Author Topic: Awesome Games Done Quick 2019 - DOS Ist Gut, Ja?  (Read 12288 times)

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Re: Awesome Games Done Quick 2019 - DOS Ist Gut, Ja?
« Reply #90 on: March 22, 2019, 06:35:42 PM »
I don't care anymore.

Anyways. Let's move on.

Nah I'm gonna keep posting even though I said I don't care anymore


To nip this in the bud, no knowledge of the current political climate in the United States is necessary to understand why the MAGA squad in that video is full of it; the video itself acknowledges that (a) GDQ banned on-air political stuff before the hat incident, and (b) the hats are political stuff. A thing was banned, that thing was done anyway, the offenders were punished. How incredibly complicated a concept!

Anyway. This thread about an event that ended over two months ago has run its course, and now it is done. You can take whatever pride you like in taking us all for a ride on your Ruse Cruise. To be clear for future GDQ threads, transphobic and MAGA chud posts are not welcome, and offenders will be given time-outs should they decide the rules do not apply to them.  See you all in June.
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Well, this game happened.