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Re: Rou's Random Shorts
« Reply #30 on: August 24, 2009, 04:45:17 PM »
Ayayayayaya, poor Nitori, bitchy Aya. Amusing story though.

I wonder which other toes were stepped on, and consequently crushed by Aya in this continuity. =p

Also, while I am a dirty minded, perverted, horny bastard, I vote for the youkai having clothes...

And's Gensokyo for all we know there either a) is no salt water or, b) the lake she was in is salt water, or c) the dolphin don't care, being a youkai...who knows, she may miss the ocean after getting proverbially stranded here. But at's gensokyo. Silly Muffin.  :P
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Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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Also, what's a dolphin doing in fresh water?
Proving that I know nothing about marine biology.

Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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Okay, what's the Watsonian (warning, tvtropes, etc) answer? ;)


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Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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Okay, what's the Watsonian (warning, tvtropes, etc) answer? ;)
Given that there's no real salt water source in Gensokyo (confirmed to have no oceans) there's no other place for a dolphin youkai to wind up.

Will that do, Holmes?


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Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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isn't it obvious?

her ability is "spiritual power over water"!


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Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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isn't it obvious?

her ability is "spiritual power over water"!
hurrah for blatant stealing from Nitori Holy shit, does Slaves read my stuff?


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Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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well duh

how else would i be able to draw that dolphin thing?  8)

but it's not control of water like Nitori, its SPIRITUAL!

so basically she can make water saltwater/freshwater/keep it clean etc.
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Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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...That might actually work as a power without being blatantly Mary-Sueish. *takes notes*

Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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...That might actually work as a power without being blatantly Mary-Sueish. *takes notes*
Also without being f'ing useless like "manipulation of wind and leaves" or "manipulation of flavor" ... except in relatively contrived situations ...


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Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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Also without being f'ing useless like "manipulation of wind and leaves" or "manipulation of flavor" ... except in relatively contrived situations ...
I'm ashamed you didn't link this given your love of TVTropes.

Anyway, after spending far too long reading up on names and stumbling through a variety of kanji, I finally ended up producing the name Tororetsu Sango ( さんご) for dolphin loli, basically looking for references to purity for most of it. If anyone reading actually has a decent enough grasp of kanji to point out a mistake here (because I sure as hell can't) feel free to point it out, otherwise I'm sticking with it.

Actually, I'll get started on the next part now that that's out of the way. :/

EDIT: Okay, it's updated and moved into its own topic. I'll keep this one for shorter and sweeter ideas.
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Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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I don't love TVTropes, it's just really convenient sometimes. ;)


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Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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Welp, after my adventure into the Bad End Corner, I had another urge to imitate the Nasu brand of writing.

So, here's a little something that I felt had to come into existence.


I run for the shrine.

"Hah, hah, hah-"

I know I'm still being followed, but I don't have the brainpower left to process fear. Every ounce of power in my body is focused on moving as fast as possible.

"Eh? Looks like she's running away."

I hear her again, taunting me. The voice of the woman who has already killed me once before rings across the mountain. She could catch me at any time, maybe even send her little mouse companion to do it for her, and still she hangs back.

...She's enjoying this.

Surely she's seeking bloodlust here. The only alternative would be that she was watching over me, but that's ridiculous. After all, she'd already made an attempt on my life. A successful one, too.

"But did I...?"

I murmur to myself, trying not to waste too much breath. My memory is fuzzy...I remember that spear piercing my heart, and then someone hanging over me...a feeling of warmth, and a familiar pair of eyes...young, like Suwako-chan's-


Lost in my thoughts, I trip on the stairs to the shrine. I'm bruised all over, but I'm fine as long as nothing is broken. The voice laughs at me.

"Ufufu, running to your own god now? Prayer won't save you, no matter how hard you wish for it!"

I've never climbed these stairs so quickly before. What should have taken me ten minutes has taken only two. I'm already halfway across the courtyard as finally my assailant comes into view behind me.

She's still wearing that striking dress, with the tiger pattern. The stripes continue to run through her short orange hair, but my attention is focused on her hand. That spear, still red with my own blood, is held tightly between her fingers.

