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Magical Misdirectional Madventures of Marisa
« on: July 03, 2010, 06:23:49 am »
Deep in the underground mansion, Koishi was busy tinkering around with Utsuho ‘s control rod when she suddenly stood up.

“Wow, that is not good,” she said looking at the mess on the ground.

“Wh-what is it?”  Utsuho asked.

“You really shouldn’t have let me take that apart,” she said looking down shaking her head.

Chapter 1
A Comfortable Bed

“Hey!  It’s hot!” a loud fairy came in the main foyer yelling.  The head of the household came floating down.  “It’s hot!”  The fairy repeated.

“I’m Satori, head of the mansion.  How can I help you?”  She said and tried to get a reading with her third eye.  “It’s hot.  I want ice cream,” were the only coherent thoughts she could get out of the fairy.

“It’s hot!  I want ice cream!”  the fairy demanded.

“Hey Cirno!”  Utsuho yelled coming out of her room.

“Hey Utsuho!  Where’s the ice cream?”

“In the freezer.”

“Where’s the freezer?”

“Beside the refrigerator.”

“Where’s the refrigerator?”

“In the kitchen.”

“Where’s the kitchen?”

“Behind the dining room.”

“Where’s the-“

“Stop!”  Satori threw her hand up.  “I’ll get the ice cream.”  She left the two and ran towards the back of the mansion.

“Why are you here?”  Utsuho asked flying down to Cirno.  Koishi followed behind.

“It’s show and tell today.  I need something interesting so went down a hole.  Suika’s mom told me to come here,” Cirno explained.  “It’s hot down here.”

“My control rod is interesting!  And Koishi just finished making it smaller and many parts!  We can both take it!”  Utsuho exclaimed with her eyes lighting up.

“I’ll go get the pieces,” Koishi said and flew back to Utsuho’s room.  “Don’t need them grabbing something unstable and nuking the school.”  She paused in mid air, “No that would be bad.  The shrine maidens would come and I’d get yelled at by Kanako, again.”  When she entered Utsuho’s room, a familiar face was waiting on her.

“You can’t let them take any part of that to school,” she said.

“Orin!  What are you doing in here?”  Koishi jumped back a little.

“Utsuho’s bed is so comfortable,” she stretched out her feline body.  “I sleep in here when she’s gone.  And grab something else for those two.”  She curled up in a ball and fell asleep.

“Something else huh?” Koishi said looking around.  Utsuho’s room was very unkempt.  She finds various shiny things and brings them back.  They used to clean the room when she was gone, but she’s just end up finding the shiny things again and bringing them back.  “Got it!”  Koishi exclaimed and ran over picked it up.

“Put me down and find something else,” Orin said.  “Look give her that 8-track she’s always listening to and give that fairy that thing the shrine maiden left,” And once again she stretched before curling into a ball and falling back asleep.

She grabbed the two things and flew back downstairs.  There she found Cirno and Utsuho eating ice cream with her sister.  “Here you go, I found better stuff,” she said handing it to them.  With a popsicle in her mouth Cirno grabbed the Yin-yang orb.  She was studying it over.

“Hey, isn’t this the thing Reimu threw at me when all those flowers were everywhere?” she was thinking.

“She used that talk with Yukari during a fight earlier,” Satori explained.  Cirno looked up and came eye to eye with Satori’s third eye and her jaw dropped.  The popsicle fell to the ground with a flat plop.  She reached up and poked Satori’s third eye.  She cupped her third eye and doubled over in pain.

“Really?”  Satori said monotonously, “ even I knew what she was thinking.”  She was met with a glare from her sister.  “I think you two should hurry on to school before you’re late,” she said stifling laughter.

“Shouldn’t I stay?” Utsuho asked out of concern for Satori.

“Nah eheheh, it’s fine.  Go on hah hah, to school,” Koishi said failing to hold back the laughter.  She rushed the two out the door and waved them good bye.

“And what is so funny?” Satori said doubled over in pain.

“You were defeated in one move,” she paused, “by Cirno,” she continued before bursting out in laughter.


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Re: Magical Misdirectional Madventures of Marisa
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It’s been a few hours since Utsuho and Cirno left.  However and most importantly, Koishi was fast asleep and Satori had peace and quiet.  The doors of the mansion came swinging open and a tall imposing figure was standing there.

“Hey, the power’s acting out up above,” she said in a resounding voice.

“What do you mean?” Satori asked.  The whole electricity thing was new to everyone.

“I was in the middle of saving when the power went out!  If my data’s corrupted someone’s gonna pay!”  Sanae pushed Kanako out of the way and burst into the mansion.  “Where’s that crow!?”  That imposing presence Satori felt was from her and not Kanako.

“Utsuho had nothing to do with this,” Satori said glancing over her shoulder.  “And where do you think you’re going?”  Koishi faded into view.

“Uhh…my morning jog with Yuugi,” she said and started walking nonchalantly towards the door.  Kanako and Sanae blocked the entrance and glared down with their arms crossed.

“It’s a quarter to noon,” Sanae said bluntly.

“Why so uptight?  That’s still technically morning,” she said inching towards the door.

“Just answer one question: what did you do to Utsuho’s control rod?”  Satori said staring down her sister.  Koishi was surrounded, Kanako stood directly between her and freedom.  Satori could read her every movement.  Don’t think, just act.

“Come get me when you have proof!”  She yelled and jumped up and grabbed the back of Kanako’s head, using that as leverage to propel herself through Kanako’s rope and to freedom.

Chapter 2
A Mushroom Viewing Party

“Hahahaha, that’s grade A stuff!  I wish I could have seen the look on her face,” Koishi just finished telling the story to Suwako.  They ran into each other at Acheron’s Bar and Restaraunt.  The place was empty when they arrived, but was now swarming with people.  Those two managed to grab a booth near the entrance.  Suwako was setting with her back facing it and Koishi was on the lookout for her sister.

“The lunch rush here is crazy,” Koishi commented looking around.

“Tell me about it, I would have came earlier but I wanted to stick around to see if Sanae was making lunch or not.”

“She seemed mad about corrupted data.  Did she spell ink while writing a dairy or something?”

“No, no nothing like that.  It’s a new thing called video games.  I don’t like them.  She gave me this game called Frogger she thought I’d like.  It was horrible, if you mess up the frogs got ran over or drowned!”

“I thought frogs could swim?”

“We can swim!  That game is messed up!”

“Hahaha, hey look Yuugi just walked in,” Satori said pointing at the entrance.  “Hey Yuugi!  Over here!”  She waved her over.

“Heya!  Looks like you two are having fun,” Yuugi said joining them.  “Room for one more?”

“Hey you brought…uhh…her!” Koishi said struggling with the name.

“You noticed me, even though you forgot my name.  It’s just Parsee, nothing memorable like Yuugi,” she sighed and sat down beside them.

“Yeah, yeah.  We’re here to get you drunk,” Yuugi said ushering over the waitress.  “We’ll have four of your strongest drinks!”

“Hey, I know you’re an Oni and all, but it’s barely past noon,” Suwako said giving a concerned look.

“They’re not for me or you, I told you I’m getting Parsee drunk,” Yuugi said laughing.

“But what if we wanted one?” Koishi asked.

“Buy your own rich girl,” Yuugi laughed at her.

“I can’t, my money’s asleep and it’d be rude to wake it up,” Koishi shot right back.  The two stared at each other for a second before bursting out laughing.

“That’s worst a drink, Waitress make it five!”

“Wait!  Don’t get off on a tangent.  Why are you getting Parsee drunk?” Suwako interjected again.

“It’s a long story, not that you’d want to hear it from me,” Parsee said melancholy like.

“Wow, you’re just a ray of sunshine,” Koishi deadpanned.

“Yeah and that’s part of the reason we’re getting her drunk.  The other part is that every conversation I have with her tells me that she wants to be like me,” Yuugi laughed.  “Also,” she leaned into the table, “it’s the season for luminous mushrooms and we’re going to a viewing later and those things are always better when your wasted!”

“Luminous mushrooms?” Suwako asked.

“That’s right, this is the first time they’ve been in season since contact with the upper lands.  You two should come with us.  You don’t mind right Parsee?”

“It doesn’t matter.  My comments will not be more interesting than yours, whether they come or not.”

“We have got to do something about that attitude before I hang myself,” Koishi sighed.

“Haha, great!  I wonder what kind of people these mushrooms will attract from the upper lands!” Yuugi was getting very excited.


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Re: Magical Misdirectional Madventures of Marisa
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Back in the underground mansion Kanako was finishing up the work on Utsuho’s control rod.  She called down a few kappas to help.

“That should do it Lady Kanako,” a chipper kappa said.  Her blue eyes were gleaming with excitement.

“Thanks for your hard work, I want you to take it up with you,” Kanako instructed the group.

“What!?” Sanae came running over.  “If they take it we won’t have any power!”

“You can go without power for a few days,” she sighed.  “There’s these luminous mushrooms that are going to bloom or whatever mushrooms do and we’re going to take a look at that.  We need to learn more about this land.”  Sanae left the room grumbling.

“Heh,” Satori smirked at that last remark.

“Do you have a problem with what I said?” 

“You want Sanae to pick a fight with my sister over this and think she’s there,” Satori said pointing at her eye.  “You can’t lie to me.”

“What?  You want to fight me?”  Kanako started puffing out.

“Relax, Koishi has been getting a little too relaxed lately while doing what she wants.  She needs to be taught a lesson and Sanae could do it.  The problem is Yuugi, she’s been restless ever since the incident with Utsuho and she would jump in the fight as well.  Not only that, but there were a couple of tengus poking around down here a while ago too and that really her riled up.”

“So you figure a couple of rounds with a God of War will calm her down,” Kanako said punching her palm and grinning.  She looked down at Satori who still carried a sullen look.  “There’s more isn’t there?”

“Yeah, this is the first time the luminous mushrooms have appeared since contact with the upper lands in a really long time.  And with history the way it is up there, they may have romanticized the effects of these mushrooms and they could attract unsavory characters,” she sighed.

“And by ‘unsavory characters’ you mean that witch?”

Chapter 3
The Titular Character Appears!

In the upper lands of Gensokyo there was a peculiar forest.  Called the Forest of Magic by the locals it was home to a vast array of plants, animals, and youkai.  Normal people wouldn’t think twice about setting foot in there and in said forest is the Ordinary Magician who is any but Ordinary.

“…ice…lice….Alice….ALICE!”  A young woman with short wavy blonde hair was jolted out of bed.  Her green eyes were wide as she was looking around for the intruder.  “Mornin’ sunshine!”  There was another young blonde woman standing there with a wide smile on her face and her gold eyes gleaming with excitement.  A lone braid fell carelessly over her left shoulder and she rested her broom over the right.

“Ugh…Marisa,” Alice groaned to herself.  “Wait, Marisa!?  Awake!?  Did I sleep past noon!?”  She got up frantically.

“I get up normally sometimes,” Marisa said and looked over Alice, “You need cuter Pjs.”  It was true, she was in a light blue sleeping cap and a long light blue robe.

“Get out!”  she said pushing Marisa out of her room and slammed the door.

Marisa was laughing to herself and started looking around Alice’s house.  Everything was so neat, all her dolls were lined up by height and what they did.  “If it was me I would have made these growing ones the same size first,” she thought to herself, “I shouldn’t touch these exploding ones.”

She walked over to the bookcase and started nosing around.  This one book caught her attention, “Financial Records.”  Thumbing through it she was looking for the highest selling dolls, “My doll is always in the top three, but never number one.  I don’t know how I feel about that,” she said putting the book back.

Something at the top of the bookcase caught her attention.  There were two dolls sitting on the top that she’d never seen in Alice’s shop before.  It was a doll that filled her was such nostalgia and was sitting in the middle of the bookcase and looked liked it was watching over the entire house.  Beside it was an Alice doll from when she was younger.

“You’re still here,” Alice came out of her room.

“Yup, I was just looking at your stuff.  Your house is so clean,” Marisa said in amazement.

“Of course, that was if anything goes missing I’ll know,” she said staring at Marisa.

“Like I’d take anything with Shinki watching,” she pointed at the doll on top of the bookcase.  Alice stared up at the doll and Marisa could physically she her guard dropping.

“How did you get in here anyway?”

“Through the bathroom window.  You’d think that’d be the one you’d make absolutely sure to lock,” Marisa said laughing.

“What do you want?” Alice sighed.

“Mushrooms,” Marisa’s eyes lit up again.

“I’m going to regret asking this, but what kind of mushrooms?”

“Luminous Mushrooms from the underground!  They show up from time to time in my books and what they do varies from book to book.  I have to get my hand on them to find out!”

“Why do you need me?”

“I want a lot of them in case they do something useful!”

“Well…,” she looked up a Marisa whose eyes were bright with hope, “alright I’ll come,” she sighed.  The two grabbed a couple of baskets apiece and sat out for the Underground.


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Re: Magical Misdirectional Madventures of Marisa
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The old tunnel to the underground was dark and musky and rarely travelled anymore.  It was home to many tsurubi-otoshi and spider youkai alike.  Apart from the falling rocks and fairy ambushes the tunnel was pretty tame and unremarkable.

“I cleared this place out last time I was here,” Marisa said while shooting down more fairies.

“You missed a few,” Alice remarked.  They kept on flying forward through the barrages of bullets and rocks.

“Hold it!”  Marisa suddenly shouted and held out her hand.  There was a sound of something heading towards them from deeper in the cavern.  They looked ahead and saw this bucket flying at them, a small pair of hands appeared at the rim and someone peered over the side.  The curious eyes quickly turned to fear and she started shouting.

“OH CRAP!  OH CRAP!  PULL ME UP!  PULL ME BACK UP!”  The person at the other end didn’t hear her and the bucket landed in front of the two.  The bucket quickly flipped over and they could hear her cowering underneath.  Alice quickly glanced at Marisa and sighed.

“Does this happen often?” she quipped.  But before Marisa could respond another person landed beside the bucket.  She was dressed in a brown dress that bulged out from the middle with six buttons running along the chest.

“Yo!” she said when she landed and threw up her arm.  “When I heard some humans came down and started making a ruckus, I thought it was some human kids.  I never imagined it be you.  Why didn’t you take the elevator?”

“The what?” Alice asked.

“That elevator they installed down there near the village.  Figured it save you a lot time than walking from here.”

“Dammit!”  Marisa completely forgot about the elevator.

Chapter 4
A Green-eyed Drunk

“Before we pick mushrooms let’s grab something to eat at this joint Yuugi told me about last time,” Marisa told Alice when they reached the Underground Village.

“You’re treating me to lunch?” Alice asked suspiciously.

“Don’t be crazy, I don’t carry money on me,” Marisa laughed and headed into Acheron’s.  Alice sighed and followed.

It has emptied out a lot from the lunch rush.  However, there was a loud commotion going on at the table directly in front of the entrance and that one table was making more noise than the entire rest of the restaurant. 

“I’m going to find a place away from all the noise,” Alice said looking around.  There was an empty table at the other end of the restraint.  “Marisa over there,” she said pointing and turned to where Marisa was, “Marisa?”  She looked around some more before spying her setting with the loud bunch.  “Damn,” she sighed.

“Hey Marisa!  Ya found the place!”  Yuugi yelled.  “And you brought someone!”  She pointed to Alice was inching away from them.  “Don’t be shy!  C’mere!”  She patted the empty spot beside her.  Alice sighed and sat down.

“Wasshis?  Summin else is here?”  Parsee looked up and stared straight at Alice.  “Da hell?  Ya have green eyes too!?  Der’s nuttin to be jealous bout you!”

“Terrific,” Alice stated bluntly.

“Look at her,” Parsee pointed at Yuugi’s horn, “she has phyllic imaginary growing outta her head!  Where’s yer’s at?  Betcha she could find it!”   She pointed at Koishi, “she’s good at findind that kind shtuff!  She’s a seshual deviant!”

“Hey now!  That’s going a little too far!” Suwako interjected!

“And you!”  Parsee turned and glared at Suwako, “What’s up with the hat, man?  Whys it always staring at me!?”  Marisa and Yuugi burst out laughing simultaneously after that remark.  She turn and looked down at Marisa and then suddenly jumped back!  “DUHWHA?  Who’d da hell you come from!?”  Then she collapsed on the table.

“How many did she have?” Alice asked looking at all the bottles in front of her.  Yuugi reached over grabbed one and started swirling it around.  There was still a little bit of liquid at the bottom.

“Almost one!  These are all mine,” Yuugi said laughing.  Parsee looked up again and grabbed the bottle out of Yuugi’s hand.

“Dis is mine!” she said and gulped down the last bit of it before collapsing again.

“What brings you two down here?” Suwako asked, trying to bring sanity back to the table.

“We’re going to pick some Luminous Mushrooms, but we decided to stop in here for lunch,” Marisa explained.  “What do you recommend, money is no issue!”

“Yes it is, don’t order anything over 1500,” Alice said looking over the menu left on the table.

“I don’t know, I’ve never bought any food here, just drinks,” she laughed.

“They don’t care?” Alice asked.

“Not when it’s someone who orders more drinks in a day than most people order food in a week,” the waitress came over.

“I want this sirloin!  Medium rare!” Marisa said pointing to it on the menu.

“That’s 2100,” Alice said, Marisa gave her a quizzical look.  “2100 is a bigger number than 1500.  Pick again.”

“Aw, come on!  I figured since you eat small and probably won’t order anything more 600, that should give me some leeway,” Marisa explained, looking quite proud of herself.

“She’s got a point,” Yuugi butted in.

“Fine,” Alice sighed, “I just have the salad here and some tea to drink.”

“Ya gave in to easily!” Parsee yelled without even looking up.  Alice just sighed at that.

“You did,” Suwako said giving her a concerned looked.

“Don’t worry about it, I learned a long time ago you can’t argue with her,” Alice said and looked at Marisa was just sitting there with a large grin on her face.

“Nope, you just can’t argue with me,” she said and laughed.

“Ah can!  But Ah’m drunk!” Parsee again without even looking up.  That time, everyone at the table started laughing and the matter was dropped.  There was a lot of smiling faces at that table.  No matter how they treated each other, they were all friends at that table.

“What’s with you, Koishi?  You’ve been really quiet,” Yuugi said as they were leaving Acheron’s.

“That,” she pointed at Sanae standing at the opposite end of the street.

“Uh-ohs!”  Parsee yelled.


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Re: Magical Misdirectional Madventures of Marisa
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“It looks like this is where we part ways,” Marisa said and headed off to Luminous Mushrooms.

“And I’ve never been one for sticking my neck out for others,” Alice said and followed behind.

“Wait!” Sanae held up her arm towards Marisa, “I-is Reimu down here too?”

“Nope, Reimu hardly goes anywhere she doesn’t have to,” Marisa said without even stopping and the two ran off into the distance.  Sanae turned to face Koishi with a glare that made a chill run up her spine.

“If all four of—“ WHUMPH!  Parsee fell over, “three of us attack in unison we can win!” Koishi exclaimed.

“HOLD IT!” A loud booming voice erupted from behind Sanae and Kanako flew over and landed beside her.  “If that oni is only half as riled up as Satori said I can’t let her fight Sanae, I should use tact to lure her into a one on one fight with just me,” she thought to herself.

“YUUGI!” she pointed to the oni.  “I can take you in a one on one fight!”  She pointed to open air above the village.

“Heh, bring it!” Yuugi proclaimed and flew off.

“Good luck,” Kanako said back to Sanae and flew after Yuugi.

“Umm…” Koishi looked at Suwako.

“I’m not going to fight someone who lives under the same roof as me and that I generally care for,” she sighed.  “Or Kanako,” she added at the last second.

Chapter 5
Aurora Cocytus

The hills outside the underground village were lit up with glow of hundreds of mushrooms.  Many of the underground residents have gathered to view the spectacular sight.  There were viewing platforms with booths set up near the edge of the village.  There was a path leading to the mushrooms and a few people were gathering them.

“Tewi?” Marisa exclaimed after seeing the rabbit running around the hills, “what are you doing here?”

“Ah you know, Eirin wanted Reisen and some of the Earth Rabbits to gather some of these mushrooms for ‘medicinal’ purposes,” she put air quotes around medicinal.  “But I figured it probably wasn’t a good idea to have some nameless rabbits running around where a fight or two could break loose,” she said and turned towards the village.  “So I came with Reisen instead.”

Above the village Yuugi and Kanako were squaring off.   “Hey, let’s use the modified rules from the Weather and Giant Figure incidents!”  Kanako proposed her idea to Yuugi.  “Maybe with contact magic, she’ll blow off a lot of steam,” she thought to herself.

“Yeah, that’s more my style!” Yuugi exclaimed.

Kanako throw out a giant Onbashira at Yuugi.  She jumped on top of it and started running towards Kanako.  She grinned and jumped on it and ran towards Yuugi as well.  She threw out a smaller Onbashira towards Yuugi.  She stopped and leaned back to gather moment before swinging hard at the log and pushing it back towards Kanako.  That move surprised her for a second, she held out her arms to catch it.

The impact pushed her back a little; “You can’t hurt me with my own weapons!” she laughed and threw it back at Yuugi even faster than before.

With no time to react Yuugi did what came naturally, “Annihilating Roar!”  She screamed at the top of lungs completely destroying the small Onbashira.

“Impressive,” Kanako said.  During the confusion she produced two more Giant Onbashira on both sides of the first.

“This is the kind of battle where I get to go all out!  You ain’t seen anything yet!”  Yuugi proclaimed jabbing her thumb into her chest.


Meanwhile on the ground they stuck with more traditional way of fighting.

“Crap, I didn’t prepare any good cards before heading out.  Just brought a couple those tengu had problems with,” Koishi thought to herself as she was racing between buildings.  “These frog bullets are annoying as hell to dodge,” she thought to herself.  “Wait a minute, FROG!?”  She yelled.  “Suwako, I thought you were in my party?”

“My loyalties lie with my shrine maiden,” she yelled joyfully from behind Sanae.

“But you’re not the Goddess there anymore, so she’s not technically your Shrine Maiden, I think,” Koishi yelled back.  “WHAAAA, that was close!”  She yelled narrowly dodging a bullet.

“If you turned and faced me you’d be better at dodging!” Sanae yelled growing tired of the chase.

“Yea and also calling her my food maker doesn’t quite sound right,” Suwako followed up to earlier comment.  Sanae stopped shooting and turned to give Suwako a look of complete disbelief.

“Now’s my chance!”  She yelled and drew a card.   “Heart Sign ‘Selfless Love!’”

“Look out!”  Suwako yelled and pointed.  A bullet stream was forming beside Sanae.

“Let’s see, ‘Selfless Love?’  I know how to beat this,” she said started circling around the stream of bullets keeping a constant barrage of her own on Koishi.

“How the hell do you know what to do?”  She yelled in a panic.

“I heard Aya talking to the other tengu about it,” she said calmly.

“Yea, but what will you do without the photography destroying the bullets?” she retorted with a fake cockiness.

“This,” she drew her own card, “Frog Sign ‘Wily Toad!’”  Three red, blue, and green circles started appearing around her and when the met a large explosion went off.  Everything around her was engulfed a brilliant white light.  When it was lifted only Sanae and Suwako were standing.  Koishi was face down in the street.

“I think I over did it a bit,” Sanae said looking around, the building were still standing but repairs had to be made.

“I guess with me just right back here, that packed more of a punch than normal,” Suwako said scratching the back of her head.  They heard a noise and quickly reentered battle mode.  Koishi was trying to stand up.

“Don’t try anything!  I’ve still got another bomb left!”  She yelled.  Koishi stood up a limped over to Sanae and Suwako.

“I surrender,” she said breathing heavily and threw her arms in the air.  THWACK!  Sanae hit her on the head, “What the heck?  Why’d you hit me with your paper tied to a stick thing?”  She yelled in confusion.

“I didn’t believe you,” she replied bluntly.

“I do, I surrender!  I’m finished!” she sighed and slumped to the ground.


“What the hell was that!?” Marisa yelled quickly turning to look at the village.

“That is why it is was a bad idea to come down here with unnamed rabbits,” Tewi sighed.

“I’ve been wondering about that, you don’t name all the rabbits?” she asked.

“Not personally,” she smirked.

“You know what I meant,” Marisa couldn’t help but laugh at herself.

“Well, do you know any other rabbits other than me or Reisen?” Tewi asked.

“Uhh…no,” she shrugged.

“Exactly, they wouldn’t last a chance,” Tewi explained matter of factly.

“I don’t get it,” Marisa scratched her head.

“Also I’m lucky,” Tewi stated and Marisa decided to let it go.


“Nothing’s going on!  I’m bored!” Suika was fidgeting on in front of the Hakurei Shrine.

