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« on: July 05, 2010, 05:44:30 pm »
Hi everyone it's me again.
Man It's been quite a long time since I finished "Touhou Dark War" (in Vietnamese, because the style didn't fit in English. You can find it by clicking here)
So, now I'm writing a new one, a story of me when I was playing Touhoumon (aka Touhou puppet play). It'll be not-very-the-same-at-all as the one you're playing (yes, cos this is a fiction alright) therefore don't flame me for something wtf-ish.

Also you may find a lot of familiar faces here, but spoiling isn't nice. It's hard to contact everyone so if you find yourself here and don't like it, please tell me instantly.


// Chapter 1: Welcome to Gensokyo!

So, some Japanese guy is hacking a Pokemon game, turning it into "Touhoumon". Of course I know what Touhou is, but Touhoumon? Heck, what kind of plot would it be, although the thought of having six girls serving you is not a bad idea. I am a big fan of Pokemon, also called "Touhoutard" by some certain people, certainly I wouldn't let this game give me a slip.

They really made it? It's not just some faked screen shot? Damn I bet it's gonna be hard like hell. - That's what Genius_Ranza, my Otaku-senior, said to me.

"They better be, Ranza, they better be." - I murmur, opening the emulator and start the game.

From the screen, it looks like they hacked from Fire Red, but after Nidorino jumps at Gengar, a brand new scene appears. It is Hakurei Reimu, pixelated, even though the art is not as awesome, but it's darn good, almost professional if you ask me.
Thinking this game is worth it, I instantly send my friends a message, roughly persuade them to play. About me? Heh, of course I'm gonna DIVE.

DIVING is how us otaku play games, you know, downing ourselves in the fantasy, like that of a lucid dream. It provides great entertainment, but can be risky since you can destroy something in excitement, including yourself.

Anyhow, I'm getting sucked into the game, everything goes black, and I feel calm....

"Forte! Are you awake yet?"

A woman's voice goes through my ears, shakes my mind and wakes me up. I am now in another room, big, but having only a bed, a bookshelf, a computer and holy cow a Famicom! This thing is my childhood!


Oh, that voice again, it's like coming from downstair... in otherwords, my "mom" is calling, which means DIVING succeeded! I quickly give her a reply and run down. "Mom" is sitting at the table, doesn't seem to care about my attendance at the very least.

"You're about to meet Prof.Oak, aren't you? Go to the lab now, dear."

Like hell he's waiting for me at the lab! I may not look it, but in the past I was called "Forte" among the Pokemon community. Or maybe they're always calling me that, it's my name after all.
But, my knowledge about Pokemon, especially Fire Red, is un-rivalled, if you want to see Mr.Old Oak Tree, you just tie a yellow ribbon... no, go out of the town.


See? He's coming to get me. Proudly as I am, I turn back and give him the worst troll face I could ever make. Replying to that is a confusing look of a young, cute girl.

"What are you doing?"


"I told you not to go to the tall grass didn't I? The puppets can be dangerous at times, now let's go to the lab, our meeting point is there."

Who the hell hacked this half-assed shit? I'm gonna sue him. - I think furiously while walking with Reimu, I mean seriously, he didn't change the script of the mother!

When we get to the lab, a handsome guy is already there, if you don't know who he is, then google Gary Oak, I won't waste my time for this, also I swear nobody with a right mind would name him Gary anyway.

"So, Retard, did you choose your Puppet yet?" - Reimu asks him, while I'm greeting him with a Saturday Night Fever Dance Pose #193.

"No, I'm gonna let my close, immature friend here have the honor." - he replies.

Oh, how nice of you, Retard. You're so mature to let me choose the first Puppet, so you can get the stronger one later. But sorry man, this is not Pokemon, I'm gonna get the strongest, cutest girl right here, right now and make you go 'pi-chu' really fast.

"Here are the Puppets I'm lending you, choose one of them, Forte." - Reimu points at the table, where laying three red orbs. I draw near and take a look, they are C.Sunnymilk; C.Lunachild and C.StarSapphire.

I hit my head against the wall.

"I know you're excited, but don't destroy the shrine's property." - Reimu says calmly and politely.

Who are you and what've you done to Reimu? Also, no matter how you look this is not a shrine.
I have no clue about those three except "they're very weak", what must I do? Judging by the color, they have to be Fire-Electric-Water respectively, then...

"I choose Lunachild!" - I shout. Retard then quickly goes to the table and grab Sunnymilk's orb, I knew it, he had no other choice.

