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Touhou 2012 - the end is near *Chapter 2 finished*
« on: November 19, 2009, 01:14:02 pm »
Here we go, the introduction to a Touhou-version of the world-end-movie '2012'.
Some small notes beforehand:
-Please don't get discouraged by all the text, it's really easy to read. It's just that I write a lot more than planned once I start typing.
-This is my first ever fanwork and not in my mother tongue at that.
-This is no crossover, it's more that I took the opening scene of the movie and made it play in Gensokyo
-The physical explanations might be way off, but this is Gensokyo we're talking about, right?

More Notes:
-I edited the text a bit, I hope it's easier to read now
-From chapter 2 on, I don't stick to the '2012' movie anymore, only the world-end-scenario stays, which is for the better becuase it gives me more freedom

So, let's start. I hope you will enjoy it.

Chapter 1

It was a warm summer day, when Yukari received an urgent call from Nitori to come to her research lab deep below the Youkai mountain. It was a lab that Nitori had been allowed to build so that she wouldn't trouble the other inhabitants of Gensokyo with her experiments as it had happened before. The equipment that Nitori was using mainly consisted of material that Yukari had gappd for her from the outer world or that she had found at Kourindou. It was due to that involvement in the creation of the lab that Yukari had become kind of a supervisor for Nitori and that it was her that the kappa would call whenever there was trouble.
Now Yukari was flying through the long tunnels that lead deep into the earth. It was warm outside already, but the temperature in the tunnel was even higher and made her sweat.
'Where's Cirno when you need her' she thought, and her mind played with the idea of gapping her as an air conditioner, but she decided it would be better not to let that obnoxious fairy-brat near hight-tech equipment. She soon reached the giant barrier sealing the actual research area. It had been set up by the Hakurei shrine maiden, that had been more than willing to help when she was asked to lend a hand in the construction of the lab. Yukari suspected that this willingness was due to the fact that Reimu liked the idea of having a facility that could blow up anytime right beneath the Moriya family's shrine that she hated so much.
When she entered the lab, Yukari wondered why she had been summoned by the kappa. There didn't seem to be any exploded machinery around and she didn't notice anything burning as had happened several times before. Just then someone called out to her.
"Yukari-sama!". It was the voice of Nitori, who came running from the back of the area wearing a white lab coat and glasses that made her look highly intellectual when in fact she was more of a mad scientist.
"Yukari-sama, please come with me at once. It's terrible."
Without waiting for a response she turned around and made her way through the labyrinth of cables, monitoring devices and other machinery standing, lying and sometimes even flying around.
'What the hell did she do this time' Yukari wondered and followed her. 'I just hope we can get this over with quickly, I can't stand this heat. Wait...heat?'
Yukari frowned. She remembered the tunnels being hot all year round, but the research area itself? Didn't Nitori herself tell her that the machinery mustn't overheat and that therefor there was air-conditioning on all the time? Then, why was it so hot in here now?
"Um, Nitori...about the heat" she started, but was immediately abrupted by the kappa.
"Yes, Yukari-sama, that's the problem. You'll see soon for yourself. Please come here."
Following after Nitori she soon reached a large metal hatch in the ground that seemed to hide a tunnel leading even deeper into the ground. The kappa opened it and started to descend into the dark below.
While they were going down Nitori started explaining.
"Yukari-sama, you may never have heard of it, but there are smal particles in this world called 'neutrinos'. They don't have a mass, they're just pure energy. Neutrinos are for example created by eruptions on the sun and then form in a cloud that can hit the earth and therefore Gensokyo as well. Normally those neutrinos pas through matter without effect, but....recently we have been measuring neutrinos that affected matter, effectively heating it up to the point of melting. And a few days ago there has been the largest eruption on the sun that has ever been witnessed, sending a giant cloud of neutrinos to the earth that might be strong enough to melt the plaent's crust and cause unknown disasters."
