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Kerbal Space Program - Now with 20% more asteroids
« on: April 06, 2014, 01:47:54 AM »
Kerbal space program is a game in which you control the space program of the kerbals, a race of semi-intelligent green aliens with endless budget and willing astronauts who want to go to space. Build rockets, go to space, and plant flags all over the solar system for science! (literally - the currency the tech tree uses is called science). Or just play with all the parts in sandbox mode right from the start.

The game recently added asteroid capturing ability, in a collaboration with NASA to promote the Asteroid Redirect Mission. You just need to add "the claw" as it's called to the front of your rocket and you're ready to capture asteroids, name them, put them in a low earth orbit, and do science on them.

Feel free to discuss the game and post your accomplishments here.

For example, I recently got an asteroid into a stable orbit around the planet: