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Re: Himiko's Shorts
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This is currently unfinished, but it'd going to take a while to finish it so I'll just post what I have.  It's just a collection of vignettes.

Dandelion Seed

Meira felt as though something was wrong.

She lay on the ground, staring up at the wide blue sky above her, wondering what happened.  She was just in the air a few moments ago.  Moreover, she felt as though she was forgetting something.

Her deep purple eyes watched a small part of her float away, leaving behind an empty space inside her.  Like a dandelion seed in the air it floated away from her to the unreachable beyond; she reached out trying to grab it only to find that she couldn?t quite find it anymore.  She reached out helplessly, her hand a silhouette against the blue-white of the sky.  It trembled in spite of itself.

Something felt very cold.


The cavern was very cold, but she didn?t seem to mind.

Burning skulls floated past her with their jaws chattering loudly as they swooped through the air.  However, she was a small child who didn?t understand what they were, and felt no fear.  She giggled and waved to them, her overly long sleeves flapping like white flags.

She looked up a little higher and saw something large and round in the ?sky?, shedding a soft bronze light on the land below and surrounded by purple clouds that reminded the girl of cotton candy.  Her face lit up, and she turned her attention to that.


Kikuri sat in her glass cage high above Hell and felt like a queen.  An incorporeal one trapped in a glass ball with barely anyone knowing about her, but the view of the city below was enough for her.  She peered past the purple clouds her bronze orb emitted, squinting down at the web of lights.  The harder she looked, the more detailed they became, until she could see individual people in the streets.  The majority was oni, but there were also shinigami and the souls of the dead.  When she looked to the wasteland outside the city, she could see more evil spirits, those horrible flying skulls.  Even further out was a smaller wooden shrine, her friend?s house.

She looked closely.

There was something slightly larger floating amongst the evil spirits.  She saw long, dark purple hair.  Red and white robes.  It was a small child, but what was she doing all the way out there?  Kikuri pressed her forehead against the orb and stared.  She didn?t really seem to be doing much, just flying.

?A lost soul, perhaps?? Kikuri whispered.  ?That?s no good, it?s dangerous for her to be out there.?

She closed her eyes and concentrated on shrinking the orb.  Once it was sized down, she started her descent.


One nice thing about having a well was that there weren?t any lines to wait in that could stop Konngara from going and filling up a bucket whenever she felt like it.  Once she had untied the bucket from the rope, she started walking away from the well, carefully holding the bucket by its handle.  She ignored the evil spirits that sailed past her, and headed straight for the shrine steps. 

The bucket was set down next to the offertory box.  Not a lot of water spilled out of it, which was an improvement.

She turned back to look at the ?sky?.  Expecting to see Hell?s Moon closer to the ceiling, it was instead hovering down to surface level; where it was in the sky had been replaced by a faint halo of bronze light.   Konngara frowned a bit and started running towards it.


Kikuri was right.

Konngara stared down at the small child sitting on the ground, who was in turn staring back up at her.  The girl chewed on her sleeve, and tilted her head.  Konngara sighed.
?Are you a human or a youkai?? she asked.  When the girl didn?t answer, she pressed on.  ?Do you not know??

The girl blinked, as though she didn?t understand the question.  She took her sleeve out of her mouth and looked away.  Then, she lifted off the ground and started to float away.  Konngara reached out and grabbed her by the collar, pulling her back.  This girl was in the wastelands, therefore her being there was Konngara?s business.

The girl squirmed for a few moments before going limp.  She didn?t even struggle when Konngara set her back on the ground.  Konngara started to wonder if she had given up.  If that was the case, maybe she would finally say something.  Now that Konngara thought of it, she should have asked for the girl?s name first, and then where she was from.  At least then she wouldn?t have to ask anything else, and just take her back home.

It was then that she heard a sniffling sound.

??Eh??  Konngara knelt down and reached out for the girl?s shoulder.  She hesitated for a moment, and then turned the girl around to face her.  Tears had welled up in the girl?s eyes, and with each shuddering breath they threatened to overflow.

?Ah??  Konngara?s heart skipped a beat when the girl let out a loud wail.  She was pretty sure she didn?t do anything to make her upset, unless she had scared her by accident?  If that was so, she couldn?t help that?

She put a hand on the girl?s head in an attempt to comfort her.  She stopped wailing, at least.


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Re: Himiko's Shorts
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Okay, I'm definitely intersted.  Nice start.
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Re: Himiko's Shorts
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I'm not used to writing this kind of yuri fluff.

Pocky Game

Reimu would never understand Outside World snacks.  The one she was twirling between her fingers looked more like an incense stick than anything else.  The bright pink frosting coating the thin biscuit stick seemed to mock her, being such a frivolous color, as though it were for children.

Moreover, the box it came in claimed it to be strawberry flavored.  Definitely for children.  Had she been given this as a child, she wouldn?t have complained.

And yet she had seen Marisa, who was the same age as her, happily eating stick after stick.  She had been all too happy to share with that kappa.  Nitori, was it?  Marisa had just poked some of the candy into the girl?s mouth and soon enough was eating from the other end?

Reimu?s cheeks flushed at the memory.  Marisa was too bold.

?Hey, sis~?  A cheery voice brought Reimu out of her reverie.  She looked over her shoulder and sighed.

?Hello, Orin.?

The kasha?s ears flickered, and her grin widened.  ?Got any o? that to spare me, sis??

That had to be a rhetorical question, now that Reimu looked back at the box.  She hadn?t even eaten any of it.  But Orin, with her silly smile and waving tails, seemed more than eager to have some.  Reimu looked at the candy she was holding, and then back to the kasha, and then back to the candy.

?Okay, say ?ahhh?,? Reimu said, holding out the candy.  No sooner than she did so Orin chomped down on the candy, almost biting Reimu?s fingers in the process.  Reimu drew her hand back, watching as Orin pushed the candy into her mouth and crushed it down with her cat teeth.  She would not want to be bitten by that.

Orin wheeled around and skipped away, still all smiles.  ?Thank ya, sis!?

Reimu watched her leave before turning back to the box and retrieving another piece of candy.  She had offered the candy to Orin with her hand, but she couldn?t help but imagine what would have happened if she had done it with her mouth.

She smacked herself across the face.  There she was, thinking about it again!  It was all Marisa?s fault that she had that thought?

??stuck in your mind??

Reimu didn?t turn around, but she knew she had been caught.  She opted to stare at the candy stick instead, waving it back and forth.

?Yeah, like a song,? she said.  A song?  Was she being poetic now?  There was a giggle, and Reimu felt her face grow hot.

?Geez, Satori, don?t laugh!?  Reimu whipped around to face the lavender-haired girl standing behind the couch she was sitting on.  Her third eye, unblinking in its red eye socket, stared

Reimu in the eye.  Rather than engage it in a staring contest, however, Reimu looked at Satori?s eyes instead.

?I can?t help it.  It?s cute when you think like that,? Satori insisted.  Her smile wavered.

?Sh-shut up.?  Reimu tried and failed to keep herself from grinning.  There was no hiding anything from Satori, and that was a fact of life.

Satori laughed a little, nervous laugh.  Reimu slouched into the cushions and closed her eyes to avoid looking at the stupid candy that was the source of her embarrassment.  She heard the padding footsteps of Satori?s slippers on the tiled floor, and then felt the cushion depress next to her.  She ignored this.

And then Satori took the candy from her hands, and her eyes snapped open.  Satori was holding the candy in her hands, with a smile that stretched from ear to ear.

?You know, I?m really glad you didn?t offer this to Orin with your mouth.?  Satori leaned in a little closer to Reimu.

?Yeah!? Reimu said, a little too loudly.  She took a deep breath.  ?Because you?re the one that??

??I love, and not Orin??

And the tension was gone.  Satori was about five inches from Reimu?s face, and who needed to keep talking so awkwardly when there was a mind reader that close to you?
Satori put the stick of candy in her mouth in invitation.  Reimu, feeling her face burn, finally gave in and took the other end.  The candy didn?t taste that bad, now that she thought about it.  It tasted nothing like strawberries, but it was sweet.

Her forehead bumped against Satori?s.  Satori started eating from the end that didn?t have any frosting, but she was probably able to taste it now.  She would probably like it; she liked sweets, anyway.

There was only an inch of the candy left between them now.  Reimu?s heart hammered against her chest, and squeezed her eyes shut.  Satori?s lips brushed against Reimu?s, before locking into a kiss.  The box fell off of Satori?s lap and onto the floor, forgotten, as the two intertwined hands and leaned into each other.  Reimu felt one of Satori?s hands reach behind her head, stroking her hair and finally resting between her shoulder blades.  The pocky was gone.

Satori broke the kiss.  Reimu inhaled, remembering that she had to breathe.  She leaned against Satori?s shoulder, hoping to the Hakurei Shrine?s non-existent god that no one had seen that.

Why did they do that, again?  They had kissed before, yes, but eating the same piece of food was somehow very awkward, as though they were romanticizing something that didn?t need to be made romantic.

Then again, they were still holding hands.  That had to be reason enough, right?

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Re: Himiko's Shorts
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Have I ever said that I love you Himiko? Wait... I have?

Well, I'll just say it again...

I LOVE YOU HIMIKO! Oh gosh, this grin won't leave my face! What have you done?! Satori x Reimu is just so cute~ Look at the miko blush!


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Re: Himiko's Shorts
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Suiten bromance, etc.

Noodling for Catfish


Tenshi fell back into the water, splashing and gurgling.  When she opened her mouth to scream, a bitter taste surged into her mouth and lungs.  If she didn?t do something, she was going to drown herself.  Yet, there was that insistent weight on her arm, and through her stinging eyes she could see blood seeping into the water.  The current pulled her back and forth through the mud, her dress soaked to the point of transparency and her pale, sun-deprived limbs flailing helplessly in the water.  She felt someone grasp a handful of her hair and pull her out of the water.  She coughed and hacked, spitting mud out of her mouth.

Suika let go of Tenshi?s hair, leaving the celestial to wobble in waist-deep water.

?You sure caught a big one!  You okay??  The oni grinned one of her usual drunken grins.  Her arms were in as just as bad shape as Tenshi?s, if not worse.  Bruises, bite marks, torn skin, blood staining skin and caked between fingers and pruning fingers.  They both had them all.

Tenshi looked down at her arm.  That weight was the root of all evil, latched onto her arm and drawing blood as it wiggled back and forth.  Where it was, the skin had been ripped almost completely away, revealing a bit of bone from her forearm.  Even keeping stationary was pure agony, and Tenshi felt as though she was going to fall right back into the water and drown for real.  Then that shinigami would really have a reason to ferry her off.

Tenshi ripped the catfish off her arm, and with it, a chunk of skin and muscle.  She ground her teeth into her lip to keep from screaming.  She didn?t even want to look at her arm.

?Oh, man.?  Tenshi heard Suika whistle.  ?Forget I asked.  That thing got ya bad.?

Tenshi nodded and started trudging her way back to the shore.  Sitting in the grass was an overflowing basket of catfish, the fruit of their toil dead or dying under the hot summer sun.  Tenshi heaved her most recent catch on top of the pile and watched in morbid satisfaction as its tail flapped back and forth in weak protest.

Suika stretched her arms above her head and made a soft ?mmnn? sound.  Tenshi slumped against the riverbank, and her arms sank into wet mud.  She was done.  After spending a few moments of standing in the river and feeling herself sweat, Tenshi dragged herself out of the water and sank into the grass.  There were clouds gathering in the sky, but she could still see the islands of Bhava-Agra floating above.  It was a comforting sight, enough to take her mind off the pain in her arm.

?We have enough catfish,? Tenshi said at last.  Suika crawled out of the water like some evolving amphibian and wrung out her long, thick hair.  Her clothes were thoroughly wet and clung to her body, and the shackles on her wrists and ankles dripped with water and residual scum.

?True that.?  Suika spat something onto the grass.  ?We?ve got enough for all of Gensokyo, at least.?

?Hey, hey.?  Tenshi sat up, wincing when she put weight on her right arm.  ?What did we get dirty for?  Not for a bunch of strangers.?

?Oh, not just strangers.?  Suika wiped her hands on her dress, but that didn?t do much for her.  ?I mean people like Iku-nee, Pebbles, the guys down under, Reimu, Yukari??

?Forget it.?  Tenshi scowled.  ?Not Reimu and Yukari.  No.  They don?t exist.?

Suika furrowed her brow.  ?They?re my friends.?

?They?re not my friends,? Tenshi shot back as she bent her arm experimentally.  She let out another hiss of pain.  ?But fine, if it makes you happy.?

?Yay!?  Suika jumped into the air with her arms outstretched.  ?Hey, I know this really nice spring, let?s take this fish back to Bhava-Agra and then go take a bath there.?

Tenshi could use a bath.  Suika could also use a bath.  They were both filthy and wet and smelled of dirty river water.  Tenshi wanted nothing more than to soak in clean water for two hours and then longue around in her pajamas eating surface world food.  Preferably made by Iku, or that silver-haired lady from the lake mansion.  She damn well deserved that luxury after what she had put up with today, even if she was the one who had suggested they go noodling for catfish.

?Oh, and?we might want to do somethin? ?bout that dress of yers.  I can see right through it.?

?Shut up, Suika.?

In reality, the flight to Bhava-Agra hadn?t taken very long.  Suika, in all her oni strength, was able to carry the entire basket of fish single-handedly, relieving Tenshi of what could have been a lot of burden.  Iku had made a fuss when the two of them showed up at the doors of the Dragon Palace looking like they had spent a week in the swamp.  After reassurance from Suika that no, they were going to bathe somewhere else, Iku accepted the catfish for safekeeping.  The whole exchange was what made the transition from the river to the heavenly, refreshing spring seem so long, and it drove Tenshi crazy.  By the time they had reached the place, Tenshi felt like she could have cried in relief.

Suika was not lying when she said she knew of good places in Gensokyo.  Tenshi could testify this after years of friendship with the oni, having been dragged literally to hell and back in pursuit the best locations.  It felt like everywhere Tenshi had been with Suika amounted to this spot.

The spring was a pleasantly cool, isolated area within the Forest of Magic, where the clear water exposed the mossy bottom.  A small cliff, probably ten feet high went through the water.  It was hollowed out in the middle, creating a sort of natural shade from the sun beating down above.  Trees surrounded all sides of the spring, perfectly green and towering high and clear of fungi, something that was apparently rare in this forest.

Suika was quick to detach her shackles and strip down, whooping as she ran for the water.  The silence of the clearing was broken by splashing as Suika did a cannonball into the water, resurfacing moments later to take a deep gulp of air.

?C?mon!  The water feels awesome!?