“You need to relax, these peaceful days are rare,” Reimu said sipping tea on the front porch.

“It’s too quiet, where’s Marisa?” Suika said looking around.

“Her not showing up means it was a good day,” she sighed, “If you’re so bored why don’t you go play with Tenshi or Yuugi?”

“Yuugi!?” Suika sat up and gasped.

“What is it?” she stared in surprise.

“I…I forgot,” she sat back down.  Reimu sighed and took another sip of tea.


Back in the area above the underground village the fight between Yuugi and Kanako was getting heated up.

“We can’t get showed up by that!”  Yuugi yelled at Kanako.

“That was the power of MY shrine maiden!  You still want to fight that kind of power?” Kanako taunted.

“Yea, but we have to finish our fight first!” she laughed.  Kanako smiled back and jumped back to the middle Onbashira.  Wasting no time, Yuugi quickly lunged at her and struck her with a mighty punch, it through her off the log.

She shook her head and turned to face Yuugi.  Yuugi held up three fingers.  She took one giant leap that placed her in the middle of the log; she took another that left her near the end of the log.  She smiled at Kanako and jumped straight up in the air and landed hard at end.  The log flipped over and came towering over Kanako.  She held out both her arms to catch it.

However, Yuugi was flying along the underside of the log.  She landed another blow on Kanako while she was distracted by the giant Onbashira.  She flew out of the way of the falling log.  She pulled out her sake dish and a jug and filled it up.  She took a drink while looking at Kanako, who was struggling to get back to her feet.

“Now when you said ‘I can’t hit you with your own weapon’ or whatever, was I suppose to take that as a challenge?” she laughed.

“Don’t mock me,” she said standing up.  She pulled out another card, “Meteoric Onbashira!”  A large number of smaller logs appeared in the skies pointed at Yuugi.  She took another gulp of sake and chucked the dish in the air.  Just as they started to fall, Kanako pulled out another card, “Ground Serpent!”

Snakes started dashing across the sky and the Onbashira were falling.  She flew up and avoided a snake and dodged left narrowly missing a falling Onbashira.  Another one quickly followed, hitting her in the shoulder tossing her down where a snake ran into her pushing her back into another Onbashira.

Yuugi came out of the onslaught, doubled-over and panting.  She held out her arm in front of her and caught the falling sake dish.  She took another drink and stared at the Goddess.

“Had enough?” she asked challengingly.

“Not even!”  Yuugi proclaimed.  She grinned at this and threw out another smaller Onbashira.  Yuugi leaned back as it passed over and caught the end with her horn and threw it back.

“I told you, that won’t work,” she sighed.  “The last time was a fluke!”  She flew above Yuugi.  This time Yuugi drew a card.

“Adamant Helix!” she yelled and held up her free arm and a wave of bullets came streaming out in a counter clockwise pattern.  Kanako stopped suddenly and tried to move away and down, but it was too late and the wave of bullets were on top of her.  The pushed her back to where she was.

The two stared at each other from across the sky.  They both nodded at each other and lunged at the same time.  They both punched each other in the jaw at the same time and came tumbling out of the sky in unison.  They crashed into the rubble that was the west area of the Underground Village.

Suwako, Sanae, Koishi, and Satori all came running.  There was a giant Onbashira in the middle of the road and a lot of smaller ones jutting out of the ground.  The area below were Yuugi was, was either completely leveled or on fire.  Orin came jumping down in her cat form.

“At what point did it seem like a good idea to send a god of war to fight a riled up Oni?” she said snidely.

Before Satori could answer there was movement from under the rubble.  Kanako pushed the wood and paneling out of the way and rose up out of breath.  And just a second after that the pile next to her started move and Yuugi jumped up.

“Yea!  Who’s up for round two!” she yelled and jokingly punching Kanako in the arm.

“Don’t make me make them nuke you,” she replied.  Yuugi just laughed and started looking around.

“Whew!  We sure caused a lot of collateral damage!” she said.

“Don’t say it like you’re proud of it!”Kanako yelled.  Yuugi held out her sake dish to Kanako, there was still enough in it for one drink.  She smiled and grabbed the dish and took the drink.  The rest of the group let out a loud sigh of relief.

“I guess that witch never came,” Satori said looking around.

“She went picking mushrooms,” Sanae said.

“Let’s grab Parsee and all go!” Yuugi suggested.  “We can fix this place tomorrow!”

They all sighed again but went along with it.  The luminous mushrooms were only available for viewing for a short period of time.  The hills were still glowing when they got there, but Marisa and the others were nowhere to be found.

“Maybe they left already,” Sanae said disappointed.

“Maybe, unless they found the spot,” Koishi spoke up.  “Even if they’re not there, you have got to see it!  Come on sister,” she grabbed Satori’s hand and led them deeper into the hills.  There was a river flowing behind them that led even deeper.  Following the river, the mushrooms started glowing a variety of different colors.  The river disappeared into a hill.  “Come on!  It’s at the top!”  Koishi pointed to the top.  There were four figures gathered there already.

“There are there!” Sanae yelled and waved!  “HEY MARISA!”  One of them turned and waved back. 

When they reached the top of the hill, Koishi pointed upwards.  The river came out to a large underground lake and the Luminous Mushrooms were growing under the waves.  The light reflected off the ceiling to make the many colors of reds and blues and greens dance across the ceiling.  The large group was in awe of the sight.


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“Jeez, I can’t believe you did all of this,” Parsee said looking around at all the destruction.  “Especially with me passed out right here!”  She yelled and pointed at the spot that was just a few feet from the rubble.

“You jealous?” Yuugi idled up beside her and started jabbing her elbow into her side.

“No,” she said bluntly and walked off.

“Why the hell are you so proud of this!” Kanako yelled.  Yuugi walked up and put her arm around Kanako and twirled her around to face most of the destruction.

“How can you not be?  We did this!  Together!  Just the two of us!”

“Hey!” Sanae yelled at the two, “stop slacking!  Grab that plank over there!”  She instructed pointing at the pile of wood.

“I thought Gods out ranked Shrine Maidens,” Yuugi sighed.  Koishi hopped over and whispered something into her ear.  “Hey if that’s all ya should know I know some good recipes!  I can cook up some fine underground cuisine the likes you’ve never had before,” she yelled over to Kanako.

“Hurry up with that wood!” Sanae yelled, completely ignoring her.  Yuugi sighed and walked over to the wood pile.  She looked down and got an idea.

“Kanako!  Kanako!  Look!”  she grabbed the plank and jammed it on her horn.  “Helicopter!” she grabbed an end of the plank and pushed down making it spin in place.  Kanako suddenly burst out laughing.  Sanae started yelling at the both of them again.

“She such a hypocrite,” Suwako sighed.  “She acts even worse than the oni whenever the other shrine maiden is around.”

“Are you jealous?” Orin spoke up.

“Of what?” Suwako turned coldly.

“Maybe someday a prince will come for you and with a kiss you will turn into someone beautiful,” Orin smirked.

“Don’t you have a job to do?” Suwako was still in a cold voice.

“No one dies anymore.  I could strum up some business on my own, but that’s generally frowned upon,” she let out a fake sigh.

Then suddenly there was a loud crash and everyone turned to look.  Kanako, Yuugi, and Koishi were all in a pile of debri with Sanae standing over them yelling.

“Do you really need Sanae around?” Orin asked Suwako.

“Are you trying to start something?” Suwako started puffing out.

“I’m surrounded by imbeciles,” Satori thought to herself.

Chapter 6
What Utsuho Did

The human village was not very busy in the morning.  There were only a few people walking the streets.  Ever since the temple opened Youkai have been receiving better treatment.  They still aren’t held as equals in the eyes of many humans.  The few that were up stared as a group of six walked down the street.

“Ci-Cirno!  Why’d we have to come this way?  They’re staring at us!” Daiyousei was blushing and holding onto her friends arm as though her life depended on it.

“Don’t be so shy!  They’re just staring cause of how awesome we are!” Cirno puffed out her chest.

“B-b-but what if they hit us?”

“I’ll freeze them if they lay a figure on you!”

“That’s nice and all, but the Shrine Maiden will beat you up if you do that,” Wriggle sighed.

“No she won’t!”  Mystia said suddenly!  “Miss Reimu’s not like that!  She said I could come to her if anyone is mean to me!  Like when these people vandalized by stand, she helped me then and she’ll always be there to help!  Miss Reimu is so nice!”

“She’s only nice to you because you give her free food,” Wriggle sighed.

“Take that back!  Miss Reimu is nice!  She stands up for little guy!  I remember it like was yesterday!  She swooped down out of the sky like a super hero and with one swing of her paper on a stick weapon they mean men all fell!”  She clasped her hands together and stared up at the sky.

“I can’t see in your head but I’ve known you long enough to know when you’re over romanticizing your memories,” she put her hand on her shoulder and pushed her into walking again.

“I could go for some free food,” Rumia chimed in.  They all laughed and walked to school together.

The school they went to was a little ways outside the village and most of them could go to school without stepping foot inside the village.  However, the elevator connected upperlands to the underground was on the opposite of the village and the only way Utsuho could avoid being late everyday was to cut through the village.  Utsuho said she wasn’t lonely, but Cirno didn’t believe her and suggested they all walk together.

The school itself was actually the teacher’s house.  It was a two story white building with a green roof.  The room the class was held in used to be the living room.  It had a red carpet with many different shapes of different colors on it.  There were three tables positioned around the room and with a few stools at each table facing the front where there was desk and a chalkboard.  Against the wall were many selves filled with papers, crayons, scissors, and other assorted crafts.  All along the walls were many different pictures they drew.  And a spot were Rumia got a little over zealous and started drawing Keine on the wall itself.

“Chen!” Cirno yelled when she opened the door.

“Sorry I couldn’t come with you all.  Ran wouldn’t let me enter the village without her,” she sighed.

“Alright everyone, grab your seats,” Keine said smiling from behind the desk.  They all piled in and sat down and faced forward. 

“It’s the scary lady!”  Rumia yelled and pointed at Mokou standing behind Keine.

“Who’re you calling scary lady!” Mokou jumped forward.

“Now, now calm down you too,” she said and her smile turn from the benevolent one she had on earlier.  Rumia gulped and sat back down and Mokou went back to leaning against the wall.  “Alright, are you all ready for show and tell?”  Rumia’s hand shot up.  “Yes Rumia?”

“When’s show and tell?”

“Today,” she looked at Rumia in disbelief.

“Rats, I forgot.  When’s lunch?”  Keine pinched the area between her eyes and Mokou stifled laughing.

“Moving on, who wants to go first?”  Rumia’s hand shot up again.  “Put your hand down.  Chen why don’t you go first?”

Chen stood up and walked to the front of the class.  She was carrying a yellow comb, “This is my comb.  Ran gave it to me for birthday.  Sh-she made it herself!  It’s my special treasure!”  She turned it over and pointed, “It has my name engraved on it too so I can’t lose it!”

“Very nice, Chen.  You can tell Ran loves you a lot,” Keine said smiling. 

“You’d have to be blind and deaf to not be able to,” Mokou said under her breath.  Keine turned and glared at her.

“You can take your seat now.  Cirno your turn.”

Cirno walked to the front of the class with a smug look on her face.  She pulled out the Yin-Yang Orb from earlier.  Mystia’s eyes lit up and leaned forward.  “This is a Hakurei—“

“An A!  She gets an A!” Mystia started shouted.

“Calm down, calm down.  Everyone who brought something gets an A.  Please continue,” Keine said and everyone turned to look at Rumia who fell asleep.

“This is a Hakurei Orb thingy!  When I equip it, I become the strongest!” she said and put it on her chest.  She then held out both her hands in front her and made them into fist and started punching and kicking randomly in the air.

“I think I can take her,” Mokou commented and was once again met with a glare.

“Take your seat, Daiyousei if you please.”

Daiyousei came to front of the class.  “Ah…umm…ah,” she was blushing and fidgeting around.  Everyone was staring at her, “Th…th…th!”

“Come on, don’t be shy,” Keine was supporting her and did a quick pre-emptive glance at Mokou who was about to say something.

“Ci-Cirno Doll!  Alice’s shop!” she yelled suddenly and showed everyone the doll.  “I-I didn’t have any money.  She let me work there to pay for it,” she said and ran back to her seat.

“Very cute.  Mystia.”

She walked up carrying a tray.  Rumia shot straight up.  “This is a new recipe I tried out.  I call them Red-White Barrier cookies!  It’s got Macadamia for the white and sprinkled in some cinnamon for the red color and extra taste!”  The cookies were red and the macadamia was arranged in a zig-zag pattern along the middle of the cookie.

“Cinnamon and macadamia, what are we her guina pigs?” Mokou commented.

“Well I didn’t know you were going to be here, so you get none!” Mystia replied before Keine got a chance to glare.

“Hey!  That’s not fair, you’ve got plenty of extra there!”

“They’re Rumia’s share,” she said smugly and handed them all out to everyone.  Mokou sat down and crossed her arms.

“Oh wow!  These are really good!”  Keine exclaimed.  “Oh, I’m sorry Mokou I didn’t mean to rub it in,” she blushed and scratched the back of her head.  Mokou turned her head away.  Rumia grabbed one of her extra cookies and ran up to Mokou holding it out.

“Eh?” she looked confused.

“Good foods better when everyone eats together!” Rumia said and held out the cookie.  Her eyes were gleaming, but there was a little bit of drool escaping her mouth that gave her away.  Mokou smiled and grabbed the cookie and broke it in half.

“Scary lady’s alright!” Rumia turned and gave the class a thumb up.

“My name’s not Scary Lady!” Mokou shouted.  Rumia scurried back to her seat.  Keine had a large smile on her face.

“I guess you can have C for today,” she said.  “Alright continuing on, Utsuho.”

She walked to front of the room and showed everyone her 8-track cartridge.  “This my favorite thing in the world!  Before people could travel between the underground and here Koishi came up and bought it for me!  I’ll always cherish it because she gave it to me just before she closed her third eye!”

“That’s sweet,” Keine smiled.  “And now last but not least, Wriggle.”

She came up and showed everyone a white square.  “It’s a macadamia nut from Mystia’s new recipe.  Not even sold at her stand yet.”  Rumia was leaning forward over the table and drooling.

“Wriggle…” Keine sounded disappointed.  “You’ve been so good with your homework.  So why this assignment?”

“I thought it was a good one,” Mokou chimed it, watching Rumia watch the macadamia.

“I don’t have anything for show and tell,” she said and gave the macadamia ot Mokou

“Hey, hey how do I make her do a trick,” Mokou asked her.

“I’m sorry Wriggle, but you get an F.  Why didn’t tell someone, there’s lots of people here who would’ve helped you,” Keine sighed.  “And would you eat that or give it up already!?”

“Uhh…ummm…” Mokou froze trying to think of something.  Keine sighed and grabbed the macadamia and threw it to Rumia who caught it in mid-air.  Mokou and Cirno clapped.

“Hey, why didn’t you say something?” Chen asked Wriggle when she got back to her seat.

“It’s not a big deal, don’t worry about it.”  Keine gave a worried look over Wriggle.

“Scary lady’s turn!” Cirno shouted interrupting her thoughts.

“Come on!  I know someone here has to know my name!” Mokou yelled.

“Uhh…umm…Mukioh?” Daiyousei said.  Mokou turned and tilted her head as she stared.  “Ahh!” Daiyousei hid under the table.

“Now, now Mukioh,” Keine said giggling, “I have a great idea.  Let’s all have a sleepover!  It’ll be fun, we’ll all get to learn about each other, especially our newcomer Utsuho.  Doesn’t it sound like fun, Wriggle?”  Wriggle looked at Keine who was smiling brighter than ever.  “These are all people you can trust, even Mukioh.  Right Mukioh?”

“Stop calling me that!” she shouted and everyone laughed.  They stayed up late in the night and talked.  It was suddenly interrupted when there was a loud banging noise outside.  Keine and Mokou quickly rushed outside and saw three figures standing above a tipped over garbage can.

“Ran?” Chen shouted in surprise.

“You didn’t come home and I was worried,” she said scratching the back of her head.  “I was about to leave when I ran into these two.”

“Marisa and Alice?  Why are you so far from the Forest of Magic?  You know I don’t have anything to steal?” Keine said staring at them.

“I’m not a thief like her,” Alice said calmly.

“I’m not a thief… tonight!  We just got back from the tunnel connecting to the underground,” Marisa explained.

“Why didn’t you take the elevator?” Utsuho asked.  Marisa stared at her dumbfounded and Alice put her hand over her face while muttering something you can't repeat in the presence of young children.


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Back in Alice’s house the duo was looking over the mushrooms they’ve gathered.

“Well here you go,” Alice said handing what she gathered to Marisa.

“You can keep those,” she said with a smile.

“And what am I suppose to do with them?”

“Huh?  Oh, hold on!” she said and then ran out the door to her house.  While she was gone Alice grabbed a rag and started wiping the dirt off the baskets and table.  She was about to start on something else when Marisa came running back in carrying a book.  “Look!” she said laying the book on the table and opened to page she had dog eared earlier.

“You shouldn’t dog ear, it’s bad for the pages,” Alice sighed and looked at the page in question.

“Forget that, look at this recipe.  Using Luminous Mushroom caps you can make an invisible string that supposedly heightens the strength of anyone touching it!” she said excitedly.

“Why do I need heightened strength string?”

“It’s also invisible!  Anyway, I was thinking you could use it to make a strong doll.  You could use when sewing up the next doll and to control it and it could left really things you wouldn’t normally be able to!”  Alice started thinking.

“Hrmm,” she smiled slightly and nodded, “there’s a few practical uses I could come up with for a doll like that.  Thank you Marisa.”

“Whoa, I wasn’t expected to get thanked,” she said scratching the back of her head.

“What I should call this new doll?” Alice asked Marisa.

“Oh!  I know, Bangkok!” she yelled excitedly.

“Vetoed,” Alice answered back bluntly.

Chapter 7

It’s been two days since the Luminous Mushroom viewing.  The restoration to the destroyed area was going smoother than anticipated.   Despite playing around a lot, Yuugi and Kanako were an oni and a god and could get more work done in an hour then the rest could do in half a day.  Since it was going so smoothly Kanako, Orin, and Satori decided to visit the Kappas to see how work was going on Utsuho’s new control rod.

The Kappas made their home in the river at the base of Youkai Mountain.  They were the most technologically advanced race in Gensokyo and maybe even in the outside world.  The houses all resembled turtle shells and paths leading around town used hexagonal stones mimicking the patterns.  The group followed the main walk way to a large rectangular building.

“Here we are, Cucumber Labs,” Kanako said pointing straight ahead.

“Yeah, it’s not a giant rectangle stands out admixed the turtle shells,” Orin sighed.  “And what kind of a name is Cucumber Labs?  It’s kind of unimaginative.”

“It’s what happens when you out source name ideas,” two Kappas came up to them.  The one talking had her hair cut really short and wears a baseball cap backwards.  The other one had longer hair with a bang covering one said of her face and she was facing the ground so you couldn’t get a good look at her.

“Who’s the unimaginative one?” Orin asked.

“That witch Nitori’s friends with, although ‘cucumber’ wasn’t what she originally wanted to call it,” she giggled.  “I’m Kaori, by the way.”

“I’m Kanako,” she held out her hand.  Kaori faced towards the top of the mountain.

“That Kanako?” she pointed up.

“Yes,” she said.

“Wow, I can’t believe you’re here!” she said and shook her hand.  Her friend let out a squeaking noise and continued looking at the ground.  “This is Shiori, by the way.”

“Eh,” she squeaked out without looking up.

“I’m—“ Satori started.

“Umm…I’d like to go first,” Orin interrupted.  “You should really think about what you want to say.  You have a track record of bad first impressions,” she thought at Satori.  “I’m Orin, her pet cat,” she said smiling.

“C…cat!” Shiori yelled.

“I won’t eat you,” Orin laughed.

“Alright my turn,” Satori stepped up, looking really determined.  “I’m Satori and I can read what’s in your hearts!”  Orin grabbed her forehead.

“Waah!” Shiori ran off.  Kaori waved and chased after her.

“Umm…?” Satori reached after them.

“You’d ever stop to think to not tell people you can read their hearts?” Orin sighed.

“Let’s head inside,” Kanako said trying to change the topic.

“Yeah…” Satori said sadly.

The interior of the labs was bright white and everyone was walking around in long lab coats.  Few of them had on baseball caps.  One of them ran up to the group.  She had her hair in pig tails and her cap was facing forward.  Her coat was open revealing her rain gear underneath.

“Kanako!” she yelled waving.

“Hey Nitori, where have you been the past few weeks?”

“I haven’t been out lately, what with work and people thinking I’ll drown them I haven’t had much of a chance to leave,” she sighed.

“’Drown them?’” Orin repeated.

“Aya,” she relied bluntly.

“Oh,” Orin instantly understood.

“Anyway, Et and I have been working hard,” she said.  “Follow me,” she lead the group through double doors in the back and into a long hallway.  There were many doors on both sides of the hallway.  Peeking through the windows as they walked Orin could see many Kappas performing different experiments.  “Through here,” Nitori said, stopping in front of a door near the end of the hallway.

In the room there a lone person working in front of a computer.  There were a few windows opened, one had a picture of the Yatagarusu and another had Utsuho and her vitals on it.  There was picture of the control rod.  She also had the calculator program running and another calculator on her desk that she was using at the same time and a few windows with a bunch of text and numbers.

“What’s she doing?” Satori asked Kanako.

“I don’t know, I just use Sanae’s computer to play Minesweeper,” Kanako whispered back.  The person at the computer turned around in her chair and smiled at the group.  She had her long hair tied off at the base of her next with a ribbon.  She had her lab coat closed and it looked like she hasn’t slept in a few days.

“I’m Et,” she said.

“I’m Satori, I’m Utsuho’s owner,” she said.

“Ah,” she exclaimed and nodded.  “Right now we’re crunching the numbers, but it won’t be too long now and Utsuho will be performing at least one point five times of what she was.”

“Is it safe?” Kanako asked.

“Don’t worry, Utsuho’s safety is our primary concern,” she smiled.  The door swung open and another Kappa in a lab coat walked in, she had her hair tied up in a pony tail with a ribbon.

“As scientist our primary concern should be results,” she said calmly.

“Bakeori!  You’re not allowed in here,” Et shouted.  Satori’s third eye was busy looking around the room.

“Y-you!” Satori stuttered.

“A satori?  I have read up on you.  I will repeat what you ‘heard’ for everyone.  Results are the only thing that matter.  Control rods and control rod users will come and go, as long as we get results it will not be in vain.”

“Control rod user?  Her name is Utsuho!” Orin shouted.

“I do not care what you call it.  It is a test subject to me and it should be one to everyone in these labs.  If the control rod user’s safety was not a concern then these tests would go faster.  If the user were to die it would produce data on how to build a better control rod and what to look for in a new user.  If the user were to get sick of it would mean we could up the output more,” she said calmly.

“I said her name was Utsuho!  Not ‘control rod user!’” Orin jumped up and grabbed Bakeori by the collar.

“As I have stated earlier, I do not care what you call it.  And get your paws off of me.  You are a filthy creature,” she said and smacked Orin’s hands away.  She looked around at all the angry faces staring at her.  “I can see that I am still not welcomed here.  I shall take my leave now.”  She turned and walked away.

“Hold it!” Kanako shouted.

“I have no intention of fighting you.  I am a kappa and you are a god it will only end one way.  Even with the spell card rules.  It would not look good for a god to attack a kappa, nor would it look good for a god to do nothing as a group beat her up.  Your faith would diminish.  So as you can plainly see, you will win the battle, but I will achieve victory in the end,” she said without even turning around and left the room.

“Don’t worry, only a few Kappas here share her mindset and I will have none of them work on this project,” Et said.  She slumped down in her chair.

“I’d watch myself if I was you,” Satori said.  “She’s too calm.  As soon as she found out I was here, she cleared her mind.  Even when she was speaking, there was nothing I could read.  Even though she said she’d lose in a fight, I have my doubts.”

“Thanks for the warning.  I’ve worked with her and I know it’s impossible to know what she’s thinking,” Et sighed.  “Me and Nitori will be here if you need us.  And uhh…cat,” she pointed to Orin.  “Sorry I don’t know your name.  But if you run into Bakeori, it’ll be tough, but don’t engage her.”  Orin nodded.

“Let’s go home,” Satori said and she left with Orin.

“You’re not going?” Nitori asked at the door.

“No, I’m going to talk with Et for awhile,” she said.  Nitori nodded and led Satori and Orin out.

“So?” Et asked.

“You know what I want,” Kanako stated.

“I’m afraid there’s nothing on her that’ll prove useful.  I can give you all the information we have if you want,” Et said turning to the computer.

