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Iced Fairy's Random Shorts
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I feel kinda bad not posting something completely new to the internet here, but I decided this was better then flooding the board with my stuff later when I needed two or three side stories to explain some of the stuff in Three Days Bright.  Besides I might get a random idea that isn't drawn into the black hole that is my other side project, and it'll be good to have a thread here for that.

Anyway I'll start out where I began:

What Winter Left Behind
The snow maiden happily floated along the edge of the Misty Lake.  There wasn't a blizzard going, but it was noon, and the unnatural mist that gave the lake it's name had formed a massive freezing cloud.  Letty loved every second of the deadly cold, which is why she had decided to make her home here.  The mist also served to keep the area cooler during the less pleasant months.

In fact, today the air seemed even more cold then usual.  Perhaps spring would come late this year.  Letty smiled at this thought, which quickly turned to a grimace as someone hit her in the back of the head with a iceball.  Only a fairy would be so stupid as to pull that sort of prank on a youkai like her at the height of winter.  She turned and focused her killing cold on the area, to teach the spirit a lesson. 
To her surprise, the tiny blue haired figure just giggled.  Letty had enough time to see the tiny icicle wings flutter in the frozen air before the ice fairy ran off.

The snow maiden's annoyance quickly turned to mild pity.  Fairies were unkillable by normal means, but they only lived as long as the natural force that kept them alive lasted.  Those that represented the moonlight through the trees, or the winds over the lake, would last for centuries.  Ice fairies, on the other hand, usually lasted only though the winter outside of the mountains.  Ice had no memory, unlike flowers, and the world didn't remember ice like the accursed spring.

Letty quickly forgot the matter and spent the rest of her winter wandering about searching out the fiercest snowstorms.  She'd seen to many of those fairies come and go to dwell on it too much.


Cirno floated over the lake.  It had gotten nice and cold again, so Cirno could go out and play.  There had been a big stretch where she had done nothing but use her powers to keep her home from melting.  She had shrunk to almost half size before the weather had cooled down again.  But now she was bigger and stronger then ever, so she could go out and play with all the other youkai.

As she passed by the part of the lake that hid her home she saw a figure moving through the heavy snow.  At first she was worried.  Perhaps it was a human, or bad youkai who wanted to hurt her house.    So she flew towards the figure in order to scare it off.

Then the icy fairy noticed that things had become even colder.  It was that odd feeling she had felt about the nice lady who had made things real cold in thanks for playing with her.  She decided she would play with the nice lady again.  So she rolled up a ball of snow and smoothed it out with her ice powers (to make it fly better) then smacked the nice lady right in the back of the head.

The lady said some words Cirno didn't understand and turned to her.  Once again, that wave of wonderful cold rolled over her.  Then the lady looked real surprised.  More surprised then normal for people who Cirno had just hit with an iceball.  Cirno took a quick glance behind her to make sure nothing was sneaking up on her.  There wasn't anything there, but then the lady put her hands around her neck.  That felt less comfortable.

"You shouldn't hit people with ice chunks little fairy," the lady said.  "They tend to get mad."

Cirno found the pressure on her neck wasn't enough to prevent her from talking.  "But you thanked me last time.  And could you stop holding my neck?  It hurts."  She began to squirm to get out of the hold, and the Lady let her escape.

"So you were the fairy from last time.  Did you come down from the mountain to play here?"

"Nope!  I live here." 

The lady frowned.  "Hm...  Well try not to be too noisy."  And then she proceeded to walk away.  Cirno floated after.

"Hey.  I'm Cirno.  We should play.  What's your name?"  The little fairy rambled.

The lady just sighed.  "So troublesome.  Shouldn't you check on your home to make sure no one's disturbed it?"

Cirno got worried at the thought.  "Oh yeah!  You're right.  Thanks miss."  She flew off, thinking of ways she could make sure no one would disturb the small ice cave.  Perhaps if she got stronger she could chase dangerous things away from the area....


Letty sighed and reached out with her power.  She could decrease how cold an area was in addition to increasing it.  That was how the Yuki-onna drew humans to them, after all.  This time, however, she used her powers to counter that of the little ice fairy, preventing her from making the icicles on the tree too large.  "Cirno.  If you keep that up you'll make the branches snap."

Cirno pouted, "I know!  That's the fun part.  Then the snow on the branches falls down."  Fortunately, she stopped using her powers allowing Letty to relax as well.

Letty sighed again.  For creatures created by nature, fairies seemed completely oblivious to the damage they caused to the natural world.  Something that annoyed her to no end.  Cirno was worse then most, as ice could deal a lot of damage, especially now that she had grown.  Fortunately the little one had taken a liking to Letty for some reason, and either listened with a minimum of whining or stomped
off, leaving Letty some peace and quiet.

Still... "Why don't you play with the other ice fairies as often?"  Letty asked.

Cirno shrugged.  "They never remember my name.  Except the mountain ones occasionally.  And usually they're different every year.  They're fun but it's always a little weird."

"Well, fairies aren't all that good at remembering things.  In fact Youkai all have weak memory."  Letty commented.

Cirno looked over at the yuki-onna.  "Nuh uh.  I'm a fairy and I remember everything.  At least now that I'm grown up.  I remember the flower festival, the demon explosion, the time I froze a fish on that fisherman's hook...."  The fairy began to ramble on, leaving Letty to think.

That was odd.  Letty knew that even the strongest Youkai let most events, especially repetitive ones, fade into the background of their memories.  It took something like a spectacular defeat, or a passionate love, to leave a lasting mark.  That was how they kept track of things over such a long life.  She tried to
remember if the ice fairies of the highest mountains had been different, but her tendency to avoid them and her own memory worked against her.

"So yeah.  My memory is great."  Cirno finished with a beaming smile.

"Hmm... Is that so?  Didn't you say you had a match with that Darkness Youkai right about now?"  Letty replied looking at the approach of twilight.

"What?  Then I have to go beat her down!  Bye Letty!"  Cirno quickly flew off.

Letty felt odd about tricking the ice fairy like that.  She actually couldn't recall at all when Cirno had said she was going to have that match.  But it was just so easy to get the flighty girl to wander off.  She only wondered why she didn't use those tricks more often.


Cirno picked herself off the snow of the forest floor.  "Gah!  You stupid humans!  I'll make you cry next time!"  She wiped the tears from her own eyes as she screamed her fury.  This was the second time that those stupid humans had made fun of her, and she wouldn't forget it.  She was going to be the strongest and she would make them pay.

She fluttered her wings to make sure they had healed and then took to the sky.  She had made it a little way into the air when the flash of a spellcard breaking came from along her assailants path.  Cirno winced in sympathy for the poor youkai caught by that storm.  On a whim she went to check on the person they had defeated.  Most Youkai didn't like this weather either, so she was curious as to who it was.

When she arrived at the battle site she saw a familiar hat and translucent cape half buried in snow.  "Letty!"  The figure in the snow muttered something unintelligible, so Cirno grabbed an arm and pulled her out.  "Are you okay?"

The tall woman brushed the snow off her face with one hand while clutching her side with the other.  "I'm fine Cirno.  I can't revive from death, but this isn't much of a wound."  She tried to stand, grimaced at the pain, and settled for sitting.  "Ah, but it looks like this winter will end soon.  Well, I suppose I was getting a little tired."

Cirno offered her hand to the yuki-onna, and after a pause Letty allowed Cirno to pull her up.  The two began slowly walking back towards the lake.  After a few moments Cirno spoke up again.  "I'll miss the winter."  She brightened up again.  "But then I guess I'll get to see the flowers.  And freeze frogs again!"

Letty frowned and sighed.  "You shouldn't mess with nature like that, Cirno." 

Cirno felt an odd twinge inside at Letty's disapproving words.  "I'm just giving them hibernation training, that's all.  I'm not messing with them."  Normally fairies didn't bother giving excuses, but Cirno didn't like that look from Letty.

Letty merely shook her head then stood up straighter.  "Well in any case, I should be going home to sleep now.  You probably should go home too, Cirno."  Letty ascended into the air and flew ahead, while Cirno began her own trip back. 

After a few moments Letty sped up a bit, so Cirno sped up too.  Letty increased her speed little by little with Cirno matching her every step of the way.  Cirno found the exercise fun, though she wondered why Letty was sticking around to play when she said she was going home. 

Finally on the banks of the misty lake Letty turned to face Cirno.  She looked angry.  "Why are you following me?"

Cirno thought it over for a moment.  "Uh, I wasn't following you.  I was going home.  Why are you going this way?  Weren't you playing with me?"

Letty looked confused for a moment. Then looked around to see if there were any observers.  "Cirno.  Where exactly is your home?"

Cirno felt fairly nervous about pointing out her home to anyone, but she trusted Letty naturally.  So after a quick check of her own, she pointed to a hidden overhang by the lake.

For some reason Letty put her head in her hands.  "I'm too tired for this.  I'll see you at the end of fall, Cirno."  She then moved to a pile of snow covering a dead fall, carefully removed the branches, and stepped into the hole revealed, covering it up behind her.  Cirno noticed the hole wasn't all the far from her own home.

After a bit Cirno smiled.  "Oh cool!  We're neighbors."  Well she'd do her best to keep everyone away from both of their homes then.  An easy task for the strongest fairy.


The last year Letty had been dreading the inevitable recap story from Cirno, but it was almost fun hearing about what happened during her long sleep.  She wouldn't want to be out and about in that heat, but the tales were interesting.  Especially since the late fall rarely had any good snowstorms to dance

Cirno gave another exaggerated gesture.  "And then I saw Lilly White flying around during the festival and I shot her down.  Boom!  It was great."

Letty tried to give a look of disapproval, "Now now.  Even if she is a horrid bringer of pollen and warmth you shouldn't be messing too much with nature."

Cirno pouted.  "But she shot at me first!"

Letty smiled widely and patted the fairy on the head.  "Well that's okay then.  Good job putting her in her place."  Cirno beamed back at the praise.  She was sorry she had missed THAT show.

"Yep!"  Cirno continued.  "Daiyousei said that I was the strongest fairy for sure now that I beat Lilly!  And Daiyousei should know, cause she's the smartest fairy."

"I see.  That's impressive Cirno, you should keep up the good work."  Letty wondered if this Daiyousei was the rumored 'fairy of fairies' or if she was just the longest lived one in the area.

"But that one Lady was kinda annoying.  She said I was too powerful."  Letty looked down to see Cirno frowning.

"Who said that?"

"The Yama.  She said I was too powerful and that I might die.  But fairies die all the time right?  And then we come back."  From her expression Cirno had tossed the idea aside.

Letty felt that odd feeling again.  "You shouldn't be so careless, Cirno.  A fairy who dies to far from their home won't return.  And a fairy who's home is destroyed will vanish forever.  Gensokyo is a small place, but it's best to be careful."

Cirno looked almost humbled for a few seconds.  "Okay Letty.  I promise I'll be careful."

Letty patted Cirno on the head again.  "Good girl."  Most fairies were annoying and burdensome, but this one made up for it somehow.  Maybe the increase in maturity explained it.


Cirno stopped Mystia from flipping past the recipe. "Why don't you use this one?  It looks pretty good."

"What?"  The night sparrows wings flapped violently and Cirno had to quickly grab the book so that page wouldn't be lost.  "How could you suggest using a recipe that requires bird meat!?"