Tenshi looked at Suika?s wet clothes, which lay on the ground in an unceremonious heap.  They would never get dry that way, but she didn?t want to waste more time looking for somewhere to hang their clothes.  Tenshi fumbled with the buttons on her dress, peeling the wet fabric from her skin and letting it drop in the grass.  She felt a slight chill from her body being exposed to the cool air of the clearing, but at the same time she felt an immense freedom of being liberated from her clingy, damp dress.

Tenshi made a break for the water, feeling the cold sting of it as she ran into it and felt her body being enveloped by the gentle waves that felt so different from the river.  She dunked her head under the water, running her hands through her hair.  The arm she had been using to noodle for catfish was now raw and red, but it had stopped bleeding.

She looked over to where Suika swimming like an otter towards the shallow end of the water, where the rock was.  The oni noticed Tenshi and waved, all smiles.

?Nice ?n cool, right?? Suika called out.  She slowed down once she was under the rock and stood up, splashing water onto her arms.  Tenshi dove under the water and swam over to join her.

?It is,? Tenshi marveled when she had reached Suika.  She stood knee-deep in the water, arms folded across her chest as she looked around her.

And then a wave of water hit her.

Tenshi whirled around to face Suika, who let out a hearty laugh and brought up another wave with her arms.  Tenshi squealed and stumbled backwards, crossing her arms across her face to no avail.

?No fair catching me off guard!?  She quickly retaliated by bringing her fist down into the water, spraying up more water.  Suika ducked under the water to avoid it, bubbles rising up to the surface.  She swam further away from Tenshi, resurfacing and spitting out a stream of water.  Tenshi clapped a hand over her mouth to stifle her laughter.

?How did you get away so fast?? she giggled.  Suika stood up in the water and parted her soaking wet hair from her face.

?It?s ?cause there?s so much room.?  Suika gestured to the pool with dramatic flair.  ?You can move around as much as you want and not bump into anything.?

Tenshi splashed some water onto her arms, working to clean the remaining grime from her wound.  It was closing at this point, and more of a raw red spot than anything too serious.  ?That?s more room than that dumb old shrine will ever have.?

Now that Tenshi thought about it, that sentence could be applied to her own home.  She took a moment to glow in self-appreciation at her unintended cleverness.
Meanwhile, Suika was pouting.  ?Hey, the Moriya Shrine didn?t do anything to you.?

?You know what I mean.?

?I?ve lived at Reimu?s house for four years??

??and counting,? Tenshi interrupted.  Despite Suika taking residence at Bhava-Agra, she still felt some amount of bitterness over the oni?s insistence on keeping her place at the Hakurei Shrine.  Just thinking about it irked her.  In fact, her mood was starting to sour right now.

?And counting.  Yes.?  Suika waved Tenshi off dismissively.  ?Take my word for it, the Hakurei Shrine is freaking awesome.?

Tenshi stood up straight and put a hand on her hip.  ?Prove it.?

?What??  Suika cocked an eyebrow.  Were all oni this thick, or did Suika really understand what she was saying and just refusing to respond directly?  Tenshi pinched the bridge of her nose.

?If the Hakurei Shrine is so freaking awesome, prove it,? Tenshi demanded.  She held her hand out in a gesture to invite Suika to say more.

?Well??  Suika waded into deeper water and started soaking her hair.  ?First of all, it?s got hot springs in the back.  It?s perfect in the winter, although there?s no heating so you have to layer up when you?re in the??

?That?s not proving anything!?

?No, no!?  Suika frowned and splashed more water at Tenshi.  She scrambled back, scowling.  Suika continued.

?Anyway!  It?s got hot springs and a cherry blossom orchard that?s amazing in the spring.  In the summer Reimu buys all this ice cream and fruit, and that ice faerie Cirno comes over to play.  And don?t get me started on autumn.?  Suika licked her lips, and Tenshi somehow felt as though she had been personally insulted: no peaches were mentioned.

Tenshi groaned and rolled her eyes.

?Reimu always cooks the best food in autumn, and that?s when the black-white and Alice bring ingredients for hot pot.  Have you ever had any of Alice?s cooking?  She never touches the food directly; she said having her dolls do it was more sanitary?if they were clean, that is.?  Suika pantomimed little dolls flitting back and forth with her hands, and let out a hollow laugh.

Tenshi blinked as she watched her friend?s face seem to cloud over.

?The food she and Reimu cook are pretty different from Underground food, since Alice immigrated from Makai and Reimu is from the surface,? Suika went on, sinking into the water up to her shoulders.  ?Although I see some similarities between Reimu?s cooking and oni cooking.  Oni used to live on the surface, ya know, and they shared a lot of dishes between the tengu who brought that to the kappa who shared recipes with youkai-friendly humans?although by that point it?d take a real culinary genius to distinguish similarities and differences between the dishes; there were too many variations.?

Tenshi backed up and took a seat on a rock by the edge of the water, soaking her feet and listening to Suika ramble on.  Her anger at Suika?s fondness for Reimu and her home was quickly melting away, to be replaced by intrigue.

?I can tell the differences, though, because I cooked a lot back then.  If you live on your own you kind of have to know how to do those things.  You probably wouldn?t understand, though: you?ve been taken care of your whole life by your parents and Iku-nee.?

For once, Tenshi decided not to point out that Suika was implying she was spoiled.

?Even after I started hanging out more with the other Devas we still never relied on each other for food.  We still ate together, though.  I remember there was this one thing we?d eat that never used meat because the fourth refused to eat meat, what was it called??

Suika trailed off, and Tenshi finally decided to cut in.

?So, is there a punchline?? she asked in an attempt to spur the conversation on.

Suika?s head jerked up, as though she had been brought out of a trance.  ?What??

?You were saying how great the red-white?s place was, but the you went off on this crazy tangent about food.?  Tenshi leaned back, supporting her weight with her arms and turning her nose into the air.  ?You really do only think with your stomach, don?t you??

As if on cue, Tenshi?s stomach gurgled loudly.

There was an awkward silence, during which Tenshi felt her face grow hot.  She heard a snort, and looked over to see Suika shaking and covering her mouth with both hands.

?Hey!?  Tenshi sat up, indignated.  ?Don?t laugh!?

Suika struggled for about two seconds before she practically exploded, clutching her sides and howling with laughter.  With one fist she smacked the water, sending up a tidal wave that washed up over Tenshi.  The celestial folded her arms over her stomach, trembling.  Here she was, trying to cheer up her friend, only to make a fool out of herself.  She felt hot tears spring into her eyes.

?It?s not funny!? she cried.  Suika took deep breaths that were accentuated with inhibited giggling.

?I?haha?it?s j-just??  She wiped away a tear from her cheek and inhaled.  Tenshi?s lips quavered as she watched and waited for Suika to calm down, and finally the oni was calm.  Grinning like mad, but at least she wasn?t laughing at her anymore.

?You hungry?? Suika asked.  Tenshi frowned, eyelashes still wet with tears.


?Then let?s get our clothes and go cook that catfish!? Suika suggested.  ?We can get Iku-nee in on it and throw a feast.  I can provide the alcohol, of course.?

She started wading towards the edge of the pool, squeezing water from her hair as she went.  Tenshi got up off the rock and pattered over to where her clothes were lying, as well.  They smelled a bit foul and had not dried much, leaving Tenshi feeling very uncomfortable and damp when she pulled them on over her shivering body.  The sun was already setting, and the night cool was setting in.

A feast didn?t sound too bad, though.  Tenshi wanted something to eat, and it would make mucking around for catfish all day worth it.

?Let?s stop at Bhava-Agra for a change of clothes, first,? Tenshi said.  ?I feel disgusting in this dress, and it?s still see-through.?

?Would ya rather go without?? Suika teased, although her clothes were just as wet.  Tenshi punched her lightly on the arm.

?No way.  Let?s get a move on.?

The two set off into the sky, towards what would go down in history as one of Gensokyo?s wildest parties.

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Re: Himiko's Shorts
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I liked that one a lot.
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Re: Himiko's Shorts
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what is this, this isn't nitomari at all

oh but I was able to use my own ability to write those sentences in mandarin yay

unfamiliar coat

Wearing an unfamiliar coat could probably be compared to a snail suddenly having to live with a different shell.  It didn?t quite fit right?in fact, it was too big.  It covered her small body much like a snail?s shell, leaving her to peek out from the hood.  The sleeves went over her wrists, rendering her arms and hands two long noodles.  When she sat down, she sat on the coat hanging down to her knobby knees.  It had the familiar scent of cold air mingled with the unfamiliar smells of smoke, spices, and the unmistakably youkai scent of the original owner.  It felt awkward and foreign, and it made her feel awkward.  She couldn?t get used to it, as though she was intruding on this coat and this coat was intruding on her very being.

Still, it was warm, and acted as a good cushion against the hard wall she was leaning against and the wooden floor she was sitting on.  She huddled back against the corner, drawing herself into a little ball.  She could hear the clamor of languages she didn?t know outside, and however hard she listened she couldn?t pick out her own native tongue.  It was much like a snail being picked off the ground and put in a new ?habitat?, like a box.  She stared at a patch of moonlight that was mere inches in front of her, cast on the floor by the window which should really have been covered better.  The moon terrified her and she did not want to think about that.

She watched the other women and girls in the room talk amongst themselves, not understanding anything any of them were saying.  There was the tall one with toned arms and legs, red hair, and a loud laugh, speaking too fast and too loud.  The shorter, frail-looking one bundled up on the couch somehow intimidated her, with her dour expression and clean cut bangs that stood out from the rest of her wild purple hair.  She occasionally spoke up in a harsh, sharp voice, her eyes flickering back and forth from the small book in her hands and the corners of her mouth turning down.

Worst of all was the vampire.  She looked only a few years older, with hair almost as light as her own, with her slender hands folded and speaking very steadily, very fluidly in a smooth-as-silk sounding language that she couldn?t identify, as usual.  Her leathery wings spread out probably twice her arm span and were raised menacingly above her.  Every now and again her deep red eyes would look right at her, and each time she would try to shrink into herself and the coat even further in dread.  She was just human enough to be considered a snack to vampires; she knew that well.

After some time, the girl on the couch finally stood up and left, leaving her alone with the vampire and the red headed woman, whose gaze she met.  The woman beamed at her, and she pulled the hood over her face.  There was another hearty laugh and the sound of the vampire?s voice.  She buried her face into her knees, wanting to disappear through the wall.  Unfortunately, things weren?t that simple.

?咲夜, 你为什么在那里吗??  The red head woman?s voice was directed to her, now.  She knew because the first thing the woman said was ?Xiao ye?.  She was ?Xiao ye? to this person, just as she was known as ?Sakuya? to the vampire.  It was as though someone had adopted a cat and gave it a name without consideration for the cat?s original name, even if it was too long and hard for them to pronounce.  She wouldn?t expect them to know what she was saying.  She didn?t understand what they were saying, either.


She could hear footsteps padding across the floor, and could practically feel the woman?s presence.  She just kept huddling in the foreign-feeling coat, tensing up as she felt a pair of strong but gentle arms wrap around her and lift her off the ground and cradle her weight.  She was suddenly outside in the city again, shivering on the side of the street and suddenly feeling very warm as a coat was wrapped around her, and nearly crying in joy when she saw a hand reaching out to her, as if to lead her away.  She squeezed her eyes shut and kept very still as she was rocked around for a bit before one arm was around her back and the other supported her legs.  She kept her eyes shut, but leaned against the woman?s warm shoulder and listened to her voice and the vampire?s voice, and the coat felt more comforting to her.


Remilia couldn?t help but smirk at the display, as Meiling hoisted the child off the ground like a sack of potatoes.  She flapped her wings a few times and hovered onto a crate, where she sat with her ankles crossed.  Her elbows rested on her knees and her chin rested on her hands.  Meiling took a seat on the couch with the girl on her lap, sighing.

?See?  Much better than any old corner,? Meiling almost sang.  ?She calms down immediately.?

?We have literally just found her,? Remilia said.  ?You do not intend to spoil her, are you?  She will not be dead weight in this household.?

Meiling?s cheeks puffed out in a pout, making her already round face look a bit like a balloon.  ?She?s just a kid, cut her a little slack.  Even Koa doesn?t do that much and you weren?t complaining when she was summoned here,? she pointed out.

?That is Patchy?s problem.?  Remilia hopped off the crate and onto the floor.  ?And we shall deal with this later.  There are only a few hours to sunrise.?
With little flourish, she left the room. 

?You brought it up!?  Meiling scowled and gave the girl in her arms a quick squeeze.  She had already fallen asleep.  Perhaps she could be introduced to Koakuma tomorrow, and Patchouli could figure out what language she spoke, and?

There were a lot of things to look forward to, but for now, Meiling yawned and decided to leave them off for tomorrow.

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Re: Himiko's Shorts
« Reply #67 on: November 22, 2011, 03:10:04 AM »
I finished it ;w;

underground monogatari


The bar erupted into shouting, accompanied by the sound of clinking glass.  Oni were crowding every booth and table in the room, and at least three of them were behind the counter serving drinks and cleaning the messes of those who spilt theirs.  The sounds of oni shouting, laughing, and making toasts was overwhelming.  Every few minutes someone lost an arm wrestling match and had their arm slammed into the table.  At one end of the room was a square table with one chair at each side.  All but one of these seats was occupied.
Yuugi turned the glass she was holding around in her hands.  The clear liquid inside was tinted by the dim, yellow-green lighting.  There were already many more empty ones on the table at this point, but the three devas gathered were still not drunk.

?But yeah, it?s been a while since we?ve all gathered like this,? Yuugi said.

?Sure has huh??  Suika lifted her gourd to her lips and took a long drink.  ?We?ve all been goin? about our own business, anyhow.  Speakin? of which?how?s the bridge princess?  If you know what I mean.?

She waggled her eyebrows.

Yuugi smiled and set her glass down.

?None of your damn business!? she replied, and proceeded to punch Suika in the face.

Konngara watched bullets fly as Suika retaliated by tackling Yuugi into the ground.  The rest of the oni started cheering them on, spilling drinks and knocking over chairs in their excitement.  Konngara had to look under the table to get a good view of the two wrestling on the ground, but she was completely unfazed.  This was perfectly normal.

?Tell us!  Tell us!?  Suika wrestled Yuugi onto the floor before pinning her onto her back.

?I said none of your business, didn?t I?!?  Yuugi?s hands closed around Suika?s horns as she struggled to push the smaller oni off of her.

?Sharing is caring!? Suika insisted.

?If you care so much, then go out and find someone to do it with!?  The room burst into laughter.  Suika turned beet red and raised her gourd up?

