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Welcome, to My Delusion
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This a dumping ground for whatever disjointed work I feel like working on.

To those who do manage to enjoy this, I should note that this won't be following a real consistent order.  If, for whatever reason, there's a part that you have interest in seeing, mention it as so.  Or, if there's a request, of sorts, specify it as such.  Lastly, if there's no real interest, then I'll just keep as I will.  I write according to my moods, and this is for personal amusement.

Explanation to my organization:
  • Characters that are in the "ready" list have a connecting flow in events of the story
  • Characters in the "locked" list can be written about, but at the cost of coherency in the story
  • "Requests" hold priority over all else
  • Scenarios will be noted when their events flow into each other
  • Status of events and characters in the story will be maintained for my convenience, but you can use it too, if you want
  • Profiles to my own characters might be added if the need arises
  • The scenarios will be written primarily in first person(exceptions exist though)
  • I like being disorganized when I'm lazy, don't mind the BS
  • All details are incomplete since the author is inconsistent

And lots of other details that I'm not in the mood to write up right now.

[Saga setting]War is just one part of history.  Even the divine are not exempt.

(Scenario setting)The shrouding void hides many worlds.  Amoung the new are faces from the past.  What results face the intrusions?
Ready:(in no particular order)
  • Youmu- battle with Blaze
  • Mokou-
    battle with Flare
  • Suika- encounter with Gaea
  • Cirno- battle with Aria
  • Komachi-
    encounter with Shadow
  • S.D.M.-
    battle with Chaos
  • Chireiden-
    encounter with Aira

Locked:(more or less)
  • Tenshi-
    trouble and fun
  • Yuyuko-
  • Sikieiki-
  • Eientei-
    battle with Guy
  • Moriya-
  • Yukari- talks lots (Cirno)

Groups:(when I get to them)

and whatever else the momentum demands

Oh, and try not to be disappointed in what happens afterward; I most certainly won't be.  All is in good fun(hopefully).

Wait, there's one more point.  If I do this well enough, I might be able to portray some of the factors that contribute to my thinking(hence the title).  That's why I want to write with my characters, at least.  As such, the basic storyline follows in the direction of my separate story.
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Re: Welcome, to My Delusion
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In the swirling void, I gazed upon the world.  It was a strange sensation, seeing the lights as they glittered in the spacious realm.  Contrary to my typical habits, that world was an artificial reality.

"Are you uncertain of your decision?" inquired the lady behind the shroud.

There was nothing to be uncertain of, but I felt the doubt creep over me.  The false reality that I peered into was a mixture of things that could not be, but still was.  I knew well that its very existence was in defiance of ability,  but could not find the resistance from it.  Freely rejected and embraced, the complex unreality fluctuated in the scope of my view, and I smiled.

"To late for that, Axima," I mused, still consumed with excitement in the impossibility.

"Now, now.  I don't go by that name here," the shrouded lady complained teasingly, "Call me Yukari.  Yakumo Yukari."

Turning my attention to her, I was allowed a brief glimpse of her seductive smile through the shroud.  She remained as taunting as reputed.  With a glare and a smirk, I recited, "And I am unimportant."

In a playful tone, she mused, "Cypher, was it?  Alright."

To know without knowing, was she really that gifted?  I had no way of knowing, but truthfully, I didn't care.  I returned my gaze back towards the unreality and tried to locate the ones I had sent into that world.  Aside from fighting them myself, there was amusement in their fighting, and that fighting would soon begin.

"So consumed with others that you don't think of yourself?" Yukari murmured loudly.

I turned towards her and it was her smile that was flashed at me.  In that short moment, I could feel the tightened grasp of her piercing reach tear through me.  If it wasn't within her ability to know without knowing, I wouldn't know.  What I was certain of was that her smile meant trouble.

"I think nothing of myself, and never will," I refuted.

Removing the enveloping shroud, she laughed mildly, "All the more reason to test your worth."

"I hadn't realized the length of my value," I remarked, "Would you mind telling me from where you learned of me from?"

"Inconsequential," was her reply.  I couldn't understand what she was referring to, but I was not given the time to.  A brightened flare shown behind me and drew in my attention.

