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Anthony and Nobu (Season 1)
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Oh! Sure. Sorry, I zoned out there for a minute..

* Nobu laughs sheepishly and helps Ana-chan to her feet.
How does your neck feel? Do you need to lie down for a little bit?? Don't push yourself.. Oh! Do you need ice pack? Or is it a hot pack for these type of things.. Hmmm..
Thanks for helping me up

*Ana-chan smiles to Nobu

it's not too bad right now Nobu, I think I can go on now.
* Nobu breathes a sigh of relief.

Phew. Then we should still be able to do what I have planned... Ok! Get ready and we'll be off then! I'll wait downstairs. Don't take too long now~!

Ok then Nobu~

*Ana-chan rushes off into the bathroom and quickly gets cleaned up, and gets dressed, followed by going downstairs

I'm Ready Nobu, so what did you have planned?
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