?Ohhhh.?  Konngara sat back up and took another sip of her drink.  That was a low blow.  She watched as the skirmish continued for a while, causing the floor to rumble and knock over a few empty glasses.

?Tell me!?  Another punch, landed by Suika.

?No!?  Yuugi kicked Suika away and pounced at her.


There was another bout of scuffling, and the sound of someone?s head thudding against the floor.  It must have been Yuugi, because Konngara at last heard:

?Okay, oh god, fine!  I?ll tell you!?

Suika leapt up from the floor and threw her arms in the air.  ?YES!?

Yuugi groaned and pushed herself off the floor, looking disheveled but otherwise unscathed.  The space around the table was starting to get uncomfortably crowded as other oni started to gather around.

?Everyone listen!? Suika shouted over the din.  More than a few heads turned, and one of the bartenders stopped shaking a drink.

?What?s going on?? asked an oni on the other side of the room.  His companions stood up on their seats, craning their necks to see what was happening.

?YOU GUYS!?  Suika slammed her fist on the table when it was evident that no one was quieting down.

An oni with ram horns slammed her mug onto the bar counter.  ?THIS ALE SUCKS!?

Finally, a taller oni with pointy horns cupped his hands over his mouth and bellowed, ?Yuugi-ane-san?s tellin? a story, pipe down!?

Yuugi took a seat and propped an elbow on the table.  She was wearing a sort of reluctant grin, as though she was almost regretting this.  Intrigued, Konngara folded her arms and leaned forward.

Yuugi took a drink.  ?Okay, so like, Parsee and I were sitting in her house??

Konngara thought back to what she remembered of the bridge princess.  Compared to the oni?barring Suika?she was kind of little, and admittedly pretty, although she wasn?t too fond of her personality.  She was too pushy for Konngara?s taste, and it was too easy to get her angry.

And yet, here was Yuugi giving a blow-by-blow account of a night they shared together.  Konngara tried to get rid of the mental image she was getting from the story and failed miserably.  It didn?t help that Yuugi was starting to sound less reluctant as she talked.

??and then I slipped my hand under her shirt and??

Konngara felt her face grow hot.  She clapped her hand over her mouth, scandalized, while everyone around her roared with laughter.  Suika was guffawing and kicking her legs, sake from her gourd slopping down her front.

By the end of the story, just about everyone was either clutching their sides or tittering uncontrollably.  By the time Yuugi was tipsy and blushing from her twentieth drink, she had started to go into more and more detail.  Konngara, in the meantime, had finished her tenth and was wondering if it was okay to talk about these kinds of things in public, and what would happen when Parsee would find out.  There was no way around that.

?Oh, man, if Ibaraki were here, she?d??

The bar fell silent.

Konngara lifted her head from the table and immediately started scanning the room for the source of the voice.  She glanced over at Suika, who had the wide-eyed expression of a trapped youkai with the business end of a rifle pointed at them.  The smaller oni stared off into the air, before looking down at the table, as though avoiding eye contact.  Konngara started to wonder whether or not she should actually say something.

That was when Yuugi came to the rescue by standing up; her chair scraping across the floor broke the silence.  Heads turned to look at her as she swayed on her feet.  She opened her mouth to say something, but her words were drowned out by the sudden shouts of the other oni.

?Who said that??

?Not me, man, it was her over there??  An oni about seven feet tall pointed to another oni about the same size as Suika, perched on a barrel with a mug clutched in her hands.  She raised her eyebrows.

?No, way, it just slipped out!?

Another oni clapped Suika on the shoulder.  ?Well ya don?t just say??

Voices rose to angry tones, and those angry tones grew louder and became shouting.  Someone was thrown over a table.  A chair was thrown across the room.  The oni who was sitting on the barrel was caught in a headlock.  One bartender threw down her rag and punched someone across the counter in the face, and that someone happened to be Yuugi.  She lunged out and grabbed the girl by the front of the shirt, and in turn she made a grab for her horn and they both started swearing at each other?

Konngara poured herself another drink and watched everything go to hell.  The littlest things got people riled up?but this wasn?t exactly small.  She?d leave Suika some privacy rather than dwell on it, though.  Speaking of Suika, she was looking around her, her mouth slightly agape as though she wanted to say something.  Konngara started thinking of things to say, something to get everyone to pay attention or at least be quiet, so Suika would have a chance to speak.  Maybe yell at them to shut up?or break the table in half.

She couldn?t think of anything else.  Would they even be able to hear her at this point?

She set down her glass and took a deep breath.  It might be a good idea to?


In the end, it was Suika who stood up on her chair and screamed.  It was Suika who slung her gourd over her shoulder with one hand and punched the table with the other, leaving a fist-sized dent in the wood.  It was Suika who made everyone, including Konngara, stop what they were doing and look at her.  Suika no longer looked lost.  Still a little desperate, yes, but more frustrated than anything else.

Suika whipped her head back and forth, shooting daggers at anyone that dared move.  Yuugi let go of the bartender and sunk down into a stool.

?Ya know what?? Suika said.  ?I?m sick of there being a riot every time we mention?you know who.?  She narrowed her eyes and hiccupped.  ?So, I?ve been thinking: let?s get the band back together.?

Yuugi was the first one to speak up and break the silence.  ?I dunno, Sui.  We haven?t seen her for at least 300 years.  To be honest, I doubt she?s gonna come runnin? back to us with open arms, giggling like a school girl from the Outside World??  She trailed off, and was met with snickering from the rest of the oni.  Konngara knew someone who really was?or at least used to be?a school girl, found this somewhat amusing and smiled a bit.

?Then I?ll do that,? Suika proclaimed in a spur of boldness.  ?We?ve gotta bury this hatchet, you guys.?

?Then I might as well settle the score, eh??  Yuugi turned to one of the bartenders, who was polishing a wine glass.  ?This?d call for a celebration drink.?

The bartender, taking this cue, nodded and turned to the wine rack.

Suika then turned to Konngara, and their eyes met.  Suika took a long drink from her gourd before speaking again.  ?Whaddya think??

It was when Suika asked her that Konngara remembered Ibaraki.  Ibaraki?s much shorter, pointed horns and how embarrassed she was of them.  Ibaraki?s pink hair, which she always seemed to take great pride in but always kept at longest to her shoulders.  Ibaraki?s faint, apologetic smile, the expression she only spared for flowers and animals and desperate situations.  Ibaraki wearing that smile as she shook her head and looked down at her dangling right sleeve.  They had gotten along well enough, although Konngara couldn?t quite recall what had happened when Ibaraki left, and what happened right before and right after.  Apparently she got into a row with Suika, which may or may not explain her reaction to?
?Well?  What do you think??  This was Yuugi who had spoken up, now.  She was leaning on the bar counter looking expectant.  Well, why not?

?I do wonder what she?s been up to,? Konngara said at last, and this was confirmation enough for the others.  Suika howled in approval and pumped her fist in the air.  Other oni, although reluctant, joined in on the cheering.  The atmosphere, which had been so heated just moments ago, was now thawing out.  Glasses and mugs were being clattered together in toasts.

Suika hopped off the stool and took her seat at the table.  Her cheeks were flushed red with drunken excitement, and she shook Konngara?s arm.  ?Hey, hey, we gotta have a plan for this.?


?A plan, a plan?Yuugi!?  Suika turned back to the counter, where Yuugi was balancing a sake dish and chatting up the bartenders.  ?Get over here!  We need you for this!?

?I?m coming, I?m coming.?  Yuugi left the counter and pushed her way back through the crowd, sitting down at the table and setting her dish of sake down.  It wasn?t sake, though; it was some dark purple wine.

?Good, we?re all here.?  Suika grinned.  ?We gotta find Kasen, you guys.?

?That?s easy to say,? Konngara said.  She added nothing after that, because it should have been obvious to the others: none of them had even the slightest idea of where Ibaraki was now.  For all they knew, she could be on the other side of the world and they wouldn?t know.

This didn?t seem to dishearten Suika.  She just shook her head.  ?If somethin?s lost, then ya gotta find it.  Lost n? found, you know??

Yuugi laughed and rested her head on her elbow.  ?I get ya.  By process of elimination, though, she?d definitely not underground.?

Suika nodded.  ?Then that puts her on the surface.?

There was a lull in the conversation.  There were definitely?mixed feelings about the surface.  On one hand, it was where half of their food came from: crops shipped in from the nearest underground city most likely came from the surface, and although they had learned to be more self-sufficient over the decades, there was still that overhanging reliance on surface imports.  The surface was also where they had been born and spent their childhoods, and oni culture had flourished on Youkai Mountain for years.  There was a real sun, forests and mountains there.

On the other hand, if you were underground, there was a pretty good chance almost everyone on the surface hated you and couldn?t kill you otherwise.  It brought back a lot of sour memories that no one wanted to think about, much less bring up.  Suika was the only one brave enough to actually reestablish herself up there, and even try encouraging everyone else to come up.  She was always like that.

?Oh, come on, you guys,? Suika moaned.  ?It?s not that bad.?

Konngara shrugged.  ?I was stuck up there for half a year last year.  I?m kind of done with the surface.?  She looked down at her drink.  It wasn?t like she had to stay up there again, but?

?Put some spirit into it!? Suika half-shouted.  A few heads turned.  ?I know you?re friends with that greenhorn from the mountains!?

Of course, there was always Sanae.  Of all the mountain goddesses, she was the only one who was readily tolerated, and even liked, by the denizens of the Former Hell.  To call her a greenhorn, though?she had already been living in Gensokyo for a few years.  It was safe to say she wasn?t very na?ve of how the place worked after a certain point.

?Okay, okay, I?ll ask her,? Konngara said, holding her hands up defensively.  ?She?s friends with the tengu??

?Do we really want the tengu in on this?? Yuugi cut in.  ?No, I mean, they?re probably not gonna cooperate.?

Suika grimaced.  ?That?s true.?

?Then let?s send some of the kappa up,? Konngara suggested.  ?They?re all over the nuclear reactor.?

Yuugi took a sip from the sake dish.  Her manacles jangled as she set it back on the table and sat up.  The noise in the bar had gone back to near-deafening, and the partying clamor had returned.  However, it was just oni.  Kappa would never drink with oni, but they would listen.  And if there was any oni they?d listen to, it was Yuugi.  Especially if they were near the Palace of the Earth Spirits.

?Okay, so we?ll ask Sanae, the kappa??  Suika started counting off on her fingers.  ?I?ll get Pebbles and Orin in on it, ?cause they go to the surface a lot.?  She hiccupped.  ?And Reimu.  Tenshi?actually, she?s been in a kinda sour mood lately so no??

Yuugi raised her hand.  Her sake dish was now empty.  ?Parsee has surface friends.  I?ll talk to ?er ?bout it, act as a messenger if she can?t leave the bridge.?

Konngara swirled her glass around in her hands as she listened to Suika and Yuugi go on.  That was a lot of people to look for one person, and she was only going to ask one?

?Wait.?  Konngara tapped her fingers on the table, getting Suika?s and Yuugi?s attention.  ?I know someone who commutes to the surface??


The first thing Konngara noticed when she got home was that the lights were on.  Even from the distance, she could see a faint glow coming from the sliding doors of the shrine.  In the near blackness of the wastelands where Konngara?s home was, it was easy to spot those differences.  It was just a speck of light compared to the Ancient City miles away, but getting there was entirely possible if one knew where to look for the light.  Of course, it had darker since Hell?s Moon disappeared.

When she walked in through the front door, the first thing she noticed was that there was an extra pair of shoes in the doorway.  It was a pair of light brown flats, lined up without any signs of being kicked off.  Familiar.  Konngara took off her own shoes and stepped over to the sliding door leading to the main room.

?Ah, welcome home!?  Konngara was greeted by an excited voice.  A girl with long brown hair had been sitting at the kotatsu, resting her head on her arms.  The second the door had opened, however, she leapt up and ran over to throw her arms around Konngara?s waist.  The wings on the girl?s head fluttered as she buried her face into Konngara?s shoulder.

?Kikuri.  You?re home early,? Konngara managed to say.  She returned the hug almost instinctively, wrapping her arms around the smaller girl?s waist and giving her a light squeeze. 
Kikuri giggled.

?Yagokoro-sensei said she was giving me a break.?


Konngara patted Kikuri on the back, only to pause.  Beneath Kikuri?s dress, she could easily feel her ribs, and her spine.  Her shoulders felt boney, and even her skin looked paler than usual.  Even her headwings seemed wilted.  Yagokoro-sensei?who was that again, the doctor?

?You?ve gotten thinner.?  Konngara poked Kikuri in the ribs, causing the girl to squirm.  Kikuri laughed a little, but her voice wavered.


Konngara stared at her.  She hadn?t noticed it before, but Kikuri had definitely lost weight.  Even her clothes looked too big for her.  Still not saying anything, she knelt down and took one of Kikuri?s wrists in her hand.  It felt as though it might snap if she put too much pressure on it.  She let go and put a hand to Kikuri?s forehead.  Too warm.

?Have you been eating enough?? Konngara asked.  ?You kind of feel like you have a fever, too??

?Ye?not really.?  Kikuri heaved a sigh.  ?I don?t know, I haven?t even been able to use danmaku lately?I feel kind of drained.?

Drained?drained?drained of faith?  Kikuri never had any followers, and there number of people who knew what she was could be counted on one hand.  The shell had protected her from that in the past, but now she didn?t have that safety net to fall back on.  Her power had been drained, too, to keep her from being destructive, but now she had been reduced to such a weak state.

She should have noticed it earlier.

?You have to tell me these things,? Konngara said.  ?I?m not a mind reader, okay??

Kikuri nodded and sank onto the floor, where she sat with her fingers laced together.  ?I was really looking forward to seeing you, and you had to go and bring that up.?

?I can?t really ignore that, though?I?ll go make you something to eat.?

?Do we have ingredients for udon??

?I think so.?

There was no way she could ask Kikuri to go to the surface.

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[17:42] <Amra> as she does something out of character

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Re: Himiko's Shorts
« Reply #68 on: November 23, 2011, 03:45:08 PM »
I enjoyed that; onis doing what they do best... beating the hell out of each other. ^^
Also, Yuugi talking about doing... those things with Parsee... Kyaaaaaaaa~ I NEED MORE YUUGI x PARSEE NOW! Curse you, Himiko~ <3

And poor Kikuri... I really hope she gets better; that's not a nice state to be in at all.


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Re: Himiko's Shorts
« Reply #69 on: January 13, 2012, 11:22:00 PM »
Wow I never write about these guys.  It's a little different from what was in my head, but I like how this turned out.

Summer Haze

It was a slow day.

