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Touhou Kuroneko ~ The Black Cat from the Outside World
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This is the first time I made a fanfic that was not posted on the usual Also, this is my first topic in this site, so it's nice to meet you all.

I've been delaying to post this because I'm too busy.

CHAPTER 1: Spirited Away
In the past, there was a land named Gensokyo, which was inhabited by powerful youkais and spirits. People were sent there to exterminate youkai, and when they succeeded, they live there to watch over the place.

As time passed, the humans who live in Gensokyo distanced themselves from the outside world, making Gensokyo as their haven.

The Hakurei Shrine was established to protect the people of Gensokyo and to watch over the border that lies between the outside world and Gensokyo itself.

With the border in place, the outside world doesn’t even know that Gensokyo ever existed. However, even with the border placed, it doesn’t mean that some people couldn’t cross it.

~Yamato Shrine [Night]~

It was the day of the crescent moon. The stars that sparkled in the sky added the beauty to the night. The night was still young, as many would say.

Yamato Shrine, like other houses in its vicinity, was still brightly lighted.

However, not everyone chose to stay awake at this particular night. One of them was none other than Amir Hakim – the bearer of the powerful Feline Pendant.

“Thanks for letting me stay, Mrs. Reika.”

“Are you okay with that? I mean, your family was taking a long holiday trip…”

“It’s okay. I actually insisted on staying.” Amir said while grinning. “After all, we had visited that place a number of times, and it’s the end-of-year holidays.”

“If you say so. Good night.” Reika said, before she turned the lights off and left the guest room.

As Amir laid his back on the comfy mattress, he snuggled himself in the soft, dark blue blanket that was given by Reika. But, before he could sleep, someone pounced on him. There was a brief struggle before a loud thud and a boyish giggle could be heard.

“I knew it was you, Arikado.” He sighed.

“It’s still 8, why you’re going to sleep so early?”

“I’m going to sleep early because I’m bored. There’s nothing else to do other than watching the TV.”

“Well, how about we sneak out and do something more interesting rather than taking an early sleep?” Arikado suggested.

“I prefer sleeping than playing in the night.” Amir replied as he snuggled back into his blanket.

“Please?” Arikado, the fox begged. “Pretty please with cream on top?”

The black cat rolled his eyes away. “Alright. I’ll watch over you so that we won’t get into any trouble.”

“Right on!”

As soon as the agreement was made, Amir threw off his tracksuit and t-shirt before throwing in his ‘adventure gear’ – a baby sweater worn over a black t-shirt and shorts. He wore a pair of wristbands and socks before he followed Arikado – jumping off out of the window of the guest room, which was a storey high.

“W-wait! It-“

Amir landed safely on the ground, as if his fall was cushioned by a mattress.

“Um, scratch that. I forgot that you’re a cat.”

Amir wore his running shoes that Arikado had handed over to him before he jumped in one spot twice.

“What are we going to do then?” Amir asked.

“…Actually, I had no idea on what do first. I was about to ask you the same thing.”

The black cat smacked his right palm on his forehead.

“I thought you had a plan earlier!” Amir spoke in a half-yelling voice, so that he couldn’t alarm Reika.

“Well, I do but…” Arikado stopped in mid-speech. “Wait, what is that?”

“What?” Amir whirled around on his heels to see the thing Arikado’s index finger was pointing.

Despite the moonless night, Arikado and Amir could see a cleft near the mangosteen tree the two used to climb. Both of them curiously neared the peculiar object to take a closer look.

But, as they say, curiosity killed the cat – and the fox in this matter.

Two hands appeared and it pulled both Amir and Arikado into the cleft, which appears to be some sort a portal. The two of them didn’t have the chance to scream for help; instead they were knocked out once they are inside the portal.

~Unknown Area [Night]~
After being rendered unconscious for a while, Amir slowly woke up in pain. He was too disoriented regarding the freaky fall he and Arikado got just now.

When he looked around, he noticed that Arikado was nowhere near him.

“Arikado? Arikado, where are you?” He called for the young fox, but he didn’t receive an answer at all.

Despite the massive headache, Amir still managed to stand up.

“Arikado! Can you hear me?!” Amir raised his voice and called for Arikado again.

There was a moment of silence until his calls were replied by a loud scream. Amir recognized the voice’s owner right away – it was Arikado. Using his cat-like senses, he quickly ran towards the source of the voice.


The black cat stopped running once he reached the place where the scream came from.  He could sense Arikado’s scent, along with other scents he couldn’t distinguish.

“Heeey! Arikado! Where are you?”

Still, there was no reply from the fox. Instead, he heard a loud rustling in the bushes, which made him to take caution.

“Show yourselves!” Amir yelled to hide his fear.

And then, what he could see next is spots of bright light before it bombarded on him. Amir staggered backwards and he saw the same bright spots again. This time, he dived behind the trees to avoid of being hit.

This is when he saw Arikado, lying face down on the ground, clearly unconscious. Amir quickly ran towards Arikado to fetch him, but he was stopped as a beam of red light went straight for him.

The beam missed him by an inch but the blue and red fast bullets hit his chest and his arm, the third one made Amir stagger and turn his vision red. The black cat could hear his heart beating at this point.

And then, the fourth bullet hit him in the head again, knocking him out effectively. Amir slumped against a tree and went unconscious.

After a moment of silence, two small female figures with translucent wings appeared from behind the bushes. From their outward appearance, they appear to be fairies.

“I think we got them.”

“Don’t you think this is wrong? I mean, they are not even fighting back.”

“Well, we are attacking them because they’re invading our area. That’s why we attack them.”

Suddenly, a voice startled the fairies.

“Ara, ara… don’t you fairies have anything else to do other than attacking people at random?”

The fairies froze when they recognized the owner of the voice.

“Yu…Yu… Yukari Yakumo…?!”

“That’s right. Now leave those boys alone or else I’ll shoot you down.” The woman who was addressed as Yukari Yakumo, threatened the fairies.

The fairies then fled from the general area, leaving the woman Yukari Yakumo and both Amir Hakim and Arikado Yamato. With a flick of her fan, she created a portal, letting the boys sink slowly into it. She then followed the boys, by creating another cleft right underneath her feet.


Yukari gaps into her house, bringing along the unconscious boys.  As soon as she set her foot on the floor, she laid the boys on the tatami floor.

“Welcome home, Yukari-sama.” A young woman with nine fox tails greeted. “Who are they?” The nine-tailed woman asked when she noticed Amir and Arikado being laid on the floor. But, upon seeing the smile on Yukari’s face, she quickly got to the point. “You kidnapped people from the outside world, again?”

“But I suppose you never heard youkai living in the outside world, Ran?”

“But that doesn’t mean you should kidnap them in the first place, Yukari-sama!”

“You killjoy.” Yukari sulked. “Oh well. Ran, spread a futon in my room, please.” She ordered her shikigami.

An uneasy silence ensued when Yukari finished talking.

“…You’re sleeping with them?!”

Yukari sighed. “Not in the same futon I sleep on, Ran.”

At this point, Ran gave up. It’s really hard to argue with Yukari.

Right after that, Ran took out a futon and laid it next to Yukari’s futon. She spread it, putting a blanket and few pillows on it. Yukari then came in her room carrying both Amir and Arikado on her back before she slowly laid them on the futon. She took two trips to get them there.

Like a loving mother, Yukari spread a warm blanket over both black cat and fox, rubbing their ears gently before she changed clothes and went to sleep.

Well, there you have it for now.
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Re: Touhou Kuroneko ~ The Black Cat from the Outside World
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    Chapter 2 is up.

CHAPTER 2: Good Morning, Good Morning?

~Mayohiga, Yakumo Household [Morning]~

When the sun had risen, Amir, Arikado and Yukari was still fast asleep. The two somehow had found their way to Yukari?s futon, snuggling comfortably within the gap youkai?s hug.

The sliding door opened, and Ran appeared at the doorframe.

?Yukari-sama, breakfast is ready?? Then Ran saw Yukari sleeping with Amir in her hug. ?I knew it.?

Ran, the nine-tailed fox neared the futon where Yukari was, before trying to wake her master again. This time it worked, and she ushered the boys to take a bath. Ran went back to the dining table, while Yukari bathed with the boys.


When they were done, Yukari gave the boys some new clothes, which were a modest kimono paired with a hakama. Apparently Amir never knew to wear one, so Arikado helped him on wearing the clothes.

They then followed Yukari to the dining room.

Upon their arrival, Amir and Arikado saw two girls, one of them appeared to be a cat, a young girl about their age in red clothes, and strangely enough she had two tails. The other one was a woman who looks a little younger than Reika, and Amir immediately recognized her as Ran.

?Come on in, you two.?

Amir entered the dining room, sitting next to the two-tailed cat.

The catgirl was the first to break the ice.

?Good morning. Did you two have a pleasant sleep?? Ran teased.

Amir Hakim blushed. ?Yeah??

?I?m Chen. Chen Yakumo. The woman over there is my master, Ran Yakumo and my master?s master, Yukari Yakumo. What?s your name??

?Amir Hakim.?

?I?m Arikado Yamato. Nice to meet you.?

One thing that struck Ran is that Amir?s capability to speak Japanese. Arikado quickly explained, and he showed a round and funky-looking candy/gumball. It?s a Magic Candy Reika often made.

?My okaa-chan?s Magic Candy could make us speak in any language we want.? Arikado said. ?Though, it?s bad for your teeth.?

?It?s bad for your teeth indeed.?

After that, the Yakumo family, along with the two boys sat around the round table.

On the table was bowls of rice, and then there?s few fried fishes pickled vegetables, some meat curry and fried eggs. Arikado whispered to the black cat that he could eat the meat.

?What is wrong with the chicken curry anyway?? Chen asked.

?For a reason, but let?s not talk about some things in front of a food.? Arikado said. ?By the way the chicken smells like it was bought from our local market.?


?I bought the chicken from a small market around your hometown yesterday? I think the shop was called ?Saidalvi? or something. The price for a whole chicken is pretty cheap there.?

Amir then turned to Arikado, whispering.

?It?s that wet market in Jalan Sena. I think we?re saved, for the food, at least.?

They then turned back towards Ran and the others.

?Can you two use chopsticks? I can take out the silverware if you want to.? The nine-tailed fox asked. 
?I could use the chopsticks.? Arikado said.

??I prefer eating by hand, but using spoons and forks would be okay.? Amir replied Ran.

?I?ll go and fetch those for you.? Ran then disappeared into the kitchen.

Later, Ran came back with a shiny spoon and fork. They ate breakfast together, and after that they sat in the living room. They then started chatting, with Yukari explaining their whereabouts, and that?s when Ran inquired a question.

