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Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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Warning - This story may or may not make made Sana cry.


Twelve o'clock. Right on time.

Renko took a deep breath as she stepped through the hospital's automatic door, biting her lip. She'd been doing this for some time now, but it still stung a little every time she came here. The receptionist turned to her with a look of recognisation.

"Good afternoon, how can I help- oh, Miss Usami! Good to see you again."

Being recognised around here was probably a bad sign, but Renko didn't dwell on it. She nodded, weakly returning the welcome.

"R-Right. Just here for the usual."

The receptionist nodded, understanding.

"Alright. You know where to go by now, surely."

Renko bowed, feeling awkward as she started down the corridor. She caught the eyes of doctors passing by, looking at her with expressions of pity. They knew who she was - more importantly, they knew who she was here to see.

Stopping in front of the same room as always, Renko knocked lightly on the door.

"Come in~."

A cheerful voice called out to her from the other side, as it had every other time. Slowly she pulled the door open, stepping inside and greeting the patient.

"Hi, Mary."

She was draped in her normal patient's robe - a bright violet colour, as she'd insisted - with her long blonde hair hanging down. She smiled, as if meeting Renko over trivial matters like a simple lunch.

"Good afternoon, Renko. It's always nice seeing you."

Her cheeriness had the opposite on Renko from what was intended. Seeing her so happy in her current state left Renko wondering if she'd ever get out of here. Mary seemed eager regardless, intent on talking whether her friend wanted her to or not.

"So, shall I tell you about last night's dream? I know you're the only one who'll listen to me, Renko. Everyone else labels me a lunatic, but we're the only two who truly understand. After all, we're the Sealing Club, the only ones who can make out the boundaries of Genso-"

"Maybe you should calm down a little first."

Renko always hated when she was like this. She had played along with Mary to an extent, so maybe she was partially to blame for what had happened. Mary had convinced herself that this fantastical realm of Gensokyo actually existed, and that she visited it in her dreams, to the point where she would ridicule anyone who suggested otherwise. Perhaps it wasn't possible to study psychology without being a little 'out there' yourself, but Renko hadn't considered that and fed Mary what she'd wanted to hear. And this was the result - her best friend had wound up in a mental hospital, declared nigh-incurably insane.

"...Ah, I'm sorry."

Mary apologised lightly, lowering her voice as she began her tale. This one was new to Renko, the story of a mysterious ship that had appeared in the sky, and the fantastic creatures who lived in it, and their goal to revive their mistress from beyond the gates of Makai. Renko had to admit, if Mary was making this up she had a very active imagination - every character had their own personality, and she described them down to the last detail, leaving nothing unconsidered or unmentioned. By now the recurring characters in these stories (such as the Hakurei shrine maiden and the black-white witch) had become familiar to Renko, but she took some enjoyment in hearing about the latest characters that Mary had created.

...I just wish she didn't seriously believe what she was saying, though...

"So, isn't that amazing?"

Finishing her story, Mary's smile widened. She was convinced that Renko was the one person she could truly be honest around - the one person she knew who believed in Gensokyo. Perhaps she had once, playfully, but not to the almost fanatic extent that Mary did. She gave a weak nod, ungenuine but with concern.

"Yeah, Mary. It sure is."

Mary seemed proud, standing upright a little further. Maybe being so close to all these skeptics had had its effect on her. Renko hoped not.

"Thanks. ...Man, I'm tired."

Mary yawned dramatically, slumping back down as quickly as she'd risen.

"Renko, I think I'll take a nap. I'll see you tomorrow, okay?"

Renko tried her best to smile again, nodding as she made her way out. As soon as she'd turned away, she let her face fall without fear.

"...Right. ...Bye, Mary."


Renko carefully closed the door behind her, as Mary started to brace herself for sleep. She wondered what sort of amazing sights she'd see in Gensokyo today, what stories she'd have to tell Renko tomorrow...


She rose.

Beneath her, the body of Mary lay in bed, snoring lightly. The patient's robes had grown in length and complexity to fit her, and the ordinary white mop hat had been given an extra red ribbon for flair.

"...So it's my turn again."

She stepped off the bed, or at least she attempted to, but her foot simply phased through to the ground beneath her. She sighed, having never really become used to this immaterial feeling. It would pass once she crossed the border, anyway.

She looked down at Mary, still as innocent and convinced of herself as ever as she slept. She frowned.

"...There's nothing worse I could have wished upon you. I'm sorry..."

She let a single tear drop down her face, leaving a single unexplained stain on the floor. Behind her, space itself tore open to leave a gap, a vast purple space beckoning her to step within.

And in a matter of seconds, Yukari Yakumo was gone.
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Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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* Sana bawls


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Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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I knew it was coming.

Mary's friggin CRAYzeeee

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Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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Damn it, I have to say I like your writing style.

Now I have to read this entire thread. Curse you.

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Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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I knew it was coming.

Mary's friggin CRAYzeeee
So she's a Lunatic? :V


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Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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So she's a Lunatic? :V
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Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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Holy crap what is wrong with me why the hell did I write this



Shit, shit, shit.

It's gone.