Patchouli stared at the ceiling fan, feeling the cool, dry air on her bare legs.  The blood on her neck still felt sticky and wet, and had long since dribbled down onto her night dress.  This kept her from feeling completely comfortable, and Patchouli wondered how the vampire curled up against her arm could sleep covered in her blood.
Her eyelids drooped.  There was a sizeable book just an arm?s reach from her, but she was too tired to pick it up.

?Milady?? called out a demure voice.

The door clicked open, followed by the clack of heels.  A young woman pushing a tea service entered the room.  There was not a single wrinkle in her dress or apron, and her hair was neatly plaited into two long braids.  She came to a stop at the foot of the bed, and her eyes widened in subdued surprise.

Patchouli didn?t bother moving or even saying a greeting.  Just making eye contact was enough.

Sakuya walked around to her side of the bed and slid an arm beneath Patchouli?s shoulders, easing her into a sitting position.

?The sheets are a mess,? Sakuya chided.  She pursed her lips and reached out to brush Patchouli?s hair away from the two small holes in the side of her neck.

?Maybe it?d be better if you let me??

?It?s fine,? Patchouli croaked.  ?A human such as yourself would encounter more difficulties enduring the feeding process undertaken by a vampire unlike a magician such as myself.  It would be advisable that you not do anything to worry Remi.?

Suddenly, there was a damp rag on Patchouli?s neck, mopping away the blood.  Sakuya supported Patchouli against her arm, while using her other hand to clean up her neck.  Soon enough, there was a square piece of gauze taped over the bite mark.

?Thank you.?  Patchouli tried to keep still as Sakuya brushed back her hair.  At this point, she was completely unfazed, and figured it was just best to let the head maid work her magic.  In this case, literally.

Sakuya reached for the straps of Patchouli?s dress, but was interrupted by the magician?s hand.

?I will change by myself,? Patchouli insisted. 

?I only request that I be brought a clean dress, tea, cakes, and Koakuma to bring them to me.?  She counted off her list of demands to Sakuya, who nodded and laid her back onto the bed.  There was a teapot and fine china on the tea service Sakuya had brought in, but no doubt had it been brewed to ?milady?s? liking.  That is, whatever tea that Patchouli didn?t like.

?Right away, Lady Patchouli.?

Patchouli smirked.  ?You needn?t address me with such a formal title, we??  Remilia, still fast asleep next to her, was suddenly in a crisp white nightgown and completely spotless.  Even her wings had been uncrumpled from when she had rolled over on them in slumber, and the covers were now clean.

??We are both equals here,? Patchouli finished.  Sakuya shook her head.

?Milady let you live here without asking for anything in return, and instructed me to serve you as I do her.  That should count for something.?

?And yet your speech is more familiar with me??

The corners of Sakuya?s mouth turned up ever so slightly.

?Ten points to Gryffindor,? she said.  She smoothed her skirt, turned on her heels, and walked out the door.  Patchouli watched her go, before Sakuya?s comment finally sunk in.

?Oh!?  She sat up too quickly, and her head spun.  ?Tell Koa to bring me a book!?


Ten minutes later, there was a full tea tray on the nightstand, a book in Patchouli?s hands, and a dress being unfolded by Koakuma.  The petite, red-headed girl had been rambling on about something for a while now about the faerie maids, but Patchouli was only paying half attention.  The other half of her mind was floating above her, watching her pale fingers drum the leather of the book?s spine.  Pillows had been propped up to allow Patchouli to sit upright without exerting any effort.

?Okay, you can get changed.?  Koakuma handed the dress over to her.  As Patchouli headed back behind the changing screen at the other end of the room, Koakuma gave Remilia a cautious eye.

?Uh?this is kinda awkward,? Koakuma seemed to decide.  ?She?s just wearing that thing.?

?You?ve seen me ?just wearing that thing? when it?s hot out,? Patchouli said.  She slipped off her bloodied dress and felt over her skin.  It was a little damp, but she could put off a bath for later.  Putting on a fresh dress was more than heaven for her.  The soft, embroidered silk felt smooth no matter which way she rubbed it.  Satisfied, she returned to the bed and leaned against the pillows, resting the book in her lap.

Koakuma puffed out her cheeks.  ?It?s different with Lady Remilia ?cause in Makai vampires are on a really high rung on the social ladder so it?s kind of weird not seeing them on a pedestal like this.?

Patchouli reached out and put a finger to the girl?s lips.  ?Shoosh, child.  You may go back to the library if you wish.?

?I think I?ll do that.?

Koakuma was stepping away towards the door when they both heard a shout, followed by the splintering sound of wood.  Koakuma raced out to the balcony outside the bedroom and leaned over the railing, head wings flapping in excitement.  There was more shouting now.

?There?s something going on at the gates!? Koakuma shouted.  ?There?re like, some people out there, but these darn trees are in the way!?

Remilia stirred and opened her eyes, looking down at the sheets before giving Patchouli a questioning look.

?Koa, come pour me a cup of tea,? Patchouli commanded.  Koakuma made a barely audible growl and hurried back with a skip in her step.  She could tell that her familiar was quivering in anticipation, and this would at least keep her a little distracted.

Remilia sat up and stretched her wings.  ?What time is it??

Koakuma squeaked.  ?It?s two-thirty in the afternoon, mmma?am!?

?There?s a commotion going outside, apparently,? Patchouli informed her.  Remilia rubbed her eyes and swung her legs over the bed.  The shouting was still there.

?Tsk??  She padded across the room to the balcony.  Patchouli watched, taking contented sighs between sips of tea.  She could feel the energy returning to her.
?We have only been here for a week,? Remilia lamented as she looked out over the balcony, although she sounded more like she was talking to herself.

?Guess we only thought Gensokyo was peaceful,? Koakuma whispered to Patchouli, before trotting off.

Patchouli sighed.  It was going to be a long afternoon.

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Re: Himiko's Shorts
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Interesting take on that whole situation. It kind of felt like there was a sort of ... timeless quality about their friendships, inasmuch as this could have taken place at any point in their continuity.


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Re: Himiko's Shorts
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Ok I've finally gotten to writing more of my own characters, that's all I really care about right now, even if it's poorly-written.

[Original] Hurricane

Wind rattled against the boarded-up windows and doors of the house, and was almost drowned out by the clatter of hail relentlessly hammering against the roof.  Everything that could be opened to the outside was locked, and if Reef didn?t know better, she would?ve thought that they were trying to get into her house again.

The sky clouded, and she realized that she was the only one in the house.  The rain started, and she brewed up a mug of hot cocoa.  Then the wind started to howl, and she retreated further into the house with the steaming liquid and her laptop.

Taking care not to spill her drink, she set it on the carpet a safe distance away as she cocooned herself in a thick comforter and leaned against the foot of the bed.  The only light in the room now was from the computer screen, and the sound of her long fingers tapping away at the keyboard was drowned out by the storm outside.  A few more clicks, and she pushed the ?enter? button and reached for the cocoa.

A chat window popped up, and within a few seconds, a single line of text appeared on the screen.

YY: ree
YY: you?re online for once

Reef took a gulp of her drink, and suppressed a hiss.  It was too hot.

KK: the hurricane reached us, I?m waiting it out

Reef settled back into the comforter.  Deep breaths.  In, and out.  The bedding had that distinct scent that did wonders soothing her, and was pleasantly warm against the cool air and the carpet she knew would be slightly uncomfortable if she sat on it too long without something softer around her.  She kept drinking her cocoa with hesitant sips, even though it had cooled down enough by this point.

YY: are you home alone
KK: yeah, I?m holed up in yuri?s room right now
YY: wow really what?s in there

Reef looked up.  White-washed walls, barren except for one or two posters for movies she had never heard of.  A stout, square television was perched on the wooden dresser standing against the wall across from the king-sized bed she was currently leaning against.  Although she couldn?t see it, she guessed that there were still cardboard boxes stacked in one corner, still unpacked.  The room, in spite of the sense of security it gave her, felt sterile.

KK: it?s nice I guess
KK: it?s like a meat locker in here, though, I wish he?d turn up the heat for once
YY: aren?t summers down there boiling
YY: why would you want to turn up the heat
KK: it?s cold, ok?
KK: it?s cold and I wish he?d come back so I could ask him to turn up the heat because I don?t know how to
YY: geez, sorry
YY: it?s hard to understand how you feel, being warm-blooded
KK: it?s ok

Reef rubbed her tongue against the roof of her mouth.  It felt a bit raw from where she had burned it, and she got the feeling that it wouldn?t be going away too soon.  She drained the last of her cocoa and set the mug off to the side, glad to have both hands on the keyboard.

KK: btw I think I think it?s going to die out after this so you probably will only get some half-assed rain showers up there
YY: isn?t that what always happ

Reef didn?t get to finish reading the sentence, because at that moment, the cacophony outside was broken by an earth-shattering roar of thunder.  The light on Reef?s computer flickered and sputtered out, leaving the girl in complete darkness.  Her squeak of surprise was lost in the noise, and she seized up.

A lump formed in her throat when she looked ahead only to find darkness.  She held up a quavering hand, but even when she held it an inch from her nose, she couldn?t see it.
?Uhh?.?  Her stammering came out as a weak, strangled sound.  The thunder came again like a fist slamming abruptly against the table, and Reef curled onto her side.  She tingled all over as she felt her body turn white as a sheet.  She always felt a crawling sensation when that happened.

The storm pounded on unceasingly, as if trying to take the house itself and shake it into submission.  With no lights, no sense of where anything was, Reef felt as though she herself was caught in a timeless vacuum.  She squeezed her eyes shut, although there wasn?t anything to look at, and nestled further into the comforter.  She took deep breathes, focusing on how nice this felt, and how she was going to tell her friends next time she saw them that sleeping on the floor wasn?t always a bad thing, as long as you had something soft.


Meanwhile, in a land far far away, a blonde young maiden sat on her bed.  The windows to her room were wide open, letting the cool evening breeze stir her curtains and caress her closed eyelids.  She opened her eyes enough to see what was happening on her computer screen.

YY: isn?t that what always happens

KK has left the chat at 43:27

YY: what
YY: why did she leave
YY: eh
YY: I?ll talk to you tomorrow

SS has entered the chat at 43:28

She stared at the screen, only able to feel mild curiosity at the newcomer.  She reached out to the keyboard again and tapped in a greeting, waiting for the profanity that was certain to follow.


The winds had died down considerably by the time he reached home, but his hair was still a mess, hair sticking up in all the wrong places, and his braid half undone.  The two moons shone brightly on the silent wind and rain-battered tropics.  The only sounds were his squelching footsteps in the mud and the occasional drip of water droplets falling into a puddle.  He heard rushing water somewhere in the distance, and decided it was best he get inside for the time being.

Before entering the house, however, he checked to see how much it had been damaged.

The roof had pock marks from the hail.  He could fix that.  The canvas stretched in an overhanging over the front door had holes in it, making him rake his tongue across his teeth in frustration.  That stuff wasn?t easy to come by.  The windows, however, were just as he left them.

He entered the house and flicked the switch.  Predictably, the power was out.  He shut the door behind him and made a note to call someone after he woke up.


He stared down at the roll of comforter that was lying at the foot of his bed.  Locks of dark purple hair trailed out onto the floor.  An empty mug sat a short distance away, and a small portable computer had been plugged into the wall.

The cocoon rose and fell ever so slightly.  He stared down at it, and then stuck out his tongue to taste the air.  He could still smell a bit of white on her scales; the rest must have faded off in his sleep.  Carefully so as to not wake her up, he lifted her off the floor and deposited her on the bed.  He then kicked off his shoes and socks and flopped down on the other end of the bed, sighing with relief and letting sleep quickly take him.

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Re: Himiko's Shorts
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itt himiko tries her hand at noir and is embarrassed in the attempt

Gensounoir Pilot

You?re pretty sure you heard someone snicker that you?re up past your curfew, but you don?t care.  It?s well past midnight and all the good kids?ve gone home, but you think you can stand being out for a lil? while longer.

As long as the moon?s out, at least.

You meander down the streets, walking in beat to the smooth jazz you hear crooning from some distant street corner.  Cars groan down the streets, belching smoke into the black curtain of the night sky.

You somehow wind up throwing down cash on a counter at some bar and ordering the first thing you see on the menu, which happens to be a shot of some cherry red drink that burns your throat.

As you?re recovering from the sting of the surprisingly strong alcohol, you notice the lady on the stool next to you.  How could you not?  There isn?t a single youkai in this bar, or at least none with hair that?s such a vivid shade of green.  She?s all dolled up, too: cream dress with black pearls strung on her neck, thin headband sticking out against that bright hair of hers, silk stole and everything that just screamed high-class.  Royalty, even.  She looks more suited for a fancy dinner party than this washed-up dump.

She looks washed-up herself, though.  With a quavering hand she draws the glass of bronze-colored liquid closer to her, and sinks down into her arms.  Like she?s hiding from the empty glasses around her the bartender?s picking up like stray puppies off the sidewalk.

And, well, when a dame wants to start rambling, you might as well let her.  She says she?s from another city, Gen-something or another, and that she?s been heartbroken in the most horribly tragic way a girl can.

?I met her four years ago,? she?s saying now.  ?It was when I was just gettin? the group together, supporters, subordinates.?  She slurs over the last word and doesn?t even care.

?We were goin? on a midnight run, gettin? used to it.  The whole business, it?s tough.  Gotta watch your back; make sure you got the right people.?

You wager she?s talking about that, and decide right then and there that this conversation isn?t leaving the bar, and no one?s mouths except her pretty painted one to you.

?We were headin? back?or to??past the warehouses an? on the docks and?she just came outta nowhere??

She strokes the glass with her ring finger.

?God, she was so?? she chokes on her own hushed voice.  ??beautiful.?

Her eyes are glassy, like she?s actually going to cry.

?You wouldn?t expect ?er to be s-so slender and willowy.  And those eyes.  Everything about her just made me want to melt.?

She continues to caress the glass, the lights in her eyes wavering.  She continues to speak in a watery whisper, the kind that makes you strain to listen.

?I just, she felt more real than I did to myself an? just touching her was like a conformation that ?hey, this all actually exists?,? she insists, and you agree with her.  Yup, that shit?s more real than a pile of bricks to the face.  This elicits a hiccupy, tear-saturated laugh from her, and she lets her hand fall to the table.

Later that night you?re standing on the balcony outside your apartment, looking past the brick and steel and to the river out in the distance.  The water?s lit up like a wildfire by all the boats on it.  It?s like a moat, and the city beyond that is where it all is: all the heartbreak and beauty some inebriated blue blood couldn?t help but spill out to you like tears in cheap alcohol.