?I heard from Yukari-sama that the two of you are a youkai. Is that true??

?Not really. I?m a hanyou, because otou-san and my okaa-chan are a half-youkai.? Arikado explained. ?Amir is once a human, until someone gave him this pendant.? He showed them to the pendant looped around Amir?s neck.

The amber pendant glimmered as sunlight hits it.

?Ah, that?s a beautiful pendant.? Yukari said. ?Who gave it to you??

?Thanks, Miss Yukari. Someone named Colonel Schneider gave it to as some sort of a present, but I ended up being some sort of a guardian to it.? Amir said. ?I liked the cat traits this pendant gave me, because my mother pets me every time I?m done doing my school homework.?

?I see that pendant did turn you into a nekomata.? Ran exclaimed.

Amir frowned when he heard that remark.

?Uh? Miss Ran, what?s a nekomata?? Amir asked, clearly confused.

Apparently, Amir Hakim was not like his older brother ? Amar ? who happened to indulge a lot about Japanese mythology and stuff. The only words that were stuck in his memory were Reika?s position as a shrine maiden, and her family of foxes. Most terminology that Amar often told to Amir was often forgotten.

But, even if he understands it, he didn?t know why Ran kept calling him a nekomata. Sure, he knew that neko means cat, but a nekomata?

?A nekomata is a youkai cat.?

?Excuse me? A youkai? But Miss Ran, I am a human!?

?Your scent is similar to a nekomata, like Chen.?

?And considering that you?re pretty young in human age, I suppose that it?s too early to have your tail being split into two like Chen?s tails.? Yukari said.

Silence falls immediately when Yukari uttered those words. Amir turned around and took a good look at his black tails, which were swishing around in confusion.

????!?!? Amir was pretty much shocked. ?Since when did it split and why didn?t I feel this earlier??

?I think you?re powerful enough to have your tail split into two.? Ran said.

Chen was obviously happy at this revelation. Amir on the other hand, was quite the opposite.

?Yaaay! Amir-chan is like Chen! We now had two tails!? She cheered, hugging the black cat boy.

Amir blushed as Chen kept hugging him.

?I?m sure you and Chen would get along pretty well.? Yukari made a remark.

?I think so.? Amir said.

Then, a voice could be heard calling Chen from outside of the house. ?Cheeen! Are you in there? Come on! Let?s play!?

Chen then stood up. ?Well, I think Wriggle and the others are waiting, so I?ll better go now.? The catgirl then turned to the boys. ?Aren?t you two following me??

?We?ll be right behind you.?


Chen flashed a happy smile as she skipped out of the house. Amir and Arikado followed suit, leaving both Ran and Yukari at the household.

When the two boys and Chen had left, Ran questioned Yukari about the boys.

?Do you think that they would be able to defend themselves if they are in danger??

?I do, Ran.? Yukari said. ?I had been watching over the two, especially Amir, since I had been stalking his older brother few years ago, and then her sister.?

?But just why did you do this? Don?t you think that their parents would be worried?? Ran questioned her master.

The gap youkai smiled. ?I did this on their consent.?

?I hope that they?ll be alright??

?They will. Don?t worry about it too much, Ran.?

Chapter 3 coming up soon.



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Re: Touhou Kuroneko ~ The Black Cat from the Outside World
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Chapter 3 is here! Read on, people.

    CHAPTER 3: The Red-White and the Black-White

~Gensokyo, Scarlet Lake [Morning]~

Because of the fact that both Amir and Arikado could not fly yet, they chose to jog beside Chen, who was flying at their eye level. Joining them were Chen?s friends, who were about the same age as them.

?So, the two of you are from the outside world?? One of the girls asked. She had green hair and a pair of insect antennas coming out from her head. She?s Wriggle Nightbug.

?Yep.? Amir replied.

?How did the outside world look like??

?It?s full with buildings ? in the city, by the way. We go to school five days a week for five hours. Some people like Amir had religious school sessions for two hours or so, Wriggle.?

?I see.?

?Well, in the weekends we can play a lot. My brother sells a lot of cakes in the outside world, while my sister is studying abroad.?

?What is abroad??

?In another country that is foreign to us.?

?Oh, I see.?

Chen then looked at Amir with joy in her eyes. ?You brother bakes cakes? I want cakes, nya~!?

?Well, he?s in the outside world.? Amir said. ?If I could travel back and buy some cakes, I?ll be sure to share some with you girls.? 
?We?re almost there.?

The girls then stopped flying and then they landed next to a lake. Amir and Arikado stopped right beside them.

?Hey Cirno! Daiyousei! We?re here! Hurry up!?

A voice replied from behind the trees at the lake. ?Coming!?

And then two more girls, both of them wearing a blue dress appeared. The boys later learned that the one with ice shards for wings were Cirno and the other one was Daiyousei. Chen introduced the boys to both Cirno and Daiyousei.

After all that shaking hands and some stupid questions, there are now 8 of them. They started playing hide and seek, and Cirno was the seeker.


After playing hide and seek for a while, Cirno was the first one to be bored. Both Amir and Arikado were a good hider and a good seeker respectively, and the two would win easily.

While they were on their way to the Human Village, Chen suggested that they should visit the Hakurei Shrine.

~Gensokyo, Hakurei Shrine [Afternoon]~

?Sheesh? no visitors again, today? I guess the donation box?s empty again??

Instead of climbing the steps, the boys and girls chose to sneak up on Reimu in order to surprise her. She could be seen sweeping the grounds at the shrine, and of course, mumbling about the donations that she didn?t get.

?Is she always like this??


Amir looked around, but he didn?t see Arikado among the group.

?Hey, where?s Arikado?? Amir asked.

After a quick look around, they saw the fox at the offering box, dropping in some coins. There was a moment of silence, before Reimu came running towards the offertory box.

?Good morning, miss shrine maiden.? Arikado greeted Reimu while smiling.

?Good morning.? Reimu then started with a question. ?I haven?t seen you before. Don?t tell me that you were from the outside world.?

?Well, I am, and came here with my friends.?

?Where are they??

Arikado turned around and waved to the place where Amir and the other girls were hiding. The black cats got out first, followed by the darkness youkai, the nightbug, the night sparrow and lastly the ice fairies. Add Arikado into the team, and the [font=&quot]⑨[/font] team is short just by a person.


After introducing themselves, Reimu invited the black cat and fox for tea. She started questioning on how the boys end up in Gensokyo.

?What were you two doing when Yukari brought you to Gensokyo??

Arikado scratched his head to find an answer. However, Amir beat him to it.

?Arikado had me to follow him for some moon-sighting at our favorite tree, so I had to watch over him.?

(NOTE: Arikado was younger than Amir Hakim by three or four years. Amir is eleven year old, like Arikado?s sister, Mokona.)

?I see.? Reimu said, sipping her cup of tea. ?And where are the two of you were staying now??

?Mayohiga. Yukari told us to live with her and her shikigami for a while, until she could get us back home.?

Reimu sighed. ?I don?t think that you two would be back anytime soon.?

?What? Why?s that?? Amir asked.

?The border would be weakened enough for you to return for the next 60 years. The nearest possibility that you can get home is by the next 5 years.?

?That means I would be at least 16 when I got home.?

?Don?t worry about it too much. You know Yukari?s a youkai. She could send the two of you back home if the condition permits her to do so.? The miko said, noticing the tears welling up in Arikado?s eyes.


?Don?t worry. While you?re here, you can learn a lot of things.? The shrine maiden tried to comfort Arikado. ?Can you two fly yet?? Reimu asked.

?No.? Amir and Arikado said in unison.

?Hold on, maybe I can fly, but I?m trying to remember the techniques.?

?Well, if Marisa came here to visit, maybe you can ask her if she can teach you to fly, Amir.?

Outside of Reimu?s house, the boys? sensitive ears caught some whooshing noises, before someone appeared at the door.

?Speak of the devil.?

?Morning, Reimu! I came here to play, ze!?

?Oh, it?s the black-white witch.? Cirno exclaimed.

?How rude. You should be calling people by their proper name.? Marisa then turned to Amir and Arikado. ?Oh, what do we have here??

?They?re from the outside world, Marisa.? Reimu said. ?Yukari brought them here, like usual.?

?You?re so cute, ze!? Marisa said as she hugged Arikado. ?Oh you too.? She ruffled Amir?s hair. ?I?m Marisa Kirisame and I?m a witch. And you two would be??

?Arikado Yamato.?

?Amir Hakim.?

?Ah. Your name?s not really that hard to pronounce, Amir.? Marisa said, with Arikado?s head is still rested on the black-white witch?s lap.

Not a moment too soon, the fox fell asleep. 

?Miss Marisa???


?Can you teach me how to fly??

?Flying lessons, Amir??

Amir vigorously nodded, as if he was begging for the black-white witch to teach him on how to fly. 
?Hmm? I think I can teach you on how to fly, but you gotta train in danmaku first, kitty!?

?Eh, is it really that complicated??

?Not really.? Marisa said. ?If you can fire bullets, you could fly.?

Amir becomes even more confused with Marisa?s explanation.

Upon noticing Amir?s confused face, Reimu started explaining instead.

?There are many ways to protect you from the danger of being eaten by youkai, Amir. One of them is danmaku. As you see, this method suits you perfectly well.?

Amir remembered the moment he had this blinding orb darting to his direction. He was hit squarely, but he only passed out. The same thing goes for Arikado who was caught in the crossfire.

?What if I don?t??

?To strengthen your body from danmaku attacks, you need to train in making one. Without sufficient trainings, you?d be surely got killed from it ? even if you?re not a normal human.?


?It?s like? uh, what you called it? a barrier jacket, ze.?

Instantly, words poured into Amir?s head. ?Oh, I get the point. Danmaku is like a firefight and without proper protection against it you could die from it, right??

?? I don?t get what you?re saying but at least you know what you?re talking about.?

After all that explaining and additional information about the Spell Card Rules, Amir and the others returned home at afternoon. One thing that stuck in Amir?s mind was that he needed to find someone who can teach him to fly and learn danmaku as well. 


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Re: Touhou Kuroneko ~ The Black Cat from the Outside World
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    CHAPTER 4: Playing with Thunder? and Bullets

During lunch, Amir was extremely quiet. Unlike Arikado who were happily telling Yukari and Ran about what happened at the shrine today, the black cat was quiet.



?Why are you so quiet??

?I?ve been thinking about what did the Hakurei shrine maiden told me back at the shrine.?

?What did she told you??

?Something in the lines that ?you had a special power hidden in you?, I suppose.? Arikado interrupted.

?Is that so??

Yukari kept her stare on Amir, which absolutely made the black cat feeling very uneasy.

?Don?t you think that the shrine maiden is not actually lying??

