooth wood as the desk. She tugged the handle and the door retraced into the bottom of the cabinet. She couldn't figure out for the life of her where that door just went since there wasn't enough space for it to fit anywhere. She was concerned about this of course only until she actually looked up into what was in the cabinet: A Katana and a Wakazashi. Her Katakana and Wakazashi.

 They had been given totally new sheaths, the katakana's sheath was made out of smooth black wood, had two white wraps around the tip with white outlining, the hilt had pink flower petals on it, and a pink living flower was on the very edge of the sheath with nothing holding it there. Youmu brushed her hand against it just to make sure, it was a real flower! She gently lifted the katakana off the hilts and partially withdrew the blade. It had been completely redone and sharpened. The bottom of the blade had been given a black wavy finish.

Youmu was completely aw struck. She couldn't believe Yuyuko would go threw all this trouble for her, she couldn't believe she would do something like this for her, she couldn't believe someone she had never met before would treat her so kindly. The more and more she thought about it, the more her thoughts turned from the fact that Yuyuko would do something like this for her, to that she couldn't believe that woman, who acted so nice, and was so kind, actually had to do the job of the grim reaper.  It wasn't the slightest bit fair that someone like that had to bare the conscious of what someone like her had to do. Youmu would do as Yuyuko said and keep thinking about it, but as of right now she was settled in her answer. She would definitely take Yuyuko's job from her and relive her of the pain that job must bring her.

She walked over to the window and noticed that sun was setting. The yard outside was huge, there were two large tree's, the cherry blossoms were in full bloom, and Yuyuko was sitting under one of the tree's talking to a lady dressed in full white with a...jester hat? There was also a small girl in orange with a green hat climbing the tree. She saw Yuyuko smiling as she talked to the kitsune.She watched for a while, blowing a bubble with her gum. She would definitely take her job from her.
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Re: The Grim Reapers Help
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Aww, I love Yuyuko so much right now. I'm really enjoying this a lot. It's a very interesting view of how Youmu got to where she is. Looking forward to more!


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Re: The Grim Reapers Help
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Aww, I love Yuyuko so much right now. I'm really enjoying this a lot. It's a very interesting view of how Youmu got to where she is. Looking forward to more!

Glad your enjoying it ^_^

Chapter 3:Who am I?

Elementary School

"Give us your money you rich little brat." A small girl with short light blue hair was being held up against the wall of the school cafeteria. The child in question holding her was large for his age, there were teachers who saw it happening but decided to do nothing, it wasn't there to job to brake up fights after all, they might put them selves in danger if he were to become hostile towards them. Several other male children were surrounding the boy throwing slurs at the girl, they were all clearly part of this boys group.

"I don't have My parent's don't give me their money." She was struggling to get, kicking and missing, using her hands to try and pull her self free from his grip, none of it was working.

"Hey idiots," All of the boys turned there heads. Standing before them was an eight year old Youmu, "let her go." Almost immediately an orange colored lunch tray landed against Youmu's head sending her to the ground on all fours. She brushed off the blood dripping from her cheek with her sleeve and stood back up. The tray came at her again but she was ready this time and grabbed it and kicked the boy back against the lunchroom table and brought it down hard against the boy who was using it against her several times giving him a concussion.

"Hey moron I said let her go." She began walking towards the boy holding the blue haired girl with the lunch tray loosely in one of her hands. "Or do I have to beat the living shit out of you?"

Several boys lunged at her at once. She side stepped a punch and got kneed in the stomach, one boy grabbed her hair and she gritted her teeth as another punched her in the mouth, the boy holding her threw her against the wall and she spit the blood and spit in her mouth in his face and headbutted him to the ground.  She picked her lunch tray back up and rammed it against another one of the boys heads and kicked another coming towards her. She ran towards the boy holding the blue haired girl up and grabbed his arm and bit his hand.

