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Title: [Incomplete] Undermakufu (Undertale in Danmakufu)
Post by: FlareDragon on November 07, 2018, 10:34:20 AM
(Earlier build video: Here (

I had, at some stage, worked on trying to make Undertale's battle system in Danmakufu, and actually made pretty good progress.
At some point, though, I just stopped working on it and never really wanted to get back to it.

Rather than wasting the work, I figured people could have a look at it and do whatever they might wanna do with it.
It is incomplete, but a lot of the groundwork is there. That said, the code's a little...messy, and I'm not entirely sure how well documented it is (I'm putting it up here as is). There is some documentation included though, and I can try to answer questions if anyone's interested.

There is also a prototype to an Undertale-esque overworld design included (it is barebones, but it fits the theme, so I might as well include it)

Download Link: Here (
Title: Re: [Incomplete] Undermakufu (Undertale in Danmakufu)
Post by: Junky on November 07, 2018, 07:20:14 PM

I actually started building my own Undertale danmakufu engine from scratch too. Was hoping we could work together or at least give eachother tips on how to go abouts doing things.

Here's my discord tag incase you wanna contact me. Joonkeh#8424