Everything's gone. Everyone's gone. Kaput. Kablooey. Poof.

And I did it.


How was I meant to know this was going to happen? She told me that she needed me, that only I could handle the power. That damn god convinced me that I had what it took to absorb the Yatagarasu. I listened to her, trusted her.

And I let her words get to me.

Nuclear fusion is powerful, really powerful. I started thinking that having that power made me special, strong. I dreamt of restoring the old hells back to their former glory, turning the world above into a charred remain suitable for our new home. Gensokyo would burn in my name.

Satori-sama would never allow it, of course, so I kept it a secret from her. I avoided her, made sure that I was never in a position for her to read my heart. The thought of it would have disgusted her, but when all was said and done she would understand and accept it, right? She was my owner. That's what owners do, isn't it? Pat you, and hug you, and love you, no matter how many people you kill. Right?

...Maybe not.

Orin, though, I couldn't hide it from. Every so often as I worked in the blazing fires I could see her looking at me, worried. Concerned. She didn't understand it either, she acted as though my power was something to be feared. She was wrong - power is to be respected, flaunted! What's the point in being strong if you never use your strength!?

...But apparently she must have got the word out somehow, because days away from the plan's fruition there were intruders. A shrinemaiden in red and white, and a black magician, both from the surface. Humans, which was amazing enough, but humans that could fight on my level with ease, even with the blessing of the Yatagarasu.

I was mad, but first and foremost I was afraid. Yasaka's blessing had made me special. Unique. Almighty. For someone of my calibre to lose to mere humans was inexcusable. I could allow any disaster, any injustice, as long as in the end I was the winner.

So I made myself forget the first rule. The first thing that Yasaka told me after I received the Yatagarasu.

"Utsuho, you always need to keep your power in check. Not for your sake, but for the sake of those around you."

...I forgot that. I let my mind run free, released the subconscious restraints. I wished from the bottom of my heart that the two humans in front of me would drop dead.

I don't really remember what happened after that. I know there was a flash, but it lasted barely an instant.

Then I opened my eyes, and the humans were gone.

My first thought was joy. I'd won, I'd proven myself to be stronger. I flew back towards the palace, to tell Orin of my victory against those stupid humans who'd tried to mess with me.

I couldn't find her anywhere.

Come to think of it, I couldn't find anyone. No youkai, no fairies, not so much as a soul passing by. It was unusual - as old as this place had become, it had never felt so lonely.

Then I found the cart.

"...No. Oh, no."

The wood had turned black, charred through completely. Next to it, just below the handle, was a pile of ash with a black ribbon caught in it.

"No, no, no. Orin, no."

I knelt down, fingering through the ashes. This was a prank, a joke, she'd pop out in a second and laugh at me, she had to. This couldn't be real. I wasn't that powerful...was I?

I rushed back to the palace, looking for someone to tell me that everything was okay. All I found was confirmation of my own fears - more blackened buildings, and no sign of any sort of life. I wanted to just collapse and cry right there, but adrenaline pushed me into the building regardless.


She had to be okay. She was strong, stronger than me, she would have survived. I ran into her room, not bothering with courtesy at a time like this.


The word hung in my mouth as I looked inside. Satori-sama was nowhere to be found, but her silhouette had been imprinted on the now-black wall. On the floor was another pile of ash, but something still writhed in it.

A red, pulsing, bloodshot eye.


I moaned in the most pathetic way possible. I wanted to throw up, but I barely kept the urge in check as I ran away again. This was too horrible. I couldn't stay here any longer, and before I knew it I was breaking for the surface.

I saw more signs of where there had once been life as I fled the underground. A sake bowl lying shattered on the ground, its contents evaporated. A burning bridge, its guardian blown away. An empty bucket hanging from a spider's web. It was tragic, too tragic.

And it was my fault.

When I reached the surface, I wasn't looking for forgiveness. I wasn't looking for redemption. I just wanted someone else to come up to me and ask why I was crying, for someone else to be ALIVE.

Imagine my horror to find that my power had extended to above the surface as well.


Trees had become black, rotting husks. Rivers had run dry, tiny puddles of yellow liquid being all that remained. The sky had faded to a dark red, almost in irony. The ground beneath me was wiped clean of plant life, leaving just barren rock.

Nothing lived but me. Even the immortals were gone, without a single cell to regenerate themselves from.

I was alone.

I fell to my knees, and cried. I screamed, knowing that no-one could hear me as I sobbed myself dry. If Satori-sama saw me like this, she would think that I was pathetic.

...I suppose it's a good thing that she can't, then.

So here I am, alone in a world of ashes. My own personal hell.

...Heh, when I put it that way it sounds sort of like what I'd always wanted, doesn't it? Gensokyo really has become one charred, beaten furnace, like I had dreamt of only days ago.

And it's mine.

All mine.

And if I think about it, Orin loved working with the dead...cremation would've been how she wanted to go. So maybe I did her a favour.


So there's nothing to be guilty about.

I didn't kill her.

I helped her.






Yeah, I think someone needs to lend me a straitjacket.


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Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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Oh snap.

Crazy Utsuho. O_O

Apparently, Thomas the Tank Engine isn't one to take crap from anyone.