"Ow you little bitch." The blue haired girl slid down the wall and onto her knees terrified and crying. The large boy went after Youmu but found him self incapacitated with a pencil jammed directly in his skull. Youmu was covered in blood and extended her hand to the blue haired girl, she helped her up and began walking out of the cafeteria. She knew she couldn't stay at school today and she needed to clean her self up.

"W-wait!" The blue haired girl yelled. "Thank... you." She smiled weakly at Youmu. Youmu nodded, gave her the sign of victory with her hand, smiled and turned back around.

Present Day

A week had come and gone with Yuyuko in her mansion. Youmu had never experienced a time like this, talking with someone so calmly and holding do much respect for them. She met many interesting people that stopped by Youmu's place, even made friends and a sparring partner with that small cat girl she met the other day. She was much more powerful then she looked at first glance.

Youmu had accepted Yuyuko's offer and left threw Hakurei Shrine back to the outside world. Yuyuko was apparently able to contact her threw Myon. On her way out of the shrine Youmu noticed a strange blond girl with a backpack walking up the steps but ignored her and continued on her way. Her first mission would be simple. She had to eliminate a particularly violent yakuza boss who caused much more death and pain then even a man like him should. Youmu was wearing her swords on her back and was told that people in the outside world would not be able to see them until she withdrew them from their sheath.

She had a slip of paper with the name and address of the person she was to take the life of, chewing on the second ball of bubble gum in her case for this special occasion. She found her self at the building she needed to be, it was a large warehouse looking place that was quite old. Blue paint was scratched and chipped off all around, several rundown cars were parked outside of it that looked like they hadn't been cleaned in ages, and three or four large trucks were around the side area.

"Hey guys, I'm looking for a guy named uh...Haro, Tomagi? Something like that." She smirked as she saw every man in the building pull various sizes of guns out and aim at her. She blew a bubble and stood there as if she was completely unaffected with an almost deadpan look on her face as the bubble got larger and larger before it popped and every gun pointing her started firing.

She ran to the side and slide under the cover of some crates as a barrage of bullets flew at her. She hoped up on top of the crates she was ducking behind and ran to the edge to overlook how many guys were pointing guns at her. Time slowed down for her and her eyes turned red, when she looked down she could see each bullets stream heading towards her, she dodged them as they flew past and looked down at the men shooting her, they had gone from looking human to red and black silhouettes.

She jumped off the crate onto one of the men and threw her wakazashi at another, she picked up the gun of the man she just leaped on and shot him in the head. A large man with a large hammer rushed towards her and swung his hammer at her, she jumped the side and the hammer left a large dent in the crate she was standing in front of. Youmu sliced him in half and sheathed her katakana faster then his eyes could even move. She retrieved her wakazashi and ducked behind another set of crates as more bullets flew in her direction. When she looked up she noticed a silhouette who was filled in completely with red, she immediately recognized that he was her target.

There were only three men left on the ground floor, she slowed time again and rushed towards then, slicing them all threw the stomach with one swipe and running up a large crate and jumping up as high as she could to pull her self up onto a lower catwalk. The man she was after was climbing further and further heading for a red door on the other side of the building. She tossed her wakazashi into the head of one of the men with her target as she ran as fast as she could up the stairs to the higher catwalk. The man had almost reached the door but it was too late, Youmu had already stuck her blade into the heart of the other man with him and was blocking the door.

The man took a few steps back and tripped, Youmu walked closer to him and leaned down, her red eyes staring into his black ones. She began blowing another bubble as their eyes met, she sat their observing him for a second before she drew her sort and the bubble popped. The top half of his body fell to the ground below, his legs stayed on the catwalk.

"You know," Youmu stood up straight and threw her arms above her head to stretch, "I bet Yuyuko was never this...uh...brutal. I think I might of went a bit over board. She told me I could just have Myon extract his life from him. This was more fun though. I hope shes not mad at me when I get back."

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Re: The Grim Reapers Help
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Ahaha. It wouldn't be Youmu if it wasn't excessive. Awesome. I'm going to guess that the silhouettes are showing Youmu something of a measure of how tainted that person is, since the goons were all a mixture of blacks/reds while the target was simply pure red.

