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The Miracles of Gensokyo
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Sequence of Chronology

- The Shrine of Gensokyo: Prologue
- The Shrine of Gensokyo
- The Miracles of Gensokyo

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[?Why? hi there, Welcome?]
Smiling, I held out a hand to the little girl who was here for the first time.

[Welcome, to the Hakurei Shrine.]


The Miracles of Gensokyo


Sitting down with the parents of the little girl, I sat down and listened to their woes.

They were worried, worried about how she would be able to survive in the new environment.

[You see, Miss Reimu? she?  plays with Fairies all day.]

[and they are youkai, Miss Reimu. I know that some youkai are like us? but some youkai are still dangerous?]

The mother looked at me in worry as she hugged her little girl.

I understood her concern, the people of the human village had long viewed youkai as dangerous and it was unreasonable for me to expect them to believe in them in such a short time.

[Little girl? do you play with Fairies?]

Fairies are the weaker youkai, sometimes friendly and sometimes dangerous but definitely not smart at the beginning.

They have voices, soft voices that many cannot distinguish from the squeaks and squeals they normally emit but they do have voices and intelligence and is self aware, unlike many other youkai like the best youkai that is so commonly blamed for attacks.

Fairy youkai are the easiest to approach and the hardest to understand, due to their shared nature.

If this little girl can play with her? she might be spiritually talented since birth as the fairies feel comfortable with her.

[Yes, I do Miss Shrine Maiden?]
She nervously told me and I ran a hand through her fingers, softly telling her that it is okay, I am not mad at her.

[Well? do they look like this?]

Gesturing, I heard the tell-tale of the two darlings that I kept at the Shrine.

The twinkling of the bells they wore on their heads signaling their approach.

[Ran, Chen.,. be nice okay?]

Smiling as the two fairies looked at the little girl, then at one another before flying over and sitting on her shoulders.


Listening to what they were saying, I was about to translate it for the little girl and her parent?s benefit when she spoke herself.

[I?ll play house with them! They know how to play house, don?t they! I made clothes that might fit them too!
Can I, Miss Shrine Maiden, can I?]

I nodded to her and then turned to her stunned parents, who were looking at her child in shock and at the same time a little bit of fear as she conversed with Ran and Chen.

[She is spiritually gifted, a child that can speak with Youkai, not unusual as Children do have clearer thoughts then we adults do.

But to display such traits at such an early stage, that is certainly very rare and very valuable.]

I told them more about youkai and her special ability, for her to be able to talk to youkai at such a young age, it is surely an advantage to her as she would be able to seek assistance from youkai if necessary and more likely than not, she would never be targeted by youkai again.

[Youkai knows one of their own from the others? naturally there will be risks but your child will be safe from a majority of youkai.
If you are still worried, take these.]

Passing them a few amulets and charms, I told them to place them in the walls of her room and around the house if necessary.

[This amulets will shine brightly and will weaken the powers of stronger youkai if they sense hostility.]

[T-Thank you, Miss Shrine Maiden! Thank you for your help!]

The pair thanked me as I told them not to worry, they must be relieved now that they know their child is safe and even special not as they feared, that she was a danger, a threat to their lives by merely existing.

[? Be careful on your way down!]

Waving to the three of them after the little girl was coaxed to play with Ran and Chen another day, I patted both their heads for a job well done.

[Thank you, you really came through for me. Did you have fun?]

Smiling tenderly at the two of them, I went back to what I was doing before I was interrupted by the couple.

The two dears were called Ran and Chen in memory of my dearest friend?s memories, they are fairies that have bonded with me and is part of my extended family.

Learning from experience and trail and error, the two of them have more or less adapted to their new environment, even donning different clothes like us, made specially by Alice, who are attached to the two dears.

Where I am is the Hakurei Shrine, once the only Shrine in Gensokyo but now the more ancient and grander shrine of Gensokyo, the other one being the Moriya Shrine, in which the Patron Goddess is Yasaka Kanako, the Goddess of the Earth.

[? Ah, Suika!]

Hearing the sounds of her chains rattling in the air, I turned towards the direction of the Torii gates and waved to the figure flying towards the Shrine.

[Suika! Okaeri!]

[Reimu! Taidama!!]

Crashing straight into my arms, I absorbed as much of the impact I could before I fell to the ground, laughing and giggling with Suika, who was all grins as she got off me.

[Welcome home, Suika?]

[I?m back home, Reimu!]

This is Ibuki Suika, the final part of my extended family and a Shrine Maiden in training living with me at the Shrine itself.

She is youkai, an Oni in fact with two horns at the side of her head but she is absolutely a dear, with her blondish orangey hair and childlike frame and features, rarely anyone would not squeal and say she was not adorable.

She was left out of a large portion of my life due to an incident, an incident that was as painful and fuzzy to me than everyone else that was involved.

Returning back to my homeland, Gensokyo half a year ago, I tried to make up for the lost time even when I know it wouldn?t do much.

The scars that are left from the dark times will never heal but the least I can do is to ease their pain? to make up for the times lost.

[Lunch is almost ready Suika.]

[Yay! Is Marisa joining us today?]

[Who knows? But I?ll set a setting for her, just in case.]

I was all smiles as the both of us entered the Shrine to the hall that we would have our meals.

[Okay!! I visited all the homes today, Reimu! They were all fine, no youkai attacks today again!]

Suika smiled happily and I nodded in agreement with her, the youkai were leaving the village alone after the incident and I would not have it any other way.

Youkai are human too even if many of them call them spirits.

Youkai or spirits are supernatural beings, made of magical powers and powered by one?s faith and belief of them although at times they are strong enough to simply feed on fear and beliefs of people directly.

Without humans there might not be spirits or youkai as they take shape from the fear and believes of people, giving them shape and form and powers.

With some exceptions like fairies, pixies and elemental spirits, all youkai is originated from humans directly.

Spirits of the forest gain form through people?s worship and from magical energies coursing through the woods but their shapes and forms is different from how one views them.

Their forms are ethereal, varying from person to person but a general consensus will be built throughout the generations of stories that is passed down.

Humans give birth to youkai and they fear and revere them at the same time, odd really but people?s thoughts and beliefs do change throughout the years.

My patron spirit is the Great Hakurei Spirit, the spirit that surely exists that watches over the Shrine and the People of Gensokyo, my belief in her will never waver or change even if I have never seen her?

but that changes nothing, I still hold her in the highest regard and I serve her, tending her quarters and borrowing her strength to serve the people.

I serve the people and the spirits, to me they are equal in terms of importance?

I can?t choose which is better, which is the side that I will side with. I will never do that, both of them are just as important to me?

[Suika, will you be a dear and set the tab-]

Walking with her into the dining room, I shook my head as Ran and Chen flew up to us, having set the table before hand and they flew in front of us, wanting praise as they twittered with one another.

[Thank you, dears~]

Stroking their head while Suika pulled their cheeks, I told Suika to have a bath while I serve lunch.

We take turns to go down to the village every day, to spend time helping the villagers with anything related to Faith.

We would offer prayers to the residential gods and spirits in their homes, pray for rain and for good health as well as youkai extermination, or in my case, youkai banishment from the premises.

[I wish you were here?]

Settling down at the table, I looked out the window and I immediately thought of my dear friend and fellow protector of Gensokyo.

Gensokyo is a world that is hidden from the other world, the world that is current at the 21st century.

In Gensokyo, traditions stay alive, faith in gods and spirits are rampant and people must form bonds to survive.

It is really eat or be eaten in Gensokyo, the people fear youkai, fear the threat of floods, famine, drought and diseases.

Even I am not spared, I fear for my life sometimes when I confront dangerous youkai but sometimes, the fear does not kick in till afterwards.

I? I do not know why, when I step in, to resolve a dangerous situation, my body seem to be unable to register the feeling of fear even when my foes are those that can easily kill me.

? Someone once told me that only one who knows true fear display fearlessness in the face of danger.


Gensokyo is wonderful and beautiful, filled with dangers and wonders like no place I have ever seen before.

I love this land and I would do anything to save it and with me, was perhaps my youkai counterpart, Yakumo Yukari, the gap youkai and the Guardian of Gensokyo.

Yakumo Yukari was a true friend, a person that I knew from young that was although sometimes annoying, mischievous and generally a person I would not want to deal with.

But she has been the one person silently watching over Gensokyo, keeping an eye on everything and everything from behind the scenes.

She is the one refraining from the public?s eyes, preferring to hide her deeds then to bask in the all the glory.

She was my friend and the one who sacrificed herself for Gensokyo.

She made the ultimate sacrifice, doing what she believed was right for Gensokyo? only for it to be wrong?

Her sanity corroded, her judgment flawed? she made a terrible mistake but that does not mean she should be despised, her name to be tarnished her past deeds forgotten.

Till the end, she believed what she was doing was right?. I know, I know what she did was wrong? she was planning mass murder, a genocide of Gensokyo if she pulled it off?

but yet, I believed her love for Gensokyo was true.

If it was not, why would she struggle so defiantly against me when everything and everyone was against her.

When miracles were performed on my side and I rallied back despite everything she threw at me.

True, she ignored all the warning signs, that the life of Gensokyo was sucked away and was in danger of her plans? but all of it, was it not due to the crushing responsibilities on her shoulders?

She wanted Gensokyo to be remade in her desire?

She wanted to be free of the responsibilities, the pressure on her that finally drove her over the wall.

When one passes the border of Madness and Sanity, there is no coming back?

If she was free of such burdens would she have not made such mistakes?

I do not know, I cannot possibly know?

What I do know is that she loved Gensokyo the most, more than anyone else.

I could only what would happen if she had come to her senses earlier? would she not need to die in my hands?