??I have no idea.?

?Amir, Amir. The shrine maiden is not lying. She felt your power. That?s why she said that. It?s waiting to be used.?

Yukari finished with her lunch, and she asked Amir to meet her outside of the house after he?s done eating. Amir quickly emptied his bowl of rice with Chen and Arikado imitating him. Ran, on the other hand stared at the three youngsters blankly.

?Thanks for the meal!? Chen and Arikado exclaimed, while Amir made a quiet prayer.

Before Ran could say anything, the youngsters had already ran out of the dining room.

?Miss Yukari, we?re here!?

?That was fast.?

Once the youngsters were gathered, Yukari explained the spellcard rules to Amir Hakim and Arikado Yamato. Once she was done with the explanation, Amir asked the gap youkai a question.

?Questions, Amir??

?How do we fire danmaku?? The cat boy asked.

?It?s as simple as imagining a picture in your mind. The only difference is that you need to use the powers you have.?


?That?s not all. Look up, Amir.?

Yukari opened a gap right above Amir?s head. When he looked up it struck him.


It was a thunder bolt and it shocked him right on his face. As a result, Amir was burned and smoldered, but he was still standing there. A little shocked, Amir blinked his eyes for a while before he shook off the ashes off his clothes.

Miraculously, he was still standing there in one piece, aside from his soot-covered clothes and the spiked hair.

?A-Amir! Are you okay?!? Arikado panicked when he sees Amir got struck down by lightning.


?I?m fine? I think.?

Suddenly, something woke up inside Amir Hakim. With the help of Yukari, he had become conscious with the power of electricity.

He could feel the power emanating inside him.

?You see? Like your brother and sister, you can control at least an element. Amar could manipulate fire, Hannan could manipulate both ice and water, and you can manipulate thunder.? Yukari said. ?That?s why you?re still alive even the thunder bolt had hit you dead on.?

?Do you think the pendant had anything to do with this, Yukari-sama??

?I think so.?

?So that explains why my brother survived every time he did the rocket jump!?

?Uh? what?s a rocket jump?? Chen asked.

?It?s like this: blow the ground below you with a firebomb and then use the impact to fly.?

?Sounds dangerous.? Ran exclaimed.

?It is. Anyone who got too near would be blown away - at least not blown to bits.?

While Amir was ranting on how badass his older brother really was, Yukari got up and she went into her room. Few minutes later, she returned back to the living room, holding few cards with colorful patterns in her hands.

?Amir, Arikado, come here, please.? Yukari called the boys, as she sat down next to the tea table. There, she put down the cards, showing it to the boys.

?What is this? Is it a spell card??

?Yes it is, dear. Before you came here, I created these cards. However, I did not see anyone I brought to Gensokyo who is able to use these spell cards. You two filled the criteria.? Yukari said. ?Amir, these cards is yours.?

Yukari placed three cards in front of Amir Hakim. The first one reads ?Thunder Cat Sign [Volt Tackle]?, the second one was ?Flash Sign [Flash Spark]?, and the third one was ?Thunder Cat Sign [Thunder Alpha].?

?Sweet. Pikachu?s Volt Tackle.? Amir blurted out; when he noticed  Arikado was staring at him. ?What??

Arikado looked away. ?It?s nothing.?

Smiling at the boys? antics, Yukari pulled out another set of three cards.

For Arikado, he got the cards ?Earthquake [Ground Shaker]?, ?Fire Sign [Flame Thrower]? and ?Psychic Sign [Brainshock Alpha]?.

?[Ground Shaker]? I hadn?t even learned PK Ground yet.?

?Remember boys, spell cards can be captured. If you defeat someone in a danmaku battle, you can capture a card and vice versa.? Yukari explained. ?Do you two understand everything so far??

?I think so.?

?Me too.?

?Good.? She praised. ?Just be careful on whom you are fighting with.? She said.

?We will!? The boys promised.


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Re: Touhou Kuroneko ~ The Black Cat from the Outside World
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Continuing from the last chapter...Enjoy.   

CHAPTER 5: Spell Card, Spell Card?

As the boys disappeared from their sight, Yukari called Chen.

?Chen, come here please??

The black cat skipped over happily. ?Yes, Yukari-sama?? 

?I forgot to teach them about the spell card activation. Can you follow them and teach them on how to use the cards??

?Sure thing!? She said.

?Okay, you may go. Have fun, Chen.?

Chen gave a salute, before she transformed into her cat form and disappeared to follow the boys.


After a while running, the boys reached a clearing not too far from the Yakumo residence. They were so excited to see the cards in their hands.

?Sweet, now we have our own spellcards!? Amir giggled happily.

?Do you want to test it now??

?Of course! Who wouldn?t??

?But wait, how do we use a spellcard again??

Amir hung his head in shame. ?I don?t know??

While the boys were struggling to recall what Yukari had said earlier, they didn?t notice the rustling noises coming towards their direction.

?If you don?t know, ask someone who does!? A voice came out from nowhere. Chen then jumped out from the tall grass, startling the boys. ?I can teach you guys on how to activate your spellcards, but in one condition.? Chen said.

?What is it??

?Let?s play danmaku!? Chen announced, as she started floating on air.

As soon as Chen started spinning around while firing bullets in a pattern, Amir and Arikado tried to evade all of them.

?A quick tip: Don?t evade the bullets if they were just only a few of them. Try grazing them.?

?So how do we graze a bullet??

?Don?t move around too much. Just stand or fly right next to them would be sufficient.? Chen said. ?You might want to consider grazing lasers, since they?re painful but its worth for your survival.?


?Now let?s have a practical test!?

For several times the boys and Chen exchanged bullets in different patterns and types. Since both of them were fairly new to danmaku, Amir and Arikado had to spray bullets like an automatic shotgun.

?Well, is it fun?? Chen asked. ?Alright, maybe Yukari-sama had told this earlier but I?ll repeat it for you guys. Remember one thing: you got to capture a card as soon as possible. They can wear off if you wait for too long. But if you are into survival, just hang on until it wears off.?

Amir and Arikado nodded slightly.

?Also, to declare your spellcard, you got to hold the card out and announce its name. It?s pretty simple.?


While Chen was explaining, Cirno, Daiyousei, Rumia, Mystia and Wriggle approached them.

?Morning, Amir-kun. What?re you doing?? Wriggle asked as she landed beside the black cat.

?Morning, Wriggle. Yukari-sama had given us our own spellcards, so Chen?s giving us lessons on how to use them.?

?And danmaku basics too.?

Mystia began singing with her cheerful; voice. ?Spellcard battles need practice~ bu~t practice makes perfect~??

?I wish you can say that again.?

?Say, Amir, Arikado, how about we hang out at the Hakurei Shrine? You could ask Reimu more about the spellcard rules.?

Amir turned to Arikado to ask him if the kitsune is interested, and he agreed without saying anything.

?So it?s decided then. Let?s go to the shrine.? Wriggle said, floating on the air. ?Since you can?t fly yet, grab my hand.?

Amir was a little concerned about his weight when he held Wriggle?s hands, but she took off without hindrance. The same goes for Arikado, who was carried by Chen.

--- Hakurei Shrine ---
When they reached the Hakurei Shrine, the group of could see Reimu sweeping the shrine grounds. Marisa was there too, sitting at the corridors. The black-white witch waved at the youngsters when she saw them.

Reimu, on the other hand was quite annoyed when she saw the girls and the boys flying around, but it quickly subsided when Arikado ran over to the offertory box dropped a few coins into it.

?You sure know how to calm her.?

Arikado smiled brightly. ?My mother is a youkai miko, and there are times I donate to our shrine.? He said. ?We don?t care about donations much since my dad?s salary is enough to maintain our family.?

?I see.?

?Not yet. I?m trying to figure out my regular bullet, and um? the patterns too.?

?Hey Amir, do want to know what happened last night??

?What is it, Wriggle??

?Last night I heard Cirno and the other fairies were arguing.? 
?About what?? Amir asked.

?Your gender. Of all things.? She said. ?It was so noisy that I had to sleep in Mystia?s house.?

The black cat dropped his jaws in disbelief. ?Did she have anything else to argue about??

?Figures.? Wriggle said. ?You know Cirno?s an idiot.?


When she heard her name being mentioned, the ice fairy floated down.

?I am a boy, Cirno.? Amir started.

?No you?re not. You?re a girl, like Wriggle and the rest us. ?

?What about Arikado??

?He?s not a girl.?

?Just because I?m wearing shorts does it mean I am a tomboy??

She nodded, much to the black cat?s irritation.

Amir was resisting the urge to either punch or slap Cirno in the face, but he was resisting himself from doing so, until?

?all in a sudden, he felt Cirno yanking on his shorts. His cat ears could hear Mystia and the others gasp in surprise.

Arikado on the other hand pointed down.

The black cat looked down and saw Cirno had pulled his shorts to his knees revealing his drawers ? light blue and striped like a girl?s. At this moment Amir?s face was blushing in deep red while Cirno was giggling nervously. She quickly flew off the ground as the black cat came into his senses, with his steam blowing off.

?CIRNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!? Amir yelled on top of his lungs.

Amir started to give a chase, and he jumped off the hill while trying to grab the ice fairy?s leg.

However, he missed Cirno and he fell down the hill.

?Amir!? Arikado yelled, as he quickly floated to

But instead of falling off the hill like a rock, Amir actually gained altitude and he started flying towards Cirno like a rocket.


Before long, he had caught up with the ice fairy, and Amir quickly wrapped his arms around Cirno?s neck in a submissive hold, simply said, he was choking her.

?Okay, okay! Eye?m sorry! Eye?m sorry!?

?Now what was that stupid question you asked just now??
 ?You?re a boy, neko-kun! You?re not a girl!?


Finally, Amir let the ice fairy go. Cirno gasped for air when she was set free, while the black cat returned back to the place where Arikado and the others were.

?You know what you just did??


?You were FLYING, Amir. You were flying!?

?Uh? what? Wait, did you just say I was flying a while ago??

Arikado smacked his forehead and sighed. Reimu, Marisa and the others circled around the exhausted black cat to congratulate him ? except Cirno.

?Congratulations, black cat. You just learned on how to fly.? Reimu congratulated.

Marisa gazed at the black cat, before giving two thumbs up.

Just then, they heard some shutter clicks. It was none other than Aya Shameimaru ? the crow tengu ? taking pictures with her camera.

?What a scoop! I think the most suitable caption for the Bunbunmaru Times headline is ?The Black Cat from the Outside World is wearing a girl?s panties!? She exclaimed aloud, writing something in her notebook.

At this point Amir was blushing in a deep red color.

?W-w-w-what do you mean by that?!?

