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You thought this 8 year old project was dead? Well so did I...
But not anymore  :)

Hi Everyone. I am very excited to tell you, that I finally managed to get the GTA San Andreas Touhou Modpack (GTA Vmod) made by DX7_EP running on a Windows 10 computer.
If you try to run the mod on windows 10, you will get to the loading screen and then the game crashes, when the loading bar is about halfway through (very frustrating).

After two days of binary file comparing, trial & error and testing, I managed to pinpoint the cause of the problem: The DLL files that come with the Modpack are for windows XP and reference old APIs. Using them was possible under Windows 7 and 8.1 by enabling compatibility mode.
Now under windows 10, the Referenced APIs (like DirectX 9 and DirectInput8) are not supported anymore.
That is why I created a new repacked version of the Modpack without the need for these DLLs and figured out a way to easily install and use it under Windows 10.
This version only contains the files that are absolutely nescessary for the Touhou Mod and nothing else. There is no DLL file in the Pack what so ever. This completely removes the need to be able to run an old WinXP DLL and therefore also the problem.
The installation process is a bit different because you still need an injected ASI-Loader in the Vorbis-DLL with the capability to run mods.
This can now be installed during the downgrade process alongside with other very awesome mods like the Widescreen/High Res-support, SilentPatch(lots of Bugfixes), ModLoader and Project2DX. All in one go  :)

Well enough talking. Here is the download link for the Repack:


0. Buy the Game and don't be a freeloader. I recommend using the Steam-Version of GTA San Andreas (just a couple of dollars). I have only tested the procedure with this version.
1. Make a fresh vanilla install of the game.
2. You will need to downgrade your executable to version US 1.0 or EU 1.0.
   This is done using the San Andreas Downgrader by gamerzworld   (
   After launching, the Software will automatically detect your GTA-SA installation directory. If not: Set it manually using the Browse-Button.

   Under Essential Modifications tick the following:
   - ASI Loader
   - SilentPatch
   - ModLoader
   - Project 2DFX
   - 13AG+Wesser Widescreen Fixes

   Click on Downgrade. You will be asked if you want to downgrade your current installation or if you want to create a downgraded installation in a new folder.
   I recommend clicking yes and installing the Touhou-Version of GTA-SA in a new folder. This way, you can play both modded and vanilla GTA-SA.
   When asked if you want to create a registry entry, answer with yes.
   The programm will run the downgrading process and create a desktop shortcut to the downgraded game for you.

3. Go to the directory containing the downgraded game
4. Extract the contents of the ZIP-File into that folder.
5. You may now start the game using the desktop Shortcut or one of the two executables in the folder.
6. Have fun :)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All Credit for creating the Modpack goes to DX7_EP and Squidtentacle. I only ported version 1.6.7_03 over to Windows 10.
I did not alter the content of the mod itself (Except for the removal of the AREA_69_ENTER2-Mod which DX7_EP wanted to remove in the next release anyways).

I wish you all a very nice day.
-- CodeFox --

Re: [1.7.0_00] Touhou GTA Vmod - Now finally runnable on Windows 10 :)
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Is the mission in Area 69 still crashing? Because it crashed when I use the old mods, even if I deleted the file in the Cleo folder

Re: [1.7.0_00] Touhou GTA Vmod - Now finally runnable on Windows 10 :)
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Wow, this actually runs without crashing now!  Thanks.
How do I fix it so that the player model isn't Reimu during cutscenes, but the default model during actual gameplay?
EDIT: Never mind, read the readme.  :V
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Re: [1.7.0_00] Touhou GTA Vmod - Now finally runnable on Windows 10 :)
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My main character is still CJ not reimu, is there a way to fix this?

Re: [1.7.0_00] Touhou GTA Vmod - Now finally runnable on Windows 10 :)
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Got to playing this again.
Shooting Cirnos and Mistias with Alice - so romantic!  :D

What this haves to do with Romania's flag? Parody on some painting?
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