{continue in Cirno Scenario}
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Re: Welcome, to My Delusion
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{Youmu Scenario 1}[Blaze]

The air was calm and serene.  From the faint breeze, the cold air danced with the bare trees.  The gentle sun gazed down from its high perch while illuminating the empty expanse.  If this world was anything like home, it would be winter day.

Before stood a high rising flight of stairs.  These stairs raised the horizon to heights beyond normalcy.  Along the pathway, a flat and slanted surface stood level to the stairway.  To my sides stretched an endless expanse that disappeared into the hazy distance.  Behind me stood an overbearingly large door.  Tall and proud, the door remained closed by unnatural forces leaving me with little in the way of options.

With my sights returned to the impressive flight of stairs, I took notice of several anomalous figures that clouded along the path.  Small and mostly round, the figures swirled in the air as if dancing in the breeze.  Translucent with an otherworldly aura, their shapes coiled along the shifting turns only to stop.

The shapes cluttered together in unison as if peering in my direction.  No sooner had they done so did they scatter and retreat up the incline.  The mysterious sight was enough to prove one fact: up was the way to go.

I climbed my way along the steps.  Numerous but uniform, their design was quite intriguing.  Was this along the same principle as the stairway to heaven?  Was it more accurate to compare it to the 1000 steps to enlightenment?  I had no way of knowing what it all meant, but I climbed the unending path in hopes of finding something worthwhile.

"Who goes there?" a calm yet stern voice called out.

With my attention at the voice, I took notice of a humanoid shape that stood considerably shorter than myself.  The short and evenly cut silver white hair was tied with a black ribbon and gave a strong resemblance to a small girl.  The flowing green skirt and matching bodice were also attributions to that notion.  A white long sleeved shirt was pinned underneath the green attire while white socks were capped by black shoes.

Simple yet immodest, the entire attire was offset by two rather well decorated weapons that were situated on the back and behind the waist.  With the object on the back reaching almost to the height of its bearer and the second almost half the length of the first, the person stood with the prominence of a warrior.

"Where is there to be gone?" I asked in hopes of finding clarity to my situation.

With a hesitant expression, the person informed me, "This is Hakugyokurou.  It is a domain for the dead.  The still living have no place here."

"Land for the dead?  Does that mean those shapes are figments of the deceased?"

"Correct, those shapes are the ghosts that reside here."

With the new revelations, I pondered another mystery, "If the still living have no place here, what does that make you?"

"Ah, how rude of me," came a stifled outburst before the figure quickly bowed, "I am Konpaku Youmu, a half ghost.  I am the groundskeeper of the gardens of Hakugyokurou.  Now, if you would be so kind as to answer my previous question."

With a casual shrug of my shoulders, I remarked, "I am lost, but that probably isn't the answer you wanted."

"What do you mean?" the groundskeeper asked with obvious confusion.

Musing openly, I asked, "Am I mistaken in believing you to be a warrior?"

"No, you are not."

Hearing the answer that I sought, I drew my sword and declared, "Then I, Blaze, challenge you, Konpaku Youmu, to a duel.  Let death be the reward for the lesser of us."

My display went largely ignored as I was reprimanded, "That is not the proper course of actions.  There are different formalities here."

"I care not!" I declared and lunged forth.

My charge was turned away with a blocking stroke from the shorter weapon.  Repositioning ourselves, there came a starling glare from my adversary as I heard, "Then, be forewarned.  The things my Roukanken cannot cut are almost none!"

With our weapons drawn and at the ready, I took a brief moment to examine my enemies blades.  A sword in each hand, the quality of each was remarkable.  Both blades were uniquely empowered as the aura of strength radiated from within them.  From strength of arms, I was outclassed, but a battle's flow was determined by more than raw power.

With a step and a sweep, our duel began.

{continue in Youmu Scenario 2}

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(Suika Scenario 1)[Gaea]

The whipping of the wind swept across my body as the weightlessness startled me into consciousness.  I was falling.

My eyes shot open as I tried to gauge my height.  I was still a distance away.   Quickly, I scanned my possessions to find that I was fully dressed with my battle equipment.  It was difficult to believe that I was asleep only a short time ago.  Tightening my grasp on my ax, I spun through my descent and gave a powerful toss to counter my falling momentum.  With the spiral propelling me along, I focused my strength into my fist.