As Amir was chasing Aya around, Arikado saw Yukari ? who was floating high in the air while sitting on her gap, flashing a smile at the boys.
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Yes, an actual update!

CHAPTER 6: To the Scarlet Devil Mansion; In Search of a Vampire?s Servant!

Because it was her daily routine, Ran has to travel to the Human Village for groceries. Once in a while she would bump into familiar faces, especially Sakuya Izayoi, the head maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

Her trip today to the market at the Human Village was pretty much the same, and as expected, she bumped into Sakuya again.

?Oh, morning, Miss Ran.?

?Morning, Sakuya.?

?Sakuya-san, Hold up~?

?Who?s this?? Ran asked when the girl in maid clothes approached the head maid.

?She?s Asahina Mikuru. Our new maid at the mansion.?

While she and Sakuya were chatting to each other, Ran knew that Mikuru came from the Outside World. What took her the most is her skin color, which looks similar to Amir Hakim?s.

?I?m going to ask Yukari-sama about her later.? She thought.

~Mayohiga, Yakumo Residence [Afternoon]~

When Ran returned home, the first thing that was in her mind is that she was going to ask Yukari about the girl with Sakuya. Lucky for her, her master was wide awake, and once she finished placing the groceries in the freezer, Ran quickly approached her master.

?Yukari-sama, did you happen to spirit away a girl from the outside world??

?No.? She answered. ?The last ones were those boys.?

?So who was that girl I saw? Sakuya said that she?s from the outside world, but how can she get past the border??

?I?ll check on it later.?

Little did Ran knew, Yukari had something else in her sleeves.

~Scarlet Devil Mansion, Front Gate [Evening]~

When the gap opened, Amir and Arikado landed slowly on the ground. They stood up and saw a large mansion painted in red.

?This is the Scarlet Devil Mansion. I believe that maid is working here, at least that what Ran says.? Yukari said. ?Just be careful, Remilia is the master of this house and she is a powerful vampire.?

The boys stared at each other?s eyes. ?I should be going now. Be careful, boys.?

As Yukari?s disappeared into the thin air, Amir and Arikado stared at the large gate about a few feet away from the place they?re standing.

On the left part of the gate, there was a woman dressed in a Chinese-like outfit, sleeping while sitting on a stool. Amir guessed that she was a gatekeeper.

?Well, it?s no use if we ask her if we can get in. How about we transform and get inside?? Arikado suggested, waving a small leaf in his right hand.

?Good idea.?

Arikado placed the leaf he was holding on his head and made some incantations, while Amir simply grasped on his amber pendant. Seconds later, there was a puff of smoke and when the smoke dissolved into the thin air, a small black cat and fox replaced the boys.

Amir and Arikado squeezed past the gate.

The door to the mansion was left ajar, and it was enough for the two to squeeze in.

?Man, that gatekeeper is either lazy or careless.?

?I think it?s both.?

Once they are inside the mansion, both black cat and fox transformed back into their human form.

?Wait, is this place is smaller in the outside rather than the inside??

?I don?t know.?

?So, where should we going first?? Arikado asked. ?This place is larger than a castle to begin with.?

?How about that door over there?? Amir said, pointing at a double door. ?Let?s go and take a look.?

?Good idea.?

Amir neared the door, and pushed it slowly so that nobody would notice that they?re inside.

Once they?re inside, both black cat and fox were greeted by enormous bookshelves. The bookshelves were many times higher than them, and they were towering up as if they were skyscrapers in the city.

?Wow. This place is huge.? Amir exclaimed. ?There are a lot of books here too.?

?I wonder how people could reach the books on top of the shelves.?

?If they can fly, I wouldn?t be that amazed.?

~Scarlet Devil Mansion, Magic Archive Voile [Evening]~

Deeper into the giant library, there was a large table, and someone was reading the books that were piling like a mountain there.

?Milk tea, Patchouli-sama??

?Put it over there, Sakuya.? Patchouli said, pointing at an empty space on the packed table.

The silver-haired girl in maid clothes ? Sakuya ? placed the cup of milk tea on the table where Patchouli had asked her to.

?Is there anything else that I can do, Patchouli-sama??

?Well, that black-white is not here for the day, so you?re dismissed.?

Sakuya nodded, and she turned around, before she started to leave the library.

But before Sakuya could leave, Patchouli called her again.


?What is it, Patchouli-sama?? The silver-haired girl responded.

?There?s someone else other than the two of us in this library. Why don?t you check it out?? She asked. ?And I don?t think it?s that black-white. She usually barges in here, rather than going in silently.?

?Understood.? Sakuya said, before she headed towards the location where the boys were reading.

?There are a lot of books here, but I can?t even understand any of them.? Amir said. ?It?s full of weird language and signs.?

?Well, with those weird signs and circles, I think it should be some sort of those weird magic rituals.?

?How did you know?? Amir asked, not looking up from the book he was reading.

Arikado returned the book he read had into the shelves. ?When you match Evangeline and magic, you knew the results.?


Suddenly, Amir?s cat ears and Arikado fox ears twitched. They heard someone walking inside the library.

 ?Did you hear that?? Amir?s alerted whisper was the first to break the silence.

??Yeah, I think so.? Arikado responded as he heard the stepping noises again.

?Uuu? I think sneaking inside someone?s house like this is a bad idea? let?s get out of here.?


But before they could make a move, Sakuya was already behind them.

?Hold it right there.?

Amir and Arikado jolted as they heard the voice. Both of them turned around to see Sakuya standing not too far away from them, while crossing her arms.

?My, my. What do have here?? Sakuya said, as she walked ominously towards the boys. ?What are you two doing here?? The silver-haired maid questioned.

Without replying to Sakuya?s question, Amir and Arikado quickly placed the book they?re reading before they turned around and started to run in an attempt to escape from some possibly unimaginable things. However, they can?t.

They were frozen dead in their tracks ? as Sakuya had stopped their time. Sakuya then tied the boys with a rope she pulled out from nowhere and brought them up to Patchouli.

When she arrived there, she returned the flow of time.

?Patchouli-sama, I?ve found the intruders.? Sakuya said, dragging the boys along. ?Apparently they?re just a small youkai cat and fox.? She stopped when she?s near enough to Patchouli. ?I think I?ll give that gatekeeper a lesson after this.? The maid mumbled.

?What are you two doing here?? Patchouli asked.

Amir did the explaining, as Arikado was too scared to do so. ?Miss Yukari had sent us here?? He coughed. ?To look for the new maid??

Patchouli asked on. ?What for??

?Patchouli-sama, he might be mentioning Asahina Mikuru.?

The moment Sakuya mentioned the new maid?s name, Remilia came flying in.

?Ah, what do we have here??

?Ojou-sama.? Sakuya addressed her mistress. ?I found them snooping around in the library. They?re looking for the new maid, by the way.?

Remilia flew lower and she softly landed on the floor on her feet.

?If you?re mentioning Asahina, she?s busy doing her chores in the West Wing.? Remilia then turned to Sakuya. ?Untie them.?

The silver-haired maid nodded, and she cut the ropes with her knife.


Sakuya then left the enormous library, before heading towards the mansion?s gate, probably to do the usual teaching to Meiling.

Remilia showed the boys around the Scarlet Devil Mansion. She then offered red tea for the boys after the long walk, which the color of the tea reminded them of blood. Sakuya was there with them.

?It?s rare to see a visitor other than the black-white.? Remilia said.

?You mean Marisa, Miss Remilia? What does she often do here?? Arikado asked as he slowly sipped the hot tea.

Remilia sighed. ?Yes, it?s Marisa. She often came here to ?borrow? ? or rather steal - the books from our library. But, right now she?s more focused on playing with Flandre.?

?Who?s Flandre??

?My younger sister.? Remilia replied. ?Marisa often came here to play with Flandre and if she had the chance, she?ll steal some books in the process.?

Not too long after that, they heard some commotion outside of the room. Upon hearing that, Remilia and Sakuya quickly rushed outside of the tea room.

?Not again?? She sighed.
?What was that??

?I don?t know. Let?s go and take a look.?

As Amir and Arikado ran out of the tea room, they took the stairs to investigate where that explosion came from.

Eventually, they came upon a large cloud of smoke billowing up from the basement.

The boys stood in their spot, making an aggressive stance. As the smoke dissipated, a silhouette of a young girl with gem-encrusted wings could be clearly seen.

?Hmm? Who are you two??

Flandre then walked towards the two youngsters with a curious look in her eyes.

?I could use a good playmate or two?? She said devilishly.


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CHAPTER 7: U. N. Owen Was Her

The way Flandre stared at them was a sign that she was more interested than just playing together. Amir made a quick glance to Remilia, in which the vampire was giving them a concerned look. Both black cat and fox could feel the evil energy emanating from the glass-winged vampire.

They need to escape from her, before anything else goes wrong.

?Arikado, when I count to three, split up, run and get backup.? Amir whispered to Arikado?s ears.

?What about you?? The small fox questioned.

?I?ll fight her while you go back to Mayohiga and get Miss Ran for backup.? He whispered a reply. ?Ready??

Arikado nodded slightly.

?One? two? RUN!?

Upon the signal, Arikado and Amir ran in different directions. The young fox ran in search for the main door, while the black cat ran towards Flandre, running past her (just right below her legs) and he headed towards the opposite hallway.

?Forbidden Sign [Four of a Kind]!? Flandre exclaimed, activating her spell card, thus created three copies of herself. ?Catch the fox before he gets away!?

?Got it!?

Before long, Flandre and her copies started a chase for both Arikado and Amir Hakim. Remilia and Sakuya gave chase to the real Flandre.

?Ojou-sama, is it fine to leave the boy with Mistress Flandre??

?It?s okay.? Remilia replied her maid. ?He?ll be fine.?

?But leaving him with Mistress Flandre is dangerous. She might kill him.? Sakuya said.

?She wouldn?t kill anybody if I?m around. Or at least someone from his bloodline might prevent Flandre from going too far.?

Thanks to his swift footwork, Amir managed to make Flandre lose his tracks. He?s on the safe side, at least for now.

As Remilia and Sakuya passed his hiding spot, Amir fell to his knees, panting heavily.

?Phew? I?m beat?.? He said. ?I wonder if Arikado?s all right.?

While Flandre we busy finding Amir, the black cat took his time to rest and replenish his energy. He was quite certain that Flandre would not find him?

?That is, until she suddenly materialized right above him.

?I found you~!? Flandre exclaimed, with a devilish grin marked on her face.

?Oh no.?

?Taboo [Laevatain]!? She yelled.

Amir quickly jumped on his feet, running away from the glass-winged vampire. Before long, Flandre had destroyed the part he was standing a while ago with her wavy spear.

