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The Past(s)
« on: November 04, 2010, 11:18:55 pm »
Well, pardon my stupid theory(ies) about what happened :P

// Ibuki Suika
An Oni.
She was an little Oni with a cute face. Nothing was wrong with that.

She was tough, even for a kid. Her horns were long and curvy like that of a bull.
A noble, that girl. None denied that, especially when she wasn't stink like the common oni.
That joyful kid had a hobby of gathering things, so they called her "Suika". "Suika the blowing girl".
Fifty years, she landed her fist on the clan's strongest's face.
One hundred years, she outdrank everybody.
Two hundred years, she met a Deva of the Mountain: Hoshiguma Yuugi.

"Your clan is famous in the North, but is the leader strong?" she asked. To her surprise, the Deva just smiled.
"Who cares, not like raw strength can give you food."

Suika knew this girl is not to be underestimated, as she had three horns. Two curvy horns like her, and a sharp, glossy one pointed out of her forehead. Jealous, the kid was.
Yuugi had a goal, that was to unite all the oni clan and teach them techniques. To use tools, to fight with brain, and to drink without vomiting over and over. Eventually, Yuugi became even more famous within Suika's clan, and the kid didn't like it.
Suika had a plan, or a scheme, or maybe just a prank, that could wipe out Yuugi's reputation.

"The human shogun said he want to negotiate."
"I don't get that."
"He would give us a land to live, freely, as long as we don't harm his men."
"Brilliant, that was we always wanted."
"Yes, with one condition: You'll be his woman for a day."
"Sex is nothing to us Oni. Suika, you see how stupid human can be with all their philosophies."   
"Do agree."

Of course, the conversation was in private, as how the kid spoke with the shogun:

"She will be yours , as long as you give us a land with freedom."
"I can have as many woman as I want, why would I consider an oni?"
"Because if you don't, you may not be able to get any woman, my Lord."
"Are you threatening me?"
"I wish not, and I do think she is different than what you knew, of ever know."
"If sexual pleasure is the only thing you're capable of, I feel sorry for your race."
"Oh, like you never bowed your head down and twisted your tongue for that pleasure, my Lord."
"She will be coming tonight. We're waiting for the land."

With a victorious smile she didn't even care to hide, Suika walked out the castle.
That night, with the moon so bright, Hoshiguma Yuugi went to the castle dressing beautifully. Who would think an Oni can be so well with a kimono? But despite the appearance that made the moonlight even more glamorous, the Deva was greeted by an army, spears and bows.

"I did not expect such warm welcome, human lord."
"Silence! Coming here wanting to service the Shogun? Who do you think you are, Oni?"
"You just said I'm an Oni, didn't you?"
"The Shogun is mighty, he will not be with a monster."

The captain stopped for a bit, and looked at Yuugi. His eyes scanned her from head to toe, then he smirked.

"But, I'm not the Shogun, if you cooperate, maybe I'll let you see him."
"Don't push your luck, boy. I have no quarrel with you."
"Ha! You think you have a choice? CLOSE THE DOORS!"

The army advanced, so did Yuugi. She was powerful and fearless, of course she would not withdraw. No. Not when these human looked down on her.

"Capture her, don't kill! We'll have a party tonight!"

Sex is a wonderful thing. It buffs the moral, it gives motivations, it has your adrenalin pumps up and your blood boils. As strong as Yuugi, but in the end, she was alone. The human was nothing to her one by one, but together, they managed to push her down.

"Dammit this bitch is tough!"
"Get rid of her horns, get rid of her horns!"

The axes plunged.
Yuugi roared, the roar that can be heard from the deep forest. The roar that contains anger. The roar that contains pain. The roar that contains the vain of a proud Oni losing her horns.
It hurt.
It hurt.
There was no blood but it hurt.

Yuugi's eyes went watery. Her mind went blank. And that night, under the moonlight, the big city of one mighty shogun.
No one survived.