The image is intense. This woman literally is a tiger.
And I...I am her prey, running desperately for my own safety.

I burst through the door, slamming it down quickly. I scan the room hastily, looking for something to block the door with.
My search is fruitless - everything in this room would be taken down by her spear in an instant.

...If that's how it is, then I'll need to make a weapon.
My gohei is still lying on the ground from my earlier training. I pick it up and hastily focus my mind on it.

"...Trace, on."

The familiar feeling of a rod being shoved down my back. Pain means nothing to me now, and it only makes me focus harder.


The circuit runs its course in double-time. The gohei may only be made of wood, but thanks to me placing some of my magical energy in it it's harder than an ordinary sword. With a weapon like this, I might stand a chance against that woman.

"Knock knock! Anybody home!?"

The door to the shrine is knocked down effortlessly. The lancer jumps in acrobatically, spear already aimed at my chest. Even with all my training, it's an attack I can barely counter-


There is a painful cracking sound.
No matter how much energy I put into it, my reinforcement technique isn't perfect. There are holes in the process, and if a vulnerable spot is hit it will come apart just like a normal gohei.

I fall to the floor.
The magic has tired me as much as the running. I did what I could to get away, but I've given everything I have. The spear hangs over my throat, ready to stab me at any moment.

"Heh. Looks like the chase is over."

She grins for what I expect to be the last time. Her hands tighten around her weapon.

"So long. It's been fun, kid."

...Is this it? Is this how I'm going to die?

...It can't be here, there's so much I still have to do.

...That's why...I, Sanae Kotiya, need to live now more than ever--

A bright light envelops me.


The assailant winces, blinded. My hand is...glowing. A strange red symbol is shining on my palm, something I can't recognise.

Around me, on the floor, a magic circle has constructed itself instantly. The interior of the shrine is bathed in light, leaving both of us stunned.

And when the light fades...a third girl is standing there.

...Against the moonlight.
That girl looks so severe, and yet so pure.
She wears a simple dress of green and white, but her cold blue eyes have the undeniable severity of a swordsman's. A pair of blades hang by her side, a single flower hanging off the sheath of the longer one. A black ribbon holds her short silver hair in place.

...And despite all that I've been through, I can't take my eyes off of her.
She is strict, and yet incredibly beautiful.

"Servant, Saber, has arrived as summoned."

She turns to me still sitting on the floor. Her voice is feminine, but totally humble.

"...I ask of you. Are you my Master?"


I will not lie. When I saw Shou wielding a spear, one of the first things I thought was 'Okay, Gensokyo now has a canon Lancer'. Spear the Gungnir is one spellcard, it doesn't count.

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Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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Needs more Tohno Gland.


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Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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Needs more Tohno Gland.
How do you think she got into UFO?

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Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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Rou's Random Shorts (NEW SHORT - The Immortal Game)
« Reply #45 on: October 19, 2009, 01:04:45 AM »
Holy crap, this topic is ALIVE again?!


"You're going to have to explain this one to me, Kaguya. I don't say this a lot anymore, but this game is new to me."

Mokou muttered an admission to Kaguya as she entered the room, seeing a table roughly six feet long planted in its centre. A pair of chairs sat at the ends, waiting for the immortals to use them, and in the middle was a mysterious metallic object Mokou didn't recognise. It was roughly large enough to fit in her hand, but didn't resemble any piece of technology she'd seen beforehand. Kaguya followed her afterwards, pushing her from behind towards the nearest chair as she walked over to the other side.

"I had to be told about it as well - it's from the outside world. Reisen apparently found it when she went shopping at Kourindou and was curious enough to bring it back here. Out there, they call it a 'revolver'."

The dull grey metal of the device almost begged for a polish. Kaguya, pulling it over, rubbed it lightly with her sleeve as she continued talking.

"People out there don't know how to use danmaku, so they come up with machinery to do it instead. It's meant to work that each of the six chambers in it contains a bullet - pull the trigger and fire."

Casually, Kaguya pointed the gun at Mokou and fired. For an instant Mokou flinched, but a loud click filled the room as the princess let out a little laugh.

