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Anthony and Nobu (Season 1)
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The truth? Well the truth is... my heart races whenever i'm around you.. I know we haven't really talked before, but i've been too embarassed to speak up until now..

* Nobu fidgets.
(STUPID! What happened to your strong entrance! You were doing so good until now! You're not going to have any chance at this rate!)

*ahem* O-oh, what I like to do in my free time?  Well, I like to have fun and spend time and talk with my friends, play Touhou and video games, but I also like to spend some of my free time bettering myself. Right now I'm learning the guitar and Japanese, and trying to work on my drawing skills..

Oh! I could draw something for you, if you like. What do you like to do in your free time?
Wow, we share alot of the same stuff we like to do, though I'm kinda on the lazy side with bettering myself, and I suck a drawing too...

*Ana-Chan's head droops

there are a few things I also don't like about myself...
I'm just so short compared to everyone else... it just bothers me so much...
An-chan! But I like your height! It makes you look cute! *turns slightly red* U-Um, sorry.. I guess I can see where it would be frustrating..

* Nobu pats Ana on the shoulder.
It'll be ok. Just because other people some people are taller doesn't mean they're any better than you! Don't worry about it. And besides.. you look much cuter when you're smiling..

T-thanks, I guess it isn't t-that bad,

*Ana-chan smiles a bit*

Oh, I forgot about your drawing, c-can you do one for me please?
Sure! So what would you like me to draw for you? I'll draw aaaaanything you like! :)

Pardon if it's not that good though, but i'll try my best..
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