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Midnight Soul Harvest early demo
« on: May 29, 2016, 12:34:46 AM »
Midnight Soul Harvest is a game made using the Mountain of Faith engine. There is only one short stage right now, consisting of a battle against Komachi. All other stages have been removed so they won't work. The music is also removed and will eventually be replaced but for now there is no music.

It's a little buggy, and sometimes crashes when you select continue at game over or if you let it sit in the title screen for too long (because of missing replay data).
But the stage itself works great.
Oh, and, don't save replays or load ones from MoF; they are absolutely not compatible.

This takes a whole lotta time and debugging without a debugger so updates will be very slow.

To use:
Back up both your th10e.dat and thbgm.dat then extract the modded th10e.dat and thbgm.dat into your MoF folder. Then just run th10e.exe and start the game or go to practice then Stage 1.

Download Game
Stage 1 ECL code readable by THTK

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