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Gensou Shoujo Taisen You, Ei, Yume - Gameplay Translation into deep Dreams
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--- Quote from: Yookie on April 25, 2014, 11:46:24 AM ---I'll incorporate what you posted, just give me a little bit of time.

--- End quote ---

But from the looks of it I'll have to rewrite it all again with even bigger font. But I'm really not in for this right now, I'll do that probably once I have to edit it anyways.

The only actual SRW game I've played was OG1 and that probably not even halfway through. :V But it did have barriers that triggered always (Love you Granzon </3)
And TK-Fields, that seem to be the exact same thing.
Hanzo K.:
I've beaten OG1, OG2, and J. and I've been hammering away at Alpha Gaiden(Getting the G-Bits and R-1 are insanely difficult secrets to get...). I've also dabbled in K, W, and L.
L in particular has the Rebuild version of the EVA Units, so maybe that's why the AT Fields didn't quite activate as often as they should.
K, for all that the protagonist is disliked, has Zoids Genesis. and W has none other than the King of Braves himself, GaoGaiGar!
L is the debut of Linebarrels of Iron, among other series such as Iczer-1,(this version of Linebarrel follows the anime, but the incarnation in SRW UX follows the manga, and is thus more developed.)
Mew seeker:

--- Quote from: Hanzo K. on April 25, 2014, 12:27:16 PM ---AT Fields used by the EVA Units in Super Robot Wars(The inspiration for this very game line as you all may well know) behave in almost the exact same way.
Admittedly, the ones I'd had experience with have never triggered...Maybe I just haven't been diligent enough in leveling/upgrading the EVA team.....

--- End quote ---

In MX, IIRC, AT field have both a morale requirement and an EN cost.
Also, you get the most of your AT Field by making your EVA tanky. : P

--- Quote from: Yookie on April 25, 2014, 12:41:51 PM ---The only actual SRW game I've played was OG1 and that probably not even halfway through. :V But it did have barriers that triggered always (Love you Granzon </3)
And TK-Fields, that seem to be the exact same thing.

--- End quote ---

Barriers usually have a morale requirement, some higher than others. Also, TK field only works if the pilot have the psychic power skill. You know, people like Ryusei.

Anyway, I have made some translations. They are probably not as accurate as I would like them to be but you can use them as a step to go even further.

支援攻撃 : I believe this is one of the support skills of MX. Usually, a support attack requires that you have someone with the support attack ability to back you up.
However, this support skill in MX works differently. if at the moment you attack you have this skill and someone is next to you and can attack the ennemy with a specific attack with the 支 property,
that person will attack the ennemy doing reduced damage and then you'll attack the ennemy with boosted damage.
The higher your 支援攻撃 level (up to 4 because, grid) the more helpers you can call for backup when attacking as long as they can all target the opponent with their 支 attack.

努力家? (Hardworker?) : experience rate + 20%
Also, I believe Surasuta- is actually Thruster and if I read right, it cost 10 MP too.
Speedster or whatever only works in high movement mode .

Alice's Hourai doll has Support Defense, Shangai Doll has support defense.

高速詠唱 (High speed aria) : After you attacked without moving, you are able to move. Basically Hit and Away.
エンチャント(火符)(Enchant (Fire Sign)) : umm... Anytime after you moved you'll be able to use Agni Sign?

Mei Ling :
背水の陣 (Last Stand) : Um, if I understand correctly, say something about correcting the Defense status to remaining HP. So basically Mei Ling would suddenly change to defense state and take less damage? Activation rate is based on level.
About Gatekeeper, the damage reduction happens during Support Defense.
So basically, Mei Ling is Russel. : P

Sakuya :
It's actually Chief Maid (or Maid Chief?), not just maid. : P
Anyway, when it happens, it counter the applied ability difference?
Should it overlap with "Pattern Type", um, something? I am not sure if it say the skills stacks or not. ^^;
Knife Recollection raise the MP cost as a trade-off.

Nitori : Extending Arm + : Maybe it's only me but I am reading isntead that the item command can be used after moving?