Reimu gives us a speech about why she is so poor, that by collecting data of the puppet may grant her a fortune from the researchers. Also, she presses that we're gonna get no salary, no wage, nothing at all even an applaud, God bless her. Retard seems happy with it as Reimu raised her arms all the time, but me, well, let's just say I never care.

When Reimu finishes and asks us to leave, I slowly walk out, waiting for Retard's challenge. Surprisingly he doesn't call me back, when I take a peek I see his eyes glued on Reimu's armpits.

"So the hacker's spirit did get to the game. Good job Touhou, you always make us do the impossible." - I sigh as walking out the lab.

I've never dived in a Pokemon game before, so how to actually play it in this mode is still a mystery. I can pull the orb out and release C.Lunachild, it's like playing Yellow all over, except this "Pikachu" is a lot cuter than that fat rat.


The fairy tilts her head, look at me with inquisitive eyes. Maybe because of my face, did I say I dislike drill-hair-style?
I spread my hand, treating her as a cat. Lunachild looks at my hand a bit, then slowly draws near and pats it with her hands.

"Cute, aren't you?" - I take her hands, stand up and have her following me to the road. We need to get to Viridian City to get the PokeDex, or whatever Reimu's gonna call it here. I walk in the tall grass of route 1 with extreme caution, firstly because I don't know what'll happen if a wild puppet shows up, secondly this kid (Lunachild) doesn't seem in any good shape to fight. She is level 5 with Thundershock alright, but still...


I startle, almost trip over, not because of the sudden scream, but because the fairy jumps onto my chest.


A wild C.Kanako appears!

Great, just like we don't have anyone else to encounter.
The short, small Kanako rushes to us with ... nothing, she is just running to us, closing her eyes preparing for the impact.

I step aside. The chibi goddess hits the air, bumps to the bush and rolling over the ground. She lays there for a few second and finally gets up, glares at me with teary eyes.


She starts crying.
I see, so in this mode I'm gonna fight like a party RPG, as Dragon Age or something? But doesn't that mean the puppets will act on their own too? Of course, before I realize I'm surrounded. They definitely are called by Chibi Kanako's cry.

"Uhm, you know, I didn't do anything..." Still holding Lunachild, I try to explain, but it doesn't help, because the Chibi Alices and Mystias are wearing an angry face. Cute, but they're still angry. Lunachild is the best puppet ever, she chooses exactly this moment to sync with Kanako. Haha, their cry is so cute it's like I'm some kind of an awful dad.

Anyway, thanks to this I know Alice is Psychic, cos she uses Confusion to shaken me, then the Mystias from a group and start biting my arms (I suppose it's Peck) to rescue Lunachild. I CAN'T HURT THEM THEY ARE SO MOE.

The next thing I know I'm resting in a clinic.

"Greetings, it's rare to see a non-trainer getting beat up and wild puppets."

A girl with the worst nurse uniform ever comes to my bed. She is indeed nurse Joy, but wearing Eirin's clothes which is Pink and Blue.
I want to complain about it, but I shut up, personal experience tells me not to say anything bad about a girl's clothes. Ever. Nurse Joy keeps smiling while she gives me a parcel, telling me it's supposed to be Prof. Oak's, and asks me to deliver it to him.

I give her a bow as thank as I walk out, because I'm wearing a troll face after hearing the word "Oak". Lunachild is no longer with me, so I can't risk going to the tall grass. But how can I advance from here? This is the bad thing of DIVING mode. If I set off and back to reality and restart the game from there, it's just fine but DIVING consumes a lot of energy, I can't do this again in 2 or 3 days. I sigh, if I can't deliver this package, I won't have the Dex and the Orbs to continue, because they're all in here and Reimu has to give them to... me... wait a damn second!

I quickly tear off the cover, yes, two Dexes and 5 Touhou Orbs are here!

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Re: Touhoumon
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// Chapter 2: It appeared to be caught!

So, here I am, in Viridian City, holding two Touhoudexes and five Touhou Orbs in front of the "Eirin Clinic".  Where should I go? I don't dare go through route 1, they may be setting some ambush. Not that I'm scared or anything, but you know.

After a minute of planing, I decide to go to route 22. It's a small path to the Indigo Plateau, the goal of most trainers in this world. Of course I can't go there yet, but route 22 too has some tall grass, maybe I can catch some Touhou to advance.
The grass area here is small, and quiet, I'm slowly crawling around, praying not to meet a group of hasty Kanako. The sky is dark, so it's easier for me, because not every wild Puppet would have Flash. By the way, what's the point of making route 22 dark?

