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Rumia's Party Games / Re: Koakuma Quest - Lesser Devil: Stage 2
« Last post by Suwako Moriya on Today at 05:33:50 pm »
> What did the top look like?
> Can we detect energy from it?
Rumia's Party Games / Re: Koakuma Quest - Lesser Devil: Stage 2
« Last post by Neovereign on Today at 05:31:19 pm »
> Is the top unblocked? If so, try floating upward enough to see where it's unblocked.
> You float up, seeing a bit of open space, but just seeing more clutter in the room past it. Something does move by inside. Though you could only see the top of such...
Help Me, Eirin! / Re: Labyrinth of Touhou 2 - 18F
« Last post by ZoomyTsugumi on Today at 02:20:47 pm »
Ah okay, thank you! Yeah I'm at about avg level 178 right now and just reached the Great C (who btw I'm probably not even liable to beat yet since my only notable MT NTR damage dealer is Kogasa lol so I'll need more), and going to be working through the rest of the Extra Areas.
Yeah I mean it's a real shame about these balance issues, I'd rather have enemies and bosses that are trivialised by Gambler but serviceable without than have enemies and bosses that are accounting for Gambler strats and end up fucking ridiculous without. I feel like I have to pump stats like crazy and yet there still won't ever be enough level points to go between offensive and defensive stats to satisfy what the game is asking of me. LoT1's post game was so much simpler lol, even the bosses didn't require insane strats to get through, just smart stat building and if you didn't, grinding a bit more to make it easier wasn't hard either.

Although in other general LoT2 news I've been trying out enhanced normal attack build Iku and it's genuinely amazing, she's easily my star damage dealer to general enemies when nobody else is hitting weakness. She can be doing 130k on a weakness to an enemy that is taking 0-1 from everyone else lol. She basically 1 shots all the 20F depths minibosses, which makes grinding a breeze.
Help Me, Eirin! / Re: Labyrinth of Touhou 2 - 18F
« Last post by zeroxtime62 on Today at 01:40:00 pm »
I think the postgame content is designed around the gambler subclass before it was nerfed but 3peso didn't nerf enemy stats which makes everything into a damage sponge that take little damage from many attacks. Level wise I think I was around 190 when I entered plus disk in my first playthrough but the bosses are doable at a lower level. Some people from the labyrinth threads like LonelyGaruga have done videos where they fight bosses with an average party level at the challenge level so you could try getting some ideas from their videos.
Touhou Addict Recovery Center / Re: Touhou Dream Thread
« Last post by aListers on Today at 09:43:40 am »
Had a dream that Marisa had a bullet mailed to my mum's house. She had started collecting gunpowder from different unusual bullets and I had to extract the gunpowder from the bullet vefore I could give it to her. The bullet almost blew up in my hand but I managed to extract the gunpowder before my mum's boyfriend aggressively wiped the gunpowder away before I could store it in Marisa's box. We then had an argument about health and safety as well as historical preservation. I later met another guy who had done the same thing but Marisa had actually gone to meet him.
Help Me, Eirin! / Re: Labyrinth of Touhou 2 - 18F
« Last post by ZoomyTsugumi on Today at 05:50:27 am »
I'm playing LoT2 again myself, only this time I have plus disc available, but I'm just finding Postgame and early plus disc balance so weird still. There's so much to do, and my party seems totally unequipped to do anything even close to challenge level even when I'm like nearing 40 levels over it at least. Is there a generally agreed cutoff point between when I should have finished all postgame bosses and when I should have started my way through B1F? Randoms are still destroying me in the latter. Also I really dont get this game's obsession with bosses that have high regen, high hp and still do a ton of damage. Even in a full offensive build with full buffs on my star nukers some bosses regen too much too fast that I can't do it without specifically pumping up the attacks via library levels to insane levels (I've also tried not to abuse things like Maintenance Nitori like I did on my first runthrough). This game's lategame/postgame balance is just so awkward.
Akyu's Arcade / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes - hats for everyone
« Last post by Mеа on Today at 05:38:05 am »
I save my free summons for skill inheritence since I don't use one-of heroes anymore unless I plan to go +10 on them sometime over the entire lifetime of the game. Alm wouldn't be one of them.

Doesn't seem like you can have everything with her, if you want to keep Restore+. Perhaps if you built a more defensive oriented Cam emblem team, you wouldn't miss the extra movement stuff as much? Having a healing special would seem to be more meaningful in those sorts of teams than an offensive oriented one. Otherwise you could just run like Renewal seal + Reposition or something.

Picked up a Hilda today, I've been wanting to get her. I feel like I wouldn't be as interested in her if she wasn't being so hard to get in the Black Eagle path which I believe isn't impossible..... I had to look it up, nothing else though. Too bad her weapon seems really awkward to use.
> Step back.
> Whisper while sneaking off from the scene, indicating Georgia to follow. "Mm. Best not to risk getting caught..."
> Once a safe distance... "Didn't get what I needed from dropping some eaves, but they're looking for something. What, I don't know, but whatever it is just keeps eluding them..."
Help Me, Eirin! / Re: Labyrinth of Touhou 2 - 18F
« Last post by Validon98 on Today at 04:27:23 am »
Oh wow, that's a lot higher than I thought. Then yeah, with all the potential factors merged together, Kogasa's got a 100% chance of inflicting Terror with A Rainy Night's Ghost Story. Including Sheer Force and having Reisen along for Intense Vertigo, that's a very solid chance.
Help Me, Eirin! / Re: Labyrinth of Touhou 2 - 18F
« Last post by Libra on Today at 04:09:13 am »
Also, I dunno if it's been documented somewhere that I've missed, but does anyone know the actual rate/effect of the main equips that add status effects? And on top of that, are the rates/effect levels of status effect skills and equips like Ability to Surprise Humans and Strange Meat Pie stack on top of the existing rates/effect levels or are they calculated separately? I'm mainly just curious if you could, say, stack all those things on Kogasa to give her middle of the road TRR infliction rates a massive boost.

Status effect infliction chance and strength generally stack between spellcards, passive skills and items (eg. Eirin can reach 198% PSN rate by learning Lethal Poison Mixing, equipping the Midgard's Tooth, and using the Toxicologist's Poisonous Incense). The rate and effect of the passive skills was added to the wiki (they're all 25% infliction chance and 5000 strength), for the main equips that add statuses, I don't think anyone tested the status strength, but the infliction rates are 20% for PSN/HVY/SIL/TRR and 8% for SHK/DTH/PAR.
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