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Guild Wars 2
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Hey all. Anyone here play Guild Wars 2? With the launch of Living Story Season 2, the game has been more active than ever!

I figure perhaps we should compile a list of users and add each other?

Forum name:        Character name:
Lishy1                            Menlo Francois

Forum name:        Account name:

I'm pretty active, and I'm always up to helping others out. Feel free to PM me ingame if you ever have any questions about GW2, or wanna learn some great money-making secrets that got me 3 legendary weapons!  :]

And for anyone who hasn't played since 2012.. Here's what you've missed:
- Megaservers (All the servers are now COMBINED!)
- LFG system
- *MASSIVELY* Improved PvP and rewards system
- Living Story Season 2 (Mini-expansion storyline released episodically)
--- The Destruction of Lion's Arch!
- Fractals of the Mists (New endgame dungeon with scaling difficulty)
 ---3 new Fractals added to the game since the introduction of Fractals of the mists
- New level 80 dungeon (Aetherblades)
-- Rebalanced and improved all other current dungeons
- Ascended Gear (Account-bound level 80 equipment able to be shared across all your characters and serve a special purpose in Fractals of the Mists )
- 2 New level 80 zones (Dry Top and Southsun Cove)
- 1 New WvW Map (Edge of the Mists)
--- New WvW Progression system, leveling, and WvW traits system (for exclusive WvW abilities!)
- Wardrobe system (Permanently unlocking skins and using them at any time)
- 2 New "Raid"-style bosses (The Great Jungle Wurm and a remade Tequatl the Sunless fight)
- Tons of new weapons and armor
- Improved rewards
- Updated weapon effects
- Overhauled trait system
----New traits to unlock!
- Lots and LOTS of new achievements
- Skill balances and fixes
- Misc. Polish
& More!

You also missed the Super Adventure Box, which was temporarily removed from the game, but should be coming back soon. Oh, and the best GW2 commercial ever:

Highlight video of epic PWNAGE in the *new* WVW map:

Original thread:,13264.0.html

I'm also writing some sweet guides for you all, whether for dungeon builds, farming, or whatever. If you're rusty and just getting back into the game, I recommend giving them a read when they're up! ;)
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