And for all the imagination it?s worth, you don?t mind in the slightest.

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Re: Himiko's Shorts
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?This is my favorite biiird!  Besides Okuuuuuu, of course.?  Koishi had a single golden canary perched on her fingers, using her free hand to stroke the feathers on its head.  ?Speaking of Okuu, I have partial custody of heeer!  Onee-chan said so after?after?.?

Koishi?s carefree smile melted into a frown, and she let the bird fly off.  An awkward silence settled over the room, during which Tenshi released the cat she was holding in her lap.  As it scampered over to where Koishi was sitting on the floor, Tenshi found her arm occupied by a bright green snake.  She got the feeling she had seen it before in a children?s story, but quickly shook away that feeling.  She instead took a daschund into her lap and petted its fur.


Although, it was hard for Tenshi to feel uncomfortable when she could reach out in any direction and feel fur, feathers, or scales.  The two girls were sitting in a wide open room, and yet all of the animals Koishi had gathered were now surrounding them.  After a crow had settled onto Tenshi?s shoulder and three cats shed fur all over her dress?her NEW dress?she had come to the conclusion that they were all just overly affectionate.

Koishi got up on her knees and scooted across the floor, heartlessly pushing the cats out of the way to get to Tenshi.  Before she could say anything, Tenshi found herself face to face with Koishi?s closed third eye as the smaller girl reached up and put her hands on her hat.  Her face was too close to the fruit on Tenshi?s hat.  She could feel it, but she had to bear it?
?is what Tenshi would have thought if she were more patient. 

?Koishi, what the fuck are you doing??

She shoved Koishi away from her and adjusted her hat, watching her fall being cushioned by a sheep dog that just happened to be right there at the right time.  Stupid dogs and their stupid silly grins.

Koishi just looked up at her with her wide, empty eyes and grinned.  ?Are those peaches reeeaaal??

?Damn straight!?  Koishi made a move to get up, but Tenshi put her hands over the peaches protectively.

?They?re immortal fucking peaches,? Tenshi explained.  ?Celestial peaches.  They wouldn?t rot even if your kasha threw one of ?em into that Hell Furnace with all those rotting corpses.?
She waited for Koishi to be disgusted, but her smile never faded.  Maybe she wasn?t squeamish.

?Another thing: don?t get that close to me out of nowhere,? Tenshi warned.  ?It?s fucking creepy.?

The sheep dog moved away, leaving Koishi to fall on her back.  Her smile twitched at the corners, and perhaps with some sort of reluctance, let it fade away.  A Himalayan cat wandered onto her stomach, but she didn?t react.

?Not for meeee!? Koishi said.  ?It?s?ahahah!?

The cat had begun to make biscuits on Koishi?s stomach.  She giggled and writhed on the floor for a few moments, until the cat grew tired and walked away.  Koishi sat up smoothed out her skirt, which looked in dire need of a lint brush.  If Tenshi had one with her, she would have used it on Koishi herself.

?It?s not weird for me, because I love eeeeverything!?  Koishi threw her arms out as if offering a hug.  ?Also, it?s part of our underground culture.?

Tenshi started to unwrap the snake on her arm, which was starting to lose feeling.  Another time it would lose feeling was when Suika hugged it too tight when drunk.  Suika was from the underground.  Suika was touchy-feely and very affectionate, yes, but Suika didn?t just go up to people and start sniffing their hats out of the goddamn blue.  What the shit.

?Bullshit,? Tenshi said, because that?s exactly how she felt.

?No, nooo, I?m serious!?  Koishi waved her hands in front of her.  ?Yooouu know, everyone down here was either banished or chased down here or some other horrible thing, but we all still had each other, I mean they all still had each other, and everyone?s living in this cave where there?s not all that big open space and that big open blue from wherever you liiiive, so people don?t really have any problems with just going up to someone and patting them on the back or giving them a hug, because we?re all cool with each other.  Everyone?s happy and we?re all friends!?

Koishi?s smile looked a little strained.  ?Except during flu season, of course.  Disease spreads through the city like the Black Death.  Speaking of which, that?s usually why younger tsuchigumo who have trouble controlling their powers live outside of the city, so they don?t accidentally cause an epidemic.  Orin doesn?t mind those but then that means she has to work overtime and try to keep herself from getting infected at the same time??

?Whoa, whoa, you?re rambling.?  Tenshi held out a finger to shush Koishi before she could say any more.  ?That is not what I heard from Suika.?

?Oni culture is different, and I?m just getting to know you,? Koishi whined.  ?You?re reaaaaally culturally insensitive!?

Tenshi frowned.  ?I don?t want to hear that from someone who calls the sky ?that big open blue???

Koishi flopped over on her side and let out a loud, abrupt laugh.  ?That?s great!  I think we could be great friends, Teeeenshi!?

?Haha.?  Tenshi finally got the snake off her arm and let it slither away.  ?By the way??

?Hmm??  Koishi rolled over on her stomach.

?Where?s the bathroom?? Tenshi asked.

?Oh, go through the main room over there??  Koishi pointed to a door at the far end of the room.  ??and then there?ll be this hallway and if you go down there the bathroom will be the fourth door to the left.?

?Okay, be right back.?  Tenshi stood up and started walking off.  None of the animals followed her out, thank god.

Tenshi sauntered out of the room and started off down the hall.  She could still hear Koishi giggling back in the other room; she guessed that if she were to go back now she?d walk in on some sickeningly cute display of Koishi being tickled by one of her many rabbits.  And then she would be telling them to stop in her usual, drawn-out voice, between her unbearably adorable laughter.

A door on the left, a door on the left...

It was a door on the left, right?

Tenshi looked around, and saw doors in all directions.  She remembered Koishi?s directions, or at least tried to.  After about five seconds of wracking her brain, she gave up and started flinging doors open.

A storage room, filled to the brim with crates.  Koishi should?ve given her better directions, or better yet, shown her the way.

Someone?s living quarters, with beds lined up in rows.  On second thought, she wouldn?t want Koishi creeping around outside the bathroom.

A foyer, with floral upholstery that would have made a celestial interior designer weep.  It wasn?t that Tenshi found Koishi herself to be creepy, she was just trying to get used to her.  She was honestly jealous of how easily Suika and Koishi could talk to each other or fall asleep in a pile of pillows, because they had been friends much longer than Tenshi and Suika had known each other.

A broom closet.  If Koishi could get along so well with Suika, then she couldn?t be that bad a person.  It was her who invited Tenshi to the Palace of the Earth Spirits, after all, she couldn?t be that bad.

Tenshi was running out of doors, and was nearing the end of the hallway.  She reached for the doorknob and grudgingly admitted to herself that yes, maybe she could get used to these play dates, or whatever Koishi called them.  She was all up for having tea and dressing up cats in frilly bonnets, she didn?t mind?
This wasn?t the bathroom.

Tenshi gawked a little.  She couldn?t help it.  It was a grand, high-ceilinged room with columns and checkered floor and everything, but the couch at the center of the room had her undivided attention.

There, tangled on the hideous pink couch, was her arch enemy and Koishi?s older sister.  Reimu was sprawled out on the cushions, her hair ribbon askew and one of her detached sleeves crumpled up on the floor.  Her shirt was hiked up to the point where Tenshi could see the sarashi wound about her chest.  Satori was on top of her with her shirt hanging off one shoulder and the cords of her third eye ensnaring Reimu in a web of red yarn.  The two were locked in a passionate kiss, practically fondling each other under their clothes.  Tenshi swore she heard one of them moan.

Here was the Hakurei Reimu, the salt of the earth, in a position Tenshi thought she would never see her in.  Holy shit.

?Excuse me??

Tenshi jumped.  Satori had broken the kiss and was now looking her way, with all three eyes fixated on her.  She looked like she was going to cry.  Reimu followed Satori?s gaze and froze, her face turning as red as her wrinkled skirt.

Tenshi was horrified.  She couldn?t quite pinpoint if it was because she had caught her enemy in a moment of weakness, or if the girl straddling her happened to be Koishi?s sister which made this awkward as hell, or if she was starting to imagine what would have happened if she had come into the room just a few minutes later.

All she knew was that she needed to get out, and fast.  Her primal fear of being punctured with divine needles was setting in.

?Wrong room,? Tenshi sputtered, and slammed the door.

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Re: Himiko's Shorts
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I was going to make a comment on a job well done portraying Tenshi; because I did love that. Koishi being all cute, next to Tenshi's 'not-giving-a-f*** but wanting to try' status was so nice.


Re: Himiko's Shorts
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He could still smell a bit of white on her scales

White scales are smelly?

The second one is really cute..but I find embarasment cute..
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I have...a terrible need...shall I say the word?...of religion. Then I go out at night and paint the stars.


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Re: Himiko's Shorts
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Some sort of Miracle

She was quite certain that this was the oni Suika stole her gourd from.  An ancient but tough-as-nails old thing with gnarled horns and snowy hair, clothing draped around him like a king.  His knuckles were trapped in tarnished brass and blood and sweat and it was a miracle that they hadn?t slipped right off his bony fingers yet.

Yuugi licked the blood off her lips, tasting rust and sweat.  The earth under her feet was dusty and rough, her geta splintered and long forgotten in the brush a ways away.

Draw fist back, brace for impact.

The brass knuckles crashing against her much weaker-feeling hand sent reverberations throughout her arm, her body, shaking the chains on her wrist, but otherwise leaving a numb sensation.  She pushed forward and forced his fist back before bending her knee.

Like unsnapping a button.  Dislocate jaw.  Sort of fail.

Sort of.

Yuugi drew her other fist back and aimed it squarely at his jaw, finishing what her leg couldn?t.  The oni growled, a low, animalistic sound.  Red was in Yuugi?s eyes and hair and trickling down her horn that had stayed on by some sort of miracle.

Struggle, flail, regain balance.  Her elbow was snapping underneath the immense pressure of a stronger hand.  Bite, taste rust, keep biting.

Yuugi dug her teeth into his arm, using her own free arm to rake at his face.  The Sun beat down on her back, her shirt sticking to her back and making every movement all the more unbearable.

Water just barely entered her mind, but was replaced by the sheer amount of blood, and bone.  She made a face and spat out the flesh and muscle in her mouth, raking her tongue across the roof of her mouth.  A knee caught her in the gut.

Punch.  Punch.  Punch.


Suika must have had quite the fight.  Suika must have just barely clung on to the threads of life; by oni standards, they were so long no one could see the end and eventually everyone stopped caring and started focusing more on the blood that saturated it and turned whatever color the thread was before colorless, red.


Yuugi?s hair fell over her back and shoulders and face, ponytail long forgotten.  Her eyelid felt numb.


Her world was a haze of red and teeth and numbness.


Her world was blind and numb and overwhelmed with the paralyzing pulse of the heat, the firm grip of the shackles and the splinter and oddly wet feeling of horn scraping against her skin.







She sat atop the slain beast feeling absolutely filthy down to her bones, her mouth tingling with the taste of her own blood.  The yolk of the sun quavered in the evening sky, hot, but the wind in contrast was sweet and cold, by some sort of miracle.

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Re: Himiko's Shorts
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> Pick a picture (bluh bluh danbooru)
> Write minific about it

Flu Season

?38.3?That?s pretty bad.?

Satori looked away from the thermometer to Reimu, who looked back at her with glassy, tired-looking eyes.  Her bangs had been brushed away from her face to accommodate a thin washcloth, which was still too wet and left a trail of water streaming down either side of her face.  When Satori?s third eye scanned the shrine maiden?s thoughts, it came up with a lot of disjointed, unrelated thoughts, the kind she often saw from people who were half awake.

Nearby, Suika was piling blankets over the malaised girl, having already stuffed a pillow under her head.  The little oni draped one last blanket over her?a pink one with white ruffles all along the edges?and a kettle whistled in the kitchen.  At the sound, Reimu?s train of thought screeched to a halt, and she was jolted out of her trance.  Satori winced and tucked in the blankets around her.

?Phew??  Reimu sighed, and her head sunk into the pillow.  ?I didn?t expect to get that sick.?

?Tea is being made for you as we speak,? Satori said.

?Yeah, and then you?re gonna get some sleep!?  Suika pushed herself to her feet and pattered out of the room and into the kitchen.  Satori watched her go, and turned back to meet Reimu?s gaze.

?Cold weather sucks.?  Reimu punctuated this with a sniff.

?It?s not necessarily the cold weather that gets you,? Satori started to explain.  ?I believe it?s the cold weather that lowers your immune system.  That makes it more susceptible to viruses and the like.?

She paused.  Reimu was just staring at her blankly, her thoughts sluggish.  Satori took this as an incentive to continue on.

?I think that?s how it goes, anyway.  Your immune system gets weaker, and you get sick easier.  You usually wear the same kinds of clothes year-round, so you should probably wear something warmer, like a poncho or something.  I think we might have some of Orin?s old clothes you could borrow.  Even a traditional shrine maiden?s uniform might be warm enough??

Satori blinked as she noticed that Reimu?s thoughts had stopped completely.  Now the only sound in the room was the shrine maiden?s steady breathing.

Satori looked back to where Suika was busy pouring hot water into a teacup.  The tea would have to wait a bit.

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Re: Himiko's Shorts
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My writing muscles are sad and weak, so I took a few fic requests, this wasn't my idea ha h a h a....

Hakurei Reimu was five years old and had only seen the ocean in pictures.  One day her mother had brought home a book full of pictures of the ocean, and Reimu sat on her lap while she read them.  She didn?t remember it now, but back then it made her very excited.  Her mother only stroked her hair and said, ?It?d be really hard to get there.?
Years later, spring had finally arrived and Reimu was shuddering with cabin fever.  When she had gotten sick of replanting her entire garden she decided to go flying, and when she got sick of that she visited everyone she knew in Gensokyo?even the ones she didn?t like.

When she turned fifteen, she flew all the way to Mayohiga.

Sleep in her eyes and hair, Yukari handed her a small envelope as a birthday present.

Reimu sat cross-legged on the floor and picked it open.  Chen, who was playing with a yarn ball nearby, panicked and fled the room when Reimu gasped in surprise.  The paper in the envelope was small and faded, with not only words but numbers on it.  She didn?t recognize any of the words but it looked professional.  It looked like a talisman, which was why she had gasped: she was under the impression that Yukari had just handed her some amazingly powerful weapon.

?That?s a train ticket,? Yukari explained.  Reimu didn?t know what a train was.  ?Oh, you know, those big metal vehicles that cart you around the country.?

Yukari shook her head.  ?Think of it as a metal snake with wheels.  You buy these tickets and they take you away.  But in Gensokyo, flying?s enough to get around.?

