Author Topic: [Art] AF's Art Thread III - (slightly) Slow updates only  (Read 124113 times)

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Re: [Art] AF's Art Thread III - (slightly) Slow updates only
« Reply #510 on: April 08, 2012, 08:17:27 AM »
RoboShinki is looking pretty badass.
I love the detail you put into your work.  :V
keep it up yo.

Thank you~
Roboshinki has MAKAI POWER-ed shoulder cannon and with >:3 it is unlimited in ammo, be afraid!
Thank you SuperParadox, it takes a lot of time to draw in those extra things, and I am glad it turned out to be likeable.

[nsfw][/nsfw] - Full sized sleeping cat girl in a hoodie, probably one of my best sleeping poses ever... I wonder is she having a nightmare or something?

[nsfw][/nsfw] - This is actually my rendering of UncertainKitten as a neko cat waitress in a ... rather provoking setting. sorry. - why are close up faces so hard to get right without being too big or too fat? - Foxboy~ This is basically a gift for dustyjo, nevermind the place still have something against him, but I really like his taste in boys <3 - This trap is drawn on a discarded piece of paper, he is trying out a sailor uniform. - this is supposed to be Hebizuka, based on one string of nsfw convos in another place, the image was formed in my head. I dunno why she has a weapon that looks like a mace and a broom. - Another waitress who works at a cafe... a rather provocative cafe... - RoboShinki has her >:3 on - This is another character from Ignis set, still haven't assigned him a character bio, but he is half human, half something else.
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