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Touhou Wrecks X...
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This isn't really a crossover so much as a "What If?" kind of story.

Touhou Wrecks X is based on a simple concept.

Take one story, with its original plotline, and its original characters. Doesn't have to be a book. Could be a game or a TV show or a movie. Or history (suggested by the guys over on the ideas thread)

Then, either have the main characters meet a Touhou in one way or another (Chen falls through a crack in the border, or one of them's out and about for some reason)
Or, have one character (doesn't have to be a main character) be REPLACED by a Touhou.

The meeting of said character can take place anywhere along the timeline of the story.

Keeping to everyone's canon personalities for the story's characters, and using the fanon personalities for the Touhou characters, how does the story play out? Does it reach the same plot ending eventually? Does it derail and go in another direction? Or does it end in bloodshed?

Ch. 1: Original Story: Twilight: Book 3.  Interference provided by: Keine Kamishirasawa
Ch. 2: Original Story: Portal                    Interference provided by: Yukari Yakumo
Ch. 3: Original Story: Portal                    Interference provided by: Yukari Yakumo (difference is, she takes Chell's place this time around.)
If you've got any others you'd like to suggest, you can submit them HERE.

All of the "Touhou wrecks X" stories HERE.
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