Reimu blinked.  The paper felt odd and foreign in her hands, now.  When she finally returned home from Mayohiga, three days later, she wondered if maybe it wouldn?t be so bad to take a train after all.  From what she heard she wouldn?t have to lift a finger.  It?d be like being carried from one place to another, and even she had bouts of sloth that made her wish for something like that.

For years she drifted through the sky as if it was water, and the incidents she was responsible for solving were sharks.  When she was eighteen she met a young grasshopper of a girl, just as green, and lively as a newly-caged bird.  She would have to grow up in Gensokyo like Reimu did now, in a cage.  She would no longer be able to actually use train tickets: they would be useless artifacts, now, because she didn?t know someone who knew about trains, who was Yukari.  She watched the young grasshopper show her a jar of coins and ruined paper bills, which she realized in dismay would be useless to her even if she could get her hands on them.

Reimu, nearing the end of her childhood, was still too young to realize what she really wanted.

Reimu realized one day that she didn?t like Kamishirasawa Keine, yet she allowed the woman into her home anyway and served her tea.  She listened to her complain about the influx of youkai in the Human Village and how it was her fault that she was being too lenient.  There was an oni (a pint-sized one) sleeping in the room, for heaven?s sake!  Reimu pointed out that Keine was in no position to talk because she was a were-hakutaku and just as dangerous as the others.  Keine just stood up with a strange kind of scrunched up look on her face, put on her hat, and left without even drinking the rest of her tea.

Reimu felt heavily weighed down when she stood up.  She was still holding her stupid teapot in her arms and, with sudden resentment towards it, pitched it across the room.  The floor was a mess.  She was going to have to clean the floor now, but it was probably going to leave stains anyway.  That was really good tea she just wasted.  She heard Suika?s alarmingly lucid voice calling her from the other room.


No, she wasn?t going to talk to anyone else today.  Outside of the shrine the sunset made her sick.  She pulled at the lid of the donation box until it had snapped off and held it up to block out the dimming light.  When she had had her fill of shade she threw it aside and plunged her hands into the box to feel around in the dark.  Coins.  Yes.  She could buy a ticket out of Gensokyo with this without even having to dip into the money she had saved in her room.  She sifted aside the leaves and junk that some youkai had probably left behind and felt the real, actual money in her hands, to legitimize its existence.  A low giggle escaped from her.

As she laughed, her shoulders hitched, and the coins jingled in her hands.  She leaned over the edge of the donation box and giggled again.

?Reimu??  Suika sounded hesitant.  ??What are you doing??

Reimu let her arms dangled.  She smiled at the money in her hands and said, as if talking to it, ?I?m plotting.?

?I?m gonna buy my way out of this dump someday, you know?  I?ll buy a shrine in the Outside World, one that nobody?s using and just live on my own like that.?

Suika just scooped her up under her arms and half-dragged, half-carried her back towards the shrine.  She sat across from Reimu on the floor and took a sip from her gourd.

?And what?s Gensokyo gonna do if you run away, huh??  Suika leaned forward.  ?Don?t go running away from your responsibilities like that.?

She somehow thought that her words weren?t reaching Reimu, who had hung her head and bunched up her skirt in her hands.  She made a point of this frustration by letting out a great sigh.  After a long time they both went to sleep, but only to escape the cold of the unheated shrine at night.

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Re: Himiko's Shorts
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Minific based off a conversation I had with Purvis about the Ancient City

Snow fell in the Ancient City.  Even in the underground, the wintery weather persisted.  Reimu?s breath came out in little puffs, and she felt even smaller among the crowds of oni in the marketplace.  She currently stood in front of a stall, picking through her wallet as the shopkeep watched her with an expectant look on his face.  Sitting on the counter was a small cake, packed into a box and wrapped in tissue paper.

?Here you go.?  Reimu handed over a handful of change to the oni at the counter.  He went through the coins and frowned.

?I dunno what the hell currency this is, but we don?t accept it here,? the oni said at last, handing back the change.  Reimu gaped at him as she pocketed the money.  Her eyes travelled to the cake, already waiting for her to pick it up and take it with her.  She had been in situations where she didn?t have enough to pay for things, but to not even have the right kind of money?

?...Is that for Satori?? a quiet voice asked.  A hand touched Reimu?s shoulder and she thought her soul was going to go flying out of her mouth.  Turning around, she saw a taller oni with a single horn and long, black hair.  Konngara reached into her pocket and pulled out a coin Reimu guessed to be the size of her eyeball. 

She watched as Konngara passed the coin over to the shopkeep, who grinned and gestured to the cake.  ?All yours.?

As Reimu took the box in her arms, she stole a glance at Konngara.  She wasn?t exactly sure how she was supposed to respond to this gesture of good will, so she defaulted to muttering a single ?thanks?.

When the oni held out her hand, Reimu clutched the cake closer to her chest.  There was no way she was going to just hand it over, even if she didn?t pay for it.

?You?re going to the Palace?right?  I?ll take you there.?

Reimu blinked.  ?Oh.  Uh, okay.?

She reached out and took Konngara?s hand, and the two set off.  The road to the Palace took longer by foot, but it had been a while since Reimu actually walked through a village?or in this case, a city.  The oni were louder and more boisterous than Reimu liked, but she had to admit the scenery was pretty.  Lanterns hung from everywhere and the buildings were close together in a cozy sort of way.  The closer they got to the city, though, the quieter it became, until it was almost deserted.  Reimu noticed that Konngara was looking behind them every few minutes, but she thought nothing of it.

Konngara led Reimu as far as the front gates of the Palace before letting her go.

?Bye,? she said, with a small smile.  Reimu waved back to her and proceeded through the gates.  Once she was through, Konngara turned and walked back to the city.

She had gotten to the parts of the city where it was just starting to get rowdy, when she stopped in the middle of the street and looked over her shoulder.  A gang of oni, around five of them, lurked from around the corner of an alley.  Konngara narrowed her eyes at them.

?Don?t.?  Her hand rested on the hilt of her sword.  The oni shrunk back into the shadows and Konngara figured she didn?t need to say anything else to get her message across.  She walked on, humming to herself as she began her walk home.

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Re: Himiko's Shorts
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Credit to Sect for the whole currency thing

Patchouli Knowledge stood deep in enemy territory, clutching Koakuma?s arm and shaking.  All around her, great horned beasts roamed the streets, all moving towards the center of the Ancient City.  As she looked up at the stalactites on the ceiling, she wondered if anyone even stopped to think about what would happen if they all fell down.  The Underground was a dangerous place, indeed.

Her familiar wasn?t bothered in the slightest, taking the two of them through the crowd with ease.

?Do you have the letter, Lady Patchy?? she asked, looking over her shoulder at the tiny magician.  Her rucksack bumped against her back with each step.

?Yes.?  The evil document was clutched in Patchouli?s free hand.  Someone who had to have been nine feet tall bumped into Patchouli as they passed, and she almost dropped it.  She clung closer to Koakuma and shuddered.

?Why do we have to do this?? Patchouli groused.  ?And come to think of it, aren?t the oni being unusually well-behaved today??

?I don?t have to do this.  I?m here out of the kindness of my heart,? Koakuma informed her.  Ignoring her second statement, she pointed ahead.  ?Hey, look!  There she is.?

Patchouli bobbed up and down on her heels, wondering how Koakuma could see over this sea of heads.  ?What?  Finally??

The two broke from the main flow of the crowd, standing off to the side next to a crowded bar.  This was one of the many buildings framing the main square, a circular area with a stone tree erected in the center.  There were oni everywhere: gathered on the roofs of buildings, leaning out windows, taking up counters and tables in the surrounding buildings, pausing from their work to pass around alcohol.  Most were sitting on mats and picnic blankets in the square itself, and under the tree was a long table with four chairs side by side, and boxes underneath.  Only one chair was occupied, with a dark-haired woman eating noodles out of a bowl and looking bored.

Patchouli looked around at the participants, noticing that it wasn?t just oni in the crowd: she saw a great number of tsuchigumo and tsurube-otoshi as well.  Kasha and hell ravens were in smaller numbers, although they weren?t ones who belonged to the Palace of Earth Spirits.  Curiously enough, she didn?t see anyone she recognized from there.

An oni even shorter than Patchouli was came bounding up to the two, waving with both hands.  Her long ginger hair bounced up and down as she ran.

?Heyyy!  Glad you could make it!? she rasped.  ?You got yer RSVP??

Patchouli wheezed and handed over the letter.

?Man, Yukari sure went all-out with the stationary,? the little oni said as she read through it.  ?Geez.  Who?s the redhead with you??

?I?m Koakuma,? said the demon, and extended a hand.

?Ibuki Suika, one of the four Devas.?  Suika caught Koakuma?s hand in a tight grip and shook it up and down.  As soon as she let go, she turned her attention back to Patchouli.

?Heya, Patch.?  Patchouli gave her what she believed to be her best look of contempt.  Suika smiled and sighed.  ?Yeah, you guys can go take a seat next to Tenshi over there.?

She gestured to a blue-haired celestial girl, sitting on an otherwise empty blanket and tearing into a chicken wing.  Patchouli?s shoulders relaxed; at least she wasn?t being seated next to an oni.

As Patchouli and Koakuma picked their way through the crowd, the whispers of other ongoers reached their ears.

?Who?s that??

?The magician who?s representing the surface youkai.  And her familiar too, by the looks of it.?

?They got no shame, sending kids in their stead.?

?But would ya rather have the bigshots nosing into our business??

Patchouli lowered herself next to Tenshi, and Koakuma took a seat on her other side.  Tenshi wiped her hands on a napkin and gave the two a look.

?Land dwellers??

?We?re here to observe and record the event,? Patchouli said.  ?Koakuma, the materials.?

Koakuma nodded and pulled her rucksack onto her lap.  She handed over a small tome and a few pens, which, according to the shopkeeper they came from, didn?t need to be dipped into an ink bottle.

?So what?s a celestial doing all the way down here?? Patchouli asked.

?Ah, well, Suika and I were having a drink and she mentioned there?d be free food, so??  Tenshi took a bite out of the chicken wing she was holding.

?Oh.?  Patchouli didn?t care much for fried food, but free food was something she understood and appreciated.  She settled down and watched as Suika bounded over to the table to confront the girl with the noodles.  She strained her ears, ready to listen in on their conversation, when a tsuchigumo holding a large wooden bucket plopped down onto the blanket.

?Buzz off, this chicken is mine,? Tenshi said.

?Don?t look at me, I?m just sitting here,? said the tsuchigumo.  Patchouli recognized her as one of the youkai who gave Marisa and Reimu trouble during the Geyser Incident, and it became very easy to not look at her.  Especially when it seemed she had brought her tsurube-otoshi friend along for the ride.

Patchouli returned her attention to the front table.  Suika had taken a seat at the table, and the crowd was starting to quiet down a bit.

?You.  Celestial,? Patchouli hissed under her breath.  Tenshi gave an incredulous look and pointed to herself.

?Yeah?  What??

?Who are those two up there with Suika??

?Oh.?  Tenshi leaned back on her hands.  ?The one eating is Konngara, and the blonde one is Yuugi.?

?Okay, everyone shut up!? Yuugi shouted.  The oni, easily over six feet tall, stepped over everyone on her way to the front table.  She stepped on the chair, put a foot on the table, and cupped her hands to her mouth.

?Guys, shut up!? she bellowed.  Patchouli clamped her hands over her ears.  The loudest of the crowd?s chattering become little more than offhand whispering.

?Good.  Thanks.  I?Konngara, are you seriously eating??

Konngara said something that Patchouli couldn?t hear, and Yuugi shrugged.

?Whatever.  Anyway, thanks for coming you guys.  I really appreciate that so many people today?we even got a representative from the Palace, I wouldn?t mind Miss Komeiji showing up in person next year, myself.?

A kasha with fiery red hair smiled and waved.  Only a few people booed.

?Guys, stop.  Anyway, I?d appreciate it if you keep the noise to a dull roar today, since we?re gonna be goin? over some pretty important stuff.  If you have any questions, raise your hand and we may or may not call on you.?

?Standard protocol,? Tenshi whispered into Patchouli?s ear.

?This isn?t your first time?? Patchouli asked in a low voice.

?Third, actually.?

?Also, I?m gonna have to ask you guys to not start any brawls or fights while we?re talking, or we?re gonna make an example outta ya.  Got it??  Yuugi leaned onto her knee.  ?After we?re finished, feel free to beat the shit out of each other.  But not right now.?

She leaned over and whispered something to Suika, who responded by shaking her head and making some gestures with her hands.

?Thanks man.  Sooo, let?s get started with the 128 Oni Summit.?  Yuugi fell back into her chair, and Suika stood up.  She fumbled around in her pockets and took out a piece of paper.

?Over the past five years we?ve seen increased contact with the surface world, and I?ve gotten a lot of complaints about it,? Suika began.  ?First of all, no, the Moriya Shrine isn?t going to build a branch shrine down here.  All those little idols you see scattered around the city actually belong to the Kochiya Shrine.  Y?know, the slugs?  Sanae has been down here before, I dunno how many of you have actually seen her.?

Patchouli copied down Suika?s words as fast as she could.  Next to her, Tenshi chugged something sweet-smelling from a thermos.

?Yasaka and Suwa-no-kami?s goals down here are to gather faith, but their version of a branch shrine is technological advancements, which are pretty sweet.  Neither of ?em could be here today ?cause they?re busy with the nuclear reactor, but they?ll be here for the next meeting,? Suika explained.  She coughed into her arm and continued.  ?But yeah they?re not out to get us you guys.  The three of us are already in charge here and we?ve made it clear to those guys.?

An oni in the crowd raised her hand.  Suika pointed to her.

?If I recall, Lady Yasaka was involved with the symposium released earlier this year, and??

She was interrupted with a chorus of boos.

?Quiet!? Suika shouted.  ?Everyone here has read the symposium by now and it?s not flattering, and in fact a lot of people are pretty mad because the author only worked off of secondhand information.?

?She didn?t have the guts to come down here in person, so she?s not worth getting? angry over,? Yuugi added, sounding dismissive.  Patchouli chewed her lip.

?This is worse than I thought,? she whispered to Koakuma.  She had only heard that the Former Hell was displeased by the Hieda child?s newest publication, but she it didn?t occur to her that they would be this offended.  She wrote in the margins, ?Symposium - > decrease in faith???

?Anyway, no one?s really forcing us to go above ground, but if you do go to the surface, you can?t bring more than two people with you,? Yuugi said.  ?We can?t have more than ten people at a time.  Ask around if you?re planning a day trip.  And no overnight trips.  Not yet.  If you have any questions about it, come see one of us afterwards.?