With the ground swiftly approaching, I drove downward my attack to break my landing, "Strike- erm, Dive!"

Landing with a great crash, I managed to lessen enough of the shock from the impact to still be able to stand.  The tremendous aching still ate at my body as I examined my surroundings.  Apart from the crater of my landing, there appeared to be an array of trees that lined the landscape.  Gentle, calm, and quiet, I felt the vibrant presence of the land linger in the air.  It might not be like home, but it was beautiful all the same.

"Nice landing," a voice called, breaking me from my daze, "Four points!"

"Points?  Four?" I murmured, lost mentally and physically.

"Yeah, four points. The score for the landing," replied the voice with an amused tone, "It've been more if that thing you threw didn't make such an impressive mess over there."

With the dust settling enough for me to see through it, I was finally able to identify what was talking to me.  Actually, I couldn't identify it.  It resembled a young girl with long sandy brown colored hair.  A simple white shirt with its sleeves torn off their hemming stood in contrast to the seemingly intricate swirls of her two toned long skirt.  On her feet were a pair of white socks and casual black loafers.  From there, the similarities ended.

The first obvious difference was how there were two horns that sprouted from her head.  Branching from the sides, the horns reached out to the length of her arms.  Then, her arms were bound by chains with a colorful object on the opposite end of each.  Her loud laughter and unstable swaying indicated a state of intoxication that was unheard of for a child.

"Ah, my ax!" I exclaimed after remembering that I threw it away.

Following the small person's directing, I came across a spectacular sight.  Its impact really was impressive.  A considerable rift scarred the earth with the nearby trees leveled and splintered.  As I sifted through the debris, I heard the girl comment, "You're pretty strong, huh?"

"When I need to be," I mused after clenching the shaft from the clutter.

With a tremendous pull, I managed to free my ax from its prison only to buried by its captors.  Taking ear of the hysterical laughter that echoed from the girl, I pushed my way out only to find the pinning force suddenly dispersed.  Looking to the flooding light, I noticed that the girl was lifting up the wood pile with a bright smile.

"I do that a lot, too," she mused with a hand scratching innocently through her hair.

After escaping a premature burial, I sighed with relief as I thank the ridiculously strong girl, "Thanks for the hand.  Name's Gaea."

"I'm Suika, an oni," she declared proudly, "First time seeing an oni, huh?"

"Actually, no," I replied to her surprise, "But yeah for a living one."

Exploding with laughter, Suika remarked, "Oh, you celestial are so funny!"

"Where's the celestial?" I asked not certain of any others that were nearby.

Suika's laughter subsided as she echoed my confusion, "You mean you aren't one even though you fell from the sky?"

At a loss for what to say next, she shrugged and pulled out a massive bottle that had been dangling from the back of her skirt.  After several loud gulps of its contents, she held it out and offered, "Want some?"

With confusion as an ever present companion, I shrugged, "Why not.  I can go for a good drink."

Catching the bottle from a fair toss, I uncorked the top and felt an overwhelming surge from within.  Taking a quick sip, I could feel the churning liquid burn me from within.  "Good stuff," I approved as I chugged down a larger portion of the bottle.

Tossing the bottle back to its owner, I heard her energetic laughter as she remarked, "You're not bad for a human."

"Not really a normal human, but whatever," I replied.

Bursting with another fit of laughter, I noticed that Suika was rolling on the ground, or rather, that she was sitting on the ground the whole time.  Lifting my ax, I split open one of the fallen trees and offered her a seat.

"Ah, too funny!" she commented through her hysteria.

Just then, a tremendous grumble roared from within me and only served to intensify the hilarity.  After reigning in the overpowering laughter, Suika said, "I know the perfect place to fix that up."

"On you then since I'm broke."

With another contorting bout of laughter, Suika assured, "Won't cost you a thing."

(continue in Suika Scenario 2)
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(Cirno Scenario 1)[Aria]

The tide's flow was gentle.  Through the soft current, I drifted to the water's surface.  It was quite obvious that this wasn't home, but I was certain as to where I truly was.

This was the first time I've been drawn away since fully grasping my power.  It was somewhat frightening, but also reassuring.  Freed from the burden of knowing the deeper secrets, I tried to bask in the solitude.