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Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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This is eerily similar to something else I had planned... Curse you, Rou! Stop stealing my ideas from the collective unconscious!

Great job as always.


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Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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utsuho, how could you!
ohh well even lunatic version can be too much for reimu and marisa.


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Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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Commenting so I can keep track of this thread and read everything. :3 Hi Rou-nyan~
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Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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Jesus Christ Byakuren Hiziri.
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Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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"Ah, another fine day in Gensokyo over and done with~"

Yukari Yakumo rose perkily, contrary to popular belief. Though she had a nasty habit of sleeping through the day, when night came around she woke with ease. Not bothering with the common nuisance of doors, she opened up a gap beneath herself and emerged in the kitchen, fully clothed. It was at the same time incredibly lazy and supremely efficient.

"Ah, good evening, Yukari-sama."

Ran was waiting for her, as she always was at this time of day. The years had done little to her complexion, or to her enthusiasm to serve as she continued to work on a serving of tofu for her mistress's (very late) breakfast. Her fox-tails trailed along happily behind her as she worked, while Yukari took a seat at the table.

"Evening, Ran. Anything happen while I was asleep?"

This was one of Ran's primary duties as a shikigami. While Yukari could intend to be as good a guardian to Gensokyo as possible, even she needed time to recuperate. Ran was charged with watching over affairs while her mistress slumbered. Tonight she answered the question with a smile.

"A few things, but nothing to worry about, Yukari-sama. A little scuffle outside of the human village, but that's hardly out of the ordinary."

"Oh, that'll be Houraisan and Fujiwara again. Still going at it, huh?"

"I can't hope to inquire into the minds of those two. They're both incurably insane."

Ran's ability to both speak and cook was a good chunk of why Yukari valued her so much as a shikigami. She continued.

"The Moriya shrine chose a successor today. A young girl from the human village who the gods apparently smiled upon."

"A successor, already?" Yukari laughed. "Little Sanae must really be getting on."

"She is descended from a god, Yukari-sama. I would not be so hasty to write her off."

There was a quiet chuckle between the two, followed by an awkward silence. Ran's tone dropped slightly.

"Also...the procession was today."

"Oh." Yukari suddenly didn't feel hungry any more. "So...I missed it?"

"Don't worry, you hardly knew the girl. All the magicians were there, though, mourning her, and that kappa as well. You have to wonder why she never took up their offer..."

"Humans are strange, strange creatures. I can't say anything beyond that."

Neither of them felt an urge to continue the conversation after that. The quiet tapping of Ran's spoon against the pot was all that broke the silence. There was only one obvious path for this discussion to go down, and neither of them wanted to touch it.

Yukari and Ran both felt a silent relief as they heard a pair of eager feet running down the corridor.

"Yaaaaaay! Dinner!"

Chen dashed into the room, her shoes still slightly muddy. Ran would probably lecture her on that later, but right now her presence was too appreciated for that to come to the kitsune's mind.

"...Aw, tofu again? We have that every night, nyaa..."

Chen had grown into a fine young woman, but she'd never quite moved beyond her childish fashion sense, wearing the same simple shirt and cap as had for years. The only difference was that she was a good deal taller now, and there was some cleavage to fill the shirt out with.

"Now, now, Chen. I've told you plenty of times already, and I'll tell you again - you need a good balanced diet if you want to grow properly!"

"But Ran-sama, I'm a big girl now! I don't wanna eat tofu anymore! I wanna eat more fish, nya!"

"Then why don't you make it yourself for a change? Beggars can't be choosers, you know."

Chen pouted, but didn't bother to argue back. It was only a semi-serious argument, anyway, because the pair never really fell out. Chen sat opposite Yukari at the dinner table, tapping her feet in anticipation for food. She did like tofu, honestly, she just liked fish more.

Her timing was excellent, because a few minutes later Ran had laid out plates of fried tofu in front of both Yukari and Chen. The mistress of the house, though, simply stared at her meal, her eyes looking into the distance. Chen was too busy getting started on eating to notice, but Ran detected her mistress's unease and repaid it in kind.

"...Yukari-sama. Are you not hungry?"

Yukari startled, as if being woken from a dream. She hastily pulled a smile, doing her best to relieve the nervousness.

"N-No, not really...I just thought you looked so happy cooking, I couldn't bring myself to stop you. Ehehe..."

Ran's brow furrowed. She didn't buy the excuse, her worries only strengthening. Chen, still oblivious, chomped at her tofu fervently.

A few quiet minutes passed.

"...I'm going out."

Yukari slid away from the table, her tofu still untouched.

"Another visit?"

Ran didn't need to make her query any more precise than that. Yukari nodded.

"Right. ...It might be the last one."

"You always say that, Yukari-sama."

"That's because every one might be the last one."

"...I doubt that."

For the first time, a rebellious, disapproving tone entered the fox's voice. Yukari bit her lip. She hated talking about it - she couldn't mention it here, not with Ran, and definitely not in front of Chen. She quickly opened a gap, practically flinging herself through and closing it behind her. Ran continued to stare at the spot where the gap had been, as if frozen in place.