Determined that the best way to escape is fight, Amir stood up while facing Flandre, ready to fight back. He had his [Volt Tackle] card tucked in his left wristband.

?This time we fight.? He said, trying to buy Arikado some time.

?We?ll see who?ll win.?


Without warning, Flandre unlashed a large number of energy bullets towards Amir. The black cat had to avoid the densely packed bullets, but because he can?t dodge (Considering the lack of room to make a complete evasion) yet, he had to graze the bullets.

While he was grazing the packed bullets, Amir noticed that Flandre hardly moved during the attacks. He decided to fire back ? as in some sort of a counter attack.

?Thunder Cat Sign [Thunder Beta]!?

Because Flandre was too focused on firing her energy bullets, Amir managed to strike the vampire twice with his thunderbolts. As she recoils from the powerful attack, Amir pulled his favorite spell card, Volt Tackle.

?Thunder Cat Sign [Volt Tackle]!? Amir announced, as he charged electricity in his body.

As he had completed charging, Amir lowered his altitude, he darted towards Flandre while releasing a lot of thunder bolts. At first Flandre missed the black cat, but Amir managed to turn around and he shocked her with each graze or direct hits.

Irritated by the direct hits she was getting, Flandre activated Laevatain once again. By the time she activated her spell card, Amir?s Volt Tackle had been out of charge.

Flandre took her chance to attack the flustered two-tailed nekomata, but her timing was faltered as Amir shot a number of thunder-infused bullets to Flandre.

The glass-winged vampire also copied the same tactic, except that her bullets were much larger, and they were much greater in term of numbers. Again, Amir managed to squeeze through the bullets as he shot more thunder bullets.

Flandre activated another spell card she had in hand.

?Taboo [Kagome, Kagome]!?

The moment she activated the spell card, a number of bullets appeared and lined around Amir Hakim. He couldn?t make a move because the green bullets were too tightly packed. This was the time he needed an escape.

?Thunder Cat Sign [Volt Tackle]!?

A loud boom could be heard as Amir flew straight to the ceiling before he turned around towards Flandre.

Before the jewel-winged vampire could touch the nekomata, she was hit by the black cat?s fast dart. He held his aim on Flandre by turning around and repeating the assault, unaware that his attack was not enough to hurt Flandre.

As his Volt Tackle started to dissipate, he could see Flandre was still floating at the place where she was a while ago.

?Forbidden Barrage [Starbow Break]!?

?Oh no!?

Amir had just allowed Flandre to counter-attack with her spell card in the confusion when his spell card deactivated, and what?s worse; he had no time to avoid the colorful bullets that is raining him. As a result, he was battered all over by the raining overhead bullets. It was not long until Amir was sent sprawling on the ground.

Flandre landed softly on the ground, smiling devilishly.

?No so tough now, eh, kitty??

Amir moaned in pain, trying to get up on his feet.

?Okay then?? She smirked boldly as she advanced towards the young boy. ?You know that the winner could do anything to the loser?? The vampire said when she pushed the weakened black cat on to his back.

?Who made up that rule?? Amir asked weakly as Flandre climbed on top of him, pinning his arms.

?It?s a general rule in Gensokyo~?

The black cat couldn?t make a witty reply because Flandre had already locked his lips with a kiss.

Sakuya had a slight nosebleed in the background.

The glass-winged vampire slowly pulled away from the long kiss, leaving a thin bridge of saliva between their mouths.

?Shall we do it next?? Flandre whispered lustfully as her right hand ran down to Amir?s shorts. Her fingers were already fiddling with the zipper.

?N-no! Don?t!? Amir pleaded.

However, Flandre ignored that nekomata?s pleadings as she had already pulled the zipper down.

Flandre then attempted to undress him, starting with his shorts. In the meantime, she started nibbling the black cat?s neck.

?Nyaaaah! Stop it!?

?I?m going to do it?? She teased.

But before Flandre could continue, someone interfered in order to stop her from going further.

?Ice Sign [Icicle Sphere ~ Vertical]!?

A ball of ice formed on top of Flandre and before the destructive vampire could do anything, it crashed on top of her head, knocking the wind out both vampire and nekomata.

Sakuya sighed as the attacker appeared in the hallway, quite far from the two.

?Do you really have to interfere, Mikuru??

 ?I?m sorry, ojou-sama, but I have to. She?s attacking ? or rather molesting - my little brother.? A black-haired girl said, standing next to the out-cold vampire. ?And that act with my own little brother is really sick, in the middle of the night, nonetheless.?

?Get used to it already.?

?My traditions say no.? Amirah Hannan retorted.

?Well, at least you do know how to use a spell card properly, Amirah Hannan.?

?Thanks, Miss Remilia.? Hannan then carried her younger brother on her back. ?I?ll take him to my room then.?

With that, Hannan quickly left the area with her younger brother on her back.


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CHAPTER 8: Hannan?s Story

~Scarlet Devil Mansion, Hannan?s Room [Day]~

When he woke up from that surprise attack, Amir stared at the ceiling as he tried to reminisce what had happened before he and Flandre passed out. Upon that thought, the black cat?s face turned bright red in embarrassment. Flandre had managed to steal his first kiss before Chen could.

And then comes the part where she had her hands in the wrong place? her scent, her breath was too close for comfort?

But, his reverie was broken when he heard someone entering the room.

?Oh, you?re awake, Amir??

?Sis!? Amir cheered, as his sister entered the room. He quickly gave his sister a hug.

?Ah, so he?s your little brother, Mikuru-chan? He?s so cute!?

?Yes he is, Koakuma.? Hannan said, ruffling Amir?s black hair.

?But what about the cat ears and tails??

Hannan frowned when Koakuma finished with her question. ?Didn?t I hear you say ?tails???

The woman beside her nodded and pointed to the split tails sprouting from Amir?s shorts to support her statement.

?Since when did your tail had split into two??

?It?s a long story anyways.? Amir said. ?But why are you here, sis??

Hannan sat on her bed, loosening her black pony-tailed hair, letting it free. ?Mine?s an even longer story. Do you care to hear it too, Koakuma??

?Sure. Why not? Lady Patchouli had given me a break after all.?

?Okay, here it goes then.?

Few days back Hannan was still in the outside world, she overheard a conversation from two college girls who kept talking about their club activities. One day, they placed on a location, and being adventurous, she decided to follow them. She was lucky that her boss, Shirogane gave all of his employees two weeks off after closing the shop for the day ? starting tomorrow.

Without hesitations, Hannan rushed back home and packed her backpack and followed the girls.

Upon arriving there, Hannan lost track of the girls, and didn?t know the fact that she actually had been wandering into the world of Gensokyo, and she went through the powerful spiritual barrier that had been dividing the outside world and Gensokyo without any obstructions.

That is, until she encountered a group of fairies as she ventured deeper into the forest. When the fairies put up a danmaku fight, Hannan quickly defended herself with her powers.

?ICICLE SPEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!? She yelled, calling on her first attack.

A large chunk of ice fell straight on one of the fairies? head, knocking the wind out of her. After a while fighting, the fairies retreated, leaving Hannan in the forest.

That?s when the problem started. As soon as she reached the forest, her vision blacked out. She was still conscious, but she could barely see anything, until she heard a girl?s voice, singing.

"Oh, traveler, traveler, bloodied red, red~.
She looks like she's scared out of her heady head~.
It's dark, too dark, indeed, for human eyes, eyes~.
But I'm selling a cure. It's true, no lies lies~.
All you need is to eat some tasty eel, eel~.
It?s the wondrous night blindness curing meal, meal~!
Sight returns with great speed, speed~.
Trust it, it's guaranteed, teed~!"

This is where she met Mystia Lorelei the night sparrow. Apparently, she was quite surprised when she learned that Hannan was not from Gensokyo. After eating grilled lampreys, her vision returned to normal.

But there lies another problem. She wanted to go back, but it was way too dangerous. The forest was darker than a moonless midnight, and if she?s going to make a reroute, she?s sure that she would be attacked by monsters.

Or being eaten by a hungry youkai, nonetheless.

While she was pondering on how to get back, the elegant maid Sakuya Izayoi flew over Mystia?s stand while she?s on her way to find Hong Meiling. Sakuya found the gatekeeper hiding behind Mystia?s stall, made a quick work with her (in this case, a knife stuck on the forehead.) before she dragged Meiling away.

Before Sakuya could depart, Hannan stopped her, in regarding if the maid could bring her to the human village.

?Nobody is awake in the human village right now.? She said. ?But I can bring you to my mistress, and see if you can stay there for a while.?

Hannan was delighted, and Sakuya flew away with Hannan holding her right hand.

However, upon arriving at the Scarlet Devil Mansion, Hannan had started getting bad vibes regarding the place where Sakuya had brought him. The atmosphere of the place was very dark, save for some lights coming from the candles.

Nevertheless, the maid had brought Hannan to meet Remilia Scarlet, and that?s when the trouble started.

?I see you had brought another human, Sakuya?? A female and girlish voice echoed in the room.

?Yes, Mistress Remilia.?

Inside the room was a pale skinned girl, wearing a pink dress and a poofy hat. Hannan could clearly see the bat wings.

?Can I ask you a question, Miss Remilia??

?Go ahead.?

?I heard that the girl who sold those grilled eels told me that I came from the outside world.? She said. ?What is this place anyway??

?You?re now in Gensokyo. This is a world which was separated from the world where you came from.? Remilia explained. ?I believe that you were here because of Yukari??

?No. I just walked here.?

?Can you tell me what your blood type is??

?B. Why did you ask??

She could clearly see Remilia?s devilish smile.

?Just asking.?

?Hold it. When you?re asking for something, there must be a reason.? Hannan said, pointing a finger at the vampire. ?You?re a vampire, aren?t you??

And then, she could hear Remilia chuckling. She then spread her bat-like wings, floating on air.

?You are right. Sadly though, humans who were brought here usually become my meal ? their blood, at least.? Remilia said, with the evil grin still on her face. ?Don?t worry. Sakuya and I will make a quick work with you.?

There was no turning back, except to fight Remilia and Sakuya in order to stay alive.

Even though Hannan was giving out all the resistance she could, she could not win the battle against the vampire Remilia. But, in spite of Remilia being victorious, Hannan was able to inflict heavy damage to her, thanks to her ability in ice manipulation.

Remilia made a quick bite in taking Hannan?s blood, but the vampire quickly pulled away when she had Hannan?s blood seep into her mouth.

?What?s wrong, ojou-sama??

?Bleh. She tastes like a fox.? Remilia remarked as she wiped the blood off her mouth with a tissue Sakuya offered.

?What should we do with her??

?Let her stay. We could use an extra maid.?

