Touhou Wiki server move

From Momiji: Just a heads up to everyone, the Wiki’s migrating servers and will be put into Read-only mode Wednesday evening (Aug. 8th) for the duration of the move and setup. Please stay tuned while we perform our work, thanks~ Comment on this article

04-08-2011 Short maintenance at 19:00 GMT+1 [COMPLETED YO]

Quote [18:32:56] -Suzuran[werk]- I’m planning to upgrade Cirno over lunch; That’s in 30 minutes. Outage is expected to be less than 20 minutes. If a Dire Disaster happens, a thread will be posted on about it. [18:34:32] -Suzuran[werk]- If this is bad for you and you want me to delay it, send me a…

Scheduled Downtime 2/18-2/20

The forums will be in and out starting tonight and going through Sunday for software upgrades.  The IRC server is NOT affected although the webchat service will likely experience outages.  The game server (Bnetd/HatOnline) is also NOT affected. Comment on this article

Forum Downtime 11/12-11/15

This weekend I will be taking the forums down for general maintenance and software upgrades, as well as upgrading the forum software to RC4.  I don’t have an exact timeframe when I’ll do it or how long it’ll take but don’t be alarmed if you suddenly lose access. It shouldn’t take more than the weekend…