No sooner had I let me guard down was I greeted by a surge of energy.  Familiar, yet different, it beckoned for me and I almost didn't want to follow.  Allowing the cold water to cascade across my hands, the reason for the familiarity shot into my mind.

"Can it really be?" I asked, still in doubt over the impossibility.  If it really was whom I thought it to be, then there was more to this trip then I cared to admit to.

"That's right, It's me!" declared a voice from nearby.

Straightening my posture, I turned to face the source of the outburst.  Physically no different from a child, the faint glow of white and blue that glistened from behind her suggested otherwise.  The play of lights came from an array of icy wings that decorated her frame.  Small, energetic, and winged, if it wasn't because I already knew of sprites, I could have mistaken her proud demeanor for an angel.

Poised onto the water's surface, I excused myself, "Sorry for being so sudden, but I must be going."

"Don't think you'll get away that easily," she declared and made her hostility clear.

In the short moment that followed, she unleashed a waved of cold energy that condensed into ice crystals.  The barrage of ice sailed at me.with astounding speed.  Skating away from the attack, I managed to form my Crystal Edge and deflect enough of the shards to be safe.  Gauging the distance between us, I hold my stance and awaited my chance.

Even though I was capable of short flight over water, it was an embarrassment compared to a truly airborne individual.  If her initial assault was any indication, she won't be approaching my striking range anytime ever.  I would have to lure her then attack, or else distract her then escape.  Gathering my focus, I raced along to avoid her continued shower of ice.

(continue in Cirno Scenario 2)
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<been a while since I tried to stage a war scene.  Wonder how it'll go>
[Divine Saga 1]

The lines had been drawn.  From across the field, the two forces gathered. The radiant sun blurred the view with haze as Kanako stepped forth.  The battle would be difficult if she didn't prepare her fighters properly.

"Look well onto your enemy!  They have long been considered as strong.  Courageous.  Brave.  But so are we!"

Receiving agreement throughout the crowd, she continued, "They hide behind their iron tools, relying on its strength to further their own.  But what of us?  With less in hand, we have also acheive greatnes!  Our power is our own, and here, we will show them why we are fierce!"

With the collective in an excitable state, she pressed on, "Where each of our comrades fall, we will leave ten of them dead!  Their iron toys won't save them from our power, and they'll learn that well enough!"

The bloodlust filled the air as she declared, "They will be laid bare to our might!"

Taking pleasure in the frenzied roar, Kanako turned her sights back to the defient army.  They made their peace, insistnt on resisting to the end.  It was time to end them.

Turning back towards her loyal warriors, she announced, "Let us prove that everything is rightfully ours!"

With another energized uproar eminating from her followers, she pointed out to the opposition and ordered, "Charge!"
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[Divine Saga 2]
The struggles of war have always been of mortal design.  Victory and defeat, then, were of divine virtue.  What happens, should war be waged on divine virtue?  Who's will would be the one to decide the outcome?  The confusion and doubt clawed at Suwako's mind as she aproached the battlefield.  Here, that answer would be found.

Calmly, she took her place over the troops.  Their prayers took voice as she passed.  "May we find victory." "Protect me from the barbarians." "Let my exploits be recognized today."

But amounst the myriad, one voice resonated with her heart.  "My Goddess Suwako, please lend me the strength to protect my family."

She felt a tear form and took hold of her hat.  Memories of the days past lingered in her mind, but she didn't allow her decision to falter. Slowly, she made her descent and stood proudly before her soldiers.

Confusion and concern filled the ranks, their Goddes, their overseer and protector, had removed herself from her heightly state.

"It has been long since war last plagued our lands," Suwako stated over the droning soliders, "And in that time, you have changed and grown."

With the ranks settling into an attentive state, she continued, "From boys to men, bachelors to husbands, children to fathers, each of you has changed and grown.  But your reasons to be here, they're ultimately one single purpose: to protect your homes."

"In the time that has passed, I have watched you all live and grow.  I have shared in you joys and pains.  I have seen your fears and dreams.  And in that time, I, too, have changed."

"You are no longer my people, you are my family.  This isn't my domain, it's our home.  And I will not stand idly by as trespassers threaten and endanger us."

"Here, I make my stand!  I will drive off the invaders with the whole of my being!  I will see our happiness flourish!  I will bring our families safety!  I will have victory!"