I feel so helpless when night falls and I wake up alone in the middle of the night, drenched in cold sweat, my dreams always seem to be the one where I saw Yukari?s last smile as she faded away to oblivion and my hands slick with red blood, her blood.

Every night I have the comforting sounds of Suika snoring softly and the small breaths Ran and Chen emit as they slept beside me, they were my emotional support, telling me to live on, for their sake, for Gensokyo?s sake and for Yukari?s sake.

For each day that I live and sleep in Gensokyo I call that a small victory, something that I had earned and fought for and I had nearly paid the full price for it.

I had crossed over to the other side after my struggles, meeting the yama and was ready to be judged till I was sent back to my world.


[The Hourai Elixer in the Princess?s blood might have given you temporary immortality? ?.

It is a mystery even to me, Hakurei. I have never seen a case like you before, perhaps with another death we will find out?]

[Erm, no thank you, Miss Yagokoro.]

[Naturally I was pulling your leg. Still, I would expect you to age slower than most people and?]

Leaning close to me, Miss Yagokoro confessed that she suspected that I might take on characteristics of a half-youkai.

[It must be due to your long exposure with powerful Magic, the mysterious way your wounds healed and the blood transfusion from many powerful, magical beings.

Even if you were untainted before returning to Gensokyo, you certainly are now.]

[I-I know?]

Lowering my head, I told Miss Yagokoro what my duties were, maintaining the border requires powerful magical charms that needed to be reinforced with chants and barriers daily.

By looking at the manual Yukari gave me and with another gift from Yukari, this time the revered manual that was left by my ancestors, I was learning how to manipulate gaps and borders just like her.

[? They will manifest soon, Hakurei. You are human but you will have youkai characteristics. Fitting, don?t you think?]

She smirked before handing me my prescription as I looked at her in silence. Were all of these the truth?


[Yo, Reimu da ze!]

[Ah? Marisa!]


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Looking up, I saw the witch youkai of Gensokyo as well as the other guardian of this land, Kirisame Marisa.

She looks after Gensokyo in my absence and she has done a great job in the years that I were not around, keeping the peace and looking after the people.

She is a brave and kind soul, filled with confidence and arrogance that puts many off but I like her that way, it is not Marisa if she is not cocky and to the point.

I like her being that way, unable to conceal what she truly means and subsequently knowing what I did wrong from her reactions.

[You?re thinking of old gaps, are you?][


I looked away, Marisa can read me like a book and I groaned a little shaking my head and telling her.

[If you knew, why remind me?]

[Uh uh, you?re the one who started it, Reimu.]

Grinning, Marisa zoomed down and jumped off her broom, landing beside me lightly before sitting down and clapping both hands on my cheeks.

[Listen Reimu, Yukari she is-]

[Gone, I know, Marisa? I know?]

Marisa relented and nodded her head.

[Sorry? I just couldn?t?]

Marisa bit her lip at her insensitiveness but I shook my head, Marisa is always Marisa and I forgave her easily.

[I know, I should be? grieving? I mean I should but?]

I shook my head and looked down at my feet, till now I can?t put the grief away and move on. She always seems to be there and everywhere where I least expected her to be, just like always.

[You?re too hard on yourself, Reimu?]

Sitting beside me, Marisa patiently waited as I gathered my wits back together again and I was reminded of that particular dream?.


There are times I would wake up, dead in the late of night, sweating profusely from a recurring nightmare.

In my nightmare I would always be alone, sitting in an endless white hall that reminded me of my shrine.

Slowly walking towards the doors that separated me from the rest of the world but with every step, I swore that I saw a shadow appear behind me, calling my name.


The voice made me feel deathly cold by just hearing it and with every step the presence felt closer and closer till I could hear her breath into my neck.

But try as I might, I can never have a glimpse of the person stalking me.

Every time, without fail I would collapse to my knees within walking distance to the door that signified liberation, at least that is what I truly felt, that the door would be my salvation, leading me to a place where I would feel safe and secure, away from the presence haunting me still.

But there I lay, powerless, helpless and frightened as I looked all around for the thing that was plaguing me so furtively when?


I heard her voice, Yukari?s voice call out to me and I turned towards the direction of her voice and I would always see her,
dressed in the same frilly, purple dress that I first saw her in and she would be walking towards me, taking her own sweet time in the world as I tried to sit up to meet her, collapsing due to weakness a few times before she reached me.


Wearing her silken gloves, Yukari lifted my chin up for me to gaze at her in all her beauty but I could not crack a smile to save my life as I was overwhelmed with the things I wanted to tell her, the things I wanted to apologize to her for as she stared at me, not blinking as she leaned closer and closer to me.

It was like I was in her spell, in her power even as the door to salvation lies just in front of me, behind her?

My inner senses telling me to pull Yukari with me to the door but I still stayed rooted on the spot as she smiled and whispered.


[Y-yes? Yukari?]

I asked her, happy that she was willing to speak to me and perhaps to forgive me.

[You killed me? ]

She told me coldly as the edges of her smile turned down and blood started trickling down from her eyes, drop by drop they splashed on my clothes but I could not pull away from her no matter how hard my inner self told me to.

I was definitely in her spell as her voice raised higher and higher, repeating her accusation.

You killed me? you killed me? Reimu?.

Like an arrow that she shot straight at my heart, I felt pain and anguish but it was the truth. I had somehow or another, killed her?

no one could have possibly touched Yukari when she disappeared? the only person who could do that, who have the power to do that and the reason to that? was me.

Everything pointed to me, I had to be the one who killed her?

How, I did not know? but it must have been me?


My voice trembled and as I tried to raise a hand; seeking hers when the door behind her, the door that I thought would lead to salvation and freedom was forced open to reveal?


I recoiled immediately and I started crawling away from Yukari and the door.

It was a lie, it was a fa?ade? everything was? everything? this is not happening?

Instead of the light that I had been seeking, what I saw is that behind the door was a mass of swirling chaos. I could see blood, destruction, corruption and sins of people as well as youkai swirling in the purple mass.

Eyes, the same disturbing eyes that I faced in my battle with Yukari surfaced in the chaos again and they turned their unblinking gaze towards me, the same cold and accusing gaze that Yukari was still shooting at me.

You? Killed? ME, Reimu

Her voice echoed throughout the room and I felt my heart stop for a brief moment as the same ribbons of death that I had managed to drive away started appearing all around me like cracks in a shattered glass, all converging towards the door.

[Y-Yukari, no!!]

I called out bravely to her as I stood up, trying to gain courage to face the impossible yet again.

Bravery in the face of impossibility, I wanted to show that to Yukari, perhaps here? here I can convince her.

[It is futile, Reimu?]

She laughed softly as the swirling mass slowly emerged from the open door, threatening to overwhelm everything, including Yukari in it?s path.

[Yukari!! NOOO!]

I cried out to her in warning but she paid it no heed even when the swirling mass started to consume Yukari even as she laughed softly at me.

[Reimu, what you are reaching for is impossible? there will be no peace?
no understanding? you are just living on borrowed time, Reimu?
the path that you seek?]

Slowly, agonizingly, Yukari?s form was swallowed by the swirling darkness but she did not flinch or cry out in pain, she seemed to even herald the approaching darkness as the last of her features was swallowed by the mass of chaos.

I heard her last words clearly and I felt the strength slowly draining from me?


As the cloud of darkness slowly approached, I felt despair but then? just then, just like the many times that have happened before.

I stopped shivering and I felt anger surged through me.

[? No? Not this time.]

I clenched my teeth and I ran towards, reaching inside my sleeves for my spellcards that had never failed me before.

[I will not lose to despair, I will not lose to the darkness?

I will not lose hope?

I believe in what I am doing, you cannot dissuade me?

Not you?
not anyone?

I promised everyone I would not do so?
I do not know, what I am doing is right?

but if I do not try? I will never discover it?]

It might be just me but I swore I saw the advance of the darkness slowed down from my approach, fast and furious as I threw amulets repeatedly to stem the tide.

The amulets shone a bright blue as they formed a barrier preventing the darkness from advancing.

[I will banish the darkness, I will find the light?
I will? I WILL!

Fantasy Seal!!]

Throw the spellcard into the air, I struck it once with my gohei while simultaneously throw several more in front of me.


The colorful orbs broke free from the amulets and struck repeatedly at the darkness, each hit showing me a glimpse of the light behind it, reigniting my hope.


With one final hit, I shattered the darkness with my gohei? how I accomplished this I could not recall plainly.. but I did it, somehow or another I managed to destroy the darkness, barring my way to the light.

[I? I did it?]

Looking at my hands, I managed a smile as I walked towards the light, thankful that I will finally reach the end of my long journey when?.

[will lead you to destruction Reimu, the light that you seek? you shall never reach it?]

I heard Yukari?s voice again and as I looked around, my surroundings suddenly darkened and the light started to fade.


I gave out a cry of anguish as I ran forward, desperately running after the retreating light.

[You are favored by the light? but you destiny shall always lie with the darkness?

no matter how you try to resist it, how you try to fend it away? you will never reach it, Reimu. Never? ever?]

Drowning in the darkness, I would suddenly woke up from the dread and despair that was overwhelming me.


I told Marisa about the dream that I had, something that I had kept secret for quite some time and she seemed a little surprised, not to mention annoyed.

But before she could add anything, I told her that dreams were visions from the gods and spirits and previously, the vision I had of the river of death came true after all.

[Ugh? well?]

Marisa had scarcely little to stay after my explanation and she sighed.

[W-what will come, will come? we?ll have to deal with it when it comes, Reimu da ze~]

Winking at me, she regained her optimistic attitude and reminded me of the impending tasks that I have to prepare for the upcoming festival.

[That?s right da ze~ The festival Reimu! We?ve been looking for your ceremonial dance for ages!]

[? T-thank you, Marisa.]

I smiled and thanked Marisa who shook her head and laughed.