The bubble gum was a nice touch. Youmu's got some awesome spunk. <3

Re: The Grim Reapers Help
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Like the story so far, but a few things spelling errors kind of bother me.

threw: past tense of to throw.
through: running across something, by means of.

katakana: japanese alphabet, used mainly to write non-japanese words as phonetic pronunciation, or onomatopoeia.
katana: famous type of sword, mostly associated with samurai .

despite this, the story is a nice read and I hope to see a new chapter soon.


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Re: The Grim Reapers Help
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katakana: japanese alphabet, used mainly to write non-japanese words as phonetic pronunciation, or onomatopoeia.
katana: famous type of sword, mostly associated with samurai .

I think that particular one might be chromes fault. I wrote katana and the squiggly lime said Katanana. I thought something was off about it though.  :V

Totally take responsibility for everything else though.

I'm also glad your enjoying the story it self though :D. I'll try to do better on the spelling errors and stuff.
I'm going to guess that the silhouettes are showing Youmu something of a measure of how tainted that person is, since the goons were all a mixture of blacks/reds while the target was simply pure red.

I....I really like that interpretation.
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Re: The Grim Reapers Help
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I reread over this one several times and the friend who I usually show these too before I post them wasn't online. I'm still not sure if I'm completely happy with it but I think it does what it is supposed to as far as the message is concerned. By the way, in the elementary sections of the story Youmu is about seven or eight years old in case that is kind of confusing and vague.

Chapter 4 Part 1:Something on my mind?
She didn't know where she was going, she just knew she would run as far as she possibly could. The rain was pouring down hard, where was she going? It made no sense for her to continue in this direction, it made no sense for her to be heading somewhere without reason. Why couldn't she stop her self. She was beginning to run out of breath and ducked behind an alley to get some shelter. The rain was pouring down here much less here.

When she looked up she saw a boy, about her age with gray hair and blue eyes.. smiling? Could that even be considered a smile? It was so crooked, it felt... evil. This young boy was dressed in what looked like a very expensive business suit that matched the color of his hair. Even more amazing is he wasn't wet at all, not a drop. Even the rain failing in his direction seemed to scatter before it hit him. It was as if he was in a bubble.

"Hello Youmu."

Huh... how did he know her name. What is going on.

"I've been watching you. Observing you. Having fun with life?"

"What do you mean fun?!" She was pissed. "How is the rain not hitting you? How do you know where I'm going when even I don't know where the hell I'm going?!"

He stepped to the side, kneeling behind him was the blue haired girl she had protected in the cafeteria. Youmu's eyes lit up, she was more then just pissed now. She was writhing. The girl was on her knees with her hands tied behind her back and a duck tape over her mouth. The boy stood there smiling even more now enjoying Youmu's reaction.

Youmu dashed towards him and threw a punch as hard as she could, but he was gone. She was frozen. A gun was against the back of her neck. She couldn't move.

"Now now, no need to get violent. Let me tell you something Youmu, I love you. I love you so much in fact I'm going to let you live so I can keep watching you. I'll wait until you've found something that makes you truly happy, and I'll take it away. Maybe it won't even be me, maybe I'll just be the one that makes it happen. Either way, I love you. I love your pain, I loved the tears that ran down your cheek when you came home and all that was left in that house were two pretty swords. You're nothing but a pawn, you understand. Everything that happens to you, everything that will happen to you, you're my play thing and you would do well to remember it."

She wanted to move, she wanted to turn around and kick this kids ass. She couldn't move, she would of gladly gotten shot in the neck if that's what it took, she didn't want anyone else to be hurt on her account but she couldn't physically move her body at all, it was as if she were paralyzed.  Was what he was saying true? It had to be bull shit, she couldn't believe it, she couldn't accept it. She had to move, she needed to protect this girl. Move Youmu, move!

"Why?" Youmu asked.

"Why what?"

"Why are you doing this?"