"You idiot!  That word doesn't have anything to do with birds!"  Cirno pointed at the preceding sentence.  "See!  'Seikin.'  It says you have to capture the eels live and keep them that way."  The fairy folded her arms and gave Mystia a stern look.  "The only reason you asked me to help is because I can read, so let me read before getting worked up about things."

"Fine.  Fine."  Mystia replied with a huff.  "Still that's not fair.  I've never even heard that word before.  Did you get it off Tewi?"

"Well, yeah."  Cirno muttered.  "At least I got something useful out of her.  Stupid rabbit and her tricks.  If I ever caught her in a fair fight....  Hey that's an idea.  You could add rabbit to your menu."

Mystia gave Cirno an incredulous look.  "That wouldn't really fit with the rest of the menu.  Though it's better then your idea of selling popsicles in winter."

Cirno sniffed.  "I still think it's a great idea.  They won't melt, and youkai would buy them."

Mystia sighed.  "I told you, the only youkai who would be willing to eat frozen foods outdoors in winter would be fairies.  And YOU are the only fairy that uses money.  And it's stolen money at that.  You stick to reading, I'll handle business."

Cirno was about to reply when a figure moved through the woods. "Letty!"  Cirno flew towards the woman in blue and white that had just entered the clearing, and hugged the woman tightly.  Letty accepted the treatment for a while before disengaging from the fairy and giving Mystia a nod.  The two usually had little to do with each other, but the Night Sparrow appreciated the business winter sent her

"Hello Cirno.  It's been a while.  You seem taller then ever."

"Yep!"  Cirno tried to strike a more mature pose.  "You're up early, Letty.  I wasn't expecting you for another week."

"There's going to be a lovely snowstorm soon.  It should bury the lower mountains.  With that autumn will be over."  Letty explained.

Mystia started to fire up her grill and began absently singing to herself as the two ice youkai chatted.  Cirno went recounting the events of the past year, and Letty sat alternately praising or chiding the fairy, and occasionally even asking for more detail.

"... So the gate guard rushed straight into the "weak spot" of my spellcard and slammed straight into my bullets.  It was great.  So with the gate guard beaten I was able to wander into the mansion to challenge the mistress herself."

Letty seemed to be unsure if she was proud, worried or just found the whole thing funny.  "And what happened then."

Cirno looked chagrined.  "Uh, then I got blasted.  A lot.  The witches were having tea together that day and, well...."

Letty used her hand to hide a grin before adopting a serious air.  "That's what happens when you get overconfident.  You shouldn't pick a fight unless you're also willing to lose it."

"Hm...  I would say that you shouldn't start a fight unless you're determined not to lose it."  A dry voice interrupted.

Two more figures entered the clearing.  Both were easily recognizable to the three youkai.  All of them knew the Hakutaku that guarded the village, and Mokou was an oddity even in Gensokyo. 

Mokou continued.  "If you refuse to accept a loss, you'll go further then if you just give up.  That's why I beat Kaguya whenever she doesn't cheat enough."

Letty frowned.  "That seems like dangerous advice to people who can die."

Mokou shrugged and let the matter be.  She turned her full attention to Mystia, who was puffing up and glaring daggers at her rival in business, though likely the night sparrow's anger was mostly over Mokou's willingness to cook bird.  Keine smiled apologetically.  "I'm sorry to interrupt, but I needed to ask a question of you.  If you could just spare a moment?"

Letty looked over at Cirno, who also seemed to have no idea what was going on.  "I suppose I could try, but Youkai like you who can memorize histories are rare.  I probably won't remember what you want to know."

Keine nodded.  "I expected that.  Which is why I'm asking Cirno.  If that's alright, of course."

"Me?"  Cirno looked incredulous then puffed out her chest in self praise.  "But of course.  I can remember anything I've seen.  What do you need to know?"

"How old are you?"

Cirno blinked.  "Uh.   Let me think."  The ice fairy closed her eyes.  "This will be two hundred and thirteen, no two hundred and fourteen winters.  Told you I could remember anything!"

Letty gave the historian a questioning look of her own.  "Why such an interest, Ms Kamishirasawa?"

Keine turned away.  "I think you already figured out the answer, Miss Whiterock."
Cirno glanced over at Letty.  "What did she mean by that?"

Letty looked over at the Youkai Mountain.  "Hm...  Well I should hurry if I want to make that snowstorm.  Besides I'm sure Ms Lorelai will want me away from her shop so the customers won't be cold.  Do you want to come with me?"  She stood.

Cirno narrowed her eyes slightly.  "That's not an answer."

Letty laughed.  "You're growing up, Cirno.  You used to miss those all the time."  She waved to the three still by the food cart and began heading towards the mountain.  Cirno flew quickly after.

"That's not an answer either."

As they left Mokou shook her head.  "That's an odd pair.  You see such strange things as time passes."

Keine smiled.  "Indeed."  She looked towards the cart.  "Well since we're here, I could buy you diner, Mokou."

Moukou looked to where Mystia had gone from violent looks to pretending to ignore them.  "I don't think that would work well.  Besides, it looks bad when you eat at the competition's shop."

Keine waved the comment off.  "Don't worry, I'll erase the history of this meal so no one will remember."

Mystia grimaced but pulled out a few dishes.  "I'll serve anyone with money, stupid human or not.  And after tasting this lamprey, only the most stupid wouldn't swear off bird for life."


~ And so the years passed ~

"Hey Letty!  Guess what happened!"

"Hm...  Did you finally beat the giant frog?"

~ and passed ~

"Cirno!  Why was the door to my house frozen over?"

"Uh....  I wanted to wake you up early so I dropped the temperature.... I'm sorry!"

~ though the two would only meet one season out of four ~

"I found this near the boarder.  I thought you might like it, Letty."

"It's very pretty Cirno.  It almost looks like real snow."

~ they enjoyed their time together to the fullest ~

"I hear you've gotten a name for yourself in the village."

"Yeah.  Humans are weird.  You'd think that leading them into snow drifts would remind them I'm a fairy."

~ but all things of nature, seasons, years, and centuries must end.


The sound of someone entering her home awoke Letty from a light doze.  It was still odd to spend so much time here awake, but she really didn't have the strength to go outside anymore.  Shifting slightly, she raised her head and smiled at the woman who had entered, her sole visitor.  "Hello Cirno.  Come in."

Cirno gave a weak smile and moved next to the bed.  "Hey Letty.  How are you?"

Letty took a long breath.  "I'm fine.  Just tired."  There was a long silence.  "Hey Cirno, when will spring come?"

The fairy looked away, feigning interest in the snowglobe by the bed.  "In another week or so."

Letty chuckled lightly.  "You said that last week, Cirno.  And the week before."  Her tired smile widened just a bit.  "You shouldn't mess with nature, Cirno."

"It's *sniff* it's just around your home, Letty.  I... I... I don't want you to go away, Letty!"  Cirno finally broke down and started sobbing.

Letty mustered her strength to pull the girl closer.  "It's okay.  Let it all out.  Fairies are supposed to let all their feelings out, even if they are the strongest."

Cirno tried to speak, but in the end just hiccuped and cried some more.  The two sat like that for a long time, until Cirno's crying had lapsed to an occasional sob.

"Cirno, I have something to tell you."  Letty raised a finger to shush the girl when she looked up.  "I'm the one responsible for your birth."

She paused to take a deep breath.  "The mist over the lake may have offered a little protection for the ice that is your focus, but me lowering the temperature for my hideaway was really why it wouldn't melt.  I'm sorry I didn't take responsibility for that even after I figured it out."  She brushed some hair off Cirno's face.  "But now you can keep your home safe yourself.  I'm glad."

Cirno almost managed a smile.  "Letty.  I already knew.  I've known ever since I saw your face when Keine asked my age.  And you were always there for me.  Even when I was really annoying."

Letty closed her eyes.  "Thank you Cirno.  I'm glad you were there too.  Even if you were sometimes really annoying."  There was another long silence.  "Cirno.  I'm really tired.  It hurts to be awake.  Could you let me sleep?"

Cirno gripped Letty tighter, but managed to simply say.  "Yes." 

The air started to get warmer, and Letty began to drift off.  She felt a certain pride for the girl, no, the woman, she had spent so much time with.  It was rare when winter got to leave something behind.  Especially something so full of life.



Cirno floated above the lake, her face still marked by tears, but with most of her crying done.  She moved to wipe away a few tears when a hand presented a handkerchief.  "Here," said Mokou.  "Use this."

Cirno wiped her eyes, and shook the kerchief to unfreeze it before blowing her nose.  She offered it back, but Mokou simply waved it off.  "Consider it my donation to the 'ice goddess of the lake'," the immortal replied with a smirk.

Cirno frowned.  "You of all humans should know I'm not a goddess.  And that's a terrible donation."

Mokou laughed.  "Good point.  How about this."  She raised a bottle of sake and two cups.  "You'll have to chill it yourself though."

Cirno managed a grin.  "Thanks again.  But I'm still not a goddess.  I have no intention of letting the faith of idiots bind me."

Mokou handed over a cup.  "Then a wake.  To our mothers."

Cirno started at the words.  Then choked back a sob.  Perhaps Letty had been something of a mother.  At least as close to a mother as a fairy would have.  She wiped her eyes and blew her nose again, but she was smiling along with the tears.

She took the cup from Mokou and they each filled the others glass.  They raised their cups in unison and each drank.  The two began reminiscing on the past.  Tales of old matches, interesting times, and past friends.  After a while Mokou sighed.  "It's nice being able to talk with someone else who remembers.  You, Keine, and HER are the only people who seem to remember things around here.  At least things that weren't huge incidents."

Cirno refilled her cup.  "Ice doesn't forget."  Seeing Mokou's odd look she explained.  "When it melts, ice turns to water.  If that water refreezes, it's new ice.  But until it melts the ice doesn't change.  It remembers everything.  Since my focus doesn't melt much anymore...."

Mokou nodded.  "You remember everything.  Not a bad skill.  And I guess that's why you're smarter and stronger then most fairies too then."

Cirno shrugged.  That was enough introspection for one day, in her mind.  Even with the wine.

Mokou stretched a bit.  "Well, I imagine soon even the most sleepy youkai will start remembering things.  I hear the new shrine maiden has got a lot of talent.  And there's another witch girl making a name for herself down at the village."

A thought fluttered across Cirno's mind.  "Hm... That sounds familiar.  I take it the shrine maiden is very laid back?"

Mokou nodded.  "Some would say lazy."

"And the witch is almost certainly insane.  Trained by the black white?"  Cirno said with a grin.

Mokou shrugged.  "Probably insane, though she's training under the puppeteer.  But that one was pretty warped too."

Cirno rubbed her hands together in expectation.  "Well it would be untoward if they didn't have something to do.  Maybe it'll wake up that mountain miko too."  An idea had definitely formed.  "Hey, what do you say?  I could use a stage 5 boss."

Mokou laughed.  "Sorry, I do EX stages only.  Besides, Keine would have a fit if I caused an incident.  But if they do fly out my way I'll be sure to set them straight."  The immortal picked up her bottle and flew off.  "Have fun Ms Ice Fairy.  Do keep the damage down."

Cirno waved the comment off.  Of course she'd keep the damage down.  Letty would be sad if her big send off hurt nature.  The Hakurei Shrine, on the other hand....

