Author Topic: Looking for a couple of cool people for a Multiplayer live stream  (Read 804 times)

Wasn't sure where exactly this would be.

My channel is
Anyway, this coming Saturday at 12PM Pacific time, I will be doing a multiplayer live stream.

I orignially had 3 others but 2 of them had to bail so I'm left with 2 open spots.

Looking for people with a Mic and we plan to use skype to talk.

Games that will be played
Hisoutensoku - Official
Phantasmagoria of Flower View - Official
Meddlesome Magician 2 - Doujin
Touhou Sky Arena - Doujin
Touhou Diablo - Treasure Hunter G - Doujin

With Touhou Diablo kinda taking the end bulk of the stream. I usually live stream for 3-4 hours although depending on fun factor, this one might go longer. Granted, we could have more than 4 people, but with Sky Arena and ending with Diablo which is 4 players, if we go past 5, someone will have to sit it out, unless they are fun with like commentating over the Diablo shinanigens.

Yes I realize this is coming kinda late and I should have maybe posted this a week ahead of time, but I just didn't think i'd lose 2 people near the end.
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