“Anything will be fine,” she confirmed and Et started writing a scrap piece of paper she had.

“Here, give this to the person up front.  But be warned, Bakeori has access to the records you’re about to access and she can get rid of anything she doesn’t like.”

“Why did you give her access to something like that?” Kanako screamed.

“We didn’t, we just couldn’t keep her out.  This right here is the only computer she can’t get to.  I’ve gone through extra precautions.  This isn’t connected to anything computer, it’s wireless capabilities have been shut off, and there’s special mechanisms in the walls that prevent outside sources from forcing their way in.  But even still it’s not enough and we have to keep changing computers and security measures.  And as long as I’m here she won’t get to anything.”

“I’m sure of what half the stuff you said meant, but does she want to harm Utsuho that badly for results?”

“Don’t worry about that.  I’m putting all the calculations and results on physical sheets of paper first.  And if I notice any difference between the two, I’ll trust my paper first.  But that’s not what I’m worried about.  She can make her own control rod replica with the data here.  And you heard what she said, everything is a test subject to her.  We can’t let her have the data,” Et yelled.

“Thanks, that’s really all I needed to know,” Kanako said.  “Good luck.”

“Thanks, it’ll be finished by tomorrow afternoon at the latest.”


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Marisa was busy pacing around her house.  There were books scattered around everywhere.  Many of them were opened to specific pages with information on the luminous mushrooms.  She hasn’t found any practical uses for them that she could use.  She was busy thumbing through a book in her hand and missed one on the floor and tripped.

“Damn it,” she said brushing herself off.  “I should really get Alice to clean up in here.”  She turned around to look at the book she tripped over.  She grimaced and kicked it out of the way.  The book flew into her bed room and smacked into the side of bookcase causing it to shake.  A book fell to the ground.

She shrugged and went to look at it.  She started thumbing through and stopped on a page with a big illustration of the mushroom and grinned.  “Invisibility,” she said out loud.  “I can use this to steal better books!”  She shouted and proceeded to leave.  Then she tripped over that first book again.  She let out a loud groan and kicked the side of the bookcase.

It started shaking back and forth.   “Whoa whoa whoa!” Marisa started shouting holding her arms out.  It was in vain, the bookcase fell to the floor with a thunderous thud.  It shook the very foundation of the house itself.  The ceiling fell down and destroyed her bed.

“Alice is gonna need Reimu’s help to clean this up,” Marisa said and left towards the shrine.

Chapter 8
The Incident Solvers

As she landed at the top of the stairs she noticed something was wrong.  That red doorway thing was on the ground.

“Yo Reimu!  Your thingy fell!” she yelled.

“Yea, I noticed,” she said coming out of the shrine.  “What are you doing here?  As you can see I don’t really have time to play.”

“My roof fell and broke my bed.”

“Your roof fell!?  Are you alright!” she exclaimed looking over her friend and noticing some scrapes on her knees.  “When did it fall?”

“Just a few minutes ago.”

“Hrmm,” Reimu crossed her arms and started thinking.  Then another person suddenly teleported in.

“Sakuya?” Marisa yelled out.

“You’re here too?  And here I was hoping it was your fault,” she sighed and looked at the fallen gate.

“What happened?”  Reimu asked.  There was a high pitched whistling coming from inside the shrine.  “Suika, grab a couple extra cups,” she yelled inside.  “So what happened?”

“Our gate was completely destroyed,” she said bluntly.

“How’s Meiling?” Reimu gasped.

“China’s fine, she was inside doing lord knows what.  Told her to stay outside until the gate is fixed.  If she was where she was suppose to, it probably wouldn’t have happened,” Sakuya sighed.

“I’m not quite sure,” another person dropped in.

“Yo Youmu,” Marisa waved.  Suika then came out with the tea and some cups.  “Need one more,” Marisa laughed.

“Don’t worry about,” Reimu said and gave her cup to Youmu.  “What happened?  Your gate couldn’t have been destroyed, could it?”

“It wasn’t destroyed, but it was attacked.  And having the three Prismriver sisters didn’t seem to detract the attacker at all,” Youmu explained.

“’The attacker?’” Reimu repeated, “didn’t they get a good look.”

“No, it attacked from a distance.   They said it was some kind of big laser so I thought it might have been Marisa so I came here,” she said and glanced quickly over at Marisa.

“I’m starting to worry about reputation,” Marisa sighed.

“Anyway, right now the three sisters and Lady Yuyuko are repairing the gate,” she continued.

“Huh that’s surprising.  You left Lady Yuyuko alone?  What happened, did she get tired of you crowding her and tell you to leave?” Marisa started laughing.  Youmu looked down and started blushing.  “No way, that’s what really happened?” she yelled and started laughing harder.  Reimu held up her hand for Marisa to stop.

“Alright  with your roof, my entrance way, and your two gates and an actual witness of an attack; it looks like we’ve got an incident,” Reimu said.

“Hold it!” another voice came shouting from above.  “Us too!”  It was Sanae, she came flying down.

“You too?” Reimu asked.

“Our shrine was attacked too.  I was walking around when I saw this big flash of light that hit one of the pillars knocking it into the shrine!” she yelled enacting the whole thing with her hands.

“Alright, let’s go!” Reimu yelled.

“Where?  We don’t have you intuition,” Marisa said.

“Let’s pretend it was you, where would you attack next?” Sakuya said snidely.

“Hey!  What are you insinuating?  I don’t go around causing incidents for the hell of it,” Marisa yelled back.  Something with Reimu just clicked when she said.

“That’s true, but you are the primary suspect by the eye witnesses.  But it couldn’t have been you and here’s why: they seem to be interested in just attacking gates, but not taking anything.  But what you said gave me an idea.  Let’s head towards the human village,” Reimu said and the rest nodded in agreement.

“Hey, what kind of flowers are these?” Sanae said pointed at some yellow flowers growing in the grass around the top of the hill.

“I don’t know, but they’re always here,” Reimu shrugged.

“Narcissus,” Sakuya told them.  “They supposedly symbolize wealth and good fortune.”

“I wonder what they’re doing in front of your shrine,” Marisa laughed.

“Let’s go already,” Reimu sighed.  “Suika, watch the place while we’re gone!”

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Re: Magical Misdirectional Madventures of Marisa
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The plot thickens! keep it up!~


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Re: Magical Misdirectional Madventures of Marisa
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“This is nice,” Reimu said out of the blue.

“What is?” Sakuya turned back to her.

“Working together instead of going off on our own like usual,” she explained.

“Marisa flew off and Sanae followed,” Youmu pointed out.

“Crap,” Reimu sighed.

Chapter 9
Yin Yang on the Rocks

“What’s so wrong with those two heading off, jealous?” Sakuya asked.

“What?  No!  Jealous of what?”she said flustered and Sakuya laughed, “Sanae’s been a little too gung ho with Youkai Extermination and I’m sure Marisa is just going to egg her on.”

“Huh-uh,” Sakuya said, but she wasn’t convinced, “Admit it, you don’t like the fact that those two are together alone without you.”

“I did just admit it!  Without me there, they’d cause all kinds of trouble,” she sighed.  Sakuya stopped and stared back in utter shock.

“You really are that dense,” she said.

“What’s that suppose to mean?” Reimu yelled.

“Nothing,” Sakuya said.  “No wonder Marisa moved on to Alice,” she said under her breath.

“Huh, Alice?” Youmu chimed in.  “I thought she liked your librarian?”

“What does Alice have to do with anything?” Reimu asked blissfully unaware of what Sakuya said.

“Alice has nothing to do with this,” she glanced over at Youmu who shrugged.  “Anyway our Patchy and Remi have a thing right now.”

“It’s nice to have someone,” Reimu sighed.  Sakuya just shook her head and walked on.

“I have no time for that kind of stuff,” Youmu said.  “I live only for Yuyuko!”

“I have no idea why she wanted space from you,” Sakuya said sarcastically.

“H-hey now, that’s not nice,” Reimu interrupted.  “You know apart from the gates being destroyed, it’s a really nice day out,” she said trying to change the subject.  There were only a few clouds in the sky and the sun was filtered through the leaves of the forest.  The fairies were out, but too busy playing to notice the group.

“And what about you!?” Youmu yelled at Sakuya, the subject refused to be changed.  “Being passed over for the librarian had to hurt.”

“Not at all, Patchy was there first and besides I like China,” she stated bluntly and Reimu and Youmu stopped to stare.  “What?”

“I know you think I’m dense, but I don’t see how you like Meiling,” Reimu explained.

“Honestly, you’re mean to her from what I’ve seen,” Youmu said.

“Oh children, it’s called tough love.  You’ll see when you grow up,” Sakuya smiled.

“Does she know it’s tough love?” Reimu wondered.

“I’m older than you,” Youmu stated.

“Just because you have more candles on your cake, it doesn’t mean you’re more grown up than me,” Sakuya stated as a matter of fact.

“You…you are!  You’re calling me a child aren’t you?” Youmu yelled and readied her swords and Sakuya pulled out some knives.

“You’re both children!” Reimu said fed up with the two.  “Put your swords and knives away, we need to save our energy for whatever did this to our gates!”

“Alright fine,” Sakuya sighed and put the knives away.

“I’m older than you too,” Youmu said begrudgingly putting her weapons away.  Reimu gave a big sigh of relief.

“Now I see why we usually go solo,” she thought to herself as the group progressed through the forest.

“HEY!” someone yelled at them ahead; they looked up and saw Daiyousei heading towards them.  “Ahh…umm, could you please not go that way?”

“Why?” Reimu asked.

“Ah…umm, Cirno’s up there and she’s been picking fights with everyone,” Daiyousei explained.

“Sorry, but if Cirno’s causing trouble I’m going to have to stop her,” Reimu said and continued on.

“Why didn’t Marisa or Sanae stop her though,” Youmu wondered out loud.

“Oh…umm, Marisa said you three were coming and would better opponents and just left and that other green haired girl followed,” She explained again.  The trio headed towards where Daiyousei came from.

“Reimu Hakurei!” someone shouted from ahead.  “Today will be your undoing!”

“Why is she talking like that?” Youmu asked.

“I think she thinks its how villains talk,” Reimu shrugged.

“Can we just kill her and move on?” Sakuya asked.

“Hey, there’s more than one of you.  I mean, your undoing will be by your own hands, Reimu Hakurei and others!” she yelled and jumped out of the tree.  She landed hard and shook a little before falling over.

“Umm, let me help you up,” Reimu said picking up Cirno and putting her back on the ground.

“HA!  I will show you no dime even if you are nice to me!” she yelled proudly.

“Dime?” Youmu asked scratching her head.

“She means quarter,” Sakuya explained.

“Take a look at this!” she pulled out the Yin Yang from the underground.

“Hmm?” Reimu bent over to take a closer look, “OH!  That’s the thing I used to talk to Yukari!”

“And now it’s mine and I have your powers!” Cirno yelled excitedly.

“So your powers are in the Yin Yang Orbs?” Youmu asked.

“That explains so much,” Sakuya added.

“My powers don’t just come from the orbs,” Reimu sighed.  “Anyway, Cirno I need to you picking fights with everyone you meet.”

“I get it, you’re afraid of me!  If I beat up a lot of people I’ll get stronger and even more powerfuller than you!”  she yelled and held up the Yin Yang Orb.  Reimu sighed and hit it with her stick, causing it to shatter.

“I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to stop picking fights with everyone,” Reimu said.

“You broke it…” Cirno looked down at the shattered orb.  “I already took in a lot of the power!  I can still take you!”  She yelled and jumped at Reimu, creating a blade of ice as she swung her arm.  Reimu easily dodged it by jumping back.

“Looks like it’s a fight,” Sakuya said grabbing her knives.

“The things my blade can’t cut are next to none!” Youmu said readying her swords.

“I guess it can’t be helped,” Reimu said and pulled out some talismans.

Cirno let out a flurry of bullets in all directions.  Youmu and Sakuya jumped after her dodging the shots.  Sakuya started throwing the knives at her and Youmu started cutting the air.  Then everything just stopped; the bullets, the knives, and the cut air.  Cirno froze them all and redirected them back at Sakuya and Youmu.  The both retreated by to where Reimu was.

“Don’t underestimate her.  She’s not quite as dumb as people think,” Reimu warned them.  “At least she’s skilled with ice and freezing things.”  Sakuya and Youmu nodded and rushed in again. 

There was another flurry of bullets from both sides.  Once again everything stopped and was directed at Sakuya and Youmu.  Reimu saw an opening and rushed in throwing talismans at Cirno.  When Reimu got into range, Cirno jumped at her again with a Blade of Ice.  Reimu jumped back, expecting this Cirno made another blade in her free hand and jumped straight ahead again.  Reimu was gone.

“This is the true power of the orbs!”  She yelled from above.  Cirno turned and looked up.  Reimu thrust out her arms and three Yin Yang Orbs flew out.  One headed straight down and the other two bounced off trees.  The all hit Cirno at the same time.

Reimu joined the other two on the ground.  “Alright let’s go see what a mess of things Marisa as made in the village,” she said and started heading off.

“WAIT!” Cirno yelled from behind them.  They all turned and Cirno ran up beside Reimu.  “So if I had three Yin Yang Orbs, I’d be strong?”

“Sure,” she sighed and patted Cirno on the head.  “Just don’t pick fights with people any more.”

“I won’t!” she yelled and ran off.

“Are you sure that was a good thing to tell her?” Youmu asked.

“Yeah, what if she gets a hold of three of them?” Sakuya asked.

“She can’t, it’s only for my blood line,” she explained

“But what about that one she had?” Youmu asked.

“I said earlier, it was to keep in contact with Yukari when I was underground.  Now can we head to village?”

“Only if you admit you want to see Sanae,” Sakuya teased.


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Marisa and Sanae flew through the forest towards the human village.

“Hey, I think we should slow down!  We left the others behind!” Sanae shouted to Marisa.

“Yeah, I usually do this stuff by myself.  So why are you following me?” she shouted back.

“I…uhh…kind of followed by instinct,” she said shyly.

“I should make a mental note that you follow people randomly,” Marisa laughed.

“Hold it!”  Cirno came flying out of the tree, holding up her hand.  Marisa and Sanae ignored her and kept flying.  “He-hey!”

“Reimu’s coming, go play with her!” Marisa shouted back.

“How will they catch up if she stops them?” Sanae shouted.

“They can always just ignore her like we did,” Marisa laughed.

Chapter 10
The Maiden, The Witch, and The Gate Guard

The human village was busy during this time of day.  There were people everywhere and no one seemed to worried about the attacks on the gates.

“Looks like nothing has happened to this place,” Sanae said looking around.  “Hey Marisa, I’ve been wondering something.”


“You said your roof was destroyed right?  Well it just doesn’t add up.  Everyone else’s gates were attacked, but the roof isn’t a gate,” she said deep in thought.

“You can’t apply logic to these crazy people who go around knocking stuff over,” Marisa said laughing nervously.

“That’s right, Youkai aren’t like us!”  Sanae exclaimed.

“Speaking of Youkai, I wonder what Kourin is up to,” Marisa and headed off to Kourindou.  “Yo Kourin!” she yelled kicking the door open.

“Ah!  Don’t kick the door open!” he yelled.  “And hey, look at me!” he yelled at Marisa and she turned to him, “Rinn.  Os.  Ke.  Mori.  Chi.  Ka!  My name is Rinnosuke  Morichika!”

“What’s your point, Kourin?” she asked bluntly.

“You walked into that one,” a voice from the back room laughed.

“Whose back there?”  Marisa asked and Sanae walked in.

“Yo!”  Koakuma walked out.  Marisa glanced back at Sanae and cruel grin crept across her face.

“Oh my, Kourin!  What were you doing in the back with a succubus?” she put her hands over her mouth and gasped.

“What are you talking about?” Rinnosuke asked in a bored tone.  “You know she’s here for bo-“

“A succubus!?” Sanae exclaimed.  Koakuma jumped behind Rinnosuke.

“Look out!  She’s going for his genetic legacy!” Marisa yelled at Sanae.

“I’ll get her!” Sanae yelled and pulled out some talismans.  Marisa nonchalantly walked out the door.  There was a loud noise inside and the sound of glass breaking.  “Hold still, demon!”

“She’s really gung-ho about this,” Marisa laughed to herself.  “Hey a gardenia,” she said walked over to the flower store across the street.  “I want that gardenia,” she told the lady outside the store.

“That’ll be 120 Yen,” she replied.

“120 for a flower?” Marisa exclaimed.

“Feel free to grow your own,” the shop keeper said.  “And I’m watching you, so don’t steal it!”

“She got away!” Sanae said running up beside Marisa.

“I need my half of the loot.  You did get her loot, right?” Marisa asked.

“Her what?” Sanae asked confused.

“Her loot, you know sometimes those P things and other times money.  Succubae are known to drop 480 Yen when they run.  You did pick it up right?” Marisa asked edging closer to her.

“Uhh...of course I did!” Sanae said flustered.

“Alright give me 240 Yen, as party leader I get half,” Marisa said holding out her hand.

“Uhh…I think I left something at Kourindou’s,” Sanae said started edging away.  Marisa jumped between her and Kourindou.

“You’re not trying to cheat me out of my money are you?” she leaned in towards Sanae.

“O-of course not,” she said and reached in her purse and pulled out 240 Yen and gave it to Marisa and ran back to Kourindou.

“I’m taking two Gardenias,” Marisa gave the 240 Yen to the shopkeeper and grabbed the flowers.  The shopkeeper just sighed and shook her head.  Marisa moved out onto the main street and started looking around when suddenly someone behind her fell.  Then the ground beneath her jerked forward suddenly.  She staggered a little before regaining her balance.  “That’s not normal,” she said and followed after the movement.

She stopped in front of the gate.  There were a lot of pink things floating in the air around her.  It was really dense and she couldn’t tell what they were.  The ground beneath her started moving again and there was a strange nostalgic feeling in the air.  Then everything was engulfed in a bright light.  Marisa shielded her eyes with her arms and there was a sound of something falling.  She peeked out, all the pink things were gone and in gate had collapsed.  In the dust she a silhouette; she squinted but all she could make out was what appeared to be a pointed hat.

“No way, it can’t be,” she thought to herself.  Sanae came running up to her.

“What happened?” she asked.

“The gate fell,” Marisa answered bluntly.

“Did you see who did it?”

“No,” she looked away, “I couldn’t get a good look at who it was.”

“Anyway, it looks like Kourin took that Succubus loot to fix the damages to his shop,” Sanae said.

“What?” Marisa said snapping out of her daze.

“I mean, I gave Kourin the rest of the loot to pay for the damages,” Sanae said fidgeting nervously.

“Hey!” someone yelled at them from across town.  They both turned to Meiling running towards them.  “What happened here?”

“The gate fell,” Marisa repeated.  “Hey are you buying sweets?” she said spying the bag Meiling was carrying.

“No,” she quickly hid the bag behind her.  “Hey, who is that?”

“I’m Sanae,” she said bowed.

“I’m Meiling,” she did the same.  “And I’m here acting as a body guard for Koakuma!”

“You’re not doing a good job!” someone yelled at them from behind.  They turned and saw Sakuya, Reimu, and Youmu heading towards them.  Marisa heard Meiling groan at the sight of the group.  “Poor Koakuma was going on about how she was attacked by some crazy person at Kourindou!”

“I was just there!  What if I was attacked!?” Sanae gasped and ran to Reimu and Marisa started laughing.

“Just what is wrong with you China?  First you’re not at your  post when it was attacked and now you go off and leave Koakuma unguarded!  Bad enough you’re a lousy gate guard, but I’d have hoped you’d be a halfway decent body guard,” Sakuya yelled at Meiling in the middle of street in front of everyone.

“Damn Sakuya, lighten up,” Marisa said with a serious tone.

“I will not lighten up, China should be able to do at least one thing decently!” Sakuya yelled.

“I’m sorry, I’m heading back now,” Meiling said and flew off towards the mansion.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Marisa yelled at Sakuya.

“There is nothing wrong with me, I am perfection and I’m drilling that perfection in China,” she explained.

“You know, she probably hates you right?” Marisa said coldly.

“You just do not get it.  It is beyond your comprehension what we have.”

“You’re pissing me off,” Marisa yelled.

“Everyone calm down!”  Reimu shouted.  “We must remember our focus isn’t on Sakuya, but the attacks on the gate!  Now did anyone see anything about this one?”

“No, I couldn’t get a good look,” Marisa said and headed off in the direction of the Magic Forest.  Youmu and Sanae followed without a word.

“Sakuya,” Reimu started.

“Don’t worry about me.  I know China doesn’t hate me,” she said and went after the group.  But Reimu put grabbed her shoulder before she could go anywhere.

“You could treat Meiling nicer,” Reimu said.  Sakuya slapped her hands away.

“I aim for perfection in everything I do.  Everything about me has to be perfect, you cannot understand,” she said coldly and went towards the group.  Reimu just sighed and shook her head.


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Re: Magical Misdirectional Madventures of Marisa
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“Hey, why are we heading this way?” Youmu asked.

“I felt the ground lurch this way in the village,” Marisa explained.  “And with any luck we can catch up with them and finish this by stage three.”

“It's never that simple,” Reimu sighed.

“Hey Sakuya,” Marisa turned back to look at her.

“What,” she answered coldly.

“I'm going to show you how you should treat people,” she laughed and ran off.

“You know what,” Sakuya started, “I think I'm going to kill her this time.”

“At least wait until we're done with this,” Reimu sighed.

Chapter 11
Team Tengu is Blasting Off

Alice's house is usually the prime example of spotlessness.  She keeps the outside very clean and her yard trim.  It was not the case this time, her door was blown of the hinges and there were weeds growing all over her yard.

“There you are!” Alice yelled at them from the distance.

“Where did you go and what happened here?” Marisa asked.

“Someone blew my door down!  I thought it might have been you so I went to your house and saw your roof collapsed!” she sounded worried.

“Did you see anything, like who it could have been?” Reimu asked.

“No, I was reading when my door was suddenly blown down.  Then I went to Marisa's and couldn't find her anywhere in that mess.  It scared the hell out of me,” she said out of breath.

“No need to worry about me,” Marisa said grinning and took of her hat to reach inside it.  “Look I brought a present,” she pulled out the two gardenias she bought earlier.

“What is it?” she asked.

“Gardenias, I saw you needed them for that recipe and I know they're hard to get around here, so I picked some up for you,” she smiled.

“Um, thanks,” Alice said and took the flowers.

“You going to come with us to fight who did this?” Marisa asked.

“No, I'm going to stay and fix my door,” she said looking of the mess.

“Hey, when you're done will you fix my house?” Marisa asked.

“There's no way in hell I can fix all that damage and that roof collapsing just made things even worse,” she laughed.

“Ouch, that cuts deep,” Marisa grabbed her chest.

“Alright let's go, all signs are pointing that we pay a visit to our favorite celestial,” Reimu smiled and waved good-bye to Alice.  The others waved and headed off for the mountain.  Marisa ran up beside Sakuya.

“See, that's how you should act,” she said and Sakuya started pondering something.

“Yes, I'm going to do it.  I'm going to kill you this time,” she said.

“Hold of on that, I need to stop by the kappa village for a sec,” she said and ran off ahead.  An uneasy expression fell over Sanae.

“What's wrong?” Reimu asked.

“It's nothing, just a few days ago when Kanako went there she came back in a bad mood and kept complaining about someone called Bakeori,” she explained.

“Can you blame her,” two kappas came up to the group.  “That Bakeori really rubs people the wrong way.”

“You're kind of far from your village,” Reimu pointed out.  “Um, who are you anyway?”

“I'm Kaori and this is Shiori,” she introduced herself.  “And I got bored and went exploring outside the village and I drug her along too.”

“Are you lost?” Youmu asked.

“NO!” Kaori shouted, but Shiori nodded behind her.

“Well, we're heading to the mountain, you can join us if you want,” Reimu explained.

“You can be like guest characters!” Sanae's face lit up!  Everyone else turned to look at her.

“Umm...anyway, we'll follow you.  But not because we're lost!  We just have a common destination is all!” Kaori yelled flustered and they headed off for the village again.

The river leading to the mountain was very clear and you could see all the fish swimming below.  The trees around were in full bloom.

“I like the fall better,” Kaori said looking around and smelling the air.  “It smells better around her.  And we can make it back from here.”  Kaori started heading off.

“Wait,” Sanae held up her hand, “what about our XP?”

“Your what?  I don't have any?” Kaori looked confused.

“Don't worry about it, just go,” Reimu said and shooed them off.  Kaori waved and Shiori bowed and they dove into the river.  The group followed the river up to the base of the mountain.  There were a few other kappas playing in the river and every so often they saw Hina peek from behind a tree.