The rumors spread. But there was nothing but an Oni massacred a city. Who cared about the root? Let's go all out and kill those Oni.
The human had many genius tacticians. They also had warlords that could slay dragons. Of course, the Oni race had to flee. But to where?
The left? There was human.
The right? There was human.
Front? There was human.
Back? There was human.

The Tengu and Kappa had chosen the best time to rebel, and freed themselves from the Oni. Now, even the sky and the rivers wouldn't help the strongest demon race.

The human finally found one of the clan, and did everything the winner could to the loser. Everything.
More than blood was shed. And our little Oni, Suika, knew why it happened.

"And that... was what I said."

Hoshiguma Yuugi didn't say a word since Suika visited her. As if she knew it all, or as if she couldn't care less. From behind, she looked like a perfect normal lady, without her side-horns. However, both of the Oni didn't seem happy about that.

"It was my fault. I am... s..."
The word couldn't go out. It stuck in her throat like an annoying fish bone. Suika couldn't say it, neither she could withstand the silence. She grabbed her noble curvy horns that she was proud of, and tried to break them.

"What the fuck are you doing?"
Yuugi quickly stopped her by grabbing the horns, keeping them in place.

"I'm not worthy to have these!"
Suika did her best to pull them down, while Yuugi did the opposite. The noble horns of the Oni, under the strength of the two strongest Oni, getting deformed slowly into something looked like a tree branch.
Yuugi kicked Suika in the stomach, lifted her up and threw her to the wall.

"Are you worthy to comment on your own status?" She shouted. "I don't remember such an Oni that cannot even admit their fault! What do you want to do, die? Or go out there and have them rape you?"

Suika kept silent, because she knew everything came out of her mouth is no good. She grinned her teeth, as if doing that can shut her mouth forever.
She wished she was mute.

"Ibuki Suika, you're a strong Oni. But what you've done cannot be foreseen." Yuugi looked down at the small figure as she spoke. "I will have you be one of the Four Devas of the Mountain, from now."


"Deva of the Mountain is the highest title one Oni can have. They, or we, are the symbol of the Oni's strength. You're not allowed to commit suicide, and you have to live your life to serve our race. Ibuki Suika, as a Deva, redeem yourself."

The little kid couldn't understand what Yuugi just said. There was something inside her chest that exploded, pouring some water out of her eyes.
Was it happiness?
Was it vain?
Was it sorrow?
Or was it regret?
Maybe she didn't know herself. But to response, Suika kneed down, and bowed so low her head touched the floor.

"I, Ibuki Suika, pledge my loyalty to the Oni, humbly accept the title of Deva of the Mountain. I swear as I live, I will do but anything to serve my race."

She didn't lift her head up, Yuugi smiled, bitterly. The moonlight tried its best to go through the broken window, resulted in itself being shattered into pieces.

"And I swear, that under any circumstances, no matter what, no matter how, no matter why, no matter to whom..."
Suika kept her head low, her voice became so hard to hear. But even between her sniffs, she finished her pledge as the last line was her goal in life.

"... I will not lie ever again."
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Re: The Past(s)
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// Reisen Udonge Inaba
The Moon is ugly.
It's like a ball covered with sand, she wondered how they survived.
As a rabbit, it was tradition to serve the royalty, she didn't need to ask question. It was her duty.
It was her life.

However, sometimes, she couldn't help but feel sorry for herself, for her family.
They did their best, but after all, they were still a foot-solder rank family.
No one cared about them, yet everyone was served by them. Everyday.
Every mother flipping day.

The rabbit, who named Reisen, as every female rabbit in this city, wanted to serve the royalty directly. In school, she learnt that there is someone extremely important and cool, resides in the palace.
The person that discovered the basic rule of the universe.
The one helped found the Lunar Capital.
The one taught them all how to live.

High Sage Yagokoro Eirin.

