Author Topic: 東方不在の信仰 ~ Lost Belief in Gensokyo  (Read 1241 times)

東方不在の信仰 ~ Lost Belief in Gensokyo
« on: May 07, 2017, 07:13:18 PM »
The Faith in Gensokyo has gone missing, will the girls recover it?

I have no scripting knowledge. If this ever does get made, I'll need a lot of help scripting and making the music. I basically can only do the art  :derp:
I'd really appreciate any help. I have decided on most mechanics, (Characters, Bosses, Setting etc.)


Shrine Maiden of Paradise:
Reimu Hakurei

Ordinary Magician:
Marisa Kirisame

Superficial and Shallow Human:
Sanae Kochiya

Myouren Temple's Resident Alien:
Nue Houjuu

Spellcards and Bosses for Stages 1-3:

That's basically all for now this is mainly just an announcement.
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Re: 東方不在の信仰 ~ Lost Belief in Gensokyo
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Well as much as I like to see new fangame concepts, this announcement is REALLY bare of information. Unfortunately, if you're looking to recruit helpers you're not going to have much luck if this is all you have to offer. You'd do well to at the minimum outline compelling gameplay and story concepts. I mean, you yourself suggested that this game might never end up happening so can you really expect someone to just donate their free time to helping with this game based on something this uncertain?

If you're not looking to recruit people with this annoucement, then why ARE you making it? With this much barebones information, we're likely to forget about this game before the day is even over. There's nothing interesting or memorable in this post, aside from the mildly interesting fact that Nue is playable. There's no story elements, art, gameplay ideas or anything to get people excited and to help them remember this.

I strongly suggest that you come back with this announcement when you have more to offer and a more than vague idea of what this game is supposed to be. At least draw some concept art, since you are an artist. Even better, I suggest learning how to use Danmakufu yourself, so you can at least put together a working prototype. It's easy to come up with a fangame idea, that's why there are so many. It's another thing entirely to put in the time to learn how to make it a reality. More people will be willing to help if they can see that the game already has some progress made. Now, Danmakufu does take time to learn, and you should practice with smaller scripts before diving into a full game, but learning it is your best bet to making this game a reality. It's not common at all for someone with just an idea to find people who are just willing to make it for them (unless it's a REALLY compelling one, which this one is not due to the miniscule amount of information). Even if you decide to not learn Danmakufu, at the very least you should develop this idea a LOT more before attempting to look for help with it, I think.

I hope you find my advice helpful and I wish you the best with your idea.


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Re: 東方不在の信仰 ~ Lost Belief in Gensokyo
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Following up on Ozzy's comments, please be aware that fangames (and games in general) tend to be long-term commitments. It's not uncommon to spend a year or two on a fan game. In that time, communication is of the utmost importance - you must have a working understanding of every detail that goes into the game in order to make it a success. If another person were to do the coding, for example, you as the artist must provide graphics that work in a way that is easy for the coder to implement.

Also, not to ruin your ideas or anything, but when you say "I basically can only do the art," keep in mind that when making a game, visual assets come in a number of different forms. For example:
-Player shots, which must be (usually) symmetric, Alpha enabled, and in-character with the player
-Sprites, which must follow standard formatting in terms of sprite sheet structure and will likely need multiple animation frames
-Danmaku graphics, which need to be visually acceptable and with specific dimensions (odd x odd, etc)
-Background assets, which may need to be 2D and/or 3D, large, and representative of the mood you're trying to convey for the stage or spell card
-Cutins and character art, which may need a variety of emotions/formats
-Particle Effects, which come in a wide variety of sizes and formats but need to not interfere with gameplay while still adding 'juice' to the experience

It is rare for someone to be able to do all of these roles. At the very least, it's rare for background assets to be made in-house.