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Call of Duty Black ops?
« on: January 05, 2011, 08:51:33 PM »
The CoDMW2 topic was actually pretty successful back then, and I've actually been wanting to play Black ops more than MW2, I can't be the only one.

Feel free to discuss the game here I suppose.  Does the game allow for custom maps to be made like MW1? Or is it like MW2 where you can't make them and you will most likely be charged to download more?

Anyway my brother got the game awhile back, I decided to install it on my comp using his disk to give it a shot for a bit and see how I like it...But it doesn't work on my computer. I got an Intel Q6600 (which is just a quad-core version of the duo-core listed as a system requirement), Geforce 8800GT, 2Gigs of Ram, WindowsXP, etc.

Anyway I can launch the game and watch movies and such, but as soon as a map should load, the game totally locks up my computer. I get a black screen, and I can't alt tab or control-alt-delete or nothing. I've tried everything but no dice (videocard drivers, sound card drivers, temp disabling virus scanner, disabling 2 cores in msconfig). I even noticed in the config file that it defaults the game to being single core mode processor, and multi GPU mode (lol wtf? Who has multiple GPUs but only 1 core processor?!), I fix that and I get the same deal.

I figured I'd wait for the game to get a few patches before I'd complain about it, but it still has the same problem.
Anyway I don't expect anybody to know wtf is wrong.

Re: Call of Duty Black ops?
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2011, 09:16:50 PM »
I don't know what's wrong: I played it on the 360.

So, I've played it and beat it. Here's what I think.

Pros: It's a fun, challenging game, with a very interesting story. I saw the huge twist of the game coming a mile away, but the way they present it, then reveal it is still rather well done. The characters are very interesting and lively, though sometimes stray a little too off of the realism that Call of Duty tries to stick to and gets a little James Bond-ish. The campaign maps are interesting and fun to play, with a lot of things to do without getting you completely lost. Also, while playing, there are a lot "mini-games", like the AC-130 in MW or the ice climbing sequence in MW2, that are a lot of fun to play. Plus, the "epilogue" is awesome as hell.

Cons: It's short. Not surprising, since it's a FPS, but I finished the game in six hours, and I'm not even the best FPS player out there. Sometimes the levels can get frustrating as all get out (especially the first Vietnam level). As I said earlier, the plot and characters sometimes gets a bit too James Bond-ish. Also, there's quite a bit of anachronism: aside from music and Zork, some of the weapons you get access to don't even exist in that time period, even if you excuse some of them by saying that, as Special Ops, you get access to high tech stuff.

I don't play multiplayer all that much, so I can't judge on that end, but I fooled around with Zombie Mode. That was fun.

So, solid recommend for rent, buy if you play multiplayer.