She wanted to meet her, because she had so many questions.
About the fairness, about the life, about the festivals.
About the Earth.
But the palace was not somewhere she could come by as she pleased. So she could do none but trying her best to raise her rank.
The easiest way was to kill enemy in the war.

Yes, there was a war. Some brainiac invaded the Moon for some reason. All Reisen heard was "They wanted the Moon".
Ridiculous, like anyone would believe that.
Whoever leading the invasion might wanted to control the Moon, or the knowledge of the Sage, or the Sage herself.
It was her fault to be so beautiful, Reisen thought. She only saw the Sage once at the Lunar Eclipse festival 2 years ago, and hadn't escaped her head since.
The Sage was wearing a huge collar cloak, with her silver hair over her left shoulder.
The Wakatsukihime were like her shadow.
Anyhow, Reisen wouldn't allow the invasion to succeed. No, not if they wanted her.

But the war was nothing similar to the training practise, or everyday thugs.
They were nothing like the Moon resident.
They were ugly, weird, and stink.
They had so many shapes and appearances that you might think they're not from the same planet.
They were using spears and swords, made from bronze.
Their magic was good, but with that kind of weapons how dare they even think of defeating the Moon?

With her semi-auto shotgun, Reisen put at least 20 of them in their place.
She had the Eyes of Insanity, like every girl in the Capital. But her eyes were far stronger. Her mother said, it was because she was born in a Lunar Eclipse.
The Sage was born in a Lunar Eclipse too, they said. That made Reisen excited, so she went on a rampage and killed even more. She motivated her whole team, and they were the best team that day.
Until they ran into that woman.

Unlike the rest, that woman was calmly observing the battle. With her arms in her sleeves, her golden fluffy tails waved in the wind, she looked rather elegant.
But her blood-thirst eyes wouldn't deceive anyone. That woman was dangerous.

Every blood drop inside screamed to Reisen. She has to run. Quickly. For her dear life.

It was too late.
The bodies shattered, blood was everywhere.
There was nothing but red in front of Reisen, where her teammates were. When she realized, she was on her knees trembling.

Such tragedy. Why was the girl beside crawling to her?
Was she crying?
Where was her half-low body?
What did she say?


No way.
She would die if she gave her her hand. And she didn't want to die.
No, she jumped and ran away.
Leaving the poor girl behind.

The enemy spotted her, they rushed at her.
Where was her shotgun? Oh, she must'd left it behind with the poor girl.
She used her eyes at their best, so she could escape. That's right, she saw her army now. They were just there, advancing.

The sky torn.
There appeared a massive black hole above them, very massive.
From inside, a rain of weapons poured down.
Spears, swords, axes, arrows, what the Moon Army laughed at, were piercing through their bodies.


The weird, stinky army was just a decoy. Now the Moon lost their main army in ten seconds.
Reisen ran, and ran, she didn't have anywhere to go, the Moon lost. There was no way to fight against those monsters. Even if it was...
Reisen didn't want to think about it. But...
The Sage can't die, right?
She wouldn't be so foolish as to be in frontline.
She had to recognize it beforehand, and prepared to counter.
That must be it.
The Sage would never lose to some monster, even if the monster could open a blackhole.

Reisen went back to the city, a month.
As she expected, the city still was standing proudly.
She ran to the palace, and told them everything about the monster.
Of course, she was jailed. The Moon didn't accept any fleeing without tactic withdrawal order from the higher-ups.
But at that very moment, the horn blown.

The invasion had arrived.

They were so many, where did they get this number?
Reisen had never seen a sea, but that was a sea of monsters outside the city.
The Calvary quickly disposed to fight. They rushed to the enemy, of course, and failed.
The sea of monsters steadily approached the city, uncaring of the rain of bullets falling down from the wall.
When she looked closely, there were millions of small blackholes above the sea, sucking the bullets inside.