And beginning from that day, Hannan becomes one of Scarlet Devil Mansion?s new maids. She didn?t have quite the authority Sakuya had, but at least the fairy maids were getting along with her.

She had met everyone living there, including the anemic Patchouli and her familiar, Koakuma (which later becomes her best friend), the gatekeeper Hong Meiling (Hannan refused to call Meiling China because she felt pity for the gatekeeper) and Remilia?s younger sister, Flandre Scarlet.

Unlike Hannan?s Japanese friends from the outside world, Remilia had trouble on speaking Hannan?s Arabic name, so Remilia gave her a new name for convenience: Asahina Mikuru. Still, Remilia remained to call Hannan by her Arabic name.

While?s working as a maid, there are times that Hannan trains her ice manipulation skills to strengthen her powers. She often had sparring matches with Meiling, thanks to her black belt expertise in tae-kwon-do.


?So, where are you staying now?? Hannan asked Amir after she finished her story.

?In Mayohiga. Apparently the woman who ?kidnapped? me is taking care of me and Arikado. Her name?s Yukari Yakumo-? There was a slight pause. ?Wait, where?s Arikado??

And then?


Amir knew right off the bat that it was Arikado?s voice.

?Oh dear, looks like Flandre is at it again.? Koakuma stated.

?How about you recharge you batteries before you go??

Amir blinked at his older sister?s remark. ?Wait, what was that again??

?Never mind. Get to Arikado and get back home.?

Without any more questions, Amir rushed out of Hannan?s room and quickly ran towards Arikado?s location. He took the little fox away before the two ran out of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, and later, they flew all the back to Mayohiga.

By the time they arrived at the Yakumo household, Ran was preparing lunch when she saw the boys kneeling in front of the house, catching their breath.

?Oh, welcome back.? Ran greeted when she noticed the black cat and the fox at the mini-porch of Yukari?s house. ?Are you two okay??

?Yeah, sort of.?

?Where had you been yesterday and what did you two do, looking all red like that?? Ran asked a little bit more.

?Actually, we?re from the Scarlet Devil Mansion ?gasp- and we used Volt Tackle all the way back.? Amir replied while gasping for air.

??? Ran crossed her arms. ??Why are the two you were at the Scarlet Devil Mansion to begin with??

??? Both Amir and Arikado were speechless.

Then, Yukari appeared in the hallways, yawning.

?Oh, good morning, Ran.? Yukari greeted groggily. ?Oh, good morning, boys. Did you found your sister at the Scarlet Devil Mansion??

Amir and Arikado remained quiet, and they nodded their head once instead of saying yes.

Ran sighed while rolling her eyes away, before she ushered the boys to get inside for lunch ? white rice, some pickled mushrooms and Chen?s favorite, fried fishes.

Amir hardly talked about their visit to the Scarlet Devil Mansion, as he still remembered yesterday?s incident with Flandre.

That's it for now. Enjoy reading.


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Finally, a new chapter -_-;;

CHAPTER 9: Crash Course

The boys were delighted at the fact that they were able to fly freely in Gensokyo, something that can only be achieved by Arikado’s elder sister, Mokona. Routinely, the two left Mayohiga every morning for some thrill-seeking.

And to test their flight endurance, the youngsters made a shuttle run from Mayohiga to the Scarlet Devil Mansion to visit Amir’s sister, and they caught sight of Rumia flying around in her small sphere of darkness. Both of them later left the Scarlet Devil Mansion and then dropped by the Misty  Lake for a short while.

Amir and Arikado saw Cirno freezing and unfreezing frogs while Daiyousei is begging her to stop.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking, Arikado?”

“Err… plan revenge?”

“Exactly. I am still mad at her for pulling down my shorts the other day, so I’ll make her take that back.”

“…You mean by her skirt…?”

“Yeah.” The nekomata grinned. “We’ll rocket off and hide as soon as possible before she knew what’s coming.”

Arikado kept quiet as Amir took his distance from the ice fairy. When he was far enough the black cat stood up and ran towards the ice fairy, before taking off and flying as low as possible to the ground. Once was flying right beside her Amir kicked the ground and flew straight to the air like a rocket.

The winds kicks up with the sudden movement, and it blew her skirt and revealing her panties to Daiyousei who was standing facing Cirno.

It took seconds for her to register the sudden attack (and Daiyousei’s blushed face), and by the time she noticed what had happened she quickly took off and gave the boys a chase. However, the nekomata and kitsune had been long gone by then.


Amir flew next to Arikado as soon as he got down from the rocket flight. He looked a bit tired, and the kitsune quickly became worried.

“Amir, are you alright?”

“Sort of… my head feels so light…”

“If think you’re not well I suggest we’d better head home.”

“If that’s so.”

It was a rather slow flight home. Few minutes into the flight Arikado turned around to tell the black cat something…

But he’s not there.

The black cat was missing. His scent and his energy signature were gone.

“Amir? Where are you?”

Arikado started to panic that he couldn’t think straight, thus interrupting his concentration to fly.

The complete loss of concentration made his flight control awry, and as a result he fell. As he couldn’t gather his concentration in time to avoid himself from falling, all he could do now is scream.

Every ear in the vicinity heard that girlish scream. Not too long after that, they could hear a very loud crash, and later, a whimper.

“What was that?” A woman with long silver hair cast her gaze to the ceiling.

“I think I heard a scream.”
~Gensokyo, Eientei, [Afternoon]~

Arikado and Amir Hakim had been completely separated when the two took a nose dive to the ground. Apparently, Amir had landed right in front of a house, in the middle of the forest, while Arikado had landed right inside of another house in the thick bamboo thicket - right through the roof.

In Arikado’s crash site, he is still awake, even though his head had crashed first the roof of the house. There was debris everywhere, while Arikado was lying on the wooden floor face down, with cuts and bruises ran all over his body. His blue hakama and white kimono was torn in several places.

As he was lying there, trying to cope with the pain, he heard the footsteps of a group of people coming his way. He wished that they would help him, as he couldn’t stand the injuries he had.

“I think I found it.”

“That’s not ‘it’, Tewi. It looked like a youkai fox.”

“A youkai fox shouldn’t crash so badly like that.”

A silver-haired woman appeared in the hallway where the group of rabbits was gathering.

“What’s going on here?”

“Someone had crashed through the roof, master.”

Arikado struggled to maintain his consciousness by then. But, as he tried to get back on his feet, he fell back on his stomach helplessly.

“Uuuuuu…” Arikado sobbed in pain. “Okaa-chan…”

And after that, he blacked out.

The woman and a group of rabbits carrying a stretcher quickly neared Arikado. She gently lifted Arikado, suspecting he had broken some bones, before laying him on the stretcher. The rabbits then lifted the stretcher.

“Bring him to the healing wing.” The woman ordered.

“Eirin, what was that crash?”

“Oh, princess. Someone had fell from the sky and crashed through the roof. That boy must be badly injured, so I had just ordered the rabbits to bring him to the healing wing.”

“A boy?”

“A youkai fox, it seems.” The woman, Eirin, said. “But his energy signature was weaker than a youkai.”

“Well, I’ll leave him with you then, Eirin.”

~Bamboo Thicket, Mokou’s House [Afternoon]~


“Eh? Mokou? Who’s that boy?”

“I found him lying in in the bamboo thicket, injured. He looked like he had fallen from a high place, so I brought him in and take care of his wounds.” Mokou said. “The reason I called you is that I want to know where he came from.”


“What is it, Keine?”

The woman who was called as Keine replied. “This boy is a nekomata, but he doesn’t come from Gensokyo. I think Yukari had something to do with this.”

“So he’s from the outside world.” Mokou shrugged. “But… how did he fall from the sky anyway?”

Keine turns silent. “I think maybe it had something to do with his sudden vertical take off.”


The moment Keine finished her speech, Amir woke up.


“Oh, you’re awake.”

“Where am I?”

Keine stood up and then she sat right in front of Amir. “You’re in Mokou’s house. Mokou found you lying outside of her house in the bamboo thicket, and you were injured pretty badly.”

Amir turned to Mokou, and he said his thanks. However, Mokou only nodded once, before she turned away.

“What happened to you, anyway?” Keine asked.

Amir replied in a pained voice. “When I was flying with Arikado – my friend – over the bamboo thicket, I suddenly lost control of my own body and fell. I can’t tell where he ended up, but…”

Slowly, Amir tried to stand up.

“I need… to find… him…” Amir continued.

“Ah, wait… you’re not healed yet…” Keine tried to stop Amir from going on with his intentions.

“But I need to find Arikado… or else Mrs. Reika would be worried…”

Keine sighed. “No. You’re staying. You can’t fly looking like that. If you’re attacked, how are you going to protect yourselves if you leave your wounds unattended?” Keine objected Amir’s decision.

Amir tried to retaliate, but the pain was too much for him to bear, and as a result, he passed out again.

Mokou quickly caught Amir before he fell to the ground.

“Man. This cat is so stubborn.” Mokou exclaimed.

“I’ll lay the futon.”

Keine got up and took out a futon from Mokou’s closet. She then spread it on the floor, and then Mokou laid Amir on the futon.

“I guess that we need to keep an eye on him for a while then.” 
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From here on out, the real updates start.

Note: The original title for this chapter is ?Is it a Walk-In or a Full-Frontal Assault??


CHAPTER 10: Don?t Scare Me With Your Red Eyes!

~Eientei, Healing Wing [Afternoon]~
?There we go.? Eirin exclaimed as she finished bandaging Arikado?s leg. ?How are you feeling now??

?It still hurts a little.?

?So, what is your name then??

?Arikado Yamato.? Arikado replied, still in shock of the crash.

?My name?s Eirin Yagokoro. I?m in charge of the healing wing.? Eirin introduced herself. ?We heard you crashing through the roof earlier.?

?Ah.? Arikado gazed down on the cast around his left leg. ?So, Miss Eirin, where am I exactly??

?You are in Eientei, dear.? Eirin said, looking up from her clipboard with a sweet smile. ?You need a rest, and I?ll ask Reisen to send you back once you?re healed completely.?

?Okay.? Arikado replied shortly, before he laid his back on the bed. The pharmacist on the other hand rose Arikado?s right foot a bit before she placed it carefully on a support hanged from the wooden beams. She then left the room, closing the door behind her silently.

?How?s the boy, master??

?He?ll be fine.? Eirin said. ?I expect that Mokou and the were-hakutaku would be here soon to bring the boy back.?


?Just make sure princess knew nothing about their arrival in Eientei.? Eirin then turned around to face the girl with purple hair and crumpled rabbit ears. ?I?m counting on you, Reisen.?

The girl, whom was addressed as Reisen bowed to the elder. ?Yes, master.?