She raised her arms to the heavens and a vortex of ice and snow formed at her command.  With careful aim she split it and dropped one on the forest of magic and the other on the shrine.  After that it was merely a matter of making a proper trail back.  She smiled as the other fairies started fluttering about the lake, each looking to take advantage of the fun.  Now she just had to prepare her spellcards and wait.

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That, so cute.
Comment Me OK. :D


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Thank you so much for bringing in actual Yuki-onna mythology into this one. So much of Gensokyo draws from Japanese myths. It's a real treat to see it brought to the surface.

Also, this Cirno is adorable. She can't help being her, and she was very much the engine of the story here.

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I read this when it was in one of the AD series packs, and I knew straightaway this is one of the most awesome stuffs that I would ever read in fanworks.

it is a beautiful, and most of all, touching tale.
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Re: Iced Fairy's Random Shorts
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I read this when it was in one of the AD series packs, and I knew straightaway this is one of the most awesome stuffs that I would ever read in fanworks.

it is a beautiful, and most of all, touching tale.
Hm?  Huh, actually that was a different story with the same name in the AD service pack.  Didn't know about that one.  I shall claim the name however, for I published first!  No, don't look at the very clear date stamps showing they beat me to the name by 3 months.  Just trust me.

I'm glad that you all enjoyed it, however.

And since I'm posting anyway I'll toss in another work that may have use later.  Less serious this time.

Satori turned towards her pet as the hell crow walked into the room.  ?You aren't feeling well?  Did something happen, Utsuho??

Utsuho thought about denying it, but realized that was a futile gesture.  ?Yeah.  I feel tired, and hungry, and there's kinda a buzzing.    It's been going on for a couple days.?

?And you're worried that you won't be able to keep helping me?  You shouldn't push yourself like that.?  Satori walked forward to pat the girl on the head.  ?But it's good that you came to see me.  We'll see about getting you back to normal.?

?Hey sis.  Hey Okuu.?  The voice caused both of them to jump, meaning it could belong only to one person.  Koishi Komeji.  She was staring a little at Utsuho, like a child stares at a puzzle.  ?Okuu, why have your thoughts changed?  You've got the normal ones, but there's some other ones I don't understand.?

?Unyuu?? The hell crow shook her head in confusion.  She may not be as stupid as Orin occasionally said, but the workings of the unconscious were still beyond her.

Satori frowned.  ?That sounds dangerous.  Maybe you should see someone about that.  I think Orin spoke of a vet aboveground.  I'll go find her.?


?See.  Every time you don't tell me something you get in big trouble.  We're best friends right?  You have to tell me these things.?  Orin shook her finger to emphasize her point.

?But it was onl~ cyah!?  Utsuho's response was cut off by Eirin placing a very cold instrument on her bare back.

?Now take a deep breath.  Then let it out slowly.?  The doctor said, all the while scribbling notes.

Utsuho tried to convey her apologetic excuses to Orin with just a look while the doctor forced her through various breaths, coughs and yawns.  But, unlike Satori, Orin didn't read hearts.  Or perhaps her scolding was just her revenge.

At this point however the kassha was frowning and thinking about something.  ?Hey, Okuu.  Did your bust get bigger??

The hell crow blinked.  ?Uh, about 2cm?  I think.  Maybe it's all the boiled eggs.?

Eirin looked up.  ?Oh that's good to know.  I'll have to take measurements.?

Orin looked at the doctor.  ?Wait.  How will that help you identify her problem??

Dr. Yagakoro blinked at the question.  ?Oh, of course it can't help with identifying the problem.  I'm just taking down notes for future reference material and research.?

The two youkai looked at each other then whirled on the Lunarian.  ?What!??  ?You mean you don't know the problem??

Eirin shook her head.  ?Oh I know the problem.  It's just that, your condition cannot be cured by modern medicine!?

?Don't say that while smiling!? Orin yelled.

Eirin waved the kassha's anger off.  ?Don't worry.  I can't fix it.  But I know who can.  The same people who gave you the problem.  They should be easy to find too.?


The doors to the Moriya shrine flew open.  Kanako sat up straighter.  ?You should show more respect little kassha.  Especially since I have acquiesced to see you on such short notice.  Normally you'd have to fight past my miko.?

?I'd have worn her down eventually.  I don't give up.  Now fix whatever you did to Okuu!?  Orin strode boldly into the chamber only to stop and look back when she realized her friend hadn't followed.

Utsuho was kneeling at the entryway, panting heavily.  ?So... tired... Voices...?

Orin rushed to her friends side and lifted her up.  ?Hey Okuu.  Utsuho!  Pull it together!?  She began to shake the girl when a small hand on her shoulder stopped her.

Suwako put her other hand on the fallen hell raven.  Utsuho immediately sat up.  ?Uh, I feel a lot better.  Was that it??

Suwako smiled but shook her head.  ?No, but we can fix it.  Give us a little while to explain how Kanako screwed things up.?

The larger goddess stood up and yelled at the other.  ?Oi!  You were the one who let the secret slip to the kappa.  It's your fault too!?

Orin and Utsuho looked at each other.  Then Utsuho spoke up, ?Could you just tell us what's going on??

Kanako recovered her composure and sat down, while Suwako took a seat behind the two youkai.  All the while the frog goddess kept a hand on the hell crow's shoulder. 

Kanako began to speak.  ?The issue came about due to some unforeseeable events.  When you consumed the Yagatarasu you gained it's power, and with that gave us the ability to give Gensoukyo the ultimate power.  From that action we gained a great deal of faith.?

Kanako paused to glower at her fellow goddess.  ?However, some people learned the process involved, and placed their faith in you, the source of the power.?

Suwako continued the explanation.  ?Normally it takes a whole lot of faith to make an item a god.  Making a Youkai is easy, but gods require more time and reverence.  You however are different, because you've consumed a god and possess it's power.?

Both the yokai's mouths were open in shock as Kanako concluded.  ?That is the problem you have Utsuho Reiuji.  You are becoming a god because of the faith of humans and youkai in your power.  However that faith is yet weak and scattered.  It is not enough to support a god of the Yagatarasu's stature.  Without enough faith you will obtain godhood only to perish as the Yagatarasu did before you.?

Orin recovered first.  ?Does that mean we have to set up temples to Okuu?  There's no way we could gather enough faith in time!?

Suwako chuckled.  ?Nah, don't worry about it.  I said we can fix it.?

Kanako nodded.  ?Since the hell crow is acting on our behalf we will gladly share our own faith.  We've gathered a lot of faith from your actions, so it's only right we support you ?

?It's a better deal then mine, since you can opt out whenever.?  Suwako stuck her tongue out at Kanako, who smirked and adjusted her rope ornament.

All eyes turned to the hell crow, who had just managed to find her voice.  ?Wait.  I'm going to be a real god??

?Okuu, you're such a birdbrain.?


A few more detailed explanations later, the two denizens of hell began their long trip home to the underground. 

As they flew along Utsuho suddenly turned to her friend.  ?Hey Orin.  I figured out what the voices are.  They're prayers.?

?Well don't go overboard and try to fulfill all of them.?  The kassha warned.

Utsuho shrugged, ?Well most of them seem to be 'Please make this work,' or 'Please don't blow up,' so I really can't help.  But it's weird knowing those people are thinking of me.  I wonder if this is how Ms. Satori feels sometimes.?

?Huh.  Maybe.?  The two flew on a bit.

?Hey Okuu.  I know you don't need a shrine and all, but wouldn't it be cool if you got a miko anyway??

?Uh, I guess.  Maybe?  Why do you ask??

?Well I figure if I've got miko powers and kassha powers I'll totally be able to show up the Hakurei maiden!  And that would be awesome wouldn't it??  Orin looked over at her friend.  ?So can I be a miko?  Huh??

Utsuho smiled ?Sure.  But if you're my miko, you can't call me birdbrain anymore.  That's the rules.?

?Hey that's cheating!?

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Re: Iced Fairy's Random Shorts
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Oh, is that so?
I am sorry, must have been confused, both had the same name and I was sorta sure it was you who wrote that one as well.
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Re: Iced Fairy's Random Shorts
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Officially the first stories I have read in PSL, And enjoyed them both. Thanks for the great intro into this section for me!  :D

ps... keep writing. please!


Re: Iced Fairy's Random Shorts
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Chain Reaction

Patchouli was very observant for someone who had her head stuck in a book all the time. In fact she was almost too observant sometimes. That had caused her some troubles during the Scarlet Weather incident, but had saved her from no end of trouble in many other instances.

Right now she was noticing that Remilia's gaze was lingering on her a bit too much. For that matter Sakuya and Meiling had been suffering from wandering eyes recently. And the Oni from underground had been a little grabby at the last party (much to the bridge princesses' jealousy). All these were signs that something was going very wrong. That her greatest work as Gensoukyo's most knowledgeable magician was falling apart.

Thus Patchouli had prepared an experiment. Finishing her dinner she leaned back and stretched, deliberately pushing her chest forward.

Remi blushed and turned away.

Quickly excusing herself Patchouli ran back to her library. "How could my precautions have failed? Especially on this level. Remi's far too high level to be affected by anything short of a catastrophe." Flying into the rows of bookshelves she called out to the person she had working on the problem full time. "Koakuma! Get here this instant!"

Koakuma peered out from behind one of the shelves. She wanted to run and hide from the fear and anger in her masters voice, but that wouldn't end well. "I didn't do it!"

"Exactly! You didn't tell me that the situation has changed with the puppeteer and the black white. Somethings causing the resonance to go insane!" Patchouli began coughing violently.

The small demon ran up to her master both to help Patchouli stand and proclaim her innocence. "But nothings happened, either between them or anyone else. Marisa's either been in her workshop or youkai hunting and Alice has been..."

"... working on a secret project." The two residents of the mansion looked up to find Alice standing behind them. "Now can you explain why you were spying on me and if that has anything to do with everyone acting so weird?"

Patchouli sighed and waved Alice over to a table. "I suppose at this point it would be futile to try to conceal it more. However it would be more efficient if you explained what has been different. Then I could analyze how big the problem is."

Alice looked disgruntled but took a seat. "Well just on the way here I had to evade a strangely clingy Reimu, then that night sparrow asked that I come by her cart later for some 'special service,' and your gate guard turned crimson when I flew over her." She sighed. "Oh and your familiar seems to be trying to hide in my skirt."

Patchouli practiced swearing in several languages. "That's far beyond expected parameters. Even a relationship with you the Black White and the Red White wouldn't cause this much distortion." Patchouli began scribbling on several scattered pieces of paper. "Oh, right. Anyway that last part's normal. Ignore it."

"It's not something you can easily ignore." Alice said while trying to detach Koakuma from her legs. In the end she wound up with the devil clinging to her waist and just called that a victory. "The explanation please..."

"Magicians are creatures that absorb magic to fuel themselves. As a side effect it tends to draw mystical beings towards them physically and mentally. Humans turned youkai of course absorb more magic and thus create a larger draw. In addition high level human magicians who use their powers often also tend to create massive localized magical draws. Normally it's a non issue, so most magicians don't even know about it. However when large numbers of powerful magicians are present in a small area, along with many magical beings, a resonance effect occurs multiplying the attractions."

Alice sat for a moment internally translating the explanation. "Are you saying that magicians unconsciously seduce other youkai? And that it's worse when there are more of them?"