Yukari was shocked, which was unusual for her.
"Is this the reason for the heat in here? So you're saying that the world is going to be destroyed? Why didn't you tell me earlier, we have to do someth..."
"NO! That's not the problem!"
"What? But you just said..." Yukari was confused.
"I said all this because it takes so long to go down this tunnel. Look, it takes almost ten minutes, so by telling you something interesting that time went by a lot faster. Isn't that nice?"
"So you were lying?"
"Not really, what I was just explaining is true for the outside world, but it won't affect Gensokyo. Soon Gensokyo might be the only world left on this planet."
"So, what about the heat here? Is it just that your air-conditioning broke, or what?" Yukari started to become angry at the kappa for worrying her like that.
"Well, no, if things go badly, Gensokyo might meet the same fate as the outside world."
"But I think you can prevent it Yukari-sama. You'll see soon."
As she said they reached the bottom of the tunnel and the kappa opened another door in front of them. The room they were standing in now was a small square room that was empty safe for another single hatch in the middle. several cords and pipes were coming from it and disappearing into the walls and ceiling. Yukari noticed that the heat had become almost unbearable.
"This is..." she started.
"This is the reason I called you, Yukari-sama. I call it the 'reactor'. I built it so I could make use of the earth's innermost energies and convert them into electicity for my machines. Because, you know, always having to ask Iku-san for some thunder every time I run out of energy is troublesome so I would rather have an own and infinite source..."
"So, what exactly is wrong with it?"
Yukari didn't want any more explanations, but the kappa wouldn't stop.
"You see, inside the reactor is ahole that leeds deep underground. So deep that if you went to the bottom there wouldn't be solid earth anymore, but melted lava. And there, deep down, nuclear fusion produces infinite amounts of raw energy that could run my research forever. But, of course, it's impossible to use it as it is, so I needed a kind of 'converter' to make it appliable for my lab, and well, it seems the 'converter' is acting a bit...funny."
With those words the kappa started to turn the wheel on top of the hatch in order to open it. Slowly and with screeching sounds the wheel turned around one time after another. Steam started to rise from the cracks that were opening and then, with a final turn, the hatch was completely unlocked. The kappa signaled Yukari to come closer and fully opened the hatch. Another big burst of steam arose, engulfing both Nitori and Yukari. As the steam started to clear Yukari stared at the inside of the hole the hatch had sealed. She was afraid of what she might see in there. Nitori's words had made an image form in her mind, but she hoped she was wrong. Even this mad kappa scientist wouldn't be capable of tha.....
Or would she?
The last bit of steam cleared away and Yukari stared at the hole. Inside was a person she had seen before, trapped inside what seemed to be a cage. The person was wearing green and white clothes and had black wings on her back. But the red stone on her chest, shaped like an eye, was what made her identy 100% clear. In her mouth she had several boiled egs that she was munching on, and she was holding several more in her hands.
"Your 'converter' is Utsuho!?"
Yukari turned to Nitori, angry and confused.
"Yes she is. Is there anyone else here that could fulfill that role?"
The kappa seemed surprised at Yukari's reaction.
"With her powers I can transform the raw energy an then transport it to my lab via these cables. The concept is perfect but it seems there's something wrong with it. And that's where I need your help, Yukari-sama."
Yukari was at a loss of words.
"You know, there's a lot of things wrong with keeping a person caged down here and using her as an energy converter. I'm pretty sure she's not even here by her own will."
"Oh no, that's not it. She clearly stated that it was completely alright for her to give away part of her freedom in the name of science" Nitori stated.
At the same time Utsuho was shaking her head with tears in her eyes, as if to say 'She's lying!'. Yukari nodded to her, signaling 'I will get you out of there' and stared at Nitori again.