[There you go again~  We are friends da ze~]

[? Yes, very good friends!]

[Mm!! Now let?s have lunch, I?m all famished?]


[?Will you pass me the ink, Akyu?]

[Here you go, Keine.]

Smiling, I accepted the ink from Akyu and started writing down the events that had happened today just like always.

Only today I have a guest, Hieda no Akyu, the head of the Hieda family and the child of miare.

[Is it not tedious, Akyu?]

I asked the petite girl, who although have aged and changed tremendously in the past 10 over years retained her weak body and health.

[No, if this task bothers me? what would I do as the compiler of the Gensokyo Chronicles?]

Akyu laughed and shook her head, writing on her own personal scroll, writing down the lives of the people in gensokyo in all of it?s color and details.

She has been working day after day since Reimu returned.
The events that had to be recorded were numerous, Reimu had travelled across Gensokyo, performing miracles after miracles.

It was impossible to record every single detail but record Akyu did? from talking to the people who were on site to asking for help from even the god of death herself, Akyu had managed to compile enough information to write an unbiased account of the incident.

Now, in the process of writing the account, she has asked for my help and being her closest confident and friend, I agreed without hesitation.
I am a scholar, a historian writing down the events of everyday life like her and I wish to be of help and that is why, despite the mounting pile of schoolwork waiting for me to mark, I returned home early to help with her compilation.

[I am sorry, Keine? to ask you to help when you are so busy.]

[No, I want to help?]

Yes, I wanted to record this along with Akyu, the changes that Reimu had brought with her when she returned were? for a lack of better word, miraculous? nothing can be used to describe it.

It was as if a god had passed a law on it?s people? the change that she brought could never have been imagined by me to be possible.

Going against the beliefs and prejudice formed over several generations and she still succeeded where others had failed?

[Yes, I want to help.]

Looking up to smile at Akyu, we were interrupted by a sudden voice.

[Mokou!!! Mokou!! Are you home, Mokou!!]

A womanly voice but filled with just a hint of childishness floated into my small house and a few seconds later, someone burst into the room.



The three of just froze as we looked at the newcomer, Houraisen Kaguya, the immortal princess of Eientei.

She had her long black hair tied in twin-tails at the sides and was wearing what Alice called a sweater and she froze upon immediately seeing the both of us.

[M-Miss Keine! Akyu!!]

Akyu looked at me then at her before giggling a little. Being the owner of the small abode I stood up and greeted her.

[Good Afternoon Prin-]

Seeing the glare from Kaguya, I quickly corrected myself. She did not like being called Princess, more likely she feel she would be fawned upon.

[Good? afternoon, Kaguya]

[M-Mokou, Mokou went out right?]

She asked me while looking everywhere for her, from looking into the rice bin to under the futon, she was desperate trying to find Mokou.

[Yes, she did. You just missed her.]


Kaguya pouted as she walked over to where we sat and sat down beside Akyu, kicking her legs up and down into the air.

She really is an adorable girl that was unfortunately around a thousand years older than me.

Dropping onto the floor, Kaguya looked really pitiful and I leaned over to her ear.

[I think she went with the children to the lake..]

Whispering and winking to her, I returned to penning down the notes that Akyu gave me as Kaguya leapt up and smiled brightly at me.

[Okay~~ Thank you for having me, Miss Keine! A-and? you never told me that, kay????]

Her smile was brilliant and I found myself marveling at her radiance and youthfulness. I guess when one loves something, one finds youth all over again.

Some? somehow I felt a hint of jealousy from me towards Kaguya?



I turned to Akyu, who smiled at me a little wistfully.

[Is it lonely, Keine?]

Her question surprised me and I laughed very softly.

[? Yes, it is?]

Kaguya?s persistent with Mokou will win her over? eventually.

She has eternity to do that, as long as time flows? over time she will forget about me? but not Kaguya.

She is the one that will be with her, live with her and? till the end die with her.

She is? made for her and Mokou for Kaguya as well.

[? but it?s fine? I have them.]

I smiled and looked outside at the grave that still sat stoically after so many, many years.

[? and him, so? it is fine? I am never alone? ever]

Akyu looked at where I was looking at and she smiled as well.

[Keine, and you have me.]

[Yes, I have you too, Akyu.]

Besides Mokou, Akyu was my other confidant? a person I knew from her previous generation and this generation as well.

She knows my pain and despite the gap between the two generations, understood me for I had change very little in the years after his death?

[? I feel like, I have done something for him? to make up for? what he did for me.]


Putting a hand on my shoulder, Akyu forced me to rest my head on her chest.

Funny how soothing that was to me and I sniffed a little in her arms.

[? I wish he can see this, Akyu? the day that? he said would come really did came? I-I?m so? happy now?]

I sniffed softly while reminiscing the days we spent together, days that I would never forget, dead or alive.

[? I wish I could have met him, Keine.]

Akyu smiled wistfully at me too and joined me in looking outside, marveling at the new life we were leading, one that youkai and humans can get along?


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Looking good so far! Although I'm sure some of the details here ... give away bits of the prequel. (Don't let that discourage you from writing the Prologue, though!)


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OH WHAT, this topic is AT THE SECOND PAGE?!


[Is there something wrong?]

Looking at Reimu, who had suddenly stood up, I pushed away my bowl of rice and shook my head at Suika, who offered me more.

[? I?m going out for a bit? Suika? will you please?]

Not focusing on me, Reimu straightened her sleeves and hurried out, not bothering to even grab her amulets or her gohei, something which I found odd.

[Hey, Suika? aren?t you going with her?]

Looking back at Suika, who was eating as if nothing has happened, I questioned why she was taking it so calmly. Reimu leaving suddenly was not a good sign, her intuition is no laughing joke?.

[and you know her, always trying to brave through everything by herself. Honestly, if she?s not Reimu she would be dead now da ze~]

Pulling my socks back on, I muttered to Suika as she started clearing the bowls and plates, pulling one strand of hair out and sending a mini-Suika on her way.

[She?s Reimu, Marisa. And Reimu is just Reimu?]

Smiling happily, I have no qualms with letting the conversation drop right there as she was damn right, she is Reimu after all, if that even makes sense.

She has always defied the odds, stood up to things people thought was impossible for her to do so and to come back from them, unscathed and with a smile on her face.

Plus, she was always stubborn as heck, even more so than me if she believed that what she was doing carries an amount of risk.

You could call her an overprotective mother and I and Suika her children even when Suika was probably tens and hundreds or even thousands times older than she is.

[She sure has changed huh?da ze]

[You said it, Marisa?]

Absentmindedly telling me as she laid back and took a drink of sake, her favorite and usually banned liquor, Suika winked and remarked that I had said that every day since my reunion with her.

[Learn something everyday~~ Right?]

Giggling and patting her own stomach, Suika smiled cheerfully as tons of mini-Suikas run around the Shrine, clearing up the plates while I looked at the direction where Reimu headed off, towards the steps of the shrine and I nodded to myself.

[Naturally da ze~ Everyday, it?s a new day for me? for her and for Gensokyo.]

The sun seemed unnaturally bright ever since Reimu came back and I?m sure it wasn?t just an illusion of mine. It seemed as if Gensokyo itself was welcoming her back, her precious daughter and protector to her home land.

[Who knows what she can do, what she can bring huh, Suika? It kinda makes me jealous?]

And I am jealous, no matter what I do, no matter how I try, no matter what kind of gimmicks I pull? it can never top Reimu?s?

But it?s fine, at least I know I am jealous? at the least I can accept the fact that I am jealous, rather than blindly directing rage at her.

I still have human emotions at the early stage of being a youkai and it is great to get my priorities first as I might not get the chance to do so again.


Grinning as Suika sat down beside me, Suika offered me a cup of sake which I accepted gratefully.

As a house-rule, Reimu dislike liquor, unlike the time where she drank non-stop during the festival. Man those were the times, where we were young, innocent and rash.

But those were fun times. Now it?s not just fun and games? definitely not fun and games anymore.

Gensokyo?s peace and prosperity lay on our shoulders and I aren?t joshing around when I say that, if do believe Gensokyo will return to what it was before? where people attack youkai and youkai terrorizes the villagers.

It?s survival of the fittest all over again? but wouldn?t it be nice if the people would get along just like how they are doing now?

Hell, the people has much to learn from the youkai, the kappa especially so with their gadgets and the youkai too can learn some from the people, especially Keine, on what is civil behavior?

We can learn so much from each other, so why did they not do so in the first place?


Calling me, I turned to Suika who was getting up and urging me to follow her.

[Reimu?s gonna need help with this one? that?s what my intuition tells me.]

Grinning, the little oni wiped the saliva off her lips and straightened her own miko outfit while the two little fairies, Ran and Chen I reckon just flew straight towards the entrance of the Shrine.

[Intuition? You?re sounding more like Reimu; day after day Suika ze~]

Winking, I whistled and Starfire zoomed below me, lifting me while following Suika and the two little fairies? lead.

Right now is the happiest time of my life, jealous or not and being jealous is just being silly. Remember the Youkai with the powers of jealousy, Marisa?

She?s her own undoing. Being jealous doesn?t solve problems? it?s the courage to face such jealousy, accept it and then resolve it which solves problems.

Clenching my fist, I smiled happily while approaching my best friend, the Hakurei Shrine Maiden, Reimu with a heavy heart.

How long can I hold on this power?
How long till I lose my will? how long till I destroy this land with the very power I gain to protect this place? and at that time?

will you be there as well, smiling as always? defying the odds to take me down?

Reimu or Reimu?. Will you be the one to slay me as well?

Biting my lip, I pulled my hat a little bit lower than normal and shook my head at Suika, who was looking at me curiously.

This is my problem? no one else should get caught into it? not even her?

Besides, she?ll be the first to know when it comes? right?