"...Hey, Ran-sama? Is Yukari-sama going to finish her tofu?"

A prod on the shoulder brought Ran back to reality, as Chen asked for seconds. She pulled a brave face, for her shikigami's sake first and foremost.

"...No, Chen. Yukari-sama is...busy."


It was cold outside.

Winter had rolled in, but the last orange leaves of autumn still hung around the courtyard. Yukari stepped out of the gap, her feet making a tiny 'scrunch' sound as they pressed against the leaves. Immediately she pulled her foot up, afraid she was being too loud at this time of night, but she soon dismissed that as paranoia and stepped out completely.

The maid was here, as usual. She bowed to Yukari in a doll-like, almost mechanical fashion. She made an unusual creaking sound as she bent, like a joint that needed to be oiled desperately.

"Greetings, Yakumo-san. My master awaits you."

Yukari tried to brush her off with another fake smile. She'd hoped that the machine wouldn't be able to detect the falsehood, but the shifty eyes that stared at her as she moved further in suggested otherwise.

What had changed? She pondered as she walked through the old wooden corridors, long-ago neglected and forgotten. Once, Yukari's smile had been genuine enough to fool anyone she knew. Now it was nothing but a facade which anyone with half a brain cell could see through. Was smiling really that difficult?

Or...had she lost a reason to smile?

"...Eh, Yukari. Is that you?"

Apparently her footsteps had been pretty loud after all, because she'd been heard. Yukari slipped the last door open, her eyes immediately falling on an old woman. The voice was weak physically, but the last fragments of a youthful spirit still hung behind it. Her appearance gave much the same idea - a simple bright red robe, if no longer sporting the ambitious open sleeves she had several years previously. Yukari sat down with her, trying her best not to focus on the aged form of a girl she'd known so well.

"...Yeah. It's good to see you again, Reimu."


Jeez, I keep writing such downbeat stuff. I wanna write something happyyyyyyy~
Second part may or may not be out tonight, depending on how quickly it comes to me.


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Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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Is this perhaps related to a certain doujin?

It fits rather nicely...

Apparently, Thomas the Tank Engine isn't one to take crap from anyone.

Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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Ah, one of those stories.

Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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I can't really find anything wrong with your writing.  It's good!


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Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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Posting so I can be reminded later that this exists so I can continue reading~
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Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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Gah I've had no time to write this, so here I am coming up with an update while I wait for the bus back home -_-


"I can't keep having you over every single night, Yukari. Even tea costs money, even if it isn't a lot."

Reimu let out a deep sigh, wheezing lightly. It sounded like it was a difficult task, especially compared to Yukari's light, easy breathing. The shrine maiden took a deep breath, calling out to the corridor.

"Ruukoto, two of the usual, please."

The sound of slow, deliberate footsteps came from outside as Reimu's old maid did her work. She had meant to take better care of her, but maintenance was expensive and so Ruukoto had started to age and decay much in the same was she had. The sound of a thump against the wall, followed by a pair of cups hitting the floor, was enough to pass that message onto Yukari.

"Her navigation is faulty. She'll get it eventually."

Reimu seemed unfazed, though recently it seemed like nothing was able to affect her in the slightest. She treated every mishap, every trouble with the same cool efficiency, totally disconnected and impersonal. That was enough to irritate Yukari - that wasn't how the Reimu she knew would have responded - her Reimu would have taken every mistake as a personal insult, declared it an 'incident' and beaten down whoever was responsible. Reckless, yes, but it was that youthful spirit that she missed more than anything.

Now, in her old age, Reimu was alone. The Hakurei Shrine had been almost forgotten, overtaken by the outsiders, the Moriya. A few faithful believers offered donations once in a while, but what they offered was barely enough for Reimu to survive from. Yukari had offered her money several times over, but Reimu had insisted that she could stand on her own two feet on the donations alone. The youkai wondered how long Reimu spent just sitting in here, staring at the walls of the room blankly, too tired to stand up and too poor to buy anything to preoccupy herself with.

"So, Reimu, how's today been? Any sign of your oni friend?"

"What, Suika? She still hasn't come back, no...I'm pretty sure she's off drinking with Yuugi right now, same as always."

Suika, unsurprisingly, had also been much slower to age than Reimu, and very quickly it turned out the shrine maiden could no longer keep up with her binge drinking antics. She had retreated to the old hells, promising to visit any time she was sufficiently sober to make her way back to the surface. That had been several years ago, and there was no sign of her yet.

Yukari frowned. She quickly wished she hadn't asked, but if the query had affected Reimu in any way her face certainly didn't show it. She murmured a neutral response, seeing no reason to apologise.

"Ah. I...see."

Why is she still so calm?

Yukari almost wished that Reimu HAD taken offense to what she'd said, just to prove that beneath this stoic shell the young girl she'd known was still buried deep under there. Failing that, she sat in silence waiting for Ruukoto to figure out how to open the door. It took her a few minutes, but eventually the maid entered carrying two cups of green tea. She spilt half their contents on the table as she put them down, her hands jittering uncontrollably.

"As you requested, Reimu-sama."

