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2hu's Stand (A JJBA reference)
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Suppose that across Gensokyo, your favourite 2hu have been hit with a Stand arrow and manifested a Stand on their own. What, do you guy think, each one's Stand is, and what's it ability?


Name: Kogasa Tatara

Stand: Umbrella Surprise

Ability: Surprise people.

Description: A stand in a shape of an ordinary-looking Karakasa. Due to it ability, it held many gimmicks and function, hidden within itself to surprise anyone seeing it. Upon being surprise, a "Surprise" energy immediately manifested from the target, and being sucked into the Stand itself to power itself and it users, leaving the target emotionally drained in propotional to how much they're surprised. However, it's indiscriminate to everyone, even it own user, as long as they're surprise by it own action, so the user itself could be drained, and even knocked unconcious if they aren't vigilance...

The more it gained energy and store within itself, the more it can surprise, and the more it could drain it target to surprise again. It could consistently gain power infinitely as long as it could still surprise people, and they haven't being drained yet. A surprisingly powerful Stand if done right.
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Re: 2hu's Stand (A JJBA reference)
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Name: Yukari Yakumo
Stand: Onmyouji Indigo
Ability: Using a stand on its own, Shikigami Orange.
Description: A stand that gets stronger the closer it is to its master, and when it's close enough, it can unleash its own stand. Orange also gets stronger the closer it is to Indigo, it's not strong enough to use its own stand though. If Orange is damaged, Indigo is weakened, but Yukari isn't affected.
Haven't finished watching Jojo's yet, so I hope there's not already a stand like this...

Re: 2hu's Stand (A JJBA reference)
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A purely close-combat Stand huh...Probably going to be used for some merging-with-Stand Ora-Ora fight, is my first idea.

Name: Murasa Miramitsu

Stand: Captain Blue

Ability: Turn the ground into liquid.

Description: A Stand in a shape of a humanoid in an admiral outfit carrying a huge anchor. It's ability is to turn the ground within a certain radius into liquid. With this, she could effectively "dive" into the ground as if it's her own turf, and/or drown the unlucky target into the depth of earth itself. She could control the water itself, along with it vicoscity, transparency and various other properties, and could also turn it back into the ground she just turn.  It's limit to ground only, however, if a target is fully submerge in it, the victim itself could also be considered ground (given enough time) and could be turn to liquid, and merge with the earth.
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Re: 2hu's Stand (A JJBA reference)
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Mystia has a Stand. Stuffman scientifically determined its name is Night Moves.

Re: 2hu's Stand (A JJBA reference)
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Mystia has a Stand. Stuffman scientifically determined its name is Night Moves.



Name: Sakuya Izayoi

Stand: Black Hole Sun

Ability: Invert space and time.

Description: A Stand in a shape of an compass with a clock-like design, pointing time freely instead of direction. This stand's main ability is to invert space and time; In short, for Time to act like Space, and Space to act like Time. By "Setting" at one point in space and invert it, she, and/or any kind of object she's setting the point around in, could essentially travel in time backward and foward, sideway and up down like she was merely walking, having access to alternate timeline and even completely different time, revealing and even summon different possibility, as the cost of "forcing" to move only toward, or stay put in the point she set, no matter where it will be. Conversively, she could force any object, around a certain radius of time, to go only toward the point she set up, essentially a black hole that attract object in time instead of space, forcing and condensing them into a singularity.
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Re: 2hu's Stand (A JJBA reference)
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Medicine would get Purple Haze