"It's that gap youkai from Earth! We cannot  stop them!"
"Shut up and fire! Believe in the Sage!"

The Sage? Was she still alive?
Reisen snatched a gun from the guard beside her and started shooting. They didn't stop her, nor did they question why a traitor would do that, they just silently shooted beside her.
Because they believed in the Sage.

"Stop struggling, Lunarians."

A voice echoed through the planet. A voice they heard from everywhere, like it was spoken directly to their heads. A very, very sweet voice, but why did it sound so empty?

"You cannot defeat me, just hand over the Moon. I do not wish to harm any of you, nor do I care to. I just wanted the Moon as my gift to one of my friends. You see, she really likes this beautiful planet, and I promised to give her it."

Beautiful planet? What was she saying? It was the Earth which is beautiful, not this pathetic deserted ball.
However, even saying that, this was their home, how could she treat the Moon as something she wants to gift to her friend?
Was this war started by that stupid purpose?

"People never realize how beautiful the thing they have is."

Another voice, low but strong, wise plus beautiful, replied.
The city roared, because it was the Sage.

"I myself found your purpose of invading the Moon is lame, therefore I must refuse your demand, you have five seconds to retreat."
"Oh, you must be Yagokoro Eirin. I've heard of your name, the Brain of the Moon, was it?"
"People has been given me so many titles that I can use different one everyday, but yes, this is Yagokoro Eirin talking to you, The Youkai Sage Yakumo Yukari."
"Sarcastic, aren't we? Do you know how much trouble you're in, miss? Why not just give me the Moon, I'll let you continue ruling it."
"I did say I refuse your demand, or Earth Youkai has problem hearing? I have some medicine here, but it may be a little expensive for universal export."

The city busted out laughing.

"Anyhow, five seconds up."

A massive light of blue exploded outside the wall, or to be exact,  in the middle of the monster sea.
A massive magic circle.

"Evanescent Scud..."

The ancient magic of light, the divine punishment.  They said only the Sage could use this magic, but none could think she can pull out something so huge.
The city roared again, seeing the sea of monster falling down. The light kept shining, warmly wiping the dirt out of the Moon surface.
Where were the blackholes? They disappeared within the light.

"Don't you dare mess with us, youkai!"

The war concluded, just in two months, with the victory of the Lunar Capital. Although it was the Sage single-handedly defeated the invasion, but the historians wrote down as our victory due to over-whelmed technology.

"It was true in a way though. They only used bronze stuffs."
"Well yeah, we defeated the army with our guns, that was the truth."
"And we got defeated by a single woman-who-opens-blackhole from Earth, then the Sage defeated that woman, so yes."
"The war concluded with the showdown between two generals, of course it can't be written in history, it will make both side's armies look bad."
"Haha, why have a army with ten thousands solders if the other side can wipe them out with one hero? Worst history lesson ever."
"True that, hahaha..."

The story kept being told everyday afterwards. Reisen was sentenced to death by her cowardly act. However, due to her motivation behaviours she was spared and only had to drink the Vial of Amnesia. She would forget everything she witnessed, accept her traitorousness, but she didn't mind. She was happy that she can keep serving the royal.

And maybe one day, she can serve the Sage she respects so much. 
One day...
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Re: The Past(s)
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// Mima
The moon was beautiful that day, when the couple embraced each others in their arms.
Romantic, wasn't it. Despite the chaos on the world, the knight confessed his feelings to whom he loved.

"I wish your hand, Mima."
"You do know I'm a priestess, don't you?"
"Not yet, marry me before the ordination. It will be accepted."
"It's too late now, tomorrow I'll be blessed by gods, with their power, I'll be with you fighting the Blight. Alistair, it was your fault not to meet me earlier... so..."

What they did that night wasn't ignored by a certain priest. The guy in cloak that was standing in the dark the whole time.
What they said, pierced his ears and stabbed his heart.

