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Changing Winds of Illusion: A Touhou Spinoff
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I posted this on a little bit ago, and decided I should give the people here the chance to read it, as well, should they not frequent that site. While this story is far from complete, I am nearing the finish of Stage 1 (Chapter 1, I suppose) as I write this.

I would more than love feedback on the story, as well as where you'd like to see it go (though save this part until after you've read Stage 1, otherwise you won't even know much of the premise). I've only really planned out a few things - such as the Stage 1, 4, 5, and 6 bosses, and the Stage 1 and 5 miniboss, so it's pretty openended - that is usually my writing style, after all. I keep what few details positively must happen as concrete, and usually just make up what else happens along the way as I write it, as long as those points that need to exist do.

While I was originally going to write this story from Marisa's perspective, as she is the main character in the beginning, though I'm not sure how long that will last, in the end, it became a joint story between Keine and Aya - the recorder and the one who knows the past - as they're the most likely to overcome an illusion that changes what people think has happened.

Reimu, will most likely not be a protagonist, and if she is, only at the very end.

I know the prologue is short, but bear with me - it's not supposed to be long, just to set up a base for the rest of the fiction.

As said earlier, this is partially Aya's story, so her main roles will be shown in the production of the Bunbunmaru - prologue, epilogue though her view, and at various points inbetween reading about what she's up to in the newspaper, while the actual stages will be written in Keine's perspective.

If someone acts out of character in a way that the illusion would not have caused, please let me know, as my main problem with writing this story has been keeping characters as themselves, and that is what caused me to abandon Marisa as the viewpoint - because I just couldn't write her well.


Gensokyo? an illusion world where the impossible is possible, a separate world cut off from that of Earth. And, in this world where anything is possible, order is kept by a lone house of shrine maidens.

   Hakurei Reimu. The last living member of the Hakurei family, and the guardian of the border between Gensokyo and Earth. Her spellcard system allowed the troublesome youkai who lived there a chance at causing incidents - but also made those incidents able to be stopped more easily.

   However, this failed to calculate in what would happen if there was no one to stop it?

------------- Changing Winds of Illusion -------------

Prologue: Bunbunmaru Shinbun vol.1

Shameimaru Aya sighed, plopping down in her chair. It had been a hectic day, flying everywhere to get the latest scoop. While she had managed to snap a few pictures, they weren?t enough to really write a good story off of, and the newspaper should be going out tomorrow?

She sighed, looking around. Momiji was nowhere to be found? again. Aya hadn?t seen her in a few days, and it wasn?t like her to just up and disappear. Something felt off?

The crow tengu shot up, sensing it now. The strange feeling had nothing to do with Momiji. Something was approaching, and fast? A strong power, one that could even surpass her own?

There was a flash of blue, and she fount herself wondering just what had gotten her all riled up. The newspaper was due tomorrow? and if she didn?t complete it? Hakurei would?

Aya shuddered, no longer sensing anything. She didn?t want to think about the consequences if she couldn?t get enough people to buy the newspaper?

The blue light swept over Gensokyo, and this trend continued. The sudden burst of fear as  they felt an overwhelming power? and then, the next moment, nothing.

As the light dissipated, Gensokyo wasn?t the same anymore?

And not one person knew it had changed.