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Going into the Outside World
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Note: This is an crossover between Touhou Project and Justice League Unlimited. I know it's werid crossover but I thought it would be fun. If anyone wants to help then let me know in the reviews you make on this one.

Going into the Outside World
Written by RikdoOsaka


Ran entered the old Japanese styled house seeing Yukari sitting on the floor with her legs crossed drinking tea.

"Ah, Ran. You finally appeared." Lady Yakumo said as she took an drink of her tea.

Ran bowed before her, "How may I serve you, Lady Yakumo?"

"How you notice the lack of trouble these past two years?" Lady Yakumo asked, looking out thw window to watch the sceny.

Ran was confused by this statement, "Yes, I have noticed, Lady Yakumo. But why..?"

"Why am I asking you this?" Lady Yakumo cutted her off. "That's very simple... for there is trouble coming."

"Trouble? From where? By who?" Ran asked getting an smile from Lady Yakumo.

"The Outside World..." Lady Yakumo simply answered.

"The ouside world? I don't think i understand.. I thought humans from the outside would don't know about Gensokyo.." Ran wondered.

"One human did and his name is Lex Luthor." Lady Yakumo used her power and makes an illusion of an man in his late 30s wearing an tux and no hair.

"I see.." Ran said looking over the man before the illusion faded away. "You have any idea how he found out about it?"

"Yes. I'll discuss that at an later time for I have an mission for you and Chan to embark.. Bring her here." Lady Yakumo ordered as Ran bowed again.

"Your wish is my command, Lady Yakumo." Ran said before leaving the room.

Lady Yakumo smiled and poured herself more tea before thinking to herself. "Maybe i bring them along on the fun. It wouldn't be fun with out them."