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This challenge is open to EVERYONE, so you lowly mortals can skip the struggle and get your wings immediately.  2 slots are open in this contest.  The challenge is going to be a test of both your courage, and your conviction.  This will not be for the faint of heart.

Your task is to serenade another member of the forum.  But not of your choosing.  I will take willing entrants and assign you a love interest from another pool of willing contestants.  The winner is the first person to convince their love interest to PM me and say they take them as their suitor.  I will be watching closely so you don't collude.  Oh but wait, there's more.  The love interests also have a prize to win, that same ID slot.  They win by resisting the wiles and charms of their suitor.  The first love interest to get their suitor to concede defeat in winning their heart will win.

Short answer, if you get your partner to concede and say you win, you win.  Else you don't :3

Now I will give out tentative role assignments for the suitor and the love interest, but couples are allowed to swap roles if they agree on it.  There is a time limit.  If nothing has happened within 3 days between a couple then they are BOTH losers and are eliminated.  Contest ends in one week.  If by the end of the contest both slots are not taken I will go through and judge the quality of the banter between the couples and decide from there.

Let the show begin!
Here are the couples.  Person on the left wears the skirt, person on the right wears the pants.  Red person resists, blue person sings ballads and tries to seduce.  You can switch if both sides agree.

Here's the table in text so you can search your name.

--- Code: ---MJP            Muffin
Pesco          Serpentarius
TranceHime     Donut
Mode           Pozeal
Sanasanasan    Ruro
Gpop           Vic Viper
A-F            Jan-san
Anthony        Nobu
Mobius         Ammy
Lenin          Zengar
Kuma           Prody
Moerin         Stein
UK             E-Mouse
Chen Yakumo    MTG
Rikter         Tenshi
Nietz          Flashtirade
--- End code ---
Oh ho ho ho.

Gpop and Vic.
Lenin and Zengar will be the true test of WILL.
Who is MTG? Seriously.
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