Walking to the front of the gate, I waited for the small figure I knew was coming to slowly make her way up.

I just knew that she would come; it was my intuition that told me that?

A meeting between us was inevitable and I would rather it be sooner?

With her blonde hair being blown about by the wind, I found her terribly adorable, what with the red ribbon on her hair and her black and red dress.

She was a perfect little doll and she did carry one with her as she ascended the steps slowly and carefully, muttering to her doll all that time.

Her silver eyes scanned the area around her, searching for any danger and when her eyes met with mine, I bowed and greeted her.

[Welcome to the Hakurei Shrine? I am the Hakurei Shrine Maiden, my name is Hakurei Reimu? how may I help you today?]

Seeing her shocked expression, I took time and waited for her to react; she had something to say to me. Not many came to the Shrine with any reason except for?

Oh alright? many came to the Shrine for no reason and those that do come for a reason means something out of the ordinary is going to happen.

[Y-You are the Hakurei Shrine Maiden!!]

She exclaimed as she looked up and down at me, she must find it odd to see me this way.

For people like her, age is not a consideration? especially so if you are youkai. Youkai age, mature and change slowly unlike us humans who age, grow, mature and pass on relatively quickly?

[Yes I am, how can I help you?]

Taking careful care that that no one, youkai or not was near us, I led her up to the stairs to the torii gates where I waited for her to speak again.

[I came to kill you!]

Well that was not a surprise to me and I nodded my head in acknowledgement. I knew some youkai did not accept the world that I helped create, a world where humans and youkai coexists together. To them, youkai must be feared and only when they are feared can they gain power.

By making humans and youkai coexists, they could not gain strength from the fear of the people and they fear such a loss would make them weaker and more vulnerable.

A youkai is a being that draws it?s strength from the beliefs of the people, same way a god does through faith? if one believes in a youkai and reveres or fears it accordingly, it will gain strength and power.

By itself, a natural youkai like a fairy will gain power through absorbing magical energies in the air? at least, that is what I gather from my teachings from my teachers.

These particular youkai wanted my blood, believing that if I died, the belief will die with me?

[Why would you want to kill me?]

Sitting down in front of her and meeting her eye-to-eye, I waited patiently as she tried to come up with a good reason.

[So I can be the strongest!! If I defeat the Hakurei Shrine Maiden!! People will pay attention to me!]

Such innocence reminds me of Cirno and I patiently waited for her to finish, there must be a reason for her stubbornness, her unrelenting determination to come all the way here to kill me.

[People will pay attention to me!! And they will know that dolls need to be liberated too!!]

Raising her doll high up in the air above her, she giggled as the little doll moved just slightly, perhaps by her powers as they responded to her.

She is a doll youkai with manipulation of poison, I had met her before? her name is Medicine, Medicine Melancholy the Sweet Poison of the Nameless mountain.

A dangerous youkai in that she can poison anything and everything she touches with her powers of poison.

Youkai and human alike, even normal plants and animals when exposed to her poison will die in a matter of hours. Even myself, for I am nothing but a normal human?.

[The doll liberation movement will be revived with your death, Hakurei Reimu!!]

Pointing a finger at me, Medicine smiled as she prepared to lunge at me when I stopped her by questioning her.

[Won?t you feel lonely, Medicine?]


Smiling and looking at her little doll, I asked her when playing with her dolls, does she feel lonely?

[I-I don?t! Medi likes it with me!!]

Hugging her doll tightly, it does seem so that she loved her doll and felt injustice at how the dolls were discarded after the human children grew sick of them.

[All human should die for treating dolls this way!!]

But I wonder who invented dolls in the first place? Wasn?t it us who seek companionship when we created the dolls?

I felt sad when I think about it? we created such toys and gave then our affection and we threw them away when we tire of them?

Why did we create them in the first place, showering them with affection only to throw them away? It really is a mystery to me and I sigh, both in unhappiness and in regret.

Perhaps Medicine herself as a point, in the view points of the dolls? we are the evil ones. Fickle and easily distracted as we are, it is human nature I suppose? one that we cannot change but one that I hope I can try and rectify?

[I agree?]

Smiling at Medicine, I told her that she was right. Humans did indeed treat dolls badly, abandoning them and not showing love to them once they tire of them.

[See, I am right!!]

She seemed happy but confused too as she looked at me with her wide, silver colored eyes and asked.

[If you agree with me, will you help me?]

[? I?]

I considered it for a moment, she had a mission to achieve and the underlying reason was right. But her means of accomplishing and solving the problem was wrong.

She was planning mass murder, genocide of hundreds of people just for her cause.

[? I can help? by dying?]

I smiled at her as I knew what I could do by helping. A single death is better than multiple ones, is that not right?

If her mission is justified enough? perhaps my death could indeed bring much needed attention to her cause.


She seems reluctant suddenly? why is that? Was it not her goal to kill me by coming all the way here?

Smiling at her, I held her hands and subsequently felt the pain from the poison that started seeping into my body.

It was death entering my body and surprisingly, it did not hurt as much as I imagined. Aside from the initial pain, all I felt was numbness entering my arm.

[isn?t that what you came for, Medicine?]

I asked her again, slowly as I felt my body shut down merely seconds and a minute into touching her.

Such powerful poison? let me be the only one to suffer the pain? let no one else succumb from this.


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Okay, that was the most adorable death threat ever.

Also, this is like getting gameover'd by, like, Stage 2 Midboss, story-wise. :P


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What i said in my earlier post..

and yeh, im updating, I never quit writing, even if it seems i did.


[Y-yes, N-No!!]

Shaking and nodding her head together, I wondered what thoughts are going through her mind now as she watched slowly enter death?s domain.

Ahh? the River Styx, I can almost see it behind me? Komachi shaking her head at me as I enter her gondola.

[You agree with me! So you can?t die!! I don?t want to be alone in my liberation!!]

Crying out, she clutched me and with every contact she made, I trembled as more and more poison entered me with a single touch.

I could see the dark patches where she clung on to me spreading and I felt so tired, even more than before when I met her, most likely due to the poison?

[D-didn?t you? you say? you are not lonely?]

I wonder how it happened? it must be my natural maternal instincts to view this child-like youkai as a simple child to cause me to succumb and submit to her so easily.

W-wait? submits? That didn?t come out right? ahaha

How silly of me, to lose to human nature? on a youkai no less.

[y-you?ll get what you want? Medicine, when I die?]

Clutching her, I effectively signed my death warrant by kissing her on the lips, receiving a fatal dose of poison by ingesting it.

I wonder how quickly it will take me to leave the world of the living then?

[Y-you?ll be able to save the dolls? right, Medicine? And then you and the dolls can live happily ever after? just by yourselves?]

Feeling my strength leaving me, I slowly fell to my knees while hugging her.

[Y-You?ll be happy? with your dolls? right?]

Smiling at her, I saw her slowly nod her head before shaking it suddenly.

[W-wait!!!! Wait!!]

Stilling clinging to me, she started slapping me in the face and with each slap, I felt my mind sharpening for a brief instant, the pain pulling me back towards the light but was it too little, too late?

I feel so weak?I could barely move my body and bre-breathing is hard?

[Don?t die!! Why must you die!! Medicine didn?t do anything!!]

She didn?t know the full extent of her powers? does she?

Trying my best to smile, I ruffled her hair and tried my best to comfort her with my limited movement by rubbing my hand against her hair.

[Does it matter, Medicine? Isn?t it what you wanted?]

Asking her again and again, I get conflicted answers from Medicine every single time.

This child is lost, will someone not guide her? I would? if my strength is not giving up on me?

Great Hakurei Spirit, will you not give me strength and the insight to lead this lost child?

Mumbling to myself, I just held her close to me as she kept crying softly, asking me not to die.

How should I phrase it to her without it hurting her I wonder? that she was the one who caused my death unwittingly?

How would she react to that, I wonder? and is she not putting up a fa?ade for me? Was this all a show put up for me?

I wonder as I looked at her eyes and I only saw innocence and pure sorrow in them.

This is not an act, this child is truly lost and I prayed for someone, anyone to save her and to save me.

Selfish I am not, if my death can benefit this child, perhaps it is for the best.

Still, I wished I have done something more with my life?

[We?ve just known one another! Why must you die!! I don?t want you to die if you are my friend!!]

Speaking her true feelings, I watched her tears drop down and hit me and I smiled at her.

If a youkai child like her can shed tears? there might be hope for her yet; I believe in her, that there is compassion and love inside her.

If youkai can call a human her friend and is willing to shed tears for one? who says my dream is impossible?

As long as there is a person I can convert to my cause willingly, it is one less person for me to injure if I am forced to confront him during the course of my occupation.

I hate hurting people but at times, it is necessary and I hate myself for doing it.

To save people, I must hurt people? I do not see the logic in that and I avoid conflict? even if I am the person that will be hurt in the end.

I will endure any burden, tolerate any suffering if at the end? my means and my wish is accomplished.

So give me strength? Great Hakurei Spirit? may you guide me to that goal? and my friends, please, lend me your strength? your determination and your friendship?



Hearing a shout, in an instant following that, Medicine was knocked off me by something and a strong arm grabbed my shoulders.

[Reimu! What did you get yourself into this time ze!!]

Cursing openly, I tried to tell Marisa not to curse in front of Medicine but I found myself barely able to move, let alone talk and I weakly raised a hand, which she gripped anxiously.

[G-geez? you?re poisoned bad? real bad, I don?t know if I have something that can counteract that?]

Shaking her head, Marisa faked a smile while reassuring me that I would be fine. Her trembling hands and her pale face spoke otherwise but I too, smiled back at her and nodded my head.

[W-what are you doing to my friend!!]