"Because... it's fun. It's fun to see your helpless standing there in the rain unable to do anything about what's about to happen. I just wanted you understand. I wanted you to know who was truly in control of your life so you didn't live in ignorance."

He moved the pistol from her neck and aimed it at the girl, shooting her in the forehead. Youmu could finally move and threw a punch behind her with all her might.

Nothing was there. Nothing at all. The girl behind her was still there with a bullet in her head, but Youmu was to exhausted to move, to help her. She fell to her knees, and then into the wet ground below. When she woke up she was in a hospital bed with the boy standing over her smiling.

"She's dead. You loose."
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Re: The Grim Reapers Help
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Ahhh! Youmu! ;_;

I don't know who this guy is but I hate his guts already... poor Youmu... poor little girl. ;_;


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Re: The Grim Reapers Help
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Chapter 4 Part 2:Something on my mind?
-Present Day
Youmu felt her self get kicked in the stomach by a force stronger then should could of ever imagined coming out of someone a head shorter then her, she flew a foot of the ground before making contact and rolling into the wall.

"Come on Youmu, get your head in the game today. It's not like you to be this spacey."

A small cat girl with two tails in an orange dress and a green hat clapped her hands above her head to signal the end of the round and helped Youmu up.

"Sorry Chen, I think I got lost in thought there for a second. Reminiscing I guess, though they weren't really happy memories."

"You don't have many happy memories do you?"

"Heh, I guess not."

"Alright round two."

This was where Chen and that lady in the jester hat, her name was Ran, lived. It was called the Genoskyo boarder. The place was much more homely and much smaller then Yuyuko's mansion. It had a main house and a Dojou, it was only built for three people, which meant it was probably built after Chen arrived, or what they had told Youmu was Ran had "summoned" her, but she didn't really get it. She was supposedly a creature of magic but she clearly had just as much a conscious, soul and lively hood as any human. The only difference with Chen was she was unusually fast, the kind of speed you would expect from someone with cat genetics.

Youmu and Chen stood an equal distance away from each other as marked by red tape in the boarder Dojou.They bowed to signal the start of the match. Chen was bouncing left and right making sure neither of her feet were ever on the ground at the same time, Youmu took a stance with one leg behind her, an arm out in front of her and an arm behind her, today was the first day she had done garnering and cooking for Yuyuko, the cloths she wore were completely different from the cloths she wore in the outside world. It was a green dress that ended just before the knee, it had little swirls that resembled Myon near the bottom and a thin white dress underneath the green one, the white dress had short cleeves and went a little longer then the green one.

Youmu wasn't allowed to use her swords in these fights, as they focused primarily on evasion rather then offenseive movements . Chen charged and jumped throwing a kick that would of knocked Youmu in the head and sent her flying again if she hadn't ducked. When she landed she swept her other leg aiming for Youmu's shin's. Youmu was able to anticipated this much and bounced up avoiding the initial sweep, what she didn't anticipate was Chen immediately going from sweep to on her hands and kicking her in the back during her jump throwing her off her balance.

Chen pushed off the ground with her hands and returned to her bouncing pattern as Youmu picked her self up. Youmu was half way up when she charged at Chen panning to elbow her in the side, Chen immediately dodged, grabbed Youmu's free arm, tossed her in the air and spun around and kicked her in the stomach sending her flying to the wall yet again.

Chen clapped her hands above her head for the second time. "That's it. Today's done, you really are way to spacey to keep this up today, sorry."

"Eh heh, that's fine, wanna have soe te-"

Before Youmu could finish her sentence the Dojou door slip open with a loud 'thunk' as it hit the other side of the wall, the Ran emerged wearing only her hat and rushed towards Chen, both girls blushed and turned their heads away from her.

"Cheeeeeeeeeen! I just got out the bath it's your tur-"

"if you just got out the bath, please put some cloths on Ran!"  Chen yelled.

"Aww, am I embarrassing you in front of Youmu? We're all girls here right?! We should all take a bath together hehe!"

"Ehem," Youmu cleared her throat, "I think I'll pass, really."