With that, the silver-haired pharmacist left the hallway, leaving the rabbit girl alone. A little while later, Reisen?s ears picked up the voice of a girl giggling.

?Tewi, I know you?re there.?

A little girl with short black hair and rabbit ears hopped into her field of vision.

?That kid?s gonna have a phobia regarding roofs now.? She chuckled as she neared Reisen.

?Hush, Tewi. You shouldn?t say that to Master?s patients??

Ignoring the taller rabbit, Tewi peered into the room by the gap between the sliding paper doors and saw Arikado sleeping soundly. She could even see the cast on the fox?s right foot from her position.

?Hey, I know that boy.?

?You do??

?I?ve seen him with Chen and the other new nekomata, playing danmaku like a beginner. Well, it?s no surprise since he?s rather new.?
?Eientei is right ahead.? Mokou said, pointing at a Japanese mansion hidden beneath the thich bamboo.

?Say, Mokou?? Keine started, with Amir walking next to her, hand in hand.


?Wouldn?t the rabbits of Eientei will attack you on first sight??

Mokou sighed. ?I?m fine with the rabbits in Eientei.? She said, ?It?s Kaguya who would attack me on first sight, if that?s what you?re asking.?
~(Eientei?s Entrance)~
?Here we are.? Mokou said. ?We?ll talk to Eirin, take your friend and go home. Just pray that you won?t see Kaguya around.?

A number of rabbits saw Mokou entering the compound, and one of them quickly alerted Eirin of the group?s presence.

However, Kaguya appeared to greet the group instead, which sparked tension between both Mokou and Kaguya by some insults and taunts coming from both sides.

?Here we go again?? Keine thought, shaking her head.

And once the fight started, Amir ran towards the side of the mansion. He took off his shoes, before he held his pendant to his forehead to turn him into a cat ? just like what he did back in the Scarlet Devil Mansion?s gates.

?Sneaking around never had been this easy as a cat, heh.?

After slipping through the gaps between the doors, Amir transformed back into his human state, pulling off the socks he wore before stuffing them into his pocket.

?Now where should I start first??
After 10 minutes of walking, Amir began to sense something was off. He could not hear Mokou or Kaguya shouting at all, plus the fact that both ends of the hallway were nothing but a fading horizontal line. Amir tried to ?escape? by exiting the hallway via the sliding paper doors but he ended up walking back to the hallway where he was.

Once he closed the door, the sliding door dissipates into nothingness. At this moment, fear began to creep inside the black cat?s mind, making his panic to rise steadily.

As if the scenario that just happened was not frightening enough, a pair of red eyes appeared right in front of his, making the black cat lost his composure. A dry laugh of a woman resonated throughout the hallway, which later prompted the black cat to turn around and run while screaming.

His run however was cut short when he bumped into someone ? and the illusion immediately disappeared soon after.

??ere you are.? The woman with the silver hair said, facing the black cat. ?There, there. It?s alright. You?re safe now.?

Upon noticing that the illusion had dissolved, the black cat started sobbing before he began to cry.

?I think that your illusion is too much for him, Reisen.? The woman said as she tried to calm Amir down.

?I-I-I?m sorry!!!? Resien stuttered her voice in panic, as she attempted to calm Amir down by stroking his cat ears softly.

It worked somewhat, as Amir?s cries were soon reduced to sobs after a few minutes.

?There, there.? Eirin said as she comforted the black cat.

Once Amir had calmed down, the silver-haired pharmacist led the black cat to the healing wing where Arikado was.

?I see that you and your friend, Arikado is not from Gensokyo, am I right?? She asked.

?Yes we are, Miss Eirin.?

Eirin chuckled. ?Just call me Eirin.?

?Okay?? He said, with little hiccups from the long sobs. ?So what happened to Arikado??

?Your friend crashed through the roof earlier today. He got a broken leg, some bruises and cuts, and he had fainted from all that. However, his fast recovery should make up for all that injuries he had.?

?Well, tha-?


Then, from out of nowhere, Tewi appeared and knocked out Amir with a wooden mallet she often used to pound mochi. Amir could not finish his sentence due to the impact ? which made him faint for the umpteenth time that day.


?Thank goodness that I managed to stop him before he could do anything else, Eirin-sama.? The black-haired rabbit said, stepping a foot on Amir?s back. ?Are you okay, Eirin-sama??

Eirin?s expression turned from shocked to frustration within seconds. In an instant, she scolded Tewi.

?Tewi, that boy is looking for Arikado! Why did you hit him?!? Eirin yelled at the earth-born rabbit. ?Put your feet off his back, now!?

The earth rabbit stayed silent as Eirin scolded her. After she finished her sermon to the earth rabbit, Eirin hauled the black cat into her arms before she brought Amir to the healing wing.
An hour later?

After being knocked out for a while, Amir woke up to sensation of something lukewarm being pressed on his temples, where the hammer met his head.

?So you?re finally awake.? Eirin said, as she kept pressing the warm cloth on the black cat. ?I took care of Tewi for her misconduct, so don?t worry about her for now.?

The black cat then glanced to the corner of the room and saw Keine sitting on a stool near the bed where Arikado was sleeping. Just like what Eirin said earlier, the little fox?s left foot was wrapped in a plaster cast.

There were also some bandages on his limbs, but other than that Arikado is all fine and dandy.  The only missing person in the mix was Mokou. Kaguya was not there either.

?Uh? where?s Mokou??

Keine didn?t answer much, as she just glanced out of the window.  ?They are outside, fighting over and over again.?


?Well, I think that would do for now.? The pharmacist said. ?Yukari would be here soon to fetch both of you back to your home.?

?I thought she was not in the house.?

A gap appeared in the roof, and Yukari popped out halfway.  ?Is that so?? She said, nearly making the black cat jump off his skin.

?Arikado?s not in the condition to fly, I?ll bring him home from here.? She then noticed Amir running out of the room. ?Where are you going, Amir??

Amir stopped at the door frame, turning around to look at the gap lady. ?I left my shoes outside; I?m going to get them first.? Before he walked out, Amir turned around and went back into the room to kiss Keine and Eirin?s hands.

The black cat ran out of the room, running past Reisen and Tewi in the hallway. He saw Kaguya and Mokou lying tiredly at the front lawn, and he waved at them before he pulled on his socks and then his shoes.

A gap appeared behind him once he?s finished doing so. ?Jump in the gap, Amir~ It?s almost night~? Yukari?s voice echoed from the gap.

?I?ll be there!?

And with that, the black cat jumped into the gap, and both of them disappeared seconds later.


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I just realized that this mirror of Kuroneko is not up-to-date. So here's the rest.


CHAPTER 11: Graveyard Shift
~[Maids’ Quarters - Scarlet Devil Mansion, Night]~

The sun had set and the day turned to dusk before night arrives. It was on Hannan’s work schedule that she is on graveyard shift today. There is not much to do on this hour, other than cleaning up the hallways, help Sakuya serve tea for Remilia and if she is lucky enough she gets to idle.

She quickly prepared herself before she got out of her room to meet Sakuya in the kitchen.

The head maid noticed her when she entered the kitchen. “Evening, Hannan.”

“Evening, Miss Sakuya.”

“Well, less talk, and more work. You know what is your schedule today, right, Mikuru?”

“Yes, ma’am!”

Sakuya clapped her hands twice after she finished loading the food trays on the trolleys. “Well then. Let’s go.”

Hannan pushed the trolley with food with Sakuya pushing hers right next to her colleague.

~[Magic Archive Voile – Scarlet Devil Mansion, Night]~

Sakuya knocked upon the library doors, and few seconds later, the large double door opens, revealing a young man and Koakuma.

“Thank you, Zero, Koakuma.” Sakuya said as she and Hannan pushes their trolley into the library.

“No problem.” Zero said, before he walked towards the table where Patchouli was busy studying.

“So nice to see you here.” Hannan spoke in an irritated tone. Sakuya on the other hand serves Patchouli her milk tea.

Zero paid no attention to her; he instead kept his gaze on Patchouli and Koakuma. He is holding a magical tome in his right hand.

“Can you read magic books anyway?” Hannan asked.

“I’m flipping through it to see anything interesting.” The mercenary said. “So, I don’t.”

“Just answer it straightforward, will you?” Hannan said. “Jeez, you’re much annoying than before…”

“Whatever.” The tower guard shrugged.

Few minutes later, Hannan and Sakuya left the Magic Archive Voile and they headed back to the kitchen.

After cleaning the dishes, Hannan rechecked her schedule. On her schedule today was a task she had never thought of – serving Flandre’s supper.

Normally, this would be Sakuya’s duty, but she had something else to do and as a result of that she has to take over the job.

~[Basement – Scarlet Devil Mansion, Night]~

After reassuring Sakuya that she could handle things without the head maid maid’s help, Hannan prepared the vampire’s dinner before she proceeded to the basement where Flandre’s room was by a brand new elevator the kappas had just installed.

Once she reached the basement floor, Hannan pushed the metal gates to the side of the elevator, before she pushed her trolley out of it. The maid then pulled the elevator’s gate to secure the shaft before she pushed the trolley filled with food to the door of Flandre’s room. As she stood next to the large crimson metal door, the maid knocked it lightly.

“Mistress Flandre? I’m here to serve your supper.”

Hannan repeated her action thrice, and as she didn’t receive an answer from Remilia’s younger sister, instead the metal door went ajar on her third knock – the door is not locked.

The new maid called Flandre’s name again. “Mistress Flandre?”

She pushed the door slowly, as not to alert Flandre – just in case if she is sleeping. Hannan pushed the trolley with food right next to the table before she served the foods on the nearby table.

After she served the food, Hannan turned around and saw that the vampire’s bed was empty.

As she was staring at the bed, the metal door slammed shut with a loud clang. It made the maid cringe. But before she could reach the door, Flandre appears from out of nowhere and tackles the ice maid to the bed behind her.



A muffled ‘ow’ could be heard.

“Mistress Flandre… why didn’t you answer me?” Hannan asked, trying to push the vampire from her body.

“I was busy dressing myself up.”

Flandre got up from pinning the new maid and she stepped back a bit. With her in a distance, Hannan stood up and she now could clearly see that the vampire was wearing…

…Amir’s clothes…?

“Why did the things you wear seem so familiar, Mistress Flandre?”

The little vampire pranced around with the black cat’s tight clothes. “Did you like it? I asked Sakuya to find some new clothes that’s similar to that black cat’s clothes. It’s very comfy too.”

“For a second there I thought she stole it from him.” Hannan thought with a relief as she picked up a broom from the side of the trolley.

As Hannan started cleaning up the room, Flandre jumped onto her bed – which squeaked a bit as her petite body landed on the large bed for two.