"You know, I'm pretty sure you somehow lured her down here but let's leave the details for now. Did you honestly think that you could get away with kidnapping, confining and abusing her? If Satori were to know of this, she would gather all of hell to get that girl back. And now you're wanting me to help you because she doesn't want to cooperate?"
Yukari started to get seriously mad at the kappa.
"No, that's not it" Nitori said, but Yukari wasn't listening.
"Did you even think about what you were doing? If Reimu were to find out about this, she would crash this place and the whole mountain with it."
She pointed at Utsuho, who was starting to shake in fear at the thought of Reimu
"Ask her, she experienced that shrine maiden's wrath before."
"I SAID THAT'S NOT IT!" The kappa yelled.
"I don't need you to convince her to cooperate, I have my own methods of doing that. Didn't you listen before? I said that Gensokyo might suffer the same fate as the outside world. You noticed the heat, right?"
Nitori was getting desperate.
"So what, are you trying to tell me that confining that crow here is gonna rescue us?"
"No, have a closer look at her, doesn't anything seem strange to you?"
Yukari did as she was told. She looked down at Utsuho, shivering in her cage, boiled eggs in mouth and hands, her body filling the hole completely...
"Wait... isn't she too... fat? Her body shouldn't be filling all of this hole. What the hell is this?"
Yukari didn't know how to feel about all of this anymore.
Nitori looked relieved at Yukari's realization and started another explanation.
"You see, this is the problem. As she is a living being, of course she needs to be fed. To keep her both healthy and happy I started feeding her her beloved boiled eggs. You see this pipe? It transports an unlimited amount of eggs to her cage, so she can eat as much as she wants. Unfortunately I seem to have miscalculated her energy balance. I assumed that the energy she took in with the eggs would equal the amount she would use for nuclear fusion. As you can see, that was wrong. Instead of staying as she was she started gaining weight, up to the point where she filled the whole cage and therefore the hole. Now as I said it reaches down to the earth's core, which means enrgy and heat rise up in the hole. With her blocking it, all of that accumulates below her, resulting in the increase in the earth's crust which you can feel her in the lab. If we don't somehow get stop the blocking, Gensokyo will suffer the same fate as the outside world and will be destroyed."
Yukari couldn't respond to what she just heard. She just stood there and looked at the kappa scientist in disbelief.
"So, here is what I want you to do.' Nitori continued 'I don't want to abandon the reactor, so I can't let her out of there. But I think if you were to gap away some of the fat she has accumulated every few weeks, we should be fine."
At that point Yukari couldn't take it anymore. She started yelling at Nitori.
"Let me get this straight. To get energy for yourstupid research, you kidnapped the pet of one of the most important people in hell, confined her in a cage, used her like a tool to convert energy, fed her so much that she got too fat and now you're asking ME to gap away her....her...fat so that you can continue that stupidity?"
Nitori backed away as she saw the crazy shine in Yukari's eyes.
"Hm yes, I think I get it. Yes, I will help you remove the stuff blocking your reactor."
Feelings of hope welled up inside Nitori, but then she heard Yukari's next words.
"Yes, I will remove it, and probably the rest of that facility with it. And I know just the way to do it."
She opened a gap right next to her and put her hand inside it, reaching around until she got hold of what she was searching for.
"This will teach you to not screw around with me or Gensokyo."
Nitori's eyes widened in shock as Yukari withdrew her arm from the gap. Her hand was holding what looked like a crooked metal rod with several coloured crystals hanging from it. Then Nitori saw the body of a girl attached to the rods appearing through the gap. When she could finally see the girl's eyes, she knew one thing: That girl wasn't happy to be here, and Nitori looked like a good target for her anger.............
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Re: Touhou 2012 - the end is near
« Reply #1 on: November 19, 2009, 09:33:20 pm »
Awesome! Keep it up, its getting pretty interesting. And by interesting I mean FLAN KILLING KAPPAS :D