The soliders cheered their agreements. Overwhelmed by the empathetic wish that was shared by all, their focus and resolve became united in their single pursuit.  Confident and ready, Suwako turned her attention to the invigorated zeal of her foes.  Their stampeding charge echoed through the earth.  Raising forward her arm, she ordered, "Advance!"

The battle had begun.
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[Divine Saga 3]

The armies moved forward, ever closer to those they despised.  The charging roar grew louder with each breath, and it was high time to pacify that.

"Halt!" she ordered, "At arms!"

With mechanical precision, her advancing troops came to a unified poise and then raised their spears over their shoulders.  Synchronized to the directive, they were ready for the strike.

"First volley, fire!" Suwako commanded as she propelled three of her looped rings.  The rings detatched from one another as they sailed towards the rampaging charge of the swarm of red troops.  The rings impacted loudly with their targets and arched back to their controller as the first volley landed overhead.

The lined soliders had lanched their spears towards the racing crowd at their leader's command.  Yielding remarkable distance for such heavily armed troops, the rain of spears cut down a wide number as another command was issued, "Second volley, fire!"

Much like the first, the second volley consisted of a rain of spears and three flying rings that sailed into the persisting sea of invaders.  As Suwako's thrown rings returned to her hands, she shifted her weight and called, "At arms!"

Her advance line drew their swords and readied their stance.  Glaring deftly into the frenzied charge, the awaited word was heard.


A unified cry echoed as though to acknowledge the desire for battle.  With a hail of support fire arching overhead, the advance lines flooded into the moving mass to further their objective and kill their enemies.

"Such exquisite spears only be thrown away.  Effective, but wasteful," Kanako aprraised as her initial wave saw its fighting strength cut by thirds with each passing volley.

Glancing over the advancing counter charge, she identified the formation, "A charging line with flank and rear so well guarded.  It's a remarkable Fish, but that makes them more vulnerable."

Confident in her judgement, Kanako ordered a second wave to break them.  Hidden within this particular group was a squad of her elite "overachievers".  Quick to work, crafty and strong, they managed to fulfill feats of improbability with the reward of pleasing their goddess their only aim; having never failed to satisfy her expectations.

With the battlefront controlled, Suwako pressed the attack and continued to run down the droves of red clad warriors.  Deep within her concentration, she had a startling insecurity.  What was she afraid of?  Was there something that Kanako was planning?  She raised her sight towards her rival and saw her smirk shift into a grin.

Her doubt was answered all too quickly, "Ambush!"

Re: Welcome, to My Delusion
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[Divine Saga 4]

"An ambush?  How?  They were in an open field under broad daylight!  It was too quick.  Did they lie in wait from the start?  How...?"

Suwako's concentration was at its end over trying to see how her forces were so easily compromised.  Unable to find an explanation, she tried to adjust her attention to the problem at hand.  Raising her right hand, she flipped the rings and spun it once as she declared, "Formation!"

Her command was promptly received and the generals moved to her order, "Move or be left behind!"

The confused sea of troops rushed along side their leaders as they trampled past the encroaching enemies.  Triumphing over the initial hurdle, the soliders barreled with their charging momentum and swept through the enclosure.

"It's only natural for her chain of command to be so remarkable," Kanako praised, "Little reason to have my boys slaughtered needlessly."

Calling for her soliders to regroup, Kanako observered as Suwako did the same.  With her forces at the ready, she ordered another charge as her enemies reformed their lines.

Taking the opportunity to restore piece of mind within her forces, Suwako called for a quick retreat.  With her troops reassembling their ranks, she held up her left hand and flipped the rings into the air while calling, "Formation!"

Gathering into a compact formation, the soliders closed the lines with their shields and remained steady.  The rampaging charge impacted the shield line but couldn't provoke a response.  Curiousity towards their aim led to confusion, but the answer became clear shortly.

From behind the rearguard, Suwako's cavalry made their charge and flooded the columns between the ranks.  Pushing through the scattered advance, the cavalry cut past with domineering force as marksman hailed arrows from the flank.

Seeing the advancement falter, Suwako called for an change and held up her right hand with the three rings clasped together.  The box formation collapsed and realigned for the renew attack.

"I must end this before exhaustion claims my chance!"
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