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[Facebook]Castle Age
« on: August 28, 2010, 06:33:05 AM »
The best clicking game right now, which totally Eirin'd Mafia War or Farm Ville, and let's talk about why:

1. It has incredibly good art.
2. After finishing 1 stage, you get a summon orb of the boss and attack it again! For the lulz and many good items.
3. The PvP system is awesome with Arena (go on season, we just ended the 2nd one) and Raid.
4. Nothing is useless in this game (HP can be used in some way too), gift can be combined into stronger item, or even to summon the strongest boss which requires at least 100 persons to take down.
5. Favor Point (cash) can be found easily by fighting dragons, doing achievements.
6. Now the game has the guild function, and of course, I already created our very own Gensokyo.