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Re: Touhou 2012 - the end is near
« Reply #2 on: November 21, 2009, 07:03:58 am »

Omnomnom-Okuu being all pudgied up and contentedly scarfing down more eggs is just a stupendously hilarious image.

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Re: Touhou 2012 - the end is near
« Reply #3 on: November 21, 2009, 07:59:20 am »
I for one would definitely like to see this continue. (since you said for anyone that did to leave a comment)


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Re: Touhou 2012 - the end is near
« Reply #4 on: November 21, 2009, 03:35:09 pm »
Must've really pissed Yukari off if she pulls Flan out of a gap. Remilia must be pretty pissed at this point too, letting her outta the basement...

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Re: Touhou 2012 - the end is near
« Reply #5 on: November 21, 2009, 06:34:51 pm »
Okay, thanks for the comments, it's better to see some feedback when you're doing something like this for the first time, I hope you can bear with me in this point.  :D
Seeing as there seems to be some interest and that the topic had a decent number of views too (of which I'm sure some have read it), I will continue it. It will probably divert from the original '2012' a lot from now on, though of course the main topic of world-destruction will stay. Maybe I can get up the next part tomorrow.

Remilia must be pretty pissed at this point too, letting her outta the basement...
You're right, I didn't think of Remilia's reaction before. Might add that to the story *evil grin*

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Re: Touhou 2012 - the end is near *Chapter 2 finished*
« Reply #6 on: November 22, 2009, 08:05:02 pm »
Alright, here is the next chapter. I'm having a lot of fun with this. I think it has become a bit darker than I wanted, I will try to make the next chapters more humorous.

Also, I only now read "Regarding making suggestions in stories". I agree with the rules there fully, and that pretty much makes my asking for comments with ideas idiotic, so I removed it. It's probably easier to read the story when there's not much other posts between the chapters as well, though I would appreciate a bit of feedback nontheless (Yeah, I'm asking for the impossible, sorry). I wouldn't mind feedback via PM if you don't want to post here. Other than that I hope I can use the topic's Views as an indicator for interest.

So, please enjoy this new chapter. I'm sorry I wrote so much again, I just can't hold back. *apologetic bow*

Chapter 2

'And then will there be none?'
'That girl's spellcard's name certainly holds true.' Yukari thought, floating in the sukima-space that she had escaped to a moment before Flandre Scarlet had begun her rampage. She remembered the events that she had watched from the safety of the gap.

The young girl that she had pulled into Nitori's lab had oviously not liked what was being done to her. Getting grabbed by her wings and drawn into the unknown surrounding had caused her pain and confusion. So, after her body had completely left the gap, she had been crouching on the floor for a moment with tears in her eyes. Then she had started to concentrate on the first person she could see in the room, a blue-haired girl in a white lab coat that had a scared look on her face.
As she had watched the young vampire slowly standing up and walking in her direction, Nitori had wanted to call out to Yukari, only to notice that she wasn't anywhere to be seen anymore. The fear drove tears to her eyes as the little girl shuffled closer, her mad gaze fixed on Nitori. She had never seen the girl before, but she felt with all of her body that she was extremely dangerous. Her brain was working high speed to figure out how she could get out of this alive. The safest way would have been her patented Optical Camouflage, but that was currently undergoing maintenance in the research area a few hundred metres above. She had also left her spellcards above, so there was no way she could fight. And even if she could, she clearly felt that she would stand no chance against that little girl in front of her.
" you?"
"Huh?" Nitori snapped out of her thoughts as she heard a voice.
"Can I eat you?"
Flandre was now crouching in front of her, on her face the expression of a person looking at their most loved dessert.
" c...can't! Wh...why would you me a....anyway?" Nitori stammered, both confused and scared.
"I can't? But you look delicious!" Flandre puffed out her cheeks at the words of her potential snack.
Nitori sensed her chance in the fact that she could seemingly talk to the girl.
"Oh uhm... you know... I don't think I would be good for your health. Yes, yes, in fact, I think I might even be poisonous! So, there is nothing here for you to eat. It is probably best if you go home right now, don't you think?"
"Uhhh...that's mean! You're bringing me to a place I don't know all of a sudden and now you're not even allowing me to eat you! That's impolite! You're a bad person! You should let me eat you! I will tell Onee-sama about this, uhhh~"
Tears of anger were rising to Flandre's eyes, so Nitori tried to calm her as soon as possible.
"Um, uhm, ah... so, you have a big sister? I'm sure she is worried about you. Who is it, I will call her so she can come take you home, then everyone will be happy."
"Uhh... Flan's sister is Remilia Onee-sama."
Nitori froze at her words. She might not know the girl in front of her, but she had heard of Remilia Scarlet, the vampire master of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. And she had also heard that it was not a good idea for one to anger Remilia, as she would send her head maid to deal with any nuisances without fail. Nitori felt that her situation wasn't getting any better at all.
"Oh, Remilia, is it? Remilia Scarlet? So that would make, uhm...Flan, right? That would make Flan a vampire, huh? Is that why you wanted to eat me?"
"I still want to eat you!"
"Oh, but... don't vampires just eat humans?"
"Are you not human?" A surprised look rose to Flandre's face.
Nitori was caught by surprise once again. 'Wait...could she?' She thought to herself. 'Could it be she doesn't know about all the races in Gensokyo? So she doesn't realize that I am a kappa?'
"If you're not a human, what are you then? A vampire? A fairy?" The little vampire girl was utterly confused.
'This is your chance' Nitori's thoughts were racing 'she doesn't know what you are. Tell her something that will make her leave you alone. Something that makes her think you're stronger. But she's a vampire? What could possibly beat a vampire.....wait!' She remembered the stories about Remilia Scarlet and a certain part seemed to shine like a light of hope. It sounded crazy, but what else could she do in this situation?
"I am..." she started slowly "I am....a shrine maiden!"
The look on Flandre's face changed from confusion to surprise and then.... to fear!
Nitori immediately regretted her words, but it was too late.
Flandre Scarlet started shaking, tears falling from her eyes once again.
"Ahhh.... Onee-sama! It's a shrine maiden! The shrine maiden is here to bully us again! Go away, go away! I'm scared, help me, Onee-samaaaaaa!!!"
With that final scream, Flandre let loose all the power that dwelled inside her. All her feelings of fear, anger and confusion formed into colourful magic. A magic that nothing could withstand.
A bright light was the last thing Nitori could see....

