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Colossal's Stories
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Just a place for random stories I throw together.


Nitori Kawashiro looked upon her newest creation with awe. After weeks of hard work, her airplane was finished. She had invited her friend Marisa to see it, as the books she ?borrowed? were invaluable in completing the project.

?So, what does this do, Nitori??
?It flies.?
?But doesn't everything in Gensokyo fly??
?Yes, but kappa aren't very good at it. We can't go very fast or very high, and I'm sick and tired of that tengu rubbing it in my face.?

Nitori opened the door on the side, and climbed into a seat on the front. She turned various knobs and pulled various levers, and the plane began to move. Auras of air rushed through the engines, which were converted from rockets that had been around since the geyser incident. A few moments later, the plane launched into the sky.

Both Nitori and Marisa looked out the side of the plane. For a brief moment, Aya, the aforementioned tengu, flew by. Marisa couldn't tell from the angle she was standing at, but it looked like Nitori was sticking her tongue out.

After that, Nitori decided to fly away from the mountains she took off from, and started flying toward the human village, trying to impress onlookers on the ground. Marisa was starting to get bored, as she flew all the time and this was nothing new for her.

?Can't this thing go any faster??
?Marisa, don't, I don't know what'll happen if we fly any faster...?
?Hey, don't worry! Flying's just like danmaku, it's all about power...?

Marisa slammed her mini-Hakkero into the side of the cabin. The plane sped up, the engines producing a deafening roar.

?See, Nitori, everything's fine!?

There was a loud creaking, followed by a snap. Nitori looked behind her to see that there were gaping holes where the wings used to be. Marisa simply stood silent.

?This is your fault, you know that, right, Marisa??

Marisa shrugged in the face of Nitori's accusations. The engineer sighed as she unbuckled herself from her seat and strapped into a harness. As various objects were sucked into the sky, Nitori flung herself out the side of the plane, but not before feeling something tug on her leg.

?Marisa, let go, we're falling too fast!?
?But I can't fly without my broom!?
?Well, I don't WANT to. It's unbecoming of me.?

Nitori sighed as she released her parachute, as Marisa held on for her life.

In the history of Gensokyo, there have been many incidents. The scarlet mist, the missing full moon, the treasure ship... but none are as serious as interrupting the tea of a shrine maiden.

Reimu Hakurei turned from her cup, hearing a noise. She followed the sound, and looked in horror as a falling airplane (or what was left of it) smashed into the shrine. Reimu shook her head, then looked up again just in time to see a kappa and a witch fall on top of her, followed by a tangled mess of silk and fishing line.

?...oh, good afternoon Nitori. Nice of you to drop in...? Reimu delivered an unimpressed welcome as she pulled herself loose and got to her feet. ?, do you know anything about what happened to my shrine??

Nitori was pointed to the crater where her plane landed.

?You sure? Then what's this??

Reimu pointed to a piece of wreckage which had ?Property of Nitori? painted on it.

?There are a lot of youkai in Gensokyo. Do you think I'm the only Nitori?"

Kappa are not skilled fliers, and even worse runners. Nitori, in her panic, forgot she was still strapped into her parachute, and tripped over a line, falling down the stairs in front of the shrine.

?Hey, Reimu, Nitori, what's going on ? whoa!?

Marisa, who was still tangled, was pulled along with Nitori, and rolled down the stairs.

Reimu sighed, and went back to her tea.

?It'll take a lot of donations to fix this.?

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?I'm glad you could take care of the house while I'm stuck in bed, Alice.? Marisa sat up, showing her neighbor and friend the cast on her arm.

?It's nothing, really. It's not like you take care of this place yourself. By the way, what happened to your arm??
?I... fell down some stairs.?
?You seem to get in an awful lot of accidents around Nitori. Do you want me to go talk to her??
?No, no, everything's fine! Really!?

Marisa lay back down as Alice and her dolls started to clean a bit.

?Are you hungry, Marisa? Shangai and I can make some soup if you are.?
?That would be nice, thanks.?

Alice and one of her dolls walked into the kitchen. A while later, she came back holding a tray with a large bowl and a spoon.

?I hope you like this Marisa, it took a lot of effort to make.?

Marisa took a spoonful of the soup and lifted it into her mouth.

?I don't think I've seen this recipe, Alice. How'd you make this??
?I used some of the mushrooms in the cellar.?

Marisa was starting to lose her appetite at this point.

?What color were the mushrooms, Alice??
?, I think.?

Marisa's face puffed up and started to lose its color, as Alice looked on nervously.

?...get... the... bucket...?

Alice pulled a bucket out of a pile of junk, gave it to Marisa, and turned her head away. There was a horrible sound, almost like the roar of a wild animal.

?Okay, so the soup wasn't too good. I guess I'll make something else the-? Alice was interrupted by the sound starting again.

?Maybe some tea??
?No, Alice, I'm fine.? Marisa got out of her bed. ?My arm's starting to hurt again. I'm going to Eientei to see if Eirin has some medicine for this.?

Marisa stood up and walked towards the door of the house, tripping over a haphazardly-placed stack of books She tumbled to the floor, her face slamming into the doorknob. She got up and opened the door, to see a familiar kappa greet her.

?Oh, hi, Nitori.?
?What happened to your eye, Marisa??
?I walked into a door.?

Nitori peered through the door to see Alice, and Alice peered outward to see Nitori.

?You know, Marisa, you seem to get in an awful lot of accidents around Alice.?
?...hmm, what a coincidence.?
?What was that, Marisa??
?Oh, nothing, nothing...?

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