"Oh, you poor thing. I haven't even loaded it yet."

She smirked, with that same degrading smirk she had always had, as she pulled out a single bullet. She jammed it into one of the revolver's chambers, spinning it wildly as she returned it to its firing state.

"So now, we know that there's one bullet in there, but we don't know which chamber."

She pointed the gun at her own head.

"So we take turns finding out. Sound fun?"

Mokou was still angry, but she couldn't help but admit that the princess had some style. She figured that if this was her new way of killing Kaguya, she may as well enjoy it as much as possible. She shrugged, grinning.

"Aw, what the hell. What's the worst that could happen?"

The pair laughed together, in a way only immortals could. Then, after a few seconds, the laughter died down into a tense, painful silence. Kaguya continued to hold the revolver against her own skull, not shaking in the slightest as her finger pushed down on the trigger.


Not so much as a sigh of relief from her as she slid the gun down the table to Mokou.

"Your turn."

Mokou took a few seconds to figure out which fingers went where as she picked the device up. She replicated Kaguya's pose as accurately as possible. The princess looked at her with a manic grin.

"Ooh, wonder if it's the chamber with the bullet in it? There's a 1 in 5 chance, that's pretty large, and then your brains are gonna be all over the wall~!"

Jeez, shut up already. You'd have thought after all these years she'd have learned to shut her damn trap.

Trying to phase her out, Mokou pulled the trigger instantly.



Kaguya frowned in false disappointment as the gun made its way back to her. The face made Mokou feel warm and fuzzy inside.

"Hmm, down to 1 in 4 now...hope I don't make a mess to hard for Udonge to clean up-"


"Never mind~"

The princess seemed nearly bipolar - jumping between elated and disapproving with reckless abandon. The gun was once against sitting in front of Mokou, and she paused before picking it up.

"How do you get such a kick out of this, anyway? We've been doing it for centuries now."

She pointed the gun at herself, but held herself away from pulling the trigger. She had to hear her answer first. Kaguya responded with an expression that seemed almost infantile.

"Well, why not? It means I get to spend more time with you, doesn't it?"

"Cut the crap."


Mokou didn't bother handing the gun over right away - that would cut the conversation short far too soon. She stared at Kaguya, perplexed.

"The hell is wrong with you? How am I meant to get any sorta pleasure outta this if you're enjoying it?"

Kaguya placed her elbows on the table, waving a finger at her opponent.

"Come on, don't act like my company doesn't mean anything to you, Mokou-taaaaan."

She let the last syllable fall out of her mouth as slowly as possible. Mokou grit her teeth.

"Think of it this way. Who do I know better than you? Over a millenium I've got to know every little quirk about you. Every like and dislike, every dream, every fantasy, every thought. And I'm gonna keep seeing you from now until everything here's just a pile of dust. Probably a good while after that as well."

Mokou's hand squeezed the handle of the gun, almost misfiring the fifth shot. How could she be saying this?

"What about your goddamn alchemist? Isn't she immortal too?"

"Eirin is...different. She regrets the Elixir, and since then our relationship has been But you," Kaguya said, pointing at Mokou manically, "you're different. You come here and put every ounce of your heart and soul into killing me. Maybe that's just the thing I need to keep things interesting over an eternity. An intensity like that. You're the same in that regard, aren't you?"

I'm...making things interesting for her? I...enjoy this?

Mokou had half a mind to ignite the table right now and throw it in her face, but some unseen emotion was holding her back. She couldn't agree with this, not in the slightest - Kaguya had shamed her, shamed her father, this couldn't be entertaining to her. It was vengeance, simply striving for revenge...wasn't it?

"Ufufufu." Kaguya chuckled. "Don't tell me you're only realising this now. That's another thing I've always loved about you, Mokou - so headstrong, but you never think anything through. It's been a millenium and you still haven't grown up."

Mokou didn't bother to slide the gun across the table anymore, flinging it straight at Kaguya's face. The princess caught it with ease, carefully placing it to her own head.

"Ooh, down to 1 in 2 now. Getting dangerous."