The priest was captivated at the moment he saw Mima walking in Denerim. He knew he was wrong, and he should be punished. But the dark flame inside wouldn't stop.
It burnt.
It blazed him out of control.
Though he tried to worship her as Venus, so this desire would calm, she betrayed him.
She committed such sin with the templar she met just this morning.
How was that humanly possible?
Oh, that smooth hair, that raven hair, being touched by the wind of lust.
Oh, that fragrant skin, getting held by cold, silver armored arms.
Oh, those cheery lips, letting out such lewd noises.
God, why are you doing this to your faithful servant? Why do you torment him so?

The stars began to dance, as they were blessing the couple in love.
The man in cloak stood still, his heart shattered, and so did his soul.
If she was such evil, then she will be punished.

The day after, Mima became a priestess, with divine power to support the knights in their war against the Blight.
She was the best magician at that time, so it was natural for the city to be happy.
Later that day, they moved to the battlefield.

The templar Alistair, was ordered to go to the frontline. He did his best and cut off an Orge's head.
Coming back victoriously, he gained a new sword, a captain job, and a smile from the priestess.

But those happy days wouldn't last long.
The Blight was strong, very strong. They invaded Orzammar and came with huge number. Soon, the human race was pushed back to Denerim.
At that time, the priestess' stomach got big enough to be seen.

"This is a blasphemy!" The High Priest claimed.
"We were in love before she became a priestess, this is the truth."
"Be silent!"
The High Priest was really angry, and the couple couldn't say any more.
"Even if it was the case, the fact that you're not married remains. Mima, Alistair, you both shall be executed."

The shout fall into dead silence. In this hall, all the higher-ups of the land presented. They knew of Mima, they appraised Alistair, but the couple betrayed their hopes.
How disappointing.

"You disgusted this holy hall, both of you. Get them away!"

They got separated, Mima couldn't hear or see her love from the highest tower of Denerim, but she wasn't sad.
"This child, I wonder if her hair will be blonde like his?"
In deep thought, she didn't realize the door was opened and someone came in.

"Mima, has you known your crime?"
"Ah, High Priest. I have not."
"You had a child without marriage, it is."
"Well, I love him, so it's alright. Marriage is just a contract."
"How dare you!"

He ordered the guards to chain her up. With a face full of anger, the priest concluded she was a witch.
"A witch? How lame. Is that the only thing you can come up with?"
"I shall purify this evil, you all go away."

As the door closed. Mima saw something unholy in his eyes.
"I had so many hope in you, yet... Why did you do this?"
"I said, I love him."
"But he doesn't love you."
"What do you mean?"
"He fought bravely, for six months, he became a General, do you think he would still love someone that can't belong to him?"
"I heard he has a affair with the Duchess."
"No, he wasn't brought here because the Duchess decided to jail him somewhere. Namely her bedroom."
"Stop spouting nonsense, the Duchess was a great woman, and her husband just died last month, bravely fought for Denerim!"
"True, but the Duchess is young, and your General is the most handsome in the city."
"I pity you, and I want to give your a chance to redeem yourself."
"Easy, abort the child, and become my first-hand disciple."
"I've never heard that you have a disciple."
"It's simple, you are to do anything I say without hesitation."
"And what do you mean by anything?"
"Anything means everything."

He drawed near, staring at Mima like he wanted to see through the clothes. His lips trembled.
"Heh, fuck off."
Mima spit at his face. The flag was triggered.


He slapped her hard. The anger erupted and the desire saved for so long couldn't be held back.

"You! With this evil body, your emerald hair, your voice, you are a witch! You corrupted me!"

That night, in the highest room on the highest tower, a demon was accusing someone else a demon. The scream was washed away by the storm, as the sky cried for a fallen priest, or it cried for the priestess that had lost everything.
There is no god in this world. Or if there is, it must be his plan.
To make a devil so much stronger than a man.