I feel like being watched.

"Hm, strange, nothing is in here." Yes, it indeed is strange, I've gone through the area, but didn't see any Puppet, it's like the hacker forgot to put them here.

"But that's impossible, he must took them out or changed something." I stand up, it's no point to be cautious when nothing can be seen around, which turns out to be dangerously wrong.

I die. The only thing I could see is a black skirt, a white shirt and a huge sword slices me by half, from the top.
I'm back to the clinic again, where is Eirin? Nurse Joy seems to know why I died, she smiles warmly and tells me that area is occupied by a strong Puppet. It has bullied everyone comes near and been causing real trouble. Joy asks me if I can chase it out, which I refuse happily. I mean, I don't have any Puppet with me, and that thing seemed to be extremely strong for such a beginning road.

"Is it a Rumia?" I ask.

"Yes, but not a normal Rumia Puppet, the police said it is an Ex-class, level 72 roughly."

I see, I saw Chibi Puppets, so like Pokemon, they will evolve right? Chibi, something then Ex? I always wanted to see a matured Rumia, and I'm not a coward, so definitely will I come back to route 22. But level 72? I wanna stab the hacker over the internet.

The sky gets darker when I step foot in route 22, the puppets can't go out of the tall grass, so I can just walk along the line and look at her from afar.
Or I thought, it's so dark near the tall grass area I can't see anything. Right when I'm about to give up, a cry reaches me.

It sounds moe.

Act before thinking is my speciality, I rush into the voice's direction despite darkness getting thicker after every step. And I see them. It's the Ex-Rumia, beautiful, cool and blood-thirsty-looking standing in front of two chibi puppets: Yukari and Momiji. Poor things, they're hugging each others like chicken before the hawk.


The chibi Yukari suddenly steps up and spreads her arms, obviously trying to protect her friend, even though herself is shivering like a leaf. The chibi Momiji almost cries, but she then takes all her courage, and... run away. Very fast.
The chibi Yukari is truly surprised, but what can she do? Tears already fall on her face, but she doesn't run, or too scared to, she still stands there, glaring at Ex-Rumia.

She's is better than all the Pokemon of Ash Ketchum's combined, time ten. Why do I wait?
The trailer Forte instantly throws out a TouhouOrb, aiming at the Ex-Rumia. He certainly cannot catch it, but his goal is not that. He does this just to buy time, cos while the Dark Puppet struggling, he quickly grabs the chibi Touhou and runs away.
With the great youkai sage (kid form) in his arms, Forte leaves the angry threat of the very first boss of the game behind:


Yeah, just like that, I lost one Touhou Orb, but got this brave kid with me, a fair trade, no? Chibi Yukari is a bit bigger than chibi Lunachild, I can't say who is better to hug, but according to my list, Yukari wins hands down. See, she is looking up at me with those indomitable eyes, her face twists at little and then... she... cries.

"Waaa.... aaah...."

"Now now, good girl, you wasn't scared of that Rumia, was you? Take a rest..." I pat her back, saying those words unnecessarily loudly, as people begins to look. I walk quickly to the clinic, holding her as gently as possible. Nurse Joy doesn't find any wound, so she let Chibi Yukari rest in my arms. I recall when my cousin had a child, I also held him like this and sat still in 6 hours, protecting his sleep.

But Chibi Yukari doesn't need 6 hours, she gets up on my lap, and asks for lunch: "I am hungwy."
I didn't know they can talk more than "da" or "wa", or this kid is a special case?

"It's nothing weird, Forte." Joy says "The puppets are the same as human, they can talk, think, have feelings and everything, it's just that they don't age. A puppet will go through 3 forms of evolution: Chibi, Teen and Mature. Their behaviour may change distinctly after each evolution, though."

"Won't they die?"

"They die when they're killed." She replies as putting a plate of noddles on the table. "And they die when their time comes. Puppets have much shorter lifespan than us human, so they die with beauty." Nurse Joy sounds a bit jealous there. "Also, do you wish to keep that puppet?"

Chibi Yukari understands everything we said, and she looks at my face.
"I can go with you?"

Well, I do like to, but after all that information it looks like I'm some sort of kidnapper here. Nurse Joy reads my mind, she quietly pats my back and says:
"Don't worry, most of puppet are alone, wandering around in the wild. Some of them form groups,  but still deep inside they wish to have a human beside, as a master, or as a partner. After all, they're just puppets."