“I got it!”  Marisa shouted to them.  “Let's go!  Let's go!”  She yelled and came buzzing past them and up the mountain.  Like almost by instinct, Sanae fired some shots at the kappa and flew after Marisa.

“What the hell was that?” Sakuya yelled at the two while following after them.

“I wasn't expecting you to shot at them,” Marisa said laughing.  “You were pretty good at that, what exactly were you into before you came here?”

“What are you implying?” Sanae asked.

“Oh nothing,” Marisa laughed.  “By the way I need to stop by and say hello to Aya.  I promised Nitori I'd do something about that article Aya wrote in exchange for her cloaking device.”

“Wait a second,” Reimu said, “if she gave you the cloaking device why did you come out running like you stole it?”

“Seemed like more fun,” Marisa answered bluntly.  “Also it should be around here that she shows up.”

“Ayayayaya,” almost on cue she came flying down.  “The honest and hardworking Aya as appeared!”

“Hatatatata,” a second one came.  “The awesome Hatate has like totally arrived!”

“Hey!  Don't steal my lines!” Aya yelled.

“Don't steal my scoops!  I saw this group first, like the only reason you got here is cause your like freakishly fast,” Hatate retorted.

“I'm here for Aya,” Marisa interrupted.  “I want you to make a retraction on that article about Nitori.  She doesn't drown people and you know it!”

“This wouldn't happen if you really were 'honest.'” Hatate mocked.

“I am honest.  If you want a retraction you are going to have to force it out of me!  I want hold back my reputation is on the line here!”  Aya said pulled out her fan.

“It's the way it should be,” Marisa summoned her broom and used it to rush at Aya.  She hit her and gripped the broom with her hand and kicked off the ground, using the broom to upper cut her.

“Hey,” Aya said regaining her composure in mid-air.  “I wasn't ready, that was a cheap shot.”

“As soon as you pulled out your fan you should have been prepared!”  Marisa yelled and started firing off stars at Aya.  She swung her fan knocking them all away.

“I see how it is,” she swung her fan again knocking Marisa back to the ground.  She hit the ground and flipped back onto her feet and pulled out the Mini-Hakkero.

“Suck it, Master Spark!” she yelled and Aya dropped to the ground to avoid it, but Marisa just grinned.  “I lied,” she rushed at Aya again, but with the Mini-Hakkero in hand. 

“Whirl Sign 'Wind of the Red Leaf Fan!'”  Aya swung her fan creating a small tornado forcing Marisa into the air above her. 

“Heh,” she grinned.  “Star Sign 'Dragon Meteor!'” she yelled and pointed the Mini-Hakkero straight down at Aya and fired a large beam that she couldn't escape from.

Aya got to her feet, “I'm not about to give up!  'Illusionary Dominance!'”  She flew off at high speed and started tackling Marisa from all sides while she was in the air.  After a few hits, Aya stopped on the ground and looked up at Marisa.  Not about to give up control of the fight, she pulled out another card.

“Comet 'Blazing Star!'” Marisa yelled and flew back a little before rushing straight at Aya engulfed in a magical energy and releasing stars.  Aya dodged the main attack, but was caught by the stars.  And before she could react Marisa charged at her again.  This time she hit her, throwing her to the ground.

Aya was struggling but she got back to her feet.  Marisa landed behind her and pointed her broom at her.  “Light Sign 'Luminous Strike!'”  She fired magical bullets into Aya tossing her into the ground again.

“Okay, okay,” Aya said from the ground.  “I give up, I'll print your retraction.”  There was a sound of clicking beside them.  Hatate has been taking pictures of the entire fight.

“I like won't even have to print a retraction,” she said laughing.

“Damn it,” Aya yelled from the ground.

“Well, that was fun,” Marisa said rejoining the group.  “Shall we go?”


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“Sanae!  Sanae, thank the other gods you're here!”  Suwako came running over to the group when they reached the top of the mountain.

“What happened?” Sanae asked with a shocked expression.

“Kanako is,” she paused and looked around while biting down on her finger, “she's cooking!”  Sanae and the others gave her a look of disbelief.

“Let's go,” Sanae said and hurried the group along.

“NO!  Don't leave!”  Suwako chased after them.  “She's trying to poison me!  I just know it!”

“You CAN'T be poisoned,” Sanae said without even turning around.

“I can so be poisoned!  Kanako's food is poison!  Remember why you learned to cook in the first place!  He--” she was interrupted by a pillar to the back of the head.

“You can starve for all I care!” Kanako yelled from inside the shrine.

Chapter 12
Scarlet Cloth Rhapsody

The group reached Bhava-Agra.  It was a beautiful place above the clouds and flowers where blooming everywhere.  In the distance you could see mountain tops peeking through the clouds.  There were many celestials  lazing about.  It was really peaceful except for one annoying sound coming from the group.  They all turned to Marisa who was busy eating a couple of peaches.

“What?”  Peach juice was dribbling down her face, “Suwako made me hungry.”

“Anyway, let's look for Tenshi,” Reimu said before they could go off on a tangeant.

“Hey you!” Marisa yelled at a group of celestials.  They all turned around and she started looking them over, “yea you!”  She pointed to one with short brown hair and glasses, “You look smart.  Tell us where Tenshi is!”

“Eh..umm,” he stuttered.

“Do you have problem?” she spat peach juice over his face.

“The...the shrine!”  He pointed away.  They could make out a building in the distance.  He made his escape while they were distracted.

“We're sorry!” Reimu and Sanae yelled after him.

“Do you have any tact?” Sakuya asked.

“I've got tact by the assload.  I've saved up a lot since I never use it,” she grinned.

“Start using it!” Reimu yelled.  Marisa kept grinning and scratched the back of her head.  “Let's check out that shrine,” she sighed and they group headed to the building in the distance.

The building was off by itself.  It was big, gray, and windowless.  There were two big gray door  leading inwards.  “Should we knock?” Sanae asked, but it was too late.  Marisa as already ran ahead and started pushing the doors open.

There was a loud creaking noise as the doors gave way and the girls peered in.  It was a large singular room and everything was painted white.  Despite there being no windows and the only source of light coming from the doors they just opened, they could see the other end of the room.  The was a stand with a sword embedded in it.

“Wow,” Sanae gasped, her eyes lighting up.  “It's the Master Sword!”

“It's the Sword of Hisou,” Marisa corrected her.  “Or the Sword of Scarlet Perceptions.”  She flew over to it.

“Don't you dare,” Reimu warned, but Marisa just grinning and pulled it out of the stand.  The doors slammed shut behind the girls and a strange tune played and Sanae looked around confused.

“Put that down, you're the last person that should hold that!” Reimu yelled.

“Oh come on, I can't be worse than Tenshi!” Marisa laughed.

“It's close,” Reimu said.  “Now put it back.”

“Umm,” she looked at the handle in her hand and the hole in the floor.  The doors swung open and they all turned to look.

“Why are you all up here causing trouble?” the person asked.  She had short purple hair cut in a bob and a focused expression on her face.  She had an elegant scarf flowing behind her.  “Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a sword like that to stay in one form?”

“Hey are you in charge here?” Sanae asked.

“I don't believe we've met, I am Iku Nagae,” she said to Sanae.

“I'm Sanae Kochiya, shrine maiden of the Moriya Shrine,” she bowed to Iku.  “I have a question.  This looks like a scene out of Zelda, but when she picked up the sword the item get music from Metroid played?”  Iku just stared at her.

“Don't worry about that,” she said and flew up to Marisa and grabbed the Sword of Hisou.  She sealed it back in the hole.  “Now I'd like you all to leave.”

“We can't leave until we see Tenshi,” Reimu said.

“I'm sorry, but that is impossible at the moment,” Iku explained.

“Why, you don't know where she's at?” Sakuya chimed in.

“I know exactly where she is and she is not taking visitors now,” Iku explained.

“We're going to see her,” Reimu said.

“Why is it so important to see her,” Iku asked.

“She's been causing trouble again,” Reimu explained.

“I am sorry, but that too is impossible,” Iku said.

“And why is that!” Sakuya yelled.

“I can not say,” Iku explained.

“I am sorry, but that is not good enough,” Reimu said, mocking Iku.  Marisa flew back over to join her friends.

“We all know how this going to end,” she said grabbing the Mini-Hakkero from her hat.  Youmu readied her swords and Sakuya grabbed her knives.  The air started filling with static electricity and Sanae looked around confused again before grabbing her talisman.

“You can't tell us where Tenshi is?” Reimu asked again.

“I can not,” Iku replied.

“Then I guess it can't be helped,” Reimu said and pulled out her talismans.

Marisa was the first to attack.  She jumped in with a small laser.  Iku jumped back and Youmu rushed forward and swung her sword.  There was no time to react and Iku took the attack and was tossed.

“Hey, time out!”  Marisa shouted.  “How long as Youmu been back there?”

“What are you talking about?  I've been here the entire time,” she said.

“You've just been so quiet,” Marisa grinned.  “Alright let's get back to the fight.”

Without missing a second Iku jumped back up and rushed a Sanae.  “Fish Sign 'Dragonfish Drill!'” she yelled and her scarf twisted around her arm and started filling with electricity.  She released the energy stored and her scarf formed the image of a drill and hit Sanae.  She screamed as she thrown across the room.

“Illusion Sign 'Murder Doll!'” Sakuya yelled and threw out knives all around her and all flew towards Iku.  They tossed her back and Reimu started to rush straight at her.  Iku blocked but Reimu disapeared and attacked from above.

“Taking on this many at once may have been a mistake,” Iku said getting up.  “But I can't give up!  Thunder Sign 'Residence of the Thunder God.'”  She pulled out a card and threw it in the air.  There was a flash of light, followed by lightening striking where Reimu was standing.  It was immediately followed by another flash and strike on Sakuya.

Iku stopped for a second before throwing her hand in the air again.  There was another strike aimed for Sanae.  There was another flash of light and lightening struck were Youmu.  Youmu jumped forward, “Human Sign, 'Slash of Present!'”  When her feet touched the ground she vanished and there was a streak of light that threw Iku in the air.  Youmu appeared behind her.

Marisa jumped in, “Star Sign “Escape Velocity!'”  She grabbed her broom and flew upwards at Iku.

“Are you alright?” Reimu asked Sanae.  She walked over to her and held out her hand.

“Thanks, I'm fine,” she said grabbing Reimu's hand and getting up.

“Watch out!” Marisa shouted.  Iku quickly recovered from the last attack and came out Reimu and Sanae.  Sanae jumped in front of Reimu.

“Prayer 'Commercial Prosperity Charm!'”  She fired numerous talismans at Iku.

“Would you give up already?” Sakuya said.

“I can't give up!  This is for her sake!”  She pulled out another card, “Spine Sign 'Acanthodii of the Thunder Clouds!'”  She jumped up and covered her self with electricity.

“Be careful, she untouchable now,” Reimu warned.

“What do we do?” Sanae asked.

“Try not to get hit,” Marisa answered bluntly.

Iku moved towards Sakuya and Youmu.  “You can't hit us moving so slowly,” Sakuya taunted as they ran underneath her.  She didn't see the beams Iku was firing as she flew and she was hit.  It pushed her back into Iku's attack.  Iku grinned and started floating towards Sanae and Reimu.  Sanae started to run but Reimu grabbed.

“Hold still,”  she instructed.  Iku was getting lower and landed in front of them and her shield vanished.  The beams she fired landed in front and above them.  “Divine Skill 'Foot of the Wind God Champion!'” Reimu ran and kicked Iku into the air, then she teleported and kicked her even higher.  That was followed by a few more kicks before Reimu landed back down.  Iku hit the ground in front of her.

She got up again, breathing hard.  “Now tell us where Tenshi is,” Reimu ordered.

“She...,” Iku looked at the ground, “she's grounded.”

“What?” Marisa yelled.

“She's been grounded the past few weeks.  It's embarrassing for the eldest daughter to be grounded, but it was the only thing we could do,” Iku explained.

“But she broke--” Sakuya started.

“I told you before that it was impossible.  She and this shrine have been under constant surveillance.  So even if she did manage to escape she couldn't get her sword to cause mischief without me knowing about it,” Iku explained.

“Then was it really...” Marisa whispered under her breath.

“What was that?” Youmu asked.

“No...nothing!” Marisa laughed.

Reimu crossed her arms and stared at Iku.  “If you told us that from the start we wouldn't have had to fight,” she scolded.  “Embarrassing for her or not, it wasn't worth getting hurt over.”

“Haha, you got yelled at by Reimu,” Marisa laughed at Iku.  Reimu held up her hand.

“Still, it's a little better that you've become more proactive in keeping Tenshi out of trouble,” Reimu smiled at her.

“Of course,” Iku said.

“We'll be on our way now,” Reimu said and headed out the door and the other followed.  Marisa stopped and turned around.

“I'll be back for that sword when we're done,” she said and ran after the others.


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“That was a waste of time,” Sakuya said.

“But there was floaty stuff and the ground moved, it made sense,” Marisa said.

“Stuff as stopped making sense the second I moved here,” Sanae said.

“Maybe that's where we went wrong,” Marisa laughed.

“SURPRISE!”  Kogasa suddenly fell in from the sky.  “Whatcha doing?”  They all turned with completely unamused faces.

“Hey, I thought you said we'd have some fun,” Medicine flew in from above.  “Su-San was right about you,” she pouted.

“N-no no!  Don't say that!  BE SURPRISED!” she yelled at the group.

“I'd like to help but...” Reimu averted her gaze.

“I don't want to help at all,” Marisa said.

“I'm going to see if Yuuka is still busy,” Medicine flew off.

“Wait for me,” Kogasa followed after.

“Yuuka, huh?” Marisa asked.

Chapter 13
A Rotten Fruit of Some Kind

The group flew over Gensokyo.  The sun was starting to set and everything was turning red.  Reimu pointed ahead, there was a large yellow area ahead.  It was the Garden of the Sun, as the name suggested, it was over grown with Sunflowers.  A fearful youkai, Yuuka Kazami, made her home here.  There was movement at the far end of the Garden.  Someone was flying towards the group.

“Hold it!” she yelled.  The sun glinted off her scythe.  Reimu and Marisa both gasped in surprise.

“There's a face I thought I'd never see again,” Reimu said.

“I thought you died,” Marisa said and turned to look at Youmu.  “You have something to do with this?”

“What are you saying?” Youmu yelled.

“I never died,” she said.

“Where are you been then,” Marisa asked.

“Oh you know, around,” she whistled and started looking up at the sky.

“Elly,” Reimu said, “What's Yuuka up to?”

She readied her scythe and looked serious, “What makes you think she's up to something?”

“You're acting suspicious, even for a youkai!” Sanae yelled.

“I wouldn't talk to her if I was you.  She's one bad--”

“Don't you dare finish that line!” Reimu interrupted Marisa.

“What?” Marisa turned and gave an innocent look to Reimu, “I was just going to say--”

“NO!” she interrupted again.  Marisa started to open her mouth and Reimu held out her finger.  “I have seals that work on humans too, I'll have you know.”  Marisa started looking with her lips pressed and didn't say anything.

“If that's settled, you can go home now,” Elly said shooing them away.

“We're not leaving until--”

“APPLE!” Marisa yelled.  They all turned with looks of disbelief at Marisa who herself was looking quite pleased.

“Sakuya,” Reimu put her arm on her shoulder, “I know you really wanted to, but I'm going to kill her first.”

Elly let out a long sigh.  “I can't believe it.”

“Well if you want to die that badly, we can squeeze you in first,” Sakuya said.

“I don't want to die!”  She yelled.  “I-I mean, am I going to be known as a bad apple forever?” she asked.

“Probably,” Marisa shrugged, they all shot her a dirty look.

“If you don't want to be a bad apple, you could always tell us what Yuuka is up to,” Reimu suggested.

“That I can't do,” Elly readied her scythe again, “For her sake I'll be a bad apple if I have to!”

“So fickle,” Sakuya said.

“It doesn't matter, we already have a good idea what she's been up to,” Reimu said.

“In that case, I can't you through!”

“Really, cause if you recall, you lost to Reimu and myself one-on-one.  It's five-on-one now,” Marisa pointed.

“I've been honing my skills,” Elly boasted.

“Wow, what kind of gyms do you have in Hakugyokurou?” Marisa turned to Youmu.

“I didn't die!” Elly yelled and started firing at Marisa.  She jumped to the side, but Elly threw her scythe.

“Holy crap,” Marisa said and flew under the scythe.  “You still do that huh?”  She pulled off her hat and reached into it for the Mini-Hakkero.  “Master Spark!”  She fired her familiar beam at Elly, engulfing her.  When it was finished, she was still standing there with a smirk across her face.

“Are you kidding me?  You think I haven't been Master Sparked before!”she yelled.  She laughed maliciously and threw her scythe at Marisa again.

Marisa looked back at the group, “Make a note: Do NOT Master Spark Yuuka's subordinates!  Also, don't just stand there!”

“Right!” Sanae said and Reimu nodded and they both jumped into the fray.

“This gate guard seems to do her duty well,” Sakuya said and pulled out some knives before jumping in.

“I guess it can't be helped,” Reimu said followed.

Sakuya threw her knives at Elly, she pulled the scythe in front her to block.  Elly started firing wildly while staying behind her scythe.  Reimu and Sanae tried attacking from opposite sides, but to little avail.

Youmu grabbed the sheath of one of swords with one hand and the hilt with the other.  “Two-hundred Yojana in One Slash!”  It looked like she teleported behind Elly.  The streak that followed was broken behind the scythe, she only managed to cut Elly's dress.

“You cut my dress!”  She held out her hand and caught the scythe.  “Yuuka said she liked the color of my dress!  And you cut it!”  She ran at Youmu, scythe in hand and swung down.  Youmu pushed back the attack with her sword.

Elly recoiled back and recovered quickly to swing from the side.  Youmu blocked with her large sword, she reached with her other hand and pulled out the smaller sword and swung at Elly.  She jumped back narrowly avoiding the cut.  Youmu had both her swords drawn and facing Elly, she had her scythe ready and faced Youmu.  Youmu gave the group a look that said to stay out of it.

“Geez, why form a party if we're not even going to gang up on people?” Marisa sighed.

“It's not very honorable,” Reimu said.

“So, it's more fun than watching,” Marisa said.

Youmu and Elly rushed at each other, Youmu swung down hard with the large sword.  Elly dodged to the side and swung sideways.  Youmu blocked with the small sword and swung with large one again.  Elly pushed Youmu back with her scythe.  With Youmu pushed away, she threw her scythe again and flew off in the opposite direction.

Youmu looked around, Elly and her scythe were closing in fast.  She sheathed both her weapons,  “Heaven's Sword 'Five Signs of the Dying Deva.'” she calmly stated and fired a multitude of bullets.  She looked around and saw that she succeeded and slowing down the scythe, but Elly was no where to be found.  She jumped up and grabbed her scythe from underneath the barrage. 

“One-hundred Yojana in One Slash,” Youmu repeated and once again it looked like she teleported behind Elly.  However, there was a crucial difference from last time: the stream was unbroken.

“Sorry...Yuuka...” Elly said before falling down.

Youmu rejoined her friends.  “Well, it looks like this is it,” Reimu said.

“Looks like this time we have the right person,” Marisa said.

“Oh my and who would that be?” someone said from beneath them.  They all looked down and saw Yuuka carrying Elly.  “Dropping my gate guard on me wasn't very nice,” she smiled, “take her back!”  She threw the unconscious Elly at Youmu.  Before she could react it hit her.

“Ahh,” she doubled over in pain and Elly fell from the sky again.

“Crap!”  Reimu yelled and rushed after her.  She caught her and laid her comfortably on the ground.  Yuuka landed behind them.

“You didn't have to do that.  I pretty sure the ground would have broken her fall,” she said smiling, “and she surely wouldn't have had the audacity to land on one my flowers.”

The others landed beside Reimu as she stood up and faced Yuuka.  She chuckled softly to herself while twirling her umbrella.


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Deep in forest at the base of the mountain, two young youkai were wondering around aimlessly.

“Kogasa,” Medicine said.

“Yes!” she answered.

“Are we lost?”


“Wh-what!?  You said you knew where you were going?” Medicine panicked.


Chapter 14
Heart Beating, Deep In My Roots

“So, the word on the grapevine is that you went up to punish that celestial,” Yuuka said.

“Turns out, it was impossible for her to do it,” Reimu explained.  She was staring intently at Yuuka's face.

“Oh, is that so?  It's how things usually go with you people.  Always beating up the uninvolved,” Yuuka said without changing expressions.

“We didn't beat her up,” Reimu answered.

“WHAT!?”  Yuuka stopped twirling her umbrella and glared at the group causing Sanae to gasp.  “So in the end you're all completely useless!”

Sakuya tensed up, “I am not useless!”

“Hit a nerve?” Yuuka smirked.  Sakuya started to grab her knives, but a hand stopped her.

“Don't lose your cool around her,” Marisa instructed.

Yuuka pushed her hair back with her hands and started laughing.  “'Don't lose your cool,' you say?  Like you're one to give that advice!  That face you made when you thought you saw Mima was priceless!”  Reimu looked over at Marisa.  She was just smirking at Yuuka.

“You just gave yourself away,” Yuuka went back to smiling and twirling her umbrella.

“And just how did I do that?”

“How would know what I looked like unless you were there?”

“Of course I was there,” she took a single step towards Marisa, “I'm everywhere.  The roots run long underground.”

“So that's how you did it,” Marisa snapped her fingers.  “You made fake earthquakes by moving the roots underground.”

“What about the lasers and red floaty things?” Sanae asked.

“Flower petals,” Marisa explained.  “She put her power in the petals and made a replica spark!”

“So close,” Yuuka said before melting into the ground.  Everyone started looking around surprised and then Sanae suddenly jolted forward and Yuuka popped up behind her.  “I told you before, I am everywhere.”  She walked up to Sanae, “You're breathing kind of hard.  And once you're aware of your own breathing it's hard to get it automated again.”

“How?” Marisa asked.

“It's best to not think about it.  You're breathing will go back to normal on it's own.”

“Not that!  How are you able to travel like that?  Roots don't connect,” Marisa said.

“They don't have to, I can jump from root to root.  That's what makes my fake earthquakes,” she put her arm around Sanae.  Everyone suddenly became tense, “I need some new fertilizer.  A good fertilizer grows good plants and you know what makes good fertilizer?”  Sanae shook her head, “Good people make good fertilizer.”  She tightened her grip her Sanae, “Have you been a good girl?”

Yuuka was hit in the shoulder by a talisman.  They were tossed to the ground.  “Enough!”  Reimu yelled with her talismans in hand.

Yuuka got up laughing, “I see we have a volunteer!”  Reimu ignored her and went to help Sanae up.  “So that's how it is?  That's the problem with good fertilizer; the dead take to long to decompose and the living don't hold still.  But all it takes is one seed,”  She held up a single finger, “With just one seed planted in a person I can make it grow.  It's roots will grab a hold of the heart.  It will start constricting, breathing will become harder and harder until they can't breathe anymore and die!  Isn't it wonderful?  When the fertilizer starts decomposing they will already have flowers growing!”

“That's messed up!” Marisa yelled.

“As a gardener you understand, right?” Yuuka turned to Youmu.

“Not at all,” she answered.

“Hmph,” Yuuka grunted and dove underground.  Everyone looked around and got ready.  She popped up in the same spot carrying something.  “If I'm going to fight, I should wear my new hat,” she put on a pointed blue hat with a sun on the side.

“That's Mima's!”  Marisa yelled.

“Is it?  I've been using it as a new sleeping cap.  Speaking of which, it's almost my bed time so let's hurry this up,” she laughed.  And everyone readied there weapons.  “All five of you against me?  That seems a bit unfair,” she said and put one hand behind her back, “I'll fight like this, it'll even the odds a little.”

“She's starting to piss me off,” Sakuya said.

“Well come on then,” she motioned with her one hand.

Sakuya pulled out some knives and was about to throw them when she was interrupted by Marisa whizzing past on her broom.  She hit Yuuka hard in the gut tossing her to the ground.  She brushed herself off and grinned at Marisa.

“You're going to have to do better than that!” she grabbed her umbrella beside her and rushed at Marisa.  Youmu jumped in and counter her swing.  Yuuka swung her umbrella at Youmu and she blocked.  The force behind Yuuka's swing was strong enough to push Youmu back.

Yuuka suddenly jumped away from Youmu and a barrage of knives impaled the ground.  Reimu kicked her in the back throwing her to the ground.  Sanae jumped between them and fired a star shaped bullet at Yuuka.  She was pushed farther into the ground.