The next day, the guards found the priest's body on the floor, naked. His genital was ripped off and his face was hit by a stone, so hard it was barely recognizable. The witch, on the other hand, was nowhere to be found.
That afternoon, it was an uproar in the Duke's house. The Duchess was killed brutally on her bed, bloody was everywhere and from the intestines shattered around, there was another victim. But all they could find was some blonde hair on the bed.


Mima ran, and ran, and ran.
She wanted to run until she meet the end of the world.
Deserts, jungles, mountains, rivers, she crossed all. She kept running in the winter's storm, the summer's heat, the fall's wind and the spring's flowers. She ran until she couldn't run anymore, and she collapsed.

An old couple found her and brought her home, nursed her until she awoke. They spoke a language she didn't know, but it was fine, she didn't want to talk anyhow.
The couple tried to cheer her up, they were teachers of a school, though the village was far away. They seemed worried about Mima, as her date was coming.
Mima didn't want to keep the child, but she still had some human within, so she asked the couple to help.
The child was a cute girl, she has blond hair, like her father, but everything else she looked like Mima.
Mima didn't want the child to grow without a father, so she asked the couple to adopt her.
For two years being with the couple, Mima learnt their language. It was Japanese, the writing was hard, but the speaking was easier than she expected. Or just because she was a genius.
The couple had vast knowledge, they taught Mima about karma and the circle of life. They have gods in this land, but they don't rely on them, it was an eye-opening for the former priestess.

"So, it has been two years, shouldn't you give her a name already?" the old lady said.
"I can't, she doesn't have a surname."
The couple knew Mima had a dark past, so they didn't ask anything about the father. But they feared this girl would abandon her child if they adopted it.
"You can't call her 'Hey, geez' all the time, you know? Look, she even started to mimic you."
The kid gave a big smile and said 'hey, geez', but with her childish voice, it became something like 'hee, ze'.
"I don't care." Mima replied coldly.
The old couple sighed, they knew it can't be helped.
"Oh right, we will adopt her, can you give her a name now?"
"Ah ha!" Mima clapped her hands. "Sure, your surname is Kirisame, isn't it? Then... hm, her name will begin with 'Ma', like mine, and her mother's past was dead as a desert, so let's put sand in her name. Then... hm, maybe her name should be a little different than your Japanese names, since she is a foreigner after all... Marisa! Her name is Kirisame Marisa!"
Mima spent the day choosing the kanji for her child, and for her.
"Why this 'Mima'?" The old man asked. Since the kanji she chose was "Enchanting Devil".
"Because that was they called me."

The couple didn't say anything, and just put the paper to the locker.
Next day, Mima disappeared, leaving a letter.

I am not qualified as a mother, so I entrust Marisa to you.
Please worry not, I love her and I won't abandon her. I shall come back after I get my revenge.
Please be her parents, never talk to her about me. When I appear before her, I shall be nothing but her guide.



The next few years, the Japanese youkai world had a new force. A woman with green hair who killed everything she came across, boasting about her skill and how she would destroy the humanity. She was so strong nobody dared to face her.

