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Anthony and Nobu (Season 1)
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Oh, ok Nobu

Ana-chan turns around and closes her eyes

(I wonder what Nobu is giving me, still, I feel bad I woke up late for her...)

* Nobu's arms wrap around An-chan's torso from behind in a tight hug. *

.....I'm sorry for blowing up on you An-chan...


....I overreacted. I'm such an idiot....

(Oi, An-chan.)

.....But don't you worry An-chan... it'll all be over soon...


With this, all will be forgiven.

*Pain shoots through An-chan's back and neck as she is forcibly slammed into the ground, upside down. A German suplex. *

*Her body is frozen. Something important must have broken in her neck. *

* An-chan's vision begins to fade as she peers up in a crumpled heap at Nobu, who stands over her with a bored expression on her face. *

Huh. And here I thought you'd last a bit longer... but it looks like I caught you off guard. Well, any last words before you completely lose consciousness?

Ana-chan just barely raises a hand to Nobu

Nobu...I...j-just....want....t-to say....I'll...a-al...a-always.....l-love..y-you

Ana-chan's eyes soon shut, unknown if they will ever open again

...n-chan? Hey, An-chan! A-Are you ok?!   

* An-chan opens her eyes to find herself alive and on the floor beside her bed, and a flustered Nobu kneeling over her. An-chan's neck aches slightly.

      It seemed like you were having a bad dream.. Y-You left the door unlocked, so I came in to try and wake you up..  I-I tried to wake you up and drag you out of bed, but I lost my grip and you fell... I'm sorry for dropping you, An-chan..

* Nobu breathes a sigh of relief.

Are you ok? Does it hurt? Can you stand?

W-wait, that was a dream?!

Ana-chan quickly tries to get up but her neck hurts a bit so she stays down

W-well Nobu...it's ok, it was just a mistake, don't get down about it

Ana-chan smiles up to Nobu

I'm kinda ok, but my neck really hurts, s-so could you help me up?
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