Murmurs of consent washed through the crowd; no one seemed particularly bothered by these arrangements.  Patchouli took note of this, too.

?While we?re on the subject of going to and from the surface, the bridge princess told me to tell you guys that you can only use the bridge entrance,? Yuugi said.  ?So you?re not allowed to go out through No Man?s Land.?

?Why not?? a youkai yelled from the roof.

?Because traffic?s more manageable when there?s someone watchin? it!? Yuugi shouts back.  The force of her yell knocks the youkai onto their back.  That?s what you get for not raising your hand, Patchouli supposed.

?She also gets pissed when people don?t respect the bridge, so there?s that,? Yuugi concluded with a shrug (All the tsuchigumo and tsurube-otoshi in the crowd giggled).  Konngara reached over and poked Suika in the arm.

?What?  Oh, oh yeah, okay.?  Suika waved her hands.  ?Excuse me?  I have something else to say about the Kochiya Shrine.  There?s a chance that Sanae might actually want to build a branch shrine down here.  Is that okay??

Patchouli covered her ears to protect them from the mixed chorus of yays and nays that ensued.

?Uhhh??  Suika blinked.  ?Yeah...we?ll tell her to put the idea on hold, then.  How about a hokora??

Patchouli tallied down as many yeses and noes she heard, with the former coming out on top.  Koakuma looked around, her headwings flapping in excitement.

?Sanae?s the blue-white, isn?t she?  I didn?t know she was popular underground.?

?There?s a lot of things we don?t know about that girl, Koakuma,? Patchouli said.

?I personally don?t care, because I?m hardly in the city,? the tsuchigumo chipped in, ?but I know a thing or two about her.  The oni like her because she isn?t afraid of them.?

?Shhh, they?re going onto the next topic,? Patchouli hissed.

??by the way, while we?re on the topic of the surface??

?Still?? Patchouli sighed.  She was hoping to get some good information about the Former Hell, but relations between them and the surface would have to work for now.
??we have something important to say, so no talking,? said Suika.  Konngara lifted her hand.


?About that?I have something to say,? she said.  She was audible, but just barely.

?Go ahead.?

Konngara stood up.  ?As you all know, Reimu flies over the city a lot??

This was the first time Patchouli heard about this.

?I know you get excited when she shows up, but I?m going to have to ask you to stop,? she continued in a calm, quiet voice.  ?Only a few of us have spellcards right now, so if you fight her she could get seriously hurt.  She?s a Hakurei, so if she dies then the Boundary goes down?basically, don?t hassle her when she?s flying over or landing in the city.  If she causes any problems come find one of us.  If I hear she?s been kidnapped, or hurt, or something, I?ll break your limbs.?

She sat back down.

?The same goes for the black-white,? Yuugi said.  ?The red-white and black-white are off limits, got it?  You?d be aggroing a lot of people if anything happened to either of ?em.  I know it sucks, but?yeah?  Yeah, you, Yamame.?

All eyes were trained on the tsuchigumo next to Koakuma.  Patchouli looked down at her handwriting, desperate to avoid eye contact.

?Doesn?t Suika live with the red-white?  Why doesn?t she talk to her about this?? Yamame asked, hand held high.  Suika?s face went bright red.

?Haha, um??

?I heard from Parsee that she sometimes attacks first.  Is that really okay??

?If she shoots first you can shoot back, that?s okay,? Yuugi said as Suika laughed nervously.  ?What we?re saying is don?t kidnap her or the black-white if you win, and don?t use physical attacks.  They?re only human, after all.?

Tenshi almost choked on her chicken leg while she laughed.  Patchouli gave her a thwap in the shoulder, and the celestial glared at her.  Meanwhile, more hands in the crowd were raised.

?Why do we care if they?re human??

?We just went over that,? Yuugi said.

?I?ll talk to Reimu about, okay?? Suika reassured the crowd.

?Why does the red-white go Underground so much??

Yuugi rested her chin on her hand.  ?Good question.  I don?t know.?

Konngara folded her hands in front of her mouth to cover the small grin on her face.  Suika was the only one who offered a solid reply.

?She visits the Palace,? Suika said.  When the crowd started to get noisy again, she waved her hands.  ?Hey, cut that out!?

?Speaking of the reactor, I?d like to talk about Okuu,? Yuugi said.  Patchouli smirked.  Way to change the topic.

?Lady Patchy, your notes.?  Koakuma nudged Patchouli.

?Ah!?  Patchouli gasped when realizing she forgot to write.  She hunched over her book and stared scrawling down notes.

?If she shows up at your bar, or tavern, or whatever else, don?t serve her any alcohol.  Even if she says she?s takin? it back to Satori, just don?t.  I saw her the other day with some bottles of wine.  C?mon, you guys.?  Yuugi shook her head.  ?We?re not supposed to let her get inebriated.  We?re still on thin ice with the Yama from the Geyser Incident, and if she thinks we can?t take care of our own then she might try taking the Former Hell back.  I know it?s a stretch, but one thing leads to another, y?know??

Patchouli?s eyes widened.  The Yama?  She was aware that the Former Hell used to be under jurisdiction of the infamous Judge, but did they still have contact with her?

?Just send her home.  Give her some food or something.  She?s not hard to please,? Yuugi says.  ?I hear she likes those mozzarella sticks with the dipping sauce.  No one?ll get mad if you give those to her on the house.  Orin?  Questions??

The redheaded kasha lowered her hand.  ?I didn?t hear about her getting any wine.  We have things under control at the Palace.?

?Well, then, couldja tell Satori to have it more under control?? Yuugi suggested.  Orin looked away with her lip curled.

?Riiiight, big sis.?

?Moving along?Suika??  Yuugi gestured to the smaller oni.

?We?re gonna build a huuuge bathhouse where the Abyss used to be!? Suika announced, and the crowd erupted into cheers.  Patchouli flinched, her ears aching as she tried to catch up on her notes.

?No one uses that district anymore, and it?s really close to the river, so we figured we?d do something cool with it,? Suika continued.  ?We?ll be taking name suggestions for it later.?

?Lady Patchy, let?s visit it once it?s done,? Koakuma whispered, her voice high with excitement.

?You can go by yourself,? Patchouli replied.


?We?ll go with you,? Yamame said.  The tsurube-otoshi poked her head out of her bucket and gave a thumbs-up.  Koakuma smiled.

Once the cheering died down, Suika spoke up again.

?That?s all for that announcement.  We?ve got a few more things to talk about, we?ll take some questions, and then split.?

?I?ll handle this one!? Yuugi said.  ?I?m the one who?s in the city the most, so I see this problem a lot: I?ve had a lot of people coming to me complaining about counterfeit coins.  More times than not they?ve been false alarms, but in either case, knock it off.  None of us want to deal with you trying to get your friend in trouble, because they put bugs in your sake or something, especially not when we?re trying to eat dinner or sleep or something.?

?We shouldn?t even have to be talking about this,? Suika added.  ?You guys should really know better by now.  Anyway, the procedures for dealing with this are the same as they?ve always been, and if you don?t know what they are then talk to us afterwards.?

?That?s all?? Patchouli whispered to Yamame.

?It?s a persistent problem,? Yamame explained while she brushed the tsurube-otoshi?s twintails.  ?Do you know about the underground?s currency??

Patchouli nodded.  That much she had been able to research beforehand.

?Um, the last thing we?d like to talk about is the subterranean fields,? Konngara said.  Patchouli took the few second?s pause to shake out her writing hand.  ?I?ve noticed that a lot of people have been complaining about pests, bad harvests, people not respecting farming boundaries??

She counted the problems off on her fingers.  ?We?re taking suggestions on what we can do to fix these things.  We?ll be taking suggestions in??

She reaches under the table and takes out a box.  It?s about the size of an average wine crate, but has been painted and decorated in a haphazard manner that made Patchouli think multiple people were involved in its creation.

??this.  Suggestions for the name of the bathhouse and anything else to improve the city will be taken in here.  It?s open for a week each month??

Koakuma reached over to rip a blank sheet from Patchouli?s book, but was stopped by a swift slap on the wrist.

?Is that it?? Yuugi asked.

?Yeah, I think so.  Dismissed!?  Suika banged her fist on the table.  Before Patchouli could react, the crowd dissolved into chaos.  Yamame took the tsurube-otoshi and shot a web at a nearby building, taking off above the crowd before she could get trampled.  Tenshi gathered up her lunch, pulled the blanket out from under Patchouli, and dashed off into the crowd.

Koakuma grabbed Patchouli and her notes off the ground and took off into the air.  Just like that, the city was back to its usual chaotic self.

Patchouli noticed Suika waving to her from the ground.  She wriggled out of Koakuma?s arms and flew down to meet the oni.

?Thanks for actually showing up.  I thought you?d be too much of a coward to come down here,? Suika said, her smile betraying the harshness of her words.  Patchouli frowned.

?This is the last time I?ll be making my appearance in the Former Hell.?  She coughed as a girl with bronze hair pushed past her.  ?This was the last assignment given to me in regards to this infernal place.?

?Awww, it?s a shame you think that way, but we?re used to being hated down here.?  Suika shrugged and looked over her shoulders at the two other Devas, who were in the process of setting up the suggestions box.  ?Tell Yukari I said hi.?

?Right.?  Patchouli waved to Koakuma, who was floating down to join her.  ?Let?s go, Koa.?

?Wha?  Already??  But that was the extent of her protesting, and she followed Patchouli out of the city without any complaints.  As they walked along the bridge, towards the tunnel that led to the surface, Koakuma?s voice echoed throughout the cavern.

?I dunno about you, but I?m definitely going back there when that bathhouse is complete,? she told Patchouli.

?And I?ll be taking a bath back at the mansion,? Patchouli said.  She?d take a hot bath with a cup of tea, and some incense if it wouldn?t give her a headache.

Yes, that would be much better than this place.

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Re: Himiko's Shorts
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Not a bad, little read! It felt like it was part of a larger narrative, though that may well be the case for all I know. I liked the portrayal of the underground city like it was some Greek citystate.
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Re: Himiko's Shorts
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A oneshot based on a headcanon I came up with in the IRC a while ago, that if a human has a strange hair color, it's either because they have youkai blood or were doing something they shouldn't have.

?That?s why I told you not to mess with Youma books,? Akyuu scolded.  Kosuzu curled up on her cushion and pulled her hat over her face, ignoring the plate of sweets in front of her.  ?You?re lucky it was just your hair and not your arm or something.?

?I knoooow,? Kosuzu whined.

?Okay, so take off your hat.  You?re not the only one with an unnatural hair color here.?  Akyuu stroked her purple locks as an example.  Kosuzu removed her hat with a sigh, revealing her hair.  Instead of being black, like the majority of the village, the young girl?s hair was now as pink as the roses that decorated the low table she and Akyuu were sitting at.  It hung around her shoulders in a wavy, uneven mess, so unlike what she had looked like before.

Akyuu picked up a strawberry tart and took a bite.  ?Honestly.  The only problem I see here is that you didn?t brush your hair this morning.  Come over here and I?ll fix it up for you.?

Kosuzu sniffed.  ?Okay.?

As Kosuzu scooted closer, Akyuu leaned over and took a decorated box from her vanity.  She opened it up to reveal a hairbrush, comb, and piles of hair accessories.

?I wonder which one?oh wait, I know.?  Akyuu picked up the hairbrush.  ?Close your eyes.?

Kosuzu did as she was told.  Akyuu brushed the tangles out of her hair, and marveling at how soft her friend?s hair was.  If it was going to be like this forever, she could at least make it look cute.

When Akyuu was finished, she handed Kosuzu a hand mirror.

?You can look now.?

Kosuzu opened her eyes and looked at her reflection.  Akyuu had tied the longest parts of her hair into neat half-pigtails, both of them held in place by hairbands with little bells on them.  The rest of her hair just barely brushed her shoulders.

?Just like your name,? Akyuu said, beaming.  Kosuzu put down the mirror and turned to give the other girl a hug.

?Thanks, Akyuu.  It looks great.?

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Re: Himiko's Shorts
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Written as a request on Tumblr

Orin knows that Utsuho has been avoiding her

Utsuho looked down at the kasha, curled up and asleep at the entrance of the reactor.  Utsuho had had a long day and felt tired looking at her, but she?d have to put off sleeping for a little while longer.

?Orin, you?re going to get radiation poisoning if you fall asleep here,? she told the sleeping kasha, even though she knew she wouldn?t hear her.  Utsuho stooped down and lifted the Orin into her arms.  A year ago, she wouldn?t have been able to do that, but things changed after God fed her the Yatagarasu.  She was stronger, and more powerful.  Her once-empty head was swirling with fire.  And yet, Orin?

?Orin had stayed her same na?ve self.  Utsuho took off into the air, flying across the blazing field towards the Palace of the Earth Spirits.  Even when she was so close to the stalactites, she could still feel the heat from the ground below.  Orin made a small noise and nuzzled into Utsuho?s shoulder.  Utsuho sighed.

Instead of landing in the gardens behind the Palace, Utsuho landed outside one of the windows.  Holding Orin on her lap, she cupped one hand to the glass and looked inside.  When she confirmed the familiar velvet curtains and cherry wood furniture that made up Orin?s room, she pushed the window open and tumbled into the room.

Orin somehow hadn?t woken up, but it was all the better for her.  Utsuho set her down onto the bed, tucking her in with her favorite quilt and even putting a pillow under her head.  Once she was all settled in, Utsuho looked down at her.  She looked way more comfortable in her own bed than waiting for her.

Utsuho turned to leave, but was stopped by a hand reaching out and grasping her wrist.  She flinched.

?Okuu, wait??  Orin sat up, rubbing her eyes with her free hand.  Utsuho froze in place, and looked away.

?I have to go back to work,? Utsuho lied.  The generator was already off when she had left the reactor and found Orin.

?You always say that.?  Orin frowned.  ?I didn?t need Lady Satori to tell me you were just making excuses to avoid me.?

Utsuho gulped when Orin brought up the mind-reader.  She wracked her mind for a good comeback, but there was really nothing she could bring up in her defense.  Instead, she decided that some confrontations were not worth dealing with.

?Why don?t you just go to sleep?  You looked really tired,? Utsuho said, but Orin didn?t let go of her wrist.

?I will if you stay with me,? Orin replied.  Utsuho chewed her lower lip.


Orin?s grip loosened, and she finally let go.  Her ears drooped.  Utsuho fidgeted where she stood, mouth tightening into a thin line.  Her wings wilted, along with her resolve.

In a very quiet voice, she said, ??Okay.?

Orin scooted over and patted the space in the bed next to her.  ?Okay.  C?mon, sis.?