"You're no fun." Ran frowned still clinging to Chen, her breasts completely covering the back of Chen's neck.

Ran finally left leaving Chen and Youmu alone again. They decided to sit outside and have tea together on the porch.

"It's so surreal." Youmu spurted out while setting her tea cup down.

"What is?"

"This place, drinking tea with you. I feel something I haven't felt in a long time. I can't really put my finger on it."

"Are you happy here Youmu?" Chen asked, taking a sip of her own tea.

"I am happy, but I'm also a bit scared. I can't really put my finger on it. I just feel like, things aren't going to stay this peaceful forever." Youmu was staring deeply at her tea's ripples.

"You think so much, it's hard for me to relate with some of your stories. I've always had Ran and Yukari here."


"Oh you haven't seen Yukari have you? This is the boarder house after all, she's the one who put the boarder up around Genoskyo, so she's the one who has to maintain it, make sure there aren't tears and ripples, make sure someone from the outside world doesn't wander into a world of fairy's and spell casters. She does occasionally show up when something particularly odd is going down though."

"That makes sense." Youmu replied, took a sip of her tea, and watched the cherry blossoms float off the tree's until sunset with Chen, enjoying the first time, she felt maybe she truly had a friend. Yuyuko was her mother, Chen was her friend, for the first time, in fact, she had family, and that's what scared her the most.
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Re: The Grim Reapers Help
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Your Chen and Ran are actually the opposite of what I'd imagine their personalities to be like, but I really enjoy that. Ran being spacey to the point of running out naked was hilarious.


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Re: The Grim Reapers Help
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Your Chen and Ran are actually the opposite of what I'd imagine their personalities to be like, but I really enjoy that. Ran being spacey to the point of running out naked was hilarious.
They actually are like that in a lot of the fan stuff like this. (Probably not safe for work, don't test it.

Chapter 5: Yukiko's What?

-Present Day
Youmu set a silver tray of food down on the table Yuyuko was sitting at. This room was much smaller then you would expect for a dinning room in this huge mansion. There was a small table, Yuyuko was sitting at one end, on the other there was a spot for her self. When she set Yuyuko's food down she promptly sat on the other side of the table on the pillow put in place there in a formal fashion on her knee's.

"You know, cooking wasn't really mentioned in the contract Yuyuko-sama," Youmu said with her eyes cloths in a stern fashion, clearly joking.

"Is that so?" Yuyuko took a sip of her tea, smiling at Youmu, "Well you don't have to do it if you don't want to, but your cooking is surprisingly delicious."

"Eheh I was just joking, really. I enjoy cooking, it's calming, to be honest."

"Speaking of doing things I hadn't originally asked you to do, how do you feel about errands? There is something I need picked up from a place not to far from here from a girl named Sakuya... You know now that I think about it, that girl has quite a similar past to your self."

"Is that so?"

"Indeed. You know Youmu, people don't wind up in Genoskyo by coincidence. Everyone here is here because they are part of a large puzzle the land it self puts together. Everyone here is needed for one task or another, they posses some potential most in the outside world don't. This often results in them having an... you could say unnecessarily rough life when they are in the outside world. Every fairy to every tenshi and oni that lives here was once lived a normal human life in the outside world."

"That's very interesting. If you don't mind me asking Yuyuko-sama, what was it that brought you to Genoskyo?"

Yuyuko's face immediately changed, as if she were momentarily shocked. Youmu didn't think she had ever seen such a look on Yuyuko's face and immediately knew she probably shouldn't have asked and was deeply ashamed of her self."

"I'm so sor-"

"No no, " Yuyuko gave a very warm smiled to Youmu to re-comfort her and pulled out a very traditional looking paper fan, hiding her mouth with it,"I don't mind telling you Youmu. In face I think you deserve to know. I was just a bit taken a-back by the question at first, you usually try so hard to avoid personal questions like that."