She was deliberately taking as long as possible, savouring Mokou's reaction. The phoenix girl was running through every emotion she could think of - anger, fear, guilt, joy, envy, love, madness, elation...

I...I have to hate her! I HAVE to!

She watched Kaguya's slender finger start to push down on the trigger. All her instincts told her to pray for the bullet to go straight through her head right now, but some other part of her was begging for mercy. This couldn't be happening, shouldn't be happening. Was she...worried about Kaguya?

"I was confused like you, once."

A single, totally calm sentence. Mokou froze in place as Kaguya took on a tone that didn't seen to fit her eternally youthful complexion.

"Of course I hated you. You tried to kill me over and over again, so of course I had to hate you. But then I realised something - what does death mean to me now, anyway? I'm immortal, so you can kill me seven times and I'll stand up eight. You're hardly taking anything from me, no matter how much you may have wished you were. And in return, I got to experience your fiery passion first-hand - your insistence to kill me, over and over again for the rest of eternity - there'll never be another person in the world as amazing as you, Mokou-tan, and I'm going to have you all to myself."

Kaguya smiled. It was one of the most genuine expressions Mokou had seen from her in centuries.

"I know this sounds like a paradox, but it's these games with you that make me feel...alive. So I don't want to lose you, Mokou. You don't want to admit it, but you feel the same about me."

The room returned to a painful silence. Mokou seemed calm on the outside, but deep down she was tearing herself apart. Kaguya couldn't be telling the truth, this was a trap, a trick... sounds so...right...

"...W-What're you doing?! Hurry up and shoot, dammit!"

Tears were running from her eyes, and she hated herself for it. She hadn't cried in a long while - not for pain, not for people, not for anything. And now Kaguya had reduced her to a gibbering wreck with such pathetic ease.

"See? I'm the most important person in your life, and you're the most important person in mine. So we should make the most of these nights, shouldn't we?"

Kaguya heard no reply from Mokou other than a few muffled sobs. She shrugged.

"Oh well. Guess it's time to bring this to an end, one way or another."

Slowly, agonisingly, Kaguya nudged the trigger.


Kaguya grinned, sliding the gun back down the table to the silent Mokou.

"Well, there's one bullet left in there. Finish the game off."

Mokou looked down at the revolver, observing it again. She could easily point it at Kaguya and fire once, put a bullet right between that smug bitch's eyes. It was cheating, true, but she didn't care about these stupid games. She wanted to kill Kaguya, and that was it.

So why hadn't she done it already? Why was she just looking at the gun?

"Awwww. Mokou-tan isn't thinking of cheating, is she?"

Kaguya was almost goading her own, asking her to fire at her. She wanted to, she HAD to want to, this was what her life was, wasn't it?

Wasn't it?

...Isn't it?

It was a long, painful minute before Mokou finally grasped the gun. Kaguya watched every tiny aspect of her motion, curious. The gun slowly rose off the table...

...until it completed its journey, the barrel lodged firmly against Mokou's head.

"...You know the one thing I hate the most about you?"


Mokou's finger started to pull the trigger.

"I hate when you're right."

The room exploded in a flash of light as Mokou's head burst cleanly, leaving an ugly splatter of blood against the wall. Her body slumped onto the table, revolver still hanging in her hand. Kaguya sighed.

"...Any second now."

Almost as if on cue, Mokou's body began to move in reverse, pulling itself back into its original position. The blood on the wall flew back into place, and the scattered remnants of her head magically repaired themselves. In a matter of seconds, she had resurrected completely. But something about her was...different.

"Dammit. Never stops hurting, does it?"

Mokou didn't have the same expression of anger, of hatred, that's she'd had before. Instead there was a proud smile that showed no sign of fear, no willingness to surrender. It was like by shooting herself, Mokou had somehow been reborn. She slid the empty gun back over to Kaguya, a stray bloodstain still hanging on it.

"Get another bullet. Best two out of three."

Kaguya let out a little laugh as she caught the gun, complying with Mokou's demand. This was the side of her she loved the most - totally confident, totally proud, refusing to budge an inch.

"We're going to be doing this all night, aren't we?"

Mokou nodded.

"Yup. Just the way we like it."

