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MoTK Social Gaming Thread Reboot: Who are you?
« on: April 14, 2014, 03:12:08 PM »
So I shamelessly need more friends on my 3DS to get access to more areas in the friend safari in my Pokemon X.

Here's my friend code:

There's other sites to do this, but I figured I would rather be friends with people I actually (somewhat) know, like on this forum.
So if you wanna be friends, let me know below so I can add you too. Perhaps we can even battle sometime or something.

EDIT: General social gaming id sharing thread
Carrying over from the previous thread here, which was buried into obscurity

3DS Friend Codes
ArashiKurobara: 2122-6584-5199
Bio: 1134-7894-2606
Endless Hunger: 1822-0626-7569
helvetica: 3539-9768-8900
jq1790: 2294-4926-3898
Kingault: 0146-9034-8453
Makedounia: 5456-0253-2664
Molten: 3265-5274-1401
Nia: 0705-2122-9367
Raikaria: 0834-1782-2667
SirBlueberry: 1418-7034-4502
T-A-C: 2165-5266-6153
Third Eye Lem:  5198-3172-7625
Trancehime: 3883-5561-7702
XephyrEnigma: 4828-5637-9211
yuyukos: 2165-6416-7852
Zengar Zombolt: 4184-1997-2689

Wii U/Nintendo Network
Third Eye Lem: LemGambino

Playstation Network
En: Realta-En
helvetica: IconicAnimeName
KingofBaka: Coolness441
Molten: MoltenTruros
Think Komachi With a Rifle: reaper_gi
Sacchi Hikaru: SacchiLight
Shadowbringer: shadowbringer616
SirBlueberry:  SirBlueberry96
Third Eye Lem: LemGambino
Watermelonz: watermeionz9
Zantetsu: Slain087

Steam Names/Profiles
ArashiKurobara: Arashi Kurobara
Bio: Hazurd
Cadmas: Cadmas
Darkninjaabc: Darkninjaabc
Dormio: 도미오
En: blitzkriegq / EnigemCenia / En
helvetica: TheStupidOne
jq1790: jq1790
Kingault: Garland
KingofBaka: Jon7791
Makedounia: Makedounia
Molten: MoltenTruros
Odda C: Odda C.
Raekuul: Raekuul
Raikaria: Raikaria
Reddyne: Reddyne
Sacchi Hikaru: Sacchi Hikaru
Shadowbringer: shadowbringer616
Soichiro WK: [GFL/TG] Kaiser Knuckle SWSB
T-A-C: T-A-C
Tamashii Kanjou: Katachi Kazami
Tengukami: Tengukami
Third Eye Lem: LemGambino
Think Komachi With a Rifle: reaperg
Trancehime: trancell (XB.聖.tranceHiME)
Watermelonz: Watermelonz9
YakumoSilver: Yukarin
yuyukos: yuyukos
Zantetsu: Slain087
Zengar Zombolt: ZengarZombolt

ArashiKurobara: Arashi Kurobara
helvetica: zomgthestupid
KingofBaka: Crazyguy268
Think Komachi With a Rifle: ReapergI
Watermelonz: Watermelonz
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Re: Friend Codes!!
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2014, 01:05:53 AM »
Here's a link to the old thread:,16078.0.html

Go ahead and add the list on the first post to your first post here, that way everyone's still accounted for without having to post again. Then you can just add anyone who posts here to the list.  It includes XBL and PSN too.

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