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Title: Fairy Heresy
Post by: a_d0gs_life on October 07, 2017, 04:05:51 PM
Some friends of mine wanted me to set up a page for this project, so I agreed to. It was originally going to be an 100% personal project, but we'll see whether or not reception changes that. Whether you love it or hate it - that's completely up to you. :)

Yes, the gameplay is inspired by the 90's fps, Heretic. And also yes, the project isn't very mature because it hasn't been around for very long. The story is along pretty far (since there isn't much of one in the first place), but it's only in the script stages right now. (When a forgotten crystal ball containing an Egyptian demon realm is discovered by the Internet's favorite ice fairy, she is sucked into it. Of course, she also grows offended at how hot the desert is and decides the make the desert cold. 'Nuff said.)

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