Another laugh, as Kaguya spun the barrels and handed the gun over to Mokou. It was her turn to go first.

"Well, then," said Mokou, "let us make the most of our eternity together, shall we?"


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Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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It's rigged so that Mokou always dies

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Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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It's rigged so that Mokou always dies
"So, that makes it 37-nil."

"FIRST TO 38!"

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Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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It's rigged so that Mokou always dies
Awesome story, Rou.

Re: Rou's Random Shorts
« Reply #49 on: October 19, 2009, 02:38:45 AM »
Heh ... yeah, this seems to be one of the standard rationales for outright Mokou x Kaguya.

Reminds me of a line from Thief of Time: "It was a small, sad, and wobbly little thought, and it ran: each of them had no one else but the other. There. It was a thought that sobbed into its own handkerchief, but it was true."


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Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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<Kaneiki_Yasakanadu> I just googled that and...
<Kaneiki_Yasakanadu> Renko was a recognizably Western archetype (???Western??? as in non-Russian, but also ???Western??? as in cowboy hat and six-shooter: Gary Cooper in a fur hat) ...
<Kaneiki_Yasakanadu> ._.;
<Ruroumu-Konyapaku> Hahahaha.
<Sana> .....?
<Sana> Wha?
<Kerigis> Haaha
<Kaneiki_Yasakanadu> Renko in a cowboy hat holding a Six Shooter

These people are to blame for this.


The tavern was rough, with violent, battle-scarred brutes spitting in their drinks as they spoke. She seemed thoroughly out of place in this environment, her face covered by her ten-gallon hat. She sat at the bar, an untouched glass of bourbon sitting beside her. She didn't drink, but buying something always made the bartender a little bit friendlier.

"So what're you lookin' for, missy?"

Nothing she could do about the sexism, but then again she was used to it by now. She took a tiny sip of the bourbon, resisting the urge to spit it back out.

"I'm looking for a woman. Have been for a while now."

The bartender laughed heartily at this. Apparently he'd come to the obvious conclusion, and it entertained him.

"Ohoho-! Didn't think you were that kinda lady. Well, can I suggest our lovely Lorleen? She's pretty darn cute if you ask me~"

He pointed to the bar's singer, some woman in her mid-thirties whose performance felt like a funeral dirge. The girl's fingers rubbed at her temple.

"No, that's not what I meant."

Now came the important part. Dropping the name.

"Does the name Maryberry Han ring a bell to you?"

Silence. Total, utter, silence. Every single man in the room turned to face her, hands unconsciously moving towards their firearms. The bartender's smiling face was replaced with concern.

"...I'm hoping I didn't hear ya right there. Who'd you say you were lookin' for?"

"Maryberry Han. ...I assume you've heard of me."

The bartender instinctively took a step backwards. The glass he was cleaning fell to the floor.

"...R-Renko Usami..."

Her cover blown, Renko decided there was no point in hiding herself. She tipped up her hat, revealing her piercing brown eyes to the bar's regulars.

"Oh, you people know who I am? I'm touched."

One of the thugs got to his feet - a lanky, overgrown man with maybe three teeth in his mouth. He looked down at Renko with strong but dull eyes.

"You ain't welcome here, girly. Get yer ass outta here."

Renko didn't make an effort to respond, simply picking up her glass of bourbon. She stared down in to the dark, viscous substance as the goon came closer.

"Hey! You listenin'?!"

She waited for as long as possible, letting him get close enough that she could feel the putrid stench of his breath fill her nose.

Then, in a simple motion, she swung the glass at him. It crashed majestically, sending him falling to the floor.

After that, things happened very, very quickly.

A dozen guns were drawn at once, all pointed in one direction. Twelve bullets were fired at once, all aimed at Renko, but she had miraculously placed herself where every single bullet would miss her.

In truth, it was no miracle. This was Renko's sole definiting trait as a gunslinger - she could track the path of any bullet that flew her way, and from that she could easily find a safe spot to stand. These guys had made it easy for her - all it took was one step to the left and she escaped totally unharmed.

"My turn."

