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Doremy addition, specializes in using the 動揺 (Agitated/Upset) status effect and can interfere with special enemy buffs like "Increase the next attack's damage by XX%". 動揺 is exclusive to enemies and has no player equivalent. Tome of Reincarnation are replaced by Tome of Beginnings, the description indicates that using them has the same effect as a full reset, but refunds 100% of the money used on the character. The description makes no mention of the other special items that were used to buff characters, like the stat gems/orbs or Training Manuals, they may not exist. In a separate tweet, 3peso mentioned that it will no longer be possible to strengthen elemental affinities via the library, cutting it down to the basic 6 stats, citing unnecessary stat inflation for the late game as the reason.

There are more mysterious + signs next to character stats.
A Discord server dedicated to LoT would be nice to have, considering there's a new game in the works as well.

Also playable Doremy, nice.
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