Hearing a scream from Medicine, I was unable to stop Marisa from replying with what she does best, pure firepower and she fired a homing star-shaped blast towards Medicine, growling her warning to her.

[Stay back!! Don?t come near her, Medicine!!]

[Why! She is my friend, witch!! You can?t keep Medicine from Medicine?s friend!]

I heard her scream and I felt a little warm inside me from hearing her call me her friend.

For a youkai to acknowledge friends out loud, that is pretty rare and I?ve only just met her.

[Oh for goodness sakes!!]

Marisa was clutching her head as if she has a headache and she groaned loudly for a moment before looking down to me.

[you?re not making things easier for me, damnit Reimu? Dinner?s on you too.]

Grinning helplessly, I nodded briefly and she laid me on the ground gently as she confronted Medicine.

I feel bad for Marisa now, she is now in my shoes, trying to deal with the pseudo timebomb that was Medicine.

She could either accept the fact and veer away from me to save my life or refuse to accept it and break down, both mentally and physically when faced with such a dilemma.

Which is more important, her objectives or my life? I feel so bad forcing her to make such a decision and even worst when I know I am forcing Marisa?s hand, to play the bad guy.

[You just want to hurt Reimu!! Let Medicine see her friend!!!]

Crying out loudly, Medicine ran forward and I could only watch helplessly as she was blasted away easily by Marisa.

[Just stay away from her, Medicine? Now is not the time!!]

Gritting her teeth, Marisa narrowed her eyes as she pointed to me.

[Reimu?s hurt. If you are her friend, you?ll do the best for her, right? So stay away?]

Raising both her arms forward, Marisa made an irritated noise seeing me trying to sit up.

[Stay down, Reimu or I?ll make sure you do.]

There was a dangerous glint in her eyes and I know she will be making good her word if I argue and I obediently resisted my desire to express myself.

Marisa is a weird person, in the most dangerous situations she would remain stoically serious and focused, expressing her stand with her actions and her actions alone.

Nothing will get in her way and nothing will stop her, she is strong and weak that way?.

With her frank nature, it is very easy for her to offend people as she just blindly charges ahead, take a stance and ignores everything else.

Not taking others into consideration is her greatest weakness but the person and objective she is achieving will be achieved by her, no matter what the cost?

I love her for her frankness and her determination to get the job done but at times, I wish she would have some more empathy for the people around her.

[Is it wrong for Medicine to be with her friend, witch! Why must Medicine stay away from her friend! You just want to make Reimu suffer!!]

[Oh for goodness sakes.]

Gritting her teeth, Marisa shot a look at me and from her expression, she was getting even more concerned about me and I shook my head and tried to reassure her.

A-at least I would want to if it is not for my vision turning darker by the second.


I heard both of them scream when my body convulsed suddenly and I felt excruciating pain strike me from every pore of my body.

It was like there was a thousand needles piercing through me in a single moment in time and I couldn?t help but give out a small cry of pain before my vision totally blacked out.


Hearing Reimu?s cry, I turned and placed a hand on her wrist to check her pulse? it was getting weaker and weaker with every passing moment.

It?s all that stupid doll?s fault? and Reimu?s fault for getting in the mess in the first place.

Why can?t she just? oh I don?t know? I just don?t know what goes on in that mind of hers?

Putting herself in the line, was it worth all the pain and suffering? Man, I know you are suffering badly now? but I?m hurting too? can?t you like, give some thought for me?

Just when that thought past my mind, Reimu?s hand suddenly reached out and held on to mine and I sighed very loudly.

What, now she can read minds now? Geez Reimu? no need for you to gain so many powers, do you ze?

Still clutching her hand, I raised my free hand to warn Medicine again.

If she get any closer? I can barely block the poison from entering my body at this distance, much less if she gets closer.

I?m still amazed Reimu lasted as long as she did, she?s just a human and I?m a magician youkai?

[Medicine? you?re the one causing her pain, can?t you see that?

It is your power, you that is the source of her suffering. You?re the one.]

Pointing a finger at Medicine, I waited in tenterhooks for her response.

She could blow up in front of me and I would have to take her down, which I didn?t quite mind right now. I was getting frustrated and cranky just seeing Reimu doing the noble sacrifice act all over again.

That is not something that I would want to experience every other week, thank you very much ze? the more you pull it, the older it gets Reimu? but I still worry excessively? what if you didn?t get better?

The mere thought of that would make me unable to sleep or to focus on the simplest of things.

Thankfully however, before Medicine could come up with a reply or even respond, I heard another voice screaming in the distance and I turned towards the approaching figure.


From the steps of the Hakurei Shrine and I saw Keine, Kamishirasawa Keine running up the steps towards me, her face pale and clutching her history scroll with her free hand.

[Reimu!! Oh gods what happened to you!!]

[Oy!! Keine! Hurry up!! Reimu might die this time!!]

Carrying Reimu, I made extra care not to let Medicine touch her as I deposited her into Keine?s trembling arms.

The way she is handling is as if Reimu was made of glass and the most precious thing in the world.

Which? to many people she probably is to be honest? Man, the conflicting feelings inside me are really irritating me?

I?m feeling jealous of Reimu and worried for her at the same time, not to mention being super prissy at her for pulling such a stupid act and feeling proud for her doing so.

[L-leave it to me, Marisa? I?ll remove the poison from her? Suika fetched me saying that Reimu would be in trouble?]

Telling me as she pulled out her history scroll, I had to give Reimu and Suika credit. The both of them share an uncanny link and Suika probably sensed what Reimu was planning and what would happen to her.

[Reimu, Reimu!!]

Suddenly running past me, I raised my hand to blast Medicine out of the way again when it was Keine this time who raised a hand up to stop me, her face fierce and obviously unhappy with my behavior.

[What are you doing!! She is just a child!!]

Not this again ze?

Groaning, I told Keine that she is Medicine Melancholy, the little sweet poison with manipulation of poison but being stubborn, or having a complex for little children, Keine didn?t believe me?

[There is no way a child so adorable can be the cause of all this? and definitely not manipulation of poison, Marisa!! There is no way!!]

Hugging Medicine, I wondered why she was seemingly unaffected by the poison when I slapped my forehead and directed her to what was more important.

[H-Hey Keine! Reimu! Reimu?s gonna die if you fool around!!]

[Oh My goodness! I forgot!!]


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Oh gods. I hate it when "but she's so adorables" gets in the way of that kind of thing, I have a bad feeling about this ...

Mind you, my "stage 2 boss" comments still apply. This aten't gonna be the end by a long shot.


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dont quite get that Muffin, mind elaborating?

and yea, the more my fics are pushed behind the 1st page i write like mad.

for why they reacted that way, blame Keine and her complexes

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Okay. Basically, you've pretty much foreshadowed that Yukari's going to be doing a "HURR HUGE STRONGBAD COMEBACK!" For Reimu to get killed now would be like Harry Potter getting killed in a random mugging by a Muggle during the "Dursley" sequence in book 4.


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Muffin won... NTH.


and that's enuff for the spoilers today

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somehow, it is like... busy busy busy.

Not much of a plot advancement but stressing the points of the storyline here.

Opening my eyes, I woke up to see Medicine?s head resting on my chest and when I looked up, it was Miss Keine who was resting a hand on her head.

[Shh? she?s been there ever since you were brought in here.]

A very slight smile on her face, Keine directed my attention to the other person in the room, Marisa, who was shaking her head and trying hard not to shout at me.


But she did anyway and I winced from her scream. It was a minor miracle that Medicine did not wake up and I tried to shush her with my hands unsuccessfully as she slapped both her hands on my cheeks and pulled on it so hard I thought my cheeks would came off.

She was worried for me, I knew that and she did had the right to be mad at me?

With the bare traces of tears in her eyes, she released me and scolded me again.

[Honestly, when will you learn? The next time you pull this, I?m not going to bother with you, ever ze! You stupid, self-sacrificing idiot!!]

[Yes? I know Marisa? but there was noth-]

[Oh no da ze, no more of those ?there was nothing you can do about it? nonsense, right Keine?

You?re just going to get yourself killed if you are going to rely only on yourself, damnit!! I?m here, Suika is here, Keine is here, everyone is here to help.
So you better get that into your head or I?ll drill it into you, personally!!]

Slapping her hand on my head in anger, I endured the strike from Marisa despite Keine?s cry of disbelief and I nodded my head to her. She was right, I? I am taking too many unnecessary risks? I just want to-

[And no more of that ?I just don?t want anyone to be hurt? bullshit too!]

Oh gods, have Marisa developed mind-reading as well? She will be criticizing me in every interval then? Oh gods.. please make this just a coincidence?

[If you get hurt, all of us get hurt too ze! So you better remember that! Have you even considered how I?ll feel if you died just now, huh ze? What do you think I will have felt!!]


I blushed red, considering what might have happened and I admitted I had not thought that far ahead. Marisa would be wrecked with guilt and Suika, well? Suika would?.

[I?m really sorry? but this child? Medicine she need my guidance.. I know, I know I am being selfish Marisa? forgive me, please?]

Interrupting her, who looks as if she was going to interrupt, I ran a hand through Medicine?s hair and told Marisa what Medicine wanted.


[if I had not guided her? I would be forced to kill her? her poison is strong, powerful enough to kill even an elder youkai, Marisa? and if she releases her power?.]



Miss Keine and Marisa looked at one another and finally nodded their heads but it was Miss Keine who spoke up first, brushing her hair backwards while rousing Medicine awake.

[? Her powers over poison are determined by her mood. Her mood swings determine the potency of her powers.]

Smiling at Medicine, who was rubbing her eyes as she slowly wakes up, I notice Miss Keine?s history scroll glowing and she nodded her head.

[I have temporarily sealed her powers, she is just a normal youkai girl now? she?s? so sweet?]