She pulled out her own gun, a pristine Colt .44, quickly firing at the first thug she saw. The gang was too stunned by her survival to react, and she took down three of their numbers before they started to return fire. Again, Renko avoided their bullets with amazing grace, picking off the occasional thug during a break in fire.

She made no effort to hide, even having the gall to reload in plain sight, but despite their best efforts the gang was unable to land a single shot on her. Within a minute they had been reduced to a single, desperate thug who let out a little yip when he realised he was out of ammunition. His hand quickly reached into a side pocket, but that did nothing to stop Renko from shooting the gun from his other hand.

"What the hell is she?!"

He jumped to grab the gun, but before he could get there Renko had caught onto him by the neck. For a girl her size she was surprisingly strong.

"So, are you feeling a little more talkative now?"

He felt cold steel being held against his forehead. Immediately he was reduced to a stuttering wreck.

"S-S-Seriously! I don't know nothin'! I just got told by the boss to get ridda you!"

The barrel pressed harder against his head.

"Who's your boss?! Why'd they take Mary!?"

The thug panicked.

"H-H-Hey, I ain't stupid! No way I'd tell you 'bout Miss Yakumo! She'd kill me if I told ya 'bout he-"

Renko smiled.

"Thank you~"

She punched him in the face once, sending him crashing to the floor. There was an eerie moment of silence as Renko stood alone amongst a sea of dead goons.
The bartender, noticing the skirmish was over, got up from behind the counter. He wore a look of sheer awe at the sight.

"You...what are you?"

Renko, still totally relaxed, tipped her hat to him.

"Just a traveller, that's all. Like I said, I'm looking for someone."

She reached down to one of the bodies, pulling out a wallet. She placed it on the counter, next to where she had previously had her glass of bourbon.

"That should make up for the glass. See you 'round."

Renko had already started on her way to the door before she'd even started to talk. The bartender was too stunned to make any sort of response, simply staring at her as she walked out the door.

"...That girl...she's a gunfighting prodigy. Never gonna see one quite like her again..."


Renko sighed to herself as she swung the bar doors behind her. She had a name, but it wasn't as if anyone was going to tell her anything about it willingly.

"But then again...that's why I've got this."

She patted the Colt tenderly, like a mother to a newborn child. She started off down the road again, wondering where this journey was going to take her next. Whether the next bar would finally show a friendly face, or just another bunch of bad guys to take out.

"...Don't worry, Mary. I'm coming for you."


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Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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[21:46]   <Sana>   Wh-
[21:47]   <Sana> actually used the name Maryberry?
[21:47]   <Sana>   ROU YOU ARE AMAZING


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Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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[20:50]   <Sana>   Best ever
[20:50]   <Jana>   I'm glad you agree~

Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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Freakin' excellent.

Now I'm thinking of spaghetti Western Touhou.

... 西方, if you will.

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... 西方, if you will.


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Halloween special. Wanted to spend longer on this, but I got caught up in the Ijiyatsu dialogue discussion. >_>


Even with the door as tightly barred as it was, the groaning still made it through the walls. The moans of the living dead filled the Palace of the Earth Spirits, striking terror into all who heard it.

Or at least, it would have if they hadn't already been listening to it for the last three hours. By now it was getting ever so slightly repetitive.

"I can't believe how stupid they are," muttered Satori, looking down on the masses from a window. Their main tactic of approach seemed to be 'walk into the wall until it falls over', and it was working just about as well as a plan like that normally works. Besides a few splinters in the door, there was no threat of them getting in.

Naturally, something like this could only be Orin's fault.

"Remind me again why exactly you decided to do this?"

The catgirl twiddled her fingers, looking away. Her tails started to swerve side-to-side as her brain struggled to produce a decent excuse.

"Uh, well...see, I found this weird book with all these strange runes on the cover, right? All I did was take a peek inside! And look up a spell that seemed kinda cool. And spend three weeks preparing the ritual before performing it. Which accidentally ended up summoning a horde of zombies. That's not too weird, is it, nya?"

Apparently Orin had realised there was no point trying to lie to Satori, so she just spoke the truth while garnishing it slightly. Utsuho was too busy holding her arm out, aiming at crowds of the shuffling moaners with a manic glint in her eyes.

