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This is just a suggestion, but how about giving the option to input a username instead of just relying on whatever the replay name is? (Kinda like how there are both replay comment and upload comment fields now, maybe a replay username and a player username.) It would make searching for your own collection of replays easier if you name your replays differently depending on what they are.

EDIT: And this is just my personal preference, but the delete button looks like it could be easily confused as part of the replay name where it is now. Maybe give it its own cell in the table or something?
Chill Observer:
Gensokyo.org replay uploader got vandalized again (by another anonymous user), so it's best to avoid it completely and direct people to Lunarcast instead.
Will look in to a way to implement a custom username, most likely this will happen as a "override" where if you specify a username it will replace the replay name.  The search&database update (website overhaul in Nov 2018) was built over an older system in order to preserve existing replays, which makes it a little tricky to add things while ensuring two generations of systems interact properly.
Username Services module has been added to the Replay Database!

Username Services was a long awaited feature that was delayed over and over due to compatibility concerns with existing non-username replays and replays uploaded using the Gen 1 system (Classic Mode), however I've managed to strike the balance and get it working, together with full integration with the search functionality.  In the above example searching for 'Tom' will yield the same replay as searching for 'ReimuDoll'
Corrected issues that would rarely result in an "Unavailable" error during uploads
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