Author Topic: Touhou Multi Scroll Shooting. (Version 0.28) Looking for testers.  (Read 1028 times)

Announce post on my Facebook page.

Game play video

A danmaku game made in Unreal Engine 4.

This game provide you both of horizontal scroll and vertical scroll. I made bullets patterns fit for each scrolling mode.

Youmu is the only one playable character. She has different skill when focus and unfocus. Player shot aim to enemy when focus.

Bomb stocks is replaced with Mp. Using bomb require 100 mp. There are not pick up items. Hp and Mp Regenerate by herself. Mp regenerate faster while player is not attacking.

When player dies, player can continue from check point with Hp0.01 (Like point device mode.) For the check point before encounter a boss, player continue with hp2.00 instead.

Download a game here.

Trial version 0.28 has only stage1 and tutorial stage.

Bugs report is appreciate.
(This is a trial version, so expect bugs.)

Feedback is appreciate.
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