"Can I fire yet, Satori-sama? Pleeeease~?"

Satori shook her head at Utsuho for what must have been the hundredth time.

"No, Okuu, you can't. You don't have enough control over your power, so firing here will take the three of us out as well."



"...How about n-"


Satori, trying to ignore the raven as much as possible, turned back to the accidental necromancer.

"Look, is there any-"


A notably loud cry interrupted Satori's question as one zombie called out. It was a fairy, barely possessing enough strength to hold itself together. Actually, it seemed to have failed at that as well, given that it was missing a limb here or there.

It was here Satori showed just how impressive her ability was. She'd seen the mind of that witch, and from that the mind of her kappa friend, who happened to have played a game featuring characters in a similar position to this. Her third eye blinked once, and instantly she was holding a handgun and inexplicably wearing a blue beret. She pointed the gun at the loudmouth zombie, expertly putting a bullet between its eyes as it crumbled to dust.

"Wow, Satori-sama. Who are you meant to be exactly, nya?"

"I don't know, but I have a sudden urge to pick a lock while eating a sandwich."

"Hey, that was pretty cool, Satori-sama. Mind if I try to-"

"Yes I do, actually."


Keeping the gun in her hand (and somehow resisting the urge to shoot Utsuho with it), Satori cocked her head around to look at Orin.

"As I was saying before, is there any sign of backup?"

Orin's face fell.

"Nope...Koishi-sama's missing as usual. Everyone else has evacuated the underground...I think we're the last people alive."

Satori grimaced. They hadn't stored any food in the palace given that there were so many stores nearby, so there was no way they could hope to hold out for any length of time. And given long enough, the door would eventually give way and the beasts would make it in after all.

"Any way to reverse the spell?"

"They mention some legendary human who defeated the zombies with the power of dance...but I don't think we can do that."

For a moment, she considered putting the gun to her own head and pulling the trigger, but thoughts of Orin and Okuu stopped her. Not in front of them. She had to act strong now, for their sakes.


A blaring voice suddenly filled the palace, louder than even the zombie's cries. It was coming from some unseen loudspeaker in the distance.


Satori smiled. They were going to make it out after all-


She scratched that previous statement.


The voice crackled into silence as the warning came to an end. Satori's hands started to shake against her will, her fear seeping out despite her attempts to act brave. It would take twenty minutes to get out on foot, assuming no obstacles, so getting out in half an hour now of all times...

"...Orin, Okuu."

A new coldness was present in Satori's voice. Her pets turned to her with a newfound sense of respect. They didn't need to ask what the new plan was - the fact Satori was walking downstairs said it all.

The three of them stood at the door, watching as the occasional collision caused it to bounce at the hinges. Orin had armed herself with her trusty cat-cart, with a few knives hastily tied to the front, while Utsuho trusted her third leg to do the work for her. Satori held the handgun tightly, cursing as she realised that this form didn't come with extra ammo.

"Whatever you do, don't look back. If you manage to break away from the pack, run like hell."

The pets nodded, still quaking in fear slightly. It'd be a lie for Satori to say she didn't feel the same, but she had a small luxury in that her heart was the only one that no-one else could read.

"Okay, then. One."

Satori held onto the door's handle, shuffling it slightly.


Orin and Utsuho braced themselves. There was silence besides the wailing and moaning of the undead.


So began Satori Komeiji's last stand...

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I dunno what the "pick a lock while eating a sandwich" thing is, though :o


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Re: Rou's Random Shorts
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I dunno what the "pick a lock while eating a sandwich" thing is, though :o
I think it's a reference to the legendary "YOU WERE ALMOST A JILL SANDWICH!" line. :S
Also, Jill is the master of unlocking!

Edit: The blue beret line is another reference to RE, Ruro. Jill Valentine wears a beret.
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"They mention some legendary human who defeated the zombies with the power of dance...but I don't think we can do that."

I don't get the blue beret reference one bit, so that means it's probably a video game. Regardless, well done. Shikieiki showing up in Chireiden made me giggle.