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Tuna's ideas for stories and spoofs
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First I'll start off with my notion of a touhou game starring some unexpected characters: From team 9

Story: One day fairies have started to vanish all over Gensokyo as the usual incident resolvers don't react to it. But one group of young youkai and fairies decided to take action about it.

Cirno - She sees this as a chance to prove herself at long last; there's also the matter of messing with fairies

Rumia - She's just along for the ride, that and some food.

Chen - She wants to go on an adventure of her own.

Wriggle - She sees the victimization of fairies the same as bugs, thus she's motivated to finish this incident.

Stage flow
Stage 1- From the Misty lake to the gate
Boss (Both)- Meiling.

Stage 2- Scarlet Devil Mansion hallway (reason? To see if Sakuya was responsible)
Boss- Sakuya (both)

Stage 3- The netherworld (Sakuya directed them there as a lead)
Mid Boss- Youmu
Boss- Yuyuko (Who after the fight tells the Player character that fairies are no good as food and directs them towards the magic forest; if playing as Rumia, the two bond some over their love of food.)

Stage 4- Area around the human village
Mid boss- Keine (Who tries to tell the heroine that she can go home since Reimu's active now)
Boss- Reimu (If playing as Chen, Reimu reveals she pawned off all the stuff she took from the cat village in PCB) after 'losing' Reimu decides to tell the heroine to go check out the forest of magic as she goes off to investigate things futher.

Stage 5- Forest of magic
Mid Boss- Alice
Boss- Marisa (Who unlike most of the previous bosses, doesn't intend to hold back just due to the heroine being a 'weaking') After Winning Marisa directs them towards Eientei

Final Level- Eientei
Mid Boss- Reisen (Who after losing apologizes for the fairynappings)
Final Boss- Eirin (She wanted to study them, but Reisen over did it and that her studies are done, but she fights you anyway as to properly resolving the incident)

Extra level- SDM basement
Story: After the fairynapping incident got cleared up, Remilia posted a notice about taking on a challenge for a reward: Taking on possibly the strongest.

Mid Boss- Remilia

Extra Boss- Flandre (only Chen and Wriggle realize just how strong Flandre is)

Some notes:

In the dialouge, other Touhou things are referenced, such as Wriggle vs Sakuya, Sakuya says "How nice of you not to bring millions of bugs" referencing Wriggle vs SDM.

And the Rumia bonding with yuyuko is based off of a M-1 skit about Yuyuko wishing for a daughter.

It was something of a backburner project of me and my girlfriend (I'd be the writer, she'd be the Damnakfu programmer and artist)

Well I'll post my other ideas later.


Re: Tuna's ideas for stories and spoofs
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now for my second idea: TWEWY Touhou style. (Or the Manzai ends with you)

Story: Anti-social bookworm/doll nut Alice finds herself in strange place, playing a weird game with much stranger people.

In stead of pins dolls are used for the most part.

Some of the characters

Mr. H: Mima

Shiki: Marisa (I'd say more but it involves some spoilers from TWEWY)

The big reaper: Rumia (yeah her nose form is EX Rumia)

Beat: Cirno

Rhyme: Letty

Those two Reapers: Yuugi and Parsee (Yuugi's not taking this serious, her sake not even drop)

Joshua: Flandre

Yeah this isn't exactly like the original game, but something more absurd.

Sho: Yuyuko ("Ara ara, aren't we zetta slow today.")

Miss Koshi: Utshou/Okuu (Yeah imagine the confrontation between Cirno and her.... and Alice's reaction)

Megumi: Sakuya

With various other character manning the shops or such.