"A crude summary, but mostly correct. Magically inclined humans are affected as well." Patchouli coughed again. "Humans with less strength then Sakuya are fine. However, the only youkai immune are those with a fixed libido such as succubi" The two magicians both looked at Koakuma, who pretended to be innocent. "I had set up a series of countermeasures to prevent the problem from becoming widespread but they required constant tweaking because Marisa seems to be a natural player. That doesn't help matters. Koa was supposed to make sure you two didn't cross any lines before I could set up more wards." Patchouli grumbled

"We aren't that close."

"That's because Marisa's kind of tsundere." Koakuma helpfully added. Alice flushed. Patchouli pulled up her book to keep her disgruntled look hidden.

"You're so young, you never look right in front of your own..." Patchouli shook her head to clear it and resumed scribbling. "Tch. See. This is what happens when the resonance gets too high. Your emotions start jumping about and you lose all sense and inhibitions." Patchouli finished her calculations. "There. For a disturbance of this magnitude a magician more powerful then any of us would have to have come into Gensoukyo and then began close relations with several youkai."

Alice's eyes opened wide. "Wait. The recent incident. Marisa said that they brought back a youkai from Makai."

Patchouli's pen stopped writing. "The one who set up a temple? She's a Magician? I'm a fool! We have to get there before the incident makes action impossible."

The two magicians turned to rush for the door, but Patchouli hit her chair causing Alice to shift sideways and trip over Koakuma.


Sanae looked at the ship turned temple. She had felt a little strange recently, so she decided to get some air, and drop in on Gensoukyo's newest residents. Once again Sanae noted that temples just seemed more somber then shrines. Perhaps it was the quiet. The gods of her shrine kept things bustling, and even Reimu's lazy shrine had youkai visitors often. This temple always seemed deserted even when there were people there.

Sanae rapped on the door. There was a long pause before a voice, Byakuren's, called out "Just a moment." There was a long pause. Sanae was beginning to wonder if something had come up when Byakuren finally opened the door. "Ah. Sorry, it's just me running things right now. What is it you wanted?" The woman seemed a little disheveled, and was breathing heavily.

"Ah you didn't have to run. I was just making a social call." Sanae's head felt a bit stranger. Maybe it was the incense. Well she couldn't just leave right away. It would be rude.

"Well perhaps I could get you some tea." The youkai magician's voice seemed nervous, as if she was hoping Sanae would leave soon.

Sanae immediately became suspicious. "Sure I'd love that," she said with a smile. A voice in the back of her brain was commenting on how this was an invasion of privacy, but then, she was supposed to keep an eye on these people.

"Ah. Of course. Please come this way." Byakuren began to lead Sanae through the former ship.

"Isn't the guest quarters that room?" Sanae asked.

"Oh! Yes, well, that nice Nue girl came by and we gave her the room. She's still sleeping so I don't want to disturb her."

For some reason that sounded off to Sanae. "Oh, that's very kind of you. Especially considering how much she put you through." She began moving towards the room.

"Well she was very apologetic. She was very determined to show her regret." Byakuren stepped in front of the door. "So anyway it would be bad form to disturb her so..."

Sanae smiled, then used her power of miracles to have the door swing open. Both the ladies gasped in shock, Byakuren at the door opening, Sanae at the sight within.

Nue was admittedly on a futon, but her clothes were scattered about in a fashion that suggested sleep hadn't been her original purpose. Minamitsu and Ichirin were draped limply across another futon. Shou apparently had enough strength and consciousness left to pull a sheet over her and Nazarin when the door opened, but she too obviously had been part of the preceding events.

Sanae's head throbbed for a moment before clarity hit like a sudden squall. "I see. So that was your scheme all along."

Byakuren looked incredibly embarrassed. "It's not like that. Nue just attempted to show her apology in a more direct form then Shou said I looked too cute, and Minamitsu claimed captains privilege and Ichirin did her Onee-sama bit and then..."

Sanae smiled widely before advancing. "It looks like I'll have to seal you away after all. With a _special_ ritual."

Shou watched the some of the following events before going back to her half-nap, assured that Byakuren wasn't in any mortal danger. It was surprising how much rope that shrine maiden had on her though.


There was a set of soft thumps as the two magicians landed on a surprisingly yielding floor. "Hey! I haven't stolen anything yet. You don't need to tackle me. And why are you helping, Alice?"

Alice jumped off immediately, followed quickly by Patchouli. "Oh no," Patchouli muttered. This was quite possibly the worst thing that could happen.

Alice recovered fairly well all things considered. "Sorry Marisa. We have to run. There's an incident that needs dealing with."

Marisa jumped up and smirked pulling the brim of her hat down. "What? Trying to run off and have all the fun without me? And right after jumping me like that? I'm afraid I can't let you do that. I'll just have to beat you and solve the incident myself."

Patchouli sighed in relief. A danmaku duel would be nice and safe probably.

Sadly for Patchy, a danmaku duel was not to be.

"And how are you going to do that? You don't even know what the incident is! You can't solve everything just by taking the easy path and hoping things work out. Especially if you're in denial about your problems!" Alice punctuated her remarks with a finger poke to the chest. "That's why our relationship is stuck in the same place it was three years ago!" Marisa was stunned. Patchouli was caught by a sudden coughing fit.

"I ~ I don't know what you're talking about. I'm still normal." Marisa protested feebly.

"Sure you are." Alice sneered, while advancing on the shorter witch. "That's why you're always startled when you hear my voice unexpectedly, and why you get all flustered when I turn your flirtatious ways back on you."

"That's not... I don't..."

"Well I'm tired of waiting for you to figure things out on your own Marisa." Alice cupped Marisa's chin in her hand and began leaning forward. "So I'm going to try it your way. Let's see if love is really about power~." With that their lips met. Marisa hesitated for a fraction of a second before returning the kiss full force.

Patchouli's brain was telling her to run to stop the incident as fast as possible. However her body just wouldn't move. *It's just the magical draw that's making me jealous and bothered.* She tried to shake her head but all she managed was a blink. She only had one card left to play. "Koa... Help...."

The little demon came up behind her. "Sure." Then she wrapped her arms around Patchouli and pressed her body close. "I'll help make sure Patchouli-sama doesn't lose to either of them," she said in a sultry whisper. Then, with a well timed push, she sent Patchouli stumbling into the other two magicians just as they began to break their kiss. Once again the three found themselves on the ground in a tangle of limbs.

Koakuma smiled and stretched as she watched her master cut off Alice's angry outburst with a deep kiss. This disaster was far more interesting then she could have hoped for, especially since she hadn't helped start it at all. Of course she'd have to fix everything... eventually.  But for right now she'd enjoy herself. Besides it was safest if these three were hidden in a secure, well furnished room, away from the rest of Gensoukyo. For a couple of weeks say.

Koa grinned wider as she started to slink towards the currently oblivious magicians. That temple was too close to the village to draw in too many youkai anyway. It's not like things could get too bad if they were left alone for a while.


Kogasa 'snuck' into the temple ignoring the clacking that her wood sandals made on the wooden floor.. She'd been planing to visit ever since her meeting with Nue and Byakuren after that incident a while back. She especially was looking forward to spending more time with Byakuren. Her face flushed just at the thought.

Of course she'd have to surprise them with her visit. It was her nature after all.

Kogasa threw the door of the temple's guest room open. "Urashiiiiiii..." Her normal greeting yell died in her throat as she viewed the contents of the room.

Sanae looked up at the stunned youkai. "Oh my. What a pleasant surprise...."

Kogasa found herself drawn into the madness before she could even scream.

In most stories I try to stick as close as possible to what I consider canon, while filling out the more vague areas.

This story here?  Not so much.
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Re: Iced Fairy's Random Shorts
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Didn't you write this one back when you were high off of cold medication?

And I suggested that you get sick more often?

Yeah, reiterating that :3 Byakuren harem rocks my socks off, especially Byakuren x Sanae~ Comedy is great fun to write, and you do very well at it. I like your dramas, but I'd like to see more comedy from you every now and again.

Re: Iced Fairy's Random Shorts
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... Ahahahahahahaha.

(That is all I shall say.)


Re: Iced Fairy's Random Shorts
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So I'm almost done with Makai Shopping Trip, and I figure I should post something as an apology for being so slow with things, and DEAR LORD I HAVEN'T POSTED THIS YET?

These mistakes will be fixed.

The Devil's Due

In the depths of the Scarlet Devil Mansion there is a library which contains thousands of books, on subjects magical and mundane. Some speculate that it contains enough books to have attached itself to the universal library, explaining why books from outside the barrier (and occasionally from outside reality) appear on a regular basis. It is also a restricted library, only available to the residents of the mansion.

Or at least it was restricted until the Scarlet Mist incident. After that some of Gensoukyo's more active residents had decided knowledge wanted to be free. Or at least free for them. And they were quite willing to use Spell Cards instead of Library Cards. Patchouli had eventually given up on barring the Library at all times. Thus she found herself frequently visited by two of Gensoukyo's youngest magicians, Alice Margatroid and Marisa Kirisame. Today both were present.

The three witches sat around an oddly shaped table, lightly conversing while practicing their own preferred activities. Alice was reading a book on magic, Patchouli was writing a book on magic, and Marisa was eating more then her share of the snacks while trying to feed Shanghai a cookie. This last one was actually far more cerebral then it sounds, as Shanghai had no mouth, and Marisa had actually almost solved that issue. Shanghai, however, was convinced that Marisa was a total idiot.

Their various studies were interrupted when Koakuma walked in and placed a book next to her mistress. "I went and got the book you needed back Patchouli-sama. I also took back 10 other books from Marisa."

Marisa looked up from where she had been bending reality. "Hey! You should ask before entering other people's homes."

Alice glanced towards her fellow caster. "That's right. You should." Shanghai added her disapproving look. Marisa steadfastly ignored both.

Patchouli simply nodded her thanks to the devil, then flipped open the book to compare formula. "If you actually returned my books I wouldn't have to waste Koa's time sending her after them. Be glad I don't charge a late fee."

Koakuma placed her fist in her palm. "Oh, right. I knew I forgot something." She fished out a small pouch and emptied a few coins out onto the table. " Here you go Patchouli-sama."

All the witches looked at the coins with surprise. "Oi! Don't tell me you actually took money from me!" Marisa did not look pleased at the prospect. Alice and Patchouli just looked dumbfounded. It somehow seemed like stealing, even though Marisa was the real thief.

Koakuma looked shocked. "Oh no, of course not! I wouldn't do something so crass. If Remilia-sama heard of me being so low class as to steal cash she'd order me out of the mansion, and that would cause trouble for Patchouli-sama." The tension seemed to fade a bit from the air.

Then the demon smiled broadly. "I got it from selling some of your undergarments to interested parties." Marisa proceeded to choke on a cookie. Patchouli dropped her pen. Alice went back to sipping tea, while Shanghai made snide comments no one else heard. "Except for the really good stuff. I dropped those off at your place Alice." That caused Alice to choke. Taking advantage of everyone else's lack of breath Koa leaned in next to Patchy. "Don't worry though master. I saved the best for our collection."

Regaining her breath Marisa gave the demon a dangerous glare. "What the hell? You shouldn't joke about those sort of things."

Koa giggled. "But I'm telling the truth. Otherwise how would I have this?"

The demon held up a bra. Alice, having regained her voice, stated calmly. "Hm.... That does look right." Of course, the casualness of her tone belied the quickness she showed in leaving the line of fire. And the wisdom in that move was apparent as a laser flew through the area soon after. Koakuma flitted quickly away to dodge through the bookshelves and Marisa flipped up her broom and followed within seconds.

"I'll send you to Hell! I'll charbroil you and summon the Kassha to drag you there!"

"Kyaa! Forgive me Marisa! It's my love for you that makes me do such things."

"Gah! Don't start that joke again either! Master SPARK!"

The two remaining witches kept their seats. Patchouli cleaned off the ink spill, before looking up at Alice. "What exactly was Shinki trying to do when she created those demons?"

Alice smiled. "I won't tell you."

Patchy frowned. "And if I were to ask her myself?"

Alice shrugged. "Mother would probably lie. Probably."

Patchouli took a piece of scrap paper. "Note: Citizens of Makai seem to possess a universally perverse sense of humor."

Alice frowned. "Hey!"

Patchouli just kept scribbling.

***Extra: Alice.***

Alice looked down at the small package. "She really did give me some. And added perfume. That's going to be hard to explain when I return them."

She looked at Shanghai as the doll swayed a bit. "No we will not sell them to interested people. I don't care what the profit margin is." The doll stared back. "No, I'm not saying that because I want to keep them to myself. We're returning them." The doll bobbed up and down a bit. "I don't care what price you think Aya or Nitori would give for them. That's not an option."

She sighed and placed the items in a spare box. "If you really want to help Shanghai you should tell me what to do about Koakuma. She seems to have gotten over being starstruck. Which means I'm part of her jokes. This is worrisome." The doll pulled out a miniature sword and waved it around. "That's true. I should only worry if she survives Marisa's wrath."

***Extra Patchy:***

Patchouli looked down at the items sitting on her bed. "The bloomers I'm willing to believe. The panties I will accept as possible. The cat ears and tail I refuse to believe."

Koakuma, who had recently healed from her wounds, clapped her hands together. "Then I guess you can keep them Patchouli-sama. I think they'd look wonderful on you. Here, try them on."

Patchouli blinked as her familiar proceeded to place the accessory on her and take pictures. She began to wonder if it was possible this whole event had been an excuse to buy her these.

***Extra Marisa:***

Marisa looked at the piles of undergarments, a icy combination of respect and annoyance flowing through her.

Her count being off by one would have been attributed to an error.

Her count being off by two or three would be suspicious and would gnaw at her for some time.

Her count being off by 6 was a sure sign of tampering. And what's worse it was 6 MORE pieces then she should have. Including some duplicates. Which meant Marisa had no idea if the demon had bought matches and handed those out, or if she had actually stolen things and left the duplicates.

Marisa grabbed her Mini ? Hakkero. This problem would be solved best with fire. Lots of fire.

***Extra Koa:***

The heavily bandaged devil pulled out her diary with her good hand, carefully flipped it open and began making an entry:

April 12, 2XXX

Executed plan today. Got severely burned. Worth it.

Have to remember to talk to Remila/Koishi about romantic standings after today. Will adjust relationship web and point totals after the rest of my limbs heal.
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Re: Iced Fairy's Random Shorts
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'kay Koakuma is super awesome. That last line made me laugh. :3


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Re: Iced Fairy's Random Shorts
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I think the absolute best part of the last story is that Koa has rendered it down to a science/creepy real-life eroge (well, Gensokyo, not real life, but).
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Re: Iced Fairy's Random Shorts
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Okay, that is just ... awesome.


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Re: Iced Fairy's Random Shorts
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Marisa grabbed her Mini ? Hakkero. This problem would be solved best with fire. Lots of fire.
I'd have to say this was probably my favorite line in this. So Marisa. :D

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Re: Iced Fairy's Random Shorts
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I found this bloody brilliant. I lol'd heartedly. :D

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Re: Iced Fairy's Random Shorts
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Sorry for my sudden and poorly timed dissapearence.  But after spending two weeks trying to handle finding a job, taxes, and getting out of my old job all while still having enough money to pay rent, I've managed to solve most of those problems, so it really worked out for the best.  So now that I'm free I'll toss out the last of my stories that needed to migrate here.

(And now that I'm out I'll have to make more.  But I've got time for that now.)

April Showers

Sanae sighed, then stopped her sweeping to take a small amulet from her sleeve and fling it across the yard. It zipped merrily through the air, until it sailed straight into a purple umbrella which had been sticking out from behind a rock. The youkai girl crashed from behind her "cover" at the impact.

"Ah! Ow Ow Ow!" Kogasa Tatara rubbed the impact spot on the 'umbrella' part of her body. "How did you see me?"

Sanae shook her head. "Your umbrella was over the rock the entire time. And it's that horrible eggplant color. It's really hard to miss."

"Urameshiya!" Yelled the youkai, jumping to her feat. After an awkward pause Kogasa asked, "Aren't you surprised at my recovery?"

Sanae shook her head. "No. Not really." Kogasa hung her head. "Listen," the shrine maiden continued, "I really don't have a problem with you, but if you keep messing around here, I'll have to actually exterminate you. This isn't like that run down shrine down below. Yasaka-sama and Moriya-sama have standards to uphold."

Kogasa shook off her despair. "But a youkai who doesn't use their powers is nothing at all. And my power is to surprise humans. So I'm going to surprise you at least once."

Sanae sighed again. "Shouldn't you try the village or something? They've got some new people in. Or maybe you could take lessons form the faeries?"

Kogasa shook her head. "That Were-Hakutaku keeps the new arrivals sheltered until they're used to the strangeness, and the fairies all cheat. That's why the best person to surprise is you!"

"I'm a miracle worker who has known two gods since childhood, in a world where almost no one else can see spirits. I'm a terrible person to try to surprise." Sanae pointed out with unconcealed annoyance.

Kogasa stood up tall. "That's okay I'll just..."

Suddenly she felt light headed, and her surroundings spun. Everything turned to a grey blur, and her ears began ringing. She wondered what spellcard had just hit her. It seemed unfair to attack without declaring.

"... are you..."

Ah, good. Her hearing was coming back.

"... can... stand... you hear..."

And her vision too. She saw the blue green shrine maiden right in front of her.

"Can you hear me? Are you all right?" Sanae asked.

"'s not fair using spellcards without announcing them," Kogasa complained.

"I didn't use a spell card. You just collapsed. And your body got really pale." Sanae helped pull her off the ground into a sitting position. "Are you sick or something? You should rest then instead of running about and playing. You really surprised me there! I was worried!"

Kogasa blinked at those words. She'd been a little dizzy before but...

*A youkai who doesn't use their power is nothing at all.*

She burst into tears and fled into the woods, leaving the stunned shrine maiden standing in confusion.

"Oh dear. I always seem to say the wrong thing to her." Sanae muttered. She considered running down to help the youkai, but she had work to do. And every time she'd tried that before, she'd made things worse. She merely prayed briefly for better luck to find the girl, before returning guiltily to her sweeping.


Kogasa fled across the whole breadth of Gensokyo, a despair deep in her heart. Deeper then it had ever pierced before. She flew until she couldn't stand moving any more, and then collapsed to the ground. Her tears took much longer to stop, and when they did her eyes were burning. She lay on the ground, barely noticing the world around her.

Finally a voice broke into her private world of despair. "Hm, you're right Su-san. We do have a visitor. Who are you miss?"

Kogasa sat up and quickly wiped her eyes. Looking for the speaker she found a large doll girl in a red dress looking curiously at her. She sniffed. "I'm just a failure. Not even good enough to be thrown away."

Medicine blinked at the depressed words, then her face twisted into a frown. "What? Did those stupid humans abandon you too!" Kogasa sniffed and nodded. "That's terrible!" Medicine crossed her arms. "Very well. I Medicine Melancholy offer you the aid of the Doll Liberation Front to aid you in your time of crisis. And Su-san will help too."

Kogasa looked up at the determined doll and managed a smile. "Thanks Medicine. I'm Kogasa Tatara." Her face fell again. "But I don't think you can help me. I really am a failure. And that's why I'm going to disappear."

"Hey don't talk like that. It's not your fault the humans abandoned you. And something made you a youkai, just like how Su-san made me into a youkai. So you'll be able to live without them." Kogasa merely smiled sadly and let the tongue of her umbrella twist a bit in the wind. Medicine decided to keep talking. "Um, actually it's kind of nice to meet someone like me. Most of the other youkai don't understand me, and why I'm so annoyed by humans. In fact some youkai are just as careless with things as humans. It's really kind of annoying."

There was a bit more silence.

Medicine sat down next to the youkai. "Um. I was kind of hoping. That, maybe we could become friends."

Kogasa's smile became a little wider. "Uh. Thank you Medicine. But I..." She wiped her eyes briefly. "I really can't ignore humans."

Medicine frowned again. "Why not? They abandoned you. You don't owe them anything."

Kogasa looked at the ground. "My power is to surprise people. Well, that's supposed to be my power. And I'm a normal youkai, at least I think I am. Which means if I don't use my powers, I'll fade away." Medicine looked in confusion as Kogasa began to cry again. "I can't surprise anyone! I'm terrible at it! The only reason I didn't fade away today was because my death surprised the girl nearby!" Her sobs began to make her body shake. "Do you know how pathetic that is!"

The poison doll stared at the crying Youkai for a moment, then awkwardly put her arm around the other girls shoulders. After a while the crying subsided, and Kogasa began to speak again. "I failed as an umbrella, and I failed as a youkai. And I'll fail as a friend. Soon I'll just turn back into a old torn umbrella no one wants."

Medicine couldn't find anything to say.

The two sat in silence for a long while, Kogasa occasionally wiping her tears away. The Sun set and the Moon began it's track through the sky. And over the Forest of Magic a brilliant light show erupted, as two of Gensokyou's residents began their usual festivities. At which point Medicine jumped up.

"Of course! I bet she'll know how to fix this!"


Alice's home was, as always, in almost perfect order. However right now it was also in a state of chaos. Dozens of dolls floated about, each carrying out some small task at high speed, and weaving among the vases, pictures and other dolls.

Shanghai floated by Alice staring at the doll that always floated by Medicine, while Medicine's larger body stared with irritation at Marisa, who was trying to join the Doll Liberation Front for some reason. Alice steadfastly ignored them both while having her dolls set out tea. She spoke softly to her final guest. "So, Kogasa. Are you sure you want my help? You know what that means, even if the young doll doesn't."

Kogasa nodded. "Yes." She made a quick glance back at Medicine to make sure the doll wasn't paying attention. "The truth is, I really didn't care about the details. I just wanted to do my job."

Alice kept her bland expression and nodded. "Very well. It goes against the grain of my research, but maybe it will give me some ideas for future products. So I'll help." She turned towards the other two guests. "Alright. I agree to help in exchange for you not flooding my dolls with poison anymore. Marisa, give me a hand."

Marisa looked up with surprise. "I don't even know what you're doing. And what makes you think I'll work for free?"

Alice smiled. "You don't need to know what I'm doing, you just need to be there. And you'll get to hear one of the spells in my grimoire as reward."

The human magician's eyes opened wide. "You're using the grimoire?"

Alice nodded. "Yeah I need raw power for this one. And it's not a battle, so there's no reason to hold back." She nodded to where her dolls had started drawing a mystic circle on the ground. "Just stand opposite me and think about your meetings with Kogasa."