Unable to resist her charms, Miss Keine hugged Medicine from the waist down and judging from the surprised but relaxed look on Medicine?s face when she looked up, she kind of liked it as well.

[Her powers is adversely proportionate to her moods? the more upset and withdrawn she is, the stronger her powers and the open and calm she is, the weaker her powers are.]

Seeing how confused the both of us are, Miss Keine coughed and repeated herself.

[In other words?]

But not without a striking glare that made the both of us look away.

[her powers are affected by her moods. The happier she is, the weaker her powers and vice-versa.]

[Woah, that?s kinda? weird ze?]

Sighing, Marisa ran a hand through Medicine?s hair and she smiled sweetly at her.

That makes sense, the Medicine I knew, or I remembered is a lonely and depressed little girl.

In Miss Keine?s arms she looks happy and contented, just like how she and all little girls that looks her age should be? in fact I?



Without thinking I was fawning over her as well, cuddling and hugging her with all my might after snatching her bodily from Miss Keine.

The surprised look on Medicine?s face notwithstanding, she returned my hug after calling my name. Ahh, she?s so adorable~~

[? I think Reimu has the same tendencies as you, Keine ze?]


Hugging her for a few minutes, I turned back to look at Miss Keine and Marisa, both of which were sipping tea calmly with a judging expression on their faces that I knew was trouble.


Smiling wearily at them, I let go of Medicine in a hurry and played with my thumbs till Miss Keine cleared her throat and spoke.


[? da ze~]

Grinning evenly at me, Marisa chuckled while pushing Miss Keine forward.

[I am very disappointed in you, Reimu. You placed your life in danger for her; that is true.

You did do that to prevent more bloodshed and deaths; that is true as well.

You wanted to guide Medicine on the right path, yes, that is the truth.

Ending her speech with ?but?, I swallowed nervously as I nodded to her and inquired.


[In the course of doing that action, you have not considered the fact that you would be betraying your trust in you?

Have you forgotten that you had promised us present here that you would take care of yourself and not for us to worry?

Yes, the purpose what you did is not trivial at all, saving the people of Gensokyo is an enormous task.


Glaring at us when Marisa seemed to be out of it, Miss Keine clapped her hands together and lifted the sleeping Medicine to her lap and started patting her, just like how she would do with any child before containing.

[You failed to inform of us of what you were planning, what you meant to do? what you wished to accomplish.

We would have taken the news of your deed more favorably if we had known about it.

What does not matter is whether we could have done anything about it or the fact that you would have done the EXACT SAME THING IF YOU DID?]

Slamming her hand on the table, Miss Keine glared so fiercely at me that I really knew she was totally furious at me.

I had never seen Miss Keine this mad before and even Marisa was giving her a big berth, backing away and smiling nervously at me, then her and then back at me.

The only thing I see that was keeping Miss Keine from exploding in rage was Medicine, who had woken up and was looking as if she was about to cry.

[Hush, My dear? I?m not mad at you?]

Making soft cooing sounds at her, Miss Keine made Medicine smile again before shooting daggers at me with her eyes again.

[And now, back to you, Hakurei Reimu. I demand an answer from you? We deserve to know? we do, Reimu.

We are friends, very good friends? ?why would you not even consider telling us, what you are planning? Are we that not trustworthy for you?]

Softening her stance, Miss Keine placed a hand on her chest and elaborated once more.

[Do you believe we would not support you? Why would you not let us into? what you fear? What you wish to do?

Reimu? we wish nothing but to be trusted? we all need someone Reimu, can?t we? as your friends, have the right to know what ails you?]

Seeing her pleading with me was heart wrenching, made even more so when tears were appearing in her eyes made me even guiltier.

It was not that I would not wish to tell her of? what I am attempting? or that I did not trust them? it is simply that, I do not know what I am tasked to do before the exact moment where I had to.

It was my? intuition? it is something that can never be explained?

I could not explain the actions that compelled me to save Gensokyo in the last disaster as well? it was as if I knew what was the right thing to do at the exact moment prior it?.

Could I call it the wills of the gods? I certainly hope I could? After all the things I?ve been through, I am merely just Reimu, not a prophet? but the Guardian of Gensokyo and servant of the Great Hakurei Spirit.

[I?m sorry? I didn?t mean to?]

Lowering my eyes, I felt as thou the years were stripped away and I was once again in my teens, being lectured by Miss Keine with Marisa beside me, only I was the only one being lectured? and for all the right reasons.


[It is? something that I can?t explain? why I am compelled to act independently? and most importantly?

I too, see you as my closest friends, Marisa, Miss Keine? and likewise?]
I bit my lip and then smiled at the two of them sadly, using my eyes to express my emotions.

[I do? do not wish to see anyone to be hurt? at least not directly or indirectly because of me?

I know, I know you are hurt now? but at the least, you can be mad at me? when you are unhurt? I would rather do that, than to risk the chance of you being hurt? Marisa, Miss Keine?]

Smiling sheepishly as I raised my head, I told them that I would rather be hurt myself than to bear the risk of them being hurt.

[And I mean every word, Miss Keine, Marisa? even if you would hate me for it? even if you would hurt me for that? I will do so?. And? even if you feel hurt by me? I feel hurt too?]

That seemed to jar them and they looked at each other before sighing.

[Reimu, is it really that hard for you to do that? Just to confide in us?]

[? I?ll? try? I?ll try my best? sometimes it just happens without warning?]

Smiling at them, I believed I did finally appease them when they just stared at me in stony silence.

[Please? I am sorry, Miss Keine? Marisa? but it is the truth? it? it just happens?]

Sitting in my personal quarters with Miss Keine and Marisa staring at me was very uncomfortable, even more so when the silence persisted for a while.

[? sigh?]

Sighing, Miss Keine seems to have given up when Medicine started fidgeting in her lap.

She seemed weary and tired, lines appearing under her eyes as an indicator of the stress she was undergoing.

[It?s the old Hakurei Intuition, da ze?]

Marisa asked she poured a cup of tea for Miss Keine and ruffled Medicine?s hair before pushing her cup to me.

[Chill, Keine, if it?s that, there?s really nothing we can do ya know? Not like we all are Reimu?s~]

[I-I?m sorry, Miss Keine? it is not that I do not wish to? but?]

I bit my lip and was about to speak when both of them reached out and hugged me, pulling me into a big hug. I felt their warmth and I hugged back.

For a moment, sitting there, with nothing but a table separating me and them, I felt more than ever how different I am to them? the gap between us was never so obvious that I? that I just?

[Yea yea, sure sure? sorry, Reimu?]

Marisa apologized to me softly and as she looked up to her, I saw her eyes echoed mine, one that seemed so far away.

I know Marisa, of all the people in Gensokyo would understand and I felt a little relieved. If she could understand? maybe Miss Keine would understand as well.

[You?re burdened with many things? Reimu, we know? we should have known? it?s not something that you want to, right ze?]

[I?m sorry? I-I wish I could?]

[Shush, Reimu? like what Mokou and I told you, you?re Reimu, more than anything else before? you?re Hakurei Reimu.

Marisa too, you?re Kirisame Marisa? not just the protectors of Gensokyo, not just the Hakurei Shrine Maiden. You?re Reimu and Marisa?]

[And you?re Keine? da ze?]

[Kamishirasawa Keine?]

[Oh shush, both of you?]

Keine seemed embarrassed but the hug that she gave us became even stronger, so much so I was a little out of breath.

[Behind our roles, behind our tasks? we?re still people? humans?]

[And youkai ze?]

[And youkai.]

Miss Keine agreed firmly and I just chuckled, it felt so odd? and so? so heartwarming at the same time that I started to cry.

[Oh don?t cry Reimu?]

[She?s a natural cry baby ze~~ Reimu?s been like this ever since she came back?]

[S-shut up? m-marisa? stupid?]

Chiding her, I smiled behind the tears while Miss Keine and Marisa just shook their heads in exasperation.

[You give us more trouble than the rest of the youkai put together, Reimu?]

[Indeed, you are more of a handful than all the children? telling lies, breaking promises? and trying to settle issues by yourself.
You are pushing yourself too hard, Reimu?]

[I?m sorry?]

[Stop apologizing, idiot.]

It must be countless time I had apologized to them, most of the times for making them worry and a few times for disappointing them.

It?s just me? I feel so apologetic for them that I had to? Even if they said it was not my fault? it must be a character that was built to me from the years I am away.

I?m no longer the headstrong and impatient person I was? at least that is what I am told by Miss Keine and the others?

[Whatever you do, Reimu? we view you as Reimu, not as the Haurei Shrine Maiden? but as Reimu? that is why we worry.]

Speaking her thoughts, Miss Keine smiled sheepishly for a moment as she looked away, seemingly remembering something.

Her eyes for a moment have the hint of tears and she muttered under her breath.

[Just? like how he did for me too?]

Marisa and I exchanged looks and kept silent as she seemed to be in another world for some time before turning back to me.

She must really miss the person as she did not even notice herself spacing out? there are times I would want to find a soul mate like how Miss Keine did.

The many times I?ve seen her pine for her love one was painful for me, she seemed never able to let her love go?

It was both heartbreaking to see her mourn so much and heartwarming to know that Miss Keine, in the course of her long life did find a person that truly and utterly loved her and she returned that love.


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Awesome as ever.

Nice hints-which-don't-actually-reveal-anything about some of Keine's backstory. I wonder who "he" was ... (which, of course, is the whole point ;))


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[We?ve forgotten that you are the Hakurei Shrine Maiden too, Reimu?]

[Reimu, turn into your disaster resolving mode ze! The Hakurei Shrine Maiden Reimu!]


I was scandalized at being called that, it seems so wrong and one sided to associate me with the term: ?Shrine Maiden?, there is another Shrine Maiden in Gensokyo, Sanae-san and I immediately reminded Marisa of that.

