Author Topic: Batman Arkham Knight a total disaster on PC, pulled from Steam  (Read 684 times)

Aya Reiko

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Calling it a Porting Disaster would be an understatement.  Many people have been comparing BAK to Assassin's Creed Unity when pointing out what a buggy, unplayable, and unfinished mess the games are.  Right now, only 32% of nearly 9000 user reviews for BAK are positive.

Oh, and it's the first "AAA game" release with Steam's new refund policy in place.  Suffice to say, a lot of people were making use of that.  To the point it's been rumored WB was losing money on how many games were being refunded.  As of about 8 hours ago, Batman: Arkham Knight was pulled from Steam and now has a new re-release window of Fall 2015.