Marisa moved off to the other side quickly, her eyes closely inspecting every line of the circle trying to add as much as she could to her knowledge. Kogasa moved to the center of the circle at a wave from Alice's hand, while Medicine looked confused. "Hey. What exactly are you doing?"

Alice shrugged nonchalantly. "I'm going to make sure Kogasa Tatara doesn't disappear from existence." She carefully unlocked the bindings on her grimoire as the last chalk line was completed, and the power of the mystic book flowed through her and into the symbol, causing it to glow brightly. Alice closed her eyes, it had been some time since she had accessed her full power, and the last time most of it had become quickly tied up stopping the night.

Kogasa looked out past the glowing runes to the doll that had cared enough to escort her here. Who had sacrificed one of her goals for someone who she had just met. "I'm sorry I wasn't a good friend Medicine. But, I hope afterwards I can be useful to you."

Medicine looked even more confused. "What are you talking about? What's going on?"

Alice raised her hand. "Now Marisa! Think of the girl, not the spell!" Power flowed into the magician youkai and the circle twisted, expanding and reforming until it shattered in a burst of light.

As the light cleared Medicine looked into the circle. "Kogasa? Hey, Kogasa." She blinked a few more times. "Kogasa!" She ran forward and fell to her knees, her trembling hands picking up the purple umbrella that was all that remained in the circle. Her eyes turned to Alice. "What did you do to her?" the doll youkai shrieked.

Alice smiled gently. "I can't recreate a youkai, but I could return one to it's original form." She softly closed the book in her hands. "And this time she'll be with someone who won't abandon her. Someone who cares. So she'll never be in danger again. Right Medicine?"

Medicine nodded as she held the umbrella close, not trusting her voice.

In the silence she almost imagined she could hear a "Thank you."

Medicine stood, bowed to the two magicians, and left with unsteady flight, her new treasured possession carefully held in both hands.

Marisa watched the two leave before turning to Alice. "So why did you need me? And wasn't the spirit in that umbrella unusually awake?"

Alice carefully locked her grimoire. "That's why I needed you. The easiest way of making a Youkai is through human faith or belief. I could do the reversion, but I wanted the girl to have a choice to become a youkai again when she regained her confidence. So I needed a human who believed in her to focus on her existence."

Marisa blinked. "But you already know all of that. That would mean this whole thing was worthless for your research." Marisa smiled. "Which means you did this all out of the goodness of your heart then. That's kind of cute there Alice."

Alice flushed. "I don't want to hear that from you of all people. You're supposed to make some comment about 'trying to raise your karma meter' or something."

Marisa smiled wider. "Wait, I know. I'm supposed to say 'You're acting like a Mother, Alice,' aren't I?"

"Well I guess that makes you the father," Alice snapped back.

Marisa flushed in return "H, hey! Wait a minute now you..."

The two looked away for a moment.

"Let's drop it."

"Yeah, let's."


Sanae looked out onto the rain and sighed. There was little chance the Tengu would show up, but she had to be ready in case any Kappa decided to take advantage of the weather to pray.

She sighed again when she heard the bells above the donation box ring. "I guess I'll have to go see who it is," she said to herself. Then she quickly got to her feet and made her way to the shrine front. There was no way she was going to end up as lazy as the Hakurei maiden.

The youkai praying however wasn't a kappa at all. In fact it looked like a large doll, carrying an umbrella to shield it and a smaller doll from the rain. She was pretty certain she hadn't seen that youkai before, but the umbrella looked familiar for some reason. Maybe it was the horrible eggplant color scheme.

"Can I help you?" Sanae asked the youkai when it opened it's eyes.

"Oh, you already have," said the youkai with a cheerful grin. Then Sanae shrieked as a massive tongue slid out from beneath the umbrella's brim and licked her. She tumbled back and rapidly pulled out her ofuda to counter attack, but the youkai was gone leaving two sets of laughter on the wind.

"What was that about?" yelled the confused shrine maiden.

There was a chuckling from behind her. Turning she found the elder of the two gods had been watching the scene. "You should be more careful with your power Sanae," Suwako said with a grin.

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So once again I'm feeling bad about not writing anything (or rather not writing anything that other people can see yet...), since that combined with my terrible posting habits means I post once a never.  Fortunately I've got a deep pocket of stuff I wrote before apparently.  These stories are weaker, but it's always interesting to go over old works and see how my opinions on the characters and writing style have changed.

Anyways, I forget if this was the second or first Touhou fic I did.  It's far from my best, but it holds a certain place in my heart still.  And I figure I'd dust it off and let it shine for a bit before the VN completely overrides it as my big Marisa work.


"Oi.  Alice.  It's me, Marisa."  I called out as I entered her home. 

"I know.  You're the only one who doesn't knock." Came her cool reply.  Since that was as close to a welcome I could expect, I entered the cottage.

As I leaned my broom I took a quick look around to see if anything had changed since I was last here.  Not much had shifted about, except against the wall there was a chest. 

Well random chests in houses are meant to be opened.  However, as I went for the latch, I noticed one of Alice's most disturbingly cute dolls looking plaintively from on top of the chest.  "Why is this doll sitting here?  It's not like you to leave your dolls scattered about."

"The one on the chest?"  Alice, asked as she wandered into the room.  "I decided that would be her chest.  That way any wandering heroes taking something from it would lose karma."

I frowned.  "I always hate those chests.  I mean you can steal everything else without penalty, but then one random unmarked chest beats you up for doing something you're supposed to everywhere else.  Seems like bad design to me."

Alice shrugged, while sending her dolls to straighten up the room.  "Well in some games you aren't supposed to steal things.  Anyway why did you drop by?  I can have tea ready if you're staying."

"No thanks.  I just needed to borrow some century old yucca root.  I ran out, and taking the time to search it out would force me to start over again."  My eyes flicked over some of the other items on display as I made the request.  Alice isn't nearly as awesome a collector as I am, but she does well in her limited fashion.  Not that I'm impressed by that sort of thing.
The doll otaku gave me a despairing look.  "Are you working on that potion of immortality again?  I thought you gave that up after the trial of guts.  Why don't you just become a Youkai?"  Her voice was faking casual disinterest.

"Why do you keep trying to make self aware dolls instead of just making doll like youkai?  I know you have the power for that."  I began to look over the book shelves for any writings I hadn't seen yet.  "Actually I'm not really sure I know the difference between the two."

Alice shrugged.  "What's the difference between an immortal human and a youkai?  A few different rules.  In fact if you become a magician youkai there won't even be that."

I frowned and flipped open a book that I'd only manage to skim once.  That reasoning seemed wrong somehow, but I couldn't think of why.  "Hm... Hey, I was reading that."  One of Alice's dolls had snatched up the book and replaced it in the shelf.

"I'm already giving you this, you can't have the book as well."  Alice coldly replied handing over the components personally.  I thought for a moment about pushing the matter to see if I could get her to be angry for a second, but I really did need to get back to my experiment.  "Thanks, Alice."

As I started out the door Alice went back to having her dolls clean the house.  "Hey," she called out as I opened the door, "Don't do something stupid and poison yourself."  As usual she was engrossed in her work, though Shanghai was just floating looking at me with her normal disparaging expression.

I grinned, "It's me.  When do I ever make mistakes?"


Sadly the experiment evaporated, so I took notes on it and started to think on how to improve.  But the question kept coming back to me.  What was the difference between a Youkai and a Human?  I knew the difference between specific Youkai and humans of course, but I couldn't say what made the two different in general.  It annoyed me.  So I decided it was time to have the question annoy someone else. 


"I see the cats are being lazy again."  Patchouli gave me an annoyed glance.

"So cold Patchy.  This is why you don't get many guests."

"You aren't a guest.  You're a thief."

"Thieves can be great guests."

"I wouldn't know.  What do you want?  If you were just here to steal books you would have been reading by now."  The sickly magician turned her full attention on to me.

"Huh, is that type of paranoia one of the differences between Youkai and humans?  Reimu never accuses me of stealing from her."  I asked casually while looking over the various half written documents on the tables.  Sadly nothing I could use.

Patchouli snorted, "The Red White knows she doesn't own anything worth taking.  Youkai and humans are the same in that regard."

"Really?  Then other then power and lifespan what is the difference?"  I doubted Patchouli had an answer, but maybe she could give me an idea, hopefully something better then these notes.

"In addition to lifespan and power, youkai feed on Spiritual and Conceptual Energy, while humans use conventional chemical energy."  Patchouli returned her gaze to her book.  "Everything else is within standard margin of error."

'Is this the same margin of error as between cats and humans?' I wondered to myself.  "Then I guess you don't really need that sandwich half."

Years of training allowed me to leap back dodging a set of bullets.  I noted that they had all been aimed at where my feet had been.  A nice theatrical touch if poor tactics.  The background music that had suddenly turned on was also pretty impressive.

"I'm afraid touching that sandwich, which I spent a lot of time on, started a boss fight," said the small demon librarian hovering over the area.

I smiled and readjusted my hat.  "Boss fight?  Hm...  You look more like a treasure box mid boss.  Which means that must be some great treasure!"

"Mid Boss?!?"  The little demon formed a stream of magic kunai that shot in my direction.  "I'll blast you back to your last save point for that!"

As I weaved through the pattern up towards my battle, I thought I heard Patchouli mutter something about 'gaining strength through the chaos of fighting' while looking satisfied.  She was so difficult to understand at times.


Sadly, Patchouli had finished the sandwich by the time I knocked Koakuma out of the sky.  I hadn't really wanted it, but it seemed lame that I won the battle and lost the prize.  Cut scenes like that are always annoying.  So I borrowed a book on my way out as a consolation.

I was halfway though it when inspiration struck.  It took me two days of pawing though my old notes and another week of side experiments but I was able to pull together a formula.  It was simple, efficient (though requiring immense power), and in the end something completely different from the immortality potion I was expecting.  I stared at the formula and decided to put it aside for now.

I decided it would be good to take a break from all my work.  And the best place to relax would be Reimu's.


I took the familiar route to the shrine and gave my normal greeting for this time of day.  "Oi, Reimu!  What's for dinner?"

Two faces looked out at me from the house.  "Oh.  The Black White one came.  That's why you cooked so much food isn't it?" said Gensoukyo's resident Oni.

"Well it's usually someone.  Though you should donate something to the shrine before just mooching off me."  The miko said with her usual look.

As I landed I noticed a familiar two tailed cat there as well.  Orin rarely assumed human form though, unless the hell crow was there too, but I imagined she'd be grabbing her share of the pot as well.  "I didn't bring any money but I brought sake.  That should do right?"

Reimu shrugged in her usual noncommittal fashion and went back to finishing the dinner.  It looked like curry this time.  "I suppose that'll cover things."  She tasted the concoction nodded and then placed it on the table.  "It's been a while since you dropped by.  Big experiment?"

"Yeah.  Turned out weird though."  Those two sets of far too perceptive eyes were turned on me so I changed the subject.  "By the way, why are you down here Suika?  I thought you'd set up a home in the Celestial Realms?"

Suika smiled and made a bicep.  A gesture that looked ridiculous even if you knew she could break mountains.  "I was getting bored, so I figured I'd go punch a god.  Maybe go drinking with the Kappa and Tengu too for old times sake.  But it seemed rude to do that at dinner so I figured I'd sleep over here and then bust up the mountain in the morning."

As the dinner began I looked over at Reimu.  "Not that I care, but she's threatening a god.  Shouldn't you be doing something as a miko?"