Reimu nodded, ignoring Ruukoto's failing completely. She slowly motioned her out of the room with her right hand, and the maid took the hint and left the two of them to talk. Yukari picked up her tea and sipped at it cautiously. She had to resist the urge to spit it right back out - there was more or less no tea in it at all. She'd practically been served heated water, but she struggled and swallowed it. Across from her, Reimu enjoyed her beverage far more than Yukari did, savouring the few traces of flavour that lingered in the 'tea'.

Yukari still didn't feel like talking. She had her reasons for visiting, but conversation wasn't one of them. Speech just reminded her too much of how Reimu had changed so drastically, while she had stayed more or less the same. It was a subject she wanted desperately to stay away from, but as Reimu lowered her cup she found herself thrown into it against her will.

"So, I hear they had Marisa's funeral today?"

Yukari flinched.

Of all the things she had to bring up...


More later, if by some miracle I have enough time to sit down and write. -_-


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Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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Why ;-;
My beautiful shrine maiden and her shrine and her cute robot and

[20:45:19] Ciryano: come and behold why they call it the Panzerfaust
[20:45:39] Hakurei Reimu: ... because it shoots once and then you throw it out?

Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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-- ohhhhh. One of THOSE those fics.


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Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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Finished in time to save the topic from hitting page 2!


Yukari was half-tempted to lie there and then. Tell Reimu that she was mistaken, that the funeral hadn't happened yet, and that she should just go to bed and stop worrying about silly things like that. Then she saw the copy of the Bunbunmaru sitting in the corner of the room and realised that strategy was doomed from the start.

"...Yes. It was today."

"What was it like?"

Reimu's voice was as neutral as it had been before, even when discussing the death of one of her closest friends. Yukari swallowed, wishing she could just gap herself away and never come back.

But she couldn't. She had reasons to be here, and so she had to wait it out.

"...There was a procession through the Forest of Magic. They carried her through the woods - or at least Byakuren did, she was strong enough that no-one else really needed to help. They put her broom and hakkero in the coffin with her, and everyone gave their own little speech about how she was friendly, and heartwarming, and-"

"You didn't attend, did you?"

Yukari froze.

"W-What are you talking about? How could I-"

"You think I can't see your eyes? You're reading the Bunbunmaru article."

Reimu was, as usual, completely and utterly correct. Yukari had been staring at the paper from the other side of the room, reading it with her superior youkai eyesight. She'd hoped the shrinemaiden would assume that she was simply nervous and didn't want to look her head-on.


What was she meant to do now? She'd been caught in a lie, so the best thing she could probably do was try to make an excuse and retreat.

"W-Well, no. I didn't. I never really knew Marisa, so I didn't think it was worth going..."

Maybe she could pull this conversation onto another subject. A lighter one-

"You're lying again. Your eyes."

Or not.

"...What are you talking about, Reimu? I'm not looking anywhere this time-"

"That's not what I meant."

Reimu sipped at her tea, looking straight through Yukari with a determination that defied her physical age. It was stronger than any expression she'd seen from the human for some time.

"Yukari, I know you. I know you better than anyone. Whenever you lie, your eyes widen just a tiny bit."

She returned to sipping her tea, as if what she'd said was something completely irrelevant. Yukari was speechless. When had Reimu started deceiphering every little tell she had? Did she have nothing else to do now? Was it something to keep her senses sharp?

No. None of that mattered now. Reimu placed the cup on the table, looking straight at her again.

"So there was another reason you didn't go. What was it?"

Yukari looked away, feeling sweat run down her face. She couldn't lie, not now, Reimu would figure her out. But she couldn't tell the truth either - that would give it all away, it would ruin the end, she settled for a nervous silence. Reimu heaved a sigh.

"Hmph. I expected as much."

Reimu leaned her head over the table, struggling to bend slightly. Yukari pulled her head over to meet it, as Reimu placed her lips against the youkai's ear. The two words that came out were practically silent.

"You're scared."

Immediately Yukari's blood ran ice-cold. She jerked her head back into place, trying to throw a swig of tea down her throat to calm herself down. She was too jittery to even get a decent grip on the cup. Reimu returned to her former position slowly and calmly, clarifying her accusation.

"Death frightens you, doesn't it, Yukari? It's foreign to you. You, an immortal youkai destined to live and die along with Gensokyo."

Every word was a weight, and each one piled up on Yukari without relent. She found her head unnaturally turning to the floor.

"You knew that her funeral was today, and you went out of your way to avoid it. Her death frightened you, didn't it?"

Yukari was the nervous child to Reimu's maternal figure. An interesting reversal of roles, she would have thought were she not on the verge of tears. She nodded.

"But like you said, you didn't really know Marisa. So her death meant something else to you. It reminded you that we humans get old, and we die."

Her eyes grew more intense still, completely out of place in her frail body. For a moment, Yukari thought that Reimu was the young, reckless teenager she still remembered.

"It reminded you of me, didn't it?"

This time Yukari didn't pause, nodding her head obediently. There was no use in hiding anything anymore. She did her best to keep her sobbing as quiet as possible as tears slipped into her tea.

"I...I don't want you to go..."