'Maybe I went a little overboard' Yukari thought as she recalled the scenes of destruction. In less than a minute the lab had been completely obliterated, including all the equipment and life forms that had been there at the time. What had once been a complex of caves and tunnels was now one big hollow bubble deep inside the Youkai mountain, stretching hundreds of meters into the earth. The rampage had been enough to cause a medium earthquake that could be felt in most parts of Gensokyo.
'Oh well, the Scarlet girl should be unharmed as far as I know her. And the crow and the kappa are gonna end up at Yuyuko's place eventually, so it should be alright. I don't think Satori will mind if one of her pet's becomes a ghost. Those are easier to keep at home anyway. Until then, I just hope that Youmu knows how to cook eggs, lots of eggs.'
"Well then, I'm getting sleepy. I'm not used to being awake at daytime." With that words, she opened a gap to Mayohiga and went through it. "Ran, I'm home. Prepare my futon!"

Up above the clouds, in the lands of Heaven, an angry shouting voice could be heard. It was the voice of the maiden of the Hakurei shrine, Reimu.
"What do you mean, it wasn't you?" Reimu was grabbing the collar of a beat-up blue-haired girl that had been lying on the ground and pulled her up.
"It is as I said, I have nothing to do with th...buh!" Her words were cut of by the shrine maiden's punch that hit her face and sent her to the ground once again
"Damn it. Why should I believe you? There was an earthquake a while ago and we all know that there is just one person who causes those. Parts of my shrine's roof collapsed, that's going to keep people from coming to donate."
"But only youkai come to you shrine anyw...urgh." Tenshi groaned as Reimu kicked her ribs.
"So, are you gonna take responsibility for that? Repair my shrine at once. Or do you want to get hurt even more."
Though Tenshi seriously considered the latter posibility for a bit, she felt no desire for more beating.
"I told you, it wasn't me! I did not cause this earthquake, why won't you believe me? What can I do to prove it to you?"
At that moment Tenshi's eyes spotted something moving through the clouds towards them. She felt relieved at the sight of the familiar figure. It was the figure of the one person that could clearly prove her innocence.
"Hey, Iku! Over here!" Tenshi shouted towards the girl as she came closer.
Iku Nagae, the announcer of earthquakes, landed near the celestial and the maiden and then walked over to them with light steps.
"You seem happy, do you want a beating too?" Reimu greeted her.
Iku first turned to Tenshi, who was still lying on the ground.
"Good day to you, eldest daughter. And good day to you too, Hakurei shrine maiden. It seems you two are having fun."
She greeted the two persons with a big smile, her bright expression not changing once even at the sight of the beat-up celestial.
"What's up with you?" Reimu asked "You're in sickeningly high spirits today."
"Oh, I'm glad you asked. Yes, there is reason for joy! An earthquake is going to strike!"
"It already did." Reimu answered "And I beat the one behind it. You're too late as usual."
"Oh no, that was not the earthquake I was talking about. That before was merely a little shaking. The real one is going to start soon. Oh, it will be so beautiful."
"Uhm, hey, maybe you didn't hear me. I beat that celestial, so there's no way another earthquake could happen."
But Iku wasn't even listening to her.
"Look, over there."
Reimu and Tenshi both stared in the direction Iku was pointing in. Through a hole in the clouds, they could see the Youkai mountain. On top of the mountain were a lake and the familiar buildings of the Moriya shrine. There seemed nothing unusual with it.
And then, slowly, parts of the mountain's flank began to crumble. A hole opened and grew bigger that revealed a bizarre sight: The mountain was for the most part hollow. Where there should have been solid rock was instead a giant cave.
Reimu's eyes widened in shock
"That's impossible..."

