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The game has Evolved...
« on: August 05, 2016, 09:53:33 PM »
I'm a little surprised there hasn't been a new thread about this since it went F2P.

Anyway; in a move that surprised everyone and was a best-kept secret; Evolve; that ?40/$60 game which had a life of about two weeks before everyone got bored and left; had turned Free-to-Play with a bunch of changes aimed at addressing some of the issues like game pace. I personally wasn't willing to pay ?40 for what was glorified Hide-and-Seek, but now Evolve is free, and they apparently worked on several of it's biggest issues; I tried it. It's fun.

Has one of the better tutorials for a multiplayer game I've seen, and the basics are pretty quick to learn.

Anyway, talk about Evolve. What characters do you play; perks; tactics; or just general salt and so on.

Personally I just came out of a pretty funny Goalith victory. I was about to Evolve into Stage 3 and smelt to see if the Hunters were nearby; which would make evolving dangerous. They were.

But a little ahead of the others was the guy I'd downed twice before. Each time you're downed; you lose some max HP. Three downs and you die until respawn instead of losing max HP. This basically encourages you to go for the wounded guy first.

I was on elevated ground and had not been spotted. So I threw a rock down the cliff and it directly hit the guy. I then Leap Strike down on top of him; land a quick smack; and Charge.

He's dead. And he must have been so mad. The Hunter became the Hunted. This led to a teamwipe as well.

I play Support; Monster and Assault usually. I have a 75%+ winrate with Bucket and 60%+ with Goliath.
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