Threw the fan, all Youmu could see was Yuyuko's eyes. It was now she noticed how beautiful and pink they were. It was as if their pallet was take directly from a cherry blossom it self. She couldn't even believe this power Yuyuko had to make her feel immediately comfortable no matter what happened. She returned her composure and nodded at Yuyuko to confirm she was listening.

"Quite a long time ago, probably century's ago in fact, it becomes hard to keep track of time here, I had fallen in love in outside world. We we're going to be married in fact, but I was pregnant before he proposed, and a day before the weeding I was admitted to the hospital. Well I'm not really sure you could call that a hospital, like I said this was quite a long time ago." Yuyuko paused and took a sip of her tea, "I died giving birth to twins. The twins survived, but their father was so upset by my death he decided to smother them."

Youmu was cupping her mouth with her hands, tears were dripping down her cheeks. She was once again sorry she had asked.

"When I woke up, which seems kind of odd saying since I had died, I was sitting in front of a large tree. I somehow immediately knew what this tree was for. I have no idea to this day how I knew what I did, it's as if it was there all along, as if I had spent my entire life with this very large tree. In any case, I asked it for a favor. I wanted to change the course of event's. To take my would-be husbands life rather then my children's. The price for this was two things. The first was that I would have to be the one to take his life before he smoothed them, the second was that I would have to keep the balance in the outside world, taking many more lives. In return for this price, my children would be safe, and they  or any of their children or grandchildren would never be able to find their own way to Genoskyo. You, Youmu, are one of my great great grandchildren. Meaning the tree had broken part of it's promise, and allowing me to ask you for help."

"But that means.."

"The tree can't interfere with who winds up in Genoskyo, it knew this when granting me my wish."

"Why would it make that promise then?"

"Who knows, maybe it thought the odds of two people from the same blood line winding up here were so great it would never have to worry about it."

"That's incredible. To answer your questions, I would be happy to go on errands for you Yuyuko-sama."

Yuyuko closed her fan and have another very warm smiled to Youmu. "See, the story didn't wind up being that sad. Anyway, the foods getting cold, we should eat."


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Re: The Grim Reapers Help
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I'm loving this! Yuyuko's backstory is so depressingly heart-warming. I'm really admiring her strength. I'm really curious as to what she has in mind for Youmu to do concerning Sakuya though...


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Re: The Grim Reapers Help
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I'm loving this! Yuyuko's backstory is so depressingly heart-warming. I'm really admiring her strength. I'm really curious as to what she has in mind for Youmu to do concerning Sakuya though...
The back stroy's for most characters (In my version of Genoskyo) are like that. Oh and Sakuya's is based off "The Perfect, Elegant Maid".

Chapter 6:U.N.Owen was who?

A woman with a large scythe was rowing Youmu across a lake, she said her name was Komachi. Youmu didn't really understand how the boat was moving since Komachi was standing up, and there was an eerie fog all around her. Night had fallen around the lake.

"You're goin' ta that big mansion cross the lake right?" Komachi's voice was scratchy, almost old sounding, though she certainty didn't look very old at all. Her pink hair was long and tied in twin tails with red bobbles, she wore a blue dress with a red wrap around keeping a long piece of white circular cloth (who's function Youmu wasn't quite sure of) around her waist. "Make sure ya tell the girl at the gate what'cher doin' there. They don't really like uninvited guests ta much."

With that the boar arrived at the shore and what stood before Youmu was a very large mansion with a blue roof. The fog from the lake had completely cleared and the sky was lit by more stars then Youmu had ever seen, along with a gigantic red moon, it was an incredible, and at the same time terrifying, sight to behold.

A girl with red hair was sitting in on a stole at the front gate, completely asleep. Youmu didn't really want to wake her but...

"Hey," Youmu tapped her on the shoulder and pushed a bit, "hey I'm here for something Yuyuko sent me to pick up."