She got up smiling again.  Looking around she noticed they had surrounded her.  She opened her umbrella and swung it around quickly disappearing from everyone's sight.  The umbrella hit the ground and fired a large beam at Marisa.

“Crap,” she said under her breath and flew over it.

“You don't like me wearing this hat do you?” she heard Yuuka ask above her.  She turned around to see Yuuka floating above her with a malicious smile.  She stomped down on the top of Marisa head.  She fell out of the sky and hit the ground with a tremendous force.  She was struggling to get up when Yuuka came down and landed on her back.  “Just, stay down.”

Yuuka had everyone in front of her now.  They were cautiously inching forward.  Yuuka just stood on Marisa watching and grinning.  “You know this is all your fault, if you just fought that celestial and called it a day none of this would have happened.”

“If you didn't destroy everyone's gates in the first place--” Marisa started, but stopped when Yuuka stomped down.  Everyone stopped and grimmaced.

“Honestly, just give up,” Yuuka sighed.  “Huh?” she felt something grab her leg.

“Give up?”  Marisa tightened her grip on Yuuka's leg.  “Have we not met?”  She flipped over, throwing Yuuka to the ground again.  “Giving up is not something I do!”

“Wow, she's one of those types!” Sanae's eyes lit up.

“You know what?”  Yuuka said brushing her self off, “I'm getting tired of being thrown to the ground.  The sun has set and I'm not much of a night person to begin with and you've gone and pissed me off.  I'm done playing around!”  She rushed forward and grabbed her umbrella.  She rushed at Reimu.

Reimu stood her ground calmly and pulled out a spell card, “Divine Spirit 'Fantasy Seal.'”  Yuuka tossed her umbrella into the air and dove underground.  A few of the orbs went after the umbrella and few went to the ground.  However others changed direction and flew behind Reimu.  She nodded over to Youmu.  She moved between the umbrella and Reimu.  The umbrella hit the ground and fired a shot a Reimu.  Youmu used her Netherworld Reflection Shot and redirected it to where the third set of homing orbs hit.

They heard a groan and thud.  They ran to check it out.  They saw Yuuka doubled over grimmaced with scorch marks on her clothes.  “Clever,” she said.  There was another shot fired from where they were.  It hit Reimu before she could react.  “Guess you...forgot...I could...make a...double...” she was breathing heavily.

“Now you're surrounded,” her double said coming from behind them with the umbrella resting on her shoulder.

“Trying to surround me is pointless,” Sakuya said.  “Silver Sign 'Silver Bound.”  She threw out knives in all directions.  The body double tossed the umbrella in the sky and real Yuuka jumped up and caught it.  She used it as a shield from the knives and double was skewered.

“Think that changes anything,” she asked from behind her umbrella.  “Truth of the matter is, you've always been surrounded!”  At that moment it felt like the entire garden came to life.  The flowers all faced the group.

“Everyone!”  Reimu yelled and motioned from them to all gather around her.  “Divine Arts 'Omnidirection Demon Binding Circle!'”  She put up a barrier around everyone just as the flowers started firing.

“How long do you think that will hold up against my onslaught?” Yuuka laughed above them.

“I've got an idea, Youmu send out your ghost half!” Reimu instructed.

Youmu nodded and sent her ghost half towards Yuuka.  When it was in range she pulled out a spell card.  “Spirit 'Secret of Life and Death.'”  The ghost half became a replica of Youmu. 

“Get ready, everyone!”  Reimu shouted. And both Youmu's slashed.  The barrier was destroyed and Yuuka's concentration was broken.  Yuuka was staggering in the air, Marisa jumped up beside her.

“I'm going to end it!”  She pulled out the Mini-Hakkero and a large glyph appeared in front of her.  “Magicannon 'Final Spark!'”  A large beam of light erupted from her.  It emitted a small shock wave from the base.  It lit up all of Gensokyo for a split second.  And Yuuka fell from the sky.  Marisa landed beside her, “I'm taking that hat,” she said and grabbed Mima's hat off of Yuuka.


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Marisa stood over Yuuka with the cap in hand and the wind started to blow and her friends joined.  “Hell yeah, that's how it's done!”  She shouted and jumped into the air.

“You've got way too much energy,” Reimu sighed.

“Yeah!  I'm pumped up, let's do the Ex-Mission!”

“No, I'm tired and going home,” Reimu turned to Yuuka, “Hey Yuuka.”

“Can't talk, I'm a flower,” she responded.

“Whatever, just behave from now on,” Reimu said and looked around at everyone and they all started to head off in different directions.

“But what about this Ex-Mission?” Marisa yelled after everyone.

“Do it yourself!” Sakuya yelled back.

“Yuuka?” Marisa asked.

“Can't come, I'm a flower,” she said from the ground.

“Ah screw, I'll do it later,” Marisa said and flew off towards the Magic Forest.

Chapter 15
After Game Tea Party

Earlier that day, work on the Scarlet Devil Mansion's gate was finished earlier than expected.  Meiling took a step back and wiping the sweat from her brow she admired her work.

“Look's good!” Koakuma said from the entrance way.

“Ah, sorry about earlier,” Meiling said and looked at the ground.

“Don't worry about it.  It was that green shrine maiden, she's so gung-ho if you'd had been there she'd try to 'protect' you from me,” she laughed.  “Oh and I made sure no one touched your sweets.  And here,” she held out a key.

“Thanks, but I already have a key to her room,” Meiling said.

“Sakuya had it changed again,” Koakuma said averting her gaze.

“She's been doing that a lot recently.  But it doesn't really matter, cause if she wanted to Flandre could just break the door open,” Meiling laughed.

“I don't think it's to keep Flan in,” Koakuma said under her breath.

“What was that?” Meiling asked.

“No, nothing!”  She flew behind Meiling and gave her push, “Now stop chatting and go!  It's been too long since you've had any free time inside.  I'll stand guard out here.”

“Thank you,” Meiling bowed and ran inside the mansion.

From the outside, the Scarlet Devil Mansion appeared to be a normal sized western styled mansion.  However, on the inside was many sizes larger.  “You could fit the entire mansion inside this room,” Meiling thought to herself looking around.  She made her way to the kitchen.  She felt like eyes were on her at all times, despite the hallways being mostly empty.

“You look jumpy,” a voice said behind her.  Meiling jumped back in surprise.

“Oh, Patchouli you scared me,” she said grabbing her chest and breathing hard.

“I'm scared for the future of the mansion when our gate guard is scared of a little anemic librarian,” she forced a cough.  “So are you here for your snacks that Koa won't let me eat.”

“Yes,” Meiling said.

“You know it's not nice to hoard things from your friends.  Especially your smaller, anemic friends,” she coughed again.

“Umm...well...I,” Meiling said and started inching towards the kitchen.

“I'm so weak, Meiling!” she fell to her knees.  “My tiny, anemic body won't make much longer,” cough, “if only there was something sweet that I cou—ouch!”

“Get off the floor and stop acting like an idiot,” it was the charismatic owner of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, Remilia.  She was standing over Patchy with her fist clenched and she was wearing a maid outfit.

“But-but, the snacks,” Patchy said.

“There's no time for snacks.  With Sakuya gone, I'm playing head maid and you're the fairy maids,” Remi said and grabbed Patchy by the back of the collar and started dragging her away.

“I'm sure she meant 'acting' head maid,” Meiling thought to herself as she went towards the kitchen.  The kitchen was also fairly large.  There were so many counters that navigating by foot would prove annoying.  There were three fairly large refrigerators along the opposite wall.  She opened the first one and found nothing but meat inside.  “I want that steak,” she thought to herself as she closed the door.  Opening the third one she found the sweets she bought.  She started to fly back to the entrance, but stopped and turned towards the third refrigerator.  “Nah, I shouldn't open it,” she thought to herself and made her way to the library.  She still felt like she was being watched.

The extensive library Voile was located in the basement of the Scarlet Devil Mansion and home to many books.  There were books as far as the eye could see and bookcases stacked to the ceiling.  Farther down in the basement was Flandre's room.  Inside the room Flandre was busy drawing with the crayons Meiling brought her awhile ago.  She her the lock turn and the door open.

“MEILING!” she shouted and ran up to her and gave her a big hug.  She jumped down and ran over to the paper on the floor, “Look, look!  It's you!”  She ran over and grabbed more of the papers on the floor and gave them to her.  “See, there's you and sis!” she pointed to the paper.  They were stick figures and Remilia was drawn to be as tall as Meiling's knee and the star on her hat was bigger than her head.

She sat down on the edge of Flandre's bed and Flan jumped up and sat on her lap.

“You're really good!” Meiling said with full sincerity, “these are great.”  She was looking through them, they were mostly of Meiling and Remilia.  There was one of Patchy with a cake and one of Koakuma juggling books.  “Who is this?” she pointed at picture of someone with a big mouth with a jagged tongue sticking out and mean looking eyes.

“That's Sakuya!” she answered cheerfully.  “Haven't you met her?  She's kind of mean and has to have things go her way or she'll yell.  She's always yelling at this China person.”

“I,is that so?” Meiling said with a sad expression.

“Yea, if you ever meet this China person you can tell her to stand up for herself, I've got her back,” Flandre said with a determined expression and pounded on her chest.  Meiling couldn't help herself, she hugged Flandre tight.  “St, stop it!  That's too tight!  H,hey are you crying?  Are you sad?”

“N,no.  I'm not sad,” she said wiping her eyes.  “Look I brought you some cake like I said this morning.  It's real good stuff too, they were almost sold out but I got the last two!”  She reached into the bag and pulled out two peaces of red velvet cake with vanilla icing.  Flan's eyes lit up.

“This is good!” she said taking a bite.

“How did you?” Meiling started, but saw that she was eating with her hands.  “Here, use a fork,” she chuckled and handed her a fork.  She looked at the fork for a little bit before smiling.

“Here Meiling, close your eyes and say 'Ah,'”

“Alright,” she closed her eyes and Flan grabbed a piece of cake with her fork, “Aaaaah,” and Flan put the piece in Meiling's mouth.  “Heh, hey!” she said.

“Hahaha, was it good?” Flan asked.

“Yes, but now it's my turn,” she smiled and grabbed a piece of her cake and fed it to Flandre.

They laughed and enjoyed their cake.  Flandre yawned and stretched out on her bed when they finished eating.  “I'm sleepy,” she said.  “Umm...could you stay with me?”  She turned around with a shocked expression.  “Please?”  She was no match for Flan.

“Sure I can,” she said.

“Hooray!” she yelled and jumped under the covers.  Meiling crawled beside.  “You're warm,” Flan said with a sleepy voice.  “I stayed up late today cause I knew you'd come back.”

“Yea, I'll always come back,” Meiling said with a smile.

“I know.”

“I heard someone has a birthday coming up,” Meiling said in a teasing tone.

“Whose?  Is it yours?”

“What, no yours silly,” Meiling said.

“Oh, I guess I forgot when my birthday was,” she yawned and closed her eyes.

“She forgot when her birthday was?  That's not right,” Meiling thought to herself.  “I need to do something for her.”  Meiling watched over Flandre as she fell asleep.

“ up!  ...ake up!  Wake up!” Meiling heard shouting from somewhere.

“What?” she shot up.

“You fell asleep, Sakuya's coming back!” Meiling looked around and saw Koakuma standing.  She looked to the other side and saw Flandre still sleeping.

“Shh,” she put her fingers to her lips and got out of the bed as quietly as she could.  They went out to the library and quietly closed the door and locked it.  They went out to library's entrance and Meiling waved good bye to Koakuma and went upstairs to the main foyer.  There she saw Sakuya talking to one of the fairy maids.  She tiptoed past and caught a part of their conversation.

“...kuma … been givin...key...asemen,” was all she heard from Sakuya.

“Was that fairy maid spying on me?” she thought to herself as she walked back to the front gate.  She felt a cold glare above her when she got there.  She looked up and saw Sakuya standing above her.

“And just where have you been?” she asked.

“I was inside,” she responded.

“What have I told you about being inside?  The Gate Guard should stand outside and guard the gate at all times!  There's nothing inside for you anyways!” Sakuya said and vanished.

* * *

At the Hakurei Shrine around that time; Reimu and Sanae were reaching the top of the stairs.

“Suika, you still awake?” Reimu yelled.

“I'm a total night owl ya know?” Suika popped up in the doorway.

“Good job with entrance way, it looks even better than before,” Reimu said.

“Of course, we Oni always do great work,” she said with a proud look on her face.  “Hey is she staying here for tonight?”

“Well it is getting kind of late and your shrine is far away, what do you say?  Want to stay the night?” Reimu asked.

“Yes!” Sanae answered without a seconds hesitation.

“Whoa,” Suika said.

“Wh,what?” Sanae looked flustered.

“You came off a little too eager,” Suika teased.

The two entered the shrine and went back to Reimu's room.  She pulled out a futon from the closet and a couple of extra pillows and blankets.  “Here, you can sleep in my bed.”

“What?  I can't possibly sleep in your bed,” Sanae said.

“Don't worry about it, you're a guest here,” she said and flattened out the futon and blankets.  She turned off the lights and crawled under the covers of the futon.

“Smells like Reimu,” Sanae said quietly.


“Uhh, Good night Reimu,”

“Good night, Sanae.”

* * *

Youmu entered the house with a concerned expression on her face.  She found Yuyuko in the kitchen fixing a midnight sandwich.  “Lady Yuyuko, did something happen at the gate?”

“Nope, why do you ask?” she said putting some cheese on the ham.

“It looks the same as when I left this morning.”

“Oh yeah, we didn't know how to go about fixing it and it wasn't hurting anything so we decided to leave it alone,” she said cheerfully and put a slice of turkey over the cheese.

“That's a little too carefree don't you think?”

“If it's not broken, don't fix it,” she said and placed some bologna over the turkey.

“But it is broken!”

“Just a little bit,” she said putting another slice of cheese over the turkey and put the top piece of bread finishing the sandwich and walked back to her room.

“You're going to get crumbs everywhere Lady Yuyuko,” Youmu said chasing after her.

* * *

There was a knock on Alice's door in the middle of night.  She rushed down in pajamas and opened the door.  “Marisa!?”

“Why do you sound so surprised to see me?”

“You knocked,” she answered bluntly “what do you want so late.”

“My house is still broke.  You didn't fix it.”

“Of course not,” Alice sighed.  She already knew where this conversation was going.  “Do you want to come in?”

“Don't mind if I do,” she said waltz right in.

“If you promise not to take anything, you can sleep on the couch,” she said and disappeared into her room.  You could hear the sound of something rustling back there and she came out with a blanket and a pillow.  “Here you go.”

“Can I sleep in your bed?”

“Well if you really want to, I wouldn't mind sleeping on the couch.  Wait you mean together don't you?” Alice asked.


“No,” she said and went back in her room and shut the door.  Marisa heard the sound of a lock turning.

“Damn,” she thought to herself stretched out over Alice's couch, “Her couch is even more comfy than my bed!”

* * *

In the Garden of the Sun, Yuuka was on her roof staring at the moon.

“What was the point of all of this?” someone asked from behind her.

“What do you mean, that celestial was annoying so I thought I'd frame her,” she said with a faint smile.

“Let me rephrase that.  What was the point of all of this, really?”

“What, like I need a reason to cause trouble now?”

“It's become that peaceful?”

“Yes, too peaceful for Youkai like us.”

“Heh, don't lump me in with you.  I don't mind these peaceful days.”

“Is that a lie?”

“Who knows, but these peaceful days aren't all that bad.  There are smiles all around.  Wouldn't hurt you to have a sincere smile every now and again.  Bet you'd look pretty cute.”

“Cute!?  Who the hell--!” she turned around and saw no one was there.  “Who are you to get on my case about causing trouble when you say something like that and just disappear.”

* * *

“I don't think she's coming back,” a Celestial reported to Iku.

“She's coming back, she said was coming back for the sword!” Iku responded.

“Iku come home already,” Tenshi said.

“I got you ungrounded so you can help me fight that witch when she comes back.”

“She's not coming back!” everyone shouted.


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Re: Magical Misdirectional Madventures of Marisa
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The morning light was filtering in through the blinds.  Ichirin arose groggily from her bed, wiping the sleep gunk from her eyes.  She had bags under her eyes and her hair was a mess.  Without putting on her hood she went out to the kitchen.

“Wow, you look terrible!” Nue exclaimed.

“Hush now,” Byakuren gently said.  “So you did not get much sleep again last night?”

“Nooooo,” she said slumping down in her chair.  “Unzan's still singing in his sleep.”

“I think he has a lovely singing voice,” Murasa said.  Ichirin turned and gave her a sour look, “Wh,what's that look for?”

“It's your fault.  You're the one who taught him that song,” Byakuren walked over placed a plate of rice and toast in front of her.  “Thank you.”  She smiled and took her seat.

“I know!” she clapped her hands together, “why don't you go see that doctor in the bamboo forest?  She might have something to help you sleep.”

“I might just do that,” she said and started eating.  When she finished, she got up and headed for the door.

“Wait!  Do not forget your hood,” Byakuren said and ran to give her hood to her.

She went outside and saw Shou and Nazrin talking to each other.  “What are you two doing?  You missed breakfast.”

“I'm sweeping!” Shou said enthusiastically.  She wasn't holding a broom and the walkway was covered in leaves.

“Uh, where's your broom?”

“It exploded!”

Ichirin just stared in silence at Shou for a few moments before saying “What?”

“I swung it once and it just exploded!”

“It's true,” Nazrin sighed, “I saw the whole thing.  It didn't really so much explode as it just disintegrated.”

“Huh,” Ichirin said.

“Yeah, I've got a new found respect for that spear she uses.”

Chapter 16
The Doctor of Eien

She sat out for the bamboo forest.  She decided to take the scenic route to learn the land better.  The sun was just peaking out from over head and there was nice breeze.  She could hear the laughter of children far off in the back ground.  It really is a beautiful place, she thought to herself.  The youkai and human relationship is a little strained but not as bad as it was.  All thanks to that shrine maiden, I should pay her a visit.  I heard she went off somewhere yesterday, Ichirin thought to herself.

“Hey!  Are we there yet?” Nue shouted, interrupting her thoughts.

“NUE!?” she shouted and turned around and was met with a sheepish smile, “what are you doing?”

“Following you of course.”


“I was bored,” she shrugged.  “You should fly, it's faster.”

“I'm taking the long way to see more of the land.  You know it wouldn't hurt you to learn more.”

“Hey where's Unzan?” she asked, completely ignoring what Ichirin just said about her.

“He's here, he's just asleep right now.”

They started walking again and when they made it to the steps leading to the Hakurei Shrine, Unzan woke up and stretched out behind Ichirin.

“Huh, oh we're going to see the doctor at Eientei,” Ichirin said.  “For sleeping medicine.”

“Did I hear you right?” someone asked from the top of the stairs.  They all looked up at Sanae standing there.

“Nue, did you do something to confuse the shrine maidens?” Ichirin asked.


“Did you do something to make us go to the wrong shrine?”

“Hey, I'm not always doing stuff to you guys and the shrine maidens.  I have others to mess with too!”

“Then why is she here?”

“Um, I stayed the night last night.” Sanae interrupted.  “Anyway, did you say you're off to see the doctor?”


“Can I come?  I want to see if she has medicine to make me nicer.”

“Sure, come along.” Ichirin motioned with her hands for her to join.

“Wait!  Hold up a second!” Nue interrupted.  She looked at the group and then at the ground.  “Dammit!  Am I the scarecrow?”

“What is she going on about?” Sanae asked.

“I have no idea, let's ignore her and go on.”

The trio left for the human village.  “Wait for me!”  Nue said running after them.

The human village was crowded again.  Fairies and human children were playing together in the middle of the street.  The parents were keeping a close eye on them.  Ichirin recognized a few faces of the parents as people who have attended Byakuren's lectures.  They felt another set of eyes watching them from behind a building.  They turned to look, but it ran away.

“Quick, let's go after it!” Sanae yelled and started chasing it.  They followed after her and ran into an alley between to buildings.  It was empty except for a couple of garbage pails and some scraps of loose paper.  “It got away!”

“What was it we were chasing?” Ichirin asked.

“I don't know, but it could have been a Youkai hungry for children!” Sanae said with an intense look on her face.

“I have no idea why you'd want medicine to be nicer,” Nue said.  They heard a noise from the garbage pail.

“There's something in the pail!” Sanae shouted.

“No, it was probably the wind.”

“Is she being sarcastic?” Sanae asked.

“Should I hold up my sarcasm sign from now on?”

“Ignore her, she watches a lot of TV from the outside world.”

“You guys have TV from the outside world!” Sanae's eyes lit up!

“Yes, but there's no time for that now.  You,” Ichirin pointed at the pail, “come out of there!”

“I'm sorry,” she said rising up, “I don't want to eat anyone!”

“Hina?  Why'd you run from us?” Sanae asked.

“I got scared.  Humans don't like me,” she said looking at the ground.

“Well you kind of smell,” Nue said.  “Ow!”  Ichirin had Unzan hit her in the head.

“Come out of the garbage.  We're not scared of a little bad luck and besides we're going to she the doctor.  She might have some treatment to help with bad luck run off,” Sanae said and held out her hand for Hina.

The five of them headed off into the bamboo forest.  Everything was starting to look the same and quickly became disoriented.

“Are we lost?” Nue asked.

“I'm sorry!  It's all my fault!  My bad luck made us lost,” Hina yelled and started to run away.  Sanae grabbed one of her ribbons to stop her.

“Calm down, it's the bamboo forest.  People get lost here all the time,” Sanae explained.

“We need to think rationally and we can make it to Eientei,” Ichirin said.  “Anyone have any plans?”

“I say we eat the human first,” Nue suggested.  “OW, why?” she said grabbing the back of her head after Unzan hit her again.

“Ayayayaya!” an all to familiar yell echoed above them.  “The honest and hardworking Aya Shameimaru is here to help!”

“Are you the flying monkey?” Nue asked.

“I am not a monkey!” she yelled.

“You heal fast,” Sanae said.

“You again?  Are you in everything now?”

“Like you're one to talk,” she quipped back.

“Hey, are you going to tell us the way to Eientei?” Ichirin asked.

“Sure, it's....” she looked confused and flew above the bamboo and then came right back down and pointed, “that way!”

“Thank you,” Ichirin bowed and they ran off in the direction she pointed.

“Haha,” Aya took out her notepad, “'Aya Helps Lost Nun and Friends' the perfect cover story!”

The group made it to Eientei and knocked on the door.

“Who is it?” a voice from inside responded.

“It's Ichirin, we're here to see the doctor.”

“Oh sure, come on in,” the door opened and Reisen was standing there.  “Let me show you the way.”

“This is boring,” Nue pouted and decided to pull out her trident.

“No,” Ichirin grabbed it out of her hand.  “Don't cause trouble for the sake of causing trouble.”

“Master, you have visitors,” Reisen knocked on a door.

“Come on in,” she told them from inside and Reisen opened the door and led them in.  “What brings you all here today?”

“I was wondering if you had any sleeping medicine?” Ichirin asked.

“I heard my name!” some yelled from outside the room and a little doll dressed in red came running in.

“Not you Medicine,” Eirin chuckled and turned back to her desk and started looking through things.  “Ah, here we go,” she pulled out a vial of a purple liquid.  “Here a teaspoon of this should put you out for eight hours.  Careful though, any more may prove harmful.”  Ichirin gulped and took the vial.

“Is there something you can give me to make me nicer to Youkai?” Sanae asked.

“You don't need anything.  Just by being traveling here together with Youkai, you're showing more understanding.  Especially by not killing that one,” she pointed at Nue, who was wondering around and touching various things on the shelves and looking behind curtains.

“Yea and you helped me out too!” Hina said.

“I guess your right,” Sanae smiled.

“And what about you,” she pointed at Hina.

“Can you do something about my bad luck run off?”

“Not off hand, no.  But give me some time and a few experiments and we should be all set,” a weird grin grew across her face at the word 'experiment.'

“Master!” Reisen said.

“What?” she shook her head, “Oh sorry.  But if you're finished you can leave now.  Except for you, if you wouldn't mind staying a bit.”

“Thank you,” Ichirin, Hina, and Sanae all said.

“What about me?  I need a brain!” Nue shouted.

“There's no helping whatever you have,” Eirin said in a cold voice.

Hina stayed in the room and Reisen led the others outside.  Sanae went back to her shrine and Ichirin, Unzan, and Nue went back home.  It was late in the evening and they were all setting down for dinner.

“ then I tied a bunch of hay to it and used it like a broom!” Shou said and everyone laughed.

“How was the trip to the doctor's?” Byakuren asked.

“She gave me this medicine to help me sleep,” Ichirin explained.

“That's good, I need remember to thank her later,” Byakuren smiled gently.