There was no trace of the cheery old Yukari in her voice anymore, and her words came out in one long, pathetic wail. Reimu nodded.

"...Well, that's pretty damn obvious. Pull your head up, grandma."

The last word took a few seconds to register.


Carefully, Yukari raised her head and looked Reimu in the eye again. What she saw was the first genuine grin Reimu had pulled in years.

"Good to know I'm still worth something to you even when I'm falling apart, I guess."

She sounded energetic, excited. It was probably exhausting for her to even talk like this, but she was making the effort just for her.

Yukari smiled. For a moment, an instant, she forgot everything. Forgot that Reimu wasn't who she was anymore. That Gensokyo wasn't the same place now as it had been then. Reimu had listened to her, had understood her feeling, now they could do this forever and ever and ever...

"But...maybe I'm worth a little too much to you."

Then, once again, Reimu pulled her out of her daydream.

"W...What do you mean...?"

Reimu cracked her neck, making loud and painful-sounding noises that left Yukari wincing. She grit her teeth, cursing her weak muscles silently.

"I may be an old woman, Yukari, but I'm no fool. I'm still a maiden of the Hakurei border. I can feel the changes being made in it, no matter how small."

Yukari's mouth went dry. She knew what was coming next, but she didn't want to hear it.

"I know what you're doing here every day. You're disturbing my boundary of life and death."

In an instant, everything collapsed.

Her plans. Her dreams. Her love.



For some reason, Yukari didn't do what she had expected to do and collapse into tears. Perhaps she had simply been hurt so badly that her emotions had gone full circle. Now it was her turn to stare blankly into Reimu's eyes.

"...How long have you known?"

"Since you started. Five years ago."

Yukari had noticed some time ago that Reimu's natural lifespan was reaching its end. It had been an easy job to make an excuse to visit, and at that time make a simple alteration to her boundary, but out of fear of being discovered she reduced herself to a day at a time. She had hoped the change would be too small for Reimu to notice.

Apparently she'd been wrong.

"Why...why didn't you say anything?"

Reimu was quiet for a moment. She sipped at her tea.

"I didn't know if you were ready for it."

She had taken on the role of lecturing parent once again.

"Me, I've lived a good life. I'm happy with what I've done, and I'm set for passing on. Have been for a while now. The only thing holding me back, really, is you."

Yukari blinked. She was so numb that it was as close as she could get to emotion.

" you want to die?"

It came out as a choked cry of desperation. A final, begging plea. Reimu shrugged.

"I died five years ago. You just haven't accepted it yet."

And that, from what it seemed, was the end of the discussion. Reimu returned to her tea, leaving Yukari to think her words over.

For a good ten minutes, neither of them spoke a word.

Then, slowly, Yukari rose to her feet. Her face remained completely blank.

"I think...I should go."

Reimu nodded. She pulled herself up, slowly walking around the table. She came right next to Yukari, looking up at her from her diminuitive height.

Then she wrapped her arms around her.


Again, Yukari momentarily forgot the passage of time, feeling the young Reimu Hakurei's arms around her waist. She returned the gesture, being gentle as she did so, then breaking off and leaving before the image faded. That was how she wanted to remember her.

Ruukoto was waiting for her outside of the room. Yukari turned to the maid, giving one final order.

"Your mistress no longer needs your services. You may shut yourself down now."


Ruukoto's eyes slowly faded into darkness. She froze in place, becoming a lifelike statue as her systems turned themselves off for the last time.

Then, with a single step into a gap, Yukari was gone.


Reimu sighed.

This day had been long overdue, she knew that. She finished the last drops of her cup of tea.

Disgusting stuff. She didn't know why she drank it.

With some effort, she managed to follow Yukari's path out of the room and continued on to the courtyard. It was a beautiful night, with the stars shining in full force and no clouds in sight. The old woman looked up, fascinated by the sight.

"...It was a night like this when I first met her, wasn't it."

She decided to lie on the flooring and look up at the stars. There were dozens, maybe hundreds to count, each one so small but fascinating. Like human lives, Reimu thought - tiny and seemingly irrelevant, but beautiful nonetheless.

"Heh. I'm getting sappy again."

She reprimanded herself for turning mushy. She'd mellowed in her later years, and to be honest she'd missed her old self as well, but nothing was permanent. Everything had its time.

Even her.

"...Hm...I'm feeling kind of sleepy..."

Reimu felt her eyes closing, her body growing weary. As she passed into slumber, she couldn't help but feel a peaceful finality about the whole thing.


The Bunbunmaru issued a breaking news article as soon as the facts came to light. Reimu Hakurei, old and highly-esteemed shrine maiden of the Hakurei shrine, had died quietly in her sleep.

Aya Shameimaru wrote avidly about her, speaking of how she'd touched every resident of Gensokyo in some way or another. Some would say later it was the most heartfelt piece she had ever written, and that even coming off the press the paper was damp from the tears she cried as she wrote it.

Yukari was still numb as she read the article that morning, having stayed up for the night to keep herself informed. She had expected it, obviously, but it still shocked her to her core. She felt like something had come apart from her - something vital, something she needed to live.


