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Sojourns Across a Ruined World
« on: February 08, 2010, 07:44:34 pm »
(This is an original work, AKA no Touhous were involved or harmed in the making of this thing. This is contains original charcters and plotlines. Seeing as how this is a literary place, might as well put it here, you know. Anyhow, without further ado, the story)

Ch 1

The year is MP 3000, nuclear war has destroyed the world of Arios. Humanity was all but destroyed, with small pockets of life left, centered around small patches of suprisingly clean water scattered throughout the wastes. Over the centuries, humanity had to rebuild itself all over again. As havens from the harsh sands of the wastes, small communities rose around the oases. As more people came in, the communities grew, soon becoming cities that rose out of barren and desloate wastes.

Of course, as is the nature of the primal man, these cities-states would fight each other over valuable resources. The scrubber plants built near the black seas would be highly contested territories amongst the large city states. However, life managed to flourish in the desolate, ruined world. Small villages and towns lived in relative peace and isolation, safe from the bickerings of the large cities states. the caravans would bring in supplies and trade with the villages. With the caravans came stories of the world beyond the horizon, tales of shimmering cities and titanic, metal beasts roving the wastes.

This is the world that young Sensina Aquarosa was born into. The year is now MP 4120.

It was the time of year again where the caravans would make their way to the town. All the children were rushing to the bar, as they had heard that a man with a guitar was playing. They all enjoyed the stories that the caravans brought with them.

The man wore a hat with a large brim. His long coat was openned up slightly to cool himself off in the shade of the bar. Idly strumming, he looked up to see the children coming towards him.

"Hello young ones." he said with a corse yet gentle voice " What could I do for you?"

"Tell us a story, mister!"

"Yeah, come on mister, please tell us a story!"

The man chuckled as he scratched his stubble of a beard "Alright alright, take a seat." The cildren sat down in a half circle around the man as he strummed his guitar. They looked on, their ears thirsting for another tale from beyond the dunes.

"Let me tell you a story of the great machines that ride across the dunes. There are many kinds of machines, ranging from ones the size of this building to ones that would dominate the land. These machines stand out from the horizon, their great figures casting an enormous figure across the landscape. Some of them carry great treasures and precious things, like water or rare foods."

"Didn't people want to go after these treasures, mister?"

"Of course, and they did. People known as Wastelanders, Ruffians, or even Pirates sought these precious treasures. Of these Wastelanders, however, there are some that catch the attention of the rulers of the shimmerng mountains. One of these people is the Pirate Robert Saladin. Once, in his metal beast, he took on three other mechaical titans and escaped from harm, taking with him the water he liberated."

"Wow! How did Robert escape those other guys?!"

"You see, Roberts machine was the fastest in all the land. No one could catch it, even if he was trapped." The children let out a collective "WOW!!" as the man stummed the guitar once again. "I think that's enough for today, little ones."

"Aw, please mister, could you tell another."

"Well, your parents wouldn't like you staying out so late. See, the sun is setting. Don't worry guys, I'll be here tomorrow."

The children dispersed as the man with the guitar continued to play the guitar. Sensina went back to her family and dreamed of adventure on the dunes of the wasteland... 

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Re: Sojourns Across a Ruined World
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2010, 07:55:56 pm »
Ch 2

A number of years have passed, and Sensina has grown into a fine young woman. Her friends continue to live their lives and help their parents with work around the town. Sensina herself is in charge delivering the milk to her friends. Life continues the way it has for the last 20 years. The year is now MP 4132.

Sitting on top of the roof was Tim Loreins, the son of the brewer at the village. He was staring off into the sands beyond, or more notably, the large metal beast standing outside the village. It appeared a few days ago as the people were going about their life. Men approached Tim's father, asking to purchase drinks in exchange for some weird plant things. The exchange was supposed to occur the next night.

"Thought I'd find you up here, Timmy." Sensina climbed up to the roof and sat next to Tim.

"Sen, if your going to ask me to let you come along for the exchange, the answer is no."

"But why?" Sensina used her puppy dog eyes on Tim, but he sat adamant.

"Cause you're going to do something weird again."

"Oh come on, that was one time. ONE TIME!"


"Haven't you ever wondered what it was like outside the village. That's all we've ever known, just this place. Don't you want to go and see the world?"

"Well, not really. It's pretty dangerous out there."

"Oh come on, where's your sense of adventure, man?"

"Really, I'm not interested in adventure, I just want to live a normal life."

"Fine fine, up to you. Just, why are you up here anyways?"

Tim sighed and looked up at the stars. "I just find the night sky relaxing, you know?" He turned to Sensina "Sen, please, whatever you do, just don't get caught ok?"

"Huh? I have no idea what your talking about." She said as she looked off into the distance.