Reimu just sipped her soup.  "I figure their shrine maiden can handle it.  It'll be good practice."

I shrugged.  "I'm not sure if an Oni counts as practice, so much as being tossed into the deep end."  I looked a Suika.  "Why are Oni so much more powerful then most youkai anyway?"

Suika finished off her sake saucer.  "Because we're Oni that's why."  She poured herself another cup.  "Some of it is because we're weak to fried beans of course.  Most of it comes because were straight forward youkai.  Not liars."  She smiled at me.  "So you won't be able to copy that.  Magicians don't get weaknesses, and you aren't likely to become honest any time soon."

"Hey."  I was about to make a retort when I noticed Orin switching to human form.

"Are you going to become a Youkai sis?  That would be a little sad."  The kassha's tail twitched.  "You'd probably outlive me then, and I wouldn't get your corpse when you died."

"Hey!  You shouldn't take my corpse even if you do outlive me."  I tried my best to wave away the comments and my nervousness.  "And who said I was going to become a Youkai?  I'm a perfectly Ordinary Magician already."

Suika chuckled.  "The Tengu set up a betting pool since you busted through the mountain.  I guess they figured someone with that kind of drive for power is bound to try for more."

"Of course I am, but becoming a Youkai is hardly the way to do it.  I'm stronger then most Youkai already anyway."  I looked over at Reimu, who was sitting as unreadable as ever.  Maybe she was a little more quiet then normal.  Still I couldn't ask my question after that bit.  It would seem too suspicious.  Annoying little Oni.

Rin decided to interrupt again.  "Are you certain I can't get your corpse sis?  It's a really strong corpse so I'll bet you'd make an awesome Evil spirit."

"Hm...  You always used to say you 'wanted to be like Mima-sama,' Marisa."  Reimu added helpfully.


I spent the rest of the dinner convincing the kassha I didn't want to be carted off to hell, and trying to keep all my sake from going down Suika's throat.  At least the meal was pretty hearty, which made up for a lot of that.  After the dinner I hung around a bit more and then left for home.  I hadn't gotten my  question answered, but I had gotten a good meal out of it.  When I really focus on experiments I don't focus on cooking.


I was just about halfway home when a voice disturbed me.  "Ara Ara.  I'm a little sad."  Turning I saw her.  Yukari, popping up whenever you least expected it.  "You went and asked all those people but didn't think to ask me.  And with us neighbors and all."

I frowned.  "You still haven't told me where you live.  Even though you complain every time there's a party I didn't send an invite."

"Well of course I haven't told you where I live.  You'd steal everything if you knew."  She casually proceeded to use one of her gaps as a chair.

"Hey I wouldn't borrow everything."  Just the good stuff.  "Besides like I keep telling you youkai: you'll live longer so you can take it back when I die."  There was no use in pressing Yukari on why she was here.  She'd either explain things or she more likely wouldn't and only Satori could tell the difference.

"You know people might believe that line if you weren't working on immortality potions," Yukari replied with a half smile.
"So then what is the difference?"

The gap Youkai giggled.  "You've been spending so much time with the shrine maiden.  Don't you know?  Well there's a simple answer.  Youkai cause incidents, humans fix incidents."

Normally I'd accept that and just wander away, but now I couldn't just let that pass.  "That's not the right answer though."  I stated.  "Because humans can cause incidents, and youkai can solve incidents.  Even more so in the outside world from what Kourin occasionally lets slip.  Youkai are just more likely to be selfish."

"Are you calling me selfish?  How cruel Miss Thief."  The gap youkai pretended to be hurt very briefly.  "Well then I'll give you another answer for free to disprove such lies.  Youkai exist to trouble humanity."

I thought about that one for a moment then shook my head.  "Except that's a lie too.  That Hakutaku girl is helpful to humans and occasionally even someone like you will help."  Though I'm not sure if now would count.  "And the Oni don't need humans at all otherwise they'd have never run off."

Yukari's half smile briefly became something more and she paused for a bit.  "Very well little magician.  I'll tell you the difference between a youkai and a human, if you tell me why you want to know."

She knew why I was asking.  She just wanted to make me say it myself.


Knowing that didn't make it any easier.

"Because I need to decide if I want to become one."

Yukari blinked for a moment.  "Hm....  I see it's possible for people to still surprise me.  I'm tempted to answer now." 

I palmed my Mini Hakkero just in case she decided against the matter.  People who mess with others like that should be charbroiled.

She giggled.  "Oh don't worry.  We'll have time for danmaku play later.  Watching your reaction here is so much more fun.  It's so hard to get you this serious."  The bitch folded her arms and rested her head on them.  "The answer to your question is: nothing."

I blinked.  "What?"

"Youkai is just a term thrown about for many different beings.  There are as many types of Youkai as you can dream of.  The type Magicians turn into are just humans who feed on magic instead of food.  There are some physical changes because of that, but you know all those already.  It's all the same so long as you are willing to accept the changes."

"I thought you said it was the same.  What do you mean by changes?"  As usual she was talking in circles.  I was barely suppressing the urge to blast her, futile as it might be. 

Yukari opened her fan to 'hide' her smile.  "Simple really.  You are who you are because of your frailties.  Perhaps you don't realize it, because of how human you are.  The shortness of your life drives you to live.  Your weakness drives you to seek strength.  You, who stated with no power and who faces those who are naturally talented all the time, should know this better then anyone.  The weakness of your form has driven you your whole life."

"If you change, that will be gone.  Your body will be suffused with power.  Spells will just form at your will.  You can put anything off until tomorrow, because tomorrow will always come.  Do you think Mokou is the same as the rest of you humans?  That is the price you pay.  The irrevocable change of being."

She fixed her eyes to mine.  "And now human, you must decide.  Will you cast aside that humanity and become something more, or will you stay human and follow your drive to wherever it leads?"

I was kind of annoyed.  That was a big long speech for something so simple.  "That's obvious isn't it?  If the big thing about humans is they're supposed to improve themselves I should obviously seek out my goals, regardless of the changes."

The gap Youkai's smile faded a bit.  "I see.  Well it will be interesting having you for a neighbor miss future Magician."

"What are you talking about?  I'm already a perfectly ordinary magician."  I smiled at her look of confusion.  "Though I imagine you will be seeing me for a long while after I perfect my immortality potion."

Yukari just stared at me for a bit, then she began to laugh.  "Even though it doesn't change anything you still pursue your own path.  How wonderfully human.  Perhaps your journey will end differently after all.  It'll be interesting.  If you survive of course."  She rolled backward into her gap and left to who knows where, her laughter hanging in the air.

I on the other hand was already getting ideas for my next experiment.  Maybe if I could combine the shrinking mushrooms with the potion I made previously....


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My insides are squirming with much much joy~

Re: Iced Fairy's Random Shorts
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If your fics are this good I really can't wait until the release of the VN

Re: Iced Fairy's Random Shorts
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Yeah, that was pretty much a whole bunch of distilled awesome there.


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I just read the entire thing and O.O Wow that is awesome! Koakuma was awesome, 1st by selling the ladies undergarments, and 2nd by sending Patchy into a massive love-filled mess XD

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This set of works occurs near the end of Three Days Bright.  It was my attempt at writing a "game" as it were.  I figured I'd revive it to help keep the library stocked.  With luck I'll even finish the thing...


Aoi Kaenbyou flew through the streets of the Underground towards her home, occasionally pausing to wave at passersby and exchange greetings.  Chireiden was, if anything, doing better then Gensoukyo village above.  It was safe from most threats naturally, and during the long years after the barrier fell all sorts of interesting people had been banished down here.  From youkai born of new fears, to sentient experiments fleeing harsh masters, Chireiden had accepted them all.

And in the center of their underground world lay the greatest source of energy that remained on Earth.  The black sun of hell, second only to the true sun.

Of course the sun wasn't actually visible.  The youkai wouldn't have liked that.  It was locked within a  massive reactor.  One with thousands of tubes and glowing smokestacks that spewed steam day and night.  In truth it looked more like an 'evil factory' from a steampunk RPG then a real reactor.  Strangest of all were the tori gates at the entrance, that signaled the building was the home of the Goddess Utsuho Reiuji. 

In that too Chireiden surpassed the surface, for while in the past the goddesses of the mountain had given Utsuho some of their faith, these days it was lady Reiuji who gained the most faith.  Kanako and Suwako had to make frequent appearances to try and guide their followers, and nothing destroyed faith like familiarity.  Utsuho was a distant figure, who appeared rarely, yet one who affected the lives of those underground every time they turned on the lights.

Which was really for the best, because that faith would drop off severely if they learned their goddess had short term memory issues, a disposition for melodrama, and was terrible at karaoke.  Aoi's job as a miko was mostly to keep her goddess entertained while Utsuho wasn't working on the reactor.  As such she was probably the least faithful person in the underworld.  Fortunately her goddess didn't seem to care.

?I'm home boss? the youkai miko exclaimed as she flew into the inner reactor/shrine.

?Oh great.  Come here and help me with this,? returned the voice of the ascended hell crow.  Aoi curiously peaked into the room to find Utsuho fiddling with the detached sleeves of her own miko outfit.  ?I never did get how to work these sleeves.?

Aoi blinked while her cat ears and tail twitched in confusion.  Utsuho only wore that disguise when she was going out to talk to the surface gods, or when she wandered the festivals.  However her soul aura wasn't the normal boring blue flame that indicated a meeting but a pulsating red bonfire of excitement.  ?Has something come up Reiuji-sama??

Utsuho gave her a look.  ?I told you to call me Okuu when I'm in this outfit Aoi.?

?Ah ha ha ha.  Sorry.  I'll get the sleeves too.?

Okuu smiled brightly as her miko began adjusting the sleeves.  ?But yeah, something fun might be happening soon.  I got a letter from a friend up above.  And you'll get to play too Aoi.?

?Eh??  Aoi's ears twitched again.  ?Will I get to fight that stuffy mountain miko again??

?Maybe.?  Utsuho's grin widened.  ?So make sure to bring plenty of spell cards and a change of clothes...?


Ina Kochiya paused in her sweeping to look across the lake.  Currently it's surface was covered in leaves, making the lake a riot of color.  As Ina stared the motion of the drifting leaves only enhanced the confusion of the lakes normal dance.  Lady Yasaka might joke that Ina stared at the lake to train, but the truth was for all the miko's seriousness she loved the beauty of Gensoukyo. 

In fact that was the cause of most of her seriousness.  To protect this land was one of her duties as a shrine maiden and a living god.  And while Lady Moriya told her to take it easy more often, Ina knew that Lady Yasaka rested easier knowing Ina was on guard.  And that was all the relaxation the shrine maiden needed.

With that thought she returned to the sweeping.  After all, most intruders came at night.  The most she had to worry about during the day was someone coming to the shrine to pray.  Today was shaping up into a peaceful autumn day.

A peace that was shattered by a piercing shriek.

Ina's ears flattened from the noise even as she turned to look at what caused it.  In the sky a mass of flame writhed and crackled.  The flames seemed to form the shape of a bird briefly before diving towards the ground....

Straight into the donation box.

There was an explosion of moderate (for Gensoukyo) size as the wooden box shattered into kindling.  Flames sprang up all about from the burning splinters.  Ina ran to stomp out the flames.