Utsuho slipped off her shoes and cape, and crawled into the bed next to Orin.  She lay down with her back to Orin, folding her wings to her back and her knees to her chest.  The kasha pulled the blankets over the both of them.  Utsuho closed her eyes, taking in the familiar sensation of Orin draping an arm over her waist and cuddling against her back.

?Good night, Okuu.?

?Good night.?

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Re: Himiko's Shorts
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An even tinier fanfic, also written on request

Satori needs some time alone.

The excited, wild thoughts inside Hoshiguma Yuugi?s head weren?t doing it for Satori anymore.  The oni sitting at the kitchen table was trying her hardest to cheer Satori up, but her words were as useless and weak as confetti.  Satori?s third eye rolled in its socket and she wondered if she should have closed it off too.

"?You wanna be left alone?" Yuugi asked.  The unexpected gentleness of her voice in that moment was her saving grace, giving Satori permission to finally excuse herself.  She rushed out of the room, ran to the second floor and then the third, trying to outrun the tears that were catching up to her.

She found herself standing outside of a room in some remote part of the Palace.  She pulled open the metal door and slipped inside.  She would have cringed at how loud it squealed against the stone tiles, but she didn?t care anymore.

Satori had made a terrible mistake.  Inside this room was a rabbit hutch, and rabbits still hopped along the straw-covered floors.  Their thoughts were painfully simple and scattered.  Satori sunk to her knees and picked one of them up, a tiny white fluffball.  It was hungry.

Maybe if Satori had told Koishi that she forgot to feed her rabbits, she would have stayed for that much longer.  Satori put the rabbit down and covered her face with her hands.

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Re: Himiko's Shorts
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I just remembered I have this other thing from Tumblr that I never posted here.  I hope you guys like Reisato

It was on days like this that Satori was glad the Palace had heated floors.  Instead of lounging on a couch or hanging over the arm of an armchair, she was sprawled out on the carpet of her study with a book held above her face.  Orin, in cat form, was curled up on her stomach.

Satori had been there for an hour now, reading and ignoring the heavy snowfall visible from the window.  She was in a state of complete relaxation, only to be startled out of it when she heard a heavy knocking sound.  Orin leapt off her and darted away.

"Whoa, watch it!"

"Sorry, Orin," Satori apologized as she got up off the floor.  She stopped for a moment to stretch out her back, before tossing the book off to the side and rushing out of the room.  It was rare that Satori got visitors, but whenever she did, it was almost always the same person.

"Yes, coming!" she shouted, even though she knew her voice wouldn?t carry that far.  As she raced through the hall and down the stairs, she passed by her other pets?rabbits and cats and birds, their thoughts jumbling together in Satori?s head.  She skidded to a halt at the front door, and a new set of thoughts entered her head.

"I?m finally here."

"Oh, god, it?s so cold.  I should?ve gotten something warm to drink from the City."

Satori opened the door with a smile.  ?We have tea if you want that.?

A human girl a few inches shorter than her stood on the front step, shivering.  Snow had settled onto her coal-black hair and shoulders that had been left bare from her choice of clothing?a red dress with detached white sleeves.  She was wearing mittens and a scarf, but it was clear she was still cold.

"P-p-please," Reimu chattered as she stumbled in through the doorway.  Satori caught her before she could trip and shut the door behind them.  When she let go, her arm came away damp?Reimu?s clothes were wet with melting snow.

The red-white?s thoughts became more relieved as she shelled off her scarf, mittens, shoes, and socks.  Still?

"Ugh, my nose won?t stop running."  Reimu sniffed.

"So?about that tea?"

Reimu nodded and shuffled along after Satori, sniffling the entire way to the kitchen.  She hunched over on a stool, chattering and convulsing with shivers.  Satori placed a kettle of water on the stove and looked over her shoulder at her.

It took until the kettle was shrieking for Satori to realize that Reimu might be sick, even if the latter didn?t know it herself.

"Ah!"  She quickly turned off the stove and fetched a mug and the kind of tea she knew Reimu liked, and set about brewing it in the hot water.  Reimu sneezed.

Satori sidled over to Reimu and put a hand to her reddening cheeks.  She was shocked at the heat Reimu was giving off.  Not a very good indicator of a cold?a thermometer was more appropriate?but it didn?t hurt her suspicions.

"Maybe you should have dressed warmer," Satori chided.  Reimu?s response was a phlegmy cough.  Satori went back to the mug of tea, which looked ready now.  As an afterthought, she took a jar of honey from one of the cupboards and ladled a spoonful of it into the hot drink.

Satori noticed that Reimu?s thoughts were trailing off when she brought it over to her.  The human girl had all but fallen asleep at the counter, looking uncomfortable resting her elbows on the hard surface.  Satori had a better idea.

"Why don?t we go upstairs?" she suggested.  Reimu nodded and slid off the stool.  Satori handed her the mug, and the two exited the kitchen.

"I?m so tired.  My muscles hurt.  My clothes are wet."  Those were the kind of thoughts going through Reimu?s head until she stepped into the bathroom to change into one of Satori?s spare nightgowns.  Holding the mug in both hands, she climbed into Satori?s bed and curled up against one of the pillows.

Satori picked a few books from her shelf and settled down next to her.  Reimu?s thoughts were background noise to her as she started to read.

After a while, Reimu set the empty mug onto the nightstand and rested her head on Satori?s chest, sighing and closing her eyes.  Satori didn?t set down her book, but the veins of her third eye wrapped around Reimu?s shoulders and pulled her closer.

Satori looked at the pile of books she had picked up, and then back to the sleeping Reimu.  She pushed the books off to the side, pulled a blanket over the two of them, and waited for sleep to claim her as well.

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Re: Himiko's Shorts
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Written yesterday as a request

"Have fun at the Boundary!" Yukari called out to Reimu and Chen as they left Mayohiga.  Reimu grumbled, smacking her gohei against her shoulder and stalking off towards the forest.  Chen toddled behind her, holding her beret to her head to protect it from the wind.  A gap opened up five meters ahead of them, and Chen bumped into Reimu when the latter came to a sudden stop.

"What?s that for?" Reimu asked.  Chen twirled a lock of hair around her fingers.

"Lady Yukari?s gonna gap us straight to the Boundary, so we don?t hafta walk or fly all the way there," Chen explained.  Reimu nodded, and Chen felt herself swell with importance.  Not even Reimu knew what it was like to patrol the Boundary: just her, Yukari, and the nine-tailed fox currently recovering from a bad case of strep throat at Eientei.

Chen took Reimu?s hand and led her towards the gap.  ?Since you?re a newbie, Lady Yukari?s gonna keep an eye on us so we won?t have to worry about going home!?

"Hey, I?m not a newbie, I?m the Hakurei shrine maiden," Reimu protested as they entered through the gap.  After passing through the purple veil and ignoring the stares of a thousand eyeballs, the human and nekomata came out into a forest.  The trees weren?t as wild as they were in the Forest of Magic, but they did have something the Forest of Magic didn?t: the Boundary.  Less than ten feet away was a wall, transparent and glistening like glass, or a soap bubble.

Reimu?s eyes widened.  ?I?ve never seen the Boundary this close before.  It looks invisible from a distance.?

"Cool, huh?"  Chen grinned with a mouthful of sharp teeth.  "Your job is to look for tears and fix them with the thing Lady Yukari gave you, and my job is to protect you."

"I can protect myself," Reimu scoffed.

"Not while you?re patching up a hole in the Boundary you can?t," Chen said.  "Ran can do both at once, but like I said, you?re a newbie at this.  Let?s go!"

And so, the two started the long, long process of checking on the Boundary.  The two inched along, feeling its cool surface and poking around for tears.  When they found one, Reimu took out a box containing a needle and thread that looked just as glassy as the Boundary.  The shrine maiden crouched in the grass, fumbling around with threading the needle while Chen stood with her back to her, surveying the area for youkai or wild animals.

This was the cycle they went through: search, fix, and move on.  It was late afternoon, and while Reimu was sewing a particularly big tear?she had improved greatly since the start of the day?Chen?s ears perked up.

"Be careful, Reimu," she hissed.  "I sense something."

"Okay?"  Reimu didn?t look up from her handiwork.  "I?ll leave it to you."

The bushes rustled, and a boar burst out from the trees.  However, it wasn?t an ordinary animal: it had six eyes gleaming red, and a mouth full of fangs when it opened its mouth to screech.  Chen?s ears pinned flat against her head, and she took out a spellcard.

"You wanna go?!" she snarled at the beast.

Reimu, in the meantime, was having some trouble.  The background noise of the cries of wild animals and sounds of danmaku weren?t helping for her concentration.  A stray bullet hit the Boundary near the tear, and dissipated without doing any damage.  Reimu scowled and tightened the thread.

"Watch where you?re going," she grunted, and stabbed the needle into the Boundary for the thousandth time that day.

Ten minutes later, the boar was sent squealing back into the trees, and Chen was doing a victory dance.

"Did you see that?!  I won with spellcards!" she boasted.  Reimu smiled a bit and tied off the thread.

"Yeah, good job, Chen," she said, snipping off the loose end with a pair of scissors.  "Let?s keep going."

The two stood up, but were interrupted by a gap opening above their heads.  The upper half of Yukari?s body emerged, hanging upside down between the two.  She turned to face Reimu and gave the girl a smile and wave.

"Hello, dear.  I?m going to have to cut your expedition short for the day," she said.  Chen sighed.

"That?s a relief, but I was having fun," she lamented as Yukari took Reimu?s hands and pulled her into the gap.

"I?ve made dinner for the two of you, and got some cakes from the Human Village for dessert.  Now come on."  Yukari held her hand out to Chen, who beamed and took it.

Back in Mayohiga, the Yakumos and Reimu sat around the table.  While Yukari, Chen, and Reimu were eating grilled salmon, Ran was nursing a bowl of soup.

"Are you feeling better?" Reimu asked, sounding unusually timid.  Ran smiled at her.

"A little.  Sorry you had to cover for me.  Lady Yukari said you didn?t want to."

"Well, I didn?t," Reimu began.  "?but I ended up having fun.  I wouldn?t do it again, though!"

Chen?s tails swished back and forth.  ?I protected her!?

"I?d have expected nothing less from you, Chen," said Ran, scratching the nekomata behind the ears.  Yukari, having just finished her food, set down her utensils.

"Well, I?m going to get the dessert out if anyone wants any," she said as she took her plate into the kitchen.

"I want some!"

"Finish your dinner first, Chen."

"I?m almost done."

Dessert that night was strawberry shortcake.

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Re: Himiko's Shorts
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Guess who requested this one

"I?ll make her a new one?but it?ll cost you," Parsee said, waving her hammer at Yamame.  The bridge princess was crouched in the water, uncaring that her skirt was getting wet and nailing a straw doll to one of the support beams.  Yamame hung upside down by a thread, holding an iron handle and a few planks of cherry wood.

"Oh come ON, we?re talking about a tsurube-otoshi?s bucket here!" Yamame snapped.  She and Parsee looked up at the top of the bridge, where a small girl was peering over the edge.  When she saw them looking, she ducked away.

Parsee groaned.  ?It?s not like you?re asking me to make one out of rocks, you know.  Wood costs money, especially the kind you?re asking me for.  Pay up or stick her in a kettle or something, I don?t care.?

With a wistful sigh, she slammed her hammer into the straw doll.  ?Man, I wish my home were portable.?

"But you?ll do it, right?" Yamame asked, her voice hopeful.

"For ☼5000?"  Parsee?s hammer fell into the water with a splash as she doubled over, coughing.  Yamame narrowed her eyes at her.

"Half the price."

"But I n-need to buy the?"  Parsee?s words ended with another coughing fit.

"Then go work something out with Yuugi.  You?re close, right?  I?m sure she wouldn?t mind doing you some favors," Yamame said, and crawled back up to the bridge.  When she climbed over the edge, the girl watching them crawled over to her.  Yamame smiled and ruffled her hair.

Kisume mumbled, ?You don?t need to bully people for me, you know??

"I?d say the bridge princess needs to be roughed up every now and then, but if you say so," Yamame replied.  She stood up and smoothed out her skirt.  "All we need is to?uh, what are you doing?"

Kisume was loosening the ribbon that fastened the hem of Yamame?s dress to her knees.  She then proceeded to climb up into the skirt, closing the dress around her and hugging the tsuchigumo?s legs.

Yamame took an experimental step forward, and found that she could only move a few inches with Kisume hiding in her petticoats.  ?Why don?t we just refurbish a wok for you until Parsee?s done with your bucket??

Kisume?s voice was muffled.  ?Your skirt is better.?

Yamame sighed.  ?Fine, but when we get home you?d better believe I?m making you get out of there.?

She then took off into the air and flew back to the caverns.  She had a feeling the tsurube-otoshi would not want to leave her skirt just yet.

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Re: Himiko's Shorts
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I got a request for MaryRenko fluff, there's no way I wasn't going to write it eventually

"Did you know that the strawberries we eat aren?t actual strawberries?"

"Hm?"  Renko looked up from her newspaper.  "Everybody knows that, Mary."

Maribel looked out the window.  The train was going too fast for the two girls to enjoy the scenery beyond a blur of colors.  She reached into her bag and pulled out a plastic bag of candies, each the size of a marble and the color of roe.  The packet read ?New!  Strawberry flavor?, a sugary imitation of an imitation.  Maribel popped one of the chewy candies into her mouth.  It was sweet.

"I know," she said.  "I mean, they don?t taste like how strawberries are supposed to taste."

Renko?s eyes flickered up and down as she read.  ?You know, I never thought about that.  Ahhh.?

She opened her mouth so Maribel could pop a candy in.  She chewed with a thoughtful expression, and folded up her newspaper.  The candy?s flavor made her mouth tingle like it had been shocked.

"I have an idea," Renko said, taking another candy.  Maribel tilted her head in curiosity.


"Let?s make this our goal for spring break.  We?ll find out how strawberries are supposed to taste," Renko said.

"Will we find out if they were really as sweet?" Maribel asked, leaning her head against Renko?s shoulder.  Renko put her hand over Maribel?s.

"Yeah.  We?ll see if they were even sweeter, and if there were different kinds, and what they were used for," Renko told her.

Maribel giggled.  ?We?re going to end up spending all of our free time in the library again, aren?t we??

"Not all of it.  We could go out and do taste-testing.  There?s this cafe in my hometown with a strawberry-flavored parfait," Renko suggested with a sheepish smile.  Maribel reached up to turn Renko?s face towards hers.

"Then it?s a date."

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Re: Himiko's Shorts
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Your ability to remember how to write snippits makes me Jealous. 0_0  Nice work on the lot of them Himiko.