The red haired girl opened her eyes wearily and yawned stretching her arms out, "Ahh sorry about that. It gets kind of boring here at the gate. Not many people show up ya know. Yuyuko did say you would be stopping by though, hold on just a second and I'll clear you with Remilla. Oh and you might have to wait a bit for Sakuya, she flew off about an hour ago after a thief or something, I'll go and see if I can find here when your in. My names Meiling by the way, nice to meet you." Meiling picked up a black box sitting on the ground next to her and pressed a button on the top of it. "Remilla, the girl from Yuyuko's place is here. Want me to let her in?"

"Of course I want you to let her in," The black box screamed back. "I swear t-"

"Eheh, I guess it's ok for you to go in then...good luck." Meiling smiled weakly.

Youmu smiled back and Meiling opened the gate for her. When Youmu walked inside the mansion, it was unlike any atmosphere she had ever experienced. Everything was sparkling, from the two staircases that lead up to the next floor to the walls and windows them selves, it was very regal and yet something felt very very out of place. A dark feeling was looming over this place sending chills down Youmu's back. Youmu heard yelling coming from the two doors between the staircases, she opened the door and entered the room to see a huge library, and several tables, sofa's, even a counter and tea set to the far right. Sitting at one of the tables was a purple haired girl reading a book in what looked looked like a purple and white stripped nightgown, and a small blue haired girl with bat wings in a very fancy white and red dress screaming at her.

"Please Patchy! Tell me one more time what in the bloody hell happened! None of this is making sense!!" The small blue haired girl yelled.

"Ok Remilla, this is the last time." The purple haired girl had a very small voice, almost sickly. Everything about her looked very tired actually, from the way her eyes were half open, to the way she barley moved as she talked. "A blond girl and a very small blond girl that appeared to be one of Alice's Shanghai entered the front doors and was immediately questioned by Sakuya. The blond girl tried to explain her self but Sakuya was having none of it and chased the blond girl down the hall way. From there, the two blonds ran into a utility closest past Sakuya. The larger blond girl appeared to be having quite a bit of trouble controlling the broom and smashed into a window and flew off to the east of the mansion  with Sakuya promptly chasing after her."

"Our brooms can't fly!" Remilla yelled. "How is that even possible? It still doesn't make any sense!"

"If that really was a Shanghai it would be entirely possible for her to have one of the ribbon's Alice uses to make the Shanghai sentient, therefore enabling her to tie it to the broom. However, controlling something like a broom in mid-air is incredibly difficult, even if it does save you the trouble of having to use magic energy to fly."

Remilla slammed her hands down on the table Patchy was sitting at, getting seemingly more furious by the second. "Why would Sakuya chase after a broom?! We can just buy another one, we have like a hundred of them in storage!"

"How should I know what goes threw her mind. Maybe she didn't think about that and reverted back to her mongoloid ways."

Remilla's red eyes lit up and looked at Patchy furiously, "That was centuries ago!"

Remila lifted her hands over her head, summoning a large red spear that appeared to be on fire and threw it, not really aiming at anything in particular, but just happened to be in Youmu's direction. Youmu just barley avoided it it with a roll, but felt another one go straight threw her back and stomach. She flew quite a ways across the library and threw a small open door that closed immediately after wards. Youmu was falling quite a ways into a pit with a large spiral stair case on either side of her before she totally blacked out.

When she woke up her stomach was in quite a lot of pain, she opened her eyes to see a small blond girl standing over her before she realized she couldn't move. She was shackled to a table with her arms and legs stretched out.

"Oneechan.. you have haves a large hole in your stomach. I'm gonna fix its ok? Remi-Oneechan sure can be a pain sometimes but she's not all bad." The blond girl put her face next to Youmu's, she had a side pony tail and blood red eyes. Two sticks with floating gems attached were sticking out of her back, Youmu wasn't even sure if she could call them wings or not, it looked as if the girl had shoved them in her self.

The blond girl bent down and licked Youmu's neck, "I just need a little." She bit into Youmu's neck, it hurt only for a second before she felt another lick in the same spot. "This next part's gonna hurt lots. The last time tired it they moved to much and their flesh got set on fire.. so try and stay still okies?" The girl put a small cylinder block in Youmu's mouth and patted her on the head. "Good girl."