“I was the scarecrow!” Nue yelled.

“Um, good for you?” Byakuren said in a puzzled voice.  Everyone laughed and talked into the night before going to bed.

“Good night!” Ichirin yelled into the house.

“Good night!” everyone yelled back.

“He's singing again,” Ichirin sighed.  Just a teaspoon, she thought to herself as she poured.  “Sweet dreams,” she said as she took a drink.


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It was late in the evening, the next day.  Murasa walked in the living room to see most of the Byakuren household huddled around talking.

“What's going on?” she asked.

“We have decided to enroll you in school,” Byakuren said cheerfully.

“Wait, what!  Why?” she yelled.

“You weren't here when we called 'not it,'” Nazrin said.

“Shou ain't here either!”

“She's taking her bath,” Byakuren explained.

“Also we can't have her going to school,” Nazrin rolled her eyes.

“What about Nue?” Murasa said frantically.

“I was the first to say 'not it,'” she said and held out her palm for Nazrin to high five it.  She did not return.

“It's already been decided, we already sent a message to the teacher.  Why are you putting up such a fight?” Byakuren asked.

“I don't wanna go,” she pouted.

“I'm putting my foot down on this.  We need to learn more about this world we're in.  And if you don't go,” she looked away from Murasa, “I'm going to have to take your ship away.”

“Fine, I'll go,” she slumped to the ground.

“Isn't it about time for Shou to get out?” Nazrin said looking at the clock.  “She's been in there for like an hour.”

“Geez, for a cat, she sure loves water,” Nue scoffed.

“Well, she's tiger and tiger's love water,” Byakuren corrected.  “Someone's going to have to go up.”

“I've already done it three times this week,” Nazrin said and sat down.

“Don't look at me, I'm going to school for you people,” Murasa said from the ground.

“I should really get started on dinner,” Ichirin said and ran to the kitchen and the rest turned to look at Nue.  She grumbled under her breathe and went to get Shou.

From the living room they heard Shou jump out of the bath yelling, “Rawr!  I'm a tiger-shark!” and splashing water everywhere.  Then there was more yelling and splashing heard.

“You know in hind sight, sending Nue was probably not the best idea,” Byakuren sighed.

Chapter 17
Language Skills

“Good morning class, today I'd like to intro--” Keine started.

“Teacher!  If you live here, why are you always to the last to arrive?”  Cirno interrupted.  “Even she got her before you and she's not in this class,” she pointed at Mokou who was leaning against the front wall.

“For the record I wait on everyone to come in first,” she explained.  “And now back to what I was saying.  Today we have a new student, Murasa Minamitsu.”  She clapped her hands and Murasa walked in embarrassed.

“I, uhh, look forward to working with all of you and learning stuff,” she said, she forgot what Byakuren told her to say.

“Great, I prepared you a seat next to Chen over there,” she pointed at Chen's table.  “Also at that table, you'll see Utsuho.  Like you, she's a transfer student.  And the table next to you has: Daiyousei, Cirno, and Rumia.  And the table at the far end as Mystia and Wriggle.  I hope you all work together this year and the next.  Any questions so far?”

“What does she do?” Murasa pointed at Mokou.

“She just stands there and makes snark remarks to try and get a laugh,” Keine shot a look at Mokou and smiled back.

“Rumia thinks I'm funny.”

“Rumia thinks popcorn is funny.”

“Hey you laughed the first time I popped popcorn in my pants!”  Keine crossed her arms and stared hard at Mokou.  “You want me to get a bag of popcorn, I think the new kid wants to see it.”

“No,” she said in scary voice.  “Just continue standing in the corner.  Don't worry, Murasa, everyday isn't going to be like this.”

“Most of them are,” Cirno said.  The sound of stifled laughter came out of Mokou.

“Moving on,” Keine let out a deep sigh.  “Today's lesson is going to be on pronouns.  To start off, I is a pronoun.”

“Teacher!  Shouldn't that be I am a pronoun?” Cirno asked.

“What?  No, I is a pronoun.”

“But every time I say I is something you correct me and tell me to say I am.”

“I'm not calling myself a pronoun!”

“But you said you is a pronoun.”

“No, I said I is a pronoun!”

“You is a pronoun?”

“Are you getting it now?  We haven't gotten there yet, but yes, you is a pronoun.”

“No, I'm an ice fairy.  You are, I mean, is a pronoun.”

“No, no, no, no!  Listen to me.  I and you are pronouns!”

“Is she a pronoun?” Cirno pointed at Mokou.

“Yes, she is a pronoun!”

“What about her?” she pointed at Murasa.

“Yes, her is a pronoun too!”

“A pronoun two?  You is a pronoun one?”

“No wait, pronouns are not adjectives!”

“You is an adjective?”

“No, you is a pronoun?”

“You may be a pronoun, but I'm not!” Cirno yelled, she was obviously frustrated and she wasn't the only one.

“Th, that's it!  School's over for today.  Everyone go home,” Keine said.

“School is going to be a lot more entertaining then I thought,” Murasa said heading for the door.

“Hold it!” Mokou shouted.  “I've been watching for awhile now and let me try and give it a shout.”

“Cirno I have a question for you.  Do you go around yelling 'Cirno is the strongest!' or do you yell 'I am the strongest!'?”

“I am the strongest!” she yelled.

“Exactly!  See, words like I and you replace people's names in sentences.  We're not calling you a pronoun it's just what those words are called, see?”

“Oh, now I get it.”

“Hey wait a second,” Murasa chimed in, “If we're using the word pronoun to describe words like I and you, doesn't that make pronoun and adjective?”

“Don't confuse people more than they are!” Keine yelled.  “If everything is sorted out now, please return to you desks, I'm going to teach you the rest of the pronouns.”

The rest of the school day was less hectic.  And after that little stunt, Keine let Mokou pop popcorn for lunch.

“So, how was you day?  Did you learn anything interesting?” Byakuren asked when Murasa walked inside.

“Yea, I learned popcorn can be really entertaining!”

“Is that so?” Byakuren said confused.
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I Love this! It has this easy going vibe.
I have...a terrible need...shall I say the word?...of religion. Then I go out at night and paint the stars.


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“I'm getting no where with this!” Marisa cried out.  Mushrooms were spread out before her and the cloaking device from Nitori was taken completely apart.  There was various other plants scattered around.  The cauldron was bubbling.  Alice's kitchen was a mess.

“What's wrong now,” she asked from her couch.

“This invisibility potion is a bust!” she walked out into the living room with her arms crossed.  Alice was being lifted with her couch by her new doll while Shanghai dusted underneath.

“Shame, as you can see the string came out great.  Seattle came out perfectly.”

“Yea, terrible shame.  Guess I'm gonna have to resort to plan B!”  A look of shock came across Alice's face.  She pulled Shanghai back as Seattle dropped the couch.

“Ah, hell,” she grumbled.

Chapter 18
It's Actually Plan A

There was a large explosion at the gate of the SDM.  Meiling set up alert, looking around.  “There can only be one person who'd attack the SDM like this,” she sighed.

“SNEAK ATTAAAAAAAACK!” there was a yelled from above the lake in front of the SDM.  There was a lot of fog over the lake and Meiling couldn't see where she was coming from.  “MASTER SPARK!” she yelled.  The giant beam pushed Meiling through the gate

“It's the black white!”  “The black white's come back again!”  “I just finished respawning from the last time!”  There was various shouting coming from the fairy maids.

Marisa rushed in the courtyard.  It was farther away from the lake and the master spark cleared up most of the fog.  Marisa took a look around.  There were many fairies hiding behind the trees and various shrubbery in the courtyard.  A few reckless fairies were trying to surround her and standing between her and the entrance was Meiling.

“Non-Directional Laser!” she activated her spell card that released four small lasers that rotated around her to take care of the reckless fairies.

“You've got some nerve using that spell card here!” Meiling said and rushed in at Marisa.  Marisa smiled and rushed at her.  At the last second she flew up and turned her broom up, with the bristles on top of Meiling's hat.  Balancing upside down, she grabbed the top of her broom and started twirling and firing in all directions at the fairies who were hiding.

After that she flipped back on to her broom and flew straight up.  She turned around and faced straight down at Meiling.  “Blazing Star!”  she flew straight down at Meiling.  She jumped out of the way and Marisa crashed into the ground.  It didn't effect Meiling, but the shock wave was strong enough to take out any lingering fairies still in the courtyard.

“Even for her, she's being offly showy,” Remilia said, watching the fight from the mansion.  Sakuya nodded and teleported down to the courtyard.

“Be careful China, she's obviously up to something,” she said when she landed behind Marisa.  She looked around, Meiling in front of her and Sakuya behind her.  All the fairies were gone and the path to the mansion was clear.  She threw up her hand and waved good bye and rushed to the mansion.

“AFTER HER!” Sakuya yelled and teleported inside the mansion.  She appeared in front of the door leading to the basement.  Marisa stopped and changed directions for the second floor.  “She's heading upstairs!” Sakuya yelled at Meiling who just ran inside.

“Marisa doesn't run away,” Meiling thought to herself.  She turned and looked around for anything suspicious.  She thought she something at the gate, but the fog was rolling back in making it hard to tell.

“Come on, after her!” Sakuya yelled again interrupting her thoughts.  Meiling sighed and ran upstairs.  She caught up with Sakuya who was standing behind Marisa who has stopped.  When she caught up she saw why, Remi and Patchy where on the other side of her.  There wasn't a lot of room in the hallway for them to move around in.

“Give up already!  You're not getting to my books at this rate!” Patchy said.

“I don't know what you're up to, but you can't possibly be thinking of taking all four of us on at once,” Sakuya boasted.  Remilia and Meiling staying quiet.

“Actually,” Marisa started, “I was thinking of taking all four of you on at once and then claim this mansion for myself in one fell swoop!”  She stepped off her broom and pointed the bristles at the ceiling.  “Hope you brought sunblock, 'Gravity Beat!'” she fired a magic bullet into the ceiling.  The hole and sun were above the fog.

“AHHH!” Remilia let out a scream.

“MISTRESS!” Sakuya and Meiling both shouted.

“REMI!” Patchy shouted and grabbed her and ran into the nearest room.  Marisa followed them.  The bullet fell and exploded, making the hole even larger and taking out the wall.  Sakuya and Meiling followed them into the room.  The shut the door to stop the sunlight.

“That was going too far!” Meiling shouted and stomped her foot and clinched her fist at Marisa with such anger in her eyes.

* * *

“That was the sign,” Alice thought to herself seeing the Gravity Beat.  After checking the surroundings, she walked to the mansion.  There was a lot of shouting and noise coming from upstairs.  “That gatekeeper sure sound pissed,” Alice said to herself and stared towards all the noise.  “She knows what she's doing, I have to do my part.”

After looking around the foyer, she found the door leading to the library.  She walked down the large flight of steps and opened the door at the bottom.

“Yo,” someone called out to her.  She looked up and saw a person with red hair and bat wings for ears.

“Who are you?” Alice asked.

“Koakuma, who are you and what are you doing?”  Alice breathed a sigh of relief when she said her name was Koakuma.

“I'm Alice and I'm here to help Marisa steal some books,” she said.

“I didn't take you for being a thief.”

“I'm not a thief.  I just owe Marisa a favor, that's all it is,” she summoned some Shanghai dolls, “now are you going to stand in my way?”

“Nah, I'll pass.  I've already got beat once this month,” she said and flew off.

“Hmph, that was easy,” Alice said and started looking through the books.  After a few minutes of looking through the books, she felt like she was being watched.  She quickly turned around but didn't see anyone and turned back to her books.  There was the sound of scampering of feet behind her and she turned around again.  And again it was empty. 

“I know you're there!  So come out!” Alice shouted and summoned her dolls again.

“It's cheating to have more seekers than hiders you know?” a voice said from above her.  She looked up and saw a young looking girl with her blonde hair tied in a side ponytail.  She had one cheek puffed out.

“Fla, fla, FLAN!” Alice stuttered.

“I don't think we've ever met, how do you know my name?  Are you a friend of Meiling's?  Did she tell you my name?  What's your name?” she jumped down and was getting more excited and talking faster.  Her eyes were lighting up.

Without thinking, Alice took off running for the exit.  “Are we playing tag now?  If I catch you, will you tell me your name?”  She started chasing Alice.

“Can't engage her,” Alice thought to herself.  “As long as it's just a game, I won't die!”  She started climbing the stairs.  The noise of the battle sounded closer as she reached the top of the stairs.  She opened the door at the top of the stairs and saw why.

“Alice?” Marisa exclaimed.

“What?  Alice?” Sakuya echoed and looked at her.

“Gotcha!” Flandre jumped out and grabbed Alice from behind.  “So your name's Alice, huh?”

“FLAN!” everyone yelled.

“Huh?” she said looking around.  “Hey Meiling!  And Marisa!  And big sis!”

“How did you get out of the basement?” Sakuya asked.

“Oh and Sakuya's here too,” Flan said and looked down at the ground.

“Heh, guess the fight's over,” Marisa said.

“What about my game of tag?  I still wanna play!” Flan yelled.

“We can play tag later, for now let me take you back to your room,” Meiling said smiling.

“No, China, you escort these two out.  I'll take little mistress back to her room.  Patchy you take the mistress upstairs to get some rest,” Sakuya said and grabbed Flan by the wrist and started making her way downstairs.  But Flan wasn't moving.

“Who did you just call China?” Flan asked in a low voice that sent shivers down everyone's spine.

Not backing down, Sakuya pointed at Meiling.  “Her name is China.”  Flandre clinched her fists and the pressure was building in the air.  Everyone was tensing up, getting ready to fight.  Except Sakuya who had the same calm expression and she bend over and whispered something in Flan's ear.  And as quickly as it built up, the pressure dropped.  They don't know what Sakuya said to Flan, but her eyes widened and walked back downstairs.

Remilia had a complicated expression on her face and Meiling looked like she was about to run after Sakuya.  “Hey,” Marisa broke the tension.  “We still need an escort.”

“Fine,” Meiling grumbled and let out a large breath, “please do rest up Mistress Remilia.”  And she turned and walked outside with Marisa and Alice behind her.

When they were at the gate, Meiling turned to face those two.  “Flan's birthday is in a couple of days.  I'm going to give her a big surprise and I'm going to need you two here.  Two days from now, be here at midnight, please.  And I promise you all the books you can carry.”

“Heh,” Marissa chuckled to herself, “I don't know what you have planned, but I'm always available to cause a ruckus.”


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The night was silent.  Not a single cricket was heard in the Magical Forest.  It was a quarter to midnight when there was a knock on Marisa's door.  When there was no answer after a couple of minutes, she knocked again.

“Did she forget?” Meiling thought to herself.

“She's not there,” someone said from behind.  Meiling quickly turned around and saw a couple of small girls floating in front of her.

“Oh, Rumia and Wriggle, it's just you.  What do you mean she's not there?”

“She's been sleeping at the doll ladies house,” Rumia said.

“Oh, well I'll talk to you later,” Meiling waved good bye and started walking towards Alice's house.

“Something wrong?” Rumia asked.

“No I've got to go,” Meiling said and flew off.

“Since when is she in a hurry?” Wriggle thought to herself.

Chapter 19
The Unmoving Great Library

Inside Alice's house, the three met in the living room.  Alice and Marisa were sitting on the couch and Meiling was standing up across from them.

“It's just you two?” she asked.

“Huh, were we suppose to get more people?” Alice asked.

“Well I was kind of expecting Reimu or someone else to be here.”

“Hey I can do stuff with out her,” Marisa stood up.  “Don't worry Mama's got this!”  And she pounded her chest.  A mixed look of disbelief and disgust washed over Meiling's face.  “Hey I know that look, Alice makes that face all the time.”  She turned and saw that Alice had the same expression on her face.

“Okay so why don't you cut to the chase.  We know this isn't going to be a surprise party for Flandre.  What are you planning?” Alice asked.

“I'm breaking her out.” Meiling said bluntly.

“WH-what!?” Alice lost all the composure she had.  “You can't be serious?  Sh-she's too destructive!”

“I am serious and she's gotten better at controlling herself.”

“But I thought she liked being locked up.”

“No one can truly like being locked up.  She's just putting up a front for her sister's sake.  I'm not going to make you do it.  I'll free her by myself if I have to!”

“I'm in,” Marisa said.

“What?” Alice yelled.

“I agree with Meiling.  No one should be locked up.  I love my freedom and everyone should a chance at it!”

“I can't argue with that,” Alice sighed.  “I'll help too.”

“Also a direct pass to the library it too good to pass up,” Marisa laughed.

“Of course,” Meiling and Alice rolled there eyes.

* * *

At the front gate, Koakuma was waiting on them.  She ran over to the group.

“Here you go,” she gave a key to Meiling, “this should open the lock to Flan's room.  Unless Sakuya changed the locks in the past half hour.”

“Thanks, Koa.  Let's go in,” Meiling said.  They started walked through the empty courtyard.

“It's not as busy as I thought,” Marisa said looking around.

“Well it is past midnight,” Koakuma said.

“But it's a vampire's mansion.”

“The fairies aren't vampires.”

“I guess you've got a point.”

“Quiet, she's got a point.  You never know who is awake around here,” Meiling said in front of the main entrance.  She pushed open the front door and peered inside.  “It's empty,” she motioned for them to follow her inside.  They went down the staircase leading to the library and opened the door.  There was Patchy staring at them.

“Meiling you're just leading them down here now?” she sighed.

“Yup, we've got permission so if you don't mind,” Marisa said started walking towards the bookcases.  Patchy stepped between them and her.

“I'm still a little upset from the other day, so permission or not, I'm not going to let you have your way.”

“Fine, it'd be a little boring otherwise,” Marisa shrugged and called her broom.  “Meiling go do your business.”  Meiling nodded and ran off.  Koakuma started to run off, but stopped when she was beside Patchy and turned around to face Marisa and Alice.

“Traitor!  I thought you were on our side!” Marisa yelled.

“That's were you're wrong, I'm on Patchy's side!” she yelled back.

“Oh well, you're just a mid boss.  Nothing to get upset over,” Marisa shrugged.

“Just a mid boss, one hit,” Alice held up one finger.

“Give me a little more credit.  It'll take more than one hit,” she said.  Alice pointed at her with that finger and a doll dressed like Marisa, except with a black and white ribbon, landed in front of Koakuma.

“Meet Seattle,” she said.  Seattle curtseyed, “Seattle Sweep,” the doll jumped and uppercut Koakuma in the jaw.  She went flying and landed somewhere in the back.  “Like that, I based it off your Miasma Sweep.”

“Nice one,” she turned back to Alice and gave her a thumbs up.

“I wasn't expecting much help,” Patchy sighed, “but damn.”

“Yea, you should just give up while you--”

“Noachian Deluge,” Patchy interrupted Marisa by pelting her compressed water shots.  “I wonder why you never melt.”

Seattle jumped in front of Patchy, “Seattle Ley Line!”

“St. Elmo Pillar,” Seattle was engulfed in flames before she could do anything.

“Non-Directional Laser!” Marisa shouted and fired rotating lasers around.

“Stop using my card!”  Patchy shouted.  “Jellyfish Princess!” She protected herself with a bubble.

“Shanghai!” Alice shouted and produced her doll and fired a large beam from it that destroyed her bubble in time for the Non-Directional Laser to land a hit.

“Give up?” Marisa asked.

Patchy got up silently and pulled out a spell card.  A glyph appeared beneath her feet and extended all the way to the back.  Alice casually stepped off.  “Silent Selena.”  But nothing happened.  They both looked around.  “What happened?”

“It's a new moon tonight.  Can't really attack me with moon light if there isn't any,” Marisa laughed.

“You think you know my spell cards better than me?  ROYAL FL-”

There was a loud explosion from the back of the library that interrupted their fight.

“Let's put this fight on hold for second,” Marisa said with a worried look.

“Yea,” Patchy nodded and the three of them ran for the back of the library.


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Re: Magical Misdirectional Madventures of Marisa
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Koakuma landed on top of a bookcase at the far end of the library.  She looked around dazed for a couple seconds.  She staggered to the edge of the bookcase and peered down.  She saw Meiling standing in front of Flan's door.

“The key's not working!” she shouted into the door.

“Of course not,” Sakuya appeared behind her.  “Don't think I don't know what you're doing.  She's too dangerous to let out.”

“That's not true!  She's better at it now and it's not right!”

“'Not right?'  And going behind out mistress' back is?”

“Flandre is my mistress too.  I have faith in her,” Meiling said with convection.  “Flandre!” she yelled into the door, “you have my permission.”

“Permission for what?” Sakuya asked.

“Kuuuu,” there was a humming noise coming from the other side of the door.

“Ku?” Sakuya stared at the door.

“Get away from the do--!” Meiling started but the door exploded into shrapnel and Sakuya was thrown across the floor.

Chapter 20
Romance of the Three Kingdoms

“Meiling, Meiling!  Did you see?  Did I do good?” Flan came jumping out of the doorway.  Meiling looked at Sakuya who was staggering back to her feet.

“Yes Flan, you did good,” she smiled gently at Flan.

“Did you not see what happened here?” Sakuya yelled at them.

“That was your own fault,” she held out her hand for Flan, “we're leaving.”

“I get to go outside?” Flan's eyes lit up.

“What was that noise?” Marisa and the others came running.

“You brought Marisa and Alice too!” Flan yelled looking at everyone with a huge smile.

“Hmm?” Marisa looked down at Flan, “that's right!”  She took off her hat and reached inside.  “Happy Birthday, this is from Alice and me!”  She pulled out doll of Remi.  A look of surprise flashed across Alice's face before she let out an exasperated sigh.

“This looks just like my sister!” Flan said and held the doll close.

Meiling smiled and mouthed “Thank you.”  “We've got to go, the sun will rise in a few hours,” Meiling said and started walking towards the exit.

“You're not going anywhere!” Sakuya yelled from behind them.

“You know what, you all can go on ahead,” Patchy said and started walking towards Sakuya.  “She just wants me to stay behind.”  Meiling nodded and grabbed Flan and they took off.

“What are you doing?  You don't want to fight me,” Sakuya asked.

“No, what are you doing!?” she yelled at her.  Sakuya took a step back, she'd never seen Patchy mad before.  “I used to be okay with your high and mighty act, walking around here like this is your mansion, but you've crossed the line here!  Even after seeing how excited she was, you want to lock her up again?  What the hell is wrong with you?”

Sakuya stood up straight and faced Patchy, “She's too dangerous to let run around.  For the sake of the mansion I must--”

“Don't give me that bull crap,” she interrupted, “It's purely selfish what you're doing.  Before those two met you and Remi were all Flan knew.  But more than that, you see Flan as a threat.  You're jealous of the affection Meiling shows her!”

Sakuya silently took her knives.

* * *

“There's the exit!” Marisa pointed.  Sakuya appeared in front of them with her knives drawn.  “Dammit Patchy, you are the worst at stalling.”

“I hope she's alright,” Meiling said.

“I said, 'You're not going anywhere!'” Sakuya repeated.

“Hold it!” a voice reigned down on them from above.  They all turned and saw Remilia floating down.

“Big Sis!  Look a doll of you!” Flan showed her present.  A quick smile appeared on Remilia's face, but she quickly choked it down and it was replaced with a stern expression.

“What is the meaning of all of this?  Meiling, why aren't you at your post?  And why is Flandre out of the basement?”  She turned away, her eyes were swelling, “You leave me no choice,” she said with a cracking voice.  Once again she choked it down and turned back to the group, “Meiling for repeatedly neglecting your duties time and time again, you're fired!”

“Wh-what!” Sakuya yelled.  A blank expression washed of Meiling's face.

“And Flandre,” Remilia breathed hard, “as punishment for leaving the basement, you're not aloud to stay in the basement any more!”

“Huh?” Flan asked.

“You're not aloud to live in the basement anymore,” she repeated with more convection.  “But that's not to say you can't come and visit anytime you like.  That goes for the both of you.  You're free to do as you like.”

“B, b, bu,” Flan was stuttering on the verge of tears.  Remilia came down and embraced her.

“Don't worry, we'll always be sister,” she whispered in her ear.  “Now go,” she pointed to the exit, “you better hurry up, the sun is getting ready to rise.”  Meiling nodded and took Flan's hand and they left outside.

“Wow Remi, you were acting kind of cool there,” Patchy said from libraries entrance.  Her face turned bright red and Marisa burst out laughing.

“Why is this black white thing still here?  Sakuya get...this...Sakuya?” Remi started looking around.  “Where's Sakuya?”

“Ah hell!” Marisa said turning towards the outside.

“You don't think?” Remi started and took of for the exit.

“Don't!” Marisa grabbed her.  “You can't go out, the sun's going to rise soon remember?  Don't worry, leave this to us.  We'll get Sakuya back here and make sure those two are someplace by the time the sun rises.”