Chibi Yukari's still looking at me, that Chibi Momiji must be her only friend, if I wasn't there at that time, she would be dead for now. As a gamer from outside world, I can revive as many time as I care, but for her...

"Ok, from now on you're named Yukarin. Worry nothing, I'm not gonna keep you in an orb."
Yukarin "yay!" happily and clings to my neck, Nurse Joy also seems pleased. She doesn't forget to remind me of the parcel delivering when we part at the city's exit. Yukarin is having me holding her on one arm, being excited to go away of route 22 (she is Modest nature, by the way).

Our adventure is not started yet, and I lost Chibi Lunachild somewhere over there, but I have decided this kid will be my team's ace, no matter who our opponent is. Yukarin seems to sense that, too, as she's crooning a melody when we're walking (or just I am) under the setting sun...

I'm a poor lonesome cowboy. I've a long long way from home. And this poor lonesome cowboy. Has got a long long way to home...

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Re: Touhoumon
« Reply #2 on: July 09, 2010, 09:37:15 am »
Well, that was cute. Silly, but cute. I'll continue reading the gamer's dive to T'mon haha.
looks funny. though lol you left the lunachild eh? i'da kept it anyway. my p'mon/t'mon style is to keep the starting puppet with me always. (originated from playin yellow since it was my first game.) even in my current t'mon game i still do it like that, hehe.
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Re: Touhoumon
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Is this gonna turn into a somewhat hilarious 'Let's Play' in Fanfic form? If so, AWESOME!

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Re: Touhoumon
« Reply #4 on: July 10, 2010, 11:33:23 pm »
@Koji: well, Lunachild was kidnapped and, somewhat, left me on her own ;_:
@Blackraptor: not really, cos I'm writing a comedic fantasy (it included varied versions of Touhoumon, too), but the game "walkthrough" is still the same.

// Chapter 3: VBALink

We rambled through route 1, as proudly as I am, with my nose reached the sky, Yukarin in my arm and 3000 yen in my possession. We encountered some wild Chibi Mystia, but with my excellently tactful skill, Yukarin succeed in driving them away by spamming Confusion. The Chibi Kanako also decided to challenge us again, though it stopped crying, but her sobbing face will be remembered by me forever. Never knew she could be so moe, aside from that Chima Kanako by kogawa. Still, before Yukarin and her awesome stats, the wind goddess was nothing. Just for a little detail, so you'll know I'm a good guy: when C.Kanako was around half HP, she suddenly struck a critical hit, the girl was so excited about it I found it very uncool to crush her, therefore, I hereby told Yukarin, who only had 2HP left, to use Teleport.

So now I'm rambling with caution through route 1.

"My, take a rest, you're gonna be fine when we reach my house." I say to Yukarin, she seems very very tired. And hurt.
This is why I didn't dive in Pokemon games, it looks like I'm a hardcore boss who has his employee overworked or something. I'm actually pretty nice.

"Hey mom, my puppet is hurt, can you fix her?" Putting Yukarin on the table, I turn to the fridge. "Do we have some snack? I'm starving."

"No, dear, do you want to rest?"

"No, I mean yes, please heal Yukarin, I'm cooking some noodles."

Just about 5 minutes, a delicious bowl of beef noodles is done. Yukarin smelt it and went to beside me, waiting excitedly.
I said I was starving, right? I finish the bowl without even looking at her, for that I know, I'll have to share.


She grabs my leg, surprised, then some "uguu..." starts to voice. Can't say I wasn't expecting this, but the destruction far exceeds my expectation. It's like my heart is knifed by Yumeko after it said something very rude to Shinki, or groped her, which I would be happily die for.
Anyway, I'm an otaku, no? This moe is powerful, but I have experience handling it. Quickly take some cookies from the fridge, I pat her head:

"Sorry ~ I was hungry, does Yukarin want some cookies instead?"

She wipes her face, sniffs my hand and instantly has a big smile. "Uhm!" Yukarin nods. I hold her up, and walk to Reimu's lab with Yukarin extremely focuses on crunching the cookies. Greets me there is my "childhood friend and also rival", he seems different than usual, not even glance at Reimu, despite she's posing as much as possible. Maybe he met Sanae.

"So, you must be Forte." He gives out his hand. Left hand.

"Competitive now aren't we?" I also give out mine. "But that's not how we greet each others here." I avoid his hand, turn 360 degrees and point at the roof, with Yukarin in my right arm (she seems to like that turn, apparently), this is #193 SNF + 1 on your other arm.