Hina : Bad Fortune : Give to your next attack the effect of... um...
"Sealing for one turn the Rate Activating Effect"?
Basically it prevent effect from triggering? Give it a try against bosses with Barrier effects for max lolz. : P
Use : 2
回転加速 (rotation acceleration) :if I understand correctly, Evade rate and damage given is corrected based on movement distance?
Long story short, the further Hina moves the better. She has good post movement attacks right?
She should also probably be paired with someone with high movement and good post movement attacks too.
厄流し : Misfortune draining? : Give your next attack the effect of "Critical while you're being shot"?
Maybe it makes the target more likely to be hit by critical hit. Give it a try on bosses and see what happens.
Use : 2.

Minoriko :
収穫 (Harvest) : At the time you clear a stage, you recieve  お芋 (Potato).
You are also able to own up to 99 of them.
Because why not? : P
Good Harvest : correct me if I am mistaken but the description say PP, not SP?
黄金の味 (Gold Flavor) : should Minoriko be, um, deployed ? (出撃), the Potato item get an effect up. 20 SP recovery.
Because why not? : P
Sisters Combination : Mutual Trust level correction + 1 when with Shizuka.
Maybe they mean if they are both in the same squad?

Shizuka :
?び :The next attack gain the effect "For 1 turn your power isn't rising"?
Sounds boss-worthy.
黄金の秋 (Gold Autumn) : Experience rate + 20% received damage -10%
That's a decent passive. ^^
Sisters Combination : Mutual Trust level correction + 1 when with Minoriko.
Maybe they mean if they are both in the same squad?

Hey, you updated the picture while I was making this post! X D
Oh well, no big deal. ^^
Thanks for your efforts anyway. I've added that Alice's dolls have support skills (I assume you meant that Shanghai has support attack since that is what she had when I checked.)

And I'm a really big fan of shields of any kind and really had to struggle to see how worthless e.g. Reimu's actually is since she still takes buttloads of damage and should really just let herself get beaten into red for Instinct Dodge to activate and then dodge everything still not dodge as good as Sanae, Aya, Marisa or even Rumia, Alice or Mokou :V
I'll probably also never take off Rumia's Shade buff even though I have Kurumi in my active party and that would give nice synergy in theory (It actually wouldn't, because Kurumi is part of my long range Laser-Artillery squad together with Marisa and Alice since she is the only one capable of properly providing support attack for Master Spark in my team and it just goes so well together, but I digress)

I'm really happy with the progress we're making here. The teachable skills have now all been properly identified and I can theoretically add all character-specific skills into the graphic once they learn them!
If anyone of you is playing this and could provide me with screenshots for the remaining abilities of the characters I'm not leveling so that I can add that then that would be absolutely fantastic.
(My core-party is Marisa, Alice, Kurumi, Lily, Elly, Komachi, Keine,  Sanae, Ayaya, Rumia, Mokou and if there's some leftover space Sakuya and Reimu (or if the latter forces her way into the active party). So anyone not listed will for now not get updated on personal skills)
Mew seeker:
Keine :
世話焼き (Bother) :  Trust correction level + 1 to Mokou.

Mokou doesn't have a similar skill that boost Keine.  :P

Komachi :
About the Narrow Confine, more specifically, her attacks with a range of 3 or more gets infinite range.
If you get a range boosting equipment, consider trying it on Komachi just in case.
Also you can't move while it's in effect.

Nazrin :
Correct me if I'm mistaken but the effect Rat Bite inflict on the enemy last for 1 turn, not one attack.
A must for boss battles.

Shou :
Devotee of Bishamonten : I believe 与える means here given, not recieved?
So basically she gets an attack boost?

Cirno and Daiyousei : their Fairy Duo have different effects.
Daiyousei give +2 trust correction level to Cirno.
Cirno only give +1 to Daiyousei but she recieve a trust level correction from Daiyousei.
Something like that.
If it would be possible to boost Daiyousei trust level to the roof, there might be a visible effect on Cirno? Just a thought.

Sunny Milk : Reflection won't prevent you from being counterattacked.  :dealwithit:

About Three Fairy of light, more specifically each fairy receive a trust level correction from the 2 others and give to the two persons +2 trust level.
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