* * *

“Where do we go?” Flan asked.

“Hrmm, Marisa's not using her house right now.  We can stay there for the time being,” Meiling said.

“I get to sleep over at Marisa's house!” Flan said excitedly.

“Stop right there!” Sakuya yelled rushing up to them.

“What do you want now?” Meiling said in a disgusted voice.

“Something doesn't feel right,” Flan said.  Meiling let out a big breathe to calm down.  Flan was right, there was something off about Sakuya.

“Come back Meiling!  Remi was just joking when she you were fired!  We can put her in basement and it'll go back like old times!” she said in a delirium.

“She's not going to locked up again,” Meiling stated.

“Oh no?”  Sakuya tilted her head.  “You're coming back with me one way or another.  Killer Doll!”  She produced a bunch of knives and sent the flying.

“Those knives,” Meiling watched, “They're not aimed at me.”  Without thinking, Meiling jumped in front of Flandre, using herself as a shield.  She turned and smiled at Flan before slumping to the ground.

“Meiling?  MEILING!” Flandre shouted.


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The pressure was building all around.  The tears were swelling in Flan's eyes and her vision was becoming blurry.  She felt pressure around her waist.  “Don't do it,” Meiling whispered.

“Bu, but Meiling.  She...she.”

“Don't do it, you're better than this.”

“Do it!  Show them why they locked us up in the first place!”  A voice spoke out in Flan's head.

“I, I can't!  Not for Meiling!” Flan yelled.

“But this is for Meiling, the one who did this to Meiling is right there,” the voice said.

“NO!” she yelled dispersing the pressure, “Meiling was the one who got hurt and if she doesn't want to hurt Sakuya than I don't want to either!”

“But what if Sakuya wants to hurt us?” A third voice said fading away.

“I don't know what that was,” Sakuya said inching closer to the two.  “But you missed your chance and I won't--”

“KISS MY ASS SAKUYA!” Marisa yelled and backed into Sakuya hard.  It caught her by surprise and she was pushed out of the courtyard and into the lake.  “Alice,” Marisa said walking towards the lake, “get those two to Eientei.  I've been wanting to do this for awhile now,” she smiled at Sakuya rising from the lake.

“Right,” she picked up Meiling, “we better hurry,” she looked up at the sky that was showing signs of morning, “for a lot of reasons.”

Chapter 21
The Lunatics Who Chose Freedom

“Why are you always in the way?” Sakuya yelled.

“I could ask you same thing.  Let them go already.”

“I will not!” she yelled and rushed at her.

Marisa pulled out the Mini-Hakkero, with no time to announce a spell card she attacked with a basic laser.  Sakuya jumped over it and dropped her heel into Marisa's shoulder.  She twisted around after the small recoil and kicked her face, tossing her into the mud.  As soon as she rose to her feet, Sakuya appeared beside her and kicked her into the lake.  Sakuya floated up above her.

“You were dirty,” she said calmly.  Marisa threw her head out of the water, gasping for air.  She stood in the waste deep water glaring at Sakuya.  “What's that look for?  Did you think this was going to be easy?”

“What was that?  I wasn't paying attention, I was thinking about what a pain it's going to be when I take over your job as head maid after I beat you,” she smirked and called her broom and a spell card.  “Blazing Star!” she yelled and erupted out of the lake.  Sakuya moved out to the lake to avoid to attack.

“You missed,” she taunted.

“Is that so?” she smirked.  “Distant Star 'Master Spark!'” she yelled.  The spot where she was started to glow and large beam erupted from underneath Sakuya.  “I've been working on remote access, it's not as powerful, but it gets the job done.”  She flew over to the spot and reached down and grabbed a hold of the Mini-Hakkero.  She grunted as she pulled it up.  “It got stuck from that?” she said brushing off the mud.  There were a few glints behind her, she jumped out of the way as knives struck.

“Witches are suppose to melt when they get wet,” Sakuya said.

“Remilia should have neutered you a long time ago.”

“You're still dirty,” Sakuya said and appeared above her.  She attempted to heel drop her into the lake, but Marisa blocked with the Mini-Hakkero.

“Perverse Love 'Easy-Harvest Master Spark!'” a small beam appeared from the Mini-Hakkero before a larger one burst out pushing Marisa into the lake.

* * *

Deep in the bamboo forest, Alice and Flan were being led by Tewi to Eientei.  The flash of Marisa's attack reached all the way out there.  They all stopped and looked back.

“I've got an uneasy feeling,” Alice said.  “Tewi do you think you can carry her?”

“I don't know if I'm strong enough.”

“I've got it,” Eirin said coming out of the forest.  “We're just right over there,” she pointed in the direction she came from.

“Thank you,” Alice said and carefully handed Meiling to Eirin.  “I'll be back,” she said and took off for the lake.

“I hope not with another patient,” she said with worried look down at Meiling.

* * *

“Hmph, all she managed to do was drown herself,” Sakuya said looking down at Marisa struggling in the mud.  She felt something grab a hold of her shoulder, she looked down and saw two beady eyes staring at her before it exploded.  She staggered in midair and looked around.  There were dolls everywhere.  They all exploded in unison, soot and stuffing flew everywhere obstructing Sakuya's vision.  She heard the splash of water underneath her. 

When everything cleared she saw Alice pulling at Marisa, trying to free her from the mud.  She smirked and pulled out a knife.  As she was about to throw it, there was a blunt hit to her head.  She dropped the knife and turned around.  There was Wriggle, Rumia, Cirno, and Mystia floating there.

Alice rose out of the lake gasping for air.  She rose above Sakuya's level and jerked hard with her right hand.  Looking down, Sakuya saw that she grabbed a hold of Marisa with a badly burned Seattle.  Marisa was freed from the mud and Alice grabbed her and took off for Eientei.  Sakuya started to chase but was stopped when Cirno jumped in front of her.

“Where do you think you're going?  I don't know what's going on but we've got three times more people that you!”  She held up three fingers, “we're gonna win!”

“Cirno,” Wriggle said, “we've got four times more than her.”

“No we don't.  Daiyousei's not here.”

“No, I mean you didn't count yourself.”

“What are you talking about, I'm one person and you make one times more and Mystia is two times more and Rumia is three times more.  That's just three times more.”

“Let it go,” Mystia said patting Wriggle's shoulder.

“Does Cirno have an extra finger?”  Rumia was staring at her hands.

“What?  No, what makes you think that?” Mystia turned to Rumia.  She grabbed her hands and started looking at the too.  “Whoa!  Hey did you guys know Rumia only has eight fingers?”

“This is so stupid!” Sakuya yelled and teleported and kicked Rumia in the gut tossing her far across the lake.

“Yea, we're kind of in the middle of a fight here,” Wriggle sighed.

“Now we've only got two times more people,” Cirno put down a finger.

“Don't start with that!”  Sakuya yelled and threw a knife at her.  Cirno released her Ice Barrier to catch the knife.

“Bout time you attacked, I had that charged and waiting since Wriggle kicked you in the head.”

“Let's see you freeze this!” Sakuya shouted, “Jack the Ludo Blade!”

“I can't use an Ice Barrier in quick succession like that.  You need to use another attack.”

“Use Perfect Freeze!” Wriggle shouted.

“You don't have to yell,” Cirno pouted, “Perfect Freeze!”  All the knives were frozen and shattered.  A red talisman flew and hit Sakuya in the should.

“Does no one say hello anymore?” Sakuya said.

“Do we want to talk about why I was hit in the face with Rumia,” Reimu said coming up over the lake carrying Rumia on her shoulders.

“Look, look!” Mystia grabbed Wriggle's shoulder and started shaking her.  “It's Reimu!  Reimu's here to save us!”

“I see, I see,” Wriggle said.

“Reimu look!” she flew over to Reimu and took off her hat and reached inside, “I have a doll of you!”

“Uhh...that's real cute?” Reimu said scratching the back of her head.  Mystia let out a squeal of flew back over to Wriggle.

“Did you hear that, she said I was cute!”

“Um, right?  Why are you making so much noise this early in the morning and what was that bright flash that woke me up?”

“It was Flan!” Sakuya said trying to grab control of the conversation.  “She escaped and China and that witch and doll maker and these idiots are all helping!”

“That's not exactly true,” someone said from across the lake.

“Wha?  Princess!” Sakuya yelled.

“You left out the part where Remilia gave them her blessing, you nearly ripping Meiling apart, almost drowning Marisa, and trying to stop Alice from saving her,” Kaguya said.

“Also she kicked Rumia into Reimu,” Cirno said.

“You tried so hard to keep a little girl locked up, let's see how you like being a prison!” Kaguya yelled, “Seamless Ceiling of Kinkaku-ji!”

Kaguya released lines of bullets and small burst of bullets.  Without waiting she released a second burst of bullets.  Sakuya was weaving in between the bullets threw the gaps in the lines.  It became too much and she was hit repeatedly until she collapsed in the lake.

“Looks like everything finally caught up with her,” Reimu said looking down at her.

“What do we do with her?” Kaguya asked.

“We can't let her drown,” Reimu said grabbing her out of the lake.

“But she tried to--” Wriggle started.

“I know, but we just can't let her drown.  We'll give her back to the SDM and let them decide,” Reimu said and flew off towards the SDM.

“I wish Reimu would give me a piggy back ride,” Mystia said watching the two fly off.

“I'm going back home if you three want to follow,” Kaguya motioned and they went off.


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After an hour of berating her, Remilia stood over the disheartened maid.  “However,” she bent down and lifted Sakuya's head, “the blame is not entirely on your shoulders.  It's partially my fault as well.”

“What do you mean?” Sakuya asked looking her in the eyes.

“I wasn't take my job as mistress of the SDM seriously enough.  When Koakuma told me you had fairy maids spying on the library staff, I swept it under the rug and ignored it.  But not anymore, from now on I'm taking an active role in the goings on of my mansion!”

Patchouli started laughing to herself.  “You're not without blame yourself,” Remi smirked at her.  “You were just as bad at letting Sakuya do everything for you.  You've gotten lazy and chalk up to your sicknesses.  Not anymore, you are going to start working out.”

“But my sicknesses are my charm point,” Remilia just glared at her.

“Let's go to Eientei.  Sakuya grab my parasol,” she said and started walking for the exit.

“Have fun you two,” Patchouli waved them good bye.

“You're coming too!”

Chapter 22
The Dragon of Flandre

“There, you're all patched up.  Again,” Eirin sighed.  “Stop moving around so much or your wounds will open up.  Again.”

“Hey, Flan,” Tewi waved her over.  “Watch this,” she gently poked Meiling in the rib.  She doubled over in pain, “Now Flan, it's your job to make sure Meiling doesn't move.  If she starts to get up, gently poke her in the ribs like I did, okay?”

“Okay!” she said excitedly.

“That should keep her still,” Tewi said.

Eirin moaned to herself and looked around.  She had to pull out two cots.  Meiling was busy fidgetting in one and Marisa was asleep in another.  Alice was sleeping in a chair next to her.  Mystia and Rumia passed out in the middle of the floor, they were fighting about something earlier.  And Reimu was busy talking with everyone trying to figure out what happened.  Reisen opened the sliding door and stared inside for a couple of moments before closing it and walking away.

“Tewi, go drag her back in here,” Eirin pointed at the door.

“I think I've got it all figured out now,” Reimu said, walking up to Eirin.

“Is that soooooooooo...” Rumia mumbled in her sleep.

“I know what happened!  Sakuya went nuts and killed everyone!” Flan yelled.

“Yea, that's pretty much exactly what happened,” Reimu smiled and nodded at Flan.

“Glad she's smiling again,” Eirin said looking over at her.  “When she came in tears and clutching that doll it was the most heart wrenching scene and she was talking to herself too before Meiling woke up.  That has me a little concerned.  I assume it's natural for someone locked up over five hundred years to come up with an imaginary friend or two, so it'll go away with more exposure to people I'm hoping.”

“So you're saying she should be surrounded by a lot of people?” Reimu asked.

“Yes,” she nodded.

“So where are you guys going to stay?” Reimu yelled over at them.

“Well, umm, Marisa's not using her house right now so we thought there,” Meiling said.  Marisa started mumbling and thrashing around in her sleep.  Alice snapped awake and looked around.  She stretched out and walked over to Reimu and Eirin.

“That's a bad idea, for a few reasons,” Reimu said glancing over at her.

“What's a bad idea?” Alice asked.

“Those two moving into Marisa's house.”

“Yea, you shouldn't do that.  That place is huge a mess and that was before the roof collapsed.”

“You can stay with me.  Suika put up sun blocking curtains in her room, so it's perfect for you two.”

“What about Suika?” Meiling asked.

“She's barely there anymore,” Reimu said looking at the ground.

“Aww, is Waymoo wonley?” Marisa mocked.

“Geh!  How long have you been awake?” Reimu yelled.

“Since I heard my name,” she said.

“And besides, no one leaves me along long enough to get lonely!”  Suddenly her eyes widened, “Ah crap I gotta go.  Sanae said something about getting electricity at my shrine,” Reimu said and bolted for the door.

“When's lunch?” Marisa asked.

“I'm not going to feed you,” Eirin said.  “If you're well enough to walk, then you can get out.”

“You need to work on your bedside ma, ah, ah chrrt, manner,” Marisa said and wiped her nosed on the blanket.  “I almost drowned you know.”

“Fine, you can have some orange juice,” Eirin sighed.  She started looking around and sighed again, “Tewi ran off instead of getting Reisen, didn't she?”

“Probably,” Alice said from Eirin's desk.

“What are you doing?”

“You're desk was so disorganized, it was starting to bug me.”

“Stop that!  It's not disorganized, I know where everything is.  Go get your roommate some juice from the kitchen.  It's the second door on the right,” Eirin said grabbing the papers out of Alice's hands.

“And a steak!” Marisa shouted.


“Steaaaaaaaak,” Rumia said from the floor.


“Tewi and Reisen had the right idea,” Alice said.

“Know what, on second thought, you stay here I'll get the juice.  Meiling, Flan, you two want anything?”

“I'm fine, thanks,” Meiling said.

“I want pudding!”

“Why are you nice, bwaCHU, to them?” Marisa wiped her nose on the blanket again.

“They're not getting snot on my blankets.  Alice, you can take her home anytime you want, you know.”

“But then, she'll be getting snot on my blankets.”

“And stop organizing my desk!”  she opened the door and Remilia, Patchouli, and Sakuya were all standing there.  “More people!”

“I'm dyeing doctor!” Patchy yelled.

“She is not dying, she is just lazy,” Remi said.  “We are here to see my sister and Meiling.”

“Fine, but you,” she grabbed Sakuya, “You're coming with me.”

“Hey Meiling, how are you doing?”Remi said walking in the room.

“Big sis!” Flan said and ran over and hugged her.

“I'm fine, but I can't move,” she said.

“You're paralyzed!” Remi yelled.

“What?  No!  If I move, the wounds could open up.  And not only that,” she looked at Flan.

“I poke her if she moves!” Flan said showing her finger to her sister.

“Hey, is she here?” Meiling asked.

“Yes, Eirin dragged her off somewhere,” Meiling moaned at that.

“Do not moan, she is back to normal now,” Remilia said walking over to her.  “I brought you two something,” she handed them a picture.  “You remember this day?”

She looked at the picture and a huge smile came across her face, Flandre looked at the picture and became very excited.


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The moon hung bright in the sky above an empty field.  There was no noise this night, even the crickets stopped chirping.  The air filled with static electricity as a strange red mist rolled in.  There was suddenly an immense pressure and the mist dissipated.  And in that once empty field stood a mansion.  The front door opened and two figures walked out.

“Patchouli, it looks like that went off without a hitch,” Remilia said looking around.  “We've got lakefront property and everything!”

“So this is Gensokyo,” she said looking out.  “You think this place will be any different for her?”

“We've just got to wait and see what kind of people this place produces.”

“CHIN-CHIN!” a call came out from over the lake.

“I think I'm going to like this place,” Patchy smirked and Remi groaned.

Chapter 23
Vague Recollections of the Meiling Dynasty

A couple of nights after they moved, they received their first visitor.  A tall blonde woman with fox ears and six tails walked in.

“Hey!  Who do you think you are just walking around in my mansion like you own it!” Remilia yelled at the intruder.

“I DO own it!” she said back.

“The hell you do!” Remi said and held her hand above her head and brought it down producing her Gungnir.

“This is my territory, you can't just do as you like on it!” she said and hunched over on all fours.

“I do not believe you, if this was truly your land you would have reacted faster than two days,” she said out loud.  “She looks human enough, but that fighting stance is so bestial,” she thought to herself.

The fox lady lunged, Remilia stopped the attack with her spear.  The fox grabbed it with her hands and started trying to gnaw through it.  Remilia swung hard, throwing her off it.  She flew towards the wall, she flipped at the last second and kicked off the wall towards Remilia.  She stared down the beast, gripping her spear and waiting for her to get into range.  Then she vanished.  Remilia looked around, the fox clawed her arm carrying the spear.  She dropped it and was thrown to the ground.

“Did you think it was going to be easy?” the fox had her pinned.  She reached up above her with her claw.

“Do not underestimate me!” Remilia shouted and transformed into many bats and flew up.  The fox killed a few of them.  She reformed above her, “that all?  There was a human in the outside world who three times that many!  I heard this place was full of strong Youkai, but I guess that was just a lie!”

“You're starting to piss me off!” she yelled and lunged at Remilia again.

“ROYAL FLARE!” the room was engulfed in flames.

“What the hell Patchouli?” Remilia yelled from the ceiling, “You almost hit me!”

“It was my first time using that spell.  And besides you were making a lot of noise up here.  I was trying to read.”

“Never mind that, were did that fox go?”

“She's escaping over the lake,” Patchouli pointed out the door.  “Um, nevermind.”

“What happened?” Remilia said landing beside her.

“She vanished.  What was that all about?”

“She said this was her land, but I do not believe that for a second.”

* * *

It was a few nights later; Remilia and Patchouli were reading in the main foyer.  They had the windows open, listening to the night birds' songs.

“I'm going to light a few more candles,” Patchouli said getting up.  Remilia looked around, there were candles lit all over the place.

“You have got to take care of your eyes, they are not as good as mine you know.”

“BWAHAHAHA!  No one's eyes are as good in front of my power!” someone yelled from above.  They both looked up, in the window sat a woman with pink hair and a pair feathery wings from her back.

“Patchouli, I'm thinking about Roast Duck for Midnight Lunch,” Remilia said looking up.

“Why?  Who's there?”

“Duck!?  I'm no duck!” she yelled.  “You should be like your friend there!  She is humbled before my awesome power that causes NIGHT BLINDNESS!  I am the terror that flaps in the night!  I am the camera flash that blinds you!  I am--”

“A vampire,” Remilia flew behind while she was screaming and whispered in her ear.

“Whose yelling?” Patchy said from the floor.

“Wh, wha, what!?” the sparrow stuttered.

“I am a vampire,” she repeated, “You know THE Lord of the Night!”  She wrapped her arm around her and floated down to the floor.  “Fix that,” she pointed at Patchouli.

“Y,yes ma'am,” she canceled the effect on Patchouli and she stared at her for second.

“Remi, I don't think that's a duck.”

“I wanna go home,” she cried.

“We need a gate guard,” Remi said.

The door was kicked open, “Unhand her!”

“That voice!”  The sparrow cheered, “Meiling, now you're gonna get it!”

“Meiling, huh?” Remilia said and turned to look her over.  She was a tall, imposing person dressed in a green Chinese dress with pants underneath and slippers was walking towards her.  “I do not like it.  Your new name is China.”

“What?” she stopped.  “You can't be serious.  I can't be called China, it would be an insult to the nation for someone such as I to share the same name.”

“Oh no, I'm going to be eaten,” the sparrow cried again.

“Alright, I have a proposition for you,” Remilia said and held the sparrow up to her.  “You came to rescue this duck, right?”

“Yes,” she nodded.

“Not a duck,” she whimpered.

“I want you to become my gate guard.  As it stands now, it is the best course of action for the both of us.  I am tired of people walking in here and you want to protect your friends.  And that is how it will always be.  I can see a lot of compassion in your eyes.  You will always be there to protect your friends, whoever they may be,” she handed the sparrow to Meiling.

“Fine, as long as you remember my name is Meiling,” she took the sparrow and left.

* * *

A few months have passed since Meiling joined the SDM.  And like Remi predicted, she quickly saw Remi and Patchy as friends and put her life on the line for them.  She was friends with the sparrows and fairies and other youkai that wonder around at night.  The gate was pretty busy place.   While the inside was pretty uneventful, for the most part.

Patchy came running up from the library.  She was looking around out of breath.  She couldn't find Remi anywhere, so she went outside to get Meiling.

“What is it?  You never come outside?” she asked.

“There's something in the library!”  she grabbed Meiling's arm and started pulling.  Remilia saw the whole thing from upstairs and met the two in the main room.

“What happened?”

“Something in the library!” she yelled out of breath.  “Might be Flan!”

“It is too early for that!” Remi yelled with a worried expression on her face.

“I don't know what as you two so worked up, but I'm here!” Meiling said and went down the library.  The other two followed behind her in a straight line, “I wonder if this what party leaders feel like,” she thought to herself.

In the library, the looked around and kept there ears open.  There was noise as something hit the ground.  Without thinking, Meiling quickly jumped over to where the sound was.

“Wait, do not startle her!” Remilia shouted.

“We're gonna need a new Gate Guard,” Patchouli said.

“Stop, stop, stop!” there was shouting.  Remilia and Patchouli ran over.  Meiling was carrying someone from the back of their shirt.  She had long red hair with two bat wing for ears and wings coming from her back.

“That is not Flan,” Remi said.  “Who is it?”

“How'd you get in here?” Meiling asked.

“She summoned me!” she pointed at Patchouli.

“No I didn't,” she said.

“Yes, yes you did!  The summon circle is right there!” she pointed at a circle drawn in the ground.

“Oh, that's what that was.”

“Meiling, you can put her down now.  We are sorry for this, but our Magician here did not mean to summon you.  You see, she is more inclined to use spells that she has no idea what they do over spells with actual information,” she shot a look back at Patchy.

“Does this mean I have to go home?  I can be useful, I can help with books and stuff.  When I came here and no one was around I started putting these books up,” she waved her arm motioning to the shelf with all the books.

“That is handy.  I'm always having a heard time finding books cause I never put them back.”

“I hate to encourage laziness, but I do not want to send her back so I guess I have no choice.  I need to assign you a name now,” she looked over the little demon.  “That is it!  Your new name is Koakuma!”

“What?  But that's not my name!”

“It is now, I renamed you just now.”

“Welcome aboard, Koa!” Meiling patted her on the back.

“Good to have you here, Koakuma,” Patchouli said.

The summon circle started to glow and the group got ready to fight.  Two figures rose from the ground.  They were both wearing red dresses.  The tall one's dress was more fancier and she had a capelet as well and her light blue hair fell over her shoulders and she had a small side ponytail held with two hair bobbles.  And the other one had an apron and a maid's headband.  She was also carrying a large number of swords.

“Hello, I am Shinki from Makai,” the tall one introduced herself, “and this Yumeko.  We saw that you recently summoned one of my succubuses and I wanted to check up on that.”

“Succubi,” Yumeko whispered in Shinki's ear.


“The plural of Succubus is Succubi.”

“That's beside the point.  So how's everyone doing?”

“Shinki, they changed my name to Koakuma!”  Koakuma yelled.

“Well, that's for the better.  Your old name had three K's, a Q, no vowels, and an apostrophe.  So I take it, everything is working out fine?”

“Yes,” Patchy nodded.

“I want one of those,” Remilia pointed at Yumeko.

“You can't have that, it's mine.  I'm going to take a lot around now.  I've never been to Gensokyo before,” she said and left with Yumeko.

“I guess I better go back to my post too,” Meiling said and left.

And Patchy, Remi, and Koakuma stayed in the basement for a little while until Shinki came back.  “Enjoy yourself?”  Remilia asked.

“Yes, this is wonderful place.  I may have to come back later,” she said and she and Yumeko disappeared into the summon circle.
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I love this story!


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A long time has passed since the Scarlet Devil Mansion arrived in Gensokyo.  The Gate Guard, the two librarians, and the head mistress quickly grew close to one another.  They were a family, but there were a couple of things missing and no one could put their finger on it.  The peace was nice and they didn't want to disrupt it.  But fate had different plans.

“So, that's were the vampire is,” a silver haired woman stood in front of the gate.