"Wow, so this is a real Touhoufag, I'm impressed." He says. Now I'm 100% sure this guy is not Retard, he must be someone outside that also dived in my game. I always forget to turn off Hamachi, bleh.

"And who may you be?"

"Noone important, ser, but call me CAVED Saigyouji Nirvana, if you must."

"...Formless God?"


Still looking confident, my rival grins at me, completely ignores Reimu who's now almost take her top off. "-Dammit" He says.

"Like anyone else would dive in my game, now what're you doing here? You know nothing of Pokemon."

"You sent the message, no?" Formless God, or CAVED Saigyouji Nirvana, replies, but since his name is long I'll just call him FG from now on.

"Well, I didn't think you would care about non-damaku games. Anyway, have you chosen your Puppet yet?" I glance at the table, Star Sapphire's orb is still there, so he must either keeps Sunnymilk, or getting a new one.

"Sure, Raymoo was very nice to let me choose whatever I want." He takes out an orb, didn't look at Reimu who's now sadly sitting in a corner. "I knew you'd choose a Yukarin or a Yuukarin, Forte! Therefore... LOOK AT THIS!"

He throws the orb, Yukarin quickly jumps down and gets ready. However, nothing appears. "Heh." FG chuckles "I didn't get a Kogasa."
But your humour did get worse, dude.

"Do you really think I would keep a Toehoe in an orb? Sorry, dood, but your plan is worse than that of Eirin's boobs'!" He exclaims.

A shadow floats behind Yukarin, I suddenly realize, that I've no experience against this guy.

"Yukarin, Teleport!"

The blonde chibi quickly disappears into thin air, whereas a pink-haired chibi appears, and licks nothing.

"Yukari vs Yuyuko eh? I was expecting a Koishi, though." I know he chose C.Yuyuko just on whim, but since he knows nothing of Pokemon, I can't guess what he'll do next, nor I know of his ability to fight. This must be the same as Pokemon Adventure manga, however talking about dodging, I can't be a match of FG.

"Yukarin, no need to hide when your enemy's appeared! For the Eirin's Boobs! Confusion! "

Yukarin jumps out from behind a shelf, and glare straight at Yuyuko. The ghost cries loudly as her head gets dizzy, and falls down.

"Wow, as expected from a pro. I'll come back when she gets to level 5!" FG rushes to hold C.Yuyuko up.

"Hah? Wait... what level is she again? It was too fast I didn't..."

"Level 1, of course?" He looks at me, confused.

I turn to Reimu, who is still sitting at a corner murmuring something like He stopped looking at my armpits, dammit...
So guys, make sure you look at the girl when she shows you something, whatever it is.

I then tell him what should he do in this game, also give him a Touhoudex. I must look like a real Professor as I recite the whole Oak's dialogue without fault (I'm sick of reading that already). FG already has 5 Touhou Orbs, so I tell him how to catch wild puppets, and demand 1000 yen as guiding fee (he apparently has 5000 yen to start, and honesty to add). I tell him that Yuyuko is a ghost puppet, so he should NOT battle Normal puppets to level up. He was looking at my troll face, so I'm sure he's gonna go fight a hell lot of them.

Anyway, we part in front of the lab, like great friends that we are, waving at each others with our precious middle finger with our puppets beside.
Man, I'm glad we'll never be dads.
There is no night in Pokemon Fire Red, so the sun which just set behind the horizon now is raising up, wishing us a great, exciting adventure.

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Re: Touhoumon
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"...Formless God?"
Good stuff right here.


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Re: Touhoumon
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I can't believe I didn't read this when it was first posted.  This is amusing on so many levels.

Apparently, Thomas the Tank Engine isn't one to take crap from anyone.

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Re: Touhoumon
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// Chapter 4: If you're gonna do it, at least do it right!

Even though I said we parted earlier, but because FG doesn't know much of this world, we decided to travel together.  FG is a fast learner, he knows exactly how to have C.Yuyuko (whom he calls "Yuyucow" for trolling purpose) luring the wild puppets and fight them back with me. Thanks to Yuyucow's Ghost type, we level'd up quite quickly and the time we set foot in Viridian City both Yuyucow and Yukarin are nearly level 10. The city is still the same, we sob and complain about how awful people is, keeping the puppet inside an orb until the old man runs away crying without catching the male Chibi Cirno. Though FG doesn't mind it, I and Yukarin have to stop Yuyucow from eating the poor fairy, which she's told by FG is an living ice-cream.