Ran entered the room, her previous sternness gone. She had read the paper before Yukari got a hold of it, and was aware that her mistress had just been dealt a painful blow. She had disapproved of the manipulation of the border, but now that Reimu had passed on she had no time to argue about that. She had a mistress to comfort.

She sat next to Yukari, patting her on the shoulder.

"Chen? Come in here."

Chen answered the call quickly, darting into the room and looking at the pair confused.

"Nya? What's going on, Ran-sama?"

Ran motioned to her tearful mistress.

"Give Yukari-sama a hug with me. She needs it."

Chen nodded eagerly, unaware of the gravity of the situation. She snuggled up on one side of Yukari, Ran holding her gently from the other.

It took a while for her face to show it, but the warmth of her two shikigami slowly seeped through into Yukari. The blank expression gradually turned into a smile, and she wrapped her arms around Ran and Chen.

They weren't going to be around forever.

That was why she had to make the most of her time with them.


"Yuyuko-sama, someone is here to see you."

"Hm? Youmu, who would be seeing me at a time like thi- oh."

"Morning. Sorry I'm late, I got a little held up. So, where's my nirvana?"


Now I can stop feeling guilty and WRITE HAPPY THINGS
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Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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"Morning. Sorry I'm late, I got a little held up. So, where's my nirvana?"
I can only hope this ends in violence.
GJ, Rou. Loved it.


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Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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Yes, I approve of any and all posthumous rampages that may be fictionalized in compensation for making us cry.
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Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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"Morning. Sorry I'm late, I got a little held up. So, where's my nirvana?"
That last sentence made my day. XD

@Yamaxanadu: ...

What of the people who didn't cry though. >_>

Apparently, Thomas the Tank Engine isn't one to take crap from anyone.


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Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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The last sentence is amazing. Well played.


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Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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@Yamaxanadu: ...

What of the people who didn't cry though. >_>

Those aren't people, they are empty shells that should crave the ability to be deeply moved by a depressing story.
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Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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Those aren't people, they are empty shells that should crave the ability to be deeply moved by a depressing story.
Oh yay. DX

Apparently, Thomas the Tank Engine isn't one to take crap from anyone.


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Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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"Morning. Sorry I'm late, I got a little held up. So, where's my nirvana?"
Took me a few seconds to get this, I was still in shock.
Dammit, Rou. You write way too well. My miko. ;-;
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Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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Re: Rou's Random Shorts *Under New Management!*
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Obligatory New Year Saccharine Sweet Fic, by Roukanken


Reimu's eyes heaved open as her head complained to her loudly that something was wrong. She slowly became more and more aware of her surroundings.

Empty bottle in her hand? Check.

Splitting headache and an urge to vomit? Check.

A new calendar hanging on the wall? Check.

Yup. Last night was one hell of a party.

Somewhere down the line the Hakurei traditional New Year's festival had been made impure by the presence of alcohol. Not that Reimu had minded much - if beer was what brought people and their purses to her shrine, she'd gladly accept it whatever her scriptures told her? Didn't someone once say that necessity knew no law?

With some effort, Reimu pulled herself off the floor. Her hair was flowing freely behind her back - her ribbon had obviously gone missing sometime during the night, and she couldn't recall exactly where for the life of her. She slowly realised she was only wearing one sleeve.

"...Geez. I really am a lightweight."

Stumbling over to the shrine entrance, she performed her typical morning ritual of shaking the shrine's donation box. There was a pleasing rattle that momentarily cleared up the agonising headache. She daydreamt about her next trip into the village, a chance to buy herself something to eat that wasn't rice - maybe even something that wasn't a grain-


Then her head throbbed again, and all idealism was forgotten to make way for her pain. She leant on the box, rubbing her temples until it subsided.

There was a yukata lying in the courtyard. Given the colour scheme of light blue and white, she assumed it was the property of that ice fairy by the lake. She took a moment to consider whether Cirno was going to wake up wearing nothing tomorrow morning. The thought only served to make her head hurt even more.

"Huh...looks like the ema board survived the night, at least."

The shrine's wish-box had been left out for the night, since it was just about the only time enough people would show up for it to see any use. She hoped no-one had noticed the dust hanging on it, and decided to peek at the wishes people had made to the shrine.

Won't be anything private - otherwise they wouldn't have put it up here, right?

Sure enough, a good number of wishes had been written on the ema's wooden plates. The difference in handwriting was enough to show the diversity of Reimu's guests - some were immaculate signature-like wishes, while others were poorly written and worse spelt. Reimu was left with those in between to read.

"Man, all this stuff is so simple. Maintained employment, good health, success in business...doesn't anyone have any big ambitions anymore?"

Reimu frowned. The fact that she had fewer ambitions than any other resident of Gensokyo didn't stand out to her. She looked over the last of them, with little interest-


One wish had been deliberately placed away from the rest, attracting Reimu's attention. She scanned it quickly, curious as to why it had been placed apart from the rest.

Then she read it again.

And again.

She pulled it off the ema, holding it up in front of her face and reading it from close up.

Is this...some sort of joke?

This was the alcohol talking, surely. No-one could seriously leave a wish like this in sound mental health. But regardless, the words stung her like a spear to the heart.