Several minutes earlier, Sanae was in the kitchen of the Moriya shrine and preparing lunch for herself and the two godesses of the shrine. It was a nice summer day, although a bit hot, and she already thought about how she would spend the afternoon doing various chores around the shrine. The godesses were in another room, competing in a match of Go, a board game they had brought from the outside world to Gensokyo. It was at that moment, that a deep rumbing sounded from deep below the shrine and the earth started to shake. It wasn't the worst earthquake Sanae had ever experienced, there had been worse when they were living in the outside world, but it was strong enough to make her worry about the durability of the building. She rushed out of the kitchen and headed for the yard when she noticed the godesses were still continuing their game without regard to the shaking.
"Suwako-sama, Kanako-sama! What are you doing! There's an earthquake, we have to get out of the house!"
"Please be quiet Sanae" Kanako answered without even lifting her gaze "I almost have her cornered."
"You haven't!" Suwako reacted to her words,  her stare also fixed on the board. "I can still win this game. Nothing has been decided yet."
"It's already over, you should just give up."
"I won't. I will win!"
Sanae couldn't take it anymore.
"Cut it out you two! There's an earthquake! Get out of there before someone gets hurt!" she shouted.
"Which earthquake?" the godesses asked simultaneously.
"Huh?" Sanae looked confused. They were right. There was no more shaking or rumbling. She sighed.
"Oh, it's already passed. Thank god."
"No problem."
"I didn't mean you two! You're irresponsible! How can you just keep playing when there's an...WATCH OUT!!"
At her shout both godesses jumped back just as a part of the roof directly above them collapsed and fell down onto the board in the middle of the room.
"Oh, that was a bit close, thanks Sanae" Kanako said.
"I would have won." Suwako uttered, looking as if she was sulking.
"Suwako-sama, this is not the time for th..."
Sanae wanted to scold her, but her voice didn't stand a chance against the large rumbling sound that had started once again. This time it was a lot louder than before, and the shaking was also a lot stronger. The godesses, that had stayed calm before, were now exchanging worried looks, then nodding to each other and dashing off into different directions. Suwako grabbed Sanae's hand and dragged her out of the room and to the front yard of the shrine. From there they could see that large parts of the roof had already collapsed.
"What is Kanako-sama doing?" Sanae asked the frog godess beside her.
"Don't worry, she will be back in a moment." Suwako answered.
At the same time Kanako ran through the house towards the exit to the back yard. As soon as she reached the door to the yard she opened it and ran out... and fell.
The surprise made her forget her ability to fly for a moment so that she plummeted for a few seconds before she could catch herself and ascend again. Now she was floating at about the height at which there should have been solid ground. But there was no ground to be seen anywhere anymore. All she could see was a giant hole opening up below her that definitely hadn't been here a few seconds ago. From what she could see the whole side ot the mountain had opened up and collapsed. What's more, the mountain appeared to be hollow, which made the place where the shrine was standing right now the next possible place to fall into the depths below.
In the front yard, Sanae and Suwako were waiting for Kanako as she came flying from behind the shrine. After she landed she whispered some words to Suwako that gave her a shocked expression and then turned to Sanae.
"Sanae, I'm sorry, it looks like we have to move. Right now."
Sanae was confused.
"Oh, so we have to live somewhere else until the shrine is fixed? Then I should get my belongings from my room."
"You can't go in there again, Sanae. It's not safe anymore. We have to leave immediately."
"What, but... then, at least let me get a change of clothes for everyone from the back yard. I put the laundry up to dry this morning!"
Suwako and Kanako exchanged a pained look, before Kanako took a deep breath.
"Uhm, Sanae, we don't have a back yard anymore."
"And as it stands, soon we won't have a shrine anymore as well. I'm sorry, we will have to leave this mountain... forever."
"Eh...??" Sanae's face went blank and tears started welling up in her eyes. Then the two godesses gently took her in their arms and flew off, leaving behind the shrine that was slowly crumbling into the depth below.