"Stop making those meme worse, you do know it's fanmade, don't you?" I push the struggling ghost back to FG. She nearly bite my fingers off, I guess like master, like servant.

"Non non non, ser Forte, you said yourself, no? Everyone has his own Touhouverse. I would like no interfere in my Toehoeverse, even, no, especially from you."

Yeah whatever, this world fits you then, just don't do anything to any puppet before they evolve to mature shape.

Because he is now my rival, we don't need to go to route 22, and I'd be happy to avoid that path for now. Anyhow, we arrive at the entrance of Viridian Forest. I briefly tell FG about this area and assure him Yuyucow's gonna be butchered here, while Yukarin is the champ. He doesn't seem to care though, because the mist has already covered his face. Yes, mist, it's heavily foggy here.

"Acho--!" Yukarin sneezes and clings to my chest, she is still afraid of this kind of weather.

"What happened to the champ? Heh?" FG grins at me. In reply, I start dancing randomly. Ray William Johnson was right, FG instantly gives up the sarcasm and walks forward.

This area is huge, the forest was completely wiped out, and replaced by a lake. No trainer around, and as far as I can see, no puppet is here either. The freezing wind makes us shiver, but cannot stop the adventurers from their glorious travel. We keep going, through the fog, through the fear, face the heartlessly cold water, knowing only swimming through this Misty Lake can get us to the next map: The Sadism Devilish Mansion. Formless God, proved to be the best friend you can ever found, pushes me into the lake.

"Ganbatte!" he shouts. I'm gonna kill that bastard, but before I could do anything, Yukarin jumps on my face. She must be startled, as my hair are being ripped out of my head. "Ow stop that, it's fine, it's fine!" I shout over the voice of the frightening puppet, fortunately, the water is not as cold as it looked, I believe I can swim to the other side.

"Hey, what're you doing in my lake?"

Great, a lvl 55 Cirno appears, like I didn't encounter enough of boss. FG immediately grabs my neck and pulls me out of the lake, and starts running. Cirno floats there a little, then fly after us.

"Wait, stand still or I can't hit you!"

Why are we running from Cirno again? I brake, and bend backwards, letting Yukarin bangs directly into Cirno who is rushing behind. An extreme scream echoes through the lake, when I get up, FG is wearing a very confused face, staring at the Chibi blondie who's hold her head, sobbing like a lost kitten. I feel sorry for her, well I obviously must apologize, but look at the bright side, she knocked out that Cirno!

Yukarin has become level 16!

That fact doesn't help, it took me more than three hours to apologize with most of my cookies, while my good friend was sitting on a rock, rubbing his Yuyucow's head like he'd never ever do what I did to his precious puppet. Anyway, Yukarin finally lets me hold her up again after eating all my food, then teleports us to the other side. Why you ask? Because we can see it from here, so teleporting is possible... Yeah I admit I forgot that.

We quickly get out of the area, just to find the next map is Pewter City. I let out a forbidden word, FG covers Yuyucow's ears while Yukarin looking at me in surprise. When her eyes get watery I know exactly how to bow down and say the same thing I'd been saying in the last 3 hours: "Sorry, it wasn't on purpose." But too late, she runs off. I tell FG to go to the Gym real fast and follow Yukarin. She is a Modest Psychic Yukari,  I will not loose her, no matter what.

Fortunately, the kid didn't hide well, she is sitting behind a tree beside the vendor, knowing her, I say nothing and go into the vendor to buy some food. The sun is high, it's already noon and damn hot outside. I keep looking at Yukarin from inside the store, when she starts to look around I go out.

"Yukarin ~ ?" I pretend to be finding her. "Yukarin ~? Damn I should ask the police, Formless God is calling..." Bingo, she rushes to me and clings to my arm. "Wha-" A not-so-real voice, but who cares. "Where were you? Hey... I'm sorry about that, ok? You can slap or bite me but don't run off again, I was really worried." Yukarin wipes her face, nods but doesn't say anything. She must be scared, I left her sitting there for almost an hour after all.

Because of this, I can't fight Brock (or I think) of the Pewter Gym now, I decide to let Yukarin rest a little in the Clinic and wait for FG. Well, he is in the Clinic already, that saves a lot of time. Before I can even greet, he stands up and ask me furiously:

"How to kick Tenshi's ass?"

My, I dunno why you want to kick her ass, but thanks, Yukarin grabs me even tighter. I take a peek at the counter, Yuyucow is laying on the 'healing' table, unconscious.

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