"Is there anyone strong here?" Mima shouted so the whole tavern could hear her.
But people had already known her, of course they kept silent. The owner approached her with a smile, as she was his regular.
"None is strong enough to take your challenge, Mima, but I heard some rumors about the youkai."
"Do share, and another wine." Mima laughed.
"Sure sure." The owner just waited for that, he quickly grabbed the most expensive wine in his cellar and came to Mima's table. "Now, listen, I believe you already knew about the Gap Demon?"
"Yes, people said she was a beautiful youkai that killed people before they even realized they'd been killed. Is she real?"
"Nobody saw her and came back alive, so I'm not sure, but rumor has it she defeated the Oni race and sealed the Four Devas under the deepest ground."
"I heard the Four Devas of the Oni were the strongest?"
"It's indeed true. But the Oni didn't have the brain, you know, with tactics and those craps. The Gap Demon on the other hand, is a cunning fox."
"So she tricked them? How?"
"I don't know, but of course she tricked them, there is nothing can stand an one-on-one fight with the Four Devas. Or so they said."
"Or so they said?"
"Yes, the Devas had a rival. They're not enemy, just that there was one youkai that was insanely powerful and kept up on them."
"Another wine!"
"That's right. I heard that youkai was strong enough to draw with the strongest Oni, Hoshiguma Yuugi! And you won't believe this, she is a youkai of flower!"
"What the fudge?"
"I know, incredible isn't it? Now the Oni was sealed, but the Gap Demon doesn't like someone stronger than her, or as strong as her you see, she challenged the youkai."
"Who won?"
"I don't know that, there was no rumor on that yet, maybe the fight hasn't even started."
"Where can I find this flower youkai?"
"Well, it's a little vague."
"Another wine, and one for everyone!"
"Sure sure, she resides in a castle called Mugenkan, but often goes out to take care of her personal garden in the west."
"What garden?"
"Garden of the Sun, she called it, but heck, it's a massive field of sunflowers. Just go west, you'll find it."


The Garden of the Sun was easier to find that Mima thought. She knew this was a work of a youkai, but the sight stunned her.
It was so vast.
The Garden is as big as an ocean in Mima's eyes, the sunlight made the whole field burn a warm, summer light that possibly could calm every heart.
And at the edge of the field, stood a figure.

From behind, Mima could only recognize that was a woman, blond hair, holding a big parasol.
"Wow, so beautiful."

The girl heard it, and turned back. Mima got stunned again.
If she was standing beside her, none would praise Mima's beauty.
"Thank you."  The lady said, her smile was so enchanting.

"Do you love sunflowers?" Mima didn't find anything else to say, but that was a decent breaking line.
"I'm not overly fond of them, I just think they are a fragment of life. Unimportant, but necessary."
Mima thought this field is a bit too much necessity, but since she's the flower youkai, it's understandable.

"I see, that sounds alright." Mima smiled.
"I'm glad you like my comment. I've been waiting for you."
"Hm? You know me?"
"Of course, the lone wolf with the hair of emerald, you're very famous."
"Haha, I didn't know you would know me, that makes things easier. Shall we?"
"With pleasure."

Mima didn't expect this venus would be her opponent, but when she thought about it, flowers themselves represent beauty, certainly the youkai that represent them must be outstandingly beautiful as well.

"Why are you spacing out?"
The youkai drew near Mima  in the blink of an eye. Her hand slowly touched Mima's shoulder and she felt a great pressure that pushed her down.
"On your knees so soon?"
Now she talked with a sarcastic voice. It had been a while since people looked down on Mima. And she would never accept that.

The fight kept going with Mima getting more and more fired up. On the other hand, the flower youkai kept using a slow technique to neutralize all of her power. Mima knew, within that gentle palm, hiding a great force that if got hit, she would die right away.

"Damn she is strong, how can she fight so deadly with such elegance?"

Mima kicked the ground and thrust her punch on the youkai's face. She had confidence in this skill, because she enhanced her whole body with all her magic to deliver the last hit.
But the youkai lightly pushed her fist aside, and moved behind her. Mima could feel her palm on her back, and it was too late to evade.

"Die, Kazami Yuuka."

Mima didn't get the question to be answered, because she suddenly had problem seeing. Her intestines screamed hopelessly and started erupting from her mouth.
Her body hit the cold ground, her head flashing the pictures of her house in Europe. The templar she loved, the priest she once respected.
And Kirisame Marisa.

She can't die here, she has to go to her child.
She has to guide her.

For the first time in years, Mima prayed.

"Please, let my soul remains so I can be with my child. I beg of you."

It was dark, very dark, the darkness that consuming Mima, but she didn't lose, she will not lose until she meet her child.
Even if she has to sign the contract with devils.
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