The next hour was composed of rudimentary firefighting, a bit of disorganized yelling and finally an in depth search for the culprit.  Sadly it seemed the one responsible had cast the spell from a distance.  They only caught 5 part time reporters looking for a scoop (full time reporting being a luxury that the most of the population couldn't quite justify).

Thus Ina found herself kneeling before her goddesses.

?Ina Kochiya,? Kanako's voice boomed, ?this vandal has not only inconvenienced us, but has made a strike against our faith.  If this incident were to go unpunished, we would lose the respect of our followers as a war god.?  Ina nodded in understanding.  ?Thus we require you to hunt down and punish those responsible for this outrage.?

?Of course Yasaka-sama!?  Ina was ready to jump straight into action when Kanako raised a hand.

Suwako however was the one that spoke.  ?You should grab some spell cards on the way out.  We don't know how dangerous the culprit is, but we should plan for non lethal interference as well.  It's been a while since we've had an incident, but I'm sure that everyone will jump at the chance to get a fight in.  Besides you're going to have to question people about suspects.?

?Ah.  You're right Moriya-sama.  I'll go prepare for that.?  Ina slipped out of the shrine to collect what she'd need for a good old fashioned Gensoukyo investigation.

Back inside Suwako turned to Kanako.  ?We both know who's responsible for this.  The 'awesome face' burn marks pretty much give it away.  Why'd you give her the serious talk??

Kanako smiled.  ?You know she wouldn't be able to enjoy it if she realized this was all just a play fight.  The girl's had the whole weight of the mountain on her because she's far too eager to help.  This incident might trick her into relaxing for a bit.?

Suwako shook her head.  ?You war gods have a weird idea of relaxation.?

?Weren't you the one who ran around Gensoukyo getting into fights all the time when we first arrived??

?That was different!?

*Girls are preparing for random accusations and poorly justified dueling.  Please wait patiently for completion..*


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Re: Iced Fairy's Random Shorts
« Reply #24 on: June 09, 2010, 12:03:00 AM »
This is awesome.  I'm pretty sure you're the only one I've seen who has used the idea of making Utsuho a goddess.  Also that ending line was hilarious.

Apparently, Thomas the Tank Engine isn't one to take crap from anyone.


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Re: Iced Fairy's Random Shorts
« Reply #25 on: June 09, 2010, 03:16:31 AM »
it's good to see this series continue. A bit on the downer side, it's always good when something manages to improve their spirits.

Also, "ears flattened"? I like when you put little things like that
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Re: Iced Fairy's Random Shorts
« Reply #26 on: June 09, 2010, 04:31:53 AM »
Good stories, all of them. Now that I think about it Medicine and Kogasa were made for each other, though I'll admit to being a Kogasanae fan, myself.

Fiction: August Star in Autumn Sky Eastern Wonderland Story Book 1


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Re: Iced Fairy's Random Shorts
« Reply #27 on: June 09, 2010, 05:54:37 AM »
I like the implication that Utsuho burnt 'awesome faces' into the Moriya shrine.

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Re: Iced Fairy's Random Shorts
« Reply #28 on: June 09, 2010, 06:31:49 AM »
I like the implication that Utsuho burnt 'awesome faces' into the Moriya shrine.
This. |3

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Re: Iced Fairy's Random Shorts
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Well, while I wait for the writing challenge to exit it's slump I'll move on with this....

[shameless plug?] All bosses save the stage 4 boss make an appearence in Three Days Bright or official canon. [/shameless plug]

Stage 1: The Other Princess. 
~A new verse to an old song~
~Can something eternal change?
Or are things eternal because they constantly change?~

Ina sighed as she dodged the wind gusts shot out at her.  The sudden increase in fairies had been annoying enough, but for her fellow tengu to get in the way was a serious pain.  ?We have no comment on the matter!  Now please clear the way,? she called out, sending a flight of amulets to punctuate her remarks.

The reporter dodged the light danmaku easily.  ?The public has a need to know Ms. Kochiya!  Is it true this is an internal matter?  Or is this a threat from outside the area??  The tengu fired off a wind tunnel to try to keep Ina penned in.

Ina read the tengu's set up halfway through the swing and flew straight through the eye of the storm.  The reporters eyes opened in shock as Ina appeared straight in front of her and fired off several amulets at point blank range.

Ina sped up as the crow tengu crashed into the ground.  Fights like these weren't even mildly interesting.

?Hm...  Isn't that a little cruel.  Not even a word in passing??

Ina stopped at the voice.  Her eyes quickly caught sight of the speaker as the woman floated to the same height as the shrine maiden.  She was middle aged in appearance, wearing an archaic kimono in very dull colors.  Ina felt a certain amount of spiritual power.  Stranger still was the woman looked completely human.  As far as Ina knew her ancestors were the only humans who had been allowed to live on the mountain, before they inevitably intermarried with the tengu.

Ina's eye's narrowed.  ?Are you responsible for this??

The woman pretended to look hurt.  ?So quick to accuse.  And you a priestess and all.  That's terrible.  Those two need to teach their servants better.?

?You're obviously preparing to pull out those spell cards in your sleeve.  You're spoiling for a fight.  Which means you obviously know about the incident.?  Ina prepared her own cards.  ?And who are you to judge Yasaka-sama??

?Ah!  That's true.  I did forget introductions.?  The woman bowed  ?Greetings Shrine Maiden, I am Iwanaga, Goddess of Immortality.?

Ina blinked at that.  ?Eh?  But don't gods require shrines and faith??

?I'm immortal,? the woman said.  ?I don't need such trappings.  Though I did scare up a little faith just for this.?

Ina was curious, but she was also losing time.  ?Well perhaps instead of attacking me, you could visit our shrine and speak with Yasaka-sama and Moriya-sama.  Because, if you oppose me I'll have to shoot you down!?

Iwanaga feigned surprise.  ?A shrine maiden raising her hand against a god?  Should you really be doing such a thing.?

Ina openly brandished her amulets, ?It's okay, because I'm a living god myself!?

Iwanaga smiled brightly.  ?Oh my.  I guess it's a spellcard duel then.  Allow me to start!? 

Ina easily dodged the bullets.  The pattern was pretty, but sparse and weak.  But Ina felt something was different about this fight, something that she couldn't quite place.  She tossed that thought aside, it was impolite to ignore her opponent.

Once again Ina used her eyes to read her opponents moves and slipped through the barrage to 'shotgun' a spread of amulets.  Iwanaga flew back, her spell shattering.

?Not quite yet miss shrine maiden!?  She called out.  ?~Abandoned Gift ~ Lifespan of the Stones.?

Sure enough several large stones began to circle the goddess.  Ina nearly collided into one as it formed in front of her.  Even more surprisingly her own attacks couldn't even scratch the stone.

Sadly the pattern wasn't quite dense enough or fast moving enough to catch someone of Ina's skill.  It took a bit of dodging to find a clear shot, but once she did Iwanaga's spellcard shattered.

?And now tell me what you know of the incident,? Ina demanded.

?Ah... and it was my first duel too,? Iwanaga sighed.  ?Very well, on the opposite shore of the icy lake you'll find one of those responsible.?

Ina nodded and began to fly off to the lake.  However before she exited she turned.  ?Um.  We'd still be glad if you could visit our shrine Goddess.  Just after things have calmed a bit.?

The Goddess of Immortality smiled as the shrine maiden hurried off.  ?Ah, so that's the type of person she is.  Very interesting.  It was a good idea to come out of seclusion for a little bit.?

?Yep.  Sitting around at home is no fun, auntie.  Even being a 1st stage boss is better then that.?

Iwanaga spun to find another miko floating in the sky, this one with cat ears.  ?Ara?  Are you the underground miko?  What are you doing here??

?Oh hey people up here know me?  Cool!  Anyway I'm solving an incident.  The boss said I gotta beat up everyone I run across until the incident is over.?  Aoi seemed utterly content with this course of events.

?Um, don't you want to know what the incident is?? queried Iwanaga.

?The boss said that'd only get in the way.?  Aoi lowered her voice to a whisper, ?Though I'm gonna pump that stuffy mountain miko for info when I catch her.  I'm actually really curious.?  She resumed her normal chatter.  ?Anyway I guess that means your the 1st stage boss, so I'm going to have to shoot you down, auntie.?

Iwanaga adopted a concerned air.  ?Um, I'm a goddess you know.  Should you really be attacking me?  You aren't a deity like the other miko so you don't really have an excuse.? 

Aoi paused to think about that.  ?Well I have Yakumo blood.  Does that count??  She then smiled.  ?Besides you're looking for a fight anyway, so I'd be fulfilling your wish as well?

Iwanaga frowned  ?You too.  Am I that transparent??

?I'm pretty good at seeing these kinda things.  It's a talent.?  Aoi winked.  With a casual gesture she tossed down four amulets which began glowing ominously.  ?Well, since you're the god you should go first.?

Calling on her powers once again Iwanaga unleashed what little strength she still possessed.  Almost immediately she was on the defensive, dodging fire from the amulets.  The pattern was almost exactly the opposite of the first miko's style, one that forced the opponent to make a mistake instead of searching for an opening.  Two spellbreaks later Iwanaga found herself resorting to her Last Word once again.

The dueling area was suddenly calm.  No bullet could break the boulders, and Aoi had been hanging back meaning there wasn't an open lane of fire.  Iwanaga smiled and waited to see what her opponents response would be.

Suddenly there was a tap on her shoulder.  Turning she saw a tiny fairy in zombie makeup.  As soon as she faced it the little creature shouted ?Brains!? in a happy, high pitched voice, and the magic powering her spell card collapsed as the ritual recognized her loss.  It's mission accomplished the tiny creature giggled then began 'shambling' back towards it's master.

?That was fun auntie.  It's cool seeing new spells.?  Aoi waved and began to fly off.  ?I gotta run before I fall too far behind, but I'll be sure to come back and chat Ms. Goddess.?

Iwanaga blinked as the girl flew straight away without another word.

?My my.  And she didn't even ask for my name.?  She turned towards the other presence.  ?You too need to work on your miko's training, young lady.?

Utsuho looked embarrassed as she came out from her hiding place.  ?Ah sorry.  I've kinda had to change up the whole god/worshiper thing.?

The older deity sighed.  ?I suppose I have no right to be chastising a deity with more faith then me.  I've heard much of you from my niece.  It is good to see the Yagatarasu's flame still around, even if it is in different hands.?

?Ah it's nothing special.?  Utsuho waved off the comment.  ?Actually, I'd really like to chat with you about the business.  I don't know that much about the old Yagatarasu, and I'd like to do something to honor it.?

Iwanaga smiled brightly.  ?Hm, that would be nice...  Well perhaps I could visit after this 'incident' is over.?

The hell raven nodded.  ?I'd stay and chat now but....?  She looked towards where her miko had flow off.  ?I have a feeling I may have to intervene at some point.  No point in having power if you don't use it.?

?Well don't let me keep you.?  Iwanaga waved at the hell raven as she zoomed off towards the lake.  She then sat down and began to wait again.  The pain of faithlessness gnawed at her a little more, but she ignored it.

She turned at a tap on the shoulder.  The 'zombie' fairy from before was floating there.  ?Waiting here.  Guide friend back,? it explained, while sticking to it's persona.

Iwanaga patted the little fairy on the head.  ?Maybe I judged your mistress a little too harshly.?  The fairy just giggled and sat on her lap.  ?Though it's a little strange to leave a 'zombie' with the goddess of Immortality.?