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« on: June 23, 2009, 06:19:26 PM »
we're new on these Forums but are currently developing a Danmaku called chaos3000.We recently released our first demo and woul like to know your oppinions/suggestions.

Hope you dont mind us posting here anyway here is the link to the demo download:


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Hmm...looks alright. Might try later.


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Re: Chaos3000(Pc,Osx)
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Can't say I care for it much at the moment.

I found the game visually confusing on my first couple playthroughs because the enemies are black on a dark background with the same color scheme as the stage. Their bullets are very small and have the same issue, so I often lost them under my own shots and found myself wondering what killed me. The boss that suddenly teleports you into its center with no visual warning is likewise confusing.

The ship's hitbox being at the tip of the ship feels very strange. You would normally think of your ship in respect to its center point, and the movement limits are based on the entire size of the ship, so it feels like my hitbox is moving independantly from where I'm moving.

In short, it all feels very unintuitive.


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Re: Chaos3000(Pc,Osx)
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It looks really nice, but I'm afraid I have the same issues as Stuffstuff. I rather like the color scheme, but everything blends a bit too much and it's difficult to see much. I would also like to see the hitbox moved to the center.

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Re: Chaos3000(Pc,Osx)
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90's retro shooter basically more than modern danmaku... Enemies and bullets are sometimes hard to distinguist from the background, hitbox is in weird place or too big, sounds are buggy (firing SFX plays even not firing), game froze several times, normal movement speed in too fast, slowed down (fire3) is too slow and it's too damn easy. Weapon effects are propably the only nice thing so far.


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Re: Chaos3000(Pc,Osx)
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Good Things:
Looks very nice
Focused movement is good, could be a bit faster
Unfocused movement is good, could be a bit slower
Looks very nice
The boss is alright

Bad Things:
certain enemies blend into the stage too well.
The hitbox is positioned awkwardly
you can't bomb if you're holding down fire1 or fire 3
"Give up and retry" is bugged. It just sends you back to the beginning, but you keep your points, # of lives, bombs, etc.
The play area seems really small. Dunno why, but it does. =V
The stage isn't fun. =V

Overall:Well, it's the first demo, so it could be worse. it's actually quite nice for a first demo, I guess. Lots of improvements needed, but you probably know that, and that's probably why you released a demo.

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i agree with AM here. seems more like an Old-school shooter, warts 'n' all. its by no means bad, just needs tweaking and improving.

my biggest gripe is the hitbox, and it seems either awkwardly placed, too big, or both. i had many unnecessary deaths because of it. i think its positioned to far forward, but i could be wrong. maybe making the player sprite smaller? or moving the hitbox closer to the center?

also, like other people have said before me, the enemies blend into the background. in the first part, before the C.E.M the bullets are fine, but inside i could hardly see the small bullets, which killed me.

on the plus though, it looks nice. the sprites are clean and the weapon effects are nice, even though the enemy ship movements feel stiff, but you were probably focusing more on the game itself than fancy ship movement.

all in all, its what i'd expect from a first release, needs some work. theres potential, but more work needs to be done to bring it out.
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Re: Chaos3000(Pc,Osx)
« Reply #7 on: June 24, 2009, 04:04:07 AM »
Looks like a neat game.  Unfortunately it doesn't work in Wine, under Linux (even with native MSVCP90.dll and MSVCR90.dll loaded into Wine).

Lack of native Linux version FTL. =[


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Thank you all for your comments.We wanted to post it in this stage so we can get feedback especially on the gameplay and well after playing through it again after reading your comments I have to agree that there are lots of problems :(.
For the Sounds we recently got someone working with us on them so I hope we'll have decent music and SFX soon.
Same goes for the Linux port even though I was told installing the package with Winetricks should work ^^`` but i can't guarantee it.
One of the main issues seems to be the hitbox :
the green dot represents the current locations would you prefer any of these spots or something inbetween?
In order to create more interessting levels, we decided(well the final decision was made after reading this thread^^``) we need to create a level editor so we can easily place enemies.
For Patterns we already have a capeable system but frankly we're lacking inspiration so if you have any idea please tell us m(_   _)m.
We're really looking for any kind of help or advice especially from people who actually love this kind of game :),so thank you again.


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Re: Chaos3000(Pc,Osx)
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Doesn't run in WINE. At all.

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Re: Chaos3000(Pc,Osx)
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Well, Touhou is reknowned for it's beautiful patterns, so I suggest watching some Danmakufu videos on Youtube or something. Or just play Touhou.

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Re: Chaos3000(Pc,Osx)
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IMO, the most centered point you show us there is the red one, it would work wonders as the hitbox.

Re: Chaos3000(Pc,Osx)
« Reply #12 on: June 24, 2009, 10:14:14 PM »
i agree with TSTCE (the guy above me) that the red dot would be the best place for the hitbox

and i agree with Drake, f you need inspiration for patterns, the Touhou games are a good place to look, but taking a look at patterns people have made in Danmakufu is a good place to look too.

lastly, theres other Danmaku shooters. Hellsinker has some nice patterns.


Re: Chaos3000(Pc,Osx)
« Reply #13 on: June 27, 2009, 11:02:35 AM »
Thanks we'll deffnitly change it even though there might be some design problems =/.
I'm already playing touhou for quite a long time(I'm really bad at it =( ), which is why we got the idea of creating a game of a similar genere too.
Watching videos will be more effective I think since there is no constant fear of dying XD.
Hellsinker looks really impressive but cant get it to run on my mac sadly =( stupid crossover doesnt work><.

Next week we'll meet up and discuss the general changes we'll be doing gameplay whise, which editors we have to create and so on.
Once we got results I hope you wont mind asking you for your oppinion again^^