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[Music] Palas' Arrangements
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Ever since Touhou stole my soul, and that was not even so much time ago, I've been mesmerized by the music. You know how the story goes. We are all probably like this. by the way - my favourite Touhou theme is Doll Maker of Bucuresti.

Sometimes I get so obsessed by a theme I either have to listen to it for hours on end for it to go away... or arrange it. So here are the songs I've arranged so far:

Septette for the Dead Princess - Well, who hasn't done this theme? But you know, it makes me feel lonely, in that it's like I'm the only one whose favorite part of the song is the intro. Arrangements don't usually give it much highlight, so I tried to do just that. I also tried to go for a dreamy and relaxed vibe, like Remilia going to sleep 7 in a warm summer morning.

The Sea Where One's Home Planet Reflects - It's a piano arrangement, and quite a freeform one at that. I think Junko's theme mashes up very well with U.N. Owen Was Her, so that'swhat I tried to bring up.

Crazy Backup Dancers - Another piano arrangement, a little more faithful to the original this time. Amazing theme. I love Hidden Star in Four Seasons already.

A Pair of Divine Beats - Well at least the pun is ok

So tell me what you think! I hope you enjoy.
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New reinterpretation/rearrangement/whatever we should call it:

A Pair of Divine Beats - Well at least the pun is ok.

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That last one is pretty chill. Good work.