[Oh yea? Sanae?]

Shrugging, I was so mad at Marisa I was about to reprimand her when Miss Keine coughed and continued, upset at me and Marisa for breaking the atmosphere.

[Reimu, from now on? even if it hurts us?. Which it will?]

Miss Keine spared no time in glaring at me again and I looked away to avoid her accusing eyes. She is truly terrifying at times.

[We will try to comprehend, that you are the Shrine Maiden of Paradise, Reimu. Your job is to resolve disasters at time? we should accept that?]

Taking a deep breath, it seemed painful for Miss Keine to even say it out loud for me.

[just promise us one thing, Reimu?]

She swallowed again but Marisa blurted it out to me, just like she always does.

[That you better freakin come back in one piece, da ze!!]

Miss Keine was scandalized as she stared at the glaring Marisa, who had grabbed my collar and was lifting me up slightly before she started giggling and laughing.

[Yes? please do? and likewise, Reimu?]

Smiling with us as we all giggled for a bit, Miss Keine once again placed a hand on her chest and elaborated.

She never seems to surprise me. She was gentle to all of us and yet harsh toward us all when we get in trouble.

Most of the time she would seem to be the wisest among all of us, having experienced life in it?s ups and downs and yet, at times she is as na?ve as the youngest child, bless her..

Right now, she is smiling, showing me how determined she is to live the life she has never done before.

Miss Keine had gone through so much, I wish she would not worry so much about me and Marisa but I guess she could not help herself.

She is the protector of the village, and has been for a very very long time even before I was born?

She had endured so much pain, so much suffering, so many rejections and so many denials? and when this peace, this peace that was secured by me was given to the land, Miss Keine, may the spirits bless her, is still unable to set her mind at ease?

She had to worry about me and Marisa, on virtue that the both of us were humans and we were her friends.

[I am Kamishirasawa Keine, the caretaker of the village and she is Kirisame Marisa, defender of Gensokyo and Resident Black Witch.
We too, asides from being your friends? have our own roles to play?
Please forgive us as well? if we made you worry about us.]

Bowing formally to me, the both of us hurriedly did the same to her.

[There, now we are settled? and even.]

Marisa grinned as she slapped all of our shoulders. It was indeed a load off my shoulders to have the two of them thinks that way but in a way, it made me feel a little sad as well.

Will we, in the course of doing our duties eventually forget that we are even friends?

Will we forget to even care for each other?s safety??

[Neh Reimu, don?t worry? we?ll still make you guilty for keeping things from us. Don?t worry about that!]

Seemingly reading my mind and my inner fears, Marisa winked and let us go, ending the hug between the three of us.

[Now the problem ze? is HER!]

Pointing at the sleeping Medicine, Marisa looked at the both of us before slapping us on the shoulders.

[And don?t get any weird ideas, ze!!]


Sitting together at the porch, the both of us played with Medicine with Marisa fuming beside me.

She had been grumpy ever since I decided that she could stay in the Shrine for the time being while we decide what to do with her.

Right now Miss Keine was reading Medicine a story while I was meditating peacefully. Suika had returned and was pouring sake for Marisa.

I did not understand her anger and disappointment at me deciding to keep her at the Shrine and when I asked her why:

[She?s YOUKAI, Reimu!!]

[Marisa? you too?]

[? But, Medicine is a dangerous youkai! She might harm all of you! Or the villagers, Marisa!]

[Marisa? she?s just as dangerous? as you and me?]

That silenced Marisa but she was still grumpy and resisted any attempt from me to reconcile with her. It was just like her to do that, it has served her well but it will not work against me.

By even trying to test my patience was an uphill battle that could not be won.

Meditating for three hours without moving, I had made Marisa utterly frustrated and only now had I broke the tranquil state of mind I had entered and stood up, stretching myself.

[Evening, Reimu!!]

Smiling at me, Suika hurriedly kept the sake with her duplicates and told me that the villagers were concerned about the weather and would like me to perform a ritual for rain.

[Oh, thank you Suika? I will make arrangements for that? In any case, it is my time for a visit tomorrow.]


Nodding, Suika shot a sidelong glanced at Marisa before going back to reading a book I had asked her to memorize.

It was a book about the teachings of Shinto, if Suika was serious about being a Shrine Maiden, I will have to instruct herself from the basics onwards.

Suika has been diligent student so far but I do sense some resentment from her part at being tied down to the Shrine.

[Miss Keine, are you not going back to the village?]

Absentmindedly, I asked Miss Keine while massaging my arms and I was amused to see a started Miss Keine look at me and then at her surroundings.

[Oh my goodness!!!]

Covering her mouth, Miss Keine hurriedly got up and seemed in a panic. Has she not noticed how fast the time has gone by playing with Medicine?

[Miss Keine?? Are you going somewhere??]

Medicine, who had gotten up and was pulling on Miss Keine?s skirt, had a confused and pleading expression on her face as Miss Keine turned back to look at her.

[Let?s play more! I want to hear more stories!]

[Ah.. .well, erm?]

Miss Keine truly looked torn and I walked over to pat Medicine on her head to help Miss Keine out.

[Medicine, Miss Keine needs to go back to the village? she?ll come and play with you again.]

Smiling at her, I was however not surprised when Medicine shook her head and pleaded Miss Keine to stay and play with her.

Despite everything, she still has the mentality of a child. Youkai does mature slowly and she might have to live a hundred years for her to outgrow this mentality.

[Medicine, Miss Keine has to go back now? please, let her go?]

Bending down, I explained patiently to her while Miss Keine looked even more reluctant to move away.

She was looking at Medicine with an expression of longing and another that I could not describe. It was as if Medicine had gave new life to Miss Keine somehow.

[No no!! I want Miss Keine to play with me!!]

We spent a few minutes trying to get Medicine to come to terms with the predicament before Marisa strolled over, StarFire, Marisa?s broom hovering above her.

[I knew that would happen ze~]

Marisa sounds as she was expecting it and to be honest, a part of me had expected this as well.

Miss Keine loved taking care of children and to her benefit, Miss Keine was adored by children as well.

If Miss Keine had indeed lost track of time entertaining and playing with Medicine, there is no doubt that Medicine would have bonded with her.

We do have a tricky situation now and I thought hard, trying to come up with a solution only to end up with a blank.

[The easiest way, was for Keine to take her home, wouldn?t it?]

Grinning as she tickled Medicine, Suika winked at Keine as Ran and Chen, my two constant companions rested on Miss Keine?s shoulder and nodded at the suggestion.

[Well? that would certainly solve the problem.]

I clapped my hands and smiled at the suggestion. It was indeed ideal.

[Miss Keine, you can seal her powers, that will make it safer for her and the villagers for her to be around.]

[Sides, I don?t think anyone can tell the difference between her and a human child.]

Suika does make a winning argument till Marisa interrupted.

[If you seal her powers, she will grow up without knowing how to control them.

That?s not a good idea, not to mention who knows what will happen to her powers if it goes untouched.]

Crossing her arms, Marisa seemed unsatisfied with the reply but she too seemed lost in what to do till we heard another voice call out to us.


It was Miss Mokou, rather Fujiwara no Mokou the immortal phoenix and another caretaker of the village and the resident guide of the Bamboo forest.

She was Miss Keine?s closest friend and they have been through lots together, thanks to efforts from mine and Miss Keine?s part, Mokou is now accepted in the village and is one of the most loved, aside from Miss Keine of course.

They live together and seeing Miss Keine had not returned after being called out since morning, it was natural for her to come and look for her.

[Geez I was worried?]

Wearing her trademark red overalls that had paper charms pasted all over it and her brown blouse, Mokou grinned while exchanging hard high fives with Marisa.

What was different was that she had her hair tied in long twin tails that was different from the usual ponytail that she would wear.

She seemed embarrassed that I pointed it out to her but she did look very cute in that.

Mokou is quite similar to Marisa in terms of character and temperament and they click together very well indeed.

[So, what?s the commotion about? Reimu was getting herself into some sort of fix again?]

Grinning, Mokou winked at me and I looked away in embarrassment. Why does everyone have the same impression of me?

[Heh, Keine, I gave the children the day off since I didn?t see ya back, hope ya don?t mind.]

Smirking after she got the response she wanted, it was Mokou?s turn to be taken aback as Miss Keine exclaimed loudly it was the wrong thing to do.

[Mokou!! You knew that the children were supposed to keep up with their studies!!]

[H-hey hey! Keine, I thought it was something serious ya know? You been gone so long I was considering declaring a state of emergency!!]

Raising her arms in front of me as a makeshift shield,  Mokou placated the angry Miss Keine by her words and it was an immediate reversal as Miss Keine blushed red and stopped abruptly, something Mokou immediately took note off.

[wait? don?t tell me it wasn?t important?!?!]

Mokou sighed when Miss Keine remained silent while the rest of just gave them a wide berth.

I was giving Ran and Chen a well deserved cuddle when there was a loud scream from Mokou.


It seems Miss Keine had told Mokou what was going on and I hurried over to coax Medicine with me, who was looking as if she was about to cry.

Mokou was glaring at Miss Keine as if she had lost her mind while Miss Keine was torn between making a hard stance and giving in to Mokou.

It was all too familiar to me and I wanted Medicine not to get involved in it.

[Come here Medicine, Miss Keine and Mokou have to work things out themselves?]


She looked as if she did not want to leave Miss Keine and I nodded to Ran and Chen, who flew over and twittered to Medicine, persuading her to come with me, leaving Miss Keine and Mokou to argue between themselves.


Author's Notes:

Oh yea, i dropped hints on what could happen next.. or rather, what triggered the actions soon.

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I can just imagine Mokou's comical irate expression at the end there.


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Short update from me.


[HER?! Are you kidding?!?!!]