Youmu's eyes widened, she was terrified of what was about to happen. The blond girl lit a small fire in her right hand and stood over Youmu's abdomen. She raised her arm in the air and the fire got bigger. So big in fact it lit the entire room  up so it was incredibly clear. There was blood splattered all over the walls, several skeletons in the corner and a very out of place looking table with dolls that looked like gate keeper, Remilla, Patchy, and another silver haired girl in a maid outfit Youmu assumed was Sakuya. That was all she had time to observer before Flandre slammed the hand she had filled with fire on Youmu's stomach

It was a pain beyond anything Youmu had ever experienced. It was as if a thousand nails was entering her stomach one by one. She could see and feel bits of her blood flying on and across her. The pain became so great she passed out after about ten seconds. Ten seconds she truly, with the bottom of her heart, wished she hadn't been alive at all to feel.
When Youmu woke up, she was no longer tied to that...thing. She was sitting pretty uncomfortably against a wall. But amazingly, the pain in her stomach was completely gone. She couldn't believe she was even still alive, much less totally fixed. The small blond girl from before walked over to her with her finger on her mouth.


"Youmu, my name is Youmu. What's yours?"

"You can call me Flan," The small blond girl smiled, "Can we be friends Youmu Oneechan?"

"Sure I gue-"

The small blond girl hugged her. She wasn't really sure what to do. She had never really had anyone hug her before. She nervously raised her arms and put her hands on Flan's back."

"Um..Flan. How did you wind up down here.. exactly. Why aren't you upstairs?"

"How did I wind up here.... that would be easier to show you. Stand up."

Youmu did as Flan said and stood up. Flan rushed over to the table Youmu was laying on before and put her hands on the bottom of it, she lifted it up and it flew back into a place in the wall that it looked as if it had been ripped out from. Flandre had completely disappeared from the room.

"Watch." She could hear Flans voice in her had as two of those tables appeared on the walls, with what looked like Flan and Remilla strapped to them, the room she was in had completely reverted to a less messy state. People with restraints filled the room along with Flan and Remilla. The stairs were completely gone, replaced by a large door that quickly slammed open with a large man in a black hood who walked over to the two girls, now both dressed in what looked like potato sacks. They both were bleeding in various places and had many bruises and scrape marks all over their bodies.

The man unlocked the shackles on the girls arms and they fell to the ground as he unlocked them, the tables were to high up for them to land safely. The large man tied their hands behinds their back.

'Get goin' to the door brats!" The large man yelled. Youmu's eyes lit up, she attempted to hit the ban but her fist went straight threw.

"You can't touch anything here. It's just a memory." She heard Flan's voice in her head again.

The two held their wrists and walked out side with Youmu following closely after. They walked for quite a while before they got to a crowd outside, two long wooden structures were sitting on top of a large deck the crowd was surrounding. Several stones, wads of spit, and nasty words flew at the girls as they walked up the stairs to the structures. The man pushed both of them down and locked them into them.

"Ya'll wanna see a show tonight!" The large man yelled as the crowd cheered. "We got two little witches here ripe from the pickin'!" The man kicked Remilla in the face and grabbed her hair and yanked her head in Flan's direction. "Tell her ya love it! Tell her ya love bein' kicked in the face 'fore I bring 'er to the chair. That'd be right fun it would!"

Remilla looked at Flan, " being kicked in the face."

"Oneechan.. I do-" The first blade fell, slicing Flan's head clear off with Remilla watched.

 Remilla was furious, tears were streaming down her cheeks. She did her best to look up at the large man.

"Any last words brat?"

"I swear to god... when you kill me. I will destroy every one of you, and I will live for thousand's more years then you could ever perceive. You will regret every breath you've taken here today. I will become the devil."
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Re: The Grim Reapers Help
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Aw, Flandre fixed up Youmu in some bizarre backwards way. What a nice girl. Though I'm sure Youmu didn't appreciate the destruction before she was fixed. Poor Flandre and Remilia!