"I wish you could love me as much as I love you."

It was unsigned, leaving Reimu mystified. She hadn't seen anyone's handwriting enough to learn it eaither, so all she could tell was that the writer was literate. This was enough to remove a good number of Gensokyo's residents, but not enough to narrow it down completely.

T-This is crazy! It must be for someone else or something! It's gotta be!

She spun the plate around in case the signature was hidden.

It fell to the floor with a clatter as she finished reading the note on the back.

"-Yes, Reimu, I'm talking to you."

Reimu's mouth bobbed open, her headache a distant memory now. A hundred different faces flashed in front of her eyes, each one looking at her with a smiling face. Any of them could have been the one to leave this message for her. am I supposed to know who?

It couldn't be her. The odds were tiny. It wasn't possible...

"Hey, Reimuuuuuu..."

A low moan came from further inside the shrine, with a slightly whiny voice that Reimu recognised as Suika. The oni pulled the door open, walking out with her gourd impaled on one of her horns. Her dress was stained with alcohol, and she promptly tripped on the first stair down and hit the courtyard path with a thud.

"Ow. Stupid floor...always out ta get me."

Apparently Suika had a 'fun' night as well. She crawled along the ground to Reimu, apparently unable to stand straight.

"Hey...Happy New Year and all that crap. Just...wish I could remember any of it."

Reimu took a moment to respond to her, still stunned by her recent revelation.

"Y-Yeah. Happy New Year."

Suika lazily cast her eyes on the fallen ema, reaching over and standing it up so she could read it.

"Eh~? Reimu, you got a secret admirer or someth-"

"It's not like that, dumbass!"

Reimu kicked the oni in the gut. Suika quickly decided that any further comment was a bad idea and shut up.

"Geez. Don't come to conclusions like that."

Reimu crossed her arms in a childish tantrum. For a few seconds neither of them spoke.

"...You didn't write it, did you?"

Eventually Reimu's insecurity won out, though, and the question slipped out. Suika shook her head, skidding her chin along the paved stones.

"Nope. I was so wasted last night I wasn't in any state to drink, y'know? Sorry."

Reimu sighed, rubbing her temples again.

"If this is a joke, it's in pretty bad taste."

Her eyes slid up, looking at the clear blue sky that had welcomed them into the new year. The weather was chilly, but bearable. Nothing to look at besides a tiny speck in the distance-


She'd assumed it to be a trick of the eye, but looking again she could definitely make out something hanging in the air. She couldn't see a shape of any sort, but she could feel a pair of eyes looking down on her. With mercy? Regret? She couldn't tell from here.

She squinted at the speck slightly, its shape become a little clearer.


In an instant, a hundred faces became one.

"...So that's how it is."

She wondered for a moment if it was worth flying up to the speck for a closer look, but she decided to disregard the idea. Most likely they'd fly away, and even if they didn't it would be incredibly awkward.

"Well. Wonder when she'll work up the nerve to say it face to face."

She walked over to the ema board, pulling out a pen.

"Let's see here..."


"Dammit, Reimu. You're so stupid sometimes."

Marisa Kirisame bit her lip.

For a moment she was sure Reimu had looked up at her. Her heart had leapt as she hoped that she would come near, but she had turned away without a second thought. Had she really not put the pieces together?

"Maybe she thinks it's a joke. Heh, guess it'd seem like that to her if she knew it was me."

She wriggled around on the broom slightly, making herself more comfortable.

"She'd think I was closer to Alice, or Patchy, maybe even Nitori...I'm just a friend to her, aren't I."

For years, now, the two of them had worked together to resolve the various incidents that had plagued Gensokyo. In that time Marisa had come to know Reimu a true friend, and after that her feelings had blossomed into something more, something that she couldn't share. What if Reimu didn't understand? Didn't feel the same way? Then she'd lose everything.

"...I was hoping she'd figure it out from the ema...dammit, she's such an idiot."

Reimu had picked up another ema and started scribbling on it. Most likely it was a warning for people to stop putting up fake wishes, a sign that she'd missed the point entirely. As the shrine maiden hauled Suika back into the shrine, Marisa swooped back down into the courtyard. There was a tiny ounce of hope that kept her dream alive, the only thing stopping her from flying away now and never coming back.

"She put it...somewhere around here..."

She looked for Reimu's trademark handwriting, her hand sliding across the surface carelessly and lazily. She found it in exactly the spot where her own ema had been, probably as a replacement.

It took a lot of nerve for her to bring herself to read it.

It was well worth it.


Marisa's eyes started to well up as she grabbed the wooden plate from the board. She flipped it around, knowing for sure there had to be another note on the back. She read it as well, the tears coming to her eyes faster still.


She hugged the ema, crying openly now. If this was how things were set to keep on going, it was easily going to be the best year of her life.

"I wish you would stop being a scaredy-cat and just tell me outright.

-Yes, Marisa. I'm talking to you."

A pair of hands wrapped themselves around her firmly. She looked back with misty eyes to see Reimu holding her, smiling.

"Happy New Year, Marisa. I love you, too."
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