The next day, the exchange went on without a hitch, but Sensina was nowhere to be found...
Re: Sojourns Across a Ruined World
« Reply #2 on: February 08, 2010, 08:45:55 pm »
Not Bad, Keep it up.  :D
Comment Me OK. :D

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Re: Sojourns Across a Ruined World
« Reply #3 on: February 10, 2010, 02:28:31 pm »
Ch 3

Sensina openned the crate and snuck out. Before her was a vast room, filled with crates and covered things. Remembering the stories she heard long ago, Sensina recognized it as a "cargo bay". Although, that was not as interesting as the furry creature before her.

The orange cat lapped up some of the beer from a bottle that was openned and tipped over. It looked up at Sensina and mewed happily. From the look on it's face, it might be drunk or something.

"An alchoholic cat?" Sensina was quite confused. She never knew cats could actually like alcohol, much less get drunk. Still, it seemed pretty funny.

"Dammit," a gruff voice said, "is that blasted cat getting into the alcohol again?" Someone was coming, no doubt they would find Sensina. In a silent hurry, Sensina grabbed the cat and snuck away. The guard, a rough cut man with a long gun, looked around and noticed the openned bottle of beer.

"I swear..." The guard muttered to himself, "That cat's going to be the death of me."

Sensina crept past the guard and reached the door. Slipping through the metal door, she looked down the long corridors. The floor was made up of grates and panels, letting one see the pipes and cables with ease. Along the walls were sheets of metal, which looked like it was haphazardly put in place.

In short, it looked nothing like Sensina had imagined. All in all, though, she was amazed. Despite the wear and tear, everything was a new experience. The cat in her arms nuzzled her as it got comfortable. Sensina looked down at the cat, looking for a collar for some sort of name.

"'Marx', huh?" Sensina examined the tin name tag. "What a weird name. Marx."

As she walked down the corridors to see the rest of her new enviroment, her wanderings were abruptly interupted by a couple of rough looking men with guns rounding the corner.

"Oi! What are you doing here?!"

Instinctively, she made a break for it. The sounds of hammers hitting metal echoed in Sensina's ears. Red lights began flashing as an alarm rang out. She ran blindly, trying to escape her pursuers. More appeared, barring her path. Hastily, she turned down another corner before she was tackled.

"Noo! Let me go!" Sensina screamed as she struggled underneath the man that tackled her. A man in a white robe suddenly put a cloth over her mouth. She felt her mind begin to slip off into quiet as her eyelids became heavy

"Shh shh, just breath in deeply" The man said calmly as Sensina's movements died down.

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Re: Sojourns Across a Ruined World
« Reply #4 on: August 19, 2010, 03:35:51 am »
(Return to life!)

Ch 4

When Sensina awoke, she was laying on some sort of bed. The material felt very smooth, almost like her mother's hands. She could hear men talking just beyond the door.

"So, why aren't we throwing her into the brig like the one's we've found before?" one voice questioned.

"I don't know, the captain wanted to see her personally or something."

"Personally? Whatever for?"

"Hell if I know, man. Not my place to question what the cap'n does girls."

"Although, it's pretty damn interesting, huh?"

"True dat!" a clink of metal soon followed the comment.

Sensina looked around the room. There were various weapons and pieces of cloth laying about the room. Next to the bed, Marx laid silent, probably sleeping of the alcohol she drank. She also saw a bunch of things that she had never seen before, new and unusual trinket, probably obtained during an adventure.

"Ah, Captain Soguyien, she's inside." a voice said. The metal door openned wide, allowing Sensina a glimse through the door.

The captian was nothing as Sensina had imagined. Her wavy, black hair came down to the small of her back. Her figure was rather impressive, despite the fact that half of it was hidden behind clothes. Her skin was slightly tanned; it seemed to have a golden quality about it. Her face was gentle, yet stern.

"Is this her?" She asked one of the guards.

"Yes, ma'am. She was caught near the cargo bay, we think she may have snuck in through there. The cat was with her as well."

"I see. You may return to your original posts." The woman commanded. The two men departed as the captain closed the door behind her. She said nothing as she studied the stowaway.

Sensina fidgeted under her gaze. What was it that this woman was lookng for. The two of them only looked at eachother. The silence seemed to go on for a while until Sensina spoke up.

"U-um..." Her thought was interupted by the captain walking up to her. She held Sensina's chin and looked at her face as though she was assaying a piece of fruit.

"Who are you?" The woman asked.

"Sensina Aquarosa."

"How old are you anyways? You look like you barely crawled out of school or something."

"Er... about twenty migration cycles."

"Twenty years..." the captain muttered. "SO, what exactly are you doing on my ship?"

"I...I just wanted to have an adventure..."

The captain looked into Sensin'a eyes quizingly "Soo... you're not just some stowaway trying to get some water, huh?"

Sensina nodded slightly, a little afraid as to what might happen next. This woman was very scary.

"Well, if it's an adventure you want, stick around me, kid."

"E-eh? You're not going to throw me out or anything?"

"Nah. I had the same look in your eyes when I was your age. I think you'll be a great addition to the crew." The woman put her arm around Sensina's shoulders roughly. "There's adventure practically everyday, you know. By the way, name's Captain Ria Soguyien."

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