Chapter 24
Scarlet's Castle Dracula

“Who goes there?” Meiling said stepping between the woman and the gate.  Meiling took a good look at the woman, she was wearing rags, her silver hair was stringy and cover her and her sunken face.  It looks like she hasn't eaten in awhile, Meiling thought to herself.

“Rude, you're suppose to introduce yourself first.  But it doesn't matter,” she flipped her hair back revealing bags under her eyes, “I'm here to kill the vampire here and if you stand in my way, I'll have to kill you too!”

She rushed at Meiling.  Meiling simply sidestepped out of the way and the woman fell to the ground.  She yelled and stood back up.  She ran at Meiling again, this time she stood her ground and punched the woman in the gut.  She dropped the knife and doubled over gasping for air.

“I asked for your name,” Meiling said calmly.

“I'” she gasped.


“I said,” she stood back up and let out a big breath, “I'll make a name for myself when I kill the scarlet devil of this mansion!”  She pulled out another knife.  How many knives does she have, Meiling thought to herself.

“That makes twice now,” Meiling held up two fingers, “That you've threaten the life of the mistress.  I can't let that slide.”  The wind blew and Meiling saw determination in the woman's eyes.

Meiling felt something for a split second the woman three knives in each hand.  She threw them, Meiling jumped out of the way, but there were more knives than she anticipated and a couple of them nicked her.

“You're not normal, are you?” Meiling asked, holding her side.

“Normal?  I am above normal, I'm perfect!” she yelled and all the knives on the ground disappeared.  Meiling heard a low grumbling coming from the woman.  It was for a split second, but Meiling could have sworn her face turned red.  Before she could say anything, the sky was filled with knives.  They all rushed forward at Meiling.  She jumped back, but it useless and the knives rushed over her and she fell to the ground.  The woman walked over and look down at Meiling, “I guess that's it,” she said and gathered her knives and went inside the mansion.

Meiling stood up and looked herself over.  “Those knives are really dull.”  She peered at the mansion, “I'm sure Remilia will know what to do with her,” she smiled and propped herself against the wall and watched the mansion.

Inside the mansion, the woman met eyes with Patchouli coming out of the kitchen with a hot bun in her mouth.  “Who are you?” she said, spraying crumbs everywhere.

“Even ruder than your gate guard,” she said and flipped her hair back.  “I am the one who is going to kill the scarlet devil!”

“Did Meiling know that's why you wanted in?”

“Ha, that gate guard out there was weak!  She was nothing before my true power,” she said and pulled out knives.  “Now are you going to stand in my way and die as well?”

“What?” Patchy took a step back.  “You killed Meiling?”  Patchouli started floating.  “I am the master of the seven elements!  You...will,” she started looking out the window.  Meiling was there motioning for her to stop.  The woman turned around and Meiling quickly ducked behind the hedges and started whistling like a night sparrow.

“This is no time to be looking at ducks!  We're in the middle of fight!”

Patchouli started coughing, “Ouch, my anemia!”  She fell down grabbing her stomach.  “Oooh, my anemia.  I'm in position to fight!  If you spare me, I'll lead you to my mistress.”

“It's a good thing you came to your senses and didn't forfeit your life like the gate guard,” the woman said.  “Now lead me to your mistress.”

After they went up stairs, Meiling went inside and followed from a distance.  The door to Remilia's room opened and the woman and Patchouli walked in.  Remilia looked up.

“Good evening, my name is Remilia Scarlet, the head of this mansion.  What might your name be?” she asked.

“I don't have a name yet.  I am here to make one for myself by killing you!”  Remilia looked at Patchouli who just  shrugged.  “Don't look at her for help!  She's on my side, unlike your gate keeper!  Who was no match for me!”

“What!”  Remilia stood up and started approaching the woman.  She stopped when she saw Meiling outside the door waving.  The woman turned around and Meiling hid and whistled again.

“This mansion has a weird obsession with ducks.”

“Patchy,” Remilia said, “You can leave now, we're going to settle this alone.”  Patchouli nodded and walked outside and shut the door.

“She's my servant now,” the woman said.

“We will see about that,” Remilia said and called her spear.  “You want to kill me for a name, is that right?  I can give you name.”

“I'm not going to take a name from you!”  the woman yelled and grabbed knife.

“We will see,” Remilia said smirking.  “Look at you, you're shaking.”

The woman threw her knife and in a split second it became many.  Remilia swept her spear up, blocking most of them and caught three in her spare hand.

“Interesting power you have,” Remilia said and threw the knives on the ground, “Too bad these knives will not cut through butter.”  The woman gripped her knife and ran at Remilia.  She calmly ran her spear through her shoulder.  The woman cried out in pain and Remilia put pressure on the spear, dropping the woman to her knees.

“Am I going to die?” the woman looked up at Remilia.

“Yes,” she answered coldly, she ripped the spear out and dug it in again in another place.

“AHHHHH!” the woman shot up in a strange bed.  A sharp pain was pulsing through her shoulder and chest.  She looked around, the scarlet room was lit with a couple of candles.  Some light was flickering in through the window.  She looked outside and saw a red haired woman playing playing with a couple of fairies and black thing.  Staring at the red haired woman made her head hurt so she turned away.  She saw a blue dress with an apron hanging on the door.  She looked down, she was still in her night gown.  Not seeing anything else, she put on the dress.  She felt something in the pocket and pulled it out.  She looked it over, it was a pocket watch.  She flipped it open and a note fell out.  She bent over to pick it up and read it.

“Good morning, Sakuya,” it read.  Am I Sakuya, the woman thought to herself.  The door creaked open and you lady with a pink dress and short blue hair walked in.

“Good morning, Sakuya,” she said with a kind smile.

“Good morning, Mistress Remilia,” Sakuya responded.

A few months have passed since Sakuya joined the Scarlet Devil Mansion.  Being the only maid in the mansion, she was quickly promoted to head maid.  Under Remilia's supervision, she remodeled the mansion and hired a few fairies to help with the maid work and guard duty.  Everything was going smoothly until Koakuma found a door in the back of the library she couldn't open.

“I flew around looking for Patchouli, but she was nowhere to be found so I came to you since you've been here the longest,” she said to Meiling at the front gate.

“A strange door?” Meiling thought for a second, “I can't remember ever seeing one.  But the mansion is very different from the first time I set foot in there,” Meiling laughed.

“Yes, but this is in a part of the library even Sakuya hasn't touched.”

“Well, let's go check it out!”  Meiling said and ran off towards the mansion.  They walked through the library, past the summoning circle and many bookshelves.  “What's this,” Meiling saw a piece of the wall sticking out covered in dust.  She swiped a little off with her arm, “Flan?” she read.  “Why does that sound familiar?”

“What are you two doing?” someone said from behind.  They turned around and saw Sakuya standing behind them with her arms crossed.

“I think we found Patchy's secret snack storage,” Koakuma said.

“Secret snack storage?”

“We don't know what it is, we can't open the door,” Meiling said.

“Move aside, I'll open it,” she said walking towards the door.

“You sure you can?”  Meiling asked.

“Of course, I'm the head maid!” she proclaimed and placed her hand on the knob.  She twisted, but it didn't open. 

“The door doesn't seem that impressed with your job position,” Koakuma smirked.

“Eh?  It's locked?  You didn't say it was locked!”  Sakuya turned on her.

“What did you think we meant?” Meiling asked.

“Nevermind,” Sakuya said reaching into her headband, “I have the master key!”  She held up a hair pin.  She bent down and peered into the hole and put the hair pin in it.  She stopped time and jimmied the lock open.  It took a few minutes, but to Koakuma and Meiling it looked instantaneous.

“What are you doing!” someone yelled from behind again.  They turned and saw Remilia and Patchouli standing there with worried expressions on their face.  There was a third dark haired person standing behind them.

“It was Sakuya's idea!”  Koakuma yelled and flew behind Meiling.

“C, can I come out?” some asked from the door.  A small girl with blonde hair tied in a side ponytail walked out.  She had a pink dress and a hat similar to Remilia.  She looked over at everyone.  She saw Remilia was holding something.  “What's that thing, Big Sister?”

“That is a camera,” she waved the other person over, “this tengu here is going to take our picture.”

“What's that, Big Sister?”

“It is like portrait, only faster.  That is why we let you out,” Remilia said, “So you can take a picture with all of us.  You remember Patchouli,” she held her arm out.  “That is Sakuya,” she pointed at her, “that is Meiling,” Meiling smiled and waved, “and that is Koakuma.”  She walked over to her sister, “and everyone this is my little sister Flandre.  Come on now, let us go up to the main room.  Patchouli, take Flandre and the tengu up there.  I am going to stay back and talk to these three.”

“Follow me,” Patchouli said and took Flandre's hand and they left the library.

“You're sister?” Sakuya repeated.

“Why is sister locked up?  How long has she been locked up?” Meiling yelled at Remilia.  She glared back at her.

“Do not forget where you stand,” she pointed at Meiling's face.  “You all have no right to go around looking through rooms you do not belong in!  You are suppose to be outside until stated other wise and you two!”  She pointed at Sakuya and Koakuma, “I know you both received orders not to clean past a certain point!”

“S, sorry,” Sakuya and Koakuma bowed their heads.

“Why was she locked up?” Meiling repeated.  “I'm here to protect my friends and I will no be associated with someone who locks people up!”

“It's not like I want to!” Remilia yelled back with tears forming.  “I do not want her locked up either, but it can not be helped.  Her power is too great and her mind is unstable.  I have seen it.  I thought she was better and I let her out.  At first it was great, she was innocently playing when one of her toys broke.  Then she snapped, for a lack of a better word, we lost control of her and, and then,” Remilia started shuddering.  “There was so much of it!  And then everyone was gone, it was just me and Patchouli.”

“When was this?” Meiling asked.

“It was before we came here,” Remilia answered.  She looked up at Meiling and whispered in her ear, “It is too soon now, but if you think Flandre is ready and I agree, you will be fired on the spot.  Agree?”  Meiling nodded.  “Great, now let us get our picture taken.”


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Re: Magical Misdirectional Madventures of Marisa
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“How did I catch a cold?” Marisa asked.  She bundled up in blankets on a cot in Eirin's room.  Flandre and Meiling went to stay with Reimu and the rest of them went back to the SDM.  Alice went to check on the doll store and Rumia and Mystia moved to Meiling's old bed.

“You almost drowned in a lake, that's always cold,” Eirin explained with out even looking back.  She was looking over papers and sighing.  “I told her not to clean up, now I can't find anything.”

“Anyway, I didn't think idiots could catch colds,” Tewi said laughing.

“Smarter than you!” Marisa yelled.

“No yoooouuuuur noooooot,” Tewi said mocking her.

“Smarter than her,” Marisa pointed at Reisen.

“Okay, I'll give you that,”Tewi smirked.

“Hey!” Reisen yelled.

“Quiet!” Eirin yelled.

“How come you can fix deep cuts in a couple of hours, but not the common cold?” Marisa asked.

“It's a mystery,” Eirin sighed.

Chapter 25
Marisa Has A Cold

The sound of a young girl crying was heard from the doll store when Alice walked in.  She looked around and saw a small girl with short brown hair and a blue dress.  Alice sighed and walked over, “What's wrong, little girl?”

“Sh, sh, she wouldn't let me buy anything!” the little girl started crying into Alice's dress.

“Who wouldn't let you?” Alice said looking around.  The store was stocked with three selves full of dolls of famous people of Gensokyo.  Behind the counter she saw Su-san floating out of place.  “Medicine!”  Alice yelled.  “Get out here!”

“What,” Medicine said walking out from around the counter pouting.

“I've told you stop interfering with my business, get out!” she pointed at the door when something caught her eye.  Her palm gripped her face, “and stop trying to sell Kogasa.”

“You just don't understand what it's like to be thrown away!  To want to be played with, knowing that day will never come.  The grudge you gather from the years of abandonment.  I must stand strong and never abandon another abandoned person like myself!”

“Then sell yourself,” Alice said, completely unamused with the speech she's heard many times by now.

“I don't think anyone would want to buy that, it stinks,” Mokou said.

“Why you human!” Medicine yelled and jumped at Mokou.  Mokou caught her, by the head and held her out at arms length while she struggled to hit her.

“When did you get here?”

“About halfway through her speech,” she held up Medicine.  “What's with the girl?”

“Medicine wouldn't sell her a doll.”

“Why would you hire Medicine to work here?”

“I didn't.”  She turned her attention to the girl, “What doll did you want?”

“Umm, that one,” she pointed to a Cirno doll on the floor.  Alice walked over and picked it up and dusted it off and handed it to her.

“Here, for all the trouble you can just have it.”

“Thank you,” she bowed and left.

“Look at that, you can be nice,” Mokou mocked.

“Oh like you're one to talk,” Alice said noticeably embarrassed.  “Why are you here anyway?”

“I was bored.  Like half the kids showed to class today.  Keine is real boring without Rumia or Cirno to play off of,” Mokou sighed.

“Their class isn't a two man show,” Alice said with a weird look.

“That's the same thing Keine said when I told her.”

“You weren't so much bored as you were kicked out, huh?”

“Yea,” she sighed.

“Excuse me?” Kogasa tapped Mokou on the shoulder.

“Oh holy hell!” Mokou yelled and threw Medicine back at her.  “How long have you been back there!?”

“A couple of day,” she said and then looked up suddenly, “Did I do it?  Did I surprise someone!?”

“N, no!  I wasn't scared!  You just surprised me is all!” Mokou said, crossing her arms.

“She didn't ask if you were scared,” Alice said.

“Hey!  Don't throw me human!”  Medicine said at Kogasa's feet.  “If it wasn't so late, I'd show you!  Come on, Kogasa.”  Medicine and grabbed Kogasa's hand and left.

“It's barely past noon,” Alice said looking at the clock on the wall.  “So, do you want something?”

“Not really, I'm just bored,” Mokou said and leaned against the wall beside the door.

“Go bug the shrine maiden then,” Alice said and went behind the counter.

“That's no way to talk to a customer.”

“You're not a customer.”

“Fine I want that one,” she pointed at shelf.  Alice looked at where she was pointed.

“No,” Alice responded quickly after seeing it was Kaguya doll.  “I'm not going to sell you a doll just so you burn it.  I'd never hear the end of it from Medicine.”

“Not that one, the horny Keine one,” she said.  Alice turned back to look, there was a were-hakutaku on the shelf next to Kaguya.

“'Horny Keine?'” Alice repeated.

“Don't tell her I said that.  She'd kill me,” Mokou laughed.

“Right,” Alice rolled her eyes and grabbed the doll.  It was the only one she made and has been setting there for months.  “How will you be paying?”  Alice asked.

“Yen,” Mokou said, reaching into her pocket.

“That will be 2000 then,” Alice handed the doll over and took the money.

“How much time did that buy me?”  Alice just sighed and went back to put the money in the cash register.

The door opened and Cirno walked in looking around.  “Where's Marisa?  I've been looking everywhere; her house, her other house, the bottom of the lake, and here.”

“Why would she be at the bottom of the lake?” Mokou asked.

“She's still at Eirin's,” Alice explained.

“Why is she at Eirin's?  And why aren't you at school?”

“We were playing hide and seek in the forest and then Meiling came and gave away Wriggle's position and we found Wriggle and won and then Marisa exploded and then we went to check it out and then she drowned and we beat up Sakuya and then Sakuya beat up Rumia and then Rumia and Reimu fusioned and beat up Sakuya!  And then Mystia got mad cause she wanted to fuse with Reimu and they beat each other up and then I left to look for Marisa and I went to her house and then I went to her other house then I looked in the lake and then I came here!”

Alice and Mokou just stared at Cirno for a second while their brains processed all of that.  “If I got this right, Marisa is being held captive by Kaguya and her goons?”

“What?  We've got to go rescue her!” Cirno yelled and ran outside.

“You coming?” Mokou asked.


“She'd come for you,” she smirked.

“We both know she's not held captive, you just want an excuse to fight Kaguya.”

“Yea I am!” Mokou said and took off after Cirno.

Alice sighed and reached under the counter to pull out her records.  She wrote down that she gave away a free Cirno doll and sold the were-hakutaku Keine doll.  The door opened and the visitor said, “Good afternoon.”  Alice looked up and saw Keine herself standing there.  “Have you Mokou by any chance?”

“Yes,” Alice said turning her attention back to the book.

“Do you know where she is?”

“Yes, but you're not going to like it.” she answered without looking up.  Keine let out a deep sigh, knowing what that meant and left for Eientei.

Alice took a look around her shop.  She went to the shelf where Keine was and pulled a Tewi doll upfront to make a straight uninterrupted line.  She looked around for anything else unorganized before heading into the back room. 

The back room was lit with a couple of candles.  There was a table in the middle and many stools of cloth aligned neatly against the wall and sink against the far wall.  She took out Seattle and put it on the table.  It was scorched from the fight with Patchouli, and the clothes were burned off but the doll itself was still intact.  She ran some water and scrubbed the doll down.  While she was doing that, she had Shanghai take out some black and white cloth.  The Shanghai doll cut out the pieces of cloth and Alice finished scrubbing Seattle clean.

She walked over to the pieces and began sewing them into a black dress.  When she finished, she had Shanghai hold the doll up as she put the dress on it.  She took the dolls and walked into the main room.  She looked at the clock and decided it was time to head home.  Outside the shop she ran into the little girl.

“Umm, my mom said to give these to you,” the little girl said and held a bag up.  “It's cookies.”

“Uh, tell your mother thanks,” Alice said and took the bag.  The girl became embarrassed and ran off. “Homemade cookies,” she said opening the bag and pulling one out.  She took a bite, “Tastes different from what I was expecting.”

The lights of her house were on, she sighed and opened the door expecting to see Marisa.  “Yo,” a different voice answered.  She looked up and saw Mokou setting on her couch. 

“You won't believe what happened,” Marisa said coming out of the kitchen.

“Keine came and yelled at us and kicked me out for the night.  Marisa said I could stay here.”

Alice turned to Marisa who had a big goofy smile on her face.  “Why didn't you offer your house!”

“I'm sick, my house was too far,” Marisa forced a cough.

“Your house is right over there!” Alice pointed outside.

“Hey what's in that bag?” Marisa tried to change the subject.

“Cookies from a customer,” Alice sighed, giving up.  “You can have them, I don't have to eat after all.”  Alice said and threw the cookies to Marisa.

“Even if you don't have to eat, it's good to.  I went two weeks with out eating once to see if I could and when I finally did eat something, the pain in my stomach was unbearable.  It took three hours before I could take a bite out of something again and another couple of hours after that before I could eat normally,” Mokou laughed.

“And I did make something though,” Marisa said heading back to the kitchen.  Alice followed her.

“I don't remember having anything to make Lasagna,” Alice said looking over the plate.

“We swiped it from Eientei,” Marisa said, looking quite proud of her self.

“Of course you did,” Alice sighed and took a seat at the table.  “I guess Mokou is right, might as well enjoy it.”


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Re: Magical Misdirectional Madventures of Marisa
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Reimu lead Meiling into a dimly lit room.  There were a couple of small beds and dressers and a thick curtain blocking the sun.  “Like I said earlier, this is where Suika used to stay.  I tidied up a little a bit and moved in another bed.  I also found a couple of dressers in town yesterday.  And we now have electricity,” Reimu walked over and flipped a switch on the wall and the entire room lit up.  “So what do you think?”

“Flandre, what do you think?” Meiling turned around, “Flandre?”

“Did she run off?” Reimu asked.

“It looks like it.  You'll have to excuse her, everything is new to her,” Meiling bowed and ran to look for her and Reimu followed.

“WOW!” a loud exclamation came from behind the shrine.  Reimu and Meiling ran outside.  They saw Flandre standing at the edge of the pound looking in.  The top of the water started rising and Genji the Turtle popped out.

“So that's where you've been,” Reimu said looking at him.

“You mean to say you don't know I've been back here?” Genji had a look of shock on his face.

“Nope, I had no clue where you disappeared to,” Reimu said bluntly.  Genji let out a large sigh.  Reimu looked around a little bit before asking, “Is Mima down there too?”

Genji just stared at her for a second before turning around, “Jeez, we don't talk for who knows how and long and that's the first thing you ask!  I'm going back down.”

“No need to get that bent out of shape,” Reimu muttered.

Chapter 26
Turtle Soup

Back in Flandre and Meiling's room, Flan was hopping on one of the beds.  “This one's really soft!”

“Stop hopping on the bed,” Meiling motioned for her to stop.

“I wouldn't worry too much.  That was Suika's old bed.  If it can handle her, I'm sure it can handle Flan.”

“I'm not worried about the bed,” she said looking at Flan.

“You're not going to turn into one of those over protective types like Ran are you?”

“This is different, everything is new to her.  She needs to be extra careful,” Meiling said with a fixed gaze on Flan.

“I'm coming in!” someone yelled from the front.

“Well, you two get moved in.  I'm going to see who that is,” Reimu waved and left.

In the front of the shrine, Sanae was waiting on her.  “I brought some food from my shrine,” she held up a bag in her hand.

“I keep saying you don't have bring over food,” Reimu sighed, but glanced over the bad.

“Your mouth keeps saying that, but your eyes give you away,” Sanae giggled.  She suddenly stopped and looked behind Reimu.  She turned around and saw Meiling walking down the hallway.

“Heh heh, sorry I had to know who it was,” Meiling said scratching the back of her head with a sheepish expression.

“Oh, you have a guest?” Sanae said.

“Yes, they're going to be staying here awhile.” she turned back around to Sanae.

“They?” she repeated.  She turned and looked up at the sky and then back at Meiling, “You know it's getting kind of late.  By the time the food and everything is finished, it'll be too late to head back up the mountain.  I better stay too.”

She walked into the kitchen from the main entrance.  The shrine was set up with the living room taking up the majority of the front and a kitchen on the side with a window between them.  The living room had a small coffee table mats laid around it with a television against the wall.

“I've been meaning to ask, what is that?” Meiling pointed at the TV.

“It's a uhh,” Reimu thought for a second, “Television.  Apparently they're really popular in the outside world.  This is one the kappas made.  There is only three working ones found outside the kappa village.”  Reimu said looking quite proud.

“What's it do?”

“I have no idea.”

Meiling walked up to it and hit a button.  It flickered on and a blue screen with the words, “No Signal” appeared in the corner.

“What does that mean?” Meiling said panicking.  Sanae sighed and came out of the kitchen.  She walked over and turned it off.

“You really should get that gap youkai to give you cable from the outside world,” she said.

“I'd rather not get her involved in anything,” Reimu said and sat down on a mat.

“You need help in there?” Meiling yelled in the kitchen.

“No, I'm fine,” she answered.

Meiling started pacing around the living room and Reimu watched from her spot.  “You need to take it easy and relax.”  Meiling nodded and sat down across from Reimu.  She stood up half a second later.

“I'm going to go look around outside,”she said and left.

“She has more energy than I thought,” Reimu stretched out.

Outside the shrine, Meiling sat down and put her back against the red entrance way.  She let out a large relieved sigh, “This more like it.”  She closed her eyes for a second.

“Heeeeeey!” there was shouting from the shrine that woke her up.  “Dinner's ready,” she look up and saw Reimu shouting from the door.  Meiling stood up and dusted herself off.  “I don't get you, you'd rather sleep outside.”

“I guess I got used to it,” Meiling shrugged.  They walked inside and there was a bunch of food on the table.  Sanae was up getting everything ready.  “Where's Flan?”

“Iounno,” Reimu shrugged.

“I'll go get her,” Meiling said and went in the back of the shrine.  From the hallway she heard voices coming from Flan's room.

“It's no different here!” a angry voice yelled.

“They're just going to leave us here too?” a sad voice mumbled.

“No you're both wrong!  It's going to be different now!  Everything's going to work out!” an upbeat voice interjected.

“That's what you always say,” the angry voice barked.

“She's right,” Meiling heard Flan's voice, “this time the door's not locked!  We can come and go as we please.  It's different!”

Meiling reached the door and slid it open.  There were four Flan's setting on the beds talking to each other.

“Dinner's ready,” Meiling said with a smile.

“I told you,” the happy one smiled and went back to the main Flan.

“Hmph,” the angry one scowled and went back.

“Is it really going to be different,” the sad one looked down before going back.

“Yea, it's going to be different,” Reimu came up behind Meiling.  “You don't have to talk with yourself anymore, there's others to listen now.  So come on, let's go.  There's people waiting on you.”

“People?” Meiling asked.

“You'll see,” Reimu smiled and went back to the living room.

“Come on,” Meiling grabbed Flan's hand and they went to the living room.

Everyone from the Mansion was there.  Sakuya was trying to help Sanae set everything up.  Patchouli was already eating the snacks laid out and Koakuma was sneaking healthier food onto her plate.  Remilia and Reimu were standing there waiting on her.

“Welcome home,” they said.

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