Screaming at me, Mokou was surely totally befuddled by my decision to bring Medicine in.

I guess she would be, this was totally unexpected and it is was Medicine, Medicine Melancholy the little sweet poison that I was proposing to live with us.

[She?s youkai!!]

[I?m youkai, Mokou!]

[Okay, good point there?. But she?s a dangerous youkai!!]

Recovering quickly, Mokou tried to make stand against me, pointing at poor Medicine, who was shivering and clutching me with all her strength.

Mokou is scaring the poor dear but I can scarcely blame her too, oh dear I am torn between the two of them?

Lowering my head, I clutched her hand and explained to her.

[Please Mokou, she has nowhere to go? Medicine she? well, she could live with us?]

I pleaded with her again, I knew Mokou from the inside and out. I knew she would not let a little girl out in the cold if she could help it.

Despite Mokou?s tough exterior and constant scowl, she loves children and is actually a shy girl who does not know how to express herself.

Her long isolation from humans made it easy for people to misjudge her but I knew Mokou, I thought I did but I am unsure right now? why is Mokou so fiercely opposed to Medicine staying over?.

[She?s just a little girl at heart, Mokou. I?ll take care of her, I?ll teach her to use her powers and all that.
So please, Mokou? Medicine can stay with us, right?]

[NO it?s NOT okay!! C?mon Keine, you know what her abilities are, the manipulation of poison!!

If she gets out of hand it?s the villagers who would suffer?]

I knew it, Mokou is concerned about the village!!

I celebrated my small inner victory in getting Mokou to admit caring about the village by smiling happily at her.

[Mokou, please!! I?ll really take care of her? Please, Mokou?]

[It?s not about whether you can take of her, Keine!! She?s? she?s youkai!! I know, I know you?re youkai? I?m YOUKAI!

But? but it?s just that?]

Pausing, Mokou looked at Medicine fiercely before turning to me and yet she was unable to say what she wanted to say.

The words would not come out and I spend a few seconds watching her stamp her feet in anger.

What is it with Mokou? I have not seen her as mad as she is now? since the last time Kaguya came and hugged her.

But she was secretly very pleased by that, I knew from the shy smile on her face that was the rarest of her smiles.

[Come here Medicine, Miss Keine and Mokou have to work things out themselves?]


I breathed a sigh of relief when Reimu came over and took Medicine away, I would not want the conversation with us to turn ugly in front of her.

Mokou was still glaring fiercely at Medicine and only with Reimu shaking her head softly at us did she lighten up.


Looking at me with an unreadable expression, Mokou seemed very nervous, as if she was worried about something all of a sudden and I placed a hand on her shoulder, trying to reassure her.

[yes, Mokou? Is there something you are worried about?]

[Keine, If you really want to? I mean, if you really want to ya know?
Take her in? kay? okay?]

She seemed unwilling to give up the argument but give up she did as she lowered her head and smiled bitterly at me.

[After all? it?s your home? you have the right to decide?]

Smiling, Mokou grinned sheepishly as she scratches her head.

[It?s silly of me to object? it?s your home after all? I?m just staying there for the time being.]

Her words were a blow to me and to some extent, our friendship and I tightened my grip on her shoulder.

[Mokou! Why do you say that!]

[Well? it?s da truth, right?]

Smiling sheepishly at me, I shook my head to Mokou?s surprise and refused to let her go, imploring her not to think that way.

I?ve never thought of that home as mine alone, Mokou has the right to the home as much as I did?

I could not imagine life without Mokou, it wouldn?t be a home without it? if that is not counted as belonging to her, I do not know what is.

[No Mokou! I?ve never thought of it that way, hence me asking you that?]

[Nahhh, you shouldn?t have to? it?s your home and all?.]

She smiled at me but I saw the signs of pain on her features as she spoke to me, she was hurt and hurting badly but the more I tried to reassure her, the more she would not believe me.

Her hurt eyes made it obvious that our friendship was being tested again, perhaps more than ever before and I decided I should back off for a bit and let her cool down.

[? Mokou?]

Staying silent as she looked away from me, I endured the lonely and pain I felt for a few moments more before trying to reach her again, through my words.

I was trembling and I was afraid, this is the truth. I did not know why that I feel that I would lose Mokou if I played my cards right.

The barrier between us is made all the more obvious when I was reminded of how Mokou initially looked when I first caught sight of her.

It was back to the same distrusting and suspicious Mokou I saw back then.

What have I done to earn her ire and mistrust? Oh dearie me?

[? Mokou, I want to take care of Medicine? I feel like, I need to? that I am compelled to?]

Putting my hands behind me, I smiled sheepishly as I twitched nervously, using my foot to draw patterns on the ground.

It was like the tables are turned and I was being accused by Mokou. I do admit that I have some? tendencies for liking children but that was no reason for her to get mad at me like this?.

[I just want to, Mokou? please, I want to guide her, guide her to be the best youkai she could be.

Medicine is a good girl, a lonely youkai wanting nothing more than to be with her dolls.]

Mokou didn?t seem impressed as she scowled and shrugged.

[uh huh, I don?t see what that has to do with anything, Keine?]

[Mokou, I want? us to do it together.]


She replied with surprising speed, as if she was expecting it and it was me who was surprised rather than her. Her sharp eyes stared at me, daring me to try her and I smiled apprehensively.

[Mokou, I want the both of us to nurture, to teach Medicine together. I wish to Mokou? please? Please?]


Looking down at her feet, I endured yet another small spell of silence till Mokou, her lips dry, shrugged and shook her head.

[Keine, thank you.]

She thanked me? Why did she thank me? I do not understand her reasoning for that till she spoke again.

[You think so highly of me ya? Thanks? but no, I?m sorry? Sorry Keine]

Stuffing her fingers into her pants, Mokou looked as if she was leaving when I grabbed her shoulder with both my hands and implored her not to leave.

[Mokou! W-where are you going!]

[Keine!! Well uh?]

She seemed embarrassed at me clinging on to her and she quickly tried to pry my fingers off.

[Quit it, Keine! You?re not a damn kid!! C?mon leggo!!]

[NO! Not tell you tell me where you are going and why!! Mokou!!

You?re not leaving, not leaving me or anyone again!! I won?t allow it!!]

It became a quick tug of war between me and Mokou, with me ending up pulling at her ankles till she finally gave up and sat down in her anger.

[Fine, FINE! Okay Keine. You stopped me from leaving. Why?! Why!!]

She was mad, I was mad too? why would she want to leave? Everything is fine right, so why? why must she?

[Mokou, you are not going anywhere? I want you to stay?. Isn?t that a good reason?

Please Mokou, we?ve been through this much? I-I didn?t think this would make you leave?]

Mokou seemed torn, not for the first time and with her hands, she reached to brush away the hair that was covering my eyes and my face.

Her touch always felt warm to me but today, just for today it felt clammy cold.

Something was really bothering her and I could not tell what it is.

[? Alright? I?ll stay? I?ll stay!! Alright? just? don?t give me that stupid look on your face.]

Grinning, Mokou helped me up before slapping me on the back.

[Don?t you spoil the little brat, kay?]

Sniffing, Mokou?s grin seemed forced but I was over the world when I heard her say she could stay and I didn?t notice the warning signs so early.

I just threw myself at Mokou and hugged her happily. All I wanted was for all three of us to be family and I gushed out all the things I wanted to do with her.

[I promise I?ll take care of her, as if she was?]

Pausing mid-sentence, I gestured Medicine to come over to share a great big hug from me.

The two of them were surprised when they were lifted into the air and I ignored the protests and giggles before whispering it so softly only they could hear.

[Our child, Mokou? okay? Oh don?t give me that face, Mokou? we are one big family!!]

Hugging them tightly, I could only imagine how life would change with the addition of the tiny youkai into our home.

I am sure there will be many challenges to conquer, many habits that we will have to change.

But this warm feeling in my heart that I felt when I have Mokou and Medicine with me will help me live through all that life throws at me?

I promise with all my heart, that I will?

So please, the Spirit that looks over us all? whoever you are, wherever you are? would you please answer my prayer, my prayer of letting me and my family live together happily?

Whatever the cost of having my prayer answered is, I will gladly pay it? if only, for them.

The price will be worth it? I know it would be?


Sitting down with Suika at the porch while looking at Miss Keine and Mokou settle their differences, I sensed something yet again.

It was a familiar feeling of someone trying to tell me something and I looked over behind my shoulder. Marisa seemed to be talking to someone at the corner of the yard and I stood up, going over to her.

[? it will happen soon.]

I heard a strangely familiar voice as I got closer but when I thought I would meet whoever Marisa was talking to, she turned towards me and grinned.

[Anything wrong, Reimu?]

[Eh, No? Not at all?]

Jumping slightly, Marisa pulled me away from where she was earlier back towards the Shrine itself, directing me back to Miss Keine and Mokou despite me trying to look over her shoulder.

Was she hiding something from me?

I studied Marisa?s face for any signs of her lying to me but there was none, she was clean.

There was the same smile she greets me everyday and the same expression of confusion, worry and a little bit of her goofy nature.

She was just plain, ordinary Marisa and I felt compelled to drop the issue right there.

She wasn?t doing anything wrong, perhaps it?s my imagination? but? the tingling feeling I?ve felt?

Was it just my imagination, probably not.

But let?s leave it at that? it seems Miss Keine and Mokou has worked out something and were waving me towards them.

[Well, whatcha waiting for Reimu? Go on!]

Winking at me, Marisa pushed me forward while she followed casually.
She didn?t seem to be in a hurry but she was right, Medicine and Miss Keine was the priority right now.


Defiant of Shrine Maiden Ver. 2


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Ah... wrathie-style Keine/Mokou drama. It never gets old. Add one adorable little doll youkai and you've got yourself something even better.