Above the clouds Reimu couldn't trust her eyes.
"What just happened there?"
"See, it wasn't me. It wasn't me...urgh!" Tenshi was silenced by another of Reimu's kicks.
"Stay quiet! If it wasn't you then who or what caused this?"
She looked over to Iku who had watched the spectacle with an ecstatic expression on her face.
"Hey, it's over. Are you happy now? Damn, wipe that smile of your face, it makes me sick."
Iku slowly turned towards Reimu, a crazy shine in her eyes.
"What do you mean, over? This was just the beginning. It wasn't even the earthquake I was talking about. The real one is still to come. Can't you feel it, this tension? Like the calm before the storm? Soon, very soon, Gensokyo will face unknown disasters. We will all die! Can you feel it? This fever?" With those words she struck a dancing pose, leaving behind an utterly confused Reimu that was staring into blank space at the words she had just heard.

At the foot of the mountain, the head maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion was flying over the remains of what had before been the flank of the mountain. Then her eyes spotted her target and she started to descend. She then landed in a circle where no rubble seemed to have fallen. In the middle of the circle sat a crying little girl with red and white clothes and crooked wings that had colourful crystals hanging from them.
"Flandre-sama, I have been searching for you."
She approached the girl and crouched in front of her. Flandre raised her head and looked at the maid in front of her through teary eyes.
"S...Sakuya? Is that you? Sakuya! Sakuyaaa! I was so scared, uhhh!"
With those words she jumped up and clung to Sakuya, almost strangling her. The maid patted the girls head to calm her down.
"There, there. It's alright now. Come, let us return to the mansion immediately. Ojou-sama is worried and waiting for your return. Can you fly by yourself, Flandre-sama?"
"Uh, yes." Flandre nodded and got off the ground. She wiped the last of her tears with her hand. Sakuya made sure the little vampire was ready, took off the ground together with her and headed for the mansion. She looked back at the mountain.
'What has happened here?' she thought.

Because she had been flying, Sakuya had not noticed it, nor had anyone else. The ground around where the side of the mountain had collapsed was scorching. At some places the earth had melted into a grey mud and started boiling, with little bubbles forming and bursting and steam rising into the air. When Nitori's lab had been destroyed, so had the reactor. After that, all the heat and energy from the earth's core had risen through the hole freely. Now, that energy was heating up the ground below the mountain, making it rapidly more and more unstable. Soon, the very foundation of the Youkai mountain would melt away and the mountain would collapse completely...

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