“Nee, Mikuru-chan.”

“Yes?” She replied as she kept on sweeping.

“Is it true that Amir-chan was your brother?”

Hannan stopped from sweeping the floor. She was hesitating answer the vampire’s question.

“What if I say yes?”

Flandre grinned. “So it’s true! You know, Amir’s skin color is the same like you, but if you’re a human, then why Amir had a cat’s ears and tails instead?”

“…” She hesitated to answer the glass-winged vampire’s question. “Should I tell her why?”

“Nee, tell me something I don’t know~”

Hannan was unsure on what to say.

The vampire with the gem-encrusted wings pleaded. “Please…?”

“Oh okay.” Hannan stopped sweeping.

After she put away the broom, Hannan sat next to Flandre, who was lying on her stomach on the bed.


“Okay. To tell the truth my brother is formerly a human. Someone gifted him a pendant the made him have cat traits like the ears and tail.” She said. “The same goes to my brother – except he’s a wolf.”

“So, is Zero your sibling too?” Flandre asked.

“You mean that jerk? Of course he is. It’s just we have different spirits in our body, that’s why we’re a bit different.”

Flandre chuckled a bit. “Ahahah~ I remembered the look on his face when I broke him that day~” She said, “He doesn’t seem to mind though~”

“Eh? Mistress Flandre, what did you do to him?”

“I had a danmaku fight with him few months back~” She answered cheerfully. “He knows how to keep me entertained at times in danmaku.”

As she remembered Flandre’s recent bullet hell duel with Amir the other day, the ice maid shuddered.

“Mikuru-chan~” She called again. “Can you sleep with me for the night?” She asked, propping her chin with her hands.

“Huh?” Hannan shrieked a bit. “I really need to ask Miss Sakuya first… I’m still on duty actually…”

As Flandre loomed closer, suddenly the room goes dark and the metal slammed shut. The vampire’s childish chuckle could be heard.

“Forget about Sakuya’s orders~ let’s play~”

And then the room echoes with Flandre’s devilish chuckle.

“Oh brother.”

~[Magic Archive Voile – Scarlet Devil Mansion, Night]~

“It’s been hours since Hannan is serving Flandre’s supper. Are you sure she is alright, Sakuya?”

“I’m not quite sure, Miss Patchouli. She said she would be fine doing things all alone…”

“I’m pretty sure she’s battered down there.” Zero commented. “Who know, she might be half-alive, half-dead trying to keep up with Flandre’s danmaku power.”

“You’re thinking too much.”

“Come on, Sakuya. Let’s go and see how she is doing.” The mercenarty then stood up from his chair, cocking the M4A1 SOPMOD assault rifle before the two walked out of the library.

~[Basement – Scarlet Devil Mansion, Night]~

“You were not as strong as I thought you were~ I know that you couldn’t keep up with my power~ and that is for interrupting me and your little brother’s sweet time~” Flandre whispered at the maid’s ears. “You’re weak."

“The door’s not locked. She must still be in there.”

“After you.”

“Flashbang out.”

After the flashbang grenade went off, Zero and Sakuya pushed the door a bit and walked in. The room was dark, it was impossible to see what is inside.

“Sakuya, find the lights, I’ll cover you.” The mercenary then pulled down the goggles to help him see in the dark. Seconds later the room was illuminated – and the sight of a figure in the middle of the room made the head maid gasp.

As the mercenary expected, Hannan’s lifeless body was lying in the middle of the room. There was a sign of a fierce fight going on in the room.

Her clothes were torn, her eyes were teary and blank, and there was several bite marks on her neck.

“I knew it.” Zero commented. “Let’s get her out of here.” The tower guard then lifted the new maid on his back before he and Sakuya left.

As she was the last one leaving the room, the head maid closed the door to Flandre’s room.
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 CHAPTER 12: Going to Mugenkan

It was early in the morning, a good weekend morning to go out for a walk before afternoon and the scorching sun appears. Various birds living near the Mayohiga household chirped happily before they flew off in search of food.

A couple of days after his crash landing in Eientei, Arikado?s broken left leg had finally healed. If he was not a youkai (or a half), his broken leg would take months to heal.

Both Amir and Arikado had just finished taking a morning bath, and they are now dressed in their usual adventure gear ? Amir with his black long sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a yellow baby sweater worn over it, while Arikado keeps his blue priest clothing.

As the two of them were walking towards the living room, Wriggle flew over and landed in front of the two.

?Hey Amir, Arikado.?

?Hey Wriggle.?


?Busy?? The nightbug asked simply as she sat down next to Amir.

?Not really.? Amir replied. ?We aren?t doing anything much. It?s pretty much a silent weekend over here. Unless if you count playing Modern Warfare Reflex?s Multiplayer is doing something?? The black cat continued, pointing to the Wii console right below the TV rack.

Arikado walked behind Wriggle and peered over to see the contents earthen jar the nightbug was holding. However, he couldn?t see much because there?s a cork stuffed on top of it.

?What?s in there, Wriggle??

?I have some flower seeds I promised for Yuka-san.? She said happily. ?Today, we?re going to plant some flowers for her garden.?

?There?s a flower garden around?? Amir asked.

The nightbug nodded. ?There is. It?s huge and it?s beautiful too.? She then stood up abruptly. ?If you want to see the flowers, you can come along too.?

The black cat stared at the little fox and seconds later, the two youngsters made up their mind.

?Since we didn?t have anything new to do?? Arikado started.

?Why don?t we go for a little sightseeing??

Wriggle smiles happily. ?I am sure Miss Yuka would be happy to see you two.?

The green-haired nightbug and the small fox jumped off the corridor and both of them hovered on air, with Arikado enveloped in a faint purple aura.

Amir however, climbed on top of the walls facing the corridor, before he started running along the stone walls? top. The two youngsters only stared until he jumped off the wall and then skyrocketed towards the sky, right after a series of sparks.

?Would you stop doing that? That?s the same kind of move that got us the trouble in Eientei you know?? Arikado chided.

?I forgot my lessons on how to control the G?s.? The black cat replied while sticking his tongue out childishly.

Wriggle chuckled at the black cat?s response. ?Come on you two, save the quarrel for later.?

~[Sunflower Field ? Mugenkan, Morning]~

Few minutes into their flight from Mayohiga, Amir, Arikado and Wriggle finally reached the sunflower fields. The vibrant color of the sunflowers and other floras planted around the area makes the garden look vibrant and alive.

?Fly lower from here, you two.? The nightbug instructed, as she clutched the jar tighter.

?Is it flower or fly lower??

?I said, fly lower not flower.?

?Oh okay, I misheard, sorry.?

The three of them ran along the ground to reduce their speed, however, Amir tripped on a stone, which made him fall flat on his face.

?You okay??

Amir didn?t answer Wriggle; instead, he raised a thumb up.

?I guess you?re okay then.?

Arikado took a gaze at the new surroundings. The sunflowers here were a lot taller than the ones he would usually see planted back home ? in this case, the flowers would be like twice his height. 

?The height of these flowers kind of creep me out.? The little fox squeaked.

?It?s just you.? The nightbug assured, before she pointed at another sunflower, where Amir had landed on his face just now. ?If you think the ones around you are creepy, then check that out.?

The sunflower was taller than the rest, and there is a panel planted on the ground, which bears the word: ?Here lies Bowsyordo?. The caption below it describes: 'I'm totally not dead. Thank you.'


?Wriggle?? The black cat started pulling his face out of the ground before wipes his hands across his face to clean up the dirt.


?Who?s Bowsyordo??

Wriggle shrugged. ?I have no idea. Yuka seems to like that sunflower a lot, that?s why it?s quite taller than the rest.?

?Okay then.? The black cat then follows the nightbug behind.

Arikado however stood there, tilting his head at the sunflower. To his delight, the flower did the same, but to the opposite direction.

?Hey! Arikado! Hurry up!?

?Coming~? Arikado replied as he bounded over towards Wriggle and Amir with his arms extended.

~[Yuka?s Shack ? Mugenkan, Morning]~

After walking for a while in the sunflower field, the three youngsters spotted a young woman in her late 20s watering flowers in a pot.

?Good morning, Miss Yuka.?

?Morning, Wriggle.? She puts down the watering can, before turning towards the nightbug. ?I see you brought along some friends too.? She then turned towards the two boys who were standing beside Wriggle. ?And you two might be??

?My name?s Mohamad Amir Hakim Omran; you can call me Amir.?

?I?m Arikado Yamato.?

Yuka chuckled slightly. ?Amir, is it? You have a very long name there. And where would you two happen to stay??


?I see. I suppose the two of you are living with that gap youkai.?

Amir and Arikado nodded once.

?By the way, Miss Yuka??


?I brought along the flower seeds you asked. Here it is.? Wriggle then handed the jar she was holding to the flower lady.?Why, thank you, Wriggle.? She thanked the nightbug. ?Would you three want a breakfast??

?Arikado and I already had one at Miss Yukari?s house but we?ll be happy to join.?

?Very well then. Follow me.?

~[Yuka?s Shack ? Mugenkan, Afternoon]~

?Good afternoon, Miss Yuka.?

?Oh, good afternoon, Elly.? She said, as she put down her cup of tea.

?Who are those two with Wriggle, Miss Yuka?? The woman, addressed as Elly by Yuka, asked. She then cast her gaze at three youngsters who were playing hide and seek. 

?The cat and the fox, you mean? Those two are from the Outside World. Yukari bought them over.? She replied her friend?s question while taking a sip of her hot tea.

?For what reason, I wonder.? She said to herself. ?At least having kids as a company is better than that celestial.?


?Speaking of her, did she visit you recently??

?Oh, she did just now.? Yuka said as she poured tea into Elly?s cup. ?Took care of her quickly. That annoying little brat.?


?I think we should be off, Miss Yuka.?

?Leaving already??

?Miss Yukari said she had some plans to do today, and she wanted us to be around.? Amir explained.

?Well it?s good to have a company for tea once in a while.? She said. ?Visit us anytime; we?ll treat you with cookies and tea.?

?Bye, Miss Yuka!?

?See you soon!?

Elly and Yuka waved back at the youngsters until the three of them disappeared from their line of sight.

?Now what should we do with her then??? Elly started as she gazed on Tenshi?s unconscious body.

?Let?s leave her like that. Her retainer would appear once she knew she?s missing for a while.? The flower lady replied, as she walked off towards her shack. ?Anyways, whose turn to prepare lunch for today, Elly??

?That would be me.?

As both Yuka and Elly left the garden, Tenshi slowly woke up from her dirt nap.


Overlooked this one. Bowsyordo is a